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Life Legacy Solutions Captur e Love and Send It Forward


Give The Richness Of Life At Preserving Sentiments LLC, we believe that when you send your values and memories forward to future generations, they directly benefit from your life. Imagine giving your child or grandchild a special message on their graduation day or personally communicating your legacy forward in time. We make sure that your love is delivered when it may be needed the most. We’ve designed our patent-pending technology to share your life forward. We give you a tool to help you celebrate your life and pass on your values, hopes and dreams. Memories don’t always make it to the intended and can fade with time. We’ll make sure that your loved ones can really know you across the generations. What a gift. Bequeath more than your money. Give wealth by sharing your values, yourself and your legacy.

Deliver Your Legacy Forward Leave more than a financial inheritance. Contact a Preserving Sentiments’ Legacy Life Teller and find out how easy it is to send your love and values forward in time.

Share Your Life Forward Using our innovative technology and patent pending processes: Write a letter of love and schedule future delivery at the time that you determine.

Our Mission At Preserving Sentiments LLC, we serve our clients through the offering of ecologically friendly, keepsake products and services that positively impact both our account holders and their recipients.

Send a gift that speaks of your hopes and love for the receiver. Communicate your story so that it can illuminate the future for your loved ones.

Founder & C.E.O.

Preserving Sentiments LLC Brochure  

Preserving Sentiments LLC Brochure

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