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A N N U A L R E P O RT 2013

Connecting to the Community



INNOVATION Embrace the possibilities

“Thank you PVM for rescuing not only myself, but for going into cities throughout Michigan and providing quality, affordable housing to many, many other seniors like me. Seniors are not just old and dying, we’re actively aging in community and thriving!” - Brenda Galloway, Resident The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley Detroit

Our shared commitment to the mission and values of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) has produced an outstanding year for PVM… a year of innovation and leadership at all levels. Thank you for your engagement with us. In 2013 we launched major initiatives which already show promise as national models. Our continued commitment to Service Excellence has fostered internal strength, while our successful collaborations have increased our external strength in embracing an ever-changing environment. To highlight some of our major accomplishments we bring to your attention the following: • Opened Phase I of Rivertown Neighborhood, an innovative senior community in Detroit, and began planning and construction for Phase II. • Steady increases in the participant enrollment at the Center for Senior Independence (CSI), which is a nationally recognized PACE program (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly). • Continued outstanding results of comprehensive state-wide campaign and success in reaching our goals.

• Launch of Community Connections of Michigan and first chapter in Greater Midtown Detroit.

From Our Leadership

Dear Friends and Supporters of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan,

• Strong advocacy in Lansing and Washington, D.C. and in local communities. • Continued implementation of the Strategic Alliance for Aging in Community, with the notable addition of University of Michigan as a collaborative partner. • Adopted our system-wide Diversity and Inclusion Plan, and made significant progress toward implementation.

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• Launch of Transitional Care Units at The Villages of Redford and East Harbor. Years from now, we will look back on this time as one of great change when we boldly seized the opportunity to lead our organization with passion, innovation and vision. Thus, we all embrace the possibilities of a great future together.

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With gratitude and warmest regards,

PVM Financials.................... 26 George B. Millush, Jr. Chairperson of the Board Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

James S. Gompers Chairperson of the Board Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation

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Roger L. Myers President & CEO Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

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Paul J. Miller, CFRE President Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation

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Connection to Community

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) serves more than 4300 participants in Michigan, with housing at our 25 Villages and community-based services. PVM is committed to partnering with seniors for quality living. We have broadened our reach, both as a faith-based organization, and by building and strengthening partnerships with high-quality providers of medical care; universities that educate future physicians, nurses and related healthcare professionals and nationally-acclaimed senior service providers.

AGING IN COMMUNITY Around and about in the community: The Village of Brush Park Paradise Valley residents and family members (l to r) Kenneth Jenkins, Harriette Jenkins, Diana Edwards, Elizabeth Rogers, on a trip to Belle Isle. Convenient transportation was provided by the Village’s bus.


Residents of PVM Villages are anything but isolated. Transportation services and networks take seniors to shopping, banking, the library, recreation, appointments, and special events.


For example, some Villages partner to provide transportation for a regular joint shopping day. Other Villages use their bus to provide transportation for various outings and appointments for residents.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

PVM seniors are committed to giving back to the community. They do this by raising funds; donating and collecting computer equipment, furnishings, clothing, and food; giving of time and talent; adopting families; supporting service men and women at home and abroad; and sewing blankets for babies and hospice patients. Name a social

issue or need, and PVM seniors know about it. They do what they can in their Village and the larger community to address it! Many Villages offer their community rooms and public spaces for a wide range of organizations. A partial list includes Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops; AARP free tax services; neighborhood associations; and local church groups. Some communities serve as MiCAFE (Michigan Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly program) sites. Many PVM Villages serve as sites for flu shot clinics and health fairs for all seniors in their area.

Connection to Community

Being active in the community means that our residents are informed on current events and things which matter. They attend club meetings and participate on boards. They host presentations by candidates for local office and are active in community organizations.

An art class at Oakland Woods.

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Connection to Community

TRANSITIONAL CARE UNIT OPENING In keeping with our tradition of excellence and innovation, PVM was once again a leader in new programs and services in 2013. To match the changing landscape of healthcare and meet the changing needs and expectations of our constituency, we began to reposition our short stay skilled nursing units at the Village of Redford and The Village of East Harbor to a model of transitional care. This shift to “transitional care” isn’t just a name change but represents a significant change in the way we serve “patients” on our short stay units.

As the name infers, it is a designated unit which focuses on transitioning patients from hospital to home. As hospitals are discharging patients earlier and with more complex conditions, our transitional care units can fill a need for both the hospital and for the patients. This strategy positions us as a relevant healthcare partner in the community well into the future.

(l to r) Village of Redford Vice President and Executive Director Thom Hosinski; PVM Vice President, Sales and Marketing Kathy Bartz; Redford Township Clerk Garth Christie;Village of Redford Admissions Coordinator, Shannon Hogg; Shakira Clark; Wenona Breazeale; Redford Township Treasurer Lily Cavanagh; LaKisha Godfrey; and PVM CEO and President Roger Myers at the ribbon-cutting for the new Transitional Care Unit at the Village of Redford.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Connection to Community

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS OF MICHIGAN Community Connections of Michigan illustrates how Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is embracing new trends in supporting new possibilities for senior living. With the generous support of The Edward N. and Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation and the Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation, Community Connections opened its first chapter in Greater Midtown Detroit in 2013. Community-based and memberdriven, Community Connections is a network connecting seniors to trusted information, valued services and enriching relationships. Using specialized staff; creative programming; a membersonly web site; partnerships with local businesses and providers of services to seniors; classes; seminars; and volunteers; Community Connections connects members to the community and each other. The inspiration for Community Connections can be found in The Village Movement, a grass roots initiative to allow seniors to age in community.

The prototype is the Beacon Hill Village in a Boston neighborhood where residents formed the first “village� in 2001. Since then the concept has spread to more than 120 villages across the country and in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands with an additional 100 villages in development. Members of Community Connections can use the resource to find transportation; home repair and maintenance; lawn care and snow removal; computer assistance and classes; dog walking; wellness and fitness workshops and classes and volunteers to provide a variety of support and assistance. Members-only deals on goods and services are arranged with neighborhood providers. Community Connections of Greater Midtown is just the first chapter in a plan that includes expansion to suburban and outstate communities in Michigan.

Left: A Facebook "How-to" class for Detroit area seniors; Right: Karen Love, Outreach Coordinator for Community Connections of Greater Midtown

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Aging in the Community “ The feeling that you get when you win something that you work so hard for is the same at any age. The Victory Cup has given us something to work toward and brought us closer together.” – Doris Spencer, Resident The Village of Westland


Wellness Walk Ages 74-75 (l to r) Thomas Jackson, The Village of Brush Park Manor, 1st Place; Edith Gutowski, The Village of Oakland Woods, 3rd Place; Richard Souilliere, The Village of East Harbor, 2nd Place.

Seniors living in PVM communities don’t have to sit still while they age. 2013 marked the eighth year of the Village Victory Cup, a senior wellness competition and celebration. Held at Ultimate Soccer Arenas in Pontiac, 260 PVM residents from 12 Villages competed in a variety of events to win the prized Village Victory Cup trophy. Villages located 100 miles or more from the PVM Home Office competed in the 3rd annual Virtual Village Victory Cup, conducting the events at their Villages and reporting the results. Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded in each of the Cup events: Wellness Walk, Relay Walk, Hoop Shoot, Beanbag Toss, Bake-Off, The Puzzler and Balloon Volleyball. There was also


an “Expression of Wellness” essaywriting event, which earned points for the writers’ home Village. 50 volunteers supported the event, including staff from the PVM Home Office and Villages, Board members, and family and friends of staff and residents The 2013 Village Victory Cup was won by the Village of Westland Stars team. The Virtual Village Victory Cup winner was The Village of Spring Meadows I Spring Chickens team. Additionally, the Warriors from the Village of St. Martha’s were presented with the Village Victory Cup Spirit Award, and the Bizzy Bees from the Village of Spring Meadows II were awarded the Virtual Village Victory Cup Spirit Award. These awards were given to the Villages that displayed the

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

The Village Victory Cup and Virtual Village Victory Cup serve as platforms for wellness programming at the Villages. Beginning as early as January, residents begin practicing for the Village Victory Cup, engaging in wellness-promoting behaviors. After these events end, many communities and residents continue the fun—playing balloon volleyball, walking, and enjoying other wellness pursuits throughout the summer. Training for the Victory Cup events evolved organically. Several years ago, as a result of their drive to win the Cup for their Village, residents of the

Villages began requesting opportunities to practice the events that make up the Village Victory Cup competition. In addition to preparing the residents for competition, the practice sessions subtly enhance the residents’ personal health and well-being year long, a concept PVM calls “Stealth Wellness.” At Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, wellness is a priority. Programs, workshops, and ongoing efforts like the fall risk reduction initiative at The Village of East Harbor are a regular part of Village life. Programs like the Village Victory Cup assure that aging and wellbeing go hand-in-hand.

Aging in the Community

most enthusiasm and spirit during the competition.

Seniors who are focused on taking care of their health have a more optimistic view of aging. Nearly 2/3 of them set one or more goals to manage their health in the past year, compared to 47% of all seniors. A focus on wellness is not universal, however. In a 2013 national survey, seniors with one or more chronic health condition(s) were asked how often they were encouraged to attend programs in the community that could help them. 67% answered “none of the time.”* *Source: United States of Aging Survey, United HealthCare, National Council on Aging and USA Today, July 2013.

Burnetta MacFarland, The Village of Redford.

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Aging in the Community


“… you good folks at CSI have created an atmosphere charged with wellness, comfort and recovery.” – Iola Alford, Steve Cox and the entire Alford Family

In building on the partnership established in 2012, Center for Senior Independence (CSI) opened a second location in 2013 at the Rivertown Neighborhood community. PVM and Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) are partners in CSI/PACE. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) model is centered on the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible. CSI provides comprehensive medical and social services to frail, low-income seniors with serious health problems. In 2013, more than 25,000 people were enrolled in 91 programs in 30 states. PACE is funded by Medicare and Medicaid programs, serving individuals who are age 55 or older, certified by their state to need nursing home care, able to live safely in the community at the time of enrollment, and living in a PACE service area. While all PACE participants must be certified to need nursing home care to enroll in PACE, only about 7 percent of PACE participants nationally

reside in a nursing home. PACE provides and is responsible for all of an enrollee’s care. CSI provides care and services in the home, the community, its Detroit Northwest location and the Day Health Center. Many CSI participants receive most of their care from staff at the center. All medically necessary transportation is provided for travel to the Center for activities and medical appointments. CSI offers support for family and caregivers, by providing a team of experienced health care professionals to help make health care decisions. The enrollee and the family participate as the team develops and updates a plan of care and goals in the program. Also a help to caregivers are Respite Care and Caregiver Support Groups. Speaking about CSI/PACE®, PVM President and CEO, Roger Myers, said “This exciting development is an important step toward effectively addressing needs of the City of Detroit’s rapidly aging population.”

With a view of the Detroit RiverWalk, seniors exercise in the new Center for Senior Independence Day Health Center at the Rivertown Neighborhood.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

For more than 15 years Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and the University of Michigan School of Social Work have enjoyed a strong relationship, with dozens of students and interns serving PVM and our Villages. In 2013 this relationship was further strengthened when the Regents of The University of Michigan confirmed the University’s involvement as a participating organization in The Strategic Alliance for Aging in Communities. The Strategic Alliance was formed with our partner, The Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation, in 2011 to develop innovative strategies and solutions to promote “aging in community” across Michigan.

Community Connections of Michigan was developed as a result of this partnership. The Strategic Alliance benefits greatly from U of M’s involvement. Faculty from the University serve on the Strategic Alliance Steering Committee and participate as “thought Leaders”; bridging the gap between service, research and education. Faculty have also participated actively in national discussions on “aging in community” through the Learning Collaborative for Affordable Senior Housing with Services sponsored by LeadingAge, Enterprise Community Partners and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF).

Aging in the Community


“The Strategic Alliance for Aging in Community brings together three organizations in a collaboration that focuses each of our complementary strengths in order to achieve the common goal of transforming Michigan into a state where every community is age friendly.” – Tim Wintermute, Executive Director, Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation

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Innovative Initiatives “ Service Excellence has raised the bar for our organization with employees, residents and families engaged in creating a positive experience for all.” – LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development

SERVICE EXCELLENCE “What I Do Matters!” the PVM Service Excellence initiative began with a strategic objective to establish systemwide customer service and hospitality standards and implement training and measurement across the organization. The program has grown since its inception in 2010, with incorporation into hiring processes, job descriptions, and annual performance reviews. A formal recognition program is in place. The annual Shining Star event celebrates achievements across the PVM organization, and recognizes team members and leaders who exemplify the values and actions of Service Excellence. Human Resources programs include day-long training for all new employees, onsite partners, and team members. Lunch-and-learn sessions for leadership and Nurse/CENA coaching are two

components of the Service Excellence culture. 2013 saw an emphasis on Service Excellence training for vendors and clients of PVM. Consistent branding and messaging across corporate communications serve as reminders of the program, and emphasize thematic topics. Vehicles include external and internal web sites and e-mail communications; posters; flyers; pins and buttons; newsletters; and employee recognition program tools. The “Q” team measures Quality, metrics on accomplishments toward goals, and identifies opportunities for improvement. The team oversees complaints and service recovery, and the establishment and evaluation of policies and procedures. System-wide efforts were underway in 2013 to improve resident satisfaction survey returns and

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Actively paying

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connection with our

residents, each other, and the community.

Accountability Accountability Respect Respect Accountability AccountAbility RespectRespect Respect Respect Respect Accountability Accountability Accountability Accountability Respect Respect AccountabilityRespect Accountability Respect Accountability AccountabilityRespect Respect Accountability Accountability Respect Respect The willingness to

Treating all with

accept responsibility

dignity and worth.

and delivering

upon expectations.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) is committed to providing excellent services to the elders we serve, their families and to each other. The vision of Service Excellence includes four core values: Respect, Relationships, Listening, and Accountability. These values serve as a standard against which every action and thought can be measured. The Service Excellence Standards show our commitment to make PVM a great place to live and work.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

The 2013 emphasis for “What I Do Matters!” was the “Respect” pillar of

the Service Excellence foundation principles by concentrating on Diversity and Inclusion. PVM actively works to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all in the work environment.


Innovative Initiatives

results; the “Q” team makes ongoing recommendations about additional training and programming, re-evaluation, and innovative improvements to keep Service Excellence at the forefront.

National Learning Collaborative for Affordable Housing, July 9-10, 2013.

Tim Wintermute, Executive Director, Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation

The PVM/Hannan partnership hosted the National Learning Collaborative for Affordable Housing with Services in Detroit July 9-10, 2013. More than 50 people representing 12 teams from around the country participated. The goal of the Learning Collaborative is to share innovative practices, replicate best practices across the country, and influence policy. The Collaborative is sponsored by

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Leading Age, Enterprise Community Partners, and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF).


Innovative Initiatives

2013 saw the Grand Opening of Rivertown Neighborhood, an innovative senior community overlooking the Detroit Riverfront.

RIVERTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD Rivertown Neighborhood, an Innovative Senior Community, is drawing national and international attention, as it leads the way to the future of housing and services for low income older adults. The project is being developed as a partnership of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC), Henry Ford Health System, and the Center for Senior Independence (CSI/PACE). It houses one of two affordable assisted living facilities in the state. When completed in 2015, Rivertown Neighborhood will provide Detroit seniors a full array of affordable health care, services, and housing options all at one site. As loft-style buildings and urban living have become the lifestyle goal for 20-somethings, seniors can have their own version of what their grandchildren crave at Rivertown Neighborhood.


Everything about the development is innovative. The location, across from the UAW/GM Center for Human Resources, is just steps from the Detroit RiverWalk, a transformation of 3-1/2 miles of shoreline along the Detroit River which has become the site for events, activities, recreation, and visitors from all over the metropolitan area. The Rivertown Neighborhood development is in a former Parke-Davis pharmaceutical building near Stroh River Place, a 25acre mixed-use campus. Rivertown Neighborhood is newsworthy not just for Detroit, but beyond. It was the topic of a session at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting in Chicago, and garnered a 2013 “Build Michigan” Award from AGC of Michigan. Phase One opened in April, 2013, and included Detroit’s first affordable assisted living with 80 apartments

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Planning began for final development of Phase II, including Green Houses®, which will provide 24/7 nursing care for low-

income seniors in a home environment, a community café, gardens, and parking. PVM developed the first Green House® homes in Michigan, at The Village of Redford. When fully completed, Rivertown Neighborhood will be a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) for lowincome seniors. “Here people can still have their own apartment, get the care they need, and it’s affordable. And they still have some choices and have privacy and independence. That really responds to what mostly anybody, regardless of income, would really want,” says Roger Myers.

Innovative Initiatives

located on the second, third, and fourth floors of the main four-story building. Also opening in Phase One was a location of the Center for Senior Independence, including a Day Health Center on the first floor. Construction began in 2013 for Phase Two, scheduled to open in 2014. The second phase of the project will include 50 one-bedroom affordable independent living senior apartments, as well as amenities such as a common area, fitness center, library and computer lab.

A view of the library at Rivertown Neighborhood.

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Village Reports

VILLAGE HIGHLIGHTS PVM Villages reflect their surrounding community, and the needs and interests of the residents who call the Villages “home”. Activities and programs take residents into the community and bring the community into the Villages. The Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation partners with the Villages. The “Friends and Family” campaign raises funds locally for local activities and projects. Villages are proud of the level of support and engagement the campaign generates. There are 365 days of “accomplishments” in each Village—all aimed toward providing a safe, welcoming, supportive, and stimulating community for the residents. Here are noteworthy accomplishments of 2013 for each Village. The Village of Bethany Manor: Physical improvements, community programs, exceeding Strategic Objective goals, and good Resident Satisfaction Survey results were proud accomplishments at Bethany Manor. Physical improvements included sun umbrellas at the front entrance, fitness equipment, including a NuStep machine, and fresh paint with new artwork in the lobby and offices. Strategic Objective goals were exceeded for increases in donor base and Friends and Family campaign. Programming included seminars on “Your State Entitlements”, a public program co-hosted with Wayne County Community College, and the start-up of a Men’s Support Group. Bethany Manor served as a MiCAFE (Michigan’s Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly) site. The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley: The Detroit Free Press interviewed three residents of Brush Park who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in celebration of the 50th year of the March. Several programs for resident benefit were hosted, including a six-week Path Program for residents


on how to live a healthy life with chronic conditions; and the Detroit Medical Center “Big Shot” Program, providing flu shots to residents to those in the need in the local community. New furnishings PHOTO CREDIT: LIZ CEZAT

The Village of Brush Park Paradise Valley Administrator, Jannie Scott (standing), enjoys music provided by resident Dorothy Bell.

and carpet freshened the library and common areas. Fitness equipment, including a NuStep machine was added. Employees at Brush Park won the Spirit of Giving award from the PVM Foundation. Activities and community involvement are a hallmark of Brush Park Manor. These included making blankets for babies at Henry Ford Hospital; donating the old lobby furniture to organizations which help people in need; hosting monthly meetings of groups including PVM-AARP, Shelton TAPPS, Brush Park One, Two, and Three; Brotherhood; Silhouettes and Kappas; and King David Solomon Masonic Lodge. Residents raised funds for the Salvation Army and continued a tradition of donating Tiger tickets to organizations which serve seniors. The Village of East Harbor: 2013 saw facility improvements and capability extensions; excellence in program goals and ratings; and a host of activities and programs for residents and community. East Harbor created a Transitional Care

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

involvement and activity with residents and the community. It was recognized for their accomplishments. Harmony Village received the Honor of Community Outreach Appreciation from Oak Grove African Methodist Church. The Village served as a site for the Detroit Public Library Book Mobile and hosted monthly meetings for New Mount Moriah Church and the 3-B Birwood Block Club. In partnership with Tenet Health and SinaiGrace Hospital, the community hosted free flu shot events for the community; Harmony Village served as a MiCAFE site. The community increased involvement with the Northwest Activity Center and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church. Security cameras were added, and a special Village Birthday celebration was held. Volunteers worked with former teachers from The Detroit Public Schools to teach basic computer and social media skills to residents, family members and caregivers. The Village offered an ongoing computer training program for seniors in the community along with residents.

The Village of Hampton Meadows: The Village saw physical improvements, with a sidewalk and gazebo project. The Village partnered with First Presbyterian Church’s Hands and Feet Program for youth. Participants worked with residents in preparing for the grounds improvements. Volunteers from the Week of Hope program and Grace Chapel in Waterford helped residents with chores that they may be unable to do on their own. Village residents gathered and donated Items for several area organizations which help seniors, children, and those in need. The Village offers space for many community events and programs, including flu shots, in partnership with Wellspring Lutheran Services. The spirit of support and involvement worked both ways: new heights were met in the 2013 Friends and Family campaign.

The Village of Hillside: Enjoying the present and furthering plans for the future were themes in 2013. The Service Coordinator worked with volunteers from local churches to provide transportation to and from church for Village residents; RSVP volunteers drove residents to appointments and shopping. Residents volunteered with the Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce and made over 400 Christmas stocking ornaments for the Holiday Celebration in downtown Harbor Springs. The Village served as a host site for The Friendship Center, which provides low cost congregate meals, transportation and social and educational programs. Hillside Phase I renovation improvements continued, while plans, fundraising, and community conversation ramped up for the new project which includes accessible apartment homes and a senior activity center.

The Village of Harmony Manor: This Village celebrated the spirit of

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Village Reports

Unit. The nursing center was redesigned to handle more complex residents and increase therapy space. The Health Care Unit successfully implemented electronic charting with certified nurse aides. The Clair Damone fall prevention grant decreased fall rates by 50%, as part of a continuing program. The beautiful chapel received appropriate maintenance, while new storage cabinets were added in the dining room. PVMF Benevolence Funds supported residents in need. East Harbor is a hub of activity for residents and the entire community. These included a Health & Wellness Expo; providing space for AARP free tax service; a family picnic and classic car show; monthly programs on healthy eating as part of the Healthy Brain Series in conjunction with Wayne State University. Monthly programs included a Parkinson’s support group and an Alzheimer’s support group. Meet the Experts programs were also open to the community. Residents made baby blankets for local hospitals and collected hats, scarves, and mittens for the needy.

Hampton Meadows sidewalk project and new gazebo


Village Reports

The Village of Holly Woodlands: This Village was the center for community activities. 2013 programming included serving as a site for AARP free tax services to residents and the community; a flu vaccination clinic; collection and donation of clothing, food, and toys in conjunction with community organizations; hosting meetings for Holly Village and Holly Township. The Village received the donation of a van with wheelchair lift. The locally-supported Friends and Family campaign achieved 100% philanthropic participation by the Board. The fundraising continued toward the goal of the purchase of a new bus with a wheelchair lift. Residents returned the favor of support. They collected school supplies for the Holly Area Youth Assistance program. The Village of Holly Woodlands is a popular place to live—the community is fullyoccupied. The Village of Mill Creek: Paint-up. Fixup. Garden. Get “green.” Get fit. Participate in the community. Bring the community into the Village. Mill Creek had a busy year with improvements and changes to the building and grounds, and served as a hub of activity. Public laundry room and bathrooms, and several apartments received fresh paint. Landscaping was enhanced with new shrubs, mulch and hardscape. A new flat-screen TV in the fitness room has attracted more residents to regular exercise. The Village continued the installation of high-efficiency showerheads, faucets for cost-savings, and “green”-sensitive stewardship of our planet’s resources. Mill Creek served as a weekly health screening and exercise location for the community. A community flu clinic and immunization program was provided. Mill Creek participated as a pickup site for Project Fresh coupons, available for use by seniors at local farmers’ markets. The project promotes healthier eating of locally-grown foods. Mill Creek served as the kick-off site for the Lupus Walk, which saw participation by residents and community members.


The Village of Oakland Woods: Residents of this Village were very active in the community and welcomed the community into their Village. The new bus made possible increased transportation services for residents. Under the new Activities Director, resident wellness programs and activities continued to expand. The library grew with donations of books, games, and magazines. The community acted as host for Oakland County’s Literacy program; Volunteer residents help tutor immigrants and youth with language skills. The Village participated in the “Adopt a Family” campaign for the Holiday season. Community programs and organizations used the Village for meetings and events. Oakland Woods residents sponsored a school supply drive at Baldwin Center to help assure that area students started the school year with the items they needed for success. The Board was proud to achieve 100% occupancy in both Oakland Woods I and II. The Village of Oakman Manor: 2013 saw the addition of new fitness and recreation

New Fitness center at Our Saviour’s Manor.

equipment at the Village. Residents and the village administration are active and involved with the community. Participation with groups included a continuing relationship with Focus: HOPE; the Hope Village Initiative; Cool Cities Park events planning; collaboration with Lutheran

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor: 2013 saw many improvements to the community, including the completion of the Fitness center and the Theatre Room, lobby re-decoration, and sewing machines. Residents gave back to the community by serving as Gifted Hands volunteers and sewing for the Vitas Hospice Group. Residents and staff contributed to the Westland Goodfellows. The Village served as the host site for the local homeowners association. Our Saviour’s Manor became a “stop location” for city transportation to the City of Westland Farmers’ Market. The Village partnered with The Senior Alliance (AAA1-C) as a housing site for seniors ready to transition from nursing home to independent living. The Village of Peace Manor: Physical and landscaping improvements marked 2013 at Peace Manor. The ladies room was modernized, a new laundry room floor installed, and the landscaping updated with flower-filled urns, landscaped beds in the island area of the parking lot, and bistro tables outdoors. Through the Friends and Family campaign, the Village raised funds for a new entrance awning. Resident outreach included the collection of items for men and women in the military, fundraising for Abigayle Ministries and Angel the horse. Items were collected

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and the community continued its support of the Fraser Relay for Life. The community participated in an Adopt-a-Family program for the Holidays, providing gifts for a family in need. Peace Manor served as a nutrition site for Macomb County Senior Nutrition Program, which was open to residents and area seniors. Local artists’ works are displayed in the public spaces at Peace Manor, as part of fundraising for the Friends and Family campaign. Perry Farm Village: Partnership initiatives with The Village of Hillside continued. The Village wellness coordinator is available for classes. The Villages share shopping trip days twice a month, with transportation supplied by the Perry Farm Village bus. The communities collaborated for a Flu Shot Clinic/Health Fair and a Halloween Party. Interaction with the community is very important at Perry Farm Village. The community served as host for meetings, events and parties, with organizations including the Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce; Harbor Hall Association; Kiwanis Club of Harbor Springs; and Emmanuel Episcopal Church. The Village hosted a community potluck supper and a community forum for candidates for the Harbor Springs City Council.

Village Reports

Family Services and Oakland Manor Place apartments; and new relationships with residents and staff at Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO). An initiative between Oakman Manor and NSO is working to create a safer neighborhood. The efforts included the involvement of residents and community groups to develop strategies and plans. Village residents made gift bags for Bell Building residents for the Holiday season. The first annual Friends and Family kick-off event provided residents and family members an opportunity to ask questions and get more information about the campaign; 100% board participation was achieved for the campaign.

“ Aging is a privilege which many are denied.” – Anonymous

The Village of Redford: Looking good and feeling good in 2013. The Beauty Salon saw a complete makeover with new decoration and equipment. The Chapel saw upgrades. The Village of Redford launched the Medicare Initiative and opened the Transitional Care Unit. Processes and Systems were established for teams, including regular meetings, reports, and training. Consistent processes were established for the Initiatives for face-to-face sales and marketing with contacts. The Redford Team navigated the preparation for the Independent Living Project. The Quality Assurance and Process Improvement (QAPI) committee continued its work. The committee established a


Village Reports “ With all my worries behind me, I can focus on my future and stop doing, doing, doing and be content just to ‘be.’ I am more at peace than I have ever been in my life and I have PVM to thank for that.” – Motoko Huthwaite, Resident The Village of Westland


structured agenda which focused on issue resolution, trend tracking, and data analysis. The Village hosted a health fair in conjunction with DMC, which was open to all area seniors. They hosted three musical programs in the courtyard, which were open to the public. PVMF Benevolence funding assisted Redford residents in need. The Villa at Redford improved the efficiency of food delivery to residents; menus for meal selections were provided weekly to residents. The Villa hosted a Health Fair in conjunction with the Detroit Medical Center Rehab Department. The Fair was open to residents and members of the community. Testing included glucose, blood pressure, and hearing. Physicians were on site to read and interpret results. Informational materials were available on topics which included mental health issues, nutrition, elder abuse, and more. The Village of Rosebush Manor: The Village received the Gerstacker Foundation Grant for Volunteerism. Community involvement was a keystone for Rosebush. In 2013, residents and the Village donated to the local July 4th parade and to the local Food Pantry; sponsored a Hat and Mitten Tree for Christmas Outreach; and participated in the Glasses Drive for the Lion’s Club. Rosebush Manor served as host site for the Congregate Meals on Wheels Commission on Aging. The Village hosted a Tractor Derby fundraiser with community support. The Community hosted nursing, health professional, and nursing students. The medical distribution process was improved. The community continued 100% occupancy. The Village of Sage Grove: Approval was received from HUD for a part-time service coordinator. A relationship with Senior Services and Loaves and Fishes provided commodities monthly for qualified residents. Through this program, residents received food items provided by local stores and delivered twice-weekly. A relationship with the local Wal-Mart was established, providing bus transportation

to and from the store on a regular basis. The Village partnered with MSU to present a six-week Nutrition workshop for Village residents. Sage Grove participated as a research site for students from U of M on a project about seniors who live in HUD Housing. “Communities for All Ages,” a program co-sponsored by the Community Foundation and the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging, was presented at Sage Grove. The Outlook Club, a community-based program, met regularly at Sage Grove. The Village of St. Martha’s: The Village received approval from HUD for a parttime service coordinator to facilitate linkage with services to help seniors remain in their homes and age in the community. Residents formed a Resident Council to assist with planning in the community. The Village’s administrative assistant and maintenance technician were both nominated for the PVM Shining Star awards for their exceptional contributions to village life. Residents raised funds for the American Heart Association and held a clothing drive to benefit the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS). The Joy Community Association met monthly at St. Martha’s. Residents from Fairlane Senior Care & Rehab Center and Christ Child Home for Boys were invited to functions at the Village, including a 50s “Sock Hop,” with the residents collecting and donating socks. The PVM Foundation provided funding for the installation of security cameras at the Village. The Village of Spring Meadows: A Mother’s Day Event with spa services and brunch was hosted for residents, their children and families. A cooking class on healthy eating alternatives, led by experts from Michigan State University, was presented for residents and the community. A Pet Show event was held with excellent community participation. Tai Chi classes were presented for residents and seniors in the surrounding community. Entertainment equipment, including a

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

and donating older computers and equipment to area community groups that help seniors. The Village served as a training site for nursing and medical students; served as a polling site for elections; and provided a convenient site for the local library for residents and the community. Gerontology students from Madonna University came to Westland and interacted with the administrator and staff in a hands-on class, The Virtual Dementia Tour. The PVMF Benevolence Fund helped residents who had outlived their resources.

The Village of Warren Glenn: Physical improvements included an updated laundry room with fresh paint, flooring, and new energy-efficient equipment. The community room was updated with new wall and floor treatments. An eight-week health and wellness class was presented for residents. The topics included coping skills and tools to help manage chronic illness. Teas and social events were regular features at the Village. Warren Glenn served as a site for the Macomb County nutrition program and hosted meetings for the First Church of Warren and a local Brownie Troop. A SNAP (Macomb County’s program for Bridge cards and food assistance) event was held to help residents in need apply for the program. Residents made special Holiday greetings and donated items for the troops in Afghanistan.

The Village of Woodbridge Manor: Activity abounded at Woodbridge. A new Entertainment Center and General Store for residents opened in 2013. A Floor Captain Training program was instituted in 2013. Development of the program involved staff and volunteer residents. Institution of bi-monthly meetings and creation of extensive materials, policies, and procedures were added. Floor Captains (FC) worked closely with the Resident Council to ensure the safely of residents and staff in case of an emergency. A weekly and monthly resident check-in system was implemented. The Village’s 1300 Bryant Garden officially opened. The community received the PVM “Coralee Henriksen Site Beautification Award.” Woodbridge Manor residents conducted a Repurpose, Recycle, Renew Initiative, with an eye toward effective use of resources. Residents collected canned goods for the homeless. The Village hosted a series of safety seminars for the community and hosted meetings with Hannan House and the Detroit Housing Commission. A free community fair was held; and town hall meetings on topics including Medicaid/Medicare, car insurance rates, jobs, crime/safety and senior concerns were held with politicians and candidates for office.

The Village of Westland: Hail to the Victors: Village of Westland residents won the 2013 Village Cup! Improvements to the environment, included painting of the Assisted Living and Memory Care cottages and installation of new lighting were added. New members joined the board, with specialties of talent and expertise to guide the future. Residents of Westland were an important community resource—making hundreds of hats for area children in need, collecting food and non-perishables for service men and women overseas through a program called “Americans Thank Our Troops;”

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Village Reports

flat-screen TV and sound equipment, were added. The Village hosted monthly meetings for the Alzheimer’s Association support group and two Girl Scout troops. Residents worked with “We Can Help”, making gifts for children in need, and adopted a family, providing gifts for the Holidays. They offered their services to a local school and church, making T-shirts for fundraisers and events. The Village was the winner of the Friends and Family campaign, with a 550% increase in new donors for 2013.

PVM PARTNER VILLAGES Alpena Village is a collaborative venture between PVM and Lutheran Homes of Michigan. It opened in 2008 and features 48 affordable and market-rate apartments. The Willows condominiums opened in 2009. When fully developed, the Village will include 80 condos and a community center. Gibraltar Manor opened in 2006 as a collaborative venture between PVM and Lutheran Homes of Michigan. It features 53 one-bedroom affordable and market-rate apartments. Lake Huron Woods opened in 2003. It features 104 oneand two-bedroom affordable and market-rate apartments, and 12 two-bedroom cottages. For more information on our other partnering villages, see our accomplishments document online: http://pvm.org/ accomplishments2013/


LeadingAge LeadingAge Michigan Michigan Health Endowment Fund Michigan Office of Services to the Aging • Area Agencies on Aging

• • • •

Detroit Regional Collaborative Senior Regional Collaborative Educational institutions Community organizations, including Chambers of Commerce

















DN EIGstaff volunteered at Forgotten On NovemberO 18th PVM O Harvest. By sharing in the critical work and mission of Forgotten Harvest, they had the opportunity to give back to our metro Detroit community. Our volunteers packaged food into family sized portions to be shipped to families in need and participated in the process all ay to clean up the way through i of the work areas. PVM staff a c members and leadership p am from all e d F areas of theborganization participated y A r t Va n in this volunteer event. One person commented that this was among his favorite days at PVM.



• • • •



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan provided a wide spectrum of talent which was shared with the community. This happened in many ways—through philanthropy, with volunteerism, and with leadership on boards and advisory councils. These include activities at the national, state, local levels. A partial list of these includes:






Community Benefit


A holiday event was held at the home office; and many gifts were donated to the Farmington Area Goodfellows organization to provide a nice holiday for local children.




The contributions of time and talent, participation, leadership, and public recognition of members of the PVM extended family are extraordinary. We celebrate the accomplishments!

Daphne Green


Administrative Assistant, Our Saviour’s Manor, Westland

“Woman of Outstanding Leadership” Daphne Green was recognized as a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership” for family, career and community involvement, by the International Women’s Leadership Association.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Past board member, PVM and PVMF

Edward H. McNamara Award Helen Morrison received the Edward H. McNamara Award presented by The Senior Alliance, which operates as the Area Agency on Aging (AAA1-C) for the 34 suburban communities in Southern and Western Wayne County. The award is given for the pursuit of excellence in aging services. Helen is a tireless leader and volunteer. Her leadership at PVM has included service on both the PVM and PVM Foundation boards. Currently, she serves on the Marketing and Community Relation Boards and was on the 2013 It’s A Wonderful Life! Gala Steering Committee. She has served at all levels of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and with the Presbyterian Association of Homes and Services for the Aging. On a regional and local level, Helen has served on the boards of The Senior Alliance, The Information Center, Alma College Kirk Council, UMD Alumni Association, Township of Grosse Ile Elected Officials and Planning Commission.

Awards and Recognitions

Helen Morrison

Lynn Alexander

Vice President, Public Affairs

Kathy Bartz

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Aster Awards Two projects produced jointly by the Sales and Marketing and Public Affairs teams at PVM received Gold Awards in the Kathy Bartz 2013 Aster Awards. The competition recognizes outstanding excellence in healthcare marketing. www.pvm.org, won in the “Long-Term Care Facility Web Site” category. “Embrace the Possibilities”, the 2013 PVM Calendar, won in the “Long-Term Care Facility Calendar” category. Kathy and Lynn express special thanks to Lisa Jaeger, an instrumental team member on both projects.

Jannie Scott

Administrator, The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley

Chairperson, Detroit Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council Jannie Scott, long-time PVM employee and community administrator, assumed the chairmanship of the Advisory Council for the Detroit Area Agency on Aging. The agency’s mission includes education about, advocating for and promotion of healthy aging. Jannie has long been a dedicated advocate for seniors.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3


Awards and Recognitions

Lynn Alexander

Vice President, Public Affairs, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Michigan Health Endowment Fund Board Lynn Alexander has been appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to the newly-created Michigan Health Endowment Fund Board. The mission is to improve the health and wellness of Michigan residents, with a significant emphasis on programs for minor children and seniors throughout the state. The $1.56 billion endowment was created as part of the reorganization of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s operations in the state.

James Gompers

Chairman, Gompers, Cornish & Barr

Board Chair, PVM Foundation James Gompers has been elected as Chair of the PVM Foundation beginning January 1, 2014. He has served as a PVM board member and Chair of the Finance Committee. Jim is chairman of Gompers, Cornish & Barr, an insurance agency in the Greater Detroit area. He attended Wayne State University law school and is a veteran. He has served on the Board and Finance Committee for Caring Communities.

George B. Millush, Jr.

DaimlerChrysler Finance (retired)

Board Chair, PVM George Millush was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for PVM effective January 1, 2014. George has more than nine years with PVM, having served on The Village of Oakland Woods Board, including several years as Chairman. He serves on the PVM Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Governance Committee. George spent 36 years at DaimlerChrysler, in senior management and director roles in the Finance division, retiring in 2004. He is a long-time member of CAM-I (the Consortium for Advanced Management-International). George holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from Knox College.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Four PVM Board Members, Karin Flint (The Village of Hillside and Perry Farm Village); Dr. Lynda Jeffries (PVM Corporate Board); George Millush (PVM Corporate Board, The Village of Oakland Woods); and Jill VanAlstyne (The Village of Hillside and Perry Pictured (l to r): Karin Flint, George Farm Village), were recognized as Distinguished Millush, and Dr. Lynda Jeffries Volunteers for National Philanthropy Day. The celebration held each year in November by the Greater Detroit Chapter of The Association of Fundraising Professionals, honors the philanthropic and community involvement of individuals and groups.

Awards and Recognitions

Karin Flint, Dr. Lynda Jeffries, George Millush, Jill VanAlstyne Volunteer Recognition, National Philanthropy Day-Detroit

Nathan Keup

Director of Real Estate Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“Build Michigan” Award Nathan Keup, PVM Director of Real Estate, accepted the 2013 “Build Michigan” Award from the Associated General Contractors of Michigan in the category for buildings over 10 million dollars, for the Rivertown Neighborhood project. The award recognizes the excellence of an entire project team. For Rivertown, the team included PVM, O’Brien Construction Company, and Hooker Dejong for design. Also in 2013, Nathan was featured in the Leon and Josephine Winkelman Memorial Lecture Series, at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Janet Frederick

Life Enrichment Coordinator, The Village of Redford

2013 Shining Star Award This award recognizes Presbyterian Villages of Michigan employees who exhibit excellence in their jobs, make significant contributions to their Village or PVM, and demonstrate commitment to their residents, department, Village and/or PVM. Shining Star nominees exhibit characteristics such as innovation, stewardship, positive attitude, integrity, responsiveness to our customers, teamwork, and commitment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3


PVM Financials

Dear Friends & Supporters, We are pleased to report that the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan’s (PVM) system-wide 2013 financial performance for its managed entities met our strategic and budgeted expectations, has improved over 2012, and our financial position is solid. A key performance indicator is PVM’s ability to meet our principal and interest payments and capital replacement reserve requirements, or debt service coverage ratio. For the entities PVM manages system-wide the ratio was 1.72 in 2013, which exceeded 1.50 in 2012. This improvement was driven primarily from the overall gain of $2,060,000 in 2013, compared to the overall loss of $1,235,000 in 2012. The other key measure, days cash on hand ratio, rose to 102 days at December 31, 2013 from 92 at the end of 2012. We were able to achieve these important indicators due to a continued emphasis on service excellence, innovation, cost containment, capital financing, and fund raising. Contributions to the PVM Foundation increased considerably in 2013 to nearly $3.6 million. The Foundation’s actively managed investment portfolio yielded an 18.1% return in 2013, which was better than the 17.6% of aggregated, indexed benchmark return. The overall market value of the Foundation’s investments of $13.2 million at December 31, 2013 matched the end of 2012.

December 31, 2013 was consistent with the end of 2012. Our system-wide net assets (equity) plus forgivable capital advances represent 53.1% of the total asset value at December 31, 2013, up from the 51.7% at the end of 2012. This rise is after the $6.9 million in annual depreciation, and primarily the result of philanthropy, certain development financing sources reported as income, and the HUD capital advance for the Rivertown Neighborhood Senior Apartments. We encourage you to visit the PVM website to review our complete financial results and disclosures. We are pleased to report that each PVM managed affiliate subject to third party audit or review had no matters of internal control deficiencies in 2013. In December 2013, FitchRatings affirmed the PVM Obligated Group’s BB+ rating and “Stable” Outlook, which consists of the Villages of Redford, East Harbor, North, and Westland and PVM Corporate and the PVM Foundation. PVM has a strong future thanks to the contributions and dedication of our staff, volunteers, collaborators, and donors who together serve PVM’s clients to ensure a financially strong and transparent organization. Working with our partners, we will continue to provide the servant leadership to deliver quality senior housing and services.

The $182 million in overall asset value of PVM’s system wide managed entities as of

W. Paul Rau Board Vice Chair of Finance Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


Brian W. Carnaghi Senior Vice President, CFO & Board Treasurer Presbyterian Villages of Michigan & Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Maintenance & Utiliites $5,,797,628 Other $14,424,778 26.4% Insurance $1,076,545 2%




PVM Financials

Management & Development Fees





Investment & Dividend Income




sets 2012

operty, Plant, & Equipment 135,565,337 75% estricted Cash & Investments 15,047,764 8% nrestricted Cash & Investments 12,032,504 7% eceivables and Other 18,109,891 10% $180,755,496 100%

Wages & Benefits


Resident Services


Maintenance & Utilities




2012 Revenues:

Depreciation (non-cash)


2012 Expenses:



Restricted Cash & Investments


Unrestricted Cash & Investments


Current & Long Term Debt


Receivables & Other



HUD 202 Capital Advances


Expenses 2012 Wages and Benefits $22,588,114 41.3% Depreciation (non-cash) $6,866,332 12.6% Interest $3,891,231 7.1% Maintenance & Utiliites $5,,797,628 10.6% Other $14,424,778 26.4% Insurance $1,076,545 2%

December 31, 2012 Assets:


Net Assets-Unrestricted & Temporarily Restricted

Property, Plant, & Equipment


Net Assets-Restricted

Payables & Other


December 31, 2012 Liabilities & Net Assets:



$182,427,700 Insurance

Other Income

Investment Income



Contributions & Earned Income



$2,388,423 Assets 2012


Wages & Benefits


Management & Development Fees


Property, Plant, & Equipment 133,454,207 73% Restricted Cash & Investments 14,719, 115 8% Unrestricted Cash & Investments 13,263,774 7% Receivables and Other 21,055,451 12% $18 100%

Maintenance & Utilities


Resident Services




2013 Revenues: Data reflects varying timing of fiscal year information for all PVM system entities.

Restricted Cash & Investments


$13,263,774 Receivables & Other



December 31, 2013 Assets: $182,439,676

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Net Assets-Restricted

Unrestricted Cash & Investments

Property, Plant, & Equipment


2013 Expenses:



Depreciation (non-cash)

Deferred Revenue


Current & Long Term Debt



Net Assets-Unrestricted & Temporarily Restricted


HUD 202 Capital Advances


Payables & Other


December 31, 2013 Liabilities & Net Assets: $182,439,676


PVM Foundation

FOCUS ON PHILANTHROPY-DONORS MAKE AN IMPACT! In 2013, the PVM Foundation had another successful year through the generosity of our many supporters, thanks to their gifts of time, talent and financial resources. The PVM Foundation is looking forward to providing philanthropic support to the many new and innovative projects for PVM in 2014. Listed below are some of the many significant accomplishments in 2013 we are proud to highlight:

• Provided over $845,000 in grant funding to Villages and PVM-related projects and programs. • Exceeded 80% of the original Statewide Comprehensive Campaign Goal (96%, $14.3 million) through significant annual, major, planned gifts and grants, including a $2 million grant for The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Green Houses® at Rivertown.

• Extended, expanded and refocused the • Most successful year for the Friends Statewide Comprehensive Campaign, & Family Appeal, which raised with the goal of raising $27.4 million $125,415, an increase of 58% from by the end of 2017, in support of the 2012. Thank you donors! original goals of the Campaign as well as the following major projects: • Exceeded budgeted goals for special Rivertown Neighborhood, The Village events – the 10th Annual It’s A Wonderful of East Harbor Health & Wellness Life Gala ($250,000 gross goal; $275,000 Center and Northern Michigan’s The actual gross) and the 3rd Annual Inspire Village of Hillside/Friendship Center Possibilities Breakfast ($100,000 gross Renewal Campaign. Each of the major goal; $127,680 actual gross). projects has seen progress including the recruitment of Chairs and CoChairs for each project’s Fundraising Planned Gifts Steering Committee and over 25 new (Realized) Fundraising Steering Committee $18,059 Gifts In-Kind members. Earned Income $34,463 $461,000 Planned Gifts (Unrealized)

2013 PVM Foundation Revenue: $4,014,018


Cash & Pledges



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

PVM’s culture of philanthropy has allowed the Foundation to grant over $845,000 in 2013 to our Villages and various programs throughout Michigan. Listed below are just a few of the ways your gifts made a difference in 2013: • Nearly $200,000 in Benevolence funding for residents in financial need • $29,750 to enhance the outdoor garden and patio in the McComber Neighborhood at The Village of Redford, allowing seniors to expand their sensory experience

PVM Foundation


• $15,000 to various Villages for resident activities, such as picnics, ice cream socials, senior proms and more • $6,500 through the Marie Claire Damone Fall Prevention Fund for fall risk reduction programs at The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor and The Villa at Redford to help residents stay as healthy and as independent as possible • $3,250 for upgraded televisions, DVD players and a CD player at The Village of Spring Meadows to use for resident exercise classes, cooking classes, movie nights and more • $1,140 to replace security cameras at The Village of Harmony Manor to maintain resident safety and security

Total Donors............. 1,883 Total New Donors.......844 Total Returning Donors....................... 1,039 Cost to Raise $1...... $0.20

These are just a sampling of the many benefits that PVM Villages, residents and the surrounding communities receive through the generous support of donors to the PVM Foundation.

2013 PVM Foundation Grants Allocated: $845,196 Wellness

$117,376 Community Connections

$30,271 Benevolence






Facility Improvements



$109,066 The Village of East Harbor Health & Wellness Center


Rivertown Neighborhood


Northern Michigan’s The Village of Hillside/ Friendship Center Renewal Campaign

$26,007 A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3


PVM Foundation

PVM FOUNDATION SPECIAL EVENTSTHANK YOU SPONSORS, ATTENDEES AND VOLUNTEERS! In 2013, the PVM Foundation exceeded its goals for special fundraising events, raising $127,680 (gross) from the 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities Breakfast and $275,000 (gross) from the 10th Annual It's A Wonderful Life Gala! 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities Event

Inspire POSSIBILITIES Breakfast

10th Annual

The PVM Foundation’s 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities fundraising breakfast event on April 26th raised $127,680 (gross) as a result of our donors! In its two previous years, this event has netted more than $237,000 for Michigan seniors. Nearly 300 guests attended the complimentary, one-hour event held at the Centerpoint Marriott in Pontiac. The event featured three inspirational testimonials from Motoko Huthwaite, a resident at The Village of Westland (for health reasons, Mrs. Huthwaite was unable to attend, so her story was shared by Ellen Byrne, executive director at The Village of Westland); Reva Wujcik, a Board Member and family member of a former resident at The Village of Redford; and Janet DeVold, a current resident at The Village of Oakland Woods. We deeply appreciate and thank all the new Peterson Mission Makers members for their long-term commitment to PVM seniors, as well as the donors and Table Captains who helped the 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities breakfast raise funds to positively affect PVM residents each day. 10th Annual It’s A Wonderful Life Gala Event

PVM’s 10th Annual It’s A Wonderful Life (IAWL) Gala on November 1st was a success, raising $275,000 (gross) for Michigan seniors! Nearly 450 guests celebrated the Somewhere In Time theme at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn. The event featured Tom Kimble, State President of AARP Michigan, who delivered the keynote presentation; The Honorable Judge James Alexander, who served as SAVE THE DATE Master of Ceremonies when Charlie Langton could not be present; a for the 11th Annual magician; photo booth; and a piano vocal entertainer.

PVM Foundation Gala

Get Your Motors Running!

Friday, November 14, 2014 COBO Center, Detroit


In keeping with the theme to celebrate life’s moments, PVM residents shared some of their greatest memories through an essay contest. Five winners were pre-selected and their complete stories were featured in the program and throughout the event, along with excerpts from the many other residents who shared moments from their lives. Congratulations to the winners – Caroline Parker, First Place, The Village of Spring Meadows; Bill Wreford, Second Place, The Village of Westland; Fred Pankow, Third Place, The Village of East Harbor; Pearl Koning, Honorable Mention, The Village of Sage Grove; and Kathy Palmero, Honorable Mention, The Village of Holly Woodlands! More information on all PVM Foundation events can be found at www.pvmfoundation.org

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Official Media Sponsor

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Village Champion Sponsors

PVM Foundation

Village Partners Sponsors

Village Trendsetter Sponsors

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A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Coat Check Sponsors Capital Fund Title Services & Great Lakes Capital Fund Medstar Ambulance Service Melvin & Gwendolyn Parker ProMatura Group, LLC

Pro Quality Flooring re:group inc. The Village of Hillside/Perry Farm Village Board of Directors Wentworth, Hauser and Violich

Centerpiece Sponsors Falcon Carpet Services, Inc. The Village of Rosebush Manor Board of Directors Jill Tibbits, In Honor of the Board Members Serving The Village of Hillside/Perry Farm Village


PVM Foundation Natalie Brothers, PVM Board Member, with Brian Carnaghi, PVM Senior VP of Finance & Business Development, at the Calvin, Sterling and Peterson Mission Maker Societies’ Annual Recognition Luncheon at the Detroit Historical Society.


CALVIN SOCIETY Commemorating Loyalty Through Planned Giving The Calvin Society of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation was established to honor all donors who have made a planned or deferred gift to support PVM. The PVM Foundation is deeply grateful to the Calvin Society members whose generosity and foresight will allow PVM to reach new heights in senior living and care for years to come. Bolded names represent new members or new planned gifts in 2013. Mrs. Kesha Akridge Mrs. Mary Y. Arehart Ms. Jane Bolender Mr. Stanley M. Brandt Mrs. Natalie E. Brothers Mrs. Mary L. Brown Rick & Melinda Callahan Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Cameron Mrs. Marjorie M. Cameron Brian & Beth Carnaghi Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Carroll Rev. Dr. James H. Conley Mr. Michael G. Damone Mrs. Elva Daniels Ms. Joann R. Duane Mrs. Evalyn L. Eucker Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Euler Mr. John Ferns Mr. David M. Finnegan Ms. Joan D. Geering Mr. Lloyd Geering Mr. & Mrs. Dean M. Gettemy Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Goetz Mr. James S. Gompers Ms. Shirley Gooden Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gotch Beach & Marianne Hall Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hanpeter Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Harder Mrs. Waneta Hawes Mrs. Coralee A. Henriksen Ms. Jean E. Hilderley Mrs. Doris J. Horton Mr. Charles F. Howe, Jr. Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Glenn L. Kaiser

Mrs. Mary K. Keebler Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kimbrough Mr. Eugene Kleemann & Ms. Maria Hopson Mr. Raymond S. Mazurek Dr. & Mrs. T. Ellsworth McDowell Mr. & Mrs. David M. Miller Mr. Paul J. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Randall R. Miller Mr. & Mrs. James F. Moon-Dupree Mrs. Helen Morrison Mrs. Dorothy J. Mundle Mrs. Faye E. Myers Mrs. June E. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Mr. Robert S. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Olds Mr. & Mrs. Harrison F. Orton Mr. James S. Orton Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Orvis Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Payne Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Pelling Mrs. Patricia Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Peterson Mrs. Judith M. Pugh Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Rabbideau Mr. Warren M. Rettig Rev. James L. Rhinesmith Mr. & Mrs. Guy E. Runyan Mr. E. Richard Salisbury Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Miss Betty E. Schwesinger Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sills Miss Marjorie Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Sizer Ms. Nancy L. Stager Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Mrs. Valerie D. Stokes Mrs. Ruth M. Taylor Mrs. Mary E. Thero Ms. Dorothy R. Thurston Mrs. Glenise S. Tyndall Mrs. Rita K. Vadasz Mr. & Mrs. Russell S. Vahlbusch Mrs. R. Estelle Wade Mrs. Carol A. Weber Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. White Mr. & Dr. John E. Williams Mrs. Margaret H. Williams We also would like to remember those members who have passed on since the last publication. We will always remember the legacy they have left the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan mission and residents. Mr. James D. Brown Mr. Robert X. Foster Mr. Edward S. Krakowski Mr. Andrew Lonyo Ms. Marjorie G. Lumsden Mrs. Lillian I. MacLean Miss Grace M. McIlvane Mr. Arthur K. Mortin Mrs. Eleanor V. Schroeder Mrs. Geraldine G. Seng Mrs. Leona Timbrook Mr. Richard M. Tyndall

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Commemorating a Lifetime of Compassionate Giving The Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation’s Clarence D. Sterling Society honors a donor’s cumulative contributions over time. When a donor’s total irrevocable giving reaches $50,000 or more (not including special event participation or in-kind gifts), this donor becomes a member. The PVM Foundation is deeply grateful to the members of the Clarence D. Sterling Society whose commitment and generosity enables PVM to reach new heights in senior living and care. We are pleased to announce our 2013 members of this prestigious group. Bolded names represent new members or an increased giving level.

1945 Founders Circle $500,000+

Leadership Circle $50,000 - $149,999

Edward N. and Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Karin W. Flint Mr. James S. Gompers Mr. Richard J. Holmes Mr. George B. Millush, Jr. Mr. Jerome Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Rabbideau Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. First Foundation, First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn Grosse Pointe Memorial Church Masco Corporation Foundation Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation The Senior Alliance

Chairman’s Circle $250,000-$499,999 Mr. Eugene Kleemann & Ms. Maria Hopson Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church The Kresge Foundation

President’s Circle $150,000-$249,999 Mr. & Mrs. Verne G. Istock Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Detroit Economic Growth Corporation First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak Samuel L. Westerman Foundation

We also would like to remember those members who have passed on since the last publication. We will always remember the legacy they have left the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan mission and residents. Mr. Andrew Lonyo Mrs. Eleanor V. Schroeder

PVM Foundation


(l to r) Roger L. Myers, PVM President & CEO, Wesley Pelling, Former PVM Board Member, Helen Pelling, Robert V. Peterson, PVM Foundation Board Member, at the Calvin, Sterling and Mission Maker Societies’ Annual Recognition Luncheon at the Detroit Historical Society.

To learn more about leaving your lasting legacy with PVM, please visit www.pvmfgifts.org

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3


PVM Foundation

REV. DR. L.J. PETERSON MISSION MAKERS SOCIETY Commemorating Commitment Through Multi-Year Pledges Established to commemorate the late Rev. Dr. L.J. Peterson, former PVM President and CEO who passed away in 2012, this giving society is comprised of donors who have committed a multi-year pledge to PVM for $1,000 or greater, and two years or more. The PVM Foundation is deeply grateful to the members of the Mission Makers Society whose generosity and foresight will allow PVM to reach new heights in senior living and care for years to come. We are pleased to recognize the 2013 Mission Maker Members. Bolded names represent new members in 2013. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Akridge The Honorable & Mrs. James Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Larry Anderson Ms. Dana McAllister Armenteros Mr. Chadi Azzi Mr. & Mrs. William Ball Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barr Mr. Brian E. Bartes Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Beaulac Mrs. Kathleen Block Ms. Jane A. Bolender Mr. James T. Bradford Mrs. Natalie E. Brothers Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Pat Byrne Rick & Melinda Callahan Brian & Beth Carnaghi Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Carney Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Carroll Rev. & Mrs. Thomas H. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord M. Creedon Mrs. Debra Currier Mr. Joe D’Aiuto Ms. Janet DeVold Mr. Marc Dutton Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Ellis


Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Euler Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Fischer Rev. & Mrs. William J. Fuerstenau Ms. Joan D. Geering Mr. Lloyd G. Geering Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Gendernalik Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Ms. Marina S. Glagolev Mr. James S. Gompers Mr. Kenneth M. Gonko Ms. Shirley Gooden Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gotch Mr. Terence J. Griffin Mr. Stuart Grigg Ms. Paula Hager Ms. Mary Catherine Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hanpeter Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Healy Ms. LaDonna A. Holley Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hollowell Ms. Frances Holly Mr. Richard J. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. House Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson Ms. Lynda K. Jeffries Mr. & Mrs. Keith Jelinek

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Johnson Ms. Cecelia Johnston Mr. & Mrs. John T. Kerr Nathan & Megan Keup Dr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Knudsen, II Dr. & Mrs. Vernon Kuehn Mr. & Mrs. Gary Laenen Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo J. Lara, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David F. Lau Ms. Judy Layne Ms. Rochelle E. Lento, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Lindow, Jr. Mrs. Ruth LoPrete Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Lundgaard Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Magretta Col. & Mrs. Michael V. Marston Mr. & Mrs. Webb F. Martin Dr. Mildred C. Matlock Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. McKeen-McKeen Foundation Trust Mrs. Sharleeta A. McQueen Mr. & Mrs. David M. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller Mr. George B. Millush, Jr. Mrs. Rose Marie Millush Ms. Lynn Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Morgan

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Strowger Mr. & Mrs. Turner S. Thompson, Jr. Mrs. Jill R. Tibbits Mr. & Mrs. John E. Utley Mr. & Mrs. Fred Walstrom Mr. William W. Walters & Mrs. Robin Ennis Ms. Lisa M. Watkins Ms. Michelle Williams Mr. Thomas F. Wyllie Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Zellers Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmer Mr. & Mrs. Frank K. Zinn ALM Technologies ASTI Environmental C & H Fire Protection, Inc. Continuum Development Services Dixon Masonry Construction Facility Matrix Group First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak Gompers, Cornish & Barr, Inc. Grosse Pointe Memorial Church Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church Homestead Home Health Care Hooker DeJong, Inc. Hospitaler’s Committee Detroit Commandery No. 1

Infinity Technology Group Inforum JJ Barney Construction Law Office of Mark A. Pitchford, PLC Lee & Maxine Peck Foundation Leidal & Hart O’Brien Construction Company, Inc. Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian Plante & Moran, PLLC Progressive Associates, Inc. Somerset Pharmacy William J. & Julia Edwards Foundation

PVM Foundation

Mr. Jerome Morgan Mrs. Faye E. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Mr. Stanley Neal & Mrs. Cindy Stokes-Neal Mr. & Mrs. E. Owen Newell Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nield Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nyberg Mr. Melvin L. Parker & Dr. Gwendolyn H. Parker Mr. Gary Pauly & Mrs. Linda Rhodes-Pauly Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Payne Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Pelling Mr. & Mrs. John M. Perryman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Peterson Mr. Jeffrey M. Pike Mrs. Patricia P. Pike Mr. Daniel F. Ponder Mr. Donald Pryor & Mrs. Diana Mercer-Pryor Ms. Janet Pung Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Rabbideau Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul Rau Ben & Joanne Robinson Mr. Cecil R. Rochelle Mr. & Mrs. Dan Ross Mr. R. Hamilton Schirmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Ms. Jannie M. Scott Miss Marjorie Simpson Mr. & Mrs. William Sisco Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smyth Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sonnenberg Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr.

Reva Wujcik, Dr. Lynda Jeffries PVM Board Chair, Janet DeVold, Ellen Byrne at the 2013 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities breakfast which raised over $127,000 for PVM residents.


PVM Foundation

FROM THE PVM FOUNDATION PRESIDENT Rivertown Neighborhood Project, Detroit MI. Phase I was opened in early 2013 and Phase II is currently under construction and planning through the help of generous donors.

Through the generosity of donors, PVM Foundation provided over $117,000 for wellness programs and equipment in 2013 to all PVM Villages.

Your Gifts Matter! Here at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, philanthropy fuels our forward progress, from large scale projects like the construction of the Rivertown Neighborhood in Detroit to a resident chair aerobics class. Each day, programs and initiatives made possible by donors are profoundly touching the lives of thousands of seniors on our campuses across Michigan, throughout the country and around the world. PVM is blessed with an extraordinary advantage, an advantage that has allowed us to consistently excel even in the face of this challenging landscape. That advantage, of course, is the generous support of our donors.

Why do so many give? Because every gift, large or small, helps to generate another triumph, another breakthrough, another new possibility to help Michigan become the place to age! And in that way, every donor becomes a partner in our mission and plays a key role in reinventing the future. 2013, PVMF revenue totaled more than $4 million, which included the second-highest fundraising amount ever for the Foundation. As a donor or a newcomer to the PVM Foundation, please view the photos throughout this publication to gain further insights into the profound impact of philanthropy. Giving does matter!

With gratitude for your support,

Paul J. Miller, CFRE President Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) Foundation recognizes that every year, many devoted individuals and organizations contribute to our mission. We are pleased to honor those individuals and organizations who made a gift in 2013 (not including sponsorships/tickets for the It’s A Wonderful Life Gala). The numbers following each listing reflect the number of consecutive years that donor has been giving to PVM.

Village Benefactor $100,000+ Mr. Eugene Kleemann & Ms. Maria Hopson (2) Estate of Andrew Lonyo (9) Edward N. and Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee (1)* The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. (2)*

Village Visionary $50,000-$99,999 Masco Corporation Foundation (1) Estate of Eleanor V. Schroeder (11)*

Village Leader $20,000-$49,999 Mr. Jerome Morgan - Jermor Plumbing & Heating (11)* Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Peterson (13)* Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. (19)* Richard & Patricia Strowger (2) Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (1)

Village Champion $5,000-$19,999 Dr. Andrew D. Adair, D.O. (2) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Carroll (1) Ms. Elva B. Daniels (5) Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Euler (9)* Mr. James S. Gompers (13)* Ms. Shirley Gooden (5)* Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gotch (32)* Mr. Richard J. Holmes (11)* Dr. Vivian Y. Ibrahim (1) Mr. & Mrs. Verne G. Istock (4) Keith & Tami Jelinek (1) Ms. Cecelia Johnston (1)

Estate of Edward S. Krakowski (1) Mr. & Mrs. David F. Lau (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Lindow, Jr. (7)* Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. McKeen-McKeen Foundation/Trust (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller (8)* Mr. George B. Millush, Jr. (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers (22)* Dr. George H. Nassif, M.D. (1) Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Rabbideau (18)* Mr. R. Hamilton Schirmer (5)* Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder (18)* Mr. & Mrs. John E. Utley (3) Area Agency on Aging 1-B (2) Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (9) Dixon Masonry Construction (2)* First Foundation - First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham (2) Grosse Pointe Memorial Church (14)* Hartford Memorial Baptist Church (1) Hooker DeJong, Inc. (7)* Hospitaler’s Committee Detroit Commandery No. 1 (7)* Kirk in the Hills (23) Lee & Maxine Peck Foundation (8)* Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian (23)* Progressive Associates, Inc. (10)* Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation (1) Somerset Pharmacy (1) The Senior Alliance (8)* William J. & Julia Edwards Foundation (4)*

2013 Gifts


“ Age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying you.” – Anonymous

Village Hero $1,000-$4,999 Anonymous - 2 Donors Rev. & Mrs. Kent Aughe (11) Bill & Marcia Ball (4)* Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barr (1) Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Bartes (2)*

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Beaulac (5)* Ms. Jane A. Bolender (14)* Mrs. Audrey Bolton (1) Mrs. Natalie E. Brothers (11)* Mr. James D. Brown, Jr. (3) Ms. Annette Burns (10) Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Cameron (1) Brian & Beth Carnaghi (13)* Mr. & Mrs. John Cornish (1) Mrs. Loretta Cortis (1) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cowper (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord M. Creedon (1) Ms. Janet DeVold (2)* Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Fischer (3)* Ms. Karin W. Flint (9) Ms. Ruth Freebury (10) Ms. Joan D. Geering (7)*

Estate of Marjorie G. Lumsden (1) Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Lundgaard (6)* Mr. David Mantey (3) Col. & Mrs. Michael V. Marston, USAFR (Ret) (9)* Mr. & Mrs. Webb F. Martin (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. McAskin (3) Ms. Audrey J. Miller (1) Mr. & Mrs. David M. Miller (23)* Mr. & Mrs. James F. Moon-Dupree (17) Mrs. Faye E. Myers (14) Dr. & Mrs. Bassam H. Nasr (5) Mr. & Mrs. E. Owen Newell (12)* Mrs. Linda Pagel (2) Mr. Elmer R. Pekarek (1) Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Pelling (28)* Mr. & Mrs. John M. Perryman, Jr. (2)*

The Village of Westland Team at the PVM Village Victory Cup, a senior wellness competition and celebration, sponsored by PVM. Mr. Lloyd G. Geering (4)* Estate of Earl C. Greene (3) Mr. & Mrs. Terence J. Griffin (3)* Ms. Mary Catherine Hannah (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hanpeter (25)* Kenneth & Lois Harder (1) Mrs. Loretta H. Hepp (7) Ms. LaDonna A. Holley (7)* Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hollowell (9)* Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. House (9)* Mr. Charles F. Howe, Jr. (6) Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson (11)* Mr. & Mrs. Henry Johnson (7)* Mr. Jerry L. Jones (2) Nathan & Megan Keup (9)* Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Kronner (5) Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo J. Lara, Jr. (3)* Estate of Louise Cleaveland (1)


Mrs. Patricia Peterson (2) Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Pisha (4) Ms. Janet Pung (4)* Mr. Gary Pauly & Mrs. Linda Rhodes-Pauly (6) Ben & Joanne Robinson (6)* Estate of Louise Shoemake (1) Miss Marjorie Simpson (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sonnenberg (11)* Mr. & Mrs. Turner S. Thompson, Jr. (1) Mr. Maynard L. Timm & Mrs. Noreen A. Markley (7) Mr. & Mrs. Fred Walstrom (2)* Mr. William W. Walters & Mrs. Robin Ennis (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Duane Ward (1) Ms. Lisa M. Watkins (3) Mr. Martin J. West (2)


Mrs. Margaret H. Williams (2) Ms. Michelle Williams (2) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Wink (2) C & H Fire Protection, Inc. (7)* Daniel Electric (1) First American Title Insurance Company (3) First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor (1) First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn (8) First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac (2)* First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak (6)* Orville & Carrie Gascho Endowment Fund (10) Grigg Graphic Services (4)* Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church (4) Huntington National Bank (3) Inforum (1) Jarvis Property Restoration (1) JJ Barney Construction (2)* Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (1) Law Office of Mark A. Pitchford, PLC (5) Leidal & Hart (1) O’Brien Construction Company, Inc. (4) The Village Club Foundation (1) The Village of East Harbor Resident Association (2)

Village Friend $250-$999 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Akridge (10)* The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander (4)* Mr. & Mrs. Larry Anderson (10)* Ms. Mae Anderson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Asbury (2) Mr. & Mrs. Rod Auton (6) Ms. Kathleen M. Bartz (6) Ms. Kathryn D. Bartz (3) Ms. Deborah L. Beard Mrs. Kathleen Blauet & Mr. Alan Rehner (1) Mr. James T. Bradford (11)* Mrs. Marla L. Bradford (5)* Mr. Rodney T. Brandt (1) Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Briggs (1) Mr. Robert T.R. Brinton (5) Ms. Lillian Budenholzer (1)

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kasperek (11) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kastens (2) Mr. Ernest Katai (3) Mrs. Mary K. Keebler (11) Mr. Jerome Kmieciak (1) Dr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Knudsen, II (7)* Mr. Rich Kolb (1) Dr. & Mrs. Vernon Kuehn (10)* Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Latimer (2) Mrs. Lucile R. Latta (3) Ms. Judy Layne (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Leonard (2) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Les (2) Mr. Jerry B. Lewis (1) Vincent & Betty Little (1) Ms. Mary E. Lloyd (3)* Ms. Kirstie Lowe (2) Ms. Carolyn Lynett (1) Ms. Corey-Lynn Maddock (1) Ms. Amy Madsen (4) Mr. Paul J. Marcus (1) Ms. Carolyn M. Martin (4) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martin (11) Ms. Denise Mazzetti-Hood (3) Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. McSwain (14) Mr. Rocky F. Meldrum (1) Mr. Donald Pryor & Mrs. Diana Mercer-Pryor (7)* Ms. Arline B. Michelson (1) Mr. Scott R. Minch (1) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Modi (2) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Neff (6) Ms. Zan Nicolli (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Nyberg (2)* Dr. Patricia O’Brien (2) Mr. & Mrs. Timothy O’Brien (1) Mr. & Mrs. David Ong (1) Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pankow (4) Mr. & Mrs. James T. Pappas (3) Mr. Melvin L. Parker & Dr. Gwendolyn H. Parker (10) Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Payne (10)* Ms. Francesca M. Phillips (10) Ms. Lynn M. Pietrzak (11) Mr. Jeffrey M. Pike (4)* Mrs. Patricia P. Pike (12)* Mr. Daniel F. Ponder (2)* Mr. Aaron Price (1) Mr. & Mrs. James Prokes (11) Ms. Patricia Randolph (1) Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul Rau (5)*

Ms. Melissa Riesterer (1) Ms. Constance M. Rodriguez (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Ross (18)* Mr. & Mrs. James Ross (1) Mr. Karl Schillinger (7) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schmid (11) Ms. Sherri Schultz (1) Ms. Heike M. Scott (5)* Ms. Jannie M. Scott (11)* Mr. William R. Sheldon (1) Mrs. Gail Sionkowski (1) Mr. & Mrs. William Sisco (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sivak (4) Mr. Russell J. Smith (1) Mrs. Amy Smyth (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Ron Spears (3) Mr. & Mrs. James L. Spencer (4) Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Spiekhout (6) Mrs. Fay I. Squibb (2) Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Stokes (9)* Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Sundstrom (2) Mr. & Mrs. Tom Swindlehurst (3) Ms. Carmen Thomas (3) Mr. & Mrs. Christian D. Tibbits (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Trastevere (11) Mr. Gayl W. Turk (1) Mr. John S. Walker (1) Ms. Leila Weber (1) Ms. Rhonda Welburn (1) Mr. & Mrs. John Wheatley (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. White (1) Mrs. Marilyn Wilde (1) Mrs. Margery W. Willey (6) Ms. Diane Williams (4) Ms. Helen M. Williamson (3) Mr. Timothy P. Wintermute & Ms. Kathleen Sutcliffe (6) Mr. Thomas F. Wyllie (6)* Ms. Kathy Zelenock (1) Ms. Karen Ziginow (8) Mr. & Mrs. Frank K. Zinn (1) Accident Fund Insurance Company of America (7) Adkisson Air 1 Heating & Cooling (1) Allison Personnel Service Inc. (1) All-Med Medical Supply (5) American Carpet Care, Inc. Anchor Bay Community Foundation (1) Arrow Strategies, LLC (1) Bank of America Matching Gifts (1) Blanchard Agency (1) Brush Park II (2)

2013 Gifts

Mr. Tim Burbott (1) Mr. & Mrs. Pat Byrne (3)* Ms. Kay Byrne (2) Rick & Melinda Callahan (10)* Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Carney (8)* Ms. Bobie Clement (4)* Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Collins (3) Ms. Stephanie A. Cooper (6)* Ms. Dawn M. Corwin (7) Mr. & Mrs. Roger H. Cummings (1) Mr. Louis Cunningham (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Currier (2)* Ms. Ola Davis (1) Chaplain Patsy A. DeBruce (6)* Mr. & Mrs. Donald DiNatale (5) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Draper (1) Ms. Rene’ Duty (2) Mr. J. Kirk Eichenberger (1) Rev. Mary Anne Evans-Justin (2) Ms. June Everett (2) Ms. Mary A. Foucard (1) Ms. Audra D. Frye (1) Rev. & Mrs. William J. Fuerstenau (5)* Ms. Denise D. Funke (7) Mrs. Christina Garwood (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Gendernalik (13)* Mr. David Gillespie (4) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham (12)* Ms. Marina S. Glagolev (3)* Mr. Timothy Glaros (1) Mr. Kenneth M. Gonko (8)* Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Grantham (1) Ms. Julie L. Granthen (4) Mr. & Mrs. James A. Green (8) Ms. S. Elizabeth Griffin (6) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Richard Griffith (1) Mrs. Elizabeth Haewski (1) Beach B. & Marianne K. Hall (3) Mr. Edwin Harcourt (2) Mr. & Mrs. Clark R. Harris (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Harrold (2) Ms. Carolyn J. Hastings (3) Mrs. Waneta R. Hawes (9) Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Healy (7)* Ms. Ruthenia Henderson (13) Mr. Richard A. Hines (9) Ms. Kay Hollister (2) Ms. Ara D. Hunter (6) Ms. Barbara Huot (1) Ms. Motoko F. Huthwaite (2) Mr. & Mrs. David A. Imesch (12)

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts 40

Burton Brothers General Contractors, L.C. (1) Casadei Structural Steel, Inc. (1) Center for Senior Independence (1) Citizens Insurance (1) Detroit Diamond Drilling Inc. (2) Ebner Design Associates, Inc. (3) Esko Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. (1) Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Alpha Chapter (4) eTel-Rx Pharmacy (11) Fenton Medical Center (1) First Presbyterian Church of Brighton (1) First Presbyterian Church of Farmington (6) Frey Communications LLC (2) Fusco, Shaffer & Pappas, Inc. (19) Great Lakes Heating-Air Conditioning LLC (1) Green Titan (1) Healthcare Margin Specialists (5) Hobbs & Black Architects (1) Infinity Technology Group (2) Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church (10) Joe’s Car Wash (1) Kelbel Pharmacy, Inc. (3) Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner, Valitutti & Sherbrook (12) LaBelle Electric (1) Leaton United Methodist Church (9) Mallory, Cunningham, Lapka, Scott & Selin, P.L.L.C. (1) Maria McGuire, Inc (1) Maun-Lemke Speaking & Consulting, LLC (1) Medstar Ambulance Service (2) Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company (1) Michigan Sting Hockey Club (1) Miiller CPA PC (1) Morris Insurance Group, Inc. (1) Prime Office Innovations (1) Progressive Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. (3) ROG Mechanical (7) Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP (1) Rosebush Presbyterian Church (2) Security Consulting Services, Inc. (3) Smart I.T. Services, Inc. (2) St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (8) Stuart Leve, Inc. (4)

Tammy Zonker, LLC (2)* The Tavern at Tina’s (1) The Village of Hampton Meadows Resident Council (2) The Village of Holly Woodlands Resident Council (13) The Village of Peace Manor Residents (2) The Village of Woodbridge Manor Resident Council (6) ThyssenKrupp Elevators (1) Total Health Systems (1) Viking Painting LLC (2) Vitas Community Connection (1) West Construction Services (2) WM. R. Curtis Inc.

Village Contributor $249 and Below Mr. John Abbey (1) Mr. Howard Achtman (1) Mrs. Margerite A. Adkins (2) Ms. Casey Adler (1) Mr. William E. Ahlstrom (1) Rev. Dr. David W. Akins (1) Mr. Doug Alexander (1) Ms. Koronne Alexander (1) Ms. Marge Alexander (1) Ms. Andrea Allen (1) Mr. Charlie Allen (1) Ms. Marylouise Allen (1) Mr. Merle J. Allen (8) Ms. Susan Allum (2) Mr. Ryan Ambrozaitis (1) Ms. Katie Anderson (1) Mrs. Thelma Anderson (2) Mr. James Andrews (1) Anonymous - 10 Donors Mrs. Kathryn L. Anselm (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mauricio Arbelaez (2) Ms. Kim Arcobello (1) Ms. Dana McAllister Armenteros (2)* Mr. Thomas Armstead (1) Ms. Mildred Armstrong (2) Ms. Matilda Arnold (2) Mr. & Mrs. George L. Attard, Jr. (5) Ms. Melissa Aughe (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Austin (1) Mr. Carl Smith & Rev. Mary Austin (1) Ms. Christine Avila (2) Mr. Jerry Baade (1)


Ms. Carol Bailey (1) Ms. Kathy Baker (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Baker (1) Mr. Pat Baker (1) Ms. Rene Baltzer (1) Ms. Cinthia J. Bamfield (1) Mr. & Mrs. Walter Banacki (2) Mr. O’Neal Banks (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bara (1) Ms. Shirley Bargen (1) Ms. Elizabeth Barham (8) Ms. Elizabeth Barnes (1) Mr. & Mrs. R. Kent Barnes (6) Mr. & Mrs. Donald Baron (6) Ms. Kay Barrett (1) Mr. & Mrs. Hugh F. Barrington, Jr. (1) Ms. Carolyn Barron (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartlett (2) Mr. John S. Bassaras (1) Ms. Dorothy Batchelder (1) Mrs. Irene A. Battaglia (1) Ms. Mary J. Battle (1) Ms. Geraldine F. Bauer (1) Mr. & Mrs. Howard Baum (3) Mrs. Nellie V. Bawkey (2) Ms. Lynda Beach (2) Mrs. Marianne Beach-Langlois (2) Mr. Richard Beard (1) Mrs. Jeanine Beasley (1) Ms. Cheryl L. Beatty (9) Miss Helen Beaudin (5) Mrs. Marie M. Beaulac (1) Miss Virginia Becker (3) Casey Bedell (1) Mr. Travis Bedell (1) Mr. Frank Bednarek (1) Ms. Holly Beeby (1) Ms. Tekla J. Beeby (1) Mr. & Mrs. William Beeman (2) Rev. & Mrs. Eldon F. Beery (18) Mr. John C. Begin (4) Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Behn (2) Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Belcher (1) Mr. & Mrs. Guy Belleau (1) Mr. & Mrs. Peter Benedetto (2) Mrs. Charlotte E. Benjamin (1) Ms. Mary Bennett (1) Mr. Thomas Benoit (1) Ms. Barbara Benson (1) Ms. Deborah Benton (1) Mr. Mark P. Benton (1)

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Ms. Joann Brewer (6) Mrs. Madelon Broadnax (1) Ms. Carol Brodie (1) Mr. Del Bromley (1) Rev. Alec U. Brooks (7) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Brooks (1) Ms. Christine Browder (1) Ms. Yvonne Browder (6) Ms. Annie Brown (1) Mr. Edgar M. Brown (4) Ms. Irene T. Brown (3) Mr. Michael M. Brown (2) Ms. Patricia M. Brown (2)* Ms. Virginia Brown (1) Judy & Robin Browne (1) Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Browne (2) Ms. Applise E. Bryant (1) Dr. Robert Bryant, Ed.D. (1) Ms. A. Bullock (1) Ms. Angela Bunio (1) Ms. Carole L. Burch (1) Ms. Carol Burdette (1) Lee Burge (1) Mrs. Lisa Burkeen (3) Ms. Gervaise Burks (1) Ms. Lucile Burlingham (1) Ms. Cheryl Burns (1) Mrs. Caroline Burr (1) Ms. Mary Burt (1) Mr. Fred Burton (2) Ms. Kathy Burton-Smith (1) Ms. Carolyn A. Bush (1) Ms. Rita Bush (1) Ms. Mary Busha (1) Ms. Jenifer W. Bushman (7) Ms. Kelly Buss (1) Mr. Paul Buss (1) Mrs. Jane E. Butcher (1) Ms. Annie L. Byrd (1) Ms. Melissa Calderone (2) Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Caldwell, III (2) Mr. & Mrs. Colin M. Callaghan (3) Mrs. Marjorie M. Cameron (1) Ms. Ann Jean Campbell (1) Mr. Stuart Campbell (2) Ms. Joyce Carbin (1) Ms. Gwendolyn Carswell (8) Ms. Odessa Carter (2) Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cartwright (1) Mr. Jeff Case (1) Mr. Thomas Casey (1)

Mr. Robert Cassella (1) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Cassidy (4) Mrs. Carolyn Catchings (1) Ms. Sylvia E. Cater (4) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Chabot (7) Ms. Elaine Chaffin (1) Ms. Betty Challenger (1) Ms. Nancy Chaltron (2) Ms. Felicia Chandler (1) Mrs. Evelyn Chapman (2) Mrs. Constance Charles (2) Mr. & Mrs. Alan Chase (1) Ms. Margaret Cheeks (2) Ms. Tianshu Chu Chen (7) Ms. Ellen A. Childs (1) Judge & Mrs. James P. Churchill (6) Ms. Regina Churchill (1) Ms. Sue Cianciolo (1) Ken, Chris, Brendan & Ashlynn Clark (1)

2013 Gifts

Mr. Michael Benton, Sr. (1) Ms. Moya A. Benton (1) Ms. Sharon Benton (6) Mrs. Jean R. Berg (2) Ms. Phyllis A. Bergmann (1) Mr. John Bert (1) Ms. Jennifer Bertke (1) Mr. Michael Bertolin (1) Ms. Virginia Bierwirth (1) Ms. Lana M. Bird (8) Ms. Tina Birney (1) Mrs. Delores C. Bishop (9) Ms. McKayla Black (1) Ms. Julie Blackburn (1) Ms. Fannie Blackshear (1) Miss Linnea Blanchard (1) Mr. & Mrs. Alex Blankenship (1) Mrs. Barbara Blankenship (1) Rev. Brett Blankenship (2) Mr. Dan Blankenship (1) Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Blankenship (11) Mr. Larry Blankenship (2) Mr. Tom Blaser (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Bockenstette (8) Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Boghian (1) Mrs. Linda Bomberski (4) Ms. Angela Bonnell (1) Mr. & Mrs. James Bonstelle (1) Mr. & Mrs. William K. Borglin (1) Ms. Teresa Bott (1) Ms. Jennifer Bouchard (1) Rev. & Mrs. Paul S. Bousquette (1) Ms. Donna Bowers (1) Ms. Suzanne Bowker (2) Ms. Elizabeth Sturges Bowman (1) Mr. & Mrs. Rich Bowman (1) Mr. Robert Boyle (1) Mr. Stacy P. Brackens, Jr. (5) Ms. Pearlie Brady (2) Ms. Kenya Bragg (1) Mrs. Shirley Brainard (1) Mrs. Alice Brandt (1) Ms. Barbara Brandt (1) Ms. Genevieve Brannick (1) Dorothy & Suzette, Rebecca & Richard, Nancy & Bob Brazzon (1) Ms. Wenona Breazeale (1) Ms. Nancy C. Brecht (10) Dr. Wayne J. Breece (1) Mrs. Camille D. Breen (5) Ms. Mary T. Breen (11)

Convenient transportation is critical to maintaining an active senior lifestyle. The PVM Foundation has funded buses for several PVM communities. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Clark (2) Ms. Mary L. Clark (8) Ms. Wilma Clark (1) Mr. Kenneth Clarkson (3) Ms. Susan Cleghorn (1) Charlie & Deana Clement (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Coggins (12)*

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts 42

Mr. & Mrs. August B. Cogliandro (1) Ms. Jeanne C. Cole (11)* Ms. Sandra Cole (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Coleman (1) Ms. Mary J. Colligan (1) Ms. Joyce M. Collins (2) Mr. & Mrs. Tom Collins (1) Mrs. Tiffane Colombo (1) Bishop & Mrs. Ira Combs, Jr. (2) Ms. Susan M. Comperchio (1) Mr. & Mrs. A.Read Cone, III (10) Ms. Josephine Cone (2) The Convery Family (1) Ms. Linda Cook (2) Ms. Judy A. Cooper (1) Dr. Larry C. Coppard & Ms. Susan Ager (4) Ms. Julie W. Corbett (1) Ms. Terri M. Costea (1) Ms. Frances Couch (1) Mr. & Mrs. Andy Covill (1) Ms. Courtney Covill (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Covill (1) Ms. Jessica Covill (1) Ms. Loretta J. Covill (2) Mr. Terry Covill (1) Ms. Barbara Covill-Hoey (1) Mr. & Mrs. Roy Coward (1) Ms. Patricia Cox (1) Ms. Deb Craft (1) Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Crawford (1) Ms. Virginia Creglow (1) Ms. Janet Crittenden (1) Ms. Colette D. Crocker (1) Mr. Brian Cross (1) Ms. Clara Crowell (2) Ms. Janet Cunningham (1) Mr. Brandt Currier (2) Miss Sara Currier (2) Ms. Lela Mae Curry (1) Ms. Vickie Curry (1) Ms. Janet Curtiss (1) Mr. Joseph Cvengros (1) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Czostkowski (6) Ms. Yolanda Daddezio (3) Mrs. Carolyn M. Dalby (4) Ms. Geraldine Daly (1) Ms. Patricia M. Daniels (8) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daniels (1) Ms. Elena Danishevskaya (1) Ms. Shawnda Darnall (1)

Ms. Cheryl Darner (1) Mr. Mark Eisenlord (1) Ms. Kyrie Elliot (1) Ms. Phyllis A. Davenport (1) Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Elliott, Jr. (1) Chris Davis (1) Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Ellis (8)* Ms. Diana Davis (2) Ms. Juanita Davis (2) Ms. Sylvia Ellis (1) Ms. Robben Embury (1) Ms. Katherine Davis (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Erle (4) Ms. Locie Davis (1) Ms. Jane Ervin (1) Ms. Melissa Davis (1) Ms. Mildred E. Davis (4) Rev. David J. Eshleman (2) Mrs. Dolly Ethier (8) Mr. Philippe S. Davis (7) Mr. Robert Davis (1) Mrs. Evalyn L. Eucker (9) Ms. Alice Evans (2) Ms. Roxann Davis (1) Mrs. Sadie Davis (2) Mr. & Mrs. William A. DeBlaere (1) Ms. Mary Delegato (1) Ms. Sally A. DelVecchio (5) Ms. Skeets DenBleyker (1) Mrs. Heather Dennington (1) Mrs. Dorothy C. Dennis (1) Ms. Patty Depa (1) Mr. & Mrs. William DeRousse (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dery (1) Mr. William E. Des Jardins (2) Ms. Mary DeVault (1) Ms. Melissa Diebert (1) Ms. Karen Dietz (1) The Village of St. Martha’s Team at the Ms. Dorothea Dimitry (1) PVM Village Victory Cup. Mr. Thomas Dixie (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dale Dodds (1) Ms. Mary Doher (1) Mr. Brian Everett (1) Mr. Aleksandr Dolgikh (8) Ms. Betty L. Everette (1) Ms. Lynda Dorsey (1) Ms. Nancy Ewald (1) Ms. Mary Downard (1) Mr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Failing (16) Mrs. Alice Downey (1) Ms. Ivery Fair (1) Ms. Karen Draper (1) Ms. Ida Fantauzzi (4) Ms. Pauline DuBay (1) Mr. Lou Fazzini (1) Ms. Julie Duesing (1) Ms. Mary Feane (1) Ms. Colette Hillebrand Duggan (1) Ms. M. Catherine Feathers (2) Ms. Arletha Dungy (1) Ms. Laura L. Fecteau (4) Mrs. Meagan Dunn (1) Ms. Andrea Felice (8)* Ms. Marilyn Dunning (1) Ms. Helen Feller (1) Leo & Pat Dunsmore (1) Ms. Kay Felt (4) Mr. & Mrs. Louis DuRussel (2) Ms. Gwen Felton (2) Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dye (5)* Joseph & Gail Fenech (1) Mr. Jerome Eagger (2) Ms. Ellen K. Ferguson (8) Ms. Rose Edge (1) Ms. Judy Ferguson (1) Ms. Diana Edwards (1) Mr. John W. Ferns (6) Ms. Mary Edwards (1) Mr. & Mrs. Doug Filzek (1) Ms. Mary B. Edwards (2) Mr. Dave Findlay (1) Ms. Mary M. Edwards (2) Mr. Steve Findlay (1) Mr. Charles H. Eichenberger (1)


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Ms. Marisa L. Geldhof (1) Matthew & Melanie George (1) Mr. Victor Getter (2) Ms. Krystal M. Gettys (1) Mr. & Mrs. Norman Gibson (2) Mr. Robert J. Giddings (1) Ms. Ann Gilbert (5) Mrs. Sammie Lou Gilbert (2) Rev. & Mrs. Coleman M. Gilchrist (1) Ms. Maryhelen J. Gilday (1) Mr. Anthony Gillingham (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gish (1) Mr. & Mrs. Pete Givens (2) Mr. Bill Glaspie (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Glasser (6) Ms. Everlena Glenn (2) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Glenn, Sr. (20) Ms. Barbara L. Glines (9) Mr. Bryon Gloden (1) Mr. Derek Gloden (1) Mr. Kevin Gloden (1) Ms. Helen Glover (1) Mr. & Mrs. Ogolin Glover (8) Mrs. Mary Gnyp (1) Mrs. Annette M. Gobert (1) Mrs. Barbara Godbey (1) Mr. James Goerlich (1) Mr. Carmen Gonino (1) Ms. Thelma F. Goodwin-Datson (1) Mrs. Cindy Goolsby (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan G. Gordon (1) Ms. Lauren Goudeseune (1) Mr. Barry Goudsmit (1) Ms. Holly Govier (1) Paul & Carol Goyings (1) Ms. Katherine Grahn (1) Mrs. Valerie Grant (1) Ms. Cynthia Grapczynski (1) Mr. & Mrs. Martin R. Grausam (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Green (4) Ms. Heather L. Green & Mr. Samuel R. Rohen (8) Ms. Sabrina Green (2) Mrs. Patricia E. Greenwood (4) Ms. Toni D. Greig (9) Ms. Ona Greve (3) Ms. Elaine Gribble (1) Ms. Jeanett Griffin (1) Ms. Artelia J. Griggs (2) Ms. April Groggins (1)

Ms. Rochelle Gugin (2) Ms. Gayle L. Guillen (1) Ms. Sandra Gunderson (2) Ms. Nancy Gurney (1) Ms. Tanya L. Gustafson (1) Ms. Edith M. Gutowski (7) The Gutzmer Family (1) Ms. Charrise M. Guy (4) Ms. Mariah Haar (1) Mr. D. James Hadley (3) Mr. Jeffrey Hagen (2) Ms. Paula Hager (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Haldeman (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hall (9) Ms. Meghan Hall (1) Ms. Sueanne Hall (1) Ms. Laura Hallmeyer (2) Mr. Tony Halsey (1) Ms. Reisa A. Hamilton (1) Ms. Gloria J. Hamlin (1) Mr. & Mrs. Craig W. Hammond (8) Mr. Ronald B. Hanchett (6) Ms. Marjorie Hansen (1) Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hansen (8) Ms. Joyce Harbison (2) Mr. Thomas E. Hardiman, Sr. (1) Ms. Georgia A. Hardin (1) Ms. Brandy Harlow (1) Ms. Ethel Harper (6) Ms. Sheila Harrell (1) Ms. Carroll Harris (2) Ms. Ceola Harris (1) Ms. Debra Harris (1) Ms. Yulanda Harris (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harvey (1) Mr. John Harvey (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Harvey (2) Ms. Rhonda Harvey (8) Mrs. Lois Hastings (7) Mr. Harold Hathaway (1) Mr. Mort Hathaway (1) Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Hauberg (3) Ms. Sarah I. Havercamp (6) Mr. Dan Hawkins (1) Ms. Debra Haynes (1) Mr. Doug Heady (1) Ms. Elaine Hearns (12) Ms. Kim Hedrich (1) Ms. Dorothy Height (2)* Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Heikkila (1) Mrs. Doris M. Heikkinen (2)

2013 Gifts

Ms. Alice Finley (1) Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fisher (9) Robert & Mary Alice Fitton (1) Dr. Roxie & Mr. Jeff Fittonneville & Sons (1) Ms. Betty Fitzhenry (3) Ms. Sherry Flanagan (1) Ms. Dee Fleetwood (1) Ms. Mattie Flood (1) Ms. Lisa Fogarty (1) Ms. Evalyn B. Fogg (1) Mr. Matthew Fontana (1) Ms. Patrice Ford (1) Ms. Ovetta Forge (3) Ms. Edith Forth (1) Mrs. Jean Fortune (1) Ms. Marjorie M. Fountain (1) Michael & Wendy Fox (1) Rev. & Mrs. Raphael Francis (2) Ms. Lynn Fraser (1) Rev. Sandra E. Freeman (5) Mr. & Mrs. Ray Freeze (1) Mrs. Ethel Freuchtel (1) Mr. & Mrs. Clayton E. Frick (2) Mrs. Rebecca Frick (1) Ms. Mary J. Frisby (1) Ms. Margaret Froling (1) Mrs. Joyce Fruge’ (2) Ms. Brenda J. Fulton (1) Ms. Elvira Gaines (1) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Gale (2) Dr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Gallagher (1) Mr. Thomas J. Gallo (2) Mr. Paul J. Gambka (7) Mr. Troy Ganton (1) Ms. Tina Gardiner (1) Mr. John W. Gardner, Jr. (6) Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Garman (2) Master Grayson Garman (1) Mrs. Thelma Garnett (1) Mr. Charles Garrett (1) Ms. Monique Garrett (1) Ms. Barbara Garver (1) Ms. Johnene Gaston (1) Ms. Saymatha Gaston (1) Mr. Kerry Gavin (1) Mr. Robert D. Gawne (1) Sister Helen Therese Gazarek (8) Mrs. Dorothy Geddes (2) Ms. Cloeann Geissinger (1) Ms. Eleanore S. Gelbach (2)*

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts The PVM Foundation provides funding each year for residents who have outlived their resources or are in need of emergency financial assistance. Ms. Jennifer L. Heim (1) Ms. Katherine Heinrich (2) Mr. Thomas C. Heinrich (4) Mr. Harold R. Heintz (1) Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Held, Jr. (2) Ms. Amy Heldt (1) Ms. Marilyn Heldt (2) Mrs. Mary Helias (1) Ms. Norvia Helsom (1) Ms. Florence Hempsted (2) Ms. Sandra Henderson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Henry, Jr. (1) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Peter J. Henry (3) Mr. John Herls (1) Mr. Benjamin Herman (1) Mr. Dave Herman (1) Mr. Eric Herman (1) Mr. James Herman (1) Ms. Nancy Herman (1) Mr. Stephen Herman (1) Ms. Helga Hermann (1) Ms. Teresa Herrera (3) Mr. & Mrs. James Herron (1) Mr. Lee Herron (1) Mr. & Mrs. Rick Taylor (2) Mrs. Martha Hervey (2) Mr. & Mrs. Victor S. Hess (1) Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Hewitt (1) Ms. Sadie Hewitt (2) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hibbard (2) Ms. Carole N. Hibnar (1) Ms. Ruth Hickey (1) Ms. Dolores Hicks (1) Mr. Eric Hicks (1)


Ms. Gloria Hicks Long (3) Mrs. Diane Hicks-Walker & Mr. Roosevelt Walker (1) Mrs. Ann P. Hill (1) Mrs. Dolores Hill (1) Mr. George Hill (1) Ms. Denniese Hinson (1) Ms. Lanetta Hinton (1) Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hirchert (1) Ms. Karen Hocter (1) Mrs. Vera L. Hofbauer (8) Mr. & Mrs. David P. Hofley (1) Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hoglund (2) Ms. LeCresha L. Holland (2) Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hollway (2) Ms. Frances Holly (4)* Ms. Gladys Holmes (1) Miss Malinda Holmes (1) Ms. Joyce Hoogstraten (1) Ms. Deborah S. Hoops-Feusse (6) Mr. Phillip Hornbuckle (2) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hornfisher & Family (1) Mr. & Mrs. Russ Hornfisher (1) Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hornfisher (1) Mrs. Doris J. Horton (8) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Horvath (1) Mr. Carl Horvath (1) Mr. Thom Hosinski (5)* Ms. E. Elaine Hossack (1) Mr. Lungen E. Howard (1) Mrs. Josie Howard-Wyne (1) Ms. Peggy Howe (1) Mrs. Wanda M. Hubbell (3) Rev. & Mrs. David Huber (6)


Mr. Dale D. Huffman (1) Mr. Don Hunson (1) Ms. Jackie Hunter (1) Mr. Rob Hunter (1) Mr. Chris Hurley (1) Mr. Daulton Hurst (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Hurst (2) Mr. John W. Hushen (4) Ms. Carolyn Huyck (1) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hysick (3) Ms. Helen Iderman (1) Dr. Robert Inskeep (1) Ms. Ruthie Irving (1) Mr. Arnell Isbell, Jr. (1) Mr. George Ishioka (2) Mr. Robert R. Israels (1) Ms. Lois Jackman (1) Mr. & Mrs. Horace Jackson, Jr. (1) Mrs. Geraldine Jackson (1) Ms. Julane Jackson (1) Ms. LeWanda Jackson (1) Ms. Mary Jackson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jackson (1) Mrs. Cheryl A. Jacobs (18) Ms. Barbara A. James (1) Ms. Jean Jardine (2) Ms. Gloria Jefferson (1) Dr. Lynda K. Jeffries (11)* Dr. Dorothy S. Jenkins (1) Ms. Maurine Jenkins (1) Ms. Uva E. Jessup (3) Ms. Alpha Johnson (2) Ms. Charlotte Johnson (1) Ms. Dereka Johnson (5) Ms. Donna M. Johnson (1) Mr. Edwin A. Johnson, Jr. (1) Ms. Ida Lee Johnson (1) Ms. Linda Johnson (7) Mr. Paul Johnson, III (1) Ms. Peggy Johnson (1) Mrs. Rebecca M. Johnson (1) Ms. Sally Johnson (1) Ms. Brenda Johnston (4) Ms. Elaine C. Johnston (2) Mr. James Johnston (1) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Johnston (5) Ms. Karen Johnstone (1) Ms. Agnes Jones (1) Mrs. Dorothy L. Jones (8) Ms. Eileen Jones (2) Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jones (6)

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Knight (2) Mrs. Victoria Knox (1) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kocan (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Koleczko (10) Ms. Pearl L. Koning (2) Mrs. Jill Kooiker (2)* Bhavesh Korat (1) Ms. Carolyn Kott (1) Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kovach (2) Mrs. Marie Kowalczyk (1) Mr. Dennis Krafft (1) Dr. & Mrs. Kevan R. Kreitman (1) Mr. & Mrs. Randy Krimm (1) Ms. Barbara L. Kring (1) Ms. Shirley E. Kunkel (2) Mr. Peter Kurrie (1) Ms. Judi Kuykendall (1) Mrs. Bernice Kwolek (7) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kyle (1) Stan & Annmarie Labuda & Amy (1) Ms. Sherrie Lacey (2) Ms. Dorothy Lackey (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Laenen (9)* Mr. & Mrs. Cornell Lalone (2) Ms. Denise M. Lamar (11) Ms. Marlene V. Lambert (4) Mrs. Anne Lampe (4) Ms. Susan J. Lane (1) Mr. & Mrs. Albert Latcha (2) Ms. Sharon R. Latimer (1) Mrs. Ethel Lawler (6) Ms. Therese Lawless (1) Mr. Donald B. Lawrence (1) David, Kerri, Chase & Tyler Layman (1) Ms. Mary M. Layton (1) Mrs. Lee Leddy (1) Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. LeForge (1) Mrs. Annie Legrand (1) Ms. Eileen Lehnert (3) Mrs. Joan F. Lehoczky (4) Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Lemmer (1) Mr. Joe Lempicki (1) Ms. Jan Lenic (1) Ms. Rochelle E. Lento, Esq. (4) Ms. Marcia Leroue (1) Ms. Barbara E. Lewis (13) Ms. Bennie Jean Lewis (1) Mrs. Clara Lewis (1) Ms. Stephanie Lewis (1) Mr. Mark Lezotte & Ms. Patricia Little (9) Vincent & Marianne Licari (1)

Ms. Catherine L. Liesman (2) Ms. Lucy Ligon (1) Ms. Frances Limban (1) Ms. Jennifer Lindell (1) Mrs. Sylvia M. Lindemann (1) Mr. Tim Lindow (2) Mrs. Phyllis R. Lipsey (8) Ms. Marilyn Long (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Long (2) Ms. Juana Lopez (1) Ms. Elizabeth Lorge (1) Mrs. Annie Love (2) Mrs. Emily Love (1) Mr. Sidney Love (1) Mr. Jason Lovelly (2) Mrs. Kerri Lumetta Heydens (1) Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lundgaard (1) Ms. Dianna Lunsford (1) Ms. Rose Luptowski (2) Ms. Phylliss Luttrell (1) Ms. Vivian Lutz (1) Ms. Laurie Lyall (1) Ms. Kay MacLeod (1) Mr. Michael MacMillan (1) Mr. Michael Mahoney (2) Mr. Edward Makala (1) Ms. Melissa A. Malane (10) Mr. & Mrs. John K. Maloney (1) Ms. Marlene Manne (1) Mr. Del Diego Manning (7) Mrs. Lois Manville (3)* Ms. Isabelle Mareski (1) Ms. Angel M. Marker (1) Ms. Anna Markowycz (1) Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Markus (2) Mr. Bradford K. Marshall (1) Mrs. Dell Marshall (2) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Marson (1) Ms. Judy Martin (1) Ms. Margaret Martin (1) Ms. Martha Martin (1) Mr. Ralph Martin (2) Ms. Amalia G. Martinez (8) Ms. Kathleen Martz & Mr. Tom Mlynarski (1) Michael & Sandra Marxer (1) Mrs. Natalie Masinick (1) Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Massingille (2) Miss Mary Matlock (1) Ms. Unah M. Matu-Ngare (1) Ms. Lori Maudarino (1)

2013 Gifts

Ms. Holly L. Jones (1) Ms. LaKirba Jones (1) Mr. Mark A. Jones (8) Mr. Robert D. Jones (2) Ms. Vivian Jones (3) Ms. Wylene Jones (2) Ms. Deloris M. Jordan (1) Ms. Judy V. Jordan (4) Ms. Katherine Juckett (3) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. John Judson (3) Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Jursek (1) Ms. Rene Kadoo (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kalka (5) Mr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Kallgren (10) Mrs. Judy Kapolka (1) Ms. Joan Karle-Mansfield (1) Ms. Holly Kaszuba (2) Ms. Ellen Kearbey (3) Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Keating (1) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Keefer (1) Ms. Barbara Keling (1) Ms. Charlotte Kelley (1) Ms. Mary Ellen Kelley (2) Mrs. L. Kendall (1) Mrs. Violet Kendrick (1) Paul & Joan Kennedy (1) Mrs. Shirley J. Kennedy (1) Mrs. Pauline Kenner (8) Mrs. Lynn G. Kenworthy (1) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kerin (1) Mr. & Mrs. Otto Kern (1) Mr. James H. Kerns, III (1) Ms. Lois A. Kerr (10)* Ms. Linda Kersey (2) Mr. Lee Kessler (1) Mrs. Melba Kibildis (1) Ms. Amanda J. Kibzey(1) Ms. Geraldine L. Kidd (3) Mr. Stephen S. Kiertanis (2) Ms. Constance Kijek (1) Mr. Andrew Kilgore (1) Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kimbrough (7) Ms. Paula D. Kinder (1) Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. King (3) Mr. Kenneth Bissey & Ms. Joyce King (7) Ms. Jennifer Kirkland (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Klemm (3) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Klinefelter (2) Ms. Stacey L. Klooster (3) Ms. Belinda Knight (1) Ms. Betty Knight (1)

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts 46

Mr. Clint Maun (1) Ms. Terry A. Mavis (11) Ms. Carrie Maxwell (4) Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Mayer (7) Mr. & Mrs. George Mayes (11) Ms. Maureen Mayne (5) Mr. Jake Mayo, Jr. (1) Ms. Janet H. Mazzara (3) Ms. Mildred E. McAllister (4) Ms. Patricia McAllister (2) Mr. Warner D. McBryde (1) Ms. Betty Lee McCabe (1) Ms. Suzanne E. McCallum (1) Ms. Connie McCann (2) Ms. Letha McCarrick (1) Mrs. Jean McCarthy (1) Mrs. Alice C. McCloskey (2) Mr. Philip A. McComish & Dr. Judith Fry McComish (7) Mr. & Mrs. Jerry McCorkle (1) Ms. Thelma McCoy (1) Mr. & Mrs. Magellan McCrary (1) Mr. Max McCullough (2) Ms. Judy D. McDaniel (8) Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm K. McDougall (1) Ms. Carrie H. McElroy (1) Mr. Mike McElroy (1) Ms. Patricia McGarvey (1) Col. & Mrs. David R. McGee, Jr. USAF Ret. (1) Ms. Opel McGoldrick (3) Ms. Patricia McGoldrick (1) Ms. Betty McIlwain (1) Miss Lashand McIlwain (1) Mr. Glenn McIntosh (2)* Mrs. Natalie R. McIntyre (14) Mr. & Mrs. Alan McKay (1) Ms. Patricia McKee (1) Ms. Mary McKelton (1) Mr. Cal McKenzie (1) Mr. Patrick W. McLogan (6) Mrs. Rachel McMaster (1) Ms. Selena Mealing (1) Ms. Denise Meier (1) Mr. & Mrs. George Melnyk (7)* Dr. & Mrs. Mark Menning (1) Dr. Claudia Menton (6) Ms. Ida Mercurio (2) Ms. Mary Ellen Merenda (1) Ms. Patricia Merling (1) Ms. Eilene Merrill (1)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Metzger (6) Mr. Arthur Miles (1) Mr. Donell Miles (1) Mr. & Mrs. Tom Miles (2) Ms. Anita Miller (1) Mrs. E. Rhonda Miller (1) Mr. Jesse J. Miller, Jr. (1) Mr. & Mrs. Greg Miller (1) Ms. Lois H. Miller (9) Mr. Mark Miller (1) Ms. Theldha Miller (2) Mr. Michael Mills (2) Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Mills (1) Mr. & Mrs. Leon Miron (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mitchell (2) Mr. Sean M. Mitchell (8) Dr. Cynthia Mitchell-Lee & Mr. Granville W. Lee (5) Ms. Janet Modesitt (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mogg (1) Ms. Stacey Molinaro (1) Ms. Penny J. Monroe (1) Ms. Mary Montgomery (2) Ms. Abby J. Moore (1) Ms. Amber Moore (1) Mrs. Donna Moore (1) Eric & Connie Moore (2) Mr. Joseph L. Moore (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moran, Jr. (1) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morgan (1) Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Morin (5) Ms. Rebecca Morr (1) Ms. Makiya Morris (1) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morrison (2) Mrs. Florence Morton (1) Mrs. Linda Mosley (1) Mr. Matthew Moss (4) Rob & Vee Mossburg (2) Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Muench (5) Ms. Deborah A. Muhich (1) Mrs. Marge Muhich (1) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Muhich (1) Ms. Emelda Mullins (1) Mrs. Kathleen Mumford (1) Ms. Betty J. Mundale (2) Mrs. Dorothy J. Mundle (9) Ms. Susan Murk (1) Ms. Barbara Murphy (1) Mrs. Mary Murphy (2) Ms. Meghan L. Murphy (2) Mr. Bill Fisher & Ms. Margaret Mutch (1)


Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Myers, III (8) Mrs. Margaret L. Myers (2) Ms. Jean Stricklin Nagengast (1) Ms. Joan M. Nagrant (1) Mrs. Christine Nashlen (1) Ms. Joyce Nason-Hamlin (2) Ms. Danielle Negus (1) Ms. Irene Nelson (2) Mr. Willie Nelson (1) Ms. Frances H. Ness (3) Dr. & Mrs. Dale Nester (5) Mr. & Mrs. Gordon A. Nethercut (4) Mr. Gerald E. Neumann (5) Ms. Jan Newhouse (1) Mrs. Rose Newsted (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Nichols (1) Mr. Robert Louis Nichols (1) Mr. William R. Nichols (1) Ms. Pat Nieberlein (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nield (8)* Mrs. Maryanne Noble (2) Mr. & Mrs. Russell R. Noble (1) Ms. Margaret Noggle (1) Ms. Marguerite Nolan (1) Mr. & Mrs. John H. Norris (2) Mr. & Mrs. Ron Nosek (1) Ms. Lina Nuyens (1) Ms. Eileen M. Oakley (3) Ms. Gladys Oakley (2) Ms. Jeanette O’Banion (1) Mrs. Rose Obrec (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Odom (1) Ms. Cameron O’Keefe (2) Mrs. Janet M. Oldham (9) Ms. Christine Oliver (1) Ms. Janice Oliver (1) Rev. & Mrs. Charles Olsen (6) Mrs. Whitney Olson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Karl M. Opheim (2) Mr. Wiktor Orel (2) Ms. Deborah M. Orloff (1) Ms. Carmen Ormsby (2) Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Orvis (21) Mrs. Carol Orzechowski (1) Mrs. Joan R. Ott (2) Ms. Bobby Oubre (1) Mr. Bob Overmyer (1) Ms. Darlene Overmyer (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Overmyer (2) Mrs. Mary Lou Overmyer (1) Mrs. Denise Owings (1)

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Ms. Norma Prout (1) Ms. Sara Lucile Prout (1) Ms. Gwen Pruente (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gary Przywara (1) Ms. Dorothy Puffer (1) Ms. Barbara Pulver (1) Ms. Phyllis Quandt (1) Mrs. Gail P. Quann (5) Mr. Steve Quinn (1) Ms. Marie D. Quint (11) Ms. Denise Rabidoux (4) Ms. Irene Raby (1) Mr. Tony Raduazo (1) Ms. Donna Raia (1) Mr. Peter Raia (1) Ms. Maria Ramos (1) Mr. Ruben Ramos (2) Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Rauschke (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Reaume (1) Mr. Scheherezaue Redmond (1) Mrs. Margaret Reed (2) Ms. Tanisha Reed-Hobbs (3) Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Reese (4) Mrs. Kay Regula (1) Mrs. Sarah M. Rehner (2) Mr. & Mrs. William D. Reith, P.E. (2) Ms. Evelyn Rembach (4) Mr. & Mrs. William Remer (1) Mrs. Dorothy Remsberg (1) Ms. Patricia Ann Rencher (1) Mr. & Mrs. James L. Rhoades (1) Ms. Pamela G. Richards (1) Ms. Beth A. Richardson (1) Ms. Francie Richardson (1) Ms. Thelma Richardson (3) Joyce Ridenour & Family (1) Mr. Jason R. Riggins (6) Ms. Bernice M. Riggs (2) Mr. Rob Ritter (2) Mr. & Mrs. Steve Robbins (1) Mrs. Betty Roberson (2) Ms. Cassie M. Roberts (7) Ms. Nancy Roberts (1) Mrs. Mary M. Robertson (8) Mr. & Mrs. Tad Robertson (2) Ms. Gwendolyn Robertson (1) Mr. Robert Robertson (1) Ms. Anita L. Robinson (3) Ms. Beverly Robinson (1) Ms. Brandy Robinson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Chris Robinson (2)

Ms. Elaine Robinson (1) Ms. Gloria E. Robinson (5) Dr. Jane A. Robinson (5) Ms. Sally Robinson (1) Mr. Jerome C. Rodeman (1) Ms. Jane Roe (1) Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Rolka (1) Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Rose, Sr. (1) Mr. Charles Roseborough (1) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosen (1) Mr. Michael Rosier (1) Ms. Pam Rossman (1) Ms. Julie Roth (2) Mr. Rickey Roth (1) Mrs. Ruth Roth (1) Ms. Kelly Rousche (1) Mrs. Kathleen L. Royal (1) Ms. Jennifer Rozen (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ruby (2) Mrs. Lisa Rudolph (1) Ms. Marilyn Rudolph (1) Mr. & Mrs. Guy E. Runyan (25) Ms. Kathy Rupert (1) Ms. Louise Rush (1) Rev. James P. Russell & Mrs. Judith Gulliver-Russell (11) Ms. Rosalynn K. Russell (1)

2013 Gifts

Ms. Margarita F. Oxholm (2) Mr. Thomas M. Palmer (1) Mrs. Kathy Palmero (2) Ms. Shirley Pardee (1) Mr. Bunia Parker (2) Ms. Caroline Parker (2) Mrs. Diana D. Parker (8) Ms. Valerie Parker Robinson (1) Ms. Marsha Parks (1) Ms. Dawn Parmallee (1) Mr. & Mrs. Levi Parr (2) Ms. Flo Pascoe (1) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Passmore (2) Mrs. Ann Pasternak (3) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Pates (2) Mr. & Mrs. David K. Patton (6) Ms. Sarah Pauling (1) Ms. Jennifer M. Pauly (6) Ms. Sandy Peacock (1) Ms. Sharon S. Pedersen (1) Ms. Ernestine Peete (1) Rev. John E. Peoples (1) Mike & Sue Perkins (1) Ms. Charnai R. Perry (1) Ms. Geraldine Perry (1) Ms. Lynda Peters (1) Mrs. Carrie Peterson (2) Mr. Traus Peterson (1) Ms. Yalanda Peterson (1) Ms. Elswith Petrakovic (1) Mr. & Mrs. John Petro (1) Ms. Maxie J. Petry (3) Ms. Peggy Pfau (1) Ms. Michelle Phelan (1) Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Phillips (1) Ms. Helen E. Pierce (11) Mr. & Mrs. Dick Pierson (1) Mr. Arnold Pirtle & Mrs. Jennifer Chenier-Pirtle (2) Ms. Judy Plaunt (1) Ms. Carolee Polan (1) Mrs. Ann Pollack (1) Bob & Patti Pollack (1) Ms. Esther Polmanteer (2) Ms. Amber Porter (1) Mr. & Mrs. Irvin E. Poston (4) Mrs. Verna Sue Powser (2) Mrs. Vida Pozar (2) Ms. Pat Prescott (1) Rev. & Mrs. Benjamin Prince (2) Ms. Jeanne Prokes (1)

PVM Foundation provides funding each year for resident activities at every Village including parties, trips, classes and more. Many of these opportunities would not be available for the residents without this critical funding that PVMF donors make possible. Ms. Lasie Rutledge (1) Ms. Mary E. Saffian (1) Ms. Rose M. Saffold (3) Ken & Katie Saines & Family (1) Mrs. Jeanette Samson (1)

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



2013 Gifts

Ms. Sharon Sanchez (1) Ms. Donna Sandberg (1) Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Sanders (3) Ms. Sue Sanders (1) Ms. Veola Sanders (2) Ms. Patrina Sanford (1) Ms. Trish Santez (1) Ms. Constance Sarkozi (2) Ms. Peggy Sattler (2) Ms. Sandy Saunders (1) Mr. & Mrs. Hans Schaefer (2) Ms. Millie Schafer (1) Ms. Morag Schang (7) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schauer (3) Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Schirmer (2) Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Schlaupitz (1) Ms. Vernona M. Schleicher (2) Ms. Joan Schmidt (1) Ms. Tamara Schoonbeck (1) Ms. Lori Schreiber (1) Mr. & Mrs. Leroy S. Schrock (1) Ms. Jeannette Schuler (1) Mrs. Janice M. Schulte (7)* Ms. Angie Schulze (1) Ms. Doris Schwaderer (1) Mr. & Mrs. Weldon A. Schwiebert (8) Ms. Danielle M. Scott (2) Mr. Mike Scully (1) Mr. Jerome M. Seaton (13) Ms. Cynthia Seigneurie (1)

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Sendre (9) Mr. & Mrs. Arden W. Shafer, Jr. (1) Mrs. Kathleen Shaffer (5) Ms. Leslie M. Shanlian (1) Mr. Brandon Shannon (1) Ms. Harlowe Shannon (1) Mrs. Michelle Shannon (1) Mr. & Mrs. Tim Shannon (1) Mr. Trevor Shannon(1) Ms. Tanya Shapiro (1) Mrs. Angie Sharp (1) Ms. Cheryl Sharp (1) Ms. Julie Shaunessy (1) Mr. Alfred F. Shaw (1) Mrs. Janice B. Shaw (5) Ms. Kim Shea (1) Ms. Vivian E. Shelton (2) Ms. Bea Shober (1) Ms. Sharon Shreve (2) Ms. Mary Simmons (1) Mrs. Mary E. Simpson (1) Ms. Thelma Simpson (2) Mr. Ray Sionkowski (1) Ms. Vida M. Sisco (1) Mrs. Jane Skillman (1) Ms. Verna Slaughter (1) Mr. Troy Slayton (1) Ms. Rita J. Sloan (1) Ms. Sylvia Slonestreet (1) Mr. Alvin D. Smith (1)

PVM Foundation is in the midst of the Northern Michigan Village of Hillside/ Friendship Center Renewal Campaign. This project will provide 32 accessible apartment homes for low-income seniors and a senior community center space that will enrich the lives of resident and community seniors.



Mr. Andrew Smith (1) Ms. Azzah Smith (1) Mr. & Mrs. Bruce I. Smith (11) Mr. Carl J. Smith (7) Ms. Carol J. Smith (1) Mr. Dan Smith (1) Ms. Debbie Smith (2) Ms. Deborah Smith (1) Ms. Jacqueline Smith (1) Mr. Jeremiah P. Smith (1) Mr. Leon Smith (1) Ms. Lisa Smith (1) Ms. Mattie Smith (1) Mr. & Mrs. Randy Smith (1) Mrs. Renee Smith (1) Mr. Tony Smith (1) Ms. Wilma Smith (1) Ms. Sally Smogor (3) Ms. Elizabeth Soby (1) Doug & Robin Soleau (1) Mr. & Mrs. David Sonnenberg (6) Mrs. Lisa M. Sonnenberg (1) Ms. Nellie Sowle (1) Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Spaller (9) Ms. Madonna Spence (1) Ms. Doris Spencer (2) Mrs. Gladys Spencer (1) Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sprague (1) Mr. & Mrs. Troy Sprague (1) Ms. Mary Sprow (1) Mrs. Virginia M. Spurr (2) Ms. Kay St. Aubin (1) Ms. Nancy L. Stager (1) Ms. Barbara Standish (1) Ms. Reta Stanley (1) Tom & Penny Steeby (1) Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Steele (1) Ms. Vera Steele (2) Mr. Gerry Steers (1) Ms. Michelle L. Steffen (12) Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred A. Steiner, Jr. (2) Mr. Scott A. Steinhoff (2) Ms. Marian C. Stephens (2) Ms. Frances Stiles (1) Mrs. Gloria S. Stokes (8)* Ms. Juanita G. Stokes (1) Ms. Sheri M. Stover (1) Ms. Winifred Stover (1) Ms. Bridget Stoyk (1) Mr. Kenneth J. Strickler (1) Ms. Susan M. Stringer (1)

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Ms. Alice B. Trastevere (1) Ms. Kimone Trawick (1) Oddie Trice (1) Miss Tomika Trice (2) Ms. Barb Triechel (1) Ms. Caroline A. Trine (1) Mr. Gary Tripp (1) Mr. Scott Truskowski (1) Mr. Harold S. Tsuchiya (2) Ms. Mary Ann Tucker (1) Mr. Ronald Tucker (1) Ms. Deborah Turner (1) Ms. Jonelle W. Tyus (4) Ms. Mitzi Uebel (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Unger (1) Mr. Mark Uzarek (2) Mrs. Rita K. Vadasz (1) Dr. Pankaj Vakharia (1) Ms. Alisson Valdez (1) Ms. Patty Valentine (1) Ms. Doris Van Oyen (2) Ms. Barb Van Wagoner (1) Ms. Jill C. VanAlstyne (7) Ms. Nicole Vance (1) Ms. Carol A. VanDenBerg (1) Mr. & Mrs. John V. VanGorder (2) Mr. Raoul VanHecke (1) Ms. Barbara VanWormer (1) Mr. & Mrs. Joel Vassallo (1) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Verduin (4) Ms. Sheryl Vickers (1) Mr. Douglas R. Vincent & Ms. Janet Lemieux (11) Mr. Allen Vine (1) Ms. Virginia Visner (1) Mr. & Mrs. George Vogel (1) Ms. Amy Volstromer (1) Ms. Elizabeth Volstromer (6) Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. vonReichbauer (2) Mr. & Mrs. William H. vonReichbauer (1) Ms. Linda Voorheis (1) Ms. Jacqueline L. Voyles (1) Mr. & Mrs. Bryan A. Wadley (1) Mr. & Mrs. Edsel J. Walimaa (1) Ms. Barbara K. Walker (1) Mr. & Mrs. W. James Walker (11) Ms. Mary Ann Walker (5) Mr. Tim Walling (1) Ms. Carol L. Wallwork (5)

Ms. JoAnn M. Walter (3) Ms. Elaine Walton (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Walvoord (1) Ms. Amanda L. Ward (3) Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Warner (7)* Mr. Donald Warren (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Warren (4) Mrs. Sophie Wasik (1) Ms. Kimberly Watson (2) Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Webb (2) Ms. Joie Webb (1) Ms. Megan L. Wedge (3) Ms. Annie Weems (1) Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Weenink (1) Ms. Melissa D. Weisberg (1) Mr. John R. Weisgerber (1) Mrs. Donna Weitz (1) Stacey & Bruce Welford (3)* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Welsh (2) Ms. Kaye Welton (1) Ms. Janice Wenk (1) Ms. Ann Werner (3) Ms. Jo Ann Westrick (1) Mr. Tom Wezniak (1) Mrs. Janice V. Wharrie (7) Ms. Eva B. White (3) Mr. & Mrs. James D. White (4) Mr. Joseph White (1) Mr. Marvin E. White (1) Ms. Stephanie White (1) Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Whitehead (1) Ms. Elaine Whitfield (1) Ms. Louise C. Wibbelman (1) Mr. & Mrs. Jack Widger (1) Ms. Earnestine Wiggins (1) Ms. Doris N. Wight (2) Ms. Carolyn Wilcox (1) Mr. & Mrs. Tony Wilcox (8)* Ms. Roberta C. Wilczewski (1) Mrs. Judith Wilinski (4) Mrs. Leslie Wilkinson (3) Ms. Ashley Williams (1) Ms. Barbara A. Williams (1) Ms. Carolyn M. Williams (3) Mrs. Delores F. Williams (1) Ms. Geneva H. Williams (1) Mrs. Kimberly Williams (1) Mrs. Laura Williams (1) Mr. Lewis Williams (1) Mr. Loren Williams (1) Ms. M. Diane Williams (4)

2013 Gifts

Ms. Cheri Stros (3) Mr. Wayland Stroud (1) Ms. Dell Stubblefield (1) Ms. Mary Stye (7) Ms. Karen M. Sumpter (2) Ms. Judith Suttle (1) Ms. Betty Sutton (2) Mr. Donald Sutton (1) Dr. Ralph Pearlman & Dr. Karen Swanson (1) Ms. Leslie J. Swanson (1) Ms. Betty R. Swartz (2) Ms. Sally Swayne (1) Ms. Stephanie Tanksley (1) Ms. Beverly Tarien (1) Ms. Angelina Taylor (4) Mr. Arthur L. Taylor (10) Mrs. Barbara Taylor (2) Ms. Delmira Taylor (8) Ms. Geraldine M. Taylor (1) Mr. Jacob Taylor (1) Ms. Neco Taylor (1) Ms. Sarah Taylor (2) Ms. Shige Taylor (3) Ms. Teaira J. Tello (1) Mr. & Mrs. William Ten Eyck (3) Ms. Kathy Tennis (1) Ms. Harriet B. Terlecki (9) Mrs. Dolores Terrell (1) Mr. Joseph Terrell (1) Ms. Debra Terry (1) Ms. Linda Thayer (1) Ms. Suzy Thayer (1) Mr. Alan Thompson (1) Ms. Alesia Thompson (2) Ms. Georgia Thompson (2) Rev. Louella Thompson (1) Ms. Priscilla Thompson (2) Ms. Robin Thompson (1) Mr. & Mrs. John Thorhauer (2) Ms. Maureen Thorrez (1) Mrs. Dorothy R. Thurston (1) Rev. Dr. Allen D. Timm & Dr. Janna C. Roop (1) Ms. Donna Tinsley (1) Mr. Edward Tinsley (1) Mr. Paul A. Tobis (1) Ms. Marla M. Tocco (1) Mr. & Mrs. Dane Todd (1) Mr. E. Kern Tomlin (12) Rev. & Mrs. John Toth (3)

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

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2013 Gifts

Ms. Margaret Williams (2) Mr. Robert L. Williams, III (1) Ms. Ruth Williams (1) Ms. Tina Williams (1) Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Williamson (1) Ms. Rashawnda Williamson (8) Mrs. Estelle Willis (1) Mr. Russell Willis (1) Ms. Barbara Wilson (1) Ms. Bernadine J. Wilson (2) Ms. Milly Wilson (1) Rev. & Mrs. Richard P. Wilson (1) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Wilson (3) Mr. Doug Wing (1) Mr. Kenneth W. Wingrove (1) Ms. Pat Witte (1) Campaign underway to build an 11,000 square foot Health & proposed p p A $2 Million HEALTH ANDisWELLNESS CENTER Mr. Joe Wojtys (1) Wellness center for residents and community seniors at The Village of East Harbor. Ms. Kari Wolf (1) Healing Song Therapeutic Massage (1) Rev. & Mrs. Robert F. Wollard (1) Belfor USA (2) Healthcare Cosmetology Mr. Chuck Wood (1) Beltone Hearing Aid Center (1) Services, Inc. (1) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Wood (5) Brian Hadeed, DDS, PLLC (1) Holly Foot & Ankle Specialists (1) Ms. Ginny Wood-Broderick, L.M.S.W. (5) Brilar (1) Hollywood Super Markets (1) Mr. Bob Woodin (2) Canton Construction (1) Iannuzzi Manetta & Company (1) Mr. & Mrs. Edward Woods (3) Classic Investigative Agency (10) Ms. Joanna L. Woods (2) Committee to Elect Harvey Santana (2) J & M Klean Konstruction (1) Joseph Xavier Salon LLC (1) Ms. Carol A. Wright (1) Care Management Department, Kelley’s Draperies & Blinds (1) Beaumont Grosse Pointe (1) Mr. Don Wright (1) Kem-Tec (1) Damico Contracting, Inc. (1) Ms. Mercides Wright (1) Kerton Lumber Co. (1) DeLodders Conservation Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Wujcik (10) Association Inc. (1) Knapp Group Inc. (1) Mrs. Jessica A. Yank (9) Dillon Energy Services (1) Lottie M. Schmidt & Mr. John W. Yank (1) Thompson Insurance Agency (1) Donald K. Pierce & Company (1) Ms. Rae Anne Yaskowatz (2) M.J. White & Son, Inc. (1) Dryer Funeral Home, Inc. (1) Ms. Carmon Yeloushan (1) MacDermott Roofing Inc. (3) E & A Credit Union (1) Ms. Helen Yorke (1) Mans Lumber (1) Elliottorian Business Women’s Ms. Alyssa A. Young (2) Club, Inc. (1) Lorraine D. Matson Foundation (13) Terry & Audrea Young (1) Environmental Engineering (2) McLaren Macomb (1) Mr. & Mrs. David Yudasz (2) Exclusive Heating & Cooling Michigan Stamp & Coin Exchange Mr. Chester Zack (1) Co., Inc. (2) (1) Ms. Lena Zaloga (1) F.D. Berardino Tile Inc. (1) Modern World Coatings Inc. (1) Mr. & Mrs. Robinson E. Zamorano (9) Faith Haven Senior Care Centre (1) National Block (1) Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Zellers (2)* Fenton Coney Grill (1) North End Women’s Club Ms. Cathrine A. Ziehm (9) The Village of Redford (14) First Presbyterian Church of Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmer (3) Birmingham - Presbyterian PG&E BEA-ERG Organization (1) Joe & Lisa Zimmer (1) Women (1) PM Environmental, Inc. (1) Mr. Jerry Zirwes (1) Gary Haggart Plumbing & Premier Medical & Rehabilitation Ms. Betty Zuidema (1) Heating, Inc. (1) Group (1) Advantage Apparel (1) Goyette Mechanical (1) Pro Quality Flooring (1) Agility Health (4) Greater New Light Baptist Church (1) Redford Township Senior American Legion Auxiliary Post 484 (1) Green Consulting Services (1) Citizens Club (2) Ameriprise Financial (1) Harris Upholstery (1) Rondeau Tours (1) ASTI Environmental (6)




Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

In-Kind Gift Donors Estate of Leonard W. Albrecht Mr. & Mrs. Alex Allie Ms. Vivan Baker Ms. Deborah L. Beard Mrs. Phyllis Chadwick Ms. Lynn Covey Ms. Jacqueline M. Davis Mr. J. Kirk Eichenberger Mr. & Mrs. H. William Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Mrs. Annette M. Gobert Mr. James S. Gompers Mr. Kenneth M. Gonko Ms. Julie L. Granthen Ms. Kelly Grzegorzewski Mr. Muhsin Hasan Mr. Thom Hosinski Mr. & Mrs. Verne G. Istock Mr. Corey Krause Mrs. Jeanne Kudsin Mr. Andrew Lonyo Ms. Amelia Merlotti Ms. Rose Muczynski Ms. Juanita A. Muller Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Ms. Carla Nighbert

Mrs. Shirley Osborne Ms. Linda Owens Mr. Joseph Perry Ms. Gloria Peruski Mr. Peter Raia Ben & Joanne Robinson Juliette Roddy, Ph.D. Ms. Jane Rosner Ms. Rose M. Saffold Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Ms. Jeanne Schuler Ms. Virginia Sendelbach Ms. Dell Stubblefield Ms. Rhonda Welburn Mr. John C. Wellington Mr. Edward Weycker Mrs. Erline Weycker Ms. Betty Zuidema Academy Utility Consultants Advanced Satellite & Security Systems African Safari Wildlife Park Agility Health All-Med Medical Supply Ashley Jane Accessories Blooming Candles Carelinc Home Medical Equipment & Supply Carmen Gonino Tile Chateau Chantal Cranbrook Institute of Science Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit Red Wings Dillon Energy Services Emagine Theatre eTel-Rx Pharmacy Fusco, Shaffer & Pappas, Inc. Grigg Graphic Services Healthcare Cosmetology Services, Inc. Healthcare Margin Specialists Henry Ford Macomb Hospital Hollywood Super Markets Hooker DeJong, Inc. Kelley’s Draperies & Blinds Kimi K Salon & Spa La Musique Louis Chop House Mackinac Island Carriage Tours Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle Marson Enterprises Matrix Theatre Company

Meadow Brook Theatre MGM Grand Detroit Northside Landscape Oakland County Parks & Recreation Commission Optimal Care, Inc. Park West Gallery Pewabic Pottery Poirier Chiropractic Pro Quality Flooring Progressive Associates, Inc. ProviNET Solutions Quality Living Inc. Redford Suburban League Residential Hospice Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP Scalawags Golf Club Serenity Life Balance Center for Massage Somerset Inn Star Chiropractic Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce Sycamore Hills Golf Club The Damone Group, LLC The Danielson Group, P.C. The Detroit Pistons The Grand Hotel The Henry Ford The Henry Hotel The Original Willing Workers Society, Inc. The Village of Redford The Village of Warren Glenn Tony’s Heating & Cooling Toshiba Business Solutions Total Health Systems U.S. Home Health Care Inc. Unidine Corporation Walstrom Marine Whole Foods Market Winder Street Inn Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

2013 Gifts

Rosebush United Methodist Women (1) Sebesta Brothers Electric (1) Starky’s Construction Inc. (2) Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce (1) Sunny Mountain Painting (1) The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour (1) The Village of Bethany Manor Resident Council (1) The Village of Brush Park Manor Resident Association (1) The Village of East Harbor Dining Services (1) The Village of East Harbor Nursing (1) The Village of Oakland Woods Residents (2) The Village of Warren Glenn- Resident Association (2) The Village of Westland Resident Council (20) United Methodist Retirement Communities (1)

*Denotes a gift entirely or partially a multi-year pledge payment.

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3



Strategic Goals

Our commitment to service excellence and delivering ever-improving value to our customers is a key priority in all facets of PVM’s system-wide accommodations, services, programs, care and relationships.



2012–2014 System-wide Strategic Goals & 2014 Strategic Objectives Approved by the PVM Board of Directors in 2013 for Objectives in 2014

1. BE A PROVIDER OF CHOICE • Develop a system-wide “consumer driven” engagement and empowerment strategy that will significantly strengthen PVM’s organizational culture by September 1, 2014. Begin implementation by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Develop a strategy to strengthen PVM’s position in the environment of health care reform through the creation of a Value Proposition(s) and a plan with specific system-wide strategies identified by October 1, 2014. Establish a strategic relationship with at least one health system, health plan, or accountable care organization (ACO) by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Evaluate organizational capacity to achieve CARF system-wide accreditation as an Aging Services Network and evaluate return on investment. Determine by July 1, 2014 if accreditation will be pursued and apply by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW)



2. D EVELOP AND EXPAND THE PROVISION OF HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES (HCBS) • In collaboration with the Hannan Foundation and University of Michigan, develop a strategic plan for the Strategic Alliance for Aging in Communities and commence with implementation by June 30, 2014. Continue with the roll out of “Community Connections of Michigan” with the launch of at least one additional Chapter by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Each Village will identify at least one new relationship with a communitybased service provider and connect residents/community elders to that program or service. (V)



3. S TRENGTHEN PHILANTHROPY THROUGH BROADENING OUR DONOR BASE OF SUPPORT • Each Village Board will compile a list of at least ten new prospective donors that have the potential to make a gift of $1,000 or greater and at least five new prospective donors that could include the PVM Foundation in their will/estate plan. (V) • Increase Friends and Family fundraising results by 20% over 2013 levels and identify a resident Friends and Family Ambassador at each Village. (PVM-SW & V) • Meet or exceed 2014 budgeted fundraising targets for Rivertown Neighborhood, East Harbor Health and Wellness, Northern Michigan Bridging Communities and system-wide Benevolence (at least $2.5 million raised for these purposes by December 31, 2014, excluding other contributions). (PVM-SW & V)


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


Strategic Goals


• Continue implementation of the diversity and inclusion commitment, Objectives which includes establishing councils, trainings, and hard-wiring into policies by September 1, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Each Village will develop and implement at least one employee engagement strategy focused on one of the core values of Service Excellence by June 30, 2014. (V) Goal


• Achieve a system-wide 2.50 debt service coverage ratio and 85% operating ratio for managed entities and increase Obligated Group days cash to 118 days Objectives and PVM Corporate days cash by 1.5 days by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Execute the repositionings for Redford, Perry Farm, and Alpena Condos by July 1, 2014 to realize a combined $400,000 improvement in operating gains in 2014 and 2% of improvement in system-wide operating ratio. (PVM-SW & V) Goal

Key Indicating Priority Accountability for Objective: PVM-SW = Presbyterian Villages of Michigan System-wide Objective V = Village Objective


• Through the implementation of the 2014 Facilities Advancement Business Plan and subject to continuing due diligence, execute on the Rivertown Objectives NeighborhoodGreen Houses, Hillside, Redford Cottage, Hartford Village Projects, Redford repositioning and initiate East Harbor repositioning planning; collect $1.3 million of scheduled development fees and lower the average age of system-wide plant by 0.8 years. (PVM-SW & V) • Each Village will identify at least three feasible actions by April 1, 2014 to implement by October 31, 2014 that will enhance existing facilities, with at least one having a positive impact on improved financial performance. (V) Goal


• Provide a system-wide advanced training session on advocacy, Objectives communications and/or public relations by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) • Develop and implement system-wide plan to increase submissions for external awards and recognitions of PVM, Villages, programs and/or its residents, donors, volunteers and staff members by 10% over 2013. (PVM-SW & V)

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3


We Believe

We believe in and are passionately committed to: - serving seniors and positively transforming senior living. - delivering ever-improving quality to everyone we serve.


- meaningful engagement of dedicated staff and volunteers. - highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. - being respectful, inclusive and welcoming to those we serve. - responsible stewardship of resources. - effective communication. - wellness of mind, body, and spirit.



Guided by our Christian heritage, we serve seniors of all faiths and create new possibilities for quality living.


To be the leader in senior living and to enhance the communities we serve.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan



George B. Millush, Jr., Chair W. Paul Rau, Vice Chair for Finance E. Kern Tomlin, Vice Chair for Governance Kenneth L. Hollowell, Vice Chair for Human Resources Ted L. Payne, Vice Chair for Quality Johnnie Jackson, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning William L. Ball, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO

William L. Ball James T. Bradford Carolyn J. Hastings Kenneth L. Hollowell David A. Imesch Johnnie C. Jackson Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D.

Cynthia Johnson George B. Millush, Jr. Roger L. Myers Gwendolyn Parker, M.D. Ted Payne Richard E. Rabbideau W. Paul Rau

Robert R. Schroeder Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Richard J. Strowger E. Kern Tomlin

Our Leadership

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 2014 Board of Directors

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 2013 Board of Directors OFFICERS

Dr. Lynda K. Jeffries, Chair James S. Gompers, Vice Chair for Finance E. Kern Tomlin, Vice Chair for Governance Kenneth L. Hollowell, Vice Chair for Human Resources Ted L. Payne, Vice Chair for Quality Johnnie Jackson, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning William L. Ball, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Connie Rodriguez, Assistant Secretary


William L. Ball James T. Bradford James S. Gompers Carolyn J. Hastings Kenneth L. Hollowell David A. Imesch Johnnie C. Jackson Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D.

Cynthia Johnson Henry Johnson George B. Millush, Jr. Roger L. Myers Gwendolyn Parker, M.D. Ted Payne Richard E. Rabbideau W. Paul Rau

Robert R. Schroeder Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Richard J. Strowger E. Kern Tomlin

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation 2014 Board of Directors OFFICERS

James S. Gompers, Chair Thomas R. McAskin, Vice Chair Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Donald A. Lindow, Secretary Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation


Linda Bomberski Brian W. Carnaghi Betsy Reid Creedon James S. Gompers Henry Johnson

David F. Lau Donald A. Lindow Thomas R. McAskin Jerome Morgan Robert V. Peterson

Patricia Pike Richard E. Rabbideau Robert Schroeder Raymond H. Steben, Jr. John E. Utley

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation 2013 Board of Directors OFFICERS

Robert V. Peterson, Chair Richard E. Rabbideau, Vice Chair Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Donald A. Lindow, Secretary Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation


Linda Bomberski Brian W. Carnaghi Betsy Reid Creedon James S. Gompers Henry Johnson David F. Lau

Donald A. Lindow Thomas R. McAskin Jerome Morgan Robert V. Peterson Patricia Pike Richard E. Rabbideau

Robert Schroeder Raymond H. Steben, Jr. John E. Utley Edward Woods

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Executive Team Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Joanne Robinson, Senior Vice President of Operations (COO)

A N N U A L R E P O RT 2 0 1 3

Brian W. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President of Finance & Business Development (CFO)

Lynn Alexander, Vice President of Public Affairs & President /CEO of Your Aging Well Advisors

LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development

Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation



PVM Serves Seniors in Villages and Communities throughout Michigan

Harbor Springs


Villages* Center for Senior Independence/Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (CSI/PACE®**)


Bay City Holly

Community Connections*

* Some villages and programs are in collaboration with other organizations

Fort Gratiot Township


** In collaboration with Henry Ford Health System

Battle Creek Jackson

Chesterfield Clinton Township Township Pontiac Warren Redford Westland



Perry Farm Village, Harbor Springs 231.526.1500 The Village of Hillside, Harbor Springs 231.526.7108 Alpena Village, Alpena 989.356.3396 The Village of Rosebush Manor, Rosebush 989.433.0150 The Village of Hampton Meadows, Bay City 989.892.1912 The Village of Lake Huron Woods, Fort Gratiot Township 810.385.9516 The Village of East Harbor, Chesterfield Township 586.725.6030 The Village of Holly Woodlands, Holly 248.634.0592 The Village of Sage Grove, Kalamazoo 269.567.3300 The Village of Mill Creek, Battle Creek 269.962.0605 The Village of Spring Meadows, Jackson 517.788.6679 The Village of Oakland Woods, Pontiac 248.334.4379 The Village of Peace Manor, Clinton Township 586.790.4500 The Village of Warren Glenn, Warren 586.751.5090 The Village of Redford, Redford, 313.531.6874 The Villa at Redford, 313.541.6000 The Cottages at Redford, 313.541.6300 The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor, Westland 734.595.4663 The Village of Westland, Westland 734.728.5222 Detroit: Rivertown Neighborhood, 313.259.9000 The Village of Bethany Manor, 313.894.0430 The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley, 313.832.9922 The Village of Harmony Manor, 313.934.4000 The Village of Oakman Manor, 313.957.0210 The Village of St. Martha’s, 313.582.8088 The Village of Woodbridge Manor, 313.494.9000 The Village of Gibraltar Manor, Gibraltar 734.676.4802

Community Based Services CSI/PACE: Detroit Northwest, 313.543.6320 Rivertown, 855.445.4554 Community Connections, Detroit 313.831.1089

26200 Lahser Road, Suite 300 Southfield, Michigan 48033-7157

248.281.2020 www.pvm.org

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