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From our Leadership

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) is inviting people and organizations to share their passions, commitments and resources so that in partnership…

Together we will make Michigan the best place to age by 2030 Yes, this is a bold and perhaps even provocative statement. One that solidly builds on PVM’s 74-year history, along with our many current initiatives. And one that acknowledges the compelling need to prepare for the continuing demographic shift in Michigan’s population. After all, 2030 is really not that far away. Please see the projection on page 10. PVM’s focus in 2018 was to better position the organization to make measurable strides toward 2030. A system-wide strategic planning process affirmed and/or updated our mission, vision, core purpose and values. The plan is missionfocused, transformational, human-centered, purpose-oriented and technology-driven. It includes the following four broad strategic directions: • Invigorate Residential Settings • Accelerate Growth of Home- and CommunityBased Services (HCBS) • Strengthen Systems Through Investments • Deliver Ever-Improving Value. There are twenty specific initiatives that fall under one of these four directions, as well as two comprehensive technology initiatives that relate to all of the directions. Quality and Compliance in 2018 First and foremost, PVM’s attention is directed to achieving the highest possible levels of resident, client, partner, volunteer, staff and board engagement and satisfaction. Facilities Advancement in 2018 Primary accomplishments involved: • The Village of East Harbor (Chesterfield) completed


major renovations and expansions with new amenities such as the Cameron Café, Marguerite’s Restaurant and a new rehabilitation/therapy gym. Planning continued for the construction of new independent living accommodations and wellness center, with construction expected to begin by the end of 2019. • The Village of Westland (Westland) completed apartment reconfigurations for a portion of one wing and added a satellite dining room in that area. These revisions were undertaken to be responsive to the market demand and to increase the Village’s competitiveness. In addition, the Village started discussions regarding the broader community and preliminary options for the campus. • Perry Farm Village (Harbor Springs) continued to plan for the construction of a new memory care center. • University Meadows (Detroit), in partnership with Develop Detroit, continued with the planning for the substantial renovation of an affordable senior housing community just west of the Wayne State University campus in midtown Detroit. •O ther planning, feasibility and pre-development efforts were pursued for existing and new communities. Home- and Community-Based Services/Programs (HCBS) in 2018 PVM’s HCBS continued to strengthen and expand in 2018. Some examples: • CareSync Solutions, LLC (a collaboration with Advantage Senior Living and Homestead Home Healthcare) experienced continued growth and some key new services, relationships and locations; including the management of the Same Address program for the Area Agency on Aging Region 1-B. • Metro In-Home Solutions LLC (a collaboration with Hartford Development Foundation, Jewish Family Service of Metro Detroit and Southwest Solutions) expanded the number of completed major home renovations. Numerous discussions are continuing with major community organizations exploring further opportunities. • PACE Southeast Michigan (a partnership with the Henry Ford Health System) expanded to five

locations across Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties and is recognized as one of the fastest growing PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs in the country. Almost 1,000 frail individuals were served as an alternative to residing in an institutional nursing home. During the coming three years, plans include the addition of four or five more centers and growing to serve over 2,500 participants.

Recognitions in 2018 While PVM received some noteworthy recognitions in 2018, it is YOU who deserve the true recognition. Recognition, for having “embraced the possibilities” and “to transform senior living and services and enhance the communities we serve.” YOU made these things possible and share in the honor received.

•P ACE Central Michigan (a partnership with the Michigan Masonic Home) opened its doors in November following the planning, development, acquisition and renovation of the PACE center in Mt. Pleasant. It shows great promise in providing access to services for seniors across portions of fourteen counties in the central Michigan region.

• Mather Lifeways Institute (a Chicago-based, nationally esteemed organization) selected PVM for their Promising Practices Award. This award highlighted PVM’s work with the Thome Rivertown Neighborhood and the important collaborations that made it possible. Many thanks to our partners – Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) and United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) – for a truly unique relationship.

•B ay Connect and Transit Connect continued to serve an increasing number of seniors in Emmet County.

• LeadingAge Michigan selected George Millush (from the PVM Board of Directors) as its Trustee of the Year awardee.

• Service Coordination – A program that consists of service coordinators who link seniors to supportive services and other community resources to allow them to maintain their independence and remain living in their homes. In addition, they assess service needs of the residents and link them to the appropriate providers and community resources. This program also assists residents with applications for benefits and entitlement programs as well as facilitating health and wellness programs and services.

With 34 locations and an increasing array of home/ community-based services, PVM’s impact on Michigan and its communities continues to expand. As a PVM hero or heroine, YOUR continued engagement with PVM will continue to be vital in creating new possibilities for senior living in 2020 (our 75th anniversary) and into 2030!

Management Agreements in 2018 PVM was pleased to begin serving the following organizations during the past year through new management agreements: • • • •

L akeshore Senior Living, St. Clair Shores Vista Grade Villa, Jackson Lynn Street Manor, Onaway The Village of University Meadows, Detroit

PVM is honored to be working with these boards of directors and/or owners to advance their missions, strategic goals and service to seniors in these diverse Michigan communities.

From Our Leadership


With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

William L. Ball, Chair - PVM Board of Directors

Roger L. Myers, PVM President & CEO

James S. Gompers, Chair, PVM Foundation Board of Directors

Paul J. Miller, CFRE, PVM Foundation President


Heroes Among Us

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


A PVM Leadership Retreat was held for several days in the fall giving us a chance to focus on leadership in an ever-changing environment. PVM has expanded greatly over the past several years and new leaders have joined and/ or emerged from within our organization. Participants were asked to dress as their favorite superhero (see photo). They were then asked why they chose their character and what made that person a superhero in their eyes. Many participants mentioned uncommon valor, doing the right thing no matter what, courage, and compassion and going above and beyond when duty calls. One person dressed as an American soldier. That prompted an acknowledgment of everyday heroes and the fact that there are many among us. Thus, the theme of this 2018 Annual Report echoes that thought.

PVM’s Executive Leadership Team revels their inner superheroes


PVM heroes may include an administrator who takes on double duty at a new Village – while maintaining leadership for their primary one – to help orient a new administrator and location. It may involve staff members who take personal time to visit residents who are in the hospital. And, on a daily basis, it involves giving our all in Service Excellence. A PVM superhero may include a CEO or PVM board chair who respond immediately and for however long needed in a crisis (see Village of East Harbor story, pg. 9). PVM and Village board members who give so graciously with their time and talent to do the right thing for seniors count as heroes among us, as well as the countless community leaders and funders who allow PVM to succeed at our mission and be true to our values.

CORPORATE AND ORGANIZATION HEROES Individual heroes are not alone when it comes to making PVM a great place to age. Habitat for Humanity and DTE Energy teamed up with Lowe’s and PVM to assist Delta Manor residents with energy efficiency and quality of life. Delta Manor participated in the Habitat for Humanity Refrigerator and Light Bulb Replacement Program, which is sponsored by DTE. This program replaced more than 1,000 light bulbs and replaced old refrigerators with new energy efficient refrigerators from Lowe’s. Every resident has received a new refrigerator. They are all quite excited about the refrigerators and also about the upcoming savings in energy costs. In total 99 refrigerators have been replaced. This is an approximately $60,000 investment on their part. This is a unique and notable partnership among Habitat, DTE, Lowe’s and PVM. Thank you for being great community partners!

Through a program with DTE Energy and Habitat for Humanity, residents received needed updates to their apartments!

Heroes Among Us


PACE Central Michigan Location

STUDENTS AT PACE To increase the number of professionals working in the aging services field, Central Michigan University College of Medicine, PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Central Michigan, PACE Southeast Michigan, and other Michigan PACE programs have joined together with PVM to launch a program to increase ex-

posure to the field of gerontology and aging services. The program, STUDENTS AT PACE, will place future health professionals (i.e., students studying medicine, social work, and physical, occupational and speech therapy) at PACE programs in Michigan where students work directly with seniors and PACE staff; also, the program will develop a toolkit to encourage other PACE-University

partnerships. This unique experience is providing students the opportunity to develop a positive bedside manner and earn a meaningful learning experience with the largest growing sector of Americans – seniors – while including seniors in the in shaping the next generation of health professionals.


Heroes Among Us

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

MCFARLAN VOLUNTEER HEROES Residents from McFarlan Home are committed to the Flint community and volunteer in many ways on a regular basis. Weekly, they volunteer at a food bank and a daycare center. Bridon’s Child Development Center, Catholic Charities’ Community Closet and the Humane Society of Genesee County have all enjoyed being together with a sense of community spirit. In addition, McFarlan Charitable Corporation donated a van to Christ the King Catholic Church and has been supporting other community organizations throughout the Flint area for many years.

HEROES AT ALL HOURS Although the Village of East Harbor (VEH) is known for enjoying life and hosting many fun events, its commitment to others runs far deeper. During 2018, a fire broke out at a nearby senior community. The VEH staff, along with vice president and East Harbor director David Miller, and the PVM CEO and chair of the board, responded immediately and throughout the night making sure that all displaced residents were welcomed at the VEH and made to feel at home. Some of the displaced residents stayed on at VEH until their places could be ready for them. The people we helped said that the VEH staff were angels coming to their aid. PVM is dedicated to community service in any form and at all hours, whenever needed.

Jo-Ann Hale

VOLUNTEER HERO JO-ANN HALE Over the past nine years Jo-Ann Hale has worked tirelessly as a PVM volunteer in any capacity that will help seniors and veterans. Jo-Ann has been a leader on many of our important projects and events. She dedicated her time and talent on several initiatives that aided veterans and their families and recruited other volunteers to join her in that effort. Jo-Ann also provided many volunteer hours to our Metro In-Home Solutions collaboration. To date the initiative has retrofitted more than 70 homes in Detroit, allowing homeowners to remain in their homes for as long and safely as possible. She always makes herself available for many PVM events, including our annual gala. Currently she is working full-throttle with our wellness department on the Village Victory Cup. When Jo-Ann enters our corridors, faces light up because she is a joy to be around and everyone knows this dynamo will make sure everything goes well.


REAL AMERICAN HEROES PVM is blessed with several real American heroes as residents.

Fran: a real-life “Rosie!”

At the Village of East Harbor (VEH), Fran is a real live Rosie the Riveter! At 97 years of age she still lives a vibrant lifestyle and loves her life! She is a frequent visitor to the chapel and enjoys the events at VEH. She appreciates her independence and being on her own, and still having everything she needs at her fingertips. Fran worked at the Willow Run plant during World War II from 1941 until the end of the war in 1945. She and her fellow Rosies have been noted as heroes of the war and responsible in large part for our capacity to win the war. At Willow Run Fran worked on small parts for B24s; she says that the workers were very dedicated to the cause. Fran was a part of the 2017 Rosie the Riveter event at Eastern Michigan University which recaptured the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people portraying a Rosie. Fran is active with Rosie events Everybody loves Bill! in Macomb County. Kudos to Fran for being a great role model for longevity and Aging Well. We are thankful to know you!

Heroes Among Us


Another hero we wish to acknowledge is Bill. He was one of the first residents at Lakeshore Senior Living and happily spent the last year of his life enjoying life at Lakeshore Senior Living. Sadly Bill passed away recently. However, he made his mark on LSL and with his neighbors. Bill loved his lakeview apartment, sharing meals with his group of guys and doing puzzles in the game room. He was feted this past year as Grand Marshall for the St. Clair Shores Memorial Day parade as a World War II leader and hero. He is another hero who helped keep our country safe. Thank you for your service, Bill. We will all miss you!

Neigh Neigh works her magic!

HORSES ARE HEROES, TOO One aspect of being a hero is to bring joy to others. Neigh Neigh, a very special Clydesdale, exemplified this with a visit to The Village of East Harbor. She brought such joy to residents and families and brought a taste of great adventure and the outdoors to the Village. She also became a celebrity who was featured on “The Today Show” and throughout a variety of media publications. Neigh Neigh has now become a PVM Hero!



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

PACE UPDATES Pace Central Michigan launched!

ABOVE, LEFT: The Village of Westland enjoying the thrill of victory! RIGHT: The Village of Oakman Manor captured the Spirit Award!

2018 VILLAGE VICTORY CUP A RESOUNDING SUCCESS! This year’s Village Victory Cup (VVC) was better than ever with more than 300 seniors vying for the coveted Village Victory Cup, the Spirit Award and individual medals. Once again The Village of Westland was victorious in capturing the Village Victory Cup, while The Village of Oakman Manor brought home the Spirit Award. The Villages practice throughout the year for this event and also glean wellness and exercise advantages over that entire time period. Tom Wyllie, director of wellness for PVM, believes it could be considered “stealth health” since participants have fun and do not even think of it as exercising. He is also dedicated to making the event one that benefits everyone, even those who are in wheelchairs or are visually impaired. Focusing on mind, body and spirit, the VVC is not just about fast walking but also includes the “Puzzler,” in which teams have 15 minutes to put together a puzzle they have never seen before as fast as they can. The connection and camaraderie of everyone involved is also part of the magic. Volunteers have stated that they will continue to be a part of the Village Victory Cup every year for as long as we invite them. This year’s event attracted national attention with more than 2.88 million people checking it out online or with traditional media.


PACE Central Michigan is now fully operational and has been providing new access to critical services in the Mt. Pleasant area. A partnership between Michigan Masonic Home and PVM, this initiative was created by seasoned professionals from both organizations representing hundreds of years of service. Our goal is to provide frail senior community members with the care, medical treatment and support they need to achieve the highest quality of life – while staying independent as long as possible. Our Elder Care Experts offer an alternative to nursing home placement that features comprehensive, coordinated care for a senior’s medical, social and physical needs, while also providing peace of mind for family caregivers.

PACE Southeast Michigan PACE Southeast Michigan has been providing outstanding service to its members and families and has expanded to five locations in order to provide increased access. Locations now include Southfield, Thome Rivertown Neighborhood in Detroit, Warren, Dearborn and Sterling Heights. Planning is underway to add new sites. This is one of the largest and fastest growing PACE programs in the state and nation. An innovative and integrated approach to providing services, PACE allows choice for individuals served.



CELEBRATION FOR THE WEINBERG GREEN HOUSES® On June 20th supporters, board members, residents and staff of the Weinberg Green Houses® at Thome Rivertown Neighborhood gathered to celebrate what is a notable accomplishment of national accord. Residents of the Weinberg Green Houses®are also participants of the PACE Southeast Michigan program, the only one of its kind in the nation. This new model of housing and care prevents the need for traditional nursing home care. The unique partnership of Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) and PVM has made this possible. There are fewer vulnerable elders in the City of Detroit now because they have a place to go. Participants have relayed that this is the best place they have ever lived and that they feel safe and healthier. The celebration was a way to thank the many supporters of the Weinberg Green Houses®and the Thome Rivertown Neighborhood. Many thanks to Capital Impact Partners for sponsoring and co-hosting this heartfelt celebration.

ABOVE: L to R – Roger Myers, president & CEO of PVM; Mariam Noland President & CEO of Community Foundation of SE Michigan; Paul Miller, President of PVM Foundation.

VILLAGE OF EAST HARBOR CELEBRATES NEW IMPROVEMENTS WITH A BIG REVEAL! We have been conducting big reveal tours of our new renovations and additions at The Village of East Harbor as we celebrate our new look and feel. Campus construction and renovations include: updated resident accommodations with new one-bedroom independent living and assisted living apartments; great new areas for social gathering like a new bistro and lounge; a renovated restaurant-style dining room; and a remodeled main building and activity area. To help with therapy and recovery, additional private nursing rehabilitation rooms and a large rehab gym and therapy rooms were added.

The Village of East Harbor shows new improvements


Village Roster

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


PROVIDING RESIDENT & COMMUNITY RESOURCES PVM has shown a deep commitment to quality of life in all ways. As more people have expressed a desire for services above and beyond quality housing, PVM has expanded home- and communitybased services to assist seniors with remaining as independent as possible in a responsible manner. Service coordination, concierge services, retrofitting seniors’ homes in the community, financial literacy, exploitation prevention education, wellness programs and solutions for caregivers are among the many services offered.

Care Sync S O LU T I ON S

Your Total Solutions Provider





PEOPLE PER YEAR Thanks to the Michigan Health Endowment Fund * Source: U.S. Census, 2017 American Community Survey and the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Aging & Adult Services


VILLAGE ROSTER PVM Village residents, volunteers, board members and staff are heroes in many ways. From volunteering for other organizations to hosting meetings, health fairs and education/ wellness programs, they are an important hub of their surrounding communities.

Village Roster


33875 Kiely Drive Chesterfield, MI 48047-3604 586.725.6030 202 Woods Circle Alpena, MI 49707 98 9.278.4250 Ann Lange, Administrator David Gehm, Board President

8737 Fourteenth Street Detroit, MI 48206-2203 313.894.0430 Carmen Thomas, Administrator Bunia Parker, Board Chair

David Miller, Executive Director Carolyn Martin, Administrator – Independent Living & Assisted Living Gail Sliwinski, Administrator – Healthcare Ricardo J. Lara, Board Chair

17500 Meyers Road Detroit, MI 48235-1404 248.281.2060 Gena Edwards, Administrator Ron Spears, Chair

14486 Middle Gibraltar Gibraltar, Michigan 48173 734.676.4802 Tammi Rose, Administrator

311 W. Main Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740-1444 231.526.7108 2900 Brush Street Detroit, MI 48201-3104 313.832.9922

700 North Pine Road Bay City, MI 48708 989.892.1912

Jannie Scott, Administrator E. Kern Tomlin, Board Chair

Stephanie Cooper, Administrator Karl M. Opheim, Board Chair

2150 East Vernor Highway Detroit, MI 48207 313.259.5140 Sheila Jackson, Administrator Jacqueline D. Lawson, Board President Barbara J. Anderson, Board President-Elect

15050 Birwood Detroit, MI 48238 313.934.4000 Tracy Lathan, Administrator Michael Taylor, Board Chair

Mary Catherine Hannah, Executive Director Sarah Grant, Administrator Linda Rhodes-Pauly, Board Chair

3325 Grange Hall Road Holly, MI 48442-1003 248.634.0592 Deanna Coggins, Administrator William W. Walters, Board Chair


Village Roster

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

5221 Lakeshore Road, Ft. Gratiot Township, MI 48059-3122 810.385.9516 Diane Pauli, Administrator

300 Carl Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49015 269.962.0605 Jennifer Bouchard, Administrator Patricia Fosdick, Board Chair

28801 Jefferson Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 586.218.6228

Aaron Price, Administrator Johnnie C. Jackson, Board Chair

17275 Fifteen Mile Road Clinton Township, MI 48035-6208 586.790.4500

Shannon East, Executive Director 420 S. Opdyke Road Pontiac, MI 48341-3145 248.334.4379

4255 South Lynn Street Onaway, MI 49765 989.733.2661

29495 Annapolis Road Westland, MI 48186-5599 734.595.4663

Melissa Reisterer, Administrator

Kevin Centala, Administrator Lisa Machesky, Board Chair

Ian Straley, Administrator Sandra Grulke, Board Chair

14000 Woodrow Wilson Detroit, MI 48238-2963 313.957.0210

MCFARLAN HOME 700 E. Kearsley Street Flint, MI 48503 810.235.3077 Kelly Price, Administrator


Deborah Beard, Administrator Maynard L. Timm, Board Chair

4241 Village Circle Drive Harbor Springs, MI 49740-9040 231.526.1500 Mary Catherine Hannah, Executive Director Jill Tibbits, Administrator Linda Rhodes-Pauly, Board Chair

COURT STREET VILLAGE 800 E. Court Street Flint, MI 48503 810.239.4400 Lori Delongechamp, Administrator

25340 West Six Mile Road Redford, MI 48240-2105 313.541.6000

Erica Thrash-Sall, Executive Director Louise McAra, Board Chair

Gloria E. Robinson, Administrator Deanna Ludlow Mitchell, Board Chair

Village Roster


15875 Joy Road Detroit, MI 48228-2984 313.582.8088 Andrea Felice, Administrator E. Kern Tomlin, Board Chair

4210 E. Rosebush Road Rosebush, MI 48878-8751 989.433.0150 Jessica Gross, Administrator Lynn Swindlehurst, Board Chair

2950 E. Twelve Mile Road Warren, MI 48092-2420 586.751.5090 260 McDougall Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48207-4251 313.259.9000

Anne Lilla, Administrator Malcom K. McDougall, Board Chair

Suzy Mulka, Administrator Gloria W. Robinson, Board Chair

32001 Cherry Hill Road Westland, MI 48186-7902 734.728.5222 214 South Sage Street Kalamazoo, MI 49006 269.567.3300 Dale Walvort, Administrator Jose E. Santamaria, Board Chair

4500 Trumbull Ave. Detroit, MI 48208 313.831.6440 Aaron Price, Administrator

2251 Springport Road Jackson, MI 49202 517.879.1839 Chelsea Eisele, Executive Director Ron Markowski, Board Chair 3501 Cherry Blossom Lane Jackson, MI 49201 517.788.6679

Michele White, Executive Director Jeanette Pisha, Board Chair

1300 Martin Luther King Jr. Detroit, MI 48201-2951 313.494.9000 Marla Bradford, Administrator E. Kern Tomlin, Board Chair

Rae Stachnik, Administrator Deborah Ann Muhich, Board Chair



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

LYNN ALEXANDER NAMED TO THE CRAIN’S DETROIT NOTABLE WOMEN IN NONPROFITS LIST FOR 2018 Lynn Alexander has been named to the Crain’s Detroit Notable Women In Nonprofits list for 2018.

PROMISING PRACTICES – MATHER LIFEWAYS INSTITUTE RECOGNITION PVM has been recognized by Mather Lifeways Institute for our collaborative role in the development of Thome Rivertown Neighborhood, an affordable senior living community that works to mitigate disparities in health care and housing to meet the needs of low-income minority older adults in Detroit. Many thanks to our partnering organizations – United Methodist Retirement Communities, PACE Southeast Michigan, and Henry Ford Health System – for making this community a success and a model of integrated care. Mather Lifeways Institute stated: “Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is a recognized leader and a model for other organizations to follow!” The Mather Lifeways Institute has partnered with a number of community organizations, academic institutions, health care organizations, and corporations in research endeavors. These partnerships are built on a solid foundation of education and experience, and reinforced with a passion for understanding aging issues. The goal of these endeavors is to equip senior living professionals with best practices and innovative techniques to better serve older adults. Nationally recognized for its contributions to the field of aging, Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging is a resource for those who serve older adults, providing research and information that positively impacts the lives of older adults. The Mather Lifeways Institute is committed to serving as a trusted resource in the field of aging services. In addition to conducting research, the Institute curates and interprets new research and emerging best practices, spreading information that can positively impact the lives of older adults and the workplaces of those who provide services.


According to Crain’s, the women leaders were nominated by their peers at work and in the community. Lynn Alexander has played a crucial role in the growth of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, which provides living facilities and elder care for more than 6,000 senior residents. “Lynn’s experience, knowledge and passionate commitment to improving the lives of seniors has greatly benefited the growth of PVM’s mission. Since joining the PVM executive team in May 2012, Lynn’s leadership has expanded our organizational capacity and strengthened our reputation,” PVM President and CEO Roger Myers said. Under her leadership, the organization has increased to 34 communities serving people from a variety of socio-economic levels. She has helped implement multiple new initiatives, including wellness programming, caregiver and support programs, enhanced public advocacy and community outreach.



PVM LEADERS HONORED BY LEADINGAGE MICHIGAN The 2018 LeadingAge Michigan Annual Conference in May was the setting at which several PVM leaders were honored: George B. Millush, Jr., immediate past board chair, received the prestigious Trustee of the Year Award. This award recognizes an individual who has served with distinction on the governing board of a LeadingAge Michigan member organization and thereby made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of seniors, to the employees who serve them, and to the organization’s mission. George is now retired as the director of financial process planning for Daimler-Chrysler, a unique position dedicated to process, systems and organizational development. His expertise has been instrumental in the growth and success of PVM, having served two consecutive terms as board chair. Previously he was board chair at The Village of Oakland Woods. Since completing his terms as

the PVM chair,George has returned to serve on The Village of Oakland Woods board. Betsy Mianecki, activities coordinator for The Village of East Harbor, received an important award titled The Caring Spirit Award. This award recognizes the achievements of front-line staff and direct care employees who have made a significant impact upon the lives of older adults through exceptional proficiency and personal commitment in the delivery of quality services in the performance of his/her job duties. Betsy began her career at PVM as a fitness instructor. Her supercharged personality made her a favorite of residents from the start. It was soon evident that her talents were needed to revamp the independent living, assisted living and memory care activity programs. Her infectious laugh,

boundless energy and creative programming took the programs to an all-new level. She continues to be an integral part of the quality programming at The Village of East Harbor and for PVM. Congratulations to George and Betsy. Thanks for your leadership that exemplifies the Service Excellence for which PVM is known. These awards capture the spirit and energy of PVM and our fellow LeadingAge members. Jo-Ann Hale, a favorite face at the PVM home office and at many events as a volunteer, received honorable mention for Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations, Jo-Ann. You are Volunteer of the Year in our hearts and minds!

CONGRATULATIONS 2018 TOP SHINING STAR – CHRISTINA GORDE In addition to winning the event’s 2018 Wellness Shinging Star Award, Christina Gorde, fitness specialist at The Village of East Harbor was also named the 2018 Top Shining Star! Here’s what fellow employees had to say about our Top Shining Star: “All four core values are in play, but the one I choose is relationships. Her interpersonal skills with her residents and staff are always on display… You should see Chris with her group of assisted living

and independent living residents doing the ‘Stability Ball Beat’ to lively music having the best time!” “Chris gives her heart and soul daily with our residents. You will always find her with a smile on her face, a motivated attitude, and a sense of humor that keeps our residents and staff feeling uplifted and inspired.” Congratulations, Christina! What You Do Matters!



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

DEAR FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS, The 2018 financial performance of the family of programs PVM owned/managed met our strategic expectations, and our overall financial position and performance remains strong. A key performance indicator is PVM’s debt service coverage ratio, which measures our capacity to fund principal and interest. For the programs PVM owned/managed the system-wide ratio was 1.51 in 2018, up from 1.27 in 2017. The other key measure, the days cash on hand ratio for owned/managed programs stood at 82 days at December 31, 2018, down from to 96 days at December 31, 2017, of which 13 days were attributed to market losses in the investment portfolio in late 2018. The PVM Foundation actively managed investment portfolio yielded a negative 1.17% return, net of fees, in 2018, which was better than the benchmark of a negative 3.27%. The market value of the investments was $12.6 million at December 31, 2018 and 2017. PVM’s ownership in programs it does not directly manage also


continued to meet their strategic objectives, with their gross revenues increasing 26% to $67 million in 2018. Finally, with the addition of five new managed-only programs in 2018, gross revenues of PVM’s aging services network rose to $146 million in 2018, or 14% over 2017. The overall asset value of PVM’s owned/managed programs was $215 million as of December 31, 2018, down from $219 million at the end of 2017, whereas net assets (equity), plus the forgivable HUD 202 capital advances, was $97 million, which represents a relatively strong 45% of the total assets. PVM’s overall aging services network had $371 million in asset value at December 31, 2018. Of the 43 PVM owned and non-owned entities subject to third party audit or review in 2018 that were under PVM’s reporting responsibility, there were no matters of material or significant internal control deficiencies, and all reports received an unqualified, “clean” opinion. In May 2018, Fitch

Ratings affirmed the PVM Obligated Group’s BB+ rating and “Stable” Outlook for the 11th consecutive year. PVM has a bright future thanks to the contributions and dedication of our staff, volunteers, partners, collaborators, and donors who together serve seniors and their families and ensure a financially strong and transparent organization. Please join PVM in 2019 in fulfilling its mission.

W. Paul Rau Board Vice Chair of Finance Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Brian W. Carnaghi Senior Vice President, CFO & Board Treasurer Presbyterian Villages of Michigan & Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation



Overall PVM Aging Services Network FINANCIAL POSITION AS OF 12/31/18 NET ASSETS

$132,865,000 LIABILITIES




















Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

CHANGING LIVES ONE DONATION AT TIME Dear Committed, Dedicated and Compassionate Donors: I hope you realize the world is a better place because of you! Like the headline says, your gifts are changing lives one donation at time. You, the committed donor, enable PVM to perform wonderful acts of kindness for older adults in need. Without you, these things would not have happened…

A Village of East Harbor resident strikes a victorious pose at the Village Victory Cup

•A n older adult, alone and in financial distress, needed a safe and secure new home – and he received one, thanks to you. • “ It is so wonderful to be able to read again!” Imagine what a new pair of glasses does for an older adult who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. • “ I am ‘The Biggest Loser!’” Residents are getting healthier at the Village fitness centers. One resident lost so much weight, she had to buy all-new clothes! •A resident wrote her autobiography using the donated computers in her Village’s library. • “ I can hear you now!” A brand-new A/V system allows residents with hearing issues to fully participate. No more sitting on the sidelines. These are just a few examples of the life-sustaining gifts your generosity supported in 2018. Won’t you join me in continuing to support our seniors in 2019?

Paul J. Miller, CFRE President, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation


Your gifts made all this possible … The residents th ank YOU for being a donor!



The Trawicks from The Village of St. Martha’s in Detroit at the PVM gala

Joyce, resident at The Village of Mill Creek in Jackson

Constance Charles, resident at The Village of st. Martha’s in Detroit

See our Donor Honor Roll at pvmfoundation.org/donor-listing


Strategic Initiatives 2019-2021

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan






MISSION: Guided by our Christian heritage, we serve seniors of all faiths and create new possibilities for quality living.

• Assess & implement processes for new developments, agreements, affiliations & acquisitions • Assess the potential for restructuring select low income subsidized HUD-funded communities • Plan & implement the restructuring of select mixed income/affordable tax credit funded communities • Investigate models of care to serve individuals not able to pay for assisted living and do not require a nursing home • Expand & renew East Harbor, Westland, Perry Farm, Oakland Woods & McFarlan

VISION: To transform senior living and services and enhance the communities we serve. CORE PURPOSE: Our faith traditions call us to create diverse environments, programs and services where seniors are able to achieve the best possibilities and purposes in life.


ACCELERATE GROWTH OF HOME & COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES (HCBS) • Support & grow CareSync, Metro In-Home & care management programs • Participate in new collaborations with colleges, universities & vocational education programs • Identify, assess, select & implement new HCBS opportunities • Support & grow Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)




STRENGTHEN SYSTEM THROUGH INVESTMENTS • Achieve employer of choice designation • Improve operational & overall financial performance • Develop volunteer program • Raise more funds through system-wide engagement as part of the PVM Foundation strategic plan • Long-term capital plan that supports strategic plan directions & initiatives

Establish a technology group that will create, fund & implement system-wide initiatives: • Living well; Education of residents & caregivers

Strategic Initiatives 2019-2021


• Standardize and streamline information sharing;

DELIVER EVER-IMPROVING VALUE • Assess, select & implement system-wide dementia care & memory loss philosophy & guiding principles • Constant improvement in resident, program and staff satisfaction results • Improvements in consumer engagement, support & loyalty • Improvements in results-focused competencies in sales & marketing • Meet & exceed expectations of management agreement partners • Assess, select & implement transportation philosophy and guiding principles to serve our diverse communities

• Support implementation at Village level Create, fund & implement a PVM v4.0 technology plan that incorporates all initiatives and ensures deployment of up to date infrastructure


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 2018 Board of Directors



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

OFFICERS William L. Ball, Chair W. Paul Rau, Vice Chair for Finance George B. Millush, Jr., Vice Chair for Governance Carolyn J. Hastings, Vice Chair for Human Resources Johnnie C. Jackson, Vice Chair for Marketing Gwendolyn Parker, M.D., Vice Chair for Quality First James S. Gompers, Vice Chair for Risk Management Henry Johnson, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning Roshunda Price, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Constance Garrett, Assistant Secretary

DIRECTORS William L. Ball James T. Bradford Natalie Brothers, Director Emeritus Carolyn J. Hastings Kenneth L. Hollowell David A. Imesch Johnnie C. Jackson Henry Johnson Duane Lewis Gary Ley George B. Millush, Jr.

Gwendolyn Parker, M.D. Ted Payne Roshunda Price W. Paul Rau Raymond H. Steben, Jr. E. Kern Tomlin Russell Youngdahl, Jr. Ex-Officio: James S. Gompers Roger L. Myers

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation 2018 Board of Directors OFFICERS James S. Gompers, Chair Robert R. Schroeder, Vice Chair Donald A. Lindow, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation

DIRECTORS Linda Bomberski Brian W. Carnaghi John Denler Elmer Dixon James S. Gompers Henry Johnson Thomas E. Kimble David F. Lau Donald A. Lindow Robert V. Peterson

Richard E. Rabbideau Robert R. Schroeder Donna Snider Denise Turman John E. Utley Mark Wallace Ex-Officio: William L. Ball Roger L. Myers

LEFT: PVM Staff members at The Village of East Harbor for top photo


ABOVE: The Puzzler at the Village Victory Cup; RIGHT: Chair Bill Ball, the late Congressman John Dingell, CEO Roger Myers, and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell at the 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference.


ANNUAL REPORT 2018 RIGHT: PVM Board members at Thome Rivertown Neighborhood


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 2019 Board of Directors OFFICERS William L. Ball, Chair W. Paul Rau, Vice Chair for Finance Henry Johnson, Vice Chair for Governance Carolyn J. Hastings, Vice Chair for Human Resources Gwendolyn Parker, M.D., Vice Chair for Quality First James S. Gompers, Vice Chair for Risk Management Gary Ley, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning Johnnie C. Jackson, Vice Chair for Marketing Roshunda Price, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Constance Garrett, Assistant Secretary

DIRECTORS William L. Ball Natalie Brothers, Director Emeritus Carolyn J. Hastings Kenneth L. Hollowell David A. Imesch Johnnie C. Jackson Henry Johnson Duane Lewis Gary Ley George B. Millush, Jr. Gwendolyn Parker, M.D.

Ted Payne Roshunda Price W. Paul Rau Raymond H. Steben, Jr. E. Kern Tomlin Russell Youngdahl, Jr. Ex-Officio: James S. Gompers Roger L. Myers

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation 2019 Board of Directors OFFICERS James S. Gompers, Chair Robert R. Schroeder, Vice Chair Donald A. Lindow, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation

DIRECTORS Linda Bomberski Brian W. Carnaghi John Denler Elmer Dixon Paul Hubbard Henry Johnson Thomas E. Kimble David F. Lau Donald A. Lindow Robert V. Peterson

Robert R. Schroeder Donna Snider John E. Utley Mark Wallace Ex-Officio: William L. Ball Roger L. Myers

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Executive Team Lynn Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Brian W. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Development (CFO) Shannon East, Executive Director, Lakeshore Senior Living Chelsea Eisele, Executive Director, Vista Grande Villa Jessica Gross, Administrator, The Village of Rosebush Manor Mary Catherine Hannah, Executive Director, The Village of Hillside and Perry Farm Village LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Housing Operations

David Miller, Vice President/Executive Director, The Village of East Harbor Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation Constance Garrett, Senior Executive Assistant, PVM Roger Myers, President and CEO Katrina Summersett, Director of Risk Management and Quality and Corporate Compliance Officer Erica Thrash-Sall, Executive Director, McFarlan Villages Michele White, Executive Director, The Village of Westland


Fort Gratiot Township The Village of Lake Huron Woods 810.385.9516 Gibraltar The Village of Gibraltar Manor 734.676.4802 Harbor Springs The Village of Hillside 231.526.7108 Perry Farm Village 231.526.1500 Holly The Village of Holly Woodlands 248.634.0592 Jackson The Villages of Spring Meadows 517.788.6679 Vista Grande Villa 517.787.0222 Kalamazoo The Village of Sage Grove 269.567.3300 Onaway Lynn Street Manor 989.733.2661 Pontiac The Village of Oakland Woods 248.334.4379 Redford The Village of Redford 313.541.6000 Rosebush The Village of Rosebush Manor 989.433.0150 St. Clair Shores Lakeshore Senior Living 586.218.6228 Warren The Village of Warren Glenn 586.751.5090 Westland The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor 734.595.4663 The Village of Westland 734.728.5222

PVM Serves Seniors in Villages and Communities throughout Michigan Alpena Alpena Pines 989.278.4250 Battle Creek The Village of Mill Creek 269.962.0605 Bay City The Village of Hampton Meadows 989.892.1912 Chesterfield The Village of East Harbor 586.725.6030 Clinton Township The Village of Peace Manor 586.790.4500

Detroit Delta Manor 313.259.5140 Hartford Village 313.270.9700 The Thome Rivertown Neighborhood 313.259.9000 The Village of Bethany Manor 313.894.0430 The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley 313.832.9922 The Village of Harmony Manor 313.934.4000 The Village of Oakman Manor 313.957.0210 The Village of St. Martha’s 313.582.8088 The Village of University Meadows 313.831.6440 The Village of Woodbridge Manor 313.494.9000 Flint McFarlan Villages 810.235.3077

Villages* PACE Southeast Michigan** PACE Central Michigan***

Harbor Springs Onaway

* Some villages and programs are in collaboration with other organizations


** In collaboration with Henry Ford Health System *** In collaboration with Michigan Masonic Home

Community-Based Services PACE Southeast Michigan Dearborn, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren & Thome Rivertown Neighborhood 855.445.4554


Bay City

Fort Gratiot Township

Flint Holly


For more information about a Village near you visit www.pvm.org or call 248.281.2020

Battle Creek Jackson

Chesterfield Clinton Township Township Pontiac Warren Redford Westland


St. Clair Shores

Dearborn Gibraltar

Embrace the Possibilities

PACE Central Michigan 833.532.6981 CareSync Solutions 248.773.4550 Metro In-Home Solutions 313.297.1342 Bay Connect 231.526.7108

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