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Spring/Summer 2019


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Gala Tradition Continued Success PVM Ethics Advisory Committee James Tubbs

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Village of East Harbor Honors Late Resident with New Eatery 2019 PVM Governance Summit












Transforming Senior Living

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State Advisory Council on Aging Publishes Report on Volunteerism Leadership NOW Program in Flint

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Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2020 and has long been recognized as a premier provider of senior living and services. A nonprofit, faith-based organization and recognized leader in the aging field, PVM has 34 locations, which include independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and respite services, throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Recognized as an innovative leader, PVM was an early adopter of home and community-based services. The organization’s goal has always been to deliver an environment that positively transforms senior living and services, while enhancing the communities it serves. PVM is also a leader in helping enrich the lives of those who prefer to remain in their own homes through a variety of home and community based services. PVM is a co-sponsor of two regional Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), one in Southeast Michigan and the second in Central Michigan. Combined, these programs serve an additional 1,000 individuals through coordinated care resources that address their medical, social, and physical needs. In many senior living locations, service coordinators are available to assist residents with accessing services and planning assistance. As a partner in CareSync Solutions, PVM assists seniors wherever they may live with a variety of services that help them remain independent. It’s an approach that allows choice in how they choose to live and age.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is a Crain’s Best-Managed Nonprofit Winner, an honor in recognition of the organization’s success in making strategic decisions about where best to invest resources in order to best help those it serves and for its innovative approaches.

INNOVATION AND DIVERSITY “Innovation is integral to our mission and vision and is engrained in PVM’s DNA,” says Roger Myers, President and CEO. “Our embrace of new ideas and approaches has led to success in transforming senior living and services in a way that expands diversity and promotes the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.” The organization’s commitment to diversity is evident in everything from the economic segments served to the gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and age of both residents and staff.

“My mom’s transition from her home of more than 40 years was filled with smiles and kindness. You have all made her life better, and I cannot say enough about how gracious you have been or how thankful I am that my mom chose PVM.”

“Our management and board of directors worked alongside community stakeholders to craft a business case for diversity and inclusion years ago,” explains LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Housing. “We’re proud today of the positive impact our commitment has had on the communities we serve. In addition, we are committed to making PVM a great place to work.” Holistic wellness, meanwhile, is encouraged and individual needs addressed via the wide variety of wellness programs available at most properties. Lynn Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, describes the level of resident involvement in such programming as evidence of a “culture of wellness and embracing all the possibilities of life.” Fitness centers and exercise programs provide residents the opportunity to lead active lives, while minds are kept engaged through a wide variety of resident engagement offerings. “PVM serves a segment of people who, if not for our services, would have to live in nursing homes or assisted living. But we’re on the forefront of helping those who want to stay in their homes longer do just that, while keeping them connected with family, community, and their healthcare providers,” says Myers. “PVM, in partnership with others, is boldly committed to making Michigan the best place to age.”

2 | Spring/Summer 2019 Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Outlook Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

N E W S L E T T E R 2019 Volume

Editor: Lynn Alexander Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Thank you to our contributors: Audra Frye Joanna Hlavacek Carolyn Martin Rachel Nagorsen Yalonda Jackson

Debbie Smith Cheryl Sonnenberg Avni Thomas Tom Wyllie

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 2019 Board of Directors OFFICERS



PVM Foundation Gala Tradition Continues The PVM Foundation Gala on November 17, 2018 maintained its fine tradition with another rousing success in its 15th year. The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation hosted the backdrop. The theme was “Play Ball” and included surprise guest appearances by the mascots for the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Pistons. Stadium-style food and live entertainment added to the informal and fun atmosphere. A lively and celebratory audience, along with a stellar group of volunteers and sponsors, helped to raise $292,000 for our signature event. All proceeds will go to supporting quality of life for older adults. Many thanks to our co-chairs and volunteer committee for allowing this to be an outstanding event for all. See you on November 8th for our 2019 Gala at The Mint at Michigan First Conference Center!

William L. Ball, Chair W. Paul Rau, Vice Chair for Finance Henry Johnson, Vice Chair for Governance Carolyn Hastings, Vice Chair for Human Resources Gwendolyn Parker, M.D., Vice Chair for Quality First James S. Gompers, Vice Chair for Risk Management Gary Ley, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning Johnnie C. Jackson, Vice Chair for Marketing Roshunda Price, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Constance Garrett, Assistant Secretary DIRECTORS William L. Ball Carolyn J. Hastings Kenneth L. Hollowell David A. Imesch Johnnie Jackson Henry Johnson Duane Lewis Gary Ley

George B. Millush, Jr. Gwendolyn Parker, M.D. Ted Payne Roshunda Price W. Paul Rau Raymond H. Steben, Jr. E. Kern Tomlin Russell Youngdahl, Jr.

Ex-Officio: James S. Gompers Roger L. Myers Director Emeritus, Natalie Brothers

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation 2019 Board of Directors

GALA 2018

OFFICERS James S. Gompers, Chair Robert R. Schroeder, Vice Chair Donald A. Lindow, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Paul J. Miller, CFRE, President, PVM Foundation

– Play Ball! –


DIRECTORS Linda Bomberski Brian W. Carnaghi John Denler Elmer Dixon James S. Gompers Paul Hubbard Henry Johnson Thomas E. Kimble

David F. Lau Donald A. Lindow Robert V. Peterson Robert Schroeder Donna Snider John E. Utley Mark Wallace


Ex-Officio: William L. Ball Roger L. Myers

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Executive Team Lynn Alexander Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Brian Carnaghi Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Development (CFO) Chelsea Eisele Executive Director, Vista Grande Villa Jessica Gross Administrator, The Village of Rosebush Manor Mary Catherine Hannah Executive Director, The Village of Hillside and Perry Farm Village LaDonna Holley Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Housing Operations David Miller Vice President/Executive Director, The Village of East Harbor Paul Miller, CFRE President, PVM Foundation Constance Garrett Senior Executive Assistant, PVM Roger Myers President and CEO Katrina Summersett Director of Risk Management and Quality and Corporate Compliance Officer Erica Thrash-Sall Executive Director, McFarlan Villages Michele White Executive Director, The Village of Westland


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

PVM Ethics Advisory Committee and James B. Tubbs, PhD, Chair Dr. Jim Tubbs, chair of PVM’s Ethics Advisory Committee, is a professor of ethics and religion in the religious studies department at the University of Detroit Mercy. He teaches courses in Dr. Jim Tubbs health care ethics, Christian ethics, ethics and public policy, and social justice. He is also an adjunct lecturer in the Oakland University-William Beaumont School of Medicine. A graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, Jim earned his MA and PhD degrees from the University of Virginia and has been on the faculty of the University of Detroit Mercy since 1986. His publications include journal articles, book reviews, case studies, book chapters, and two books: “Christian Theology and Medical Ethics: Four Contemporary Approaches” (1996) and “A Handbook of Bioethics Terms” (2009). An active elder in Covenant Presbyterian Church in Southfield, Jim also serves on his university’s Human Subjects Research Review Board and the ethics committees of Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the Beaumont Hospital system. Like most institutional ethics committees in health care and long-term care facilities, PVM’s Ethics Advisory Committee serves three primary purposes: education, policy review, and case consultation and review. It provides education for its own members on matters of ethical import, and also consults with PVM governance to provide needed educational materials or opportunities for staff and residents of the villages (e.g., with regard

to educational materials related to advance directives for health care). At the policy level, the committee is available to review villages’ policies with respect to their ethical implications (e.g., in matters related to balancing resident safety with resident rights and freedoms). Likewise, the committee is available to provide advice and counsel in particular cases that raise ethical questions, whether the case is a current issue or one in the past from which ethical lessons or recommendations might be gleaned. It is important to note that the committee is not a decisional or governance committee, but rather a multi-disciplinary body whose form of service includes asking important and clarifying questions, exploring the ethical implications of organizational decisions from multiple disciplinary ‘angles,’ and offering advice or suggestions about possible resolutions or ways forward. The Ethics Advisory Committee invites requests for assistance in any of the areas described above – help with identifying/ providing educational materials regarding ethical concerns; review and advice regarding the ethical implications of policies; and consultation and advice/counsel regarding cases that pose ethical concerns or questions. Case consultation requests may be initiated by anyone – administrator, staff, resident, or family member. The committee meets quarterly, but additional meetings can be scheduled if more immediate consultation regarding cases or policies is needed. The primary administrative support and contact person for the committee is Erica Thrash-Sall, Executive Director of the PVM-managed McFarlan Charitable Corporation, in Flint (ethrash-sall@PVM.org).



Spring/Summer 2019 |

Meet Rona!


Meet Rona Myers. Rona was one of the very first residents to join Lakeshore Senior Living in St. Claire Shores when we opened January of 2018. It only made sense since Rona has lived in the Shores for sixty-five years of her life! A little house her parents were renting on 10 mile and Harper is where Rona was born in 1930. Her mother had 10 children! Her brother, Richard, was the first from St. Clair Shores to die for his country in World War II. Not only does Rona have a long history in St. Clair Shores, but also St. Gertrude Church holds a special place in her heart. She was baptized at St. Gertrude, received her first communion, and was confirmed there. Rona’s high school graduation, and even her first marriage in 1948 at the age of 18, took place there. Even now, Rona recalls childhood memories of going to the roller rink on 12 and Harper and walking to Lakeview Show at 13 and Jefferson. “We all had 15 cents to spend!” laughed Rona, “Eleven cents for the show!” Days at Jefferson Beach and swimming in Lake St. Clair are some of her favorite memories. Rona talks about how different the city was with roughly 12,000 residents in the 1940’s. There were no sidewalks, no streetlights; they were country people, she explained. “We didn’t do a lot. We had a cow, a couple pigs, and chickens! My dad planted ‘Victory Gardens’,” Rona said. During WWII, many Americans grew their own food in ‘Victory Gardens’ as their way of contributing to war efforts. In 1995, Rona moved to a condominium in Macomb with her husband. She stayed there for 20 years until she moved into a Senior Living Community in Sterling Heights. She remained there 3 years until Lakeshore Senior Living opened. There was no doubt she wanted to live on the same grounds where she was baptized 88 years ago!

The Village Victory Cup

June 21, 2019 Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi

“I love it here because I feel a sense of security,” Rona said, “When I was living at my condo by myself after my husband passed away, there was always a sense of uneasiness being there by myself. Plus, here I don’t have to cook, I get to do the rosary with others and everything is convenient for me!”



4 | Spring/Summer 2019 Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


PVM BLOG We are pleased to announce that we have launched a blog on the PVM website. Now you will be able to find very helpful information on everything from housing and services, alternative transportation, online delivery services, family issues, avoiding financial exploitation to fun topics such as creating memories with your grandchildren.



Lakeshore Senior Living Has a Roaring Good Time It was just a year ago that the first residents moved into Lakeshore Senior Living in St. Clair Shores, and they have enjoyed a roaring good time ever since. Recently they hosted a Roaring Twenties party and showcased their love of life and good times. The polar vortex cannot stop them! Now, instead of worrying about getting out of their driveways or how to tackle removing snow, they are living the good life!

This blog is very simple to use: • Simply go onto the PVM website at pvm.org. • Right on the home page to the left of the Crain’s logo there is a button that says “PVM Blog.” • Just press it and you will be taken right to it. Just in a few short weeks more than 1,200 viewers have been enjoying what we have to offer. Come join the fun and become one of the most knowledgeable members of your social set.

Village of East Harbor Names Eatery After Late Resident Donor On February 8, 2019, The Village of East Harbor in Chesterfield Township held a ribbon cutting of Marguerite's Restaurant in memory of late resident Marguerite Nolan. Ms. Nolan was a resident of the village for nine years before her death in 2018. She bequeathed VEH with a donation from her estate. Marguerite was known for her flair and stylish persona. Thus, the celebration paid tribute to her with signature drinks and guests dressed in hats, a trademark of hers. In addition to Marguerite’s Restaurant, an ongoing tribute to Marguerite will include a decorative display of some of her accessories as a style icon. If you were unable to attend the ribbon cutting you can still pay tribute to Marguerite. Stop by for a tour of the restaurant and her accessories display. The new restaurant will be open to the public and is part of a larger remodeling project for the village. Remodeling began in January 2018 and concluded in December 2018 at a cost of $9 million. Work primarily included updates to the main building located by the village entrance. Memory care, assisted living and the main entry were among the areas updated. Cameron’s Café was created along with a new rehabilitation gym, and the health center received an upgrade and addition. This spring construction will begin on phase two, at a cost of $20 million dollars, and will include a mid-rise building and additional cottage homes. The repositioning of the Village of East Harbor will take us into the future as we anticipate ever-changing needs and desires of present and prospective residents.


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan



Spring/Summer 2019 |

PVM Board Meets at The Village of Oakland Woods The first PVM Board meeting of 2019 was held at The Village of Oakland Woods in Pontiac. A reception was held just prior to the board meeting with residents, which is customary for every meeting. This gave everyone an opportunity to network and allow residents the chance to share their thoughts with board members and staff. Attorney James LoPrete, a founder of The Village of Oakland Woods and for whom the community center was named, was a special guest for the evening. He was quite entertaining while blending history of the Village with humor. Mr. LoPrete also talked about the importance of this community to the overall surrounding community. UPPER LEFT: James LoPrete and Roger Myers, President and CEO; TOP RIGHT AND BOTTOM PHOTOS: Residents, Board Members, and Staff Members gather for the PVM Board meeting.

2019 PVM Governance Summit The theme for the 2019 PVM Governance Summit was “Best Practices in Dementia Care and Memory Loss.” Alzheimer's Association – Greater Michigan Chapter graciously hosted the summit at their headquarters in Southfield and gave several outstanding presentations on best practices. Brenda Roberts, director of Quality Assurance and Education for Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) and her husband, Mark, presented on how to enhance the wellbeing of persons living with dementia and Alzheimer's from both a personal and professional perspective. His dementa support dog also came along. Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology, along with their partner organization, TimeSlips, presented innovative ways to encourage creativity and joy for persons living with dementia. All of these practices utilize “habilitation” instead of “rehabilitation,” patient-directed as opposed to patient-centered care, and interventions that help reduce the need for medication. PVM prides itself on Service Excellence and compassionate care. This summit is part of an overall strategy to maintain a system-wide universal approach to “caring with” rather than “caring to” persons living with dementia and memory loss.

Presenters, Board Members, and Staff at the 2019 PVM Governance Summit.

SYSTEM-WIDE STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS AND INITIATIVES 2019 – 2021 MISSION: Guided by our Christian heritage, we serve seniors of all faiths and create new possibilities for quality living. VISION: To transform senior living and services and enhance the communities we serve. CORE PURPOSE: Our faith traditions call us to create diverse environments, programs and services where seniors are able to achieve the best possibilities and purposes in life.




• Assess & implement processes for new developments, agreements, affiliations & acquisitions • Assess the potential for restructuring select low income subsidized HUD-funded communities • Plan & implement the restructuring of select mixed income/affordable tax credit funded communities • Investigate models of care to serve individuals not able to pay for assisted living and do not require a nursing home • Expand & renew East Harbor, Westland, Perry Farm, Oakland Woods & McFarlan


• Achieve employer of choice designation • Improve operational & overall financial performance • Develop volunteer program • Raise more funds through system-wide engagement as part of the PVM Foundation strategic plan • Long-term capital plan that supports strategic plan directions & initiatives




• Support & grow CareSync, Metro In-Home & care management programs • Participate in new collaborations with colleges, universities & vocational education programs • Identify, assess, select & implement new HCBS opportunities • Support & grow Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)



• Assess, select & implement system-wide dementia care & memory loss philosophy & guiding principles • Constant improvement in resident, program and staff satisfaction results • Improvements in consumer engagement, support & loyalty • Improvements in results-focused competencies in sales & marketing • Meet & exceed expectations of management agreement partners • Assess, select & implement transportation philosophy and guiding principles to serve our diverse communities

Give now at pvmf.org or call the PVM Foundation at 248-281-2040.

Establish a technology group that will create, fund & implement system-wide initiatives:

Living well; Education of residents & caregivers; Standardize and streamline information sharing; Support implementation at Village level

Create, fund & implement a PVM v4.0 technology plan that incorporates all initiatives and ensures deployment of up to date infrastructure


6 | Spring/Summer 2019 Presbyterian Villages of Michigan





APARTMENTS AVAILABLE! Situated on 17 gorgeous acres lies Lynn Street Manor, an exceptional choice for senior living in Onaway. You’ll feel safe, secure and right at home living in one of our community’s 60 comfortable and cozy apartments.

Lynn Street Manor offers a full range of amenities, including: • Rent based on income • All utilities included • Elevator • Service coordinator • Secured entrance with a buzzer system • Plenty of parking • Some wheelchairaccessible units • Grocery and prescription delivery • Ambulance service nearby • Near downtown Onaway

•H igh-speed Internet on site • Pets allowed (restrictions apply) • Raised vegetable gardens •C ommunity room • Upper-level lounge • Laundry facilities • Pool table and exercise equipment •S enior nutrition center next door

State of Michigan Advisory Council on Aging Publishes Report on Volunteerism The State of Michigan has several vibrant advisory entities that give advice and counsel to the Michigan Aging & Adult Services Agency. The Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging provides public policy recommendations and monitors the many programs and services provided via Area Agencies on Aging which are funded by federal and state dollars. The provisions for this are set by the Older Americans Act and the Older Michiganians Act. The members of the commission are appointed by Michigan’s governor. The State Advisory Council on Aging focuses on issues related to aging services and selects a topic to work on annually. Members are approved by the commission. They recently published a report on Volunteerism titled “Volunteerism Is Ageless – It Spans a Lifetime.” To access this report go to https://www.michigan.gov/documents/osa/SAC_ Volunteerism_Report_November_29_2018_Final_639917_7.pdf. The report includes an executive summary. Audra Frye, Director of Sales & Marketing for PVM, is a member of the State Advisory Council. She was nominated for this position by The Senior Alliance as their representative. Many thanks to Audra for her leadership with this important work.

Explore the possibilities— we’re sure you’ll find what’s right for you or your loved one. Call 989.733.2661 to schedule your visit today!

Lynn Street Manor 4255 South Lynn Street • Onaway, MI 49765

Phone: 989.733.2661



Lynn Street Manor was made possible through funding from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that provides government subsidized housing. If you are 62 years of age or older and meet the specified income limits, your rent is based on 30% of your adjusted gross annual income. Services and programs are tailored to provide the very best in senior living.

Grow your own legacy When you make a charitable bequest in your will or living trust to help PVM seniors.


Without obligation, PVM Foundation would like to answer any questions you may have. Please call Paul Miller at 248.281.2045


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan




Spring/Summer 2019 |




We would like to provide an update on two recent awards which help to highlight the qualities for which PVM has become known:


Promising Practices PVM has been recognized by Mather Lifeways Institute for our collaborative role in the development of Thome Rivertown Neighborhood, an affordable senior living community that works to mitigate disparities in health care and housing to meet the needs of low-income minority older adults in Detroit. Many thanks to our partnering organizations – United Methodist Retirement Communities, PACE Southeast Michigan, and Henry Ford Health System – for making this community a success and a model of integrated care. Mather Lifeways Institute stated: “Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is a recognized leader and a model for other organizations to follow!” The Mather Lifeways Institute has partnered with a number of community organizations, academic institutions, health care organizations, and corporations in research endeavors. These partnerships are built on a solid foundation of education and experience, and reinforced with a passion for understanding aging issues. The goal of these endeavors is to equip senior living professionals with best practices and innovative techniques to better serve older adults. Nationally recognized for its contributions to the field of aging, Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging is a resource for those who serve older adults, providing research and information that positively impacts the lives of older adults. The Mather Lifeways Institute is committed to serving as a trusted resource in the field of aging services. In addition to conducting research, the Institute curates and interprets new research and emerging best practices, spreading information that can positively impact the lives of older adults and the workplaces of those who provide services.

The Village at Oakman Manor is made possible through a collaboration between PVM and Focus: HOPE, The Village of Oakman Manor offers affordable senior living in the heart of the city you love. With plenty of great on-site amenities like a fitness center, library/ computer room, mini theater, beauty shop, and transportation, residents of Oakman Manor enjoy low-maintenance living in the comfort of private one-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens and wall-to-wall carpet. Located adjacent to the Focus:HOPE Detroit campus, Oakman Manor is an active, engaging, and vibrant community you’ll be proud to call home.

The Village of Oakman Manor 14000 Woodrow Wilson Detroit, Michigan 48238

Call 313.957.0210 to schedule a your visit today! Welcome to

Alexander Recognized as a Notable Woman in Nonprofits by Crain's Detroit


Lynn Alexander, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer for PVM, was recently recognized by Crain’s Detroit with a Notable Women In Nonprofits Award. Recipients were nominated by their peers at work and in the community in recognition of building endowments, programming and relationships for the organizations they lead. Alexander has helped implement multiple new initiatives including wellness programming, caregiving resources and enhanced public advocacy and community outreach.

Leadership NOW Program in Flint


The Village of Redford is beautifully laid

Congratulations to Kelly Price, administrator at McFarlan Home in Flint, for her selection into Leadership Now, an introspective leadership development program offered through the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Genesee County. To learn more about Leadership NOW, visit https:www.flintandgenesee.org/leadership-now-kicks-off-fifth-cohort-with18-genesee-county-professionsals/. Kelly is a Certified Assisted Living Director, with over 15 years of experience in both acute and long-term care. Under Kelly’s leadership, McFarlan has created a culture that embraces resident-centered care. Kelly has also developed a robust staff development and engagement program along with mentoring interns from local, state and international universities.


out just minutes from the heart of Redford, The Village of Redford offers 33-acres of scenic independent senior living all on the comfort of one campus. The Villa, featuring one- and twobedroom apartments each with a balcony or patio, provides the independence you seek with the comfort of knowing friends and amenities are just a door away. The Cottages offer modern spacious accommodations, with one- and two-bedroom living spaces with available attached garages or available carports. The Village offers all of this within walking distance of the Redford Library, municipal golf course, churches, and some of the Township’s best shopping and dining.

The Village of Redford

25340 West Six Mile Road Redford, Michigan 48240-2015

Call 313.541.6300 to schedule a your visit today!


26200 Lahser Rd., Suite 300 Southfield, MI 48033-7157

248.281.2020 www.pvm.org

PVM Serves Seniors in Villages and Communities throughout Michigan Alpena Alpena Pines 989.278.4250 Battle Creek The Village of Mill Creek 269.962.0605 Bay City The Village of Hampton Meadows 989.892.1912 Chesterfield The Village of East Harbor 586.725.6030 Clinton Township The Village of Peace Manor 586.790.4500

Detroit Delta Manor 313.259.5140 Hartford Village 313.270.9700 The Thome Rivertown Neighborhood 313.259.9000 The Village of Bethany Manor 313.894.0430 The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley 313.832.9922 The Village of Harmony Manor 313.934.4000 The Village of Oakman Manor 313.957.0210 The Village of St. Martha’s 313.582.8088 The Village of University Meadows 313.831.6440 The Village of Woodbridge Manor 313.494.9000 Flint McFarlan Villages 810.235.3077

Villages* PACE Southeast Michigan** PACE Central Michigan***

Harbor Springs Onaway

* Some villages and programs are in collaboration with other organizations


** In collaboration with Henry Ford Health System *** In collaboration with Michigan Masonic Home



Bay City

Fort Gratiot Township

Flint Holly


For more information about a Village near you visit www.pvm.org or call 248.281.2020

Battle Creek Jackson

Chesterfield Clinton Township Township Pontiac Warren Redford Westland

Fort Gratiot Township The Village of Lake Huron Woods 810.385.9516 Gibraltar The Village of Gibraltar Manor 734.676.4802 Harbor Springs The Village of Hillside 231.526.7108 Perry Farm Village 231.526.1500 Holly The Village of Holly Woodlands 248.634.0592 Jackson The Villages of Spring Meadows 517.788.6679 Vista Grande Villa 517.787.0222 Kalamazoo The Village of Sage Grove 269.567.3300 Onaway Lynn Street Manor 989.733.2661 Pontiac The Village of Oakland Woods 248.334.4379 Redford The Village of Redford 313.541.6000 Rosebush The Village of Rosebush Manor 989.433.0150 Southfield The Park at Franklin 248.353.2810 The Park at Trowbridge 248.352.0208 St. Clair Shores Lakeshore Senior Living 586.218.6228 Warren The Village of Warren Glenn 586.751.5090 Westland The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor 734.595.4663 The Village of Westland 734.728.5222


St. Clair Shores

Dearborn Gibraltar

Embrace the Possibilities

PACE Southeast Michigan Dearborn, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren & Thome Rivertown Neighborhood 855.445.4554 PACE Central Michigan 833.532.6981 CareSync Solutions 248.773.4550 Metro In-Home Solutions 313.297.1342 Bay Connect 231.526.7108

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