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2013 Accomplishments Serving Seniors and Communities www.pvm.org

PVM Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Guided by our Christian heritage, we serve seniors of all faiths and create new possibilities for quality living.

Vision Statement

To be the leader in senior living and to enhance the communities we serve.

Beliefs and Values

We believe in and are passionately committed to: • serving seniors and positively transforming senior living. • delivering ever-improving quality to everyone we serve. • meaningful engagement of dedicated staff and volunteers. • highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. • being respectful, inclusive and welcoming to those we serve. • responsible stewardship of resources. • effective communication. • wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Executive Leadership EXECUTIVE TEAM Roger L. Myers, President/CEO

SENIOR LEADERSHIP Kesha Akridge, Director of Housing

Joanne Robinson, Senior Vice President of Operations/COO

Kathy M. Bartz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Brian W. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Development/CFO

Cheryl Carney, Vice President of Housing

LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development Lynn Alexander, Vice President, Public Affairs and President/CEO of Your Aging Well Advisors Paul Miller, President, PVM Foundation

Bobie Clement, Director of Annual Giving and Campaign Management Donald C. House, Vice President of Finance Megan Keup, Director, Philanthropy Operations Nathan D. Keup, Director of Real Estate Development Carrie Moon-Dupree, Vice President of Risk Management and Quality Amy Smyth, Project Director Ken Trastevere, Technology Specialist Tom Wyllie, Director of Wellness

Prepared by the PVM Management Team, February 2014 Photos on front cover, clockwise: Village of Westland, 2013 Victory Cup Winners; Opening of Rivertown Neighborhood; Village Residents; TCU at Village of Redford; Residents at Village of East Harbor)

February, 2014


Dear PVM Friends and Colleagues,

2014 System-wide Strategic Objectives PVM System-wide Accomplishments Community Connections PVM Foundation Village of Bethany Manor Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley Village of East Harbor Village of Hampton Meadows Village of Harmony Manor Village of Hillside Village of Holly Woodlands Village of Mill Creek Village of Oakland Woods Village of Oakman Manor Village of Our Saviour’s Manor Village of Peace Manor Village of Perry Farm Village of Redford Villa of Redford Village of Rosebush Manor Village of Sage Grove Village of St. Martha’s Village of Spring Meadows Village of Warren Glenn Village of Westland Village of Woodbridge Manor Summary of PVM Collaborations/ Alpena Village, Gibraltar Manor and Lake Huron Woods 2014 System-wide Strategic Objectives Public Policy Committee FREDDD and TESSS

This was certainly a year for the history books at PVM! With the opening of Rivertown Neighborhood and Community Connections of Michigan with the first chapter in Greater Midtown Detroit, as well as other innovations at all of our villages, we have demonstrated our commitment to providing an array of services to allow seniors and community members to “age in community”. With the increasing pace of change in our society, we face many challenges as well as tremendous opportunities to shape the future of aging and to make Michigan “The Best Place To Age.” Creating a future for us all involves courage, compassion and creativity. Innovation must be at the core of all we do, along with honoring our mission, beliefs and values. Many thanks to our Board members, staff, donors, volunteers, collaborators and partners in this important work. It is your dedication and service that continues to position us as a leader. Together we serve seniors and build stronger communities. What we do matters!

With Appreciation,

Roger L. Myers President and CEO Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

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2012 – 2014 System-wide Strategic Goals and 2013 Strategic Objectives Approved by the PVM Board of Directors on 9/27/12 The emphasis on our commitment to Service Excellence, to the Quality First Covenant; and, to delivering Ever-Improving Value to our customers is incorporated as a key priority in all facets of PVM’s system-wide accommodations, services, programs, care and relationships 1. Be a Provider of Choice 1.1 I ncrease the participation in engagement/satisfaction surveys for both residents and employees by a minimum of 5% over 2012 levels and increase ultimate question* scores for residents and employees by a minimum of 2% system-wide. (PVM-SW & V) 1.2 Identify one system-wide priority item from the 2012 My Innerview resident satisfaction survey by 2/28/13 and implement a system-wide plan to address by 12/31/13. (PVM-SW & V) 1.3 Each Village will identify one Village specific priority item from the 2012 My Innerview resident satisfaction survey by 3/31/13 and implement a Village specific plan to address by 12/31/13. (V) 2. Develop and Expand the Provision of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) 2.1 Identify, develop and implement a strategy for providing or accessing a minimum of one new home health, care and/or supportive service at each Village in order to facilitate residents aging in community by 12/31/13. (V) 2.2 Implement the business plan and programs of the Hannan-PVM Strategic Alliance and Village Network, and provide measurable results by 10/31/13 with business strategies developed for sustainability. Apply for at least $500,000 in additional funding by 12/31/13. (PVM-SW) 3. Strengthen Philanthropy Through Broadening Our Donor Base of Support 3.1 Each Village will increase their donor base by 10% and increase their fundraising totals by 20% for the 2013 Friends and Family Appeal over 2012 levels. (V) 3.2 PVM will achieve 80% of campaign goal system-wide by 12/31/13 ($12 million) (PVM-SW & V) 4. Enhance the Engagement and Development of Employees 4.1 Continue implementation of Service Excellence What I Do Matters focusing on specific skills by 4/30/13, with 95% of PVM employees completing a minimum of two Service Excellence skills development sessions during 2013. (PVM-SW & V) 4.2 Develop and launch leadership development training in support of Service Excellence by 4/30/13 with 95% of supervisors, managers and executives completing the training by 12/31/13. (PVM-SW & V) 4.3 Each Village will develop and implement at least one employee wellness program by 12/31/13. (PVM-SW & V) 5. Strengthen Financial Capacity 5.1 Achieve a system-wide 1.35 debt service coverage ratio for managed entities and improve Obligated Group days cash on hand to 130 days. (PVM-SW & V) 5.2 Execute Task Force strategies and finalize efforts by June 2013 on Redford, Perry Farm and PVM Corporate to realize a combined $1 million improvement in operating gains in fiscal year 2013. (PVM-SW & Specific Villages) 5.3 PVM system-wide occupancy levels will increase by 1.5% and waiting lists will improve by 5% over 2012 averages. (PVM-SW & V) 6. Enhance and Expand Facilities 6.1 Each Village will identify at least three specific and feasible actions by 4/30/13 to implement by 10/31/13 that will enhance existing facilities, with at least one having a direct impact on improved financial performance. (V) 6.2 Based on the mission/economic return assessment process, effective execution of the expansion plans at Rivertown Neighborhood, East Harbor and Hillside, along with due diligence and execution of selected new facility developments. (PVM-SW and Specific Villages)


7. Strengthen Advocacy, Communication and Public Relations 7.1 All Board Members will participate in at least one system-wide session that is focused on advocacy, communication and/or public relations during 2013. (PVM-SW & V) 7.2 Each Village will host at least one elected and/or other public official at their Village in 2013. (V) 7.3 PVM will develop a system-wide public and media relations plan and each Village will develop corresponding strategies that define their local advocacy, community, and public relations by 3/31/13, to be implemented 4/1/13 – 12/ 31/13. (PVM-SW & V) 7.4 Develop and implement a system-wide strategy to increase the number and engagement of volunteers. (PVM-SW & V) Key Indicating Priority Accountability for Objective: PVM-SW = Presbyterian Villages of Michigan System-wide Objective V = Village Objective *Ultimate Question - Residents: Would you recommend the Village to others as a place to live? - Employees: Would you recommend the Village to others as a place to work?


Major Accomplishments: 2013 The listings in the following pages represent selected accomplishments across PVM-affiliated organizations and support functions during the 2013 calendar year. There are hundreds of additional accomplishments beyond these bulleted items. All accomplishments ensure the future of PVM and improve the lives of the seniors we serve.

Board Chair: Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D. President and CEO: Roger L. Myers

Guided by our Christian heritage since 1945, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) has been a leader in quality senior housing and services. Today, PVM currently serves more than 4,300 seniors and has 26 senior living communities including continuing care retirement communities (apartments, assisted living, and skilled nursing all on one campus), affordable senior housing, market rate senior housing, and a growing array of communitybased programs.

Significant Accomplishments (System-Wide) in 2013: • Launch of Rivertown Neighborhood. • Steady increases in the participant enrollment at the Center for Senior Independence (CSI), which is a Program of the All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). • Continued outstanding results of comprehensive state-wide campaign and success in reaching fundraising goals. • Launch of Transitional Care Units at Redford and East Harbor. • Launch of Community Connections of Michigan and first chapter in Greater Midtown Detroit.

• Achieved strong advocacy in Lansing and Washington, D.C. • Continued implementation of the Strategic Alliance for Aging in Community, with the notable addition of The University of Michigan as a collaborative partner. • Adopted our system-wide Diversity and Inclusion Plan, and made significant progress toward implementation. • Continued effective progress in the system-wide implementation of Service Excellence.

Other Significant Accomplishments: • Hosted a successful grand-opening event at Rivertown Neighborhood in partnership with United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) and Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). • Achieved strong regulatory compliance performance with numerous state and federal agencies. • Highlighted the value of PVM on a local, state and national level via media and tours. • Hosted numerous events in partnership with the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging, Michigan


State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), Rivertown Association, Wayne State Institute of Gerontology, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the National Learning Collaborative. • Gave numerous presentations and hosted many meetings for local, regional and statewide organizations. • Achieved excellent progress with regard to strategic goals and objectives. (Continued)


Facilities Advancement and Finance: Brian W. Carnaghi, Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Development/CFO; Donald C. House, Vice President of Finance Significant Accomplishments: • Launched Rivertown Neighborhood Phase I and began Phase II. • Began work on Cottage conversion project at Redford. • Fitch Ratings affirmed our BB+ rating and our Outlook as stable. • Updated policy on reserves/adjustments for facilities advancement pre-development advances, due from related party, and other investments. • Managed financial targets for 2014 PVM Strategic Plan, and 2014 budgets for operating, routine capital, and use of cash available from operations. • Planned and developed the Redford Cottages $16 million conversion to an affordable housing project. • Performed the following actions for Rivertown Neighborhood, as follows: • PVM guarantee for City HOME retainage. • $1.273 million in additional City HOME financing for assisted living.

• $ 554,000 in additional City HOME financing for assisted living. • Monitor risk assessment/mitigation profile and performance. • Monitored progress of AVLLC, Perry Farm, and Redford workouts and repositionings, including receiving Perry Farm Task Force recommendations, and support for ET’s recommendation on the “buy all strategy.” • Monitored PVM OG financial performance and forecasts, cash position and forecasts, Redford receivables/reserves, and PVM Corporate receivables and other investments and related reserves, including support of ET’s recommendation on the equity transfers for Perry Farm and AVLLC entities.

Housing: Kesha Akridge, Director of Housing; Cheryl Carney, Vice President of Housing Significant Accomplishments: • Compliance – Continued to maintain Satisfactory and Above Average scores for all external HUD and MSHDA audits. • Implemented an upgrade in a new version of our housing software with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of Village staff. • Formed new partnership with UMRC staff on the Rivertown Neighborhood project and assisted in the lease-up of new tax credit units. • Developed and implemented budget workshop to train administrators on how to prepare budgets and streamline the budget process and submission. • Tracked and documented 2013 Strategic Goals and

Objectives for PVM system-wide. • Worked with Risk Management to develop a team (Quality of Village Life) to address the emergency response issues surrounding the Detroit Villages. Relationships were developed with first responders and the response issues have improved. • Service Excellence – Formed an ad hoc committee to support the Villages in addressing residents’ concerns with management responsiveness. • Secured grants from the Foundation for the housing sites to implement activities to foster new and improved relationships among residents.



Human Resources: LaDonna Holley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development Significant Accomplishments: • 62 employees participated in Service Excellence training. • 98% of PVM employees completed Respect and Diversity and Inclusion professional development sessions.

• 95% of PVM supervisors, managers, and executives participated in leadership development training in support of Service Excellence.

Marketing: Kathy M. Bartz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Significant Accomplishments: • Standardized and branded Village newsletters and Village Life. • Created Service Excellence communications materials and marketing posters, fliers, and HTML e-mail blasts. • Designed all marketing materials for Hartford

Village, hired and trained sales consultant and created and managed marketing budget. • Created marketing and sales tools for Transitional Care Units. • Completed Rivertown Neighborhood lease-up initiative and marketing materials.

Public Affairs: Lynn Alexander, Vice President, Public Affairs and President/CEO of Your Aging Well Advisors Significant Accomplishments: • Launched the Public Policy Committee and developed the governance structure. • Assumed a lead role in the successful Rivertown Neighborhood grand-opening event. • Successfully completed work of the Elder Abuse Work Group for the Michigan Attorney General. • Hosted a successful CEU training with 120 participants in partnership with the Wayne State Institute of Gerontology and the Interfaith Health and Hope Coalition. • Hosted several community and statewide meetings

at Rivertown Neighborhood, including a Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging meeting and public hearing, a Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Board meeting, and a Rivertown Association Board meeting. • Assisted with rebranding of the PVM website, collateral and the Village newsletters. • Produced several well-received publications, including the Annual Report and PVM Outlook newsletters.

Risk Management: Carrie Moon-Dupree, Vice President of Risk Management and Quality Significant Accomplishments: • Significantly upgraded Corporate Compliance program to allow PVM to be in compliance. • Implemented Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion checklist process.

• Completed the Rivertown Operations/manual. • Reviewed CPR/AED policies and facilitated discussion.



Technology: Ken Trastevere, Interim Chief Technology Officer Significant Accomplishments: • Added a new SAN (Storage Area Network) to the PVM network, which added 12 Terabytes of storage. • Successfully launched Rivertown’s New Platinum Care System, with Intelligent Paging between floors and e-mail notifications. • Launched EMR – WOW (Electronic Medical Records – Workstations on Wheels) at East Harbor and Redford.

• PMWorx went mobile. Maintenance employees now have tablets to make additions and complete work requests. • Successfully upgraded our Accounting Software MAS200. • Continued to migrate all PCs and laptops to Windows 7. Now 85% complete.

Wellness: Tom Wyllie, Director of Wellness Significant Accomplishments: • Initiated Wellness Words, a weekly wellness tip e-mailed to PVM employees. Tips focus on simple ways employees can improve their health and wellbeing. Employees have responded favorably. • The 2013 Village Victory Cup was the largest to date, in terms of numbers of Villages and residents that participated. Over 300 residents engaged in a fun-filled day of fellowship and friendly competition made possible through the help of over 50 volunteers. • Administered a contract PVM had with the Area Agency on Aging 1-B to provide evidence-based disease prevention/health promotion programs to older adult residents of Oakland and Macomb counties. We provided over 900 hours of service at 12 different locations and served 98 older adults, 45% of whom had income levels at or below the poverty level.

• Administered a contract PVM had with The Senior Alliance to provide evidence-based disease prevention/health promotion programs to older adult residents of Wayne County (outside Detroit). These 161 sessions of Enhance Fitness (an aerobic exercise program specifically designed for seniors) at the Village of Our Saviour’s Manor and the Villa at Redford served 70 residents, of which 41% were minorities with incomes at or below the poverty level. • Presented at the 2013 American Society on Aging Annual Aging in America Conference. The title of the presentation was “The PVM Village Victory Cup – Stealth Wellness in Action.”


26200 Lahser Road Southfield, MI 482033-7175 734.787.2007 Project Director: Amy Smyth Coordinator: Karen Love

Community Connections is a community-based, member-driven network that connects you to trusted information, valued services, and enriching relationships. Significant Accomplishments: • Launched the first chapter of Community Connections in Greater Midtown and began cultivation of two future sites for 2014 (Westland and Harbor Springs). • The PVM/Hannan partnership was selected for and participated in The National Learning Collaborative for Housing with Services based on its work with Community Connections. • Revamped the volunteer policies and procedures for PVM and streamlined the process for volunteers to engage with PVM Home Office, the Foundation, and the Villages. • Trained three MSW interns and acclimated them to the development of Community Connections. • Developed relationships with representatives in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

community that led to speaking opportunities at an annual Michigan Summit as well as at the National Village Gathering. • Provided leadership to the development of the Michigan Coalition of Villages, which grew from four village networks (one open, three in development) to seven village networks (six open, one in development). • ShareCare, the first “village network” model in the country and in existence for 20 years, invited representatives from Community Connections of Michigan (PVM and Hannan) to share the CCM strategy with the ShareCare Board of directors and to consider how the organizations might more closely work together in the future.

Community Benefit, Social Accountability and Advocacy: • Supported three interns from University of Michigan School of Social Work (including one Public Health double major). • Served as a collaborator for research for the UM School of Social Work, which engaged many students beyond the interns who interviewed over 300 PVM residents. • Cheryl Sonnenberg, Volunteer Specialist, organized a Home Office volunteer event at Forgotten Harvest.


• Continued to serve senior community in leadership roles for Michigan Coalition of Villages and National Learning Collaborative. • Made educational presentations for several groups, including Michigan Older Adult LGBT Summit, National Village Gathering. • Provided a advocacy forum, working with Sue Mosey, CEO of Midtown Inc., for Midtown residents to discuss changes in Midtown.

Board Chair: Robert V. Peterson President: Paul J. Miller, CFRE

The PVM Foundation is a 501(C) (3) organization that advances the PVM Mission by providing philanthropic support for resident emergency needs, innovative services and wellness programs for residents and seniors throughout the state. Significant Accomplishments: • Extended, expanded and refocused the Statewide Comprehensive Campaign, with the goal of raising $27 million by the end of 2017. Funds raised will support the original goals of the campaign as well as the following major projects: Rivertown Neighborhood, The Village of East Harbor Health and Wellness Center and Northern Michigan Bridging Communities Project. Each of the major projects has seen great progress including the recruitment of Chairs and Co-Chairs for each project’s Fundraising Steering Committee and over 20 new Fundraising Steering Committee members. • Provided over $1.9 million in grant funding to Villages and PVM-related projects and programs.

• Achieved 91% of the Comprehensive Campaign Goal of $13.6 million through significant annual, major, planned gifts and grants, including a $2 million grant for Rivertown Neighborhood from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation in partnership with collaborators. • Most successful year for the Friends and Family Appeal, which raised $125,415, an increase of 58% from 2012. • Exceeded budgeted goals for special events – the 10th Annual It’s A Wonderful Life Gala ($250,000 gross goal; $275,000 actual gross) and the 3rd Annual Inspire Possibilities Breakfast ($100,000 gross goal; $127,680 actual gross).

Community Outreach and Social Accountability: • Provided over $194,000 in funding to residents and staff through the PVM Benevolence Fund, Resident Assistance Fund and Kleemann Help Fund. • Sponsored and participated in more than 10 Village and community events, including the Village Victory Cup, Friends and Family Kick-Off Parties, Forgotten Harvest Volunteer Day, Grantmakers in Aging Conference, and Association of Fundraising Professionals National Philanthropy Day. • Staff participated as members, volunteers and

Board leadership in more than 10 community organizations, including Presbyterian Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (PAHSA), Council of Michigan Foundations, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Saint Peters Catholic Church, Citadel of Praise and more. • Provided six Lunch and Learn educational workshops for residents, family and community members.

PVM Foundation Success Story: Through Resident Assistance funding, PVM has provided small assistance opportunities ($300 or under per resident) that have truly changed lives. This past year, a resident who wrote an essay for the It’s a Wonderful Life Gala that described a significant decade of her life was selected as one of the winners. She was awarded a complimentary ticket to attend the gala, but did not have the financial capability to purchase appropriate clothing. Thanks to the Resident Assistant Fund, the resident, with help from the Village Administrator, was able to purchase a beautiful dress. She attended the gala and experienced a night she will always remember. This is just one example that illustrates how philanthropy truly impacts residents and how the PVM Foundation strives each day to make Michigan the best place to age for seniors and their families.


8737 Fourteenth Street Detroit, MI 48206-2203 313.894.0430 Administrator: Carmen Thomas Board Chair: Bunia Parker

The Village of Bethany Manor opened in 1997 and was PVM’s first community built in the City of Detroit. It is located in Detroit’s historic Virginia Park neighborhood and features 51 one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom apartment. It provides government-subsidized senior housing and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: Our Village succeeded in the following accomplishments: • Awarded two grants for two important projects: an overhead paging system and our first piece of exercise equipment (Nu-Step). • Refreshed our space with new paint throughout the interior and the addition of modern artwork in the front office and lobby, which presents a fresh, new look.

• Exceeded our 2013 Strategic Objective goals by increasing our donor base by 79% and our Friends and Family base by 75%. Met goal for responses to Resident Satisfaction Survey.

Community Benefit: • Served as a MiCAFE site. • Held an Understanding Your State Entitlements Programs seminar (Medicaid A and B). • Held its first meeting for a Men’s Support Group.

• Co-hosted along with Wayne County Community College a “Motown Tunes” event, which was open to the public.

A Story About Community Benefit An elderly woman who lives in the community came in to seek help from our Service Coordinator Emily Edwards. After sharing her story with Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Edwards came to me and inquired if we could put a care package together for the elderly woman and the grandchildren that she is raising. We collected donations of all sorts and Mrs. Edwards delivered the package to her home and was greeted with much surprise and appreciation.


2900 Brush Street Detroit, MI 48201-3104 313.832.9922 Administrator: Jannie Scott Board Chair: E. Kern Tomlin

The Village opened in 2001 and is located in Detroit’s historic Brush Park community. It was built as a collaborative venture between PVM, the Brush Park Development Corporation and the Joint Fraternal Development Corporation, which included Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; and Most Worshipful King David Grand Lodge AF & AM, Inc.. It provides government-subsidized senior housing and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Detroit Free Press interview of three residents at Brush Park who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in celebration of the 50th year of the March. • Several programs for resident benefit were hosted at Brush Park: Six week Path Program for the residents of Brush Park Manor on how to live a healthy life with chronic conditions and Detroit Medical Center “Big Shot” Program providing flu

shots to residents and to those in need in the local community. • Added new furniture and carpet for the library and new furniture for the common areas. • 100% giving by the Board to the Foundation. • Employee won the Spirit of Giving award from the PVM Foundation.

Community Benefit: • Administrator served on the Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) Advisory Council and was appointed chairperson, serving a two-year term. This allowed the administrator to interact with many organizations to advocate and broaden awareness for Brush Park and PVM. • Made blankets for babies at Henry Ford Hospital. • Brush Park donated their used lobby furniture to other organizations and their residents. • Many groups met monthly at Brush Park, which broadens the awareness of Brush Park; PVM-AARP;

Shelton TAPPS; Brush Park one, two and three; Brotherhood; Silhouettes and Kappas; King David Masonic Lodge. • The residents at Brush Park interacted with medical students and pharmacy students on a regular basis from Wayne State University, through health screenings and interviews. • Residents raised and donated funds to assist the Salvation Army. • Brush Park continued its tradition of donating Tiger tickets to other senior organizations.

Stories About Community Benefit: A former resident heard that blankets were needed for preemies at Hutzel Hospital and decided to get involved. At that time, she asked other residents if they would be interested in making the blankets. The project grew where every Tuesday the craft room was filled with ladies sewing, laughing and having a wonderful time. Blankets were either made by hand or machine, all of which are beautiful. Material was donated by AARP and the Kiwanis Organization to help support this cause. Each year, Henry Ford throws a baby shower and invites residents, who are thanked by the staff for their efforts. After purchasing new furniture for Brush Park Manor, the former furniture from the common areas was donated to the residents at Rivertown Assisted Living and Second Canaan Senior Housing for their lobby and their residents. The residents of Second Canaan sent a thank you card to Brush Park to let us know how appreciative they were that they can now sit in their lobby area.


33875 Kiely Drive Chesterfield, MI 48047-3604 586.725.6030 Executive Director: David Miller Administrator: Joan Sonnenberg Board Chair: Dr. Aaron Lundgaard

The Village of East Harbor is a continuing care retirement community on a beautiful 44-acre wooded campus. Its first phase opened in 1978 and features eight Cottage Homes, 70 Independent Living apartments/duplexes, 45 Assisted Living units, 33 Memory Care units and 90 Skilled Nursing beds. Significant Accomplishments: • Created a Transitional Care Unit that embraces the Clint Maun Lemke initiative. The nursing center was “redesigned” to handle more complex residents and increase therapy space. A special super team was formed to implement the 12-week initiative. At the end of that period, Medicare numbers stabilized. • The Health Care Unit successfully implemented electronic charting with certified nurse aides.

• The Claire Damone fall prevention grant decreased our fall rate by 50%. The staff continues to embrace the concept. • Secured a citation-free survey at The Village of East Harbor Home for the Aged. • Received yet another 5 Star Rating under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines.

Community Benefit: • Served as a training site for nursing students from Oakland University, Wayne State University, Macomb Community College, Baker College, and St Clair Community College – also for Kashi students for certified nurse aide training. • McLaren Macomb and Henry Ford Macomb Hospital had rotating physician interns work with our physicians. • Collected personal items, such as toothpaste, and mailed care packages to military service men and women. • Hosted the Michigan Works program. • Hosted the Senior Companions Volunteer Program. • Made baby blankets that were donated to local hospitals. • Collected hats, scarves and mittens for the needy.

• Provided space for AARP free tax service. • Provided education and support, free-of-charge, to the following community events and programs: • Chesterfield Senior blood pressure checks • Flu shots for New Baltimore and Chesterfield • Parkinson’s monthly support group • Alzheimer’s monthly support group • Meet the experts, speakers monthly on healthy topics for seniors in the community and village. • Veterans VA benefit speaker Macomb County area • Holiday Bazaar • Family picnic and classic car show • Wayne State speakers for the healthy brain Series • Food Service monthly programs on the healthy brain eating habits • Health and Wellness expo

A Story About Community Benefit: A Memorial was held in our Kleeman Chapel. The baby was named Jack, after Great-Grandpa Jack, a former village resident. A first child, a first grandchild, a first great-grandchild eagerly expected by a loving circle of family and friends. He came suddenly amidst an unexpected complication late in his mother’s pregnancy. Jack’s birth came at 2:52 on a Saturday afternoon; and in that fleeting minute he died. Just as the heavens opened her arms to receive Jack, the Village opened its arms to embrace this young couple and family in recognizing his short life through this memorial service. Since it was held in the Kleemann Chapel, Great-Grandpa Jack was able to attend.


700 North Pine Road Bay City, MI 48708 989.892.1912 Administrator: Stephanie Cooper Board Chair: Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Weenink

This Village opened in May 2008 and is a collaborative venture between Wellspring Lutheran Services and PVM. It features 50 government-subsidized and one market-rate two-bedroom apartment. Significant Accomplishments: • Raised our Friends and Family fundraising goal this year by 71%. We were able to raise more money this year than any other previous year and we are so excited about it. • Connective sidewalk installed that leads to the main city walk on Pine Rd. and it also passes by the front of the gazebo. • We are partnered with First Presbyterian Church to have their Hands and Feet Program children come to the community a few times each year. This year they were able to dig the sod in preparation for the installation of the new sidewalk. We have also had children come to us with the Week of Hope program and with the Hands and Feet program from Grace

Chapel in Waterford. They help the residents with chores that they may be unable to do on their own. • In August, we completely upgraded our personal help button system throughout the building and each resident received a new button with improved functionality. • Maintained relationships with local business and community leaders; encouraged their visits to our community to speak with residents and share information. Guests included Lutheran Homes of Michigan, Americans Home Health and Hospice Care, Michigan Attorney General’s Senior Brigade, Hampton Township Fire Dept.

Community Benefit: • Served as a site for yearly community flu shots in partnership with Wellspring Lutheran Services. • Offered our Village “free of charge” to community groups so they could hold meetings or events (we continue to work with Board members to contact local organizations to let them know our space is available). • Hosted The Bay City Players Theater Group and The Bay City Recyclables. • Donated used items to The Cat’s Meow Thrift Store to others in need in the community.

• Gathered food and toiletry items from staff and residents for donation to a local food bank—The Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. • Provided a drop-off site for the Bay County Toys for Tots Program. • Administrator is active in the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and participates with The Rotary Club of Bay City and the Bay Area YMCA. • Provided a drop-off site for food commodities provided by the Mid-Michigan Community Action Agency.

A Story About Community Benefit: We have now been collecting food items for a few years for the local homeless shelter, The Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. The residents feel very proud of what they have accomplished in knowing that they are helping someone more in need than they are. They have asked their friends and family for assistance with our efforts also. Together we have been able to gather two to three large boxes of food, toiletries and personal items for them every time we collect food. We also receive thank you letters from the rescue mission thanking us for our efforts. These are displayed at the mailboxes for all of the residents to see. They are proud that their efforts have truly helped others in need, and are looking to help additional groups, such as the military and “adopt a family” in 2014. The spirit of giving brings them together and they truly enjoy giving back to our community.


15050 Birwood Detroit, MI 48238 313.934.4000 Administrator: Linda Wilcox Board Chair: Charles Reese

This Village opened in 2005 and features 43 one-bedroom apartments. It provides government-subsidized senior housing and service coordination. The Michigan Black Presbyterian Caucus is a Village co-sponsor. Significant Accomplishments: • Received Helen Morrison Leasing Award for achieving highest system-wide occupancy. • Awarded Honor of Community Outreach Appreciation from Oak Grove African Methodist Church. • Increased Board membership by 10% and welcomed two new members. • Increased community involvement to the Village with Northwest Activity Center through the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church/PVM Collaboration by providing tours of Harmony to active Hartford

• • •

Church members wanting more information on senior living and PVM. Introduced residents and seniors in surrounding community to Center for Senior Independence (CSI), which is a PACE program. Launched First “Getting to Know You” forum to address Management Responsiveness. Increased Friends and Family Donor base while increasing giving by 121% and overall giving by 26%. Hosted a “Getting to Know You” forum with residents, Board and staff participation.

Community Benefit: • Continues to offer a computer training program for our seniors and seniors in our surrounding neighborhood who may want to learn more about computer usage or advance their existing computer skills. • Volunteered with former teachers from Detroit Public School to teach basic computer and social media skills to residents, resident family members and care givers. • Served as a site for The Detroit Public Library Book Mobile drop-off site.

• New Mount Moriah Church and the 3-B Birwood Block Club hosted monthly meetings for community involvement and safety meetings. • Through Tenet Healthcare and Sinai Grace Hospital, Harmony hosted its annual “Big Shot” free flu shots to our residents, seniors in the surrounding community and to the general public. • Provided a host site for the MiCafe Government state assistance programs. • Donated new, low-cost items to community COTS shelter.

A Story About Community Benefit: One of our residents moved into the community not wanting to socialize, not getting out to the activities, and not getting any fresh air. She was still upset that her family “put her in a group home.” After months of trying to find out what it would take for this new resident to feel like she was a part of this great community, we were coming up short every time. One afternoon, a staff member asked her if she could watch the front door and let the mailman back in when he came back from his truck picking up packages. She agreed, waited, and let him back in. Something this simple made a great impact. Our resident started coming down to the lobby at the same time every day to watch for the mailman. This now engaged resident began to knit in the same spot everyday. After the staff began to admire her knitting, we were able to convince her to join in the 2013 Harmony Manor Mind, Body, and Spirit contest. Her knitting won second place. The blankets, hats, scarves and mittens are all donated to the COTS shelter. Our resident, who has been knitting for generations, found her niche in the community and is now keeping our hearts and residents warm.


311 W. Main Street Harbor Springs, MI 49740-1444 231.526.7108 Executive Director: Mary Catherine Hannah Board Chair: Webb Martin

The Village of Hillside opened in April of 1998 and offers affordable independent living that provides for an active lifestyle. The one-and-two bedroom apartments are located under one roof, with a centrally located community center for all residents to enjoy. Significant Accomplishments: • Instituted “Coffee with Mary Catherine” once a month as an opportunity for residents to have an open forum for discussion with management and each other. • Service Coordinator worked to get volunteers from local churches to come and provide rides for residents who wish to attend services. • Worked with Efficiency United and local utility provider, City of Harbor Springs, and was able to replace two old refrigerators in units with high efficiency models.

• Hired Service Coordinator to work on campus facilitating access to services and working on new educational and social initiatives. • Progress made on Hillside Phase I renovation project. New renderings complete and process has begun to receive necessary approvals from city for project; fundraising committee reconstituted and underway. • Two new volunteers have started projects at Hillside with great success.

Community Benefit: • Served as host site for The Friendship Center of Harbor Springs, which is an area senior center providing low costs congregate meals, transportation services and social and educational programs. • Hosted exercise classes two times a week for residents and community members in Wellness Room. • Residents volunteered for the Harbor Springs

Chamber of Commerce, assisted with mailing and made over 400 Christmas stocking ornaments for the Home for the Holiday Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Harbor Springs. The ornaments are given out to the children who attend. • One of our residents volunteers through RSVP as a driver, taking residents to appointments and shopping.

A Story About Community Benefit: One of our residents has suffered from macular degeneration and has struggled with losing her vision over the past couple of years. Due to her advocacy and working with the staff and our new Service Coordinator we have been able to make the connections to begin a Low Vision Support group in Harbor Springs. This group will work to bring together seniors in the area who are suffering from low vision issues to offer resources, services, aids and support.


3325 Grange Hall Road Holly, MI 48442-1003 248.634.0592 Administrator: Deanna Coggins Board Chair: William Walters

The Village opened in 1991 with 70 one-bedroom apartments. In 1998, an additional 50 one-bedroom apartments were added. The Village provides government-subsidized senior housing and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Achieved 100% Board giving for Friends and Family. • Maintained full occupancy despite 26 turnovers. • Raised over $12,500 for Friends and Family to go

toward a new bus with a wheelchair lift. • Received a donation of a van with a wheelchair lift to provide additional transportation.

Community Benefit: • Hosted a site for AARP tax service that provided free service to our residents as well as those in the community. • Conducted a flu vaccination clinic. • Donated used clothing and non-perishable food to the local coat closet. • Collected toys for the Holly Area Youth Assistance

organization. Also partnered with them for the 2013 Fill-a-Bus event. • Administrator served on the North Oakland Advisory Council. • Hosted meetings for Holly Village and Holly Township. • Hosted free tax service counseling.

A Story About Community Benefit: Every year the residents enjoy collecting school supplies for the Holly Area Youth Assistance. The boxes of supplies go to children from families in financial need. This has been very well received in the community and increases resident engagement. Everyone involved looks forward to this partnership. Through this partnership and other events we have maintained a solid relationship with our community.


300 Carl Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49015 269.962.0605 Administrator: Jennifer Bouchard Board Chair: Rod Auton

The Village opened in 2008 and features 45 government-subsidized one-bedroom senior apartments. Significant Accomplishments: • Increased fundraising totals by 452% in 2013. The Village worked very hard to increase numbers. • Installed high-efficiency showerheads, bath and kitchen aerators, resulting in cost savings for the Village. • Building/grounds improvements included new paint in laundry room, bathrooms on first, second and third floors, and nine apartments. Landscaping was enhanced with new shrubs; fresh mulch and river rock were added.

• Installed a new flat-screen TV in the fitness room, which allows residents to participate in healthy activities and still watch their favorite TV program, listen to music or play a DVD while exercising. Fitness room activity has increased since installing the TV/DVD. • Board members of Mill Creek noted the overall improved atmosphere within the Village. “The Village is looking better than ever.”

Community Benefit: • Continued to serve as a weekly health screening/ exercise location in conjunction with the Area. This offered a health resource for our residents and the community. • Hosted a flu clinic in October; Lifespan nurses were onsite to offer flu shots and pneumonia shots to our residents and surrounding community. • Provided a pick-up site for senior Project Fresh coupons, which are available to low-income seniors for use at local farmers’ markets. This

program promotes the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income seniors. • Served as the kick-off site for the Lupus walk this summer. Residents and community members participated in this event, which was both educational and social. The event was hosted by Dorothy Height, a Mill Creek Board member. • Administrator served on the Village to Village steering committee.

A Story About Community Benefit: Our Senior Project Fresh program allowed low-income seniors to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables at no cost. Many seniors would not have these fresh foods without the program. Over 70% of our residents took advantage of this wonderful program. This can go a long way in assisting our seniors with healthy living.


420 S. Opdyke Road Pontiac, MI 48341-3145 248.334.4379 Administrator: Kevin Centala Board Chair: George Millush

Oakland Woods first opened in 1981, with 150 government-subsidized units. An additional 66 market-rate and affordable units, funded through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and Great Lakes Capital Fund, opened in 2006. Significant Accomplishments: • Increased non-resident participation in wellness programs from 2012 by 10%. • Participated in the resident survey increased slightly over 2012 from 66% to 67%. All internal feedback to the Administrator since June by the residents has been overwhelmingly positive. • Continued to utilize the new Village bus with increased transportation services to our residents. Monthly trips to the banks, Hollywood Market, Walmart, Meijer, Target and other locations requested by the residents. • Continued to expand resident wellness programs and activities under the new Activities Director Lisa Sonneberg. The library continued to expand with donations of books, games and magazines

from Board members, residents and charitable organizations. • The Village is most proud of the compliments and feedback regarding the aesthetics, maintenance and up-keep of the unit conditions, overall quality of life, activities, resident recognition and celebrations hosted by the community for residents. • We finished second in the Annual Victory Cup this year and are looking to recapture the title in 2014. • The Board through aggressive marketing and publicity helped to achieved 100% full occupancy for OW1 and OW2 simultaneously. This is the first time this has been accomplished since the addition of OW2 housing.

Community Benefit: • Acted as a host for Oakland County’s Literacy program. Several residents tutor youths or immigrants in English and proper grammar, conducting these sessions in the Village’s community space. • Hosted a Mayoral debate for the City of Pontiac election this year. The Mayor and four other candidates attended. • Conducted extensive outreach and community volunteering through several organizations and churches.

• Participated in the “Adopt a Family” campaign this holiday season. Two families were sponsored and received gifts of clothing, household supplies and other essential items. • Sponsored a school-supply drive in August at the Baldwin Center to provide students with the necessary items to be successful in their school year. • Continued to offer the community space to outside organizations and people for worthy causes and programs that benefit residents and visitors.

A Story About Community Benefit: A resident was referred by a Board Member through a local church. She was very unhappy living in her current subsidized housing high-rise apartment. She was not getting the proper supportive services and attention she required. After the approval process and home site visit, our Service Coordinator along with the Administrator put together a program of monitoring and inspections for her unit and for her health for the coming year. She moved into Oakland Woods and is continually telling everyone how happy she is in her new home. She is involved in the community activities and is engaged with the Service Coordinator for supportive services.


14000 Woodrow Wilson Detroit, MI 48238-2963 313.957.0210 Administrator: Deborah Beard Board Chair: Harold Ellis

This government-subsidized apartment building opened in 2007 and features 55 apartments and service coordination. Managed by Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, Oakland Manor’s concept and development was a joint effort with Focus: HOPE. Significant Accomplishments: • Donor base was increased by 42%, which exceeded the 10% goal. This is due to the first annual Friends and Family kick-off event that provided residents and family members an opportunity to ask questions and gain information about the campaign. • Achieved 100% Board giving through a team effort of the Board Chair and the Administrator reminding all Board members of the importance of achieving this goal. • During 2013, a record increase in quarterly Board meeting attendance due to the time change of our

Board meetings to accommodate the schedules of the members. In addition, an option of attending the meeting via conference call was made available to those who could not attend in person. • Made a Shining Star nomination of a staff member Angelina Taylor (Angel). This nomination was important because it recognized the hard work and efforts of Ms. Taylor in a public forum. • A staff member was nominated for the PVM Shining Star Award to recognize her hard work and dedication.

Community Benefit: • Continued interactive relationship with Focus: HOPE. Administrator regularly attends Hope Village Initiative (HVI) meetings and other community meetings hosted by Focus: HOPE staff members. • Village administrator and a resident serve on the planning committee for Cool Cities Park events. Newly established relationships with residents and staff at Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO). This has led to residents and staff of Oakman Manor making gift bags for Bell Building residents for the holiday season. • Collaboration efforts with Lutheran Family Services

and staff of Oakman Manor Place apartments, e.g. successful and meaningful intergenerational program. • An initiative between the Village and the NSO to create a safer neighborhood. This effort includes safety meetings with both groups to develop strategies to address the concerns of crime in the area. • Village administrator serves on Community Advisory Board for Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stress (CURES) with Wayne State University.

A Story About Community Benefit: An applicant applied for residency at the Village of Oakman Manor. During the initial visit, the applicant’s granddaughter indicated that she needed to move due to the unlivable conditions of her current residence. Upon arrival for the home visit, my maintenance technician and I immediately confirmed that her living conditions were substandard. She informed us that she had inherited the home from her deceased mother and that she was physically unable to maintain it as needed. The applicant also mentioned that for the past two years she had been denied residency by other senior living communities due to her current living conditions. After, consulting with my supervisor, I received approval to allow this lady to move in with stipulations that she had to comply with. It was mutually agreed that this applicant really would benefit from living at the Village of Oakman Manor. She is now a resident here and sees this experience as a fresh start.


29495 Annapolis Road Westland, MI 48186-5599 734.595.4663 Administrator: Aaron Price Board Chair: Johnnie Jackson

This government-subsidized senior housing community opened in 2003, and is co-sponsored by Wellspring Lutheran Services, Lutheran Church of Our Saviour and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM). It features 50 apartments and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Resident/management relations increased in a positive manner and more residents interacted with management. • A record number of residents participated in the Village Victory Cup.

• Completion of the Fitness Center. • Completion of the Theatre Room. • Increased our donor base for Friends and Family.

Community Benefit: • Residents served as Gifted Hands volunteers to sew for Vitas Hospice Group. • Residents and staff donated to the Westland Good Fellows organization.

• Served as the host site for the local neighborhood homeowners association. • Launched a stop location for city transportation to the City of Westland Farmers’ Market.

A Story About Community Benefit: Our Saviour’s Manor partnered with The Senior Alliance, AAA1-C as a housing site for seniors who were ready to transition from a nursing home into independent living. One such resident who was referred reported that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and that she would lose the use of her legs. At the time she was living in the nursing home, she gradually lost the ability to walk and was placed in a wheel chair with no physical therapy of any kind available. After moving in, she began to come to the wellness exercise class. After a few sessions, the resident began to be able to move and tap her feet. Being encouraged by her progress, she began to go to physical therapy. After a couple of therapy sessions, she was able to stand, and was told that they would then work with her on being able to walk on her own. Unfortunately, the resident began having other medical issues that prevented her from reaching that goal but she continues to credit OSM and our instructor, Ms. Robinson, for giving her that start!


17275 Fifteen Mile Road Clinton Township, MI 48035-6208 586.790.4500 Administrator: Melissa Reisterer Board Chair: Mary Neff

The Village of Peace Manor opened in 1995. It features 55 one-bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom apartment, and provides government-subsidized senior housing and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Increased our donor base by 100% from 2012. • Opened a store inside the Village for the residents as a fundraiser. • Participated for the second year in a row in the PVM Village Victory Cup while securing a victory in the Gold for The Puzzler. • Enhanced the building’s curb appeal by adding urns filled with flowers, landscaping the island area in

• • • •

the parking lot, and adding bistro tables for the outdoors. Raised enough money from Friends and Family to purchase a new awning. Created our own Facebook page. Modernized the ladies restroom. Installed a new laundry room floor.

Community Benefit: • Collected items for men and women serving in the military. • Collected food for New Life Presbyterian Church. • Raised money for Abigayle Ministries and Angel the horse. • Served as a nutrition site for Macomb County Senior Nutrition Program. Area seniors gather for lunch and socialization with Village residents. • Adopted a family for Christmas and collected

• • • • •

money to purchase needed items for the family. Collected items for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Hosted an annual flu shot clinic. Displayed area artists’ work on our walls for sale as a fundraising effort for Friends and Family. Continue to support Fraser Relay for Life. Continue to make butterflies and bracelets for the Friends and Family Campaign.

A Story About Community Benefit We were able to utilize the benevolence fund for two residents with different needs. One resident hadn’t paid her electric bill in a couple of years, DTE came out to shut off her power. We asked them to give us some time to straighten this out and we were able to give her money from the benevolence fund to bring her up to date on her bill. She was able to recover and remains as our resident. Another resident was late on several months of payments to keep her prescription coverage current. We offered her the benevolence fund to get her up to date on her coverage so that she would not lose this important service. These are just a few examples as to the scope of assistance provided for our residents to improve quality of life.


4241 Village Circle Drive Harbor Springs, MI 49740-9040 231.526.1500 Executive Director: Mary Catherine Hannah Board Chair: Webb Martin

The Village opened in 2003. It features six Assisted Living studio apartments, 34 condominiums, 10 duplexes, and 13 single-family cottage homes. Significant Accomplishments: • The Perry Farm Village Restructuring Team made significant progress in looking at the options for sustainability/profitability work-outs for Perry Farm Village. • Continued the work of integrating two distinct entities, Perry Farm Village Board and HAH/Hillside Board, to one Board that works with the strategic vision of both campuses in mind. • Perry Farm Village has revamped the service menu for current and potential residents with input from key staff; our residents are pleased with the results.

• Perry Farm Village has worked to be a full partner/ sister organization to the Village of Hillside with our wellness coordinator being available once a week for classes. Other activities included a joint shopping day with transportation by our bus twice a month, the Flu Shot Clinic/Health Fair, and the Halloween party. • Residents at both campuses now think about themselves as part of a team in Harbor Springs and as part of a larger organization—PVM.

Community Benefit: • Perry Farm Village has served as the host for many community groups for meetings, events and parties, including: • Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce • Harbor Hall Association • Kiwanis Club of Harbor Springs • Emmanuel Episcopal Church • Members of the leadership team are involved in many different community groups as leaders, volunteers, participants, etc. • Zonta of Petoskey • Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce • Business Committee • Ambassadors

• C o-Chair Street Musique, “Wintervention” February 2013 • Placemaking • Connecting Women in Business, Petoskey Area Chamber of Commerce • Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Finance Committee • Kiwanis Club of Harbor Springs • Perry Farm Village hosted a community potluck, which was attended by approximately 35 community members. • Perry Farm Village hosted a community forum for candidates running for Harbor Springs City Council.

A Story About Community Benefit One of the ladies from the community who attended the breakfast community forum for Community Connection hosted at Perry Farm Village later asked if her Mahjong group could meet here. That group has grown from two to three ladies once a week to a group of about eight who meet twice a week. One of the ladies who attends that group used to have a membership to our Wellness Center. She has since renewed her membership and is working out again regularly. Not only do we have a wonderful community group enjoying our hospitality, but they are recognizing the benefits and taking advantage of our resources for a healthy life in Harbor Springs: social engagement and physical well-being.


25330 W. Six Mile Road Redford, MI 48240-2105 313.531.6874 Executive Director: Thomas Hosinski Board Chair: Joyce King

This Village was established in 1945. It is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with 63 cottages, 40 Assisted Living apartments, 16 Memory Care units and 88 Skilled Nursing units. The campus also includes The Villa, with 112 affordable and market-rate senior apartments. Significant Accomplishments: • Successfully launched the Medicare Initiative and Transitional Care Unit. We have systems in place to ensure the team is focused via meetings, reports and required face-to-face sales and marketing contacts. • Smoothly “right-sized” our Assisted Living space. We intentionally reduced our capacity by closing hallways in Sterling. Plans are in place to demolish and reconfigure parts of this neighborhood. • Navigated the preparation for the Independent

Living project. Received approval from HUD for the project and are ready to move forward as plans develop. • Stabilized the Quality Assurance and Process Improvement (QAPI) committee. Our QAPI committee now has a structured agenda and focuses on resolving issues, tracking trends and analyzing data. • Significantly decreased expenses. Expense reduction this year was over $300,000.

Community Benefit: • The Village of Redford hosted a health fair along with the Detroit Medical Center at The Villa that was open to all seniors in the area. • The Village of Redford hosted three musical shows that were open to the public in our beautiful courtyard. • The Rainbow Village pre-school and child care program utilizes the grounds outside of Sylvan

Terrace throughout spring and summer. • Executive Director was appointed to the Advisory Council of The Senior Alliance, AAA1-C. • Hosted five interns from Marygrove College’s School of Social Work. • Dedicated the David H. Gehm Fireside Lounge in honor of his service as Chair of Leading Age.

A Story About Community Benefit We had a resident that arrived at our village who was very anxious, depressed and experiencing serious health problems. He was a veteran. He had recently become homeless because his home was vandalized to the point that even his water heater was stolen. The entire staff worked very hard as a team to help him get back on his feet – literally and figuratively. His financial status was extremely limited. Our social worker was able to locate a group home for him within his financial means. He left The Village of Redford a new man. He was so excited with the transfer to his new home in the community. We recently called to check on him and he reported that he is very happy with his new home and for getting his life back.


25330 W. Six Mile Road Redford, MI 48240-2105 313.531.6874 Executive Director: Thomas Hosinski Administrator: Gloria Robinson Board Chair: Joyce King

Significant Accomplishments: • Significant reduction in “areas of concern” by residents and acknowledgement of higher satisfaction. • Increased occupancy (from 13 vacancies in Jan ’13 to 4 in Dec ’13). • Provided a more efficient method of providing food delivery to residents. Residents are now given weekly menus to select days/food choices. • The grant received from the Wellness Department has been a tremendous success. The twice weekly

Enhanced Fitness classes have attracted residents from the community as well as over 25 participants from the Villa. • Hosted a health fair facilitated by Detroit Medical Center’s Rehab Department. All areas of hospital were represented. Testing included hearing, glucose, blood pressure. Physicians were present to read test results. Materials included information on mental health issues, nutrition, elder abuse, etc. Members of the community also attended.

Community Benefit: • Served as meeting location for Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Bible Study. • Provided meeting space for area organizations (Detroit Presbytery Council, Westminster Bible Study). • Provided wellness programs (Enhanced Fitness) for broader community. • Sewed and distributed knitted squares for cancer patients through Redford Senior Center in this ongoing effort. • Provided In-House Flu Clinic through Walgreen’s Pharmacy. • Hosted Gloria Miller, Area Agency on Aging 1-C (Senior Alliance) meeting with residents and community members. • Strengthened relationships with members of Redford Twp. Fire Department by hosting quarterly luncheons and health screenings. • Partnered with the Redford Library to display dolls dressed by residents in library display cases in August 2014.

• Residents knitted fabric patches for the Redford Senior Center to make blankets. • Prepared a basket of donated goods to be picked up by Redford Twp. First Responders. • Staff member presented as a graduate of Good Will Work First, telling fellow students about her success and ultimate position with PVM. • Volunteers taught computer classes to residents and members of community for a six-week period. • Provided use of Community Room for “Little Ladies Tea Society” annual affair. • Hosted Rainbow Day Care - Halloween Costume parade and candy give-away by residents of the Villa. • Dressed over 96 dolls for Old Newboys’ Good Fellows Christmas Drive. Participants included residents from throughout the campus and other PVM locations, including Board members.

A Story About Community Benefit We hosted the “Little Ladies Tea Society” annual affair. This event was started in the home of a Rosedale Park resident interested in teaching young ladies the art of good hygiene, dressing and social skills. After her untimely death from cancer, the tradition has been continued by her husband and sister. The event continues to grow in numbers and popularity.


4210 E. Rosebush Road Rosebush, MI 48878-8751 989.433.0150 Administrator: Ruth Freebury Board Chair: Donna Anderson

The Village opened in 2004 and is owned by Rosebush Interfaith Retirement Community (RIRC) and managed by Presbyterian Villages of Michigan. It features 19 one-bedroom and three studio apartments. Significant Accomplishments: • Hosted a Tractor Derby with successful philanthropy and community support. • Received a Gerstacker Foundation Grant for Volunteerism.

• Maintained 100% occupancy. • Improved the medication distribution process. • Increased awareness by public officials and local businesses about PVM and Rosebush Manor.

Community Benefit: • Donated to the local 4th of July parade. • Donated to the local Food Pantry. • Sponsored a Hat and Mitten Tree for Christmas Outreach. • Participated in the Glasses drive for the Lion’s Club. • Provided Benevolence for a resident. • Hosted nursing students, gerontology students and health professional students. • Sponsored a Community Band Fest that was open to the public. • Host site for Congregate Meals for Commission on Aging.

• One of the biggest achievements for the RIRC this year was our philanthropy. At the beginning of the year we were given a goal of $25,242, which is more than $1,000 per apartment. Our fundraising for 2013 was $30,953. This was a fantastic achievement. The Tractor Derby raised $12,000 for benevolence. It also engaged 24 business sponsors and raised much awareness about the good work that PVM does. We had over 230 people attend the event and several residents who also attended.

A Story About Community Benefit A compelling testimonial was provided by a dedicated intern who shared his thoughts with us: “Rosebush Manor is a great home with many well cared for and positive residents. I volunteer at the home every other Thursday and I start off those Thursdays looking forward to going to the home later that night. Usually when I go, I play scrabble with one of the residents, but there are many other great activities to take part in as well. Being a college student, I am mainly around people my own age so it is a great time to interact with elderly who have many great stories, adventures, and talents to show you. I really enjoy volunteering at Rosebush and it has made me a better, more complete person.”


214 South Sage Street Kalamazoo, MI 49006 269.567.3300 Administrator: Paula Hager Board Chair: Jeffrey Hagen

The Village of Sage Grove opened in July, 2011, and features 45 one-bedroom apartments. It provides governmentsubsidized senior housing and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Received approval from HUD to employ a part-time service coordinator. • Met and exceeded the goal set for new donors during the Friends and Family Campaign. • Established a relationship with the local Wal-Mart to enlist use of their bus for transportation to and from their store on a weekly basis. • A resident received an honorable mention for an article she wrote and submitted during the PVM Virtual Victory Cup competition. The resident was thrilled to receive the honor from PVM as well as

the acknowledgement and praise from the Village community for her accomplishment. • Formed a relationship with Senior Services and Loaves and Fishes to provide commodities for registered/qualified residents once a month. Also, all Village residents are welcome to receive food items from local stores delivered twice a week when available from Loaves and Fishes. • Co-hosted an event with the Council of Michigan Foundations regarding “Aging in Community”.

Community Benefit: • Served as a research site for students attending the University of Michigan, working on a research project pertaining to seniors living in HUD housing. • Donated several boxes of clothes, hats, mittens, linens and personal hygiene products to a local mission housing abused women and children. • Worked with MSU to provide a six-week Health and

Nutrition workshop for village residents. • Hosted an event, Communities for All Ages, in conjunction with the Community Foundation and the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging. • Continued to offer our community room at no charge to The Outlook Club, a community-based program.

A Story About Community Benefit A resident was referred to the Village of Sage Grove from the Ecumenical Senior Center. She moved in with her only belongings of a television and clothing. The staff of the Village and other residents worked together to collect enough furniture to furnish her apartment and make it a real home. In another instance, residents came together to provide a new resident with blankets, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, as well as two living room chairs. The resident was found to be sleeping either in the recliner or on the floor and this was brought to the administrator’s attention. The administrator requested assistance through a corporate-wide e-mail and also reached out to the residents’ family members. This resulted in acquiring a bed, bed frame, sheets and some money for the resident. This welcome made her transition a very positive experience.


15875 Joy Road Detroit, MI 48228-2984 313.582.8088 Administrator: Andrea Felice Board Chair: E. Kern Tomlin

This government-subsidized senior housing apartment building opened in 2009. It features 45 one-bedroom apartments and is co-sponsored by Canterbury-on-the-Lake and PVM. Significant Accomplishments: • Received a $26,814 grant from the PVM Foundation to install 22 additional security cameras throughout the village. This helped residents feel safer and helped improve the vacancy rate, making us a continued provider of choice. • HUD approved our budget to hire a part-time service coordinator for the residents to link them to services they need to remain in their home and/or age in community. • Both administrative assistant and maintenance

technicians were nominated for the PVM Shining Star award for their contributions to the village. • Recruited additional Board members. Increased Board participation in 2013 meetings and fundraising initiatives. • Residents came together to form a Resident Council for the first time to assist with various planning activities. Their pro-active approach and helpful efforts have led to a better lifestyle for fellow residents and the village.

Community Benefit: • Hosted residents from Fairlane Senior Care & Rehab Center and Christ Child Home for Boys to attend various activities here. • Raised funds for the American Heart Association. • Held a clothing drive to benefit the Coalition on

Temporary Shelter (COTS) in Detroit. • Hosted the Joy Community Association in our community room for their monthly meetings. • Administrator provides free notary services for relatives of residents and neighboring agencies.

A Story About Community Benefit Boys from the Christ Child Home for Boys were invited to our 50’s Sock Hop in May. They came for dinner, danced and socialized with our residents and had a great time. The residents collected and donated socks to give to them. Both our residents and the boys benefited from this fun activity.


3501 Cherry Blossom Lane Jackson, MI 49201 517.788.6679 Administrator: Linda Sisco Board Chair: Ginny Wood-Broderick

The Village opened in 2007 and features 80 affordable senior apartments. A second phase opened in June 2010 and features 40 government-subsidized senior apartments. Significant Accomplishments: • Hosted our annual Mother’s Day event with over 60 people participating with spa services and a brunch that was open to families and children of residents. • Won the Friends and Family campaign with 550% increase in new donors over 2012. We were able to purchase two new big screen televisions, DVD players and a CD/radio sound system. • Awarded the Virtual Victory Cup: Spring Meadows I won the overall Victory Cup and Spring Meadows II won the Spirit Award (third year).

• The Greatest Pet Show on Earth was a huge success with hundreds of people from the community enjoying Spring Meadows with family and friends. Residents enjoyed the festivities and we garnered media interest. • Hosted a cooking class with Michigan State University to teach residents about healthy alternatives while enjoying some great meals.

Community Benefit: • Made meals for Habitat for Humanity and delivered them to the work site. • Placed on the list at 211 as a “heating and cooling” site. The heating site was important following power outages in November 2013 and the cooling site was available to the community during the hot days of summer 2013. • Hosted the Alzheimer’s Association for support meetings monthly. • Hosted meetings for two Girl Scout troops. • Worked with “We Can Help”, a local organization making gifts for underprivileged children. • Adopted a military family (mother, father and three children) for 2013. • Provided a location at Spring Meadows II for Toys for Tots. • Administrator served as secretary for Kiwanis

• • •

following her term as lieutenant governor. She also served as a 4-H leader working with children and their dogs; she has two certified therapy dogs working with people with disabilities. Offered services to the local school and their church making t-shirts at cost for fund raisers and events. Offered Tai Chi classes to residents and the community. Presented at the ASA conference and at Aging in America conventions, as well as to many local organizations on Positive Aging. Held a Guided Autobiography class. A film student from GVSU came in and video-taped residents’ stories. Assisted residents and community members in obtaining food vouchers through the MiCAFE program.

A Story About Community Benefit A resident with a history of depression told members of our staff that he feels much happier since moving to the Village—so much so that the the dosage of his depression medication has been reduced, and he is feeling happier than he ever has. He is involved in many events and classes and has made new friends, who watch out for each other.


2950 E. Twelve Mile Road Warren, MI 48092-2420 586.751.5090 Administrator: Natalka Melnyk Board Chair: Janice Schulte

The Village opened in 2000 and features 67 government-subsidized senior apartments, one market-rate apartment and service coordination. Significant Accomplishments: • Hosted eight-week health and wellness class where residents learned coping skills and tools to help manage chronic illness and completed survey forms to be used for further research. • Updated laundry room with fresh paint, new flooring and HE machines. Also added coin machine for residence convenience. • Our biggest accomplishment is in the area for socialization by residents via the fostering of a

warm and comfortable atmosphere for them to get to know each other and share life experiences. Teas and various social event have been highlights. • To improve the resident satisfaction survey, we offered confidential assistance in filling out the surveys through Macomb County. • Updated community room kitchen with easy-clean wall treatment and updated flooring.

Community Benefit: • Provided a site for Macomb County nutrition program, serving 75 participants in the Warren area, and the congregate site in the building, which serves from two to 10 residents in the community room as well as five home-bound individuals. • Hosted meetings for the First Church of Warren, and a local Brownie troop. • Opened our community room for residents and participants with a variety of functions including: baby showers, birthday celebrations, craft shows, bingo and pot luck dinners. • Made special holiday greetings for the troops in

Afghanistan along with nonperishable items. • Opened our community in celebration of an Elder from Second Ebenezer Church for her accomplishment of graduating one of her ministry classes. • Hosted bible studies every Thursday. • Hosted a Macomb County representative lecturing and taking questions about Medicare D. • Hosted the Macomb County SNAP program for residents who need help applying for Bridge cards for food assistance.

A Story About Community Benefit We had a resident that moved from another state. In the move she had lost everything. The employees donated household furnishings, including a couch, recliner, dishes and pots and pans. A current resident was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because she did not have a bed frame. We found someone willing to donate a frame and now that resident is sleeping much more soundly. The kindness toward both these residents has made their live here at the Village much more pleasant.


32001 Cherry Hill Road Westland, MI 48186-7902 734.728.5222 Administrator: Ellen Byrne Board Chair: Gail Quann

The Village opened in 1990 and features 154 apartments with services, 52 Enhanced Living apartments, 20 Assisted Living units and 20 Memory Care units. Significant Accomplishments: • The Village of Westland residents, with great assistance from the Wellness staff, won the 2013 Victory Cup. Our residents are often some of the oldest participants, but that didn’t stop them from working hard and getting the cup. • Completely painted the Assisted Living and Memory Care cottages and installed new lighting. This has greatly improved the environment. The area is now safer, more inviting and definitely stands more in line with our competitors.

• Enhanced Board development with the addition of three new members who bring varied talents and expertise to help guide our future. • Replaced the kitchen floor. • Instituted a successful employee of the month program. We also greatly increased the number of entries into the Shining Star competition (25 up from six the previous year).

Community Benefit: • Served as a training site for students (e.g. nursing or medical students, sponsoring an intern). • Education provided fee of charge in the community. • Served as a site where research is performed (partnerships with universities). • Served as a polling site for elections. • Served as a site for the local library (where community members are served in addition to our residents). • Donated items to community groups that need them (e.g. old computers or medical equipment). • The administrator led a gerontology class from

Madonna through The Virtual Dementia Tour. This was a hands-on class that shows what it is like to experience the sensory deprivation that comes with dementia. About 18 students participated in the experience and post discussion. • The Village of Westland residents collected food and non-perishables to be sent to service men and women through a program called “Americans thanks our Troops.” We got the contact information from a resident’s family member. • Residents made hundreds of hats for area children in need.

A Story About Community Benefit A class from Madonna University came to the Village to participate in a virtual dementia training class. There were about 18 students. The class started with a discussion of preconceived ideas of what it is like to have dementia. What a “day in the life” must look like for them. The group was then taken through an exercise, two by two, where they experience various sensory deprivations that involve some physical and sensory adaptations. When the entire group is done, there is a discussion of what the exercise felt like, what each participant learned about themselves as well as the clients they serve. We also focused on what they will take away from the day…how they will be different when working with people with dementia. It is exciting to see the transformation of the students through this process, since it is often a very moving experience for them. Madonna University has become a partner in this initiative via their intern program.


1300 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Detroit, MI 48201-2951 313.494.9000 Administrator: Marla Bradford Board Chair: E. Kern Tomlin

The Village opened in 2005 and is located in Detroit’s historic Woodbridge district. It provides governmentsubsidized senior housing, service coordination, and features 100 one- and two-bedroom apartments. Significant Accomplishments: We initiated a Floor Captain (FC) Training program in 2013. The program allows management to work more closely with the resident council to ensure the safety of the VWM residents in case of an emergency, i.e. fire, severe weather and/or a blackout: • Floor Captain responsibilities are established. • FC training w/ Management every 6 months. • FC meetings w/ Resident Council staff every other • Floor Captain rosters were posted throughout the month. building. • Weekly and monthly resident check-In system, • Management and resident awareness was established. which ensures that all FCs meet w/ residents too. • FC roster, which provides residents w/ an assigned • Templates/instructions are documented for Management/Floor Captain/Resident Council/ FC so that all residents are accounted for in case of emergency. Resident Accountability. • FC binder w/ emergency kit. Commitment to Senior Wellness, which includes: • VWM’s Plaque of Honor – celebrating the lives of our seniors that have passed but are never forgotten. • Nutrition awareness/education programs. • VWM’s continued commitment to its Repurpose, Recycle, Renew Initiative, in which we revitalize the items that we have to benefit the needs that we currently have to save our budget.

• The grand opening of VWM’s 1300 Bryant Garden. • Continued fresh eyes approach, which resulted in the winning of the very coveted PVM award, “Coralee Henriksen Site Beautification Award”. Our guests and staff are happy at the site, but most importantly, our residents are very proud to call VWM home.

Community Benefit: • Hosted a series of safety seminars for the Woodbridge community. • Hosted Hannan House for meetings on the topics of training, hiring and briefing purposes. • Hosted the Detroit Housing Commission (DHC) – maintenance and staff training. • Hosted various candidates for town hall meetings to discuss: Medicaid, Medicare, political and

community issues (i.e. car insurance rates, jobs, crime/safety, health care/Obama care, senior concerns). • Hosted a free community health fair. • Collected and delivered Focus: HOPE donations to residents. • Collected canned goods for the homeless.

A Story About Community Benefit Upon visiting an approved applicant to complete the eligibility and suitability process, both VWM Management and our service coordinator were able to assess that the applicant was in desperate need of physical and mental health services (i.e. furniture, pots and pans, food and clothes). After hours of research and requests, management, service coordinator and residents were able to provide the new resident with all of her basic needs. She is now residing quite comfortably at VWM and lending support to her new neighbors.


Summary of Project Collaborations January 2012 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 202 Co-Sponsorships Porter Hills Retirement Communities and Services • Walker Meadow, 1997; Oak Ridge, 1999; Harvest Way, 2000; River Grove, 2000 Brush Park Development Corporation and the Joint Fraternal Development Corporation • The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley, 2000 Wellspring Lutheran Services • The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor, 2003 • The Village of Hampton Meadows, 2008 Lutheran Church of Our Saviour • The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor, 2003 Michigan Black Presbyterian Caucus • The Village of Harmony Manor, 2005 Canterbury-on-the-Lake • The Village of St. Martha’s, 2009 Other Developments (Co-General Partners) Pathways Senior Living • The Village of Oakland Woods, I, 2002 Wellspring Lutheran Services • The Village of Gibraltar Manor, 2005 • Alpena Village, The Pines, 2008 • Alpena Village, Condos, 2009 Henry Ford Health System • Center for Senior Independence, 2012 Hartford Memorial Baptist Church • Hartford-PVM, LLC, Senior Housing, 2013 (under pre-development) United Methodist Retirement Communities, Inc. • Rivertown Neighborhood Senior Housing, 2013 Other Developments (Limited Partners) Great Lakes Capital Fund • The Village of Lake Huron Woods, 2004 • The Redford Villa, 2004 • The Village of Gibraltar Manor, 2005 • The Village of Oakland Woods, II, 2006 • The Village of Spring Meadows, 2007 Sun America Affordable Housing Partners • The Village of Oakland Woods, I, 2004 • The Village of Woodbridge Manor, 2005 National Equity Fund • Alpena Village, The Pines, 2008 National Affordable Housing Trust • Rivertown Affordable Assisted Living, 2012


Other Strategic Partners Focus: HOPE • The Village of Oakman Manor, 2007 Strategic Alliance, 2013 • Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation • University of Michigan Other PVM Partner Villages 217 Woods Circle, Suite Two Alpena, MI 49707 989.278.4250 Administrator: Ann Lange Alpena Village is a collaborative venture between PVM and Lutheran Homes of Michigan. It opened in 2008 and features 48 affordable and market-rate apartments. The Willows condominiums opened in 2009. When fully developed, the Village will include 80 condos and a community center.

1486 Middle Gibraltar Road Gibraltar, MI 48173-9711 734.740.5048 Administrator: Tammi Rose Board Chair: Jim Gorris The Village opened in 2006 as a collaborative venture between PVM and Lutheran Homes of Michigan. It features 53 one-bedroom affordable and market-rate apartments.

5221 Lakeshore Road Fort Gratiot Twp, MI 48059-3122 810.385.9516 Administrator: Zachary Fisher The Village opened in 2003. It features 104 one- and two-bedroom affordable and market-rate apartments, and 12 two-bedroom cottages.

2012 – 2014 System-wide Strategic Goals and 2014 Strategic Objectives Approved by the PVM Board of Directors on 9/26/13, with additional Financial Metrics 5.1, 5.2 and 6.1 on 12/5/13 The emphasis on our commitment to Service Excellence, to the Quality First Covenant; and, to delivering Ever-Improving Value to our customers is incorporated as a key priority in all facets of PVM’s system-wide accommodations, services, programs, care and relationships. 1. Be a Provider of Choice 1.1 D evelop a system-wide “consumer driven” engagement and empowerment strategy that will significantly strengthen PVM’s organizational culture by September 1, 2014. Begin implementation by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 1.2 Develop a strategy to strengthen PVM’s position in the environment of health care reform through the creation of a Value Proposition(s) and a plan with specific system-wide strategies identified by October 1, 2014. Establish a strategic relationship with at least one health system, health plan, or accountable care organization (ACO) by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 1.3 Evaluate organizational capacity to achieve CARF system-wide accreditation as an Aging Services Network and evaluate return on investment. Determine by July 1, 2014 if accreditation will be pursued and apply by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW) 2. Develop and Expand the Provision of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) 2.1 In collaboration with the Hannan Foundation and University of Michigan, develop a strategic plan for the Strategic Alliance for Aging in Communities and commence with implementation by June 30, 2014. Continue with the roll out of “Community Connections of Michigan” with the launch of at least one additional Chapter by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 2.2 Each Village will identify at least one new relationship with a community-based service provider and connect residents/community elders to that program or service. (V) 3. Strengthen Philanthropy Through Broadening Our Donor Base of Support 3.1 Each Village Board will compile a list of at least ten new prospective donors that have the potential to make a gift of $1,000 or greater and at least five new prospective donors that could include the PVM Foundation in their will/estate plan. (V) 3.2 Increase Friends and Family fundraising results by 20% over 2013 levels and identify a resident Friends and Family Ambassador at each Village. (PVM-SW & V) 3.3 Meet or exceed 2014 budgeted fundraising targets for Rivertown Neighborhood, East Harbor Health and Wellness, Northern Michigan Bridging Communities and system-wide Benevolence (at least $2.5 million raised for these purposes by December 31, 2014, excluding other contributions). (PVM-SW & V) 4. Enhance the Engagement and Development of Employees

4.1 Continue implementation of the diversity and inclusion commitment, which includes establishing councils, trainings, and hard-wiring into policies by September 1, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 4.2 Each Village will develop and implement at least one employee engagement strategy focused on one of the core values of Service Excellence by June 30, 2014. (V) 5. Strengthen Financial Capacity 5.1 Achieve a system-wide 2.50 debt service coverage ratio and 85% operating ratio for managed entities and increase Obligated Group days cash to 118 days and PVM Corporate days cash by 1.5 days by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 5.2 Execute the repositionings for Redford, Perry Farm, and Alpena Condos by July 1, 2014 to realize a combined $400,000 improvement in operating gains in 2014 and 2% of improvement in system-wide operating ratio. (PVM-SW & V)



6. Enhance and Expand Facilities 6.1 Through the implementation of the 2014 Facilities Advancement Business Plan and subject to continuing due diligence, execute on the Rivertown NeighborhoodGreen Houses, Hillside, Redford Cottage, Hartford Village Projects, Redford repositioning and initiate East Harbor repositioning planning; collect $1.3 million of scheduled development fees and lower the average age of system-wide plant by 0.8 years. (PVM-SW & V) 6.2 Each Village will identify at least three feasible actions by April 1, 2014 to implement by October 31, 2014 that will enhance existing facilities, with at least one having a positive impact on improved financial performance. (V) 7. Strengthen Advocacy, Communication and Public Relations 7.1 Provide a system-wide advanced training session on advocacy, communications and/or public relations by December 31, 2014. (PVM-SW & V) 7.2 Develop and implement system-wide plan to increase submissions for external awards and recognitions of PVM, Villages, programs and/or its residents, donors, volunteers and staff members by 10% over 2013. (PVMSW & V) 7.3 Create and promote an advocacy campaign for Wellness by November 30, 2014. (PVM-SW) Important Note: During 2014, PVM will complete a comprehensive PVM System-wide Strategic Plan for 2015-2017, including an assessment of the PVM organizational structure, by September 30, 2014. It will also execute numerous business plans, including (but not limited to): Operations, Sales/Marketing, Community Relations, Communications, Facilities Advancement, PVM Foundation, Human Resources, Strategic Alliance for Aging in Communities, Community Connections of Michigan, Wellness, Advocacy Agenda, Your Aging Well Advisors, and specific Village plans. PVM will also recruit and select a technology leadership executive and commence a process to develop a technology business plan by June 30, 2014. PVM will develop strategies related to potential acquisitions, consolidations and/or mergers by September 30, 2014. Finally, PVM and the PVM Foundation will effectively execute multiple major system-wide events scheduled throughout 2014. Key Indicating Priority Accountability for Objective: PVM-SW = Presbyterian Villages of Michigan System-wide Objective V = Village Objective


Public Policy Committee Approved by the PVM Corporate Board on January 31, 2013 RE: Establishment of a PVM Public Policy Committee

Summary In an effort to strengthen the effectiveness of PVM’s system-wide advocacy initiatives, as well as to provide for greater clarity in determining various organizational advocacy positions and priorities, the PVM Board of Directors established a Public Policy Committee and adopted the following charge. Public Policy Committee Charge • To provide PVM, its governance, management and key constituents with a framework for assessing public policy issues, trends and related matters that may have an impact on PVM’s mission, vision, strategic plan/goals/objectives and operations. • To assist PVM, its governance, management and key constituents in identifying, evaluating and monitoring socioeconomic, societal and political trends that may have an impact on PVM’s mission, vision, strategic plan/goals/objectives and operations. • To make recommendations to the PVM Board of Directors on specific public policy issues which

are deemed to merit the endorsement from governance. • To assist PVM, its governance, management and key constituents in serving as effective contributors, influencers and advocates to the public policy dialogue. • To assist with advocacy and public policy training programs for PVM and its governance, management and key constituents. • To provide a strong, effective and consistent advocacy voice that communicates support for the PVM mission, vision and belief/values, as well as for the broader senior living and aging services field.

Leadership Executive staff liaison to the Public Policy Committee is the Vice President of Public Affairs.


Te a m






Teamwork Excellence Sensitivity Stewardship Success

work • Ex


PVM’s Purple Cow, TESSS


vi ty •



s te wa ce At a recent PVM orientation rdsh ip • S u c program, some of the staff members in attendance stated that they were unaware of the significance of the “Purple Cow.” Most indicated that they had seen the cow around, but didn’t really understand what it was all about. I’m sorry that the story of TESSS has not been thoroughly conveyed. Hopefully this short description will help.

The field of senior living, services and programs is increasingly full of choices. Some new, some older, some more traditional, some quite innovative, some conservative, some bolder, some less flexible, some highly customer focused and so on. In this crowded and cluttered field, it is extremely important for organizations to stand out, be distinctive, to demonstrate their uniqueness, how they are special, how their services are different elentless • • R Ex c








t gh

PVM Welcomes FREDDD to the Family






Over 10 years ago, TESSS, the famous purple cow, became an important part of PVM. She still reminds all rs m e r • D of us daily that our Villages, te ynamic • De programs, services and care need to stand out, be distinctive, demonstrate our uniqueness, how we are special, how we are different and more responsive, and how our vision for the future sets us apart from others. TESSS’ name is derived from the five words… Teamwork, Excellence, Sensitivity, Stewardship and Success. FREDDD, the penguin, recently joined the PVM family. It was a long journey from Antarctica to Michigan, but he has found a good, warm and loving home with PVM. He and TESSS have quickly become great friends. FREDDD’s name is taken from the following six words… Foresight. Relentless, Excellence, Diverse, Dynamic and Determined.


and more responsive and how their vision for the future sets them apart from others. That brings in TESSS as PVM’ s symbolic mascot. If we were to take a weekend drive out into the country (or daily as is the case in Rosebush), as we drive by the farms, we would likely see cows. Brown cows, black cows, white cows, black and white cows, but probably not a PURPLE COW. If we did come across a PURPLE COW, it would undoubtedly get our attention. We would probably slow down or even stop at the sight. We might get out of our car, possibly ask the farmer about this unusual cow. Later we might talk with our family and friends about what we saw. The word would spread and others might seek out the PURPLE COW. So TESSS is here to remind all of us of the importance of TEAMWORK, EXCELLENCE, SENSITIVITY, STEWARDSHIP AND SUCCESS and how we should strive to proudly stand out from the crowd and to serve our communities with distinctiveness and distinction. Thank you and best regards to all, Roger L. Myers President and Chief Executive Officer

He is teaching us the importance of a having a visionary, rigorous, quality, inclusive, exciting and vigilant approach to our thinking and planning for PVM’s evolving future. FREDDD stresses that while we are continuing to serve well in today’s environment, we must always be looking around us and as far ahead as possible for changes that will or may impact our mission. By doing so, we will be better prepared to thrive by successfully overcoming new challenges, taking advantage of new opportunities and continuing to innovate by delivering a unique value proposition to individuals, collaborators and communities alike. It is no accident that TESSS and FREDDD share one word in common, that being the word EXCELLENCE. They are both huge proponents of PVM’s commitment to Service Excellence and encourage each of us to live those principles every day. Please embrace the several important messages being shared by both TESSS and FREDDD. We greatly appreciate the special inspiration that they provide to everyone at PVM.

Embrace the possibilities Presbyterian Villages of Michigan creates opportunities for seniors of all faiths. Connecting seniors to resources and their community for a vibrant life. www.pvm.org | (248) 281-2020 Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) Programs and Partners include:

Community Connections Neighborhood based, member driven organization providing services, resources and volunteer opportunities for seniors. www.ccmidtown.org | (313) 831-1089

Center for Senior Independence Offers the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Provides care and services in the home, community and the Day Health Center. www.csipace.org | (313) 543-6320

There are 27 PVM Communities throughout Michigan: A. Perry Farm Village, Harbor Springs B. The Village of Hillside, Harbor Springs C. Alpena Village, Alpena D. The Village of Rosebush Manor, Rosebush E. The Village of Hampton Meadows, Bay City F. The Village of Lake Huron Woods, Fort Gratiot Township G. The Village of East Harbor, Chesterfield Township H. The Village of Holly Woodlands, Holly I. The Village of Sage Grove, Kalamazoo J. The Village of Mill Creek, Battle Creek K. The Village of Spring Meadows I, Jackson The Village of Spring Meadows II, Jackson L. The Village of Oakland Woods, Pontiac M. The Village of Peace Manor, Clinton Township N. The Village of Warren Glenn, Warren

231.526.1500 231.526.7108 989.356.3396 989.433.0150 989.892.1912 810.385.9516 586.725.6030 248.634.0592 269.567.3300 269.962.0605 517.788.6679 517.788.7502 248.334.4379 586.790.4500 586.751.5090

O. The Village of Redford, Redford The Cottages at Redford The Villa at Redford P. The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor, Westland Q. The Village of Westland, Westland R. Detroit: Rivertown Neighborhood The Village of Bethany Manor The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley The Village of Harmony Manor The Village of Oakman Manor The Village of Woodbridge Manor The Village of St. Martha’s S. The Village of Gibraltar Manor, Gibraltar

313.531.6874 313.531.6874 313.541.6000 734.595.4663 734.728.5222 313.259.9000 313.894.0430 313.832.9922 313.934.4000 313.957.0210 313.494.9000 313.582.8088 734.676.4802

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan 26200 Lahser Road, Suite 300 Southfield, Michigan 48033-7157 248.281.2020 248.281.2060 Fax TTY# 800.649.3777 www.pvm.org

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) provides a spectrum of residential options for seniors in 27 villages across the state. And PVM is more than a senior housing provider. Through programs including the Center for Senior Independence/Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (CSI/PACE), and Community Connections, PVM provides services and activities promoting independence and quality of life. Presbyterian Villages of Michigan provides equal housing opportunity to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin.