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Photo by Amaris Modesto (XX/Fieldston ’04, Boston College ’08)


Prep for Prep develops ethical and effective leaders who reflect our diverse society for the enduring benefit of all.



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Dear Friends, As 2020 comes to a close, I reflect on the unpredictable path it has set before us. When COVID-19 began to wreak havoc on the nation, I was navigating the logistics of virtual classes for my family and former school while also preparing for the role of CEO of Prep for Prep. While Prep’s incredible faculty, staff, and families rallied to pivot to a remote environment, none of us were immune to the disproportionate impact of a pandemic on already underresourced communities. Our families have lost parents, and breadwinners lost jobs when states shut down nonessential businesses. Violence against Black Americans continues to add to our collective trauma as yet another example of a long legacy of institutional racism in this country. During an already difficult time, our community also has had to grapple with one of the most crucial elections in U.S. history while still adjusting to new ways of work and life. Yet this unpredictable year has also shone a light on why our mission of developing ethical and effective leaders for a diverse society matters more than ever. Our struggles have led to innovation, adaptability, and cohesion among our community. From staff outreach to provide students with both technology devices and mental health support, to faculty pivoting to a remote yet engaging learning environment, to alumni stepping up to volunteer with our programs, to individual and institutional funders contributing generously to emergency funds — you have all shown us leadership by example. Our community has shown us that when there is no script, we can build our own path to move forward. This year’s annual report, “Build Your Own Path,” continues this theme of unpredictability and innovation. We highlight different ways that Prep for Prep continues to evolve its programs to empower students to pursue their passions and leadership skills. You will meet three alums — trailblazers in their communities — who are embracing their creativity in ways that defy any predefined paths to success. I hope you will enjoy learning more about them as much as I did. Best regards,

Ruth Jurgensen




Alexandra Hurtado (XXIV) is a physician assistant in emergency medicine in Seattle.



PREP 9 students at Deerfield wrote letters of appreciation to hospital staff through Kind Words USA.

COVID-19 COVID-19 arrived forcefully at the start of 2020, devastating entire cities and countries around the world. Its impact was felt disproportionately in communities of color, especially the zip codes where many Prep for Prep families live. We would like to take a moment to remember and honor members of the Prep Community lost to the pandemic. Our hearts go out to those who have lost parents, grandparents, caregivers, and friends.

As a diverse community that aims to create ethical and effective leaders, we know that advancing justice is a long and winding path. Our nation’s legacy of institutional racism affects us deeply. The Black Lives Matter movement, and all of the students and families who called upon us to engage and do more, show us that collective actions matter and are necessary to advance racial and social justice. Prep for Prep will continue to center its community of students, families, alumni, and staff in all we do. The specific trauma of racism and microaggressions so many students of color experience in historically white spaces is unacceptable. We hear our community members who have felt unseen, unheard, and unsupported. We honor your stories and your experiences, and we will learn from them to support the dismantling of systems that run contrary to equity and inclusion goals. We reaffirm our commitment to using our resources to empower our community to help build a more just world for all of us.

We would also like to acknowledge the incredible people who cared for us during difficult times. Our staff and faculty quickly pivoted to provide uninterrupted services to our students, from engaging online instruction for the youngest learners to ensuring all of our students from middle school through college could access technology devices, emotional and mental health resources, and have the means to return home when campuses closed. Lastly, our alumni continued to show us leadership by example. Over 550 educators and 250 healthcare workers in our alumni body strove to care for students and patients while adapting to their own evolving circumstances. Thank you to this community for your courage and commitment.

Over 550 educators and 250 healthcare workers in our alumni body strove to care for students and patients while adapting to their own evolving circumstances.

LEADERSHIP TRANSITIONS Leadership changes at Prep for Prep reflect our continued growth and evolving needs. After an extensive and thoughtful national search, Ruth Jurgensen was appointed CEO in July. She brings to Prep over two decades of experience as an educator and administrator, and is the first person of color to lead the organization. At the board level, for the first time in Prep’s history, two alums now lead its governing body. Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V) and Christopher James (IX) were appointed Co-Presidents of the Executive Committee of the Board to succeed longtime Trustee Lisa Cashin, who became Chair. In May, Amanda Boston (XXII) was named President of the Alumni Council and earned a seat on the Board of Trustees.










ADMISSIONS Each year, nearly 4,000 students of color from 800+ New York City-area public schools inquire about admissions to Prep for Prep. 125 students are accepted into Prep (for day school placement) and 75 into PREP 9 (boarding school placement).

To increase their academic and social preparedness for independent school, rising sixth-graders in Prep and eighthgraders in PREP 9 undergo a rigorous 14-month course of study spanning two intensive summer sessions as well as after-school Wednesday and all-day Saturday classes during the intervening school year.


PLACEMENT All students who successfully complete the Preparatory Component (typically 75% of admitted students) are placed in day schools as seventh-graders or boarding schools as ninth-graders.



ALUMNI AFFAIRS The opportunities, networking, and events open to alumni strengthen and nurture their achievements and contributions to society, while keeping them active in the Prep Community.


COUNSELING Prep supports the academic and personal progress of each student in grades 7–12 through year-round meetings with counselors. The Counseling team also facilitates retreats, social activities for students, and parent support groups throughout their independent school journeys. The Undergraduate Affairs team provides counseling services to college students.


OPPORTUNITIES A considerable array of Leadership Development Opportunities broadens our students’ aspirations, increases their awareness of life’s possibilities, and builds a stronger sense of self.



of nearly 2,000 applicants are offered admission to Prep or PREP 9


of high school seniors are accepted to college


remote internships at 113 employers in Summer 2020


colleges and universities across the country enroll 643 undergraduates


students enrolled at 85 independent schools across the Northeast

$35 million in financial aid awarded annually to our students by independent schools



IMPACT We are deeply grateful for the profound impact our donors have on our Prep Community. Prep for Prep does not charge tuition for its services. Your continued generosity is a vote of confidence in our work, enables us to innovate and respond to students’ needs, and supports the next generation of diverse leaders.

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Prep for Prep alumni have redefined success for themselves and their communities

paid internships generated over four decades broaden students’ professional skills and exposure to a range of industries



invested per student leverages $400,000 in independent school and college financial aid

advanced degrees in the arts and sciences, medicine, law, business, education, and social work



alumni serve on Prep for Prep’s Board of Trustees, Associates Council, and Alumni Council combined, helping to lead the organization into its fifth decade

undergraduates and alumni volunteered with Prep for Prep programs in the past year


Photo by Florian Koenigsberger

ä 8





Understanding one’s identity, race, and sense of belonging is a lifelong process. For Prep alum Florian Koenigsberger (XXVI), that process has led him through renowned schools on the East Coast, career opportunities in California, and across international borders in Europe and South Africa. While his journey is far from over, his passions have led him full circle to practice his craft and his profession in New York City.


The son of German and Jamaican immigrants, Florian didn’t think much about the lack of diversity in his school or social surroundings growing up, until he was admitted to Prep for Prep. Here, he discovered a community of students of color — all bright, curious, and talented, each equally capable of achieving anything. From challenging himself among his new friends to soaking in the examples of leadership from older students, Florian began to explore where he belonged as someone with a biracial background different from most of his peers. “Prep planted the seed,” he reflected, “for a lifelong search rooted in belonging, equality, and representation.” Throughout his time at Collegiate and Yale, Florian explored his creative passions. He ran an eco-friendly t-shirt company, performed in musical theater, and even modeled in a fellow Prep student’s senior project fashion show. His interest in photography began in high school, when he learned to develop film and was encouraged by his teacher to show his work to others. Florian later began to take photos, both commissioned and for himself, of major cultural events such as Afropunk. (continued on page 10)


Joshua Kissi, because I had worked with him through Google.” He and other collaborators wanted to help alleviate their community’s collective grief. “At a time of such racial turmoil, I remember feeling deeply exhausted and felt I could not go out to photograph the protests,” Florian said, “so I asked myself, where could my skills, passion, and impact overlap?”


Photo by Florian Koenigsberger

Yet while his photography began to gain validation from others, he began to question his own work. “I don’t think I understood why I was doing it for me,” he shared, “and my work did not document my own story or history.” A pivotal moment in his journey was a photography trip to South Africa at the end of 2019. In a place where “Coloured” was a government-defined category under apartheid, Florian wanted to understand the stories of those who self-identify as mixed race and have reclaimed that label as a proud representation of their racial identity. In the process, he hoped to discover more about his own sense of place and belonging. It was both a nerve-wracking and transformative experience. “I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt,” he said. “Do I believe in my own ideas, and am I willing to invest dollars in this and be okay with whatever outcome?” He met with several young South Africans and spent hours discussing each person’s stories, and shared his own experiences as a biracial man in the U.S. He then staged photo shoots in their homes and in nature, capturing intimate and powerful moments. While photographing one subject in Hanover Park, which is estimated to be 97% Coloured by population, local children who were intrigued by the camera joined in the shoot. Florian chose to use a classic Hasselblad medium format film camera, meaning he couldn’t see any digital previews of his images. The slow, deliberate process allowed him to immerse himself fully into the moment and trust his craft. Whatever was developed from that film, he would accept as part of his photography series, Coloureds. His exploration of race, identity, and art exploded in the public eye this past spring, when Florian helped launch See in Black, a collective of 80 Black photographers seeking to dismantle white supremacy and systematic oppression after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black people at the hands of law enforcement. “I was originally approached for this idea for my project management skills,” Florian recalled, “by a great Ghanaian American photographer,


While he was originally tapped for his management skills, See in Black became a platform where Florian also shared his work as a photographer. Through print sales of highly-curated original images for its “Black in America” theme, the collective raised over $500,000 between Juneteenth and Independence Day for organizations that support key pillars of Black advancement: civil rights, education and the arts, intersectionality, community building, and criminal justice reform. “The medium was effective,” Florian said. “The results were extraordinary.” See in Black was picked up by national news and arts platforms and became a space not only to raise funds for nonprofits, but also to celebrate the beauty and joy in Black communities. Florian’s artistic journey has at times overlapped with his professional role at Google as a product marketing manager, but it’s important for him to evolve his artistry outside of work. His career was jump-started in part by Prep’s programs, with a Google BOLD internship in San Francisco that helped him explore roles at the tech giant. He reconnected with Prep when he was seeking to give back. He is a regular alum speaker at Google career panels, describing his work on improving cameras to become more inclusive of all users and skin tones. This summer, he also spoke to Art Academy students about his photography. He advised the students, “You don’t have to go all the way into a field to be a part of it. You can be the artist, but you can also be the manager, producer, appraiser, or teacher.” He was deeply impressed by how Prep has applied the rigor of its academic programs to the arts for current students. Florian’s ongoing journey to shape his identity and find belonging has come full circle to overlap with Prep for Prep. He recently became aware of the Prep in Arts alumni affinity group and is leaning into their shared interest in art and storytelling. He is finding inspiration in this community of creatives of color who share the same foundational experiences of Prep, but have gone on to very different lives in a variety of fields. “I realize we all have moments when we may drift from a place,” Florian reflected, “but Prep is a core pillar of my path. I encourage all alumni to reach back and share their passions with students and with each other. There is power in this Prep Community.”



The Prep for Prep/Sotheby’s Art Academy was created with the Prep in Arts alumni affinity group to welcome students into a sector that has historically lacked opportunities for people of color. A recent study of major U.S. museums found that 85% of artists represented in their collections were white. At Prep, students explore different paths into the arts through art creation, art history, and guest speakers in a variety of arts professions. This year’s online format allowed them to connect with a diverse group of painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers, curators, and art critics from across the country and Puerto Rico. Students curated online art exhibits for their capstone projects, tackling subjects such as sustainability, the objectification of women in art, and the portrayal of Black men in the Western world.



ä 12




Jennifer Gomez (P9 XIII) is no stranger to overcoming challenges. A Brooklyn native raised in a single parent household, she was eager to exceed goals she and her mother had set together. Jennifer first learned the tenets of Prep’s motto — Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, and Courage —  from witnessing her mother’s efforts to take care of their family. Jennifer saw PREP 9, the boarding school preparation program of Prep for Prep, as a way to honor her mother’s sacrifices and pay forward those efforts to her community.

She still remembers the thrill of entering her first Prep for Prep classroom. Jennifer recalled, “It was amazing and intimidating to see so many children who look like me, with dreams and goals and ambitions of their own.” With Spanish as her native language, she had to tackle extra tutoring in English to keep up. Looking back, she credits Prep’s rigorous structure and dedicated teachers with helping her build the confidence she needed to overcome and find new challenges. Jennifer arrived at Middlesex School afterwards, and experienced every imaginable shock living away from home and entering a place with vast resources and people from a variety of backgrounds. She continued to adapt and eventually earned leadership positions in school while exploring professional interests during her summers back home. “I’ve had internships since the tenth grade because of Prep,” she shared, “and they showed me a roadmap to success.” Opportunities from boarding school and Prep allowed her to see the connections between pipelines of talent, networks, and resources in achieving her goals. (continued on page 14)


ä An internship that set her on the road to entrepreneurship was one she secured herself — with a little help from Prep. Jennifer was a master of ceremonies at her Prep Lilac Ball graduation. Afterward, an impressed L’Oreal EVP approached her and said, “Call me!” This was the era before LinkedIn, and Jennifer only had her name. She later called all the numbers she could find for L’Oreal offices until she was finally connected to this woman. At the time, L’Oreal only offered internships to graduate students, but Jennifer’s determination led her to become their first undergraduate intern — opening the door to other college students in future summers. Throughout her career she learned the importance of marketing and storytelling, and all the values she learned at Prep played a role. Jennifer brought her strong work ethic, creativity, and approachable personality to successful roles at major national sports, media, and beauty companies. Yet she felt she wasn’t making an impact in a way that was meaningful to her. “Success for me is when my values align with my work.” She started consulting as a way to find a new direction, and shortly after crossed paths with a group of like-minded folks with an idea to create a business that supports communities of color. They had the technical and financial skills, but she had the marketing know-how. In 2018, they launched oneKIN’s curated marketplace.

“ I’ve had internships since the tenth grade because of Prep and they showed me a roadmap to success.”


There’s starting a business and being successful, but what about the secret sauce in between? The key is commitment and follow through. “You’re going to fall more than you‘re going to fly,” said Jennifer, “but these aren’t mistakes. These are lessons.” With oneKIN, Jennifer’s team built an ecosystem for POC-led businesses to thrive and find multicultural consumers. As a mission-driven tech company, oneKIN is centered on driving socioeconomic change in underserved communities. More than an online shopping platform, oneKIN is a network — a community — of over 200 POC-owned businesses, each with a story worth telling and a product worth sharing. Jennifer’s team provides financial, operational, and marketing support and technical resources in a supportive community of entrepreneurs affectionately known as KINfolk. Along with sharing their stories, oneKIN is finding new ways to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many relied on pop-up markets to generate revenue, and those are, for now, a thing of the past. In response, oneKIN began to carry some products wholesale to help their KINfolk fulfill their distribution needs. oneKIN will soon launch their live-stream e-commerce experience, twiine™, and are raising capital to continue to scale their services. Jennifer now feels her values and work finally align. Jennifer also found ways to give back to the Prep Community. She hired Prep student interns, going the extra mile to accommodate remote placements this summer. “At first I was worried about creating connections through a computer screen,” she laughed, “but we had an incredible experience with our interns. They were tremendous assets to the team, especially during those insane few months.” She encouraged them to take a deep dive into whatever aspect of the business they were curious about, and put them in direct conversation with the small business owners that oneKIN represents. “The most empowering internships are the ones where you feel like you have a voice,” she shared, “so I want them to feel confident presenting ideas, asking questions, and tackling challenges.” Jennifer is excited to be a resource to young innovators and other members of the Prep Community. She was recently a guest speaker at the Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE), a program she wishes had been around when she was a Prep kid. “Through IFE, Prep is showing alternate career paths. I’m proud of what I see to be Prep’s current trajectory.”



Since 2002, Prep for Prep’s Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) has empowered students to tackle real-world problems with creative solutions. In the U.S., entrepreneurs of color have less access to mentors, networks, and capital. At Prep, those building blocks start early. Each summer, a group of students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and coding while meeting with business owners and creatives across a range of industries. Mentored by Google employees and spearheaded by Dale Allsopp (VII), the students then pitch their business plans to compete for seed money. This year’s top prize was awarded to the students who created AfroScholars, a language learning app for West African languages that targets the nearly five million U.S. residents who are part of the African diaspora. For the first time, all IFE projects can be viewed online.



ä 16




For Kimberley Martin (XV), success is a moving target. She is a pioneer in sports media: as one of the few female reporters — sometimes, the only one —  in post-game locker rooms, as the first Black female sports columnist in a national newspaper’s 100-year history, and as the first Black female NFL beat writer at a national news organization. Ever adaptable, curious, and resourceful, Kimberley started a new role this year as an NFL reporter for ESPN just as the nation began to shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decisions she has made about her career may sometimes seem abrupt, but Kimberley trusts herself and has faith in her own abilities. “I seek advice from others,” she shared about her career pivots, “but sometimes people project their own fears onto you when giving advice. So I listen to myself and do what makes sense for me.” Kimberley’s drive to become the best version of herself was reinforced by Prep’s Preparatory Component. When she began at Prep, like many students, she was used to being at the top of her class in public school, but her Prep grades were not what she expected. To this day, she still remembers the D she got in Latin, but she never gave up. “I remember asking myself, why am I struggling so much?” laughed Kimberley, “but I know that Prep did set me on the path to success.” The program became a foundation for learning to overcome struggles and continue to define herself on her own terms.

(continued on page 18)


ä When Kimberley was in the Prep for Prep program, leadership development offerings were less expansive. Initiatives like the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Sotheby’s Art Academy, and Public Policy Internships Project did not yet exist. She recalls that in middle school and high school, seeing creative roles was rare: “We never saw an alum who was an editor or TV network executive.” Instead, there was well-intentioned advice from her peers and family to study economics, computer science, or finance which are all noble pursuits, but Kimberley stood firm in what she wanted to do. After graduating from Wesleyan, she earned a master’s degree in magazine, newspaper, and online journalism from Syracuse University. “The reason I am where I am now is because I don’t listen to anyone,” she joked. The same self-awareness and determination that guided her throughout her Prep journey continues to push her forward today. Now, she’s interviewing and producing stories on some of the biggest names in the NFL, and we couldn’t be more proud. With nearly two decades of experience in her field, Kimberley continues to challenge herself. “This path is unique,” she shared, “and it takes a lot of stones to create it.” She started covering college sports while at Syracuse, and launched her career with sports coverage for a local New Jersey paper. She quickly transitioned from writing about high school sports to full-time coverage of professional baseball, basketball, and football teams in New York and New Jersey. A longer tenure at Newsday helped her develop her storytelling talents as the beat writer for the New York Jets. Beyond game statistics, injuries, and roster changes, Kimberley is known for her deep dives into the lives of the players and staff, and telling the full stories that inform each person’s decision making on and off the field. The National Association of Black Journalists named Kimberley their Emerging Journalist of the Year in 2011, and she has continued to win several awards and accolades since then. Looking back, terms like “best” or “successful” can be subjective when pursuing a unique career path. When The Washington Post approached Kimberley for a role as beat writer, she was ecstatic. Securing a position at the esteemed national news organization was the end goal for many in her field, and the role affirmed to her that


she was more than good enough. During that time, she realized that she will continue to be excellent at evolving her craft, regardless of where she was practicing it. When Kimberley was later offered a role at Yahoo Sports, what others may view as a step back, she saw as an opportunity to pivot to other components of broadcast journalism. While she continued writing, she also began to work in front of the camera as a commentator and as a co-host of an all-female weekly NFL show and pregame Super Bowl show. She also ventured into podcasts and radio roles. Kimberley broadened her experience from covering a single football team to all the teams in a professional league. Her willingness and ability to seize opportunities led to her current role as an NFL reporter at ESPN, right when COVID-19 began to reach its height in New York City. Journalists in her field have all encountered new challenges this year in their respective sports leagues. Kimberley is unfazed by energetic crowds of 80,000 fans, locker room celebrations, and packed press conferences. Yet today, those same stadiums may be so quiet that she can hear a pin drop. Enhanced safety protocols for flying, COVID-19 testing, and social distancing have added layers to an already tight schedule for her weekly coverage of NFL games. Yet she still finds time to dive deeply into the stories she cares about. One night you may see Kimberley reporting on ESPN pregame shows; the next day you might read her article in The Undefeated on double standards in head coach hiring practices. Often, Kimberley is the only person who looks like herself in the room, and she knows that her background brings a unique perspective to her storytelling. It also challenges how others respond to her professionally. “I am a Black person and a Black woman, and a journalist, a sports writer, and a daughter of immigrants,” said Kimberley. “All of that package is me. It is a privilege for others to be able to say, just focus on the game.” Sports and politics, in particular, have never been separate issues. “Sports is a fertile ground. Athletes and staff talk about their upbringings, what’s happening in their communities,” she shared. “These are organic discussions.” She recalled that when athletes first began to take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, they were ostracized by the league and some lost their jobs. Four years later, entire teams, their owners, and the franchises are publicly showing support for Black Lives Matter. While public support is a welcome and necessary change, doing the right thing institutionally is not easy. “Resistance and protest,” she said, “are not done just because it’s convenient.” Wherever her career may take her next, Kimberley will continue to use her platform not only to highlight individual athletes’ journeys, but also to shed light on the work the NFL still has to do to truly level its playing fields.



Public Policy Internships Project is a signature summer opportunity for our students to learn about public service, the structure of local government, and the process by which public policy decisions are made. High school students balance classes with internships at advocacy organizations and with elected officials, culminating in student-led research presentations around a theme. For this year’s theme, Journalism and the Free Press, our students interviewed over a dozen writers, journalists, and editors from a range of publications to discuss activism within journalism and how their work may influence public policy. Among those guests were ten Prep alums in news, entertainment, philanthropy, and culture sharing their perspectives on what informs their choice of subject matter and their nonlinear career paths.




OPPORTUNITIES The hundreds of opportunities offered to Prep students each year expand their horizons and ambitions.

Photo by Amaris Modesto (XX/Fieldston ’04, Boston College ’08)






students completed leadership development retreats At Aspects, students develop ethical and effective leadership through scholarly works, case studies, role-play exercises, and research presentations. The virtual format this summer allowed alums to join students in a “Lunch and Learn” series, and included guest speakers on the U.S. Census and voting rights.


97% of rising high school seniors and their families have taken advantage of virtual services provided by our College Guidance team One-on-one counseling meetings, college admissions panels, and financial aid workshops helped families find colleges that match their fit and need. 100+ Prep undergraduates volunteered to connect with high school seniors for questions about their college experiences.

students received year-round, individualized outreach from Post-Placement counselors to address their social, emotional, and academic needs Year-round school visits, parent support groups, and financial aid meetings from the Counseling team complemented independent schools’ resources to support our students. The switch to virtual meetings allowed counselors to double their meeting time with each student.



students broadened their horizons as global citizens through online language classes and cultural programs with Student Diplomacy Corps, Calder Classics, and Amigos de las Americas While international travel was not possible this summer, our program partners created virtual art and culture offerings, including: Japanese Culture Club • South American Folk Dance • Latin Study Course Picasso y Protesta • Journalism with Duarte Geraldino





incoming first-year college students completed workshops on healthy relationships, wellness, personal finance, and identity to prepare for their transitions to college

students sharpened STEM skills through after school and weekend activities with our partner organizations to blend classroom lessons with real-world applications

The expanded three-day virtual format provided safe spaces for students to dive deeply into the topics and seek advice from current undergraduates.

Bloomberg Python Coding Series • Google Code Next World Science Academy





While COVID-19 affected a significant number of initial internship placements, our partners and alumni rallied to create virtual opportunities for our students. From adjusting start dates to offering short-term research projects, to expanding national placements in a variety of time zones, we are grateful to the following 113 employers for offering 251 internships to help our students build valuable experience, contribute to each organization’s initiatives, and gain exposure to a variety of fields. If you would like to offer paid summer internships to Prep’s high school and college students, please contact

Abrons Art Center 1 Admiral Capital Group 1 AllianceBernstein 1 Alpine Capital 1 Amherst College, Geology Department 1 Asia Society 2 Bank of America 1 Beginning With Children Foundation 1 Bloomberg 2 Boston University, Immunology and Pharmacology Department 1 California Institute of Technology, Geological and Planetary Sciences Department 1 CancerCare 4 The Carlyle Group, Metropolitan Real Estate 2 Center for Common Ground (Reclaim Our Vote — Students for Justice) 4 Center for Popular Democracy 2 Centerview Partners 1 Cityblock Health 2

CityMD 1 Columbia University, Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Department 1 Columbia University SPURS Biomedical Research 3 Comic Relief 1 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 1 Coordinated Compliance Solutions 1 Crossing Bridges 1 CUNY School of Journalism 2 Davidson College, Physics Department 1 Deutsche Bank 1 DonorsChoose 2 DoSomething 8 DREAM 1 Dune Real Estate Partners 1 The Financial Clinic 1 GAOTek 1 Girls Who Code 2 GO Project 3





career panels and workshops helped students explore a range of industries and practice essential professional skills. The virtual format allowed more students to attend panels than previous years where attendance was capped due to space constraints Altair • Bank of America • Black Creek Group • Bloomberg • BuzzFeed Filmmaking with Randy Wilkins (XIII) and Robin Farley (P9 XXII) GiveDirectly • Google • JPMorgan Chase & Co. • LinkedIn Madison Square Garden Companies • McKinsey & Co. • Moody’s Myers–Briggs Type Indicator Assessments • PJT Partners Point72 • Socure


Goldman, Sachs & Co. 1 Google 3 Greenhill 1 Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysics 1 Henry Street Settlement 1 The HOPE Program 5 IAC 6 Javilud LLC 1 JOOR 2 JPB Foundation 1 JPMorgan Chase & Co. 52 Kundhardt Films 2 Local Initiatives Support Corporation 12 Madison Square Garden Companies 2 Manhattan District Attorney’s Office 1 Mark DeGarmo Dance 1 Mastercard 1 Maysles Documentary Center 1 McKinsey & Co. 1 MetLife 1 Minds Matter 2

artists, curators, and other arts professionals from across the country, and as far away as Puerto Rico, joined 8 Prep students to explore the visual arts through lessons in art history, art creation, and virtual studio and museum tours Akili Tommasino (XXI) • Alexander Gray Associates • ARTS.BLACK Brooklyn Museum of Art • Clark Art Institute • Willie Cole FLOAT Studio • Kalamazoo Institute of Art • Chelsea Knight Florian Koenigsberger (XXVI) • Pulitzer Arts Foundation Saint Louis Art Museum • Sotheby’s

MOMA PS1 1 Morgan Stanley 1 Most Healthy Bronx 1 Mount Sinai 2 NBCUniversal 1 The New School 1 New York Academy of Medicine 5 New York Communities for Change 1 New York Lawyers for the Public Interest 4 Nexus Management Group 1 NYC Department of Education— Occupational Therapy 1 O’Connor Capital Partners 1 Odgers Berndtson 1 One Equity Partners 2 oneKIN 2 Open Society Foundations 4 Orchard Homes 1 Outreach 1 Oxeon Partners 1

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison 1 Pentagram 1 PeopleSet 1 Pfizer 2 Phosphorus 1 Point72 2 Practice Makes Perfect 9 Project Pericles 2 PwC 1 Related Companies 1 Restoration 2 Rethink 1 Ride Health 1 Ronald McDonald House Charities 1 Senate Circle 2 Services for the UnderServed 2 Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom 1 Snap Inc. 1 Sprouts Cooking Club 1 SS+K 2

St. Christopher Hospital for Children 1 Start Small Think Big 1 StoryCorps 1 TBWA 3 Teamshares 1 Teens for Food Justice 4 TuckerGurl 1 Underground Railroad Education Center 2 University of Pennsylvania, Africana Studies Department 1 Uplift Center for Grieving Children 1 Upperline Code 1 Upsolve 1 Urban Justice Center 2 U.S. Civilian Corps 2 Visiting Nurse Service 1 Wesleyan University, Chemistry Department 1 Yale University, Environment Department 1





students explored policymaking and community impact with local government officials and advocacy groups

students learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with coding and app development

They combined hands-on internship experiences with a speaker series featuring journalists from across the country for this year’s theme, Journalism and the Free Press.

Students matched innovative ideas with the resources and tools necessary for success. They created and pitched business plans with the help of Google mentors to compete for seed money for their businesses.

Host organizations: The Financial Clinic • The HOPE Program New York Communities for Change Office of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. Office of State Senator Robert Jackson Staten Island Not for Profit Association Underground Railroad Consortium of New York State





Allen-Stevenson 4 125 Avenues 17 4 Bank Street 2 27 Berkeley Carroll 23 64 Birch Wathen Lenox 37 Brearley 20 151 Brooklyn Friends 8 42 Brooklyn Heights Montessori 1 2 Browning 14 56 Buckley 7 58 Buckley Country Day 6 Calhoun 5 63 Cathedral 1 24 Chapin 18 108 City & Country 6 Collegiate 8 159 Columbia Prep 17 89 Dalton 21 148 Dwight 5 Dwight-Englewood 9 9 Fieldston 24 153 Fordham Prep 2 1 Friends 7 79 Grace Church 9 78 Hackley 8 44 Hewitt 3 46 Horace Mann 23 229 ISB 1 1 Kew-Forest 2 22 Léman 8 13 Loyola 3 2 LREI 5 66 Mandell 17 Manhattan Country 1 22 Marymount 8 25 Nightingale 17 116 Packer 14 107 Poly Prep 41 220 RCDS 11 52 Riverdale 6 105 Rudolf Steiner 1 2 Sacred Heart 8 38 Sacred Heart Greenwich 1 1 Saint Ann’s 18 93 Saint David’s 1 72






Spence 23 113 George 2 1 Speyer 3 3 Groton 3 14 Staten Island Academy 9 Gunnery 4 St. Bernard’s 6 79 Harvey 2 St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s 1 5 Indian Mountain 7 St. Luke’s 5 59 Kent 1 11 Stevenson 2 Lawrence Academy 1 2 Town 106 MacDuffie 1 Trevor Day 5 29 Masters 1 8 Trinity 43 267 Millbrook 4 4 VCS 2 72 Miss Hall’s 1 3 Xavier 1 3 Miss Porter’s 1 12 York Prep 4 11 NMH 2 11 Other Schools* 18 Oakwood Friends 1 2 Oldfields 7 Peddie 10 BOARDING SCHOOL S Pomfret 1 15 St. Mark’s 5 PREP 9 Consortium Schools St. Paul’s 15 Andover 20 154 St. Timothy’s 1 6 Choate 15 129 Stony Brook School 7 Deerfield 11 112 Suffield 5 Exeter 24 171 Tabor 18 Hill 13 35 Westminster 21 Hotchkiss 16 95 Westover 4 Lawrenceville 10 98 Westtown 1 4 Loomis Chaffee 10 38 Williston 2 15 Middlesex 12 65 Other Schools* 23 Milton 13 76 St. Andrew’s 8 73 Taft 16 102 Other Boarding Schools Berkshire 4 Blair 10 Brooks 1 1 Canterbury 16 Cardigan 7 Church Farm 15 3 Concord 5 8 Dana Hall 1 Eaglebrook 12 Emma Willard 16 Ethel Walker 2 5 Fay 1 27 Fessenden 8

* No student currently enrolled and fewer than four graduates † Transfers to Specialized High Schools Students enrolled and graduated as of September 2020






Day Schools 491 3561 Boarding Schools 219 1499 Specialized High Schools† 1 99 TOTAL 711 5159

“ At the end of the day, it is not about what schools you attend, but rather the time and dedication that you put into improving yourself that is most rewarding.” ANDRES MURILLO (XXXVI/ST. BERNARD’S ’16, AVENUES ’20, CORNELL), College student majoring in computer science




Allegheny 3 8 American Univ. 2 3 Amherst 16 115 Bard 6 9 Barnard 9 30 Bates 1 8 Boston College 15 43 Boston Univ. 10 20 Bowdoin 10 24 Brandeis 1 9 Brown 17 114 Bryn Mawr 5 Bucknell 2 18 Carnegie Mellon 7 19 Case Western 2 3 Claremont McKenna 4 6 Clark 4 Colby 4 Colgate 11 36 Columbia 25 165 Connecticut College 2 18 Cornell 26 107 CUNY Baruch 5 8 CUNY BMCC 6 1 CUNY Brooklyn College 2 11 CUNY City College 5 16 CUNY Hunter 5 33 CUNY John Jay 1 5 CUNY Laguardia 2 2 CUNY Lehman 11 CUNY Queens 4 7 Dartmouth 6 69 Davidson 3 24 Dickinson 2 2 Drexel 2 2 Duke 6 66 Emory 5 24 Fordham 4 11 Franklin & Marshall 3 20 George Washington 5 23 Georgetown 5 66 Gettysburg 7 16 Guilford 5 Hamilton 5 17 Hampshire 2 4 Harvard 19 198 Haverford 1 21



Hobart & William Smith 14 Hofstra 4 Howard 10 8 Ithaca 4 Johns Hopkins 10 19 Kenyon 6 23 Lafayette 3 4 Lehigh 3 29 Macalester 15 Mercy 4 Middlebury 5 35 MIT 3 27 Morehouse 1 4 Mount Holyoke 3 9 Muhlenberg 2 21 New School 2 4 Northeastern 5 6 Northwestern 4 22 Notre Dame 1 4 NYU 19 73 Oberlin 2 21 Occidental 7 13 Penn 21 188 Penn State 2 2 Pitzer 1 4 Pomona 33 Princeton 13 100 Reed 2 10 Rice 1 7 RIT 3 3 RPI 4 2 Rutgers 4 Sarah Lawrence 4 8 Scripps 2 2 Skidmore 8 10 Smith 2 13 Spelman 1 7 St. John’s 2 6 Stanford 6 50 SUNY Albany 4 8 SUNY Binghamton 2 14 SUNY Buffalo 1 5 SUNY Empire State 7 SUNY Geneseo 5 SUNY New Paltz 3 2 SUNY Purchase 2 5 SUNY Stony Brook 14



Susquehanna 14 Swarthmore 2 20 Syracuse 8 29 Temple 2 2 Trinity College 7 37 Tufts 11 66 UNC Chapel Hill 27 Union College 1 9 Univ. of Chicago 5 11 Univ. of Connecticut 4 Univ. of Michigan 1 6 Univ. of Richmond 3 15 Univ. of Rochester 4 13 Univ. of Southern California 6 2 Univ. of Virginia 3 36 Vanderbilt 1 15 Vassar 1 32 Villanova 2 6 Washington Univ. 15 18 Wellesley 2 27 Wesleyan 26 204 West Point 2 5 Williams 15 81 Yale 28 183 Other Schools* 54 168




643 3332

* Fewer than four students enrolled and graduated Students enrolled and graduated as of October 2020



230 217 211 209 190

Wesleyan 26 204 Harvard 19 198 Yale 28 183 Penn 21 188 Columbia 25 165 Cornell 26 107 Amherst 16 115 Brown 17 114 Princeton 13 100 Williams 15 81 ENROLLED

133 131 131 113 96





Fulbright recipients

of Prep’s 3,332 college graduates earned their degrees from the most highly competitive colleges in the country; 34% graduated from Ivy League schools


Health Care Arts, Entertainment, Sports Communications Business (Manufacturing) Law Government


387 275 272 242 183 174 174 160


Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows


Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows


Truman Scholars


Gates Scholars


Rhodes Scholars


Business (Non-Manufacturing) Education



90 %


124 117 76 43 40

294 242

Includes current degree candidates







Achievement First Bloomberg Citi Columbia University Comcast Ethical Culture Fieldston School Facebook Goldman, Sachs & Co. Google

JPMorgan Chase & Co. KIPP McKinsey & Co. Morgan Stanley NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital New York University NYC Department of Education Prep for Prep UBS Viacom

“ One of the most amazing things about Prep is that it shows you there is a completely different world than the one you might have been growing up with and are used to. To open up that view makes you a much more prepared person to take on whatever life throws your way.” ANDREW WONG (XXII/COLLEGIATE ’06, BROWN ’10) MA, CARDINAL STRITCH UNIV. ’13; JD, NYU ’18 Associate, Kelley Drye





$1,522,535 $1,522,535 $1,522,535


711,707 711,707 107,880 819,587


1,743,877 1,743,877 328,600 2,072,477

Government Grants

1,425,600 1,425,600 1,425,600

Alumni Giving Campaign


Dividend and Interest Income, Net


Lilac Ball, Net of Direct Expenses of $105,058


In-kind Contributions






873 873 873 8,233,979 333,883 8,567,862 454,364 9,022,226


Net Assets Released from Restrictions


289,860 289,860 289,860





Total Support and Revenue








EXPENSES PROGR AM SERVICES Talent Search 1,334,116 1,334,116 1,334,116 Academic Programs 3,672,604 3,672,604 3,672,604 Counseling 2,508,260 2,508,260 2,508,260 Leadership Development Opportunities




Alumni Affairs 787,752 787,752 787,752 Smart Connections 82,425 82,425 82,425

Total Program Services 10,154,674 10,154,674 10,154,674

SUPPORTING SERVICES Administration Fundraising

Total Supporting Services

Total Expenses

Change in Net Assets from Operations

1,792,047 1,792,047 1,792,047 579,907 579,907 579,907 2,371,954 2,371,954 2,371,954 12,526,628 (190,619)









Net Realized/Unrealized Gains on Investments


Appropriated and Drawn from Endowment Funds





Changes in Net Assets






Net Assets at Beginning of Year






Net Assets at End of Year






The complete annual audited financial statements and report to the NY State Division of Charities are available in our office for review.




DEVELOPMENT FISCAL YEAR 2020 OVERVIEW Prep for Prep relies entirely on the philanthropic support of individuals, foundations, and corporations. We are immensely grateful to our supporters who believe in our mission and choose to sustain our vital work each year. During these extraordinary times, we are humbled by the dedication and generosity from our Board of Trustees. Their leadership, commitment, initiative, and investment in Prep for more than 40 years is admirable, has rallied this extraordinary outpouring of support from hundreds of donors, and has made an impact on the lives of our students, alumni, community, and nation in our collective commitment to achieving racial equity and justice. The following section of the Annual Report acknowledges contributions of $1,000 or more attributed to Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020) and significant gifts that have come in this current fiscal year.





$4,360,374 Individuals $2,423,582 Lilac Ball* $1,597,374 Foundations $1,425,600 Government Grants $796,895 Corporations $784,619 Board Endowment Appropriation $657,411 Alumni Giving Campaign (Given and Raised) $75,000 Permanently Restricted Endowment Draw and Other Income

$3,636,584 Academic Programs $2,464,424 Counseling $1,771,221 Administration $1,546,636 Leadership Development Opportunities $1,309,935 Talent Search $777,049 Alumni Affairs $540,344 Fundraising $74,662 Smart Connections

* Net of Direct Expenses of $105,058 and Indirect Expenses of $16,464






† Marisa Rose van Bokhorst & Robin van Bokhorst Halsey & Griffin Schroeder † Fay & Bill Shutzer † Bloomberg Philanthropies Herbert Allen Foundation Silver Lake † Roxanne & Scott L. Bok, The Catherine & Joseph Aresty The Herbert & Nell Singer Bok Family Foundation Foundation, Inc. Foundation, Inc. †* Nancy & Frank Bynum Bank of America Foundation, Inc. The Paul E. Singer Foundation †* Lisa & Dick Cashin Michele & Tim Barakett S. Donald Sussman Citi Foundation † Debra & Ken Caplan Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Gray Foundation Daedalus Foundation † Brian C. Wille & † Hettinger Foundation Richard d’Albert & Robin A. Remick, Catherine Greenman † The JPB Foundation Wille Family Foundation † Laura & James DeMare † The Margaret and The Workman Family Daniel Loeb Foundation † Patricia & Alex Farman Farmaian †* Daniel M. Neidich & Brooke Garber Foundation Charitable Lead Annuity Trust BENEFACTORS under the Will of Louis Feil Kate & Bob Niehaus ($ 25,000 +) †* Cara & Kevin Ferro Donald A. Pels First Eagle Investment Charitable Trust A G Foundation Management, LLC †* Harriet & Eric Rothfeld, Francine & Arun Alagappan, The Rothfeld Family FJC, A Foundation of The Advantage Testing Foundation Donor-Advised Funds Foundation † The Schaps Family Foundation GCM Grosvenor Alexandria Real Estate Equities Tiger Global Foundation Google † Nicole & Leo Arnaboldi † Tsunami Foundation— * Anne & John Hall BET Debra and Anson M. † Cynthia & Anthony Kim The Blackstone Group Beard, Jr. and Family * Robin Krasny Jorge Calderon & Mary Roesser Barbara & John L. Vogelstein Marie-Josée & Henry R. Centerview Partners LLC The Wachtell, Lipton, Kravis Foundation † Alex Clavel Rosen & Katz Foundation Elaine & Ken Langone Theodore Cross Family Warburg Pincus Foundation * James Maher & Polly Scott Charitable Foundation * Anita Volz Wien & Byron Wien The Moody’s Foundation † Kathryn Deane & Mr. & Mrs. Rodman W. Richard Krantz Moorhead III † Pascal Desroches Morgan Stanley Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas †* Frida Polli & Conor Bastable Foundation PURE Insurance

CHAMPIONS ($100,000 +)

LEADERS ($ 50,000 +)

James G. Dinan & Elizabeth R. Miller EY LLP Friends of Ben Callinder (P9 XX) Pauline & Jeremy Gelber Myrna & Steve Greenberg Robert F. Greenhill The Marc Haas Foundation The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust † Parisa Jaffer & Salim Ramji JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kitty & Tom Kempner Shiva Kilaru Larry Leeds † Kristina & Frank Loverro Janine Luke † Rebecca & Tyler Morse † Pamela & Christopher Ortega † Virginia & Sandy Osborne Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP † Elizabeth Perelstein, in memory of Michael Perelstein Marguerite Pitts PwC Jill & Sandy Sirulnick † Nami Soejima & James Levy Sotheby’s Tiger Global Management LLC van Ameringen Foundation, Inc. Vinson & Elkins LLP † Andrew Vogelstein and Fred Vogelstein Hans A. Vogelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP † Valda Witt & Jay Hatfield

CAMPAIGN FOR PREP’S FUTURE With our growing community of students, families, and alumni, we thank current and past donors to our Campaign for Prep’s Future. For decades, this dedicated group, making five-year pledges or more, has sustained Prep for Prep and launched generations of diverse leaders. Ensuring our financial stability, they collectively contribute 25% –30% of our overall revenue need each year. We invite you to join this distinguished circle of philanthropic leaders. Pledges have ranged from $50,000 to $3 million over five years. For our students, the Prep journey spans 9–12 years — and this ongoing campaign makes an extraordinary difference in paving their way. Lisa & Dick Cashin • The Margaret and Daniel Loeb Foundation Bloomberg Philanthropies • The Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Foundation Roxanne & Scott L. Bok, Bok Family Foundation The Daniel M. Neidich & Brooke Garber Foundation • Nancy & Frank Bynum Harriet & Eric Rothfeld, REI Charitable Trust

EMERITI DONORS These donors have participated in the Campaign for Prep’s Future in past years, and we thank them in perpetuity for helping to pave the way, launching leaders and inspiring change. Beth Dater Anne & John Hall Larry Leeds Sandy Osborne Chip Seelig Barbara & John Vogelstein Andrew Wallach Brian Wille Valda Witt Anonymous (1)

Frida Polli & Conor Bastable • Catherine Greenman & Richard d’Albert Fay & Bill Shutzer • Nicole & Leo Arnaboldi • Mary & Garrett Moran • Katharine Nadler For more information about campaign giving, including planned gifts, please email us at ä With your long-term commitment, the future is now.

* Notes Trustee participation in the Alumni Giving Campaign Board of Trustees Match

† Notes multi-year pledges


The Eberstadt Kuffner Fund Timothy J. Erb Essential Utilities Laura & Michael Fisch * Maria & Peter Anzalone Mark Galante † The Barker Welfare Foundation David Gibbons Emily Berger & James McClave Courtney Goldsmith The Brodsky Family Foundation † Adam Goldstein & Gaby * Karessa L. Cain & Michael Hay Santana Goldstein (XXII) Elisabeth de Picciotto Bennett J. Goodman Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Fran & Carl Harnick Marsha & Richard Goldberg The Jeffrey & Jamie Harris Charles and Elizabeth Family Foundation Trust Goodyear Foundation The Hassel Foundation In Seon Hwang Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. Hobbs The Peter T. Joseph Foundation † Frances Cashin Hodler & Simeon and Jean H. Locke Nicholas Hodler Charitable Foundation Max and Sunny Howard † Mary & Garrett Moran Memorial Foundation Roy Schoenberg Jockey Hollow Foundation Neelima Veluvolu Nikos S. Kefalidis Foundation, Inc. Kekst CNC SPONSORS Jennifer & Tim Kingston ($10,000 +) Sylvia & Kevin Lang Miyoung Lee & Neil Simpkins Karin & Henry Barkhorn Lone Pine Foundation Anson H. Beard & Bridget & John Macaskill Veronica M. Beard Taro Masuyama & Jean J. Beard Shirley Sing-Masuyama Allison & David Beller Musa & Tom Mayer Bloomingdale’s Allison & Roberto Mignone Richard Cotton Margaret Brooke Morse Susan C. & David A. Coulter Abby & Jonathan Moses Elizabeth B. Dater & Wm. Thomas S. Murphy Mitchell Jennings Jr. Kitty & Guy de Chazal

PARTNERS ($15,000 +)

† Katharine Nadler Jacques Nasser * Jeannemarie O’Brien & Yves-Achille Casimir Paulson Family Foundation Leslie Peter Foundation Lorna Power Richard Reiss Madeleine K. Rudin Nancy & Alan Schwartz The Shapiro Family Foundation Richard W. & Charlotte V. Smith Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Tishman Speyer The Travelers Companies, Inc. Hugo Verdegaal Pia & Steven Wax Michael Wiebolt Anonymous (3)

SUPPORTERS ($ 5,000 +) Jessica & Todd Aaron Jane & Norman Alpert/Alpert Family Foundation Elaine Appellof & Jerry Saunders Anne & Mike Armstrong Dorothy & Martin Bandier Kerri & Richard Bartlett Vivian Berger Roberta & Stanley Bogen The Brownington Foundation Lauren Cochran & Michael Bogorad

* Notes Trustee participation in the Alumni Giving Campaign Board of Trustees Match


† Notes multi-year pledges

Andrea & Tim Collins Leslie & Bob Dahl Georgia & John DallePezze Alex Daniels Judy & Kim Davis Sue Lonoff de Cuevas in memory of Jenny Kletzin DiBiase Donald Donovan & Jennifer Lake Alexandra & Patrick Dowd Dune Real Estate Partners Jimmy Dunne Cheryl & Blair Effron Wendy & Michael Esposito Beth & Michael Fascitelli Elizabeth Barringer Fentress Hope L. & John L. Furth Laurie & Kirk Gellin Louise & Lewis Hart, Kern Charitable Fund Lawrence Holodak Lisa Kohl & Ricardo Hornos Caroline & Edward Hyman Jack Irushalmi / Tri-Star Construction Jephson Educational Trusts Steven & Ruth Katz Family Foundation Thomas Keefe EB Kelly & Josh Olken Corinne Maloney Langdon Audrey & Henry Levin Terry & Bob Lindsay Judith Little Susan & Daniel Mahoney Kate & Henry Mannix

PATRONS ($ 2,500 +) Jody & John Arnhold Neena Barua & Atif Khawaja Willa & Rob Baynard Amy & Tom Beaumont Emily Becher Carolyn & Preston Butcher Dr. James Chang Anita & Corey Chen Helen Chen & Matthew Verghese Kuohsin Chen Marcia Cohen & Roy Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Roberto de Guardiola Dana DeLuca DeVoe Automotive Group Erin & Brian Dillard Patricia Dunning & Donald Boyle

Eagan Family Foundation, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Valentin Fuster The Futures Project Janis & Alan Goldberg Kerry & Daniel Golden Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation The Goldstone Family Foundation Marjorie & Alan Grossman Gail & Walter Harris Lyndon Hill David Hornik Samuel Jacob Matthew Kann Carol B. Kenney Elysabeth Kleinhans Joanna & Joseph Lai Alex & John Lange Sara & Mark Lewis Andrew Y. Li Linville Family Foundation Za & Donald Manocherian Maryann & Robert Marston Jody & Giulio Martini Carlos Medeiros & Family Carolyn Messner The Leo Model Foundation The Philip D. & Tammy S. Murphy Family Foundation Sarah & Eugene Nardelli Melanie & David Niemiec Nancy & Morris W. Offit Marnie S. Pillsbury The Pucilowski Foundation Kimball Richmond & Rodney Priddy Roman & Erica, Inc. Donna & Benjamin M. Rosen Schiff Family Foundation The Shapiro-Silverberg Foundation Maureen Elizabeth Sheehan Anne Volk Sherman & Ben Sherman Randy P. Siller Benjamin Silver Danielle M. Smith Kevin Smith Beverly Sommer Darcy Stacom & Chris Kraus Lauren Stewart Peg Sullivan Bob Tavares Colin Teichholtz & Stella Um Tinshui E. Tung Andrea & Paul Vizcarrondo The Bert & Sandra Wasserman Foundation Stacey Gillis Weber & Jeffrey A. Weber Lori & Charles Weinstein Willis Towers Watson Anonymous (2)

Photo by Amaris Modesto (XX/Fieldston ’04, Boston College ’08)

Danielle Marcuccio Evan Mason & Garrard Beeney Maverick Capital Foundation Meadowlark Family Foundation, Inc. Sheena & Amit Melwani Ronay & Richard Menschel Agnes Mentre & Kenneth Jacobs Marrisa Nelson Jack H. Nusbaum & Nora Ann Wallace Hayjin & Chung-Taek Oh Joellyn O’Loughlin Amy & Joseph Perella Lisa & Richard Perry Tracey & Robert Pruzan The Pumpkin Foundation The Reed Foundation, Inc. Kim & Ralph Rosenberg May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc. Sidley Austin LLP Rebecca & Elliot Silver The Lucinda and Edward Siskind Family Fund Michele Smith & David Weinberg SoftBank Group Sarah & Howard Solomon Joan Solotar The Sontheimer Foundation Paul Soros Family Trust Esta Eiger Stecher The Real Estate Board of New York Third Point LLC Rielly & Dax Vlassis Heather & Bill Vrattos Penny & John Wallerstein George Wein Anonymous (1)

PROGRAM SPONSORSHIPS We rely on private funding to sustain and evolve our programming. Designated support — from gifts of $10,000 to over $500,000 annually — help our students find their identity, hone their skills, and pursue their dreams. Sponsorships have supported our Art Academy, Aspects of Leadership Retreats, Internships & Professional Advancement, Undergraduate Services, STEM Initiatives & Entrepreneurship, Mental Health & Well-Being, Prep Scholars & Fellows, Travel Abroad & Experiential Learning, Emergency Funds, and more. We give special thanks to these vital sponsors: Catherine & Joseph Aresty Foundation Michele & Tim Barakett Calder Classics Scholarship Lisa & Dick Cashin Citi Foundation Google Gray Foundation The Hassel Foundation Max and Sunny Howard Memorial Foundation IAC JPB Foundation JPMorgan Chase & Co. Carolyn Messner The Moody’s Foundation Morgan Stanley Foundation Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust Elizabeth Perelstein, in memory of Michael Perelstein May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation Sotheby’s The Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Foundation Anita Volz Wien & Byron Wien Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP Anonymous, FJC A Foundation of Donor Advised Funds

Interested in sponsorships? Please email us at ä Tell us how you’d like to make a philanthropic difference and learn more about Prep’s work and our students. We’ll find meaningful ways for you to become involved and invest where it’s needed most.


“ No one person can do everything. I had to rely on my community more than ever before, and in doing that I was able to achieve more goals and do them better than I could have alone.” MUNIYAT CHOUDHURY (XXXVI/NIGHTINGALE ’20, CUNY MACAULAY HONORS COLLEGE) College student majoring in biomedical sciences

FRIENDS ($1,000 +) John W. Amerman Alana & Andrew Axelrod Jane Bayard Beal Family Foundation Susan & Rodman Benedict The Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation Inc. Daniel Bergstein Alexander Berkett Gail & Edgar Berner David W. Bernstein Edie & Michael Blair Susan & Matthew Blank Franci J. Blassberg & Joseph L. Rice III Lee Bocker Sonja & Martin Brand Grace Brandt Clara Brooks Emily & Michio Brunner Dale & Robert Burch Tom & Harriet Burnett Family Foundation Robert Buxton Laurie Campbell Katharine Cargol Jane Carroll Linda & Arthur Carter Alexa & Michael Chae Jessica & Bryan Cho Steven Clausen & April Marshall-Clausen James H. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Coleman Simon & Eve Colin Foundation Jane Condon & Kenneth Bartels Cara & Brian Cook Joan Ganz Cooney Amanda Cross

Kevin Danckwerth Judy & Aaron Daniels Peggy & Dick Danziger Sheila K. Davidson Dionne Dixon & Kenneth Jaffe Scott Donner, Real Deal Decoration Nancy & Steve Einhorn U. Bertram Ellis, Jr. Haseena Enu & Randy Hulme Maurice B. Falk Fitch Ratings Anne Fitzgerald Vanessa & Michael C. Ford Roni & Jonathan Foster Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg Tully & Elise Friedman Fund John Garfinkel Jan & Tom Geniesse Grace Church School Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Gund Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Guylay Susannah Hagan Olga & Chris Hartwell Anna & Anthony Hass Mary Ellen & Gates Hawn Thad Hayes & Adam Lippin, Thad Hayes, Inc. Meg & Tom Healey Cynthia & Martin Heckscher Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Philip Hofmann The Humanist Trust Y. A. Istel Foundation Karen & Peter Jakes The JGM Legacy Foundation JPMorgan Chase & Co. Lee & Nancy Keet Knott Family Foundation Kornblau Family Fund Kristoff Family

Morgan Laird Aron Lencz Dennis Levene Terri & John Liftin Arthur Magnus Nancy & Burton Malkiel Jane R. Martin & Douglas McGrath Karina Martinez-Carter Robert J. McMullan Sam Miller-Little Lori & David Moore Rodman W. Moorhead IV Betsy Morgan & Jonathan Cary Whitney & Clarke Murphy New York Life Insurance Company Nippon Steel North America, Inc. Susan Nitze Janet & David Offensend In Suk Oh Pam & Vince Pagano Michael Perrone Victoria Pettibone & Adam Verost Daphne & Bob Philipson Alexandra Polites & Steve Malito The Reed Family Foundation Rodney J. Reid Amy Reiss & Gary Jacobs Heidi Rieger Sandra & Richard Rippe Mordecai Rochlin Anne & Martin Roher Marjorie & Jeffrey A. Rosen Rosen-Cappellazzo Laura & James Ross Jin & Daniel Rubenstein Lisa E. Rubin & Carl S. Mankowitz

* Notes Trustee participation in the Alumni Giving Campaign Board of Trustees Match


† Notes multi-year pledges

Andrew Sabin Family Foundation Connie Sargent Pam & Scott Schafler Kelly & David Schnabel Schreck Rose Dapello Adams Berlin & Dunham LLP Melanie & David Schwartz Paulomi Shah Nancy & Stephen Sheetz Maureen Sherry & Steven Klinsky Anne Small Cornelia & Jonathan Small Edward Speal Benjamin F. Stapleton III Ricki Stern & Evan Guillemin The Straus Family Foundation Lynne Tarnopol Carole & Fred Taylor Brina Thurston Cristin Tierney Genevieve & Fenton Tom Anne-Gaelle & Christophe van de Weghe Fernando Vigil Carol & Michael Weisman The Clarence Westbury Foundation Giles Whiting Leslie Williams & James A. Attwood, Jr. Betsy & David Wilson The Winokur Family Foundation Monique Witt & Steven Rosenblum Peggy Yannas & Andrew Wallach Holly & Jon Youngwood Anonymous (7)

GIFTS IN KIND We are deeply grateful to the following contributors who have generously donated goods and services to Prep for Prep in Fiscal Year 2020.

We are also grateful to the following partners who generously hosted events or provided catering to Prep for Prep in Fiscal Year 2020.

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP — Legal Services Geller & Co. — Computer Hardware Advantage Testing — Test Preparation Services Tiffany & Co. — Alumni Prize Bowl

Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg Philanthropies Bronx Beer Hall Chipotle Clinton St. Baking Co. Creative T. Catering Debevoise & Plimpton LLP EY Goldman Sachs Google

Greenhill & Co. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kopitiam Lolo’s Seafood Shack Madison Square Garden Related Rye Country Day School Sotheby’s Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Photo by Amaris Modesto (XX/Fieldston ’04, Boston College ’08)



ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT Our Prep for Prep student programming is undoubtedly strengthened by alumni contributions of time and talent. This past year, over 100 alums volunteered as panelists, facilitators, and affinity group leaders.



THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS! Janelle Abadia (XXII) Ingianni Acosta (XXI) Dola Adebayo (P9 XXII) Leah Asha Allen (XXVI) Dale Allsopp (VII) Anne-Carmene Almonord (XV) Thomas Alston (XXII) Richard Anantua (XXIII) Jeremy Anderson (XXXI) Courtney Archer-Buckmire (XV) Milana Baker (XXVI) Justin Bain (XXII) Angelique Banks Stewart (X) Andre Benjamin (XIV) Tamar Beresford (XXII) Rhonda Binda (P9 IV) Brittany Bing (P9 XXIV) Matthew Blackburn (XXVI) Renny Blanco (XXIV) Todd Anthony Blandino (P9 XIII) Jerry Bright (IX) Diogenes Brito (XXIII) Sollana Brown-Irvin (P9 XXIV) Esther Cajuste (P9 XI) Cheryl Campos (XXVIII) Ryan Chapoteau (P9 XIII) Diego Chavez (P9 XXV) Nancy Chen (XXVIII) Carolyn Chica (P9 XVII) Tyler Clarke (XXX) Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V) Barry Cleckley (P9 XVII) Brian Correa (XXIV) Vinson Cunningham (XIX) Seliat Dairo (XXVII) Cheryl Dawson Kaba (P9 VIII)

Jose De Jesus (IX) Olivia Deng (XXX) Henoch Derbew (XIX) Alejandro Desince (XXX) Vasavi Devireddy (XX) Rolanda Evelyn (XXVIII) Robyn Farley (P9 XXII) Andrea Fernandez (XXXVI) Ysiad Ferreiras (XVII) Jonathan Figueroa (P9 XV) Leslie Francois (P9 XXII) Alicia Frank (P9 XII) Sean Friday (XVIII) Nia Froome (XXVII) Elbert Garcia (IX) Naima Garvin (XIII) Jennifer Gomez (P9 XIII) Emilio Gonzalez (XXIX) Lovia Gyarkye (XXVIII) Denzil Harris (P9 XVIII) Amina Harris Elderfield (XI) Yin He (XXII) Juliana Hernandez (P9 XVII) Tennyson Hinds (XXIII) Ronnette Hope (XXIII) William Huang (XXIV) Victor Hunt (P9 XXIII) Natalie Swaby Hutchinson (XIV) Ginalysse Ingles (P9 XIV) Jennifer Jackson (P9 IX) Shayna R. Jeffers (XVIII) Elizabeth Jimenez (XXIV) Warren King (XX) Kristine Kippins (XIV) Florian Koenigsberger (XXVI) Chante Lawson (P9 XXIII) David Lei (XXII)

Ryan Ramos (P9 XXI) Kenneth Reveiz (XXIV) Stephanie Reyes (XXX) Andrew Ricketts (XVII) Donna Rizzo (P9 XIII) Brandon Robinson (XXIII) Adrian Rodriguez (XXXV) Alsonel Rosario (XIX) Eric Rosas (XXV) Ali Salas (XXV) Jasmine Santana (P9 XXI) Sybil St. Hilaire (XXIII) Pharoah Sutton-Jackson (XXIX) Milton Syed (P9 XXIII) Joshua Talton (XXII) Dannette Tejeda (P9 XVIII) Kayla Thompson (P9 XXIV) Akili Tommasino (XXI) Matthew Trammel (P9 XVIII) Izabel Tropnasse (P9 XXII) Gennifer Tsoi (XXIV) Jennifer Ugarte (XIV) Alex Vega (P9 XXVI) Vanessa Vincent (P9 XV) Tameka Watler Koney (XVIII) Larry Welch (IX) Randy Wilkins (XIII) Lauren Williams (P9 XIII) Kennedi Williams-Libert (XXIX) Andrew Wong (XXII) Fazal Yameen (P9 XI) Grace Young (XXIX) Akina Younge (LA II) Tony Yung (XII) Pablo Zevallos (XXVIII)





alums volunteered with Prep for Prep across a range of programs:






Annika Lescott (P9 XV) Monica M. Liriano (XV) Tomas Lopez (XVIII) Stef Alicia McCalmon (XX) Jennifer McEachern (P9 XI) Sue Meng (XV) Benjamin Mensah (XXIII) Frances Messano (XIV) Nikita Miller (XXII) Amaris Modesto (XX) Ayman Mohammad (XXXI) Priscilla Morales (XII) Yvonne Morel (XXVIII) Amanda Nazario (XXIII) Mariama Ndiaye (XXIX) Michael Nelson (XXIV) Andre Newland (XXX) Justin Ng (XXV) Judith Ohikuare (XXII) Amara Omeokwe (P9 XIII) Airenakhue Omoragbon (XXXI) Janissia Orgill (XXIII) Daniel Ortega (XXVII) Eric Osorio (VIII) Kevin Otero (XII) Khadijah Owens (P9 XX) Aaron Payne (P9 XIV) Dante Pearson (P9 XVII) Ian Pearson (XXII) Taylor Perez (XXIX) Carolyn Peters (P9 XXII) Eni Popoola (XXIX) Amaory Portorreal (XXVIII) Racquel Quarless-Hill (XXII) Agueda Ramirez (P9 IX) Amy Victoria Ramirez Rodriguez (XXII)






alums donated to the this year’s Alumni Giving Campaign GIVEN :

$435,889 R AISED :

$221,522 TOTAL :

$657,411 37

ALUMNI GIVING CAMPAIGN The Prep for Prep alumni community continues to set the standard of excellence for today’s students. Our alums are not only leaders in every field, they also remain active in the life of Prep by giving their time, talent, and treasure to the organization. The following pages acknowledge alumni contributions of $100 or more attributed to Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020).

THE MOTTO CIRCLE : INTEGRITY ($ 25,000 +) * Diogenes Brito (XXIII) * Jessica & Christopher James (IX) Kevin Otero (XII) & Laura Trainor * Natalie Swaby Hutchinson (XIV) & Russ Hutchinson

THE MOTTO CIRCLE : COMMITMENT ($15,000 +) * Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V) & Marcie Cleary

THE MOTTO CIRCLE : COUR AGE ($10,000 +) Tatiana Cordoba (XVI) & George Cabrera III (XIV) * Francis Idehen (P9 IV) & Nicole Idehen * Sue Meng (XV) & Antonius Kufferath Alwin Peng (XXXVI) * Karen Young (IV)

APOLLO SOCIETY ($ 5,000 +) * Dale Allsopp (VII) & Jacquelyn Allsopp * Marene Jennings (X) * Nyssa Lee (XV) & Chris Lee * Steve Lee (XV) * Etzerson Philitas (P9 XII) * Wayne Warner (XIX)

LEGACY CIRCLE ($2,500 +) Thomas Alston (XXII) * Jerry Bright (IX) & Patrice Reives-Bright Edmond Cheung (XXIX) Tyler Clarke (XXX) Corin Cort (P9 XXII) * Karenne Eng (XVII) & Aubrey Burnett Nicole Isaac (XII) * Pang Lee (IX) * Roald Richards (VII) * Shawn Rose (XIV) * Kelly Salazar (XXIV) & Alex Kimball * Miguel Vargas (P9 XVIII) Asha Wills (XXIX) Ethan Zhou (XXX)

* Indicates an individual who has given to the last five consecutive Campaigns


* Franky Kong (I) & Jenni Kim * Jamaal Lesane (X) Naima Lilly (P9 VI) Ilya Medvedev (XIX) Wei-Kuo Miao (VI) * Victor O. Amoo (XVII) * Nikita Miller (XXII) & * Kenechi Igbokwe (P9 XIV) David Miller * Terence Nip (XXVI) Katrina Nusum Charles (V) FOUNDER’S CLUB * Jeffrey Ogbara (XIV) ($1000 +) Ikechi Ogbonna (XVIII) Abdel Reid (XVIII) * Roshanie Adhin Ross (VIII) Jamal Salmon (XXIV) * Clarence Agbi (XXI) Jorge S. Valcarcel (XI) * Kara M. Alfonso (VIII) Mirna Valerio (P9 II) Kimm Alfonso (VIII) Theresa Wong (VI) * Courtney Archer-Buckmire (XV) Thomas Yih (VII) in honor of Anonymous Diahann Billings-Burford (VI) & Orlando Bishop (VI) Donnell Bell (P9 V) * Paula Campbell Roberts (X) LEADERSHIP CIRCLE Naeemah Clark (IX) ($ 500 +) * Jackson Collins (XII) Eugene Aarons-Cooke (XXV) * Angelique Cooper (P9 III) * Sheila R. Adams James (P9 X) & Vasavi Devireddy (XX) Karume James Malik Duncan (VII) * Aissa Bautista (P9 XII) Kaye Ea (IX) * Jemina Bernard (IX) & Keith Hines (XVII) Stan Trybulsk * Sandra Idehen (P9 X) Savitri Bishnath (P9 VIII) * Kenya A. James (P9 II) * Todd Anthony Blandino (P9 XII) * Kevin Johnson (P9 IV) Peter-Charles Bright (XII) * Sameea Kasim (XIV) * Andeliz N. Castillo (P9 X)


* Lovia Gyarkye (XXVIII) Crystal Harper (XXVII) * Amina Harris Elderfield (XI) Kenny Hernandez (P9 XIV) * Roberto Acosta (P9 X) * Ronnette Hope (XXIII) Kelechi Akusobi (P9 XXI) Ronda Jack (XIII) Jeremy Allen-Arney (XXI) * Alexander Jean (P9 VIII) * Anne-Carmene Almonord (XV) * Elizabeth Jimenez (XXIV) & Egya Appiah Louis Jimenez (XXI) Jaynemarie Enyonam Angbah (XIV) * Judith Joseph Jenkins (VII) in memory of Gbambele Kone (XXV) Tiesha Sargeant (XIV) Zuhairah La Mont Tillinghast (XI) Daniel Arango (XXII) Kim Ladd Williams (XXV) Lionel Archille (X) * * Shenequa McLeod (P9 VIII) * Jose Leonor (XVIII) * Franklyn A. Arthur (III) Yuka Miyanomae (XXXII) * Brian Leung (XV) * John Azubuike (P9 XVIII) * Pascal Moise (XVIII) * Megan Lui (XXV) Sara C. Bedoya (XXIII) Shannon Mouzon Jessica Melendez Rodriguez (P9 IX) * Matthew Blackburn (XXVI) Ludlow (P9 XIII) & Joshua M. Rodriguez (P9 IX) * Amanda Boston (XXII) Julie Novick-Lederer (XXXI) Michael Mitchell (P9 VIII) * Rhia Catapano (XXV) Allison Pan (XIX) * Glendaly Munoz Chukwuma (XVIII) Michael Chen (XVII) * Akil Pascal (XVI) in honor of those in the Prep * Michael Muscianesi (XVII) * Christopher J. Richardson (V) family no longer with us * Desmond Nation (P9 VII) Jennifer D. Tait-James (P9 XIV) Tszyu Chen-Holmes (X) * Esosa Ogbahon (P9 VI) * Michael Tang (XIX) * Renée M. Chung (XVII) Stefan Oliva (XXVI) * Jessica N B Taylor (XXI) Jacqueline Corona (XIV) * Sonia Olivo Alfieri (P9 IX) * Gerald Taylor (XII) Tamara Crawford (XIV) Nicholas Dass Patacsil (P9 XII) * Brandon Triminio (XXV) * Shaundell Cyntje (XVI) * Joshua M. Rodriguez (P9 IX) * Gillian Noel Wallace (P9 VII) * Seliat Dairo (XXVII) Jolene Saul (XII) Monique Wilson (XXI) * Sherene S. Davidson (P9 XVI) Judith C. Scott Biondo (XIV) * Melanie Wilson-Taylor (XII) * Imani Dawson (IX) & Omar Slowe (XIII) * * Yu Wong (VI) Yuriel Layne (IX) * Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes (XI) Phillip Wong (VI) Anna Duenas (LA I) Madelene Souffront-Garcia (IV) * Yang Xu (XIX) * Edem Dzubey (XXIII) Calvin Sung (XXI) Peggy Yih (V) & Christina Espiritu (P9 VIII) Erica Terry Derryck (VII) Chanland Roonprapunt Emily Galindo (P9 XVIII) Graig Warner (XI) Anonymous * Tamieka Goulbourne (P9 VI) * Deidra Willis (P9 XVIII) Renee Green (P9 X) Anonymous (3)

LILAC CLUB ($ 250 +)

* Christina Claudio (P9 XIII) Cheryl Dawson Kaba (P9 VIII) * Steve M. Del Villar (P9 II) & Kwana Del Villar * Julia Diaz Rodriguez (XVIII) Christine Fan (XXII) * Sherwyn Fullington (XIII) & Grace Tyndall-Fullington * Eddie Garcia II (XI) * Gary Guzman (X) * Renata G. Henry (XXII) * Gerren Hong (XXVI) Travis Hutchinson (XXVII) * Muriel Isaac (XVII) Aditi Jain (XXI) Christine Johnson (XVI) Katy Knight (XXIII) E-Bai Koo (VI) Jaison Lee (XI) Song-Yi Lee (XXI) Yadilis Lewis (P9 V) Carol Luck (V) Mark Manning (P9 II)





Alumni Trustees Amanda Boston (XXII) President Imani Dawson (IX) Chair, Personal & Professional Development Committee Yvonne Morel (XXVIII) Chair, Community Engagement Committee Roland Persaud (LA II) Chair, Fundraising Committee

Executive Committee Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V) Co-President Christopher James (IX) Co-President Sue Meng (XV) Executive Vice President & Secretary Natalie Swaby Hutchinson (XIV) Vice President

Jerry Bright (IX) Chair Thomas Alston (XXII) Franklin Amoo (XIV) Peter-Charles Bright (XII) Steve M. Del Villar (P9 II) Ettie Philitas (P9 XII) Kelly Salazar (XXIV) Miguel Vargas (P9 XVIII) Karen Young (IV)

Prep Alumni Parents Network Nikita Miller (XXII) Tameka Watler-Koney (XVIII)

Members Eduardo Alleyne (P9 X) Carolyn Chica (P9 XVI) William Huang (XXIV) Lovey Roundtree Oliff (P9 VI) Natasha Rivera (XXV) Milton Syed (P9 XXIII) Raymond Walker (P9 I) Braxton Winston (P9 X)

Trustees Dale Allsopp (VII) Francis Idehen (P9 IV) Kevin Otero (XII)

Prep in Arts Leah Asha Allen (XXVI) Shayna Jeffers (XVIII) Prep in Finance Benjamin Mensah (XXIII) Ian Pearson (XXII) David Lei (XXII) Prep Legal Alumni Network Anne-Carmene Almonord (XV) Esther Cajuste (P9 XI) Ryan Chapoteau (P9 XIII) Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V) Naima Jean Baker Garvin (XIII) Sue Meng (XV) Kevin Otero (XII) Khadijah Owens (P9 XX) Prep in Real Estate Larry Welch, Esq. (IX) Prep in Tech Fazal Yameen (P9 XI) Men of Prep Leslie Francois (P9 XXI) Emilio Gonzalez (XXIX) Brandon Robinson (XXIII)



48 % of this year’s 251 student internships were secured with the help of alums

Adesina Dowers (XIII) Soyini Driskell (XX) Kiara Dziama (P9 XVIII) William J. Eaves (P9 VII) * Janelle Abadia (XXII) * Shena Elrington (XVI) Keren Abreu (XXVII) Susanna Eng (XIII) Juan Carlos Aguirre (XVIII) * Francisco Estrada (IX) Li Yun Alvarado (XV) Nora Etienne * Marilyn Arenas (XV) Quincy Evans (P9 V) Renee Arthurs Russell (XI) Jeff Fabre (P9 IX) * Karen Ash (XV) * * Abe Fernandez (VIII) Armenoush Aslanian * Jonathan “Figgy” Persico (XVIII) Figueroa (P9 XV) Rosemarie Barker (LA II) Ismael Fofana (XXVII) Lora Lee Barreto (XIV) Ayeola Fortune (V) Jasen M. Bell (XX) * Julian Fu (XXIII) Denzil Bernard (P9 XX) Joanna Bethencourt-Mason (III) * Mary C. Garvey (XVII) * Brandon Gordon (XVII) Brittany Bing (P9 XXIV) * Aliah Greene (VIII) Martin Camacho (XIV) * Sofia Gutierrez (P9 X) Jorge Xavier Camacho (XIX) * Heidi Guzman (XXV) Deborah Campbell (P9 XII) * James W. Harris III (XI) Shayna Capers (XXVII) * Adrienne Harrison (P9 VI) Roman Castellanos (XXVII) Donell Hutson (XVIII) * Ryan Chapoteau (P9 XIII) Kamisha Hyde (P9 XVII) Charmaine Charmant (P9 XIX) * Denise James-Manuel (V) * Jeffrey Chung (XXVII) Catherine Jaramillo (P9 XVI) Lizzette Colon (VII) Carlette Jennings (P9 VII) Chervonne Colon Salima Jones-Daley (P9 VIII) Stevenson (XIV) * Leslie-Bernard Joseph (P9 XI) * Kadeem Cooper (XXII) Kevin Joseph (P9 XVII) * Miguel Correa (XII) * Christina Jung (XXII) Jennifer Correa (XX) Aleem Khan (IX) & Stacey Khan Brian Correa (XXIV) * Gina (Ying) Lam (IV) Alisa Cox-West (XXIII) * Theresa Lasbrey Peters (X) & * Frankie Cruz (I) Brian Peters Marlon Cush (P9 VII) Gim Fung Lau (X) Erick Diaz (XV) * Henry H. Lau (XII) Stephanie Diu (XXVIII) * Stuart Dixon (XX)

THE 1978 CLUB ($100 +)

* Indicates an individual who has given to the last five consecutive Campaigns


Christopher Lawrence (P9 XVIII) Julia Lee (XXVI) * Karen LesPierre * Learah Lockhart (P9 XVII) * Nicole Loncke (XXVI) * Johanna D. Lopez Paraizo (P9 XIV) * Brian Louie (P9 XVI) Sybil Lui (XXIX) * Kevin Ma (P9 XXII) Saif Madar (XII) Jermaine McPherson (P9 VIII) Amanda Medford Messina (P9 II) Kristen Mercado (P9 IX) Kimberly Messano (XVI) * Natanya Mitchell (XII) Aliza Molgora (XXVIII) Cesar Montesano (VII) Danielle Noel (XX) * Nakia Antonatos (XI) Philip Odusote (P9 XII) Bolutife Ogunsuyi (XXVII) Amara Omeokwe (P9 XIII) * Omayra Ortega (P9 V) * Lucia Perez (XXVI) * Malcolm Jordan Phillips (XIX) * Jamall Pollock (IX) * Aiesha Powell (XXIII) * Atiba Quintyne (P9 XI) Rhoda Raji Vandyck (XIV) Elizabeth Raji-Greig (XVI) Daniel Ramirez (XIII) * Donna Rizzo (P9 XIII) * Dunia Rkein (XX) Alberto M Roldan (P9 XV) * Eric Rosas (XXV) Althia Russell Muse (P9 III)

Craig Sae Lao (X) * Kwabena Safo-Agyekum (P9 XI) Akobe Sandy (XIII) Peter Santiago (IX) * Naledi Semela (XXII) * Evette Stair (XVIII) Dwayne Stowe (X) * Nekesa C. Straker (XIII) Milton Syed (P9 XXIII) * Bo Tan (VI) in honor of Michael Lockett * Aiysha Taylor (XIII) Lawrence Tenn (XXVIII) Everlena Tenn (XXVIII) Erick Teran (XXIV) * Jimmy Tom (XI) * Kilsy Torres Barnes (XVIII) * Renée S. Trotman (P9 X) * Tuong-Long Tsang (VII) Catherine Ugarte (XII) * Julian Vasquez (XXIII) * Raymond Vega (VII) Sabine Vilsaint (LA I) Desiree Vodounon (P9 XVII) * Nichole Walford (XXII) Cicely Warren (VII) * Thomas Weng (XXVII) Marlowe Williams (LA II) William Wong (XXI) * Lynman Woo (XXI) Jin Yan (XIX) Jian Yang (XVI) Dillon Yearwood (P9 XXII) * John Yi (XV) Vance Young (VI) * Robyn Young (VIII) Grace Young (XXIX) Anonymous (4)

STAFF PREP 9 Preparatory Component Akintoye Moses


Chief Executive Off icer

† Jackson Collins, EdD (XII) Executive Director

Tyece McLean

Human Resources Manager

Abena Dwamena


† Cindy Perez

Alissa Fallesgon Dean of Students

Director of Leadership Development Opportunities

Yesenia Lopez

Michael O’Leary

Administrative Assistant

* Jinese Haskins

Executive Assistant

Guidance Counselor

* Jin Rubenstein

* Michael Codrington (P9 XXVII)


Head Advisor, PREP 9 Summer Advisory

TALENT SEARCH † Johanna Rodriguez

* Sarah Gbadebo (P9 XXVIII)

Director of Admissions

Naledi Semela (XXII) Jermaine Doris

Associate Director of Counseling

Admissions Off icer

Julianna Merino

Menorka Rodriguez Admissions Off icer

Assistant Director of College Guidance

Director of Professional Advancement

Orellana del Fierro

Program Assistant

Day Schools Noelle Bellamy

Professional Advancement Coordinator

Taylor Panico

Post-Placement Counselor

Thalia Emdin

Ambar Gomez

Admissions Coordinator

Post-Placement Counselor

* Tony Yao

Regina Hernandez (XXVIII)

Admissions Assistant

* Siobhan O’Leary Testing Coordinator


Director of Academic Programs

* Aiysha Taylor (XIII) Clinical Social Worker

Prep Preparatory Component Mujidat Shotonwa (XX)

Jacquelyn Lekhraj

Director of Communications

Isabel Acevedo

Communications Associate

Alumni Affairs Renata G. Henry (XXII) Director of Alumni Affairs

S. Derek Carroll

Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs

Yasmien Hickson

Alumni Affairs Manager

* Ashley Taylor Greaves (XXVIII) Alumni Affairs Assistant


Vice President for Administration

Kiwi Partners

Finance and Accounting


Brandon Henriquez Director of Technology

Sha-Ron Wimbish Technology Associate


Database Administrator

* Jilly Gee

Help Desk Technician


Post-Placement Counselor

Maya Jingles

Leslie Francois (P9 XXI)

Kelvin DeSilva

Post-Placement Counselor

Undergraduate Affairs Off icer

Danielle Montañez

Amanda Vidal

Kenny Ramos

Post-Placement Counselor

Shavonne Ward

Post-Placement Counselor

Boarding Schools Ismail Lawal (P9 III)

Post-Placement Counselor

Olubanke Martins

Post-Placement Counselor

Diana Ballesteros (XXI)

Shani Williams

Dean of Students


Communications Annie Lee

Director of Undergraduate Affairs

Assistant Director

Post-Placement Counselor

Dean of Student Life

Silvia Valcarcel

Senior Administrative Assistant

* Amanda Nelson

Guidance Counselor

* Kaitlyn Major-Hale (XXXV) Head Advisor, Prep Summer Advisory System

* Matthew Landell (XXXVI) Assistant Head Advisor, Prep Summer Advisory System

† Executive Staff * Part-Time Position

Director of Operations

Undergraduate Affairs Off icer

Facilities Coordinator


71st Street Receptionist

† Kerry Greene

Vice President for External Affairs

Toní John

External Affairs Associate

Development Janey Ozoria

Director of Development

Arlene Malave-Vazquez

Marisela Sepúlveda

As of November 2020

Director of College Guidance

Assistant Director of Professional Advancement

Leigh Pomeranz

Admissions Off icer

College Guidance Shari Fallis

Professional Advancement Rebecca Ervey

Aisha Shah

Rachel Genao

Administrative Program Manager

COUNSELING Director of Counseling

Admissions Off icer

Jennifer Ha

Karen Alonzo (XXIII)

† Ivan Tatis

Morgan Flanagan

Director of Leadership Development Projects

Assistant Head Advisor, PREP 9 Summer Advisory

Associate Director of Admissions Admissions Off icer


Claire Griffin

Maria Guisado

91st Street Receptionist

* Christopher Medina Porter


Senior Associate Director of Data Management

* Chioma Ajoku (XVIII)

Jessica O’Hare

* Johnny Cook

Development Off icer, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Celeste Rivera

Development Off icer, Individual Philanthropy


Senior Counselor

* Vincent Walker

Clinical Social Worker

Joanna DiBiase

Development Associate, Individual Philanthropy

Note: Roman numerals following a name denote a Prep for Prep or PREP 9 Contingent. All individuals listed this way are Prep alumni.



Arun Alagappan

Martin Lipton

Founder & President, Advantage Testing Inc. Advantage Testing Foundation

John L. Vogelstein

Head of School, Trinity School

Chair Emeritus Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Chair Emeritus Special Limited Partner, Warburg Pincus; Chairman, New Providence Asset Management

John Allman*

Marisa Rose Van Bokhorst Michael West

Parisa Jaffer Anthony Kim

Anita Volz Wien

COO, GCM Grosvenor

Dale Allsopp (VII)

Partner, Centerview Partners

Scott L. Bok

Conor Bastable

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Lisa Smith Cashin

Anson H. Beard

Managing Director, Warburg Pincus

Chair Chairman & CEO, Greenhill & Co., LLC Chair

Yahonnes Cleary (P9 V)

President Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison

Christopher James (IX) President Senior Managing Director, Blackstone

Sue Meng (XV)

Executive Vice President & Secretary Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Daniel M. Neidich

Executive Vice President CEO, Dune Real Estate Partners

Nicole Arnaboldi Vice President Chairman, QF Partners

Chief of Staff — Shopping & Travel, Google Managing Member, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC

President, Cary Street Partners Financial LLC

Ronald E. Blaylock

Founder & Managing Partner, GenNx360 Capital Partners

Amanda Boston (XXII)

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, New York University

Harold E. Butler, Jr.

Managing Director, Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory, Citi

Karessa L. Cain

Frank K. Bynum, Jr.

Vice President Global Co-Head of Real Estate, Blackstone

John H. Hall, Esq.

Founder & President, TCC Media Inc.

Managing Director, Global Co-Head Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Eric Derfner

Vice President

CFO, WarnerMedia & Administrative Officer, Turner

Natalie Swaby Hutchinson (XIV) Pascal Desroches

Alexander R. Edlich

Christopher Ortega

Vice President Partner, TPG Capital

Senior Vice President, Stribling & Associates

Vice President & Treasurer Partner, EY LLP

Richard d’Albert

Vice President & Assistant Treasurer Principal & Co-CIO, Seer Capital Management * Ex Officio

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Patricia Farman-Farmaian

Peter Anzalone

Co-CEO, Kelso & Company

James R. Maher Paula Karstens Mahoney Yvonne Morel (XXVIII) Account Executive, Criteo

R. Tyler Morse

Chairman & CEO, MCR / Morse Development

Kevin Ferro

CEO, Ferro Holdings LLC

Mark Galante

President, Field Operations, PURE Insurance

President, Moody’s Investors Service Chairman, Observatory Group LLC

Brian C. Wille

Wille Family Foundation

Valda Witt

President, The Browning School Executive Producer iCAP Entertainment


Chair Managing Director, Business Development, Trawler Capital Management LLC

Lawrence P. Holodak Chair Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Thomas Alston (XXII)

Jonathan Moses

Associate, Blackstone

Jeannemarie O’Brien

Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

Sandy Osborne

Managing Partner, Baylis Emerging Markets, LLC

Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Managing Partner, SoftBank Group

CIO and Partner, Crescent Sky Real Estate Partners, LLC

Vice President Founder, MML Productions

Frank J. Loverro

Jorge Calderon Alex Clavel

Vice President Of Counsel, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Margaret Munzer Loeb

Laurence C. Leeds, Jr. James R. Levy

Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Kathryn M. Deane James P. Demare

Kenneth Caplan

Robin Krasny

Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Elizabeth B. Dater Imani Dawson (IX)

Vice President Managing Director, Kelso & Company


Carl D. Harnick Francis Idehen (P9 IV)

Managing Director, Kelso & Company

Kevin Otero (XII)

Partner, Covington & Burling LLP

Marissa Alter-Nelson Franklin Amoo (XIV) Emily Becher

SVP, Head of Samsung Next International, Samsung

David Beller

Lissa Perlman

Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP

Roland Persaud (LA II)

Director, Bank of America Securities

Senior Vice President, Kekst & Company, Inc.

Michael Bogorad

Program Associate, Government Innovation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

Peter-Charles Bright (XII)

Trevor Price

Kuohsin Chen

CEO, Oxeon Holdings General Partner, Town Hall Ventures

Eric A. Rothfeld Chairman, REI Capital, LLC

Richard Schaps

Chairman and CEO, Van Wagner Group

Griffin Schroeder

Partner, Tiger Global Management

William A. Shutzer

CEO, Brighter Real Estate Group, LLC Managing Director, Blackstone

Roman Chiporukha Founder & CFO, Roman & Erica, Inc.

Alex Daniels

Principal, Fayerweather Capital Partners, LLC

Dana Deluca

Assistant Vice President, Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley

Steve M. Del Villar (P9 II)

SB Advisors

Internal Audit Managing Director, AIG Commercial Insurance

Peg Sullivan

Patrick Dowd

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Managing Director, King Street Capital

Prep for Prep is grateful to retiring Trustees Herb Allen, Danielle Danese, John Eydenberg, Jeremy Gelber, and Julie Monaco, and retiring Associates Council members Andre Benjamin (XIV) and Andrew Li for their service.

design: Pamela Mecca photography: Jay Savulich / Franklin Savulich / Coverd

Timothy Erb

Tom Keefe

Katharine M. Nadler

Farha Faisal

Colin Kennedy

Chung-Taek Oh

Managing Director, Allen & Company LLC Vice President, Lindsay Goldberg

Courtney Goldsmith

Director, Oxeon Partners Chief Investment Officer, Hexameter Capital Management

Heard of Marketing, Ergatta Managing Director, Rabobank

Lauren J. Stewart Miguel Vargas (P9 XVIII) Associate, Market Intelligence Point72

Neelima Veluvolu

Managing Director & Head of Wholesale Payments Transformation, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Co-Founder, Green Below 14

Joseph Lai

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Ettie Philitas (P9 XII)

Adam S. Goldstein

Corinne Maloney Langdon

Kelly Salazar (XXIV) Program Officer, Viking Global Foundation

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate, Blackstone

Lewis Hart

Mark H. Lewis

Ben Sherman

Natalie R. Williams

Managing Director, Harvard Management Company Senior Vice President, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Frances Cashin Hodler Shaimaa Hussein

Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Matthew Kann

Senior Associate, Prelude Growth Partners

Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Senior Investment Officer, Africa 50 Infrastructure Fund

Executive Director, Vice President, Sports & Entertainment Director, Ambulnz Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Benjamin Silver James Maher Jr. Managing Director, Maverick Capital Principal, Harbor Road Holdings Danielle M. Smith Sheena Melwani Principal, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Independent Public Relations

Margaret Morse

Private Equity Associate, Oak Hill Capital

Cindy Sobel

Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP

Mike Wiebolt

Managing Director & General Counsel for Responsible Banking & Data, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Karen Young (IV)

Vice President, Procurement, Comcast

328 West 71st Street


New York, NY 10023