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50 Time Tested Quality Checks Raw materials & Inputs Delivery schedule Grade list check Safety certificates

Blowing Machine


Assembly :


1.Print out



2. Leakage

3.Ink company / grade

3.Print inspection

4.Ink Stock

4.Drop test

2.Raw material grade /stock check 3.master batch grade / stock check 4.Mold check

Weight / Quantity

5.Bottle weight

Quality Check



5.Usability : 500 repetitions

7.Leakage : closed , pressed &

6.Screen Inspection

6.Rejection feedback

open position

7.Approve Print

1.Wall thickness uniformity

8.Flame treatment timing

Pre shipment inspection

9.Heating : dyne pen / water film

•Order verification

10.Tape test

•Packaging inspection



6. Shine

12.Color Matching Pantone


Mold Water Cooling Punch Cavity Shine Scratch Eject mark Noise Runner Flash

2. Smell

7. scratch


Timing Shot weight

8. Neck cutting

14.Logo : 1 side / 2 side

9. Bottom : print mark

15.Horizontal / Vertical

10. Parting Line

Dispatch Instructions


Container Stuffing

17.Rejection feedback





3.Taste 4.Drop Test 5.Color : Pantone shade

11.Flash – Touch 12. Cap fitting 13. View strip 14. Stability



15.Weather-ability 16.Reject quantity feedback

Manufacturers Defect Warrantee Inspite of our best efforts in rare instance if any products with major manufacturing defect reaches you , we will replace it , ex factory. Our liability is limited to ex factory cost of product.

Gym Bottles Drink Fast , Drink More

Boxing Patients

Display & Profit

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