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February 19-25, 2010


Should we hate Hijras?

Living 6 Meditatively




Sasidharan Nair

THE 84-year old Bal Keshav Thackeray, popularly known as Balasaheb Thackeray, who was born at Balghat in Madhya Pradesh, the founder and chief of Shiv Sena, even in his wild dreams never expects praise based on the recent occurrences. He will wonder for what and why he is being complimented during a period his actions, decisions, remarks incessantly invite so much fuss and fury not only in Maharashtra, but across the country and even abroad. The hype is high now against him and his party from the political circles. One-after-the other he and his party were tasting humiliation and defeat recently. So when he hears about this good news or happens to read this heartening news story in the Whiteline Flash regarding a unique achievement scored by him and his Shiv Sena, certainly the shrewd politician and the tough leader has enough to smile and rejoice. Indubitably Bal



Thackeray can boost up his and Shiv Sena's tinted image of late with a new strategy based on this swiftly. When he learns about this, Bal Thackeray himself will be in disbelief. He will think 'Oh, what a great idea! I never thought of this. Let me thank Mr. Sasidharan Nair and Mr. Anil Raghavan, Managing Editor of Whiteline Flash.' On a second thought he will say to him, 'I will simply use this idea strategically'. After reading his achievement many admires and opponents of him alike sound in disbelief, "Is it so?� However, citizens of a large chunk from his opponents poohpooh subscribing it saying it silly. The truth is that it was great and a remarkable achievement. Now I am not stretching out further. It was a simple matter known in political circles. However, nobody openly acknowledged and pointed out the, significance and the necessity in the current political 3 scenario.

Good Luck

Wishing good luck to all HSC students -Whiteline Flash



P.V. Vasudevan


Relax young man, I run everyday to catch my local train from Dombivli

Dombivlikar 's own MLA R a v i n d r a Chavan has been made proposals for several ambitious plans and submitted 21 projects worth 532 crores to the State Government for the development of Kalyan-Dombivli area. The project includes 200 crores

for underground cabling of electrical wires in Kalyan and Dombivli. He asked for 100 crores for the improvement of roads. An amount of 15 crores has been marked for the expansion of the Mohane Dam that supplies water to Kalyan- Dombivli area. Apart from this, three flyovers and a Railway over-bridge, it is known that two roads, corresponding the railway routes are planned to be constructed. The first flyover will be from

Dombivli Station to the Gaondevi Mandir . The second from Dombivli station west to Ghanashyam Gupte road near Gopi talkies and the third from Dombivli west to the Samrat Chowk near the Pandit Din Dayal Road. There is also a plan for introducing Co- Operative Banks for the rural areas in Dombivli. He suggested a plan to compensate the loss of 110 crores bore by the KDMC after abolishing the octroi from next financial


His Excellency Governor K. Sankaranaryanan assumed the charge as Governor of Maharashtra on 22nd January 2010. Congratulations to our new Governor. Anil Raghavan Chairman and Managing Director Whitline group of publications

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February 19-25, 2010



Should we hate Hijras?

Part I

We often see Hijras. However, we seldom try to understand who are they, how they become Hijras, how they live and how our society is disregarding them as nuisances. A well-researched article on the lifestyle and some of the role models from the Hijra community.

Bearded Thomas Beatie

Every human being has the right to live in this world a civilized and dignified life with full rights. The human beings are mainly classified globally as male and female. However, there exists a category of human beings who are neither male nor female, but categorised as t r a n s g e n d e r. B e c o m i n g a transgender is no fault of the person, but quite natural like becoming a male or female. Though there are lesbian, gay, bisexual people amongst male and female and they are considered as human beings with same rights like others. However, the plight of the transgender is different across the world. A 34-year old transgender was in the limelight and news across the world media on July 4, 2008. A US 'man' delivered a baby girl was the head line of the news story flashed by the Reuters. Bearded Thomas Beatie, who began life as Tracy before having sex change surgery, delivered his daughter nine months after his wife impregnated him with donor sperm. Bearded Thomas

Beatie, a former Miss Teen Hawaii finalist, had hormone treatment and his breasts were removed ten years ago before legally changing his sex to male. But he kept the reproductive organs of female claiming he had 'a right to have a biological child'. According to Doug of Las Vegas, U.S.A., a reader of the Metro newspaper, London, this is not the first 'pregnant man' case and The Village Voice, a newspaper, published an article about a transgender (male) pregnancy as far back as 2000. The difference was that the other couple kept it a low key instead of turning it into a media circus. The American TV channels aired on the progress of Beatie's pregnancy like our reality show episodes and celebrated it. Though I could not see it, but the viewers were amazed to see a moustached man with a protruding stomach in advanced stages of pregnancy in television channels. One American television viewer remarked, “It was almost weird and sometimes funny and poignant too!” In one way or another, publicly

or privately, a transgender is often discriminated in work place and public places around the world. In India a transgender is commonly discriminated, abused and treated badly. They seldom get any jobs in India, in private sector or public sector and they are forced to begging and prostitution. But, there is a ray of hope for transgender in India. For the first time in the world and first time in India, the Tamil Nadu government has established a transgender welfare board in April 2008. The social welfare minister will serve as the president of the board. Though the exact number of transgenders in India is not available, it is estimated that there are 10 million and out of this 6.6 million are in Tamil Nadu. They are also human beings and they have all the rights. But, laws of the land and people at large are not considering them as human beings. The name of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi should be written in golden letters of Indian history for giving the rights to transgender. The scenario is changing now. I would like write about Karpaga, the first transgender heroine in the history of cinema, the first TV anchor Rose, the first movie on a transgender, the first eunuch to be elected to the mayor of an Indian city, and the first M.P. Shabnam Mausi and to discuss about what the laws, particularly Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, say about the transgender. I am delighted to write that Tamil Nadu shown the way to transgenders in India. Many a good things happened in Tamil Nadu. There was the rise of a transgender heroine for the very first time in the history of cinema from Tamil Nadu. Similarly people saw the first transgender TV anchor from Tamil Nadu. In India now transgender or hijra was not welcomed and given the respect in any society. Except in very few Indian films hijras were always shown in poor light. But here again comes a historic move from Tamil Nadu. A Tamil movie 'Paal' is being made with a transgender Karpaga in the lead role and as heroine. This is the first attempt in the history of cinema across the world that a transgender is featuring in a mainstream movie in a lead role and as heroine. D. Sivakumar, the director of the film says, “Transgenders were played lead roles in short films and documentaries earlier. But, in a commercial film this is the first time a transgender is acting in the lead role as heroine”. Paal is the name of the film and the heroine character and transgender Karpaga acts in the title role. The heroine Paal in the film is an intellectual. Interestingly leading Malayalam – Tamil actress Revathi will play the role of heroine's mother. The film underlines on the need for families to accept transsexuals. Of course the film also explores the emotional and physical conflicts of transsexuals. Director S. Sivakumar opined that before the government and society step in, parents should understand the feelings

of transsexuals and protect them. Yet another interesting feature of Paal is that the assistant director of the movie Living Smile Vidya, another transgender who rose to fame recently with her book, I am Vidya. Here some more information about Karpaga. Karpaga was born in a middle class family of Erode in western Tamil Nadu. Then Karpaga was the only son of his parents who left home at 17 years and headed towards Mumbai. After five years when he returned as Karpaga, the family was shattered to see him as a transgender but eventually accepted her. Karpaga has taken a crash course in acting and trained to become a dancer. Now she has two good offers from other film makers one is as heroine and the other as villain. But, she will take a decision whether to continue in films or not after the release of the film Paal. The film was expected to release during August 2009, but the work has yet not been completed. The story of Rose is entirely different from Karpaga. The TV show Ippadikku Rose (Yours, Rose) in Vijay TV, now Star Vijay TV, has become a sensation overnight and now drawing huge attention everywhere. This is not because the content of the 30-minutes TV show, but more due to its anchor Rose, who has become India's first transgender celebrity to a host a TV show. The 28-years old anchor Rose was formerly known as Ramesh

It may be noted dear readers that owing to the inspirational aspect of people like Rose that has moved the Tamil Nadu government to take the bold step to recognise transgenders as a separate gender for the first time in the country. The Tamil Nadu government has also issued a Government Order for the admission of transgenders into government run schools and colleges. This is the first case when a third gender category is created for giving admission to transgenders in government run educational institutions. The sad state of transgender is not an age old phenomena. In ancient and medieval times trangenders had some respect in the society. Recorded history says that transgenders were used as palace guards. In India Mughal Emperors were used transgenders as palace guards. They were entrusted with the responsibility to look after the security of the female chambers of the royal palace. Conversely with the advent of Victorian sense of morality imposed by the British rule the transgenders fell out of the mainstream in India. The Indian society now sees them as evil and immoral. When we look at the closely the transgenders we can see that most of them are born as male and see themselves as women. Those detected very early are discarded by the family and are picked up by the hijras who raise them as their own. It is because of the social stigma


Venkatesan has master's degree in biomedical engineering from Louisiana Tech University, USA. He started wearing woman's clothes full-time four years back but was still waiting for acceptance from the family and society at large. Nevertheless, after hosting the TV show Rose has become a celebrity and the unofficial ambassador for the transgenders in the country.

attached to them which prohibits transgenders to get any conventional jobs. We can see the most common sight of clapping them their hands and begging in streets, trains and buses. They may swoon on the house that has a new born and would go only after they take money from the parents of the child. Some hijras indulge into sex work and petty crimes. 3

VIEWS & CLASSIFIEDS The road for acceptance as a transgender for persons like Rose and Karpaga has been horrendous. In the hustling streets of Chennai and Mumbai they have been always stared at, and sometimes even abused. In the case of Rose, she remains isolated from college friends and neighbours to avoid rejection. Her middle-class parents threw her out from the house when she refused to agree for a suitable bride for her. She started working as an American-accent trainer in a call centre; but her contract was not renewed when she started dressing like a woman. Rose's sheer determination and courage made her to climb the ladders of stardom. Now her show Ippadikku Rose has a viewer ship of over 64 million and it is a super hit programme. In July 2009, she moved to Kalaignar TV, linked to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. Rose now hosts, produces, direct and edits Ithu Rose Neram (It's Rose time). After world famous American talk-show host Oprah Winfrey called it a day few months back, American web magazine The Daily Beast featured 12 talk-show hosts across the world who have an Oprah-like status. Rose Venkatesan was the chosen from India. "Oprah may have been world's first Black billionaire, but talk show host Rose is breaking barriers of a different kind in India, as the country's first transgendered host," wrote the website. For the last two years Rose has been taking hormones for the final lap of her sex change. If the rest of the country doesn't know her yet, there is a fair chance they will soon enough. Rose is in talks with National Geographic channel to produce a documentary chronicling her impending sex change operation. Another interesting transgender personality is Laxmi Narayan Tripathi who is popularly known as Laxmi. She is the first transgender to represent Asia Pacific in the UN General Assembly Presidents office as a Civil Society Task Force member. She is a founder member of the APTN - Asia Pacific Transgender Network and also a founder member of the first Hijra / Transgenders organisation in India and whole of South East Asia. Laxmi is also instrumental in starting and successfully running a CBO 'Astitva' - An Organisation for the Support & development of Sexual Minorities which is a community based organization which works with Sexual Minorities including Hijra / Transgender population in India. She also took a troupe of Ten Hijras from India to Amsterdam to perform at the Amsterdam India Festival. Laxmi is a postgraduate and works for social causes in her

community. She is one of the 11 people and the first transgender person to be selected to represent the community at the UN to work for human rights. She is the founder and CEO of 12 Noon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi along with VCare, a diversified business conglomerate planned to conduct a reality show titled "India Super Queen" for transgenders in India. This would be the first ever beauty pageant for the transgender community in India. In June 2008 Laxmi participated in Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum episode in Sony Entertainment Television and a documentary on her life was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival. Two contests on January 18, 2010 at Bangalore for transgenders literally upset activists who work for their rights. Paradoxically in a strange incident while filmmaker Ganesh Kharwar's Nazakat Queen 2010, has attracted 1,200 participants, Laxmi Narayan Tripathy's contest called India Super Queen could showcase only 18 contestants. The finals of Nazakat Queen-2010 will be held in Goa on February 10. The winner and two runners up will walk the ramp alongside professional models and feature in Ganesh Kharwar's film on India's Kinnar (transgender) community. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi's India Super Queen pageant had no defined rules and the contestants could speak in the language they were comfortable in. Contestants were judged on their confidence and speaking ability. At the start of the event, the judges explicitly stated that the contest was not a beauty pageant, but a platform for the transgender community to come out and be themselves. From Bangalore leg the winners were Natasha, Tanushree, Monisha and Zara, who will now go to New Delhi to prepare for the semi-finals. The final will be held at Mumbai in February, 2010. The winners of the 'Indian Super Queen' contest will receive cash prizes of Rs 10 lakhs, Rs 8 lakhs and Rs 5 lakhs for the first, second and third place respectively. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Celina Jaitley and Seema Biswas are the judges besides some other celebrity judges. Certainly India Super Queen pageant would be a good platform to transgenders. I discussed earlier that most of transgender people are born as male and see themselves as women. Those detected very early are discarded by the family and are picked up by the hijras who raise them as their own. It is because of the social stigma attached to them which prohibits transgenders to get any conventional jobs.



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(To be concluded)

Anil Raghavan Chairman


It is a common public belief that majority of the politicians are liars and amassed wealth beyond the known source of income. To get rid of this bad image and to make the political arena transparent, a bill was introduced in 2004 and made mandatory that all candidates contesting the election should declare their assets and liabilities with the Election Commission. In a strange development even after eight months of their election to the Lok Sabha, 110 MPs have not declared their assets as against the mandatory provision to do so in 90 days which may amount to breach of privilege of the House. The Lok Sabha secretariat in an RTI reply has given the list of MPs who did not disclose their assets that includes former railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda, Kalyan Singh, Shibu Soren and Navjot Singh Siddhu. The list contains the names of 44 MPs from Congress, 11 from BJP,

year, the KDMC has to be compensated with 50 crores. He further asked five crores for making solar panel street lights, which would reduce the thefts, murders that endangers the life of residents. The use of solar panel streetlights would help to curb the problems caused by load shedding. Constructing more Police Stations, Rationing Offices and Libraries to meet the needs and wants of the increasing population of Dombivli- Kalyan are few other projects. The rural area of Dombivli and Kalyan consists of a population more than Twenty lakhs and the rural area near Dombivli is about seven lakhs . So, he has also demanded for Dombivli being declared as an independent Taluka.



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Congratulations Bal Thackeray! nine from JD(U), eight from BSP, seven from SP, three from Trinamool Congress and two from Telugu Desam Party among others and not a single MP from the Shiv Sena! This is not a mean achievement. There is a proverb in Chinese that if the point-finger is raised against you all the other fingers are pointing towards you only. Here all Shiv Sena MPs have declared their assets and liabilities. It is the great achievement of Bal Thackeray, the undisputed leader of Shiv Sena. If someone has many things to hide, he will simply don't file the declaration and later justify it saying that he has forgotten like the former Prime Minister Deve Gowda. When the Congress Party has the highest number of defaulters, UPA government has no moral right to justify their own MPs from the alliance They have done the wrong thing and Shiv Sena has done the right thing. Congratulations Bal Thackeray!

February 19-25, 2010

Are you fed up of traffic jams in Dombivli, Thakurli and Kalyan? Whilteline flash is studying and investigating various traffic problems faced by citizens in Dombivli, Thakurli and Kalyan. We invite reader suggestions and opinions. Please email your suggestions and opinions to: Based on the readers' feed-back and our research and investigation, a detailed feature will be published soon in Whiteline flash. Editor-in-Charge

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February 19-25, 2010 ISSUE 27


February 19-25, 2010


EDITORIAL A new dawn in Marathi cinema A remarkable change has been noticed in Marathi cinema recently. I would like to call it a dawn in Marathi cinema. After a long time the spring has come. Who started it first or who contributed more are inappropriate questions. However, I would like to state the runaway success of four Marathi movies. Tantamount to the father of Indian cinema Dhundiraj Govind Phalke aka Dadasaheb Phalke's Raja Harischandra, Paresh Mokashi's debut film in Marathi Harischandrachi Factory created a sensation across the nation and amongst Indians and others across the globe. Equally Mahesh Manjrekar's Shikshnachya Aaicha Gho which started screening on 15 th Jaunuary, Awadoot Gupte's Zenda and Dombivli's own Ravi Jadhav's movie Natarang stood out from the crowd of typical Marathi movies and created waves not only amongst Marathi audience, but others too who loved to watch these movies. All these movies received rave reviews from nonMarathi speaking audience as well. This change and the new trend are welcoming. In one way it is healthier for Marathi films and the whole Marathi film industry in general. Maharashtrians should patronise and promote more Marathi films. No government can give tax exemption to all movies. The audience influences decide the success and failure of a movie. Unless and until more and more Maharashtrians watch Marathi films, no good Marath film will come up with excellent qualities in all fields. Together the celebration of Marathi Divas, let all people residing in Maharashtra join together to promote Marathi cinema. Sasidharan Nair Editor-in-Charge

EDITORIAL Flash Dombivli's Shame WHITELINE

I have always thought that Dombivli is a much better place than other suburbs. In earlier days, it was a predominantly Maharashtrian locality. A majority of the people worked in Mumbai, in the State and Central government offices, the Railways and the BMC. Some of the retired officers built their own bungalows in Dombivli. Since this town had a middle class population, it had a culture different from other suburbs. In the 1960s, it had the unique distinction of being the most literate town in the entire country. Some years back, there was an incident involving a railway policeman. He was mercilessly beating a boy on the railway platform which infuriated the bystanders. They not only stopped it, but also took the cop to the Station Master's office and lodged a complaint against him. Normally people turn a blind eye to such incidents. During the 70s, when Dombivli witnessed a construction boom, it also witnessed the growth of gangsters. Even then, crimes in this part were fewer than in other places. But now, one has to admit that the clean image of Dombivli as a peaceful locality has taken a beating. Things are no more hunky dory, the town is fast changing; not for the better, but for the worse. One had never heard of a kidnapping incident in Dombivli. Recently, a school boy was kidnapped for ransom. Another shocking incident was reported a few days ago. A Dombivli school girl, just 11 years of age, committed suicide by hanging herself in her home. Neha Sawant, , was a talented girl studying in a local school. She was a bright student and a remarkable dancer. She had taken part in a few T.V shows and was a popular girl in the neighbourhood. A year ago, her parents pulled her out of the dance academy and also barred her from television shows as they wanted her to excel in studies. After a year of this incident, what upset her mind now and drove her to take her own life is not known. What is even more disturbing is the cult of violence that is raising its head. In the last week of December 2009, a petty fight water took an

ugly turn when a woman was beaten, stripped and paraded around the area after her hair was chopped off. Residents accused the woman of locking the only water tap in the chawl. It was said that water was available only for an hour every day. The shameful incident occurred at Rekha Chawl in Old Dombivli. On the fateful day, the residents found that their only tap was locked and they assumed that it was Sunita Suryavanshi, 28, who had done it. Her room was the closest to the water tap. According to Sunita's

crime against a woman was committed, of N.Rajasekharan Nair all places, in Dombivli, which had the reputation of being a progressive town in Maharashtra. We have heard many stories of mob justice being meted out to alleged criminals and witches in the BIMARU (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) States. The mobs first brand a woman as a witch and then perpe-

own statement, the neighbours suddenly came to her door and accused her of turning off the water supply and they started abusing her. She and her husband Dilip kept on saying that they did not lock the tap, but they were in no mood to lsten. Some 15 women and men surrounded her and beat her up. When her husband intervened, he too was beaten up. “ Then to my utter shock, the mob tore off my clothes and while some of them held my head, others chopped off my hair,� said Sunita. She alleged that she was paraded in that condition in the area. After two hours when Sunita and Dilip were let off, they went to the Vishnu Nagar Police Station and lodged a complaint. The police have registered a case of rioting, unlawful assembly, assault, outraging the modesty of a woman and wrongful restraint against the culprits. They arrested four women and were on the look-out for others. It was unbelievable that such a

trate abominable crimes on the hapless victim. A middle aged woman named Anita Devi (coincidentally it rhymes with the name of the Dombivli victim) alias Lalpari was mercilessly beaten up in Bihar's Adalchak Dunaria village for allegedly practising witchcraft. Some locals tonsured her head and paraded her through the village streets. The Hindustan Times had shot the scene and published a photograph of the forced hair-cut. The police arrested six persons who were involved in the incident and an FIR under sections of the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act and Anti Witchcraft Act was registered. No one should be allowed to take law into his hands. Mob justice, on no count, should be tolerated. The Dombivli criminals should be awarded exemplary punishment as a deterrent to others.

Very important guidelines to students of X and XII Shashikala Nair and Premlal The Maharashtra HSC and SSC board examination dates have already been announced. The HSC practical, oral and grade exams are being conducted from 6 to 24 February 2010. The written examinations will commence on 23rd February 2010 and end on 21st March 2010. The SSC practical, oral and grade exams will be conducted during 12 to 28 February 2010. The written examination will be held from 4 to 23 March 2010. We suggest following guidelines to students of Xth and XIIth. Parents also can note the same and encourage their children accordingly. FOR THE BOARD EXAMINEES (Xth and XIIth) Tips for Smooth Sailing: 1) Do not be apprehensive about the forthcoming board exam. Take it as you take any other exam. 2) Unnecessary fear about the performance in exam will affect your retaining power and make you forget whatever you have prepared.

3) If you lack confidence, give your mind positive suggestion like 'I can definitely do well' and 'I will definitely do well'. This will help boost your confidence for sure. 4) Do not worry about the result. Instead, concentrate on your preparation. 5) Set up a target. Believe in your ability. Visualize yourself achieving it and you will definitely actualize it. 6) Sincere effort put into any kind of work will surely lead you to success. Never fear failure nor feel hopelessness. This is not the end, just the beginning. Try hard... Try again. For preparation: 1) During preparatory period take practice exams at home: Try to solve question papers by selecting repeatedly asked question. This will short list the important questions. 2) Visualize what you have stud-

ied. Repeat reading every paragraph at least 3 times, this process helps to send things you read from conscious mind to your sub-conscious mind. So we can memorize so many things without much effort. 3) Do not eat just before exams: Heavy breakfast or lunch can be taken three hours before going to exam. When you eat food, blood supply increases to the stomach area. So, blood supply to the brain decreases and you feel lazy and sleepy or your brain power decreases. 4) If you feel hungry just before exam, you can eat fruits .Because fruits stay in your stomach for few minutes then goes to the small intestine and nutrients are extracted there. 5) Sleep well: You must sleep well during exam days. Good sleep makes you fresh and energized. If you are not fresh and energetic, you will not be able to do best of your abilities. Following few suggestions will help students for taking the

exams: ? Dress comfortably: Try to wear clothes in which you are comfortable. ? Make a list of things to carry for your exam (Do not miss anything). ? Relax before the exam begins: You should reach the exam hall before time. Usually you will have 5 to 10 minutes before they give you the question paper. Take five deep breaths repeating in your mind that you will be able to do well in exam. ? First of all, go through the ques-

tion paper and try to answer easy objective questions first. These are the ones which are scoring and less time consuming. ? Take deep breaths after each

main question which will energize your brain giving extra oxygen to it. This in turn will be helpful in recalling what you have learned. ? Keep your answer book very

presentable: The best remembered questions must be written

first. ? Write long answers: For essay

type questions, try to fill more pages. Use short paragraphs and underline words and keywords. Use a dark pen to answer your paper and colour pen to highlight the headings. ? Do not always check your watch

and worry about the time. The tension developed in this way will make you forget things that you have learned. ? One of the most important

points to remember is that whatever you write should be written with utmost precision and confidence. ? Do not leave the exam room

before time: Recheck your answer book. You may be able to remember some more point to the answers. Work hard positively. You will achieve your goal successfully. Mrs. Shashikala Nair is a a Counselor-Psychotherapist and can be reached by email:



February 19-25, 2010


Living Meditatively A person who lives life intensely can never be afraid of death. Only those who haven't experienced life in all its intense and subtle dimensions fear to experience death too. With meditation you enter into a realm of choice less awarenesswhere awareness becomes your intrinsic quality. Then you no longer choose life, you dance through it, and pass through death too with equal intensity and awareness. Most of us are scared to even think of death. Leave alone death there is always a fear of everything that exists around us. Not a single thing is independent of fear. What are we fearing? The answer is ourselves!!! If we knew who we are and the tremendous potential we have, we would just explode with joy and confidence. There have been some

who have exploded - the Buddha, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Lokenath Baba, Anandmoyi Ma, and so many other saadhaks and masters who have lived and still do in anonymity. And take it from me, we all have the SAME potential as they did, spiritually. It's true, meditation is the only way to “know yourself”-which is your only purpose of coming into this physical body again and again. We don't have much time before this lifetime too ends and that's why my journey is dedicated and urgent and now effortless too. Yes, when you have dropped all that you acquired since you were born, you return to innocence, like a child. And a child is

nothing but love. When you have nothing except consciousness you become bare. And that bare being which is truly you is nothing else but love. When nothing else remains on you, you really come back to yourself, and that indeed is truest bliss. Some people feel and say they experience these rare moments of bliss temporarily when they become meditative, but it doesn't last forever! What should they do? To them my answer is: You say you have experienced the bliss and the stillness somewhat, wouldn't you want to have it permanently? And that very craving, which is also our core—to be in total bliss—will become your guiding star! Once you have tasted that you can never settle

Moni Bhushan down for anything less. You realize that you are the creator of that bliss, whenever you become meditative. If you now know that you are the creator and not just the receiver of that bliss—wouldn't you create and be in that state all the time? Just the realisation that your happiness is located right within you, independent of "objects" outside, whether people or things, will motivate you to begin the journey inside. The author is the Web Editor of leading Film and Lifestyle websites and writes prolifically on varying topics, from general social issues to spirituality.

How secure is internet security? The most asked question in the Information and Technology field is how secure is the internet security. We hear hacking news every other day. Even government sites are being hacked. Internet banking and mobile banking are at risk many times. People use their expertise for wrong things and hack many personal identities and passwords. There are various channels helping hackers in their task. A perfect antivirus software will contain hacking and virus attack to a certain extent. An American based Indian company, e Scan, is doing remarkable services in this field. In today's fast evolving Information Threat scenario, there is a rise in virus infections and data loss. Cyber criminals are exploring new avenues to spread infection and steal identity and data. Therefore, an effective antivirus and content security solution that provides multi layered protection is the need of the hour. eScan, the advanced Real-Time Antivirus and Content Security software with the world's first RealTime Email and Web scanner for desktops and servers is developed and marketed by MicroWorld. MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is the revolutionary tech-

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Asset of a woman What is the most important asset of a woman? Is it intelligence, education or beauty or figure? No, no, no. According to a survey in the UK, it was her breast! It might sound funny to hear this. But, it is true. In the survey, half of the male respondents confessed that they look at a woman's asset even before they look at her face. That means majority of the men are curious to look at a woman's breast before they see her face. And, 40 per cent men have admitted that they look at women's assets at least 10 times a day. What is more interesting is that the survey has found that many women have even admitted in checking out other women's assets up to seven times a day. So, what is the asset of a woman?

(SURBL). eScan's inbuilt twoway firewall allows you to access the Internet round the clock as it monitors both the incoming and outgoing network activities and safeguards your computer from network based attacks. You can also share your portable storage devices suc

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Sex and temple What is the connection between sex and temple? In India temples are connected in ways with human life. This is a different story of a human goddess. Here the goddess is actress Khushboo. The general Tamils are at hysterical best and icon worshippers. 15 years ago Tamils built a temple in Tiruchirapalli town for actress Khushboo and worshipped her as goddess despite the fact that she is a Muslim. The same Tamils have been demolished that very temple when Khushboo remarked about the need for protective sex. Actress Khushboo said it was fine for girls to have premarital sex - but not without taking precautions to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. She also added that no educated man should expect his wife or girlfriend to be a virgin. She set an example. How you know? She lived with Director Sunder before marriage and become pregnant from him. While tying their knots she was seven months pregnant. She showed how to have pre-marital sex. What a goddess!



February 19-25, 2010


Mata Amritandamayi in Mumbai on 26 Feb. at Shivaji Park on 28 Feb. & 1 Mar. at Nerul For more details & darshan please contact : 27722385, 27722081


National Kabaddi Competititon at Dombivli Gymkhana

Waste heaps up in Kalyan West roads The condition of roads in Kalyan West near the railway station is worse. Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar Road from railway station to Mohammed Ali chowk is full of rotten vegetable waste, rotten gunny bags, plastic bags, torn papers and mud. This combined waste forms about three to five inch thick layer of waste and smells bad. Hundreds of old shoes are lying on the road too. This creates health hazards besides obstructing free movement of pedestrians. Despite the Kalyan

Dombivli Muncipal Corporation and Government of Maharashtra collecting huge taxes, no basic amenities are provided to citizens at the right time in a right manner. The condition would be worse in monsoon unless the roads are cleared and maintained properly. The citizens of KDMC will definitely appreciate if the Mayor Ramesh Sudam Jadhav, Deputy Mayor Narendra Pawar and Commissioner Govind J. Rathod take speedy actions to address this issue.

Request to start BEST buses from Dombivli Dombivli's Milapnagar Residents Welfare Association urged Raju Nalavde, head of the BEST to take appropriate steps to start BEST buses from Dombivli to Borivli via Iroli road to Mulund, via Vashi Road to Chembur and also till Fort and Mantralaya. They suggested the bus stop near

The national level Kabaddi competion held at Dombivli Gymkhana. Armature Kabaddi Federation , Maharashtra State Kabaddi Association and Thane Dist Kabaddi Association, Dombivli Gymkhana and Chhatrapati Shivaji Krida Mandal jointly organized the, 57th National level Kabaddi Competetions at the MIDC Gymkhana ground, Dombivli from 17th to 21st February. The event was inaugurated on 17 February at 6.00 pm by Vasant Davkhare, Deputy Speaker, Vidan Parishad.

Anand Paranjpe MP, Dombivli MLA Ravindra Chavan, KDMC Mayor Ramesh Jadhav, Deputy Mayor Narendra Pawar, CIDCO chairman Nakul Patil, KDMC Commissioner Govind Rathod, Arun Gujarathi (former NCP state president) and Dombivli Gymkhana President Deepak Majari were present at the function. The Mayor's cup for winning team was with a cash price of Rs. 1,40,000 and Rs. 70,000 for the runners up and Rs. 42,000 each for two semi-finalist teams. Following were the teams:

Men's team: 1. Indian railway 2. Jharkhand 3. Manipur 4. Orissa 5. Haryana . 6. Punjab 7. Delhi 8.Uttar Pradesh 9. Karnataka 10. Sena Dal 11. Pondicherry 12. Hyderabad 13. Rajastan 14. Maharashtra 15. V.S.N.L 16. Madhya Pradesh Women's team: 1. Indian railway 2.West Bengal 3.Bihar 4. Orissa 5. Punjab 6. Haryana 7.Delhi 8.Uttar Pradesh 9. Karnataka 10.Hyderabad 11. Andhra Pradesh 12. Tamilnadu 13.Maharashtra 14. Chhattisgarh 15. Goa 16. Madhya Pradesh.

the Pendharkar College and the empty area near City Mall. Those areas come under the Grampanchayat and s permission from KDMC is required. They asked to run the buses through the Kalyan-Shilfata route to benefit maximum number of residents of the industrial and rural areas nearby.

Unlicensed Hawkers fined Approximately an amount of Rs. 50,000 with goods worth 2- 3 lakhs has been seized by the KDMC from unlicensed hawers. The commissioner of KDMC Govind Rathod said that KDMC had always taken strict action against the unlicensed hawkers. The troupe was led by Rajendra

Salunkhe and his companions has seized the unlicenced goods from the cassette owners and the head of these unlicensed hawkers Baban Kamble, Kanchanasingh and Anna Nadar. Some of hawkers resisted and even tried to beat up Salunkhe and his companions.

1st Death Anniversary

Kalyan West Skywalk work progresses The Kalyan West skywalk work is progressing fast and according to MMRDC officials, it is expected to complete the work during February end or early March. The work of Kalyan west end skywalk through post office road is already completed.

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Who said political parties are of no use?I must thank Shiv Sena for taking care of the publicity.

Please contact: Sar Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. Shop No. 5, Sarvodaya Garden, Pandurangwadi, Dombivli (E) - 421201. Tel : 0251-2882575, 3260389.

Shri M.P. Pillai CHAIRMAN Mahatma Education Society

PILLAI’S GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS 48 Institutions Over 2000 Teachers Over 35,000 Students



February 19-25, 2010


Dombivli's Gramdeivat Sree Ganesh

Sasidharan Nair

and Committee Members. The current office bearers are Shri Achyut Karadkar (President), Shri Jayakrishna Saptharshi (Vice President), Shri Pravin Dudhe (Treasurer), Shri Rahul Damle (Secretary), Smt. Alka Muthalik (Joint Secretary) and six committee members. Besides running the temple activities, the trust runs a library, ambulance and ultrasonic medical service, Vigyan Kendra, educational assistance, critically ill patient assistance and council ling to students. The trust provides a place for study in a calm and quiet atmosphere which can accommodate approximately 30 students. Another significant achievement of Dombivli Ganesh Mandir Trust is they recycle the Puja flowers, leaves and Nirmalya objects in a most ecofriendly manner. Apart from own

LORD Ganesha is Vighnahar. Before starting any auspicious ceremony or Puja, irrespective of regions all Hindus in India and across the world worship Lord Ganesha. Some events may happen routinely. However, some events make their mark in history. The construction of Dombivli Ganesh Mandir is one such event. This Ganesh temple near S.V. Joshi School is the first temple in Dombivli which constructed 85 years back. Before 1951, Dombivli was just another village. People from Mumbai who wanted some space of their own, shifted to this less crowded place. New people coming to Mumbai chose Dombivli as home. Earlier the whole Dombivli was a village. People considered the Ganesh deity as their Gramadeivait and

Nirmalya objects, they collect such objects from all temples across Dombivli and recycle them in a scientific and natural method in a 2acre place at MIDC, Dombivli, and sell the recycled object as manure to farmers at subsidized rate. When most other temples throw Nirmalya objects in waste bin Dombivli Ganesh Mandir Trust set an example and showed how a public trust can contribute immensely towards ecology. They conduct Nav Varsha Sohla Yatra (New Year Swagat Yatra) with 8-day celebrations and around 60,000 people from all walks of life attend the th celebrations. This year it is the 12 New Year Swagat Yatra.

I was not told by anyone from the managing committee about this significant fact. However, I observed it and thought it should be shared with

my readers. Unlike other temple trusts, Dombivli Ganesh Mandir Trust publishes the assets, liabilities, profit and loss account in the annual report and gives it to devotees and general public. This gives more transparency and piousness to the unparallel devotional work done by the trust members. A great level of accountability by the trust and it should be well appreciated.

They have made a garden for senior citizens and make good use of solar energy in temple premises. The trust has many ambitious future plans. They are constructing a new building and have finalized a project for water harvesting from next year. We all pray Lord Ganesh to shower his blessings upon them to achieve their goals.

worshipped with profound belief. People in and around Dombivli know about this most worshipped deity. However, many people do not know what activities the Ganesh Mandir Trust, Dombivli does. Until I visit and personally gather information from one of the authorized person, Shri Jayakrishna Saptharshi I did not know much about this Mandir. When I visited Ganesh temple one evening Shri Jayakrishna Saptharshi was giving Pravachan. After the Pravachan he courteously welcomed me and explained in detail about the activities of the Ganesh Mandir Trust. The temple is administered and run by an 11 member managing committee consisted of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

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Stress Control

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Reg. No. MAHENG12032/13/1/2009-TC

February 19-25, 2010

Rs. 2/-

Harishchandrachi Factory: A candid Marathi movie not to be missed by any Indian Cast: Nandu Madhav, Vibhawari Deshpande

Art Director: Nitin Chandrakant Desai

The Nostalgic Experience Harishchandrachi Factory takes you through the nostalgic experience of being in 1913. It also caters to the making of Indian cinema by Dadasaheb Phalke addressed as Dhundiraj Phalke in the movie. It's truly amazing to know Shivangi how his obsession gets recognition when the family proudly stands beside him. Genuinely, it was more of teamwork than he alone struggling to prove that motion pictures can be a part of Indian world. The story is set at the background of the British rule in India and during Bal Gangadhar Tilak's struggle for Swaraj in Maharashtra. The wonderful use of sets by Nitin Chandrakant Desai brings out that nostalgic feel of moving around in Maharashtra in 1913. The shots of his London visit are simply awesome right from the camera work to the perfect locations depicted in the movie. Great script, excellent dialogue, correct comic timings of the characters is relished very well. The actors Nandu Madhav and Vibhavari Deshpande have done an excellent job. Even the little ones have played their role to the fullest. Director Paresh Mokashi had always been at his best when it comes to historic characters involving comedy like in his play “Mukkam Post Bombilwadi”. The title truly suits the movie in every possible way comparing Mr. Dadasaheb Phalke to Raja Harishchandra and his wife 'Saraswati' being compared to 'Taramati'. The First part of the movie predicts when and how his curiosity about the moving pictures starts, and how it turns to obsession

even after his neighbors criticizing him to be a maniac. They even try to admit him to the mental hospital but then he escapes. Gradually, the obsession becomes more evident when he starts selling the furniture from his home and decides to go London fooling his family that he knows someone in London but actually it's just a cinema magazine that he has with him. In the scenes in London he directly enters the office and asks the head of the magazine “I want to make a motion picture …Can you help?”. His frankness says all about his passion for making motion pictures. One more amazing thing about the movie is that, the movie grips you to the seat even during the interval and doesn't let you move off your seat even a bit. You literally wait for the second part to begin soon. In the latter part of the movie, he is in search of a good team with expressive actors and other side artists like makeup man, carpenter etc. The comical part begins when he searches for the lady characters to work in his movies. At last, the lack of female characters is filled up by the males who are trained to behave like females in their daily routines also. Every character played in the picture behaves manner similar to their role in the picture, May it be female and male, God and demon, or king and queen. He not only hunts actors to work with him but he creates good actors. Harishchandrachi Factory proves you that it can work wonders when your talent and hobby becomes your profession. When I think of this movie, all I could see is a wonderfully supportive wife and two loving sons who had helped a great man to fight against all odds to fulfill his aspirations.

Director: Paresh Mokashi

I hardly knew anything about the versatile writer, director and theatre personality Paresh Mokashi till I watch the movie Harshchandrachi Factory. Earlier I had seen some movies of Amol Palekar, Dada Kondke and others in theatre and some in Dooradarshan. I learned Harischandrachi Factory was selected as India's official entry to Academy Award in the best foreign language film category, making it the second film after Shwaas (2004), in Marathi cinema to receive this honour. I also read from Malayalam newspapers that Harischandrachi Factory won the best debutant director award from Kerala Chalchitra Film Society and 18th G. Aravindan Puraskaram 2009 from Pune Chalachitra Film Society. This was my slight information and modest background about the movie Harischandrachi Factory while watching it the other day at Dombivli Puja cinema which helped a lot in enjoying the movie in a different perspective without any barriers or influencing the versatile and genius Director Paresh Mokashi's fame and eminence. I watched the movie sitting amongst the welleducated class audience of Dombivli. It was really an incredible experience. Probably I was the only non-Maharashtrian amongst the audience. The movie Harishchandrachi Factory starts with showing the early life of father of Indian cinema Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, popularly known as Dadasaheb Phalke, who lived from 30th April 1870 to 16th February 1944. Unlike other bio-pictures, Harichandrachi Factory made on a great man's life in a full-fledged feature film and beautifully narrated the story in an absolute way that will be cherished by any good movie lover. All will wonder why nobody thought of making a film based on Dadasaheb Phalke almost 97 years after making the first film Raja Harischandra in India by him in 1913. With Dadasaheb Phalke Indian film history begins and he will remain ever the light house of Indian film world. From a humble beginning in 1913, now in India we produce

disappointed the audience. The fast phase of the movie and rhythm were exemplary which created a very good mood, fun and interest to watch the next scenes. The events were beautifully connected Sasidharan Nair in such a marvellous manner that there were no dull moments and we are grateful to Director Paresh Mokashi for his brilliance, style and craftsmanship. There lies a holy thread of national integrity in the storytelling and the wellpicturised scenes removes language barriers to enjoying the movie. Amalendu Chaudhary's excellent camera work equally created the good mood and charm of the movie. Similarly Geeta Godbole's make up, Amit Pawar's editing, Anand Modak's background music and costumes by Mrudul Patwardhan, Mahesh Sherla and Geeta Godbole were fabulous. I thrive to know Marathi language and culture and therefore I have a feeling that I can understand Marathi better than any ordinary Malayali. This feeling helped me to enjoy the movie better knowing the context, meaning and situations. The wonderful chemistry that works out between Phalke (played by Nandu Madhav), his wife (played by Vibhavari Deshpande) and their two children, even the new born third child, were splendidly portrayed in the movie. Whatever he does his entire family supports him. Phalke is shown as a gentle husband and father, and as a filmmaker too, he is determined but not too aggressive. No doubt Harischandrachi Factory is a delight to watch. This candid Marathi movie is a must watch and not to be missed by any Marathi Manus or rather by any Indian whether a Malayali, Bihari, Tamilian, Kannadiga, Telugu, Bengali or from any

more than 1,000 feature films in all languages. Nobody in any Indian language made a film on Dadasaheb Phalke until Director Paresh Mokashi entered with his debut film in Marathi Harischandrachi Factory. The story-narration technique used by Paresh Mokashi was amazing. There was not a single moment in the film that lagged or

region or state. Dear Paresh Mokashi, our heartfelt congratulations for giving us such a beautiful film. The writer compiled the first Marathi-English-Malayalam dictionary with Marathi grammar and Marathi pronunciation guide in Malayalam.

Edited and published by C. Vimal Kumar on behalf of Sar Multimedia Private Limited, printed by him at Meenakshi Printers and Designers, 5 Sarvodaya Garden, Off Manpada Road Near, Gaondevi Temple, Dombivli East and published at Sar Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., 7 Prem Bhavan 2nd Floor, 234/236 Narshi Natha Street, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai - 400009. Managing Editor : Anil Raghavan. Editor-in-charge : Sasidharan Nair * Responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act.

Whiteline Flash - Feb 19-25  

English News Tabloid published from Dombivli Kalyan

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