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He’s one of Australia’s best chefs who set the benchmark for winery lunches in the Margaret River region during his 21-year tenure at Vasse Felix. Now Aaron Carr joins forces with wine label Snake & Herring to open a new restaurant in Dunsborough. You’re opening a new restaurant this summer called Yarri. Where did the name come from? AC There were two blackbutt trees in the middle of the building site – in the local Indigenous language, the name for that tree is yarri. We’re working with a young cabinetmaker in Dunsborough to use the wood from those trees for dining tables, on the bar and in as much cabinetry as possible. The name Yarri has meaning to the place and suits the philosophy of the restaurant of keeping everything as local as possible - serving West Australian produce, using local supplies and suppliers. We’ve even got a craftsman in Yallingup hand-making our plates and bowls with an oatmeal coloured glaze.

DB You’ve been a chef for more than 30 years. What do you love about it? AC As a chef, you’re always learning, always trying new things. New ingredients will become available and we’ll decide what dish to make, which keeps things interesting. Also as a chef, I love working with good people. Best of all, it’s so rewarding when someone comes up and says they just had the meal of their life. Not many people get rewarded like that in their jobs. DB What’s your ideal holiday? AC A road trip up north to Gnaraloo Station with the boys. We camp, go surfing and fishing and eat fresh fish. There’s no mobile reception and it’s so great to disconnect and chill out. It’s a long drive – 16 hours from Dunsborough – actually, it would’ve been great to have a BMW for that drive, reckon you can ask them for me?

DB It’s Sunday night, it’s been a big week, what do you eat at home? AC I avoid cooking as much as possible! My wife is a pretty good cook and makes an amazing dhal and rice and a fantastic beef rendang. Of course I taught her everything she knows. If I get roped in to cook, I keep it pretty simple. It’s just the kids and me tonight so we’re having spaghetti bolognese.




DB What’s your drink of choice when relaxing? AC Beer usually. But right now I’m drinking a Snake & Herring chardonnay. My wife’s a wine maker so we’re lucky in that there’s always plenty of wine in the house. Visit for more information. MQ