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Caribbean Beauty  Experience™   Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


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Patients want  the  best  when  it  comes   to  plastic  surgery,  and  now  they  have   an  option  that  offers  international   clinical  expertise,  advanced   technology  with  accredited  standards,   and  luxurious  facilities  all   complemented  by  a  warm  and   personalized  human  touch.    Based  in   beautiful  Cartagena  set  in  a  gorgeous   Caribbean  setting,  we  are  able  to   provide  a  premium  level  of  service   and  quality  in  plastic  surgery  that  


results in  an  excellent  patient   experience  and  superior  outcomes.  


Premium Care   Plastic   Surgery   is   home   to   plastic   surgeons   Dr.   Alex   Campbell   and   Dr.   Carolina   Restrepo,   who   enhance   the   appearance   men   and   women  that  come  to  the  practice  for  the  very  best   in   care.     Both   of   our   plastic   surgeons   are   internationally   recognized   for   their   experience   and  contributions  in  plastic  surgery,  and  together   offer  the  combined  expertise  and  experience  from   some   of   the   world’s   most   prestigious   centers.   Dr.   Campbell   and   Dr.   Restrepo   also   did   additional   fellowships   in   pediatric   plastic   surgery,   considered  to  be  the  most  delicate  and  challenging   of  fields,  demanding  extreme  precision.  

Dr. Alex   Campbell   brings   his   Los   Angeles   and   Beverly   Hills  

background Cartagena   to   offer   patients   the   latest   and   most   refined   techniques  in  cosmetic,  reconstructive,  and  pediatric  plastic  surgery.     He   is   the   author   of   multiple   publications   and   speaks   around   the   world   on   issues   of   plastic   surgery,   global   health,   and   international   surgical  care.    Dr.  Campbell   is   also  actively   involved  in  charity,  and   is  a  founding  member  of  one  of  the  largest  pediatric  cleft  care  centers   in  the  world,  located  in  Guwahati,  India.          

Dr. Carolina   Restrepo   is   from   Bogota,   Colombia,   which   has   achieved  global  acclaim  for  innovations  and  cutting  edge  techniques   in  cosmetic,  reconstructive,  and  pediatric  plastic  surgery.    She  brings   a  female  perspective  and  woman’s  touch  to  our  patients,  along  with  a   South  American  spark  that  enhances  the  atmosphere  of  our  practice.     Dr.   Restrepo   is   also   a   founding   surgeon   of   the   high   volume   cleft   center  in  India  that  is  changing  the  paradigm  of  cleft  care.      

The Holiday Inn Morros Hotel is proud to provide the ideal recovery experience after aesthetic surgery. We welcome patients into an environment of beauty and tranquility, and have built our specialized teams for an enhanced experience and improved recovery. Â The Perfect Combination: Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros Hotel and Premium Care Plastic Surgery in Cartagena have partnered to provide the boutique beauty experience, located in luxurious facilities set amongst an unbeatable Caribbean setting. The brand new Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros Hotel offers guests the most modern hotel for leisure and recovery, surrounded by a natural environment. The hotel is located at exclusive Los Morros region on front of one of the most beautiful beaches in Cartagena. Guests enjoy direct beachfront access and spectacular sunsets, and are just 5 minutes from the Old Town and its impressive colonial architecture, fortress, churches and palaces. This Cartagena hotel offers full services with the warm and friendly touch of specialized staff who provide security, privacy, technology and excellent service.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia The Jewel of South America

Cartagena –   the   name   provokes   images   of   romance   and   inspiration   revealed   in   its   unique  charm  and  stunning  Caribbean  coastal   setting.    Cartagena  encapsulates  all  the  charm   of   Spanish   colonial   architecture   in   the   Old   Town,   adjacent   to   the   modern   residential   towers,  hotels,  and  medical  facilities  lining  the   gorgeous   beaches   along   Bocagrande   and   Castillogrande.    

Cartagena truly   has   it   all,   and   visitors   can   enjoy   the   many   facets   of   this   quintessential   Colombian   tourist   town-­‐‑-­‐‑splendidly   preserved   historical   architecture,  beautiful  beaches  and  islands,  sensual   culture,   ecological   wonders,   delicious   food,   heart   pounding   nightlife,   and   a   grand   shopping   experience.    Set  on  a  gorgeous  stretch  of  Caribbean   coast,  the  city  is  a  blend  of  the  old  and  the  new  and   has  emerged  as  the  “Jewel  of  South  America.”  

Reinventing the  Plastic  Surgery  Experience     Holiday  Inn  Morros  and  Premium  Care  Plastic  Surgery  have  changed  the  entire  recovery  process  and  have  specialized   treatment  protocols  to  maximize  the  preparation,  healing,  results,  and  overall  enjoyment.    Our  healthcare,  service,  and   tourism  specialists  seamlessly  blend  their  services  to  offer  unmatched  personal  care  while  guests  enjoy  the  luxuries  of   Cartagena,   the   Jewel   of   South   America,   a   masterfully   preserved   UNSECO   World   Heritage   Site   and   gateway   to   the   Caribbean  coast.    A  stroll  through  the  Old  Town  in  the  evening  and  delicious  meal  at  one  of  the  endlessly  diverse  local   restaurants  is  a  great  way  to  end  a  day  of  progress,  and  to  ponder  tomorrow  and  beyond.    Your  surgeon  will  prescribe   your  activity  level  after  recovery  and  you  choose  the  activities  to  tailor  your  recovery  process!   Low  Exertion  –  Patient  rests  majority  of  time  while  following  postoperative  instructions  of  provided  by   the   surgeon.     Includes   walking   to   bathroom   and   for   short   distances   within   the   house   and   immediate   vicinity.    Activities  begin  with  assistance  and  progress  to  autonomy.   • Room  entertainment  (movies,  games,  internet,  reading)   • Meals  prepared  in  suite  versus  delivered  

• Mobilization to  bathroom  and  walks  adjacent  to  hotel   • Clinic  visits  as  scheduled  

Medium Exertion  –  Patient  resumes  moderate  activities  for  majority  of  the  day.       • Stroll  through  the  sensual  Old  Town  day  and  night,  pausing  in  one  of  the  city’s  many  open-­‐‑air  cafes   to  take  it  all  in  while  enjoying  delicious  local  flavors.   • Cartagena  Old  Town  tour  –  churches,  balconies,  cobble  stone  streets,  fortress,  and  Boltero  sculptures   • Cartagena  bus  trip  –open  air  tour  of  Old  Town,  Bocagrande,  Castillogrande,  fortress,  and  La  Popa   • Meals  prepared  in  suite  versus  meals  out  at  area  restaurants   • Several  walks  throughout  the  day  to  mobilize  the  body,  decrease  swelling,  and  improve  healing.      

Moderate Exertion  –  Moderate  impact  cardiovascular  activities  that  require  patient  to  be   • Tour  the  city  by  bicycle  riding,  Segway,  or  horse  drawn  carriage.   • Spend  the  day  on  scenic  local  beaches,  enjoying  Caribbean  life,  a  laid-­‐‑back  vibe,  and  Colombian  hospitality.   • Shop   Cartagena   for   its   famous   antique   jewelry,   fine   emeralds,   traditional   crafts,   and   fashion   boutiques.     The   downtown  streets  are  full  color  and  elegance,  and  are  a  haven  for  artists,  actors,  writers  and  celebrities   • Enjoy  the  nights  strolling  lively  plazas,  enjoying  exquisite  cuisine,  and  listening  to  live  music   • Take  a  Chiva  party  bus  around  the  city,  soaking  in  the  passionate  Latin  nightlife  surrounded  by  music  and  laughter.        

Unrestricted –Do  whatever  it  is  that  makes  you!   • Day   trips:     Playa   Blanca   tropical   island,   Totumo   volcano   and   mud   baths,   ecotourism   at   La   Boquilla  and  Marshes  of  La  Virgen  for  ecotourism,    Guillermo  Pineres  Botanical  Garden   • Golf   that   you   will   always   remember   at   the   spectacular   course   at   Karibana   Beach   and   Golf   Club.     Planned   and   built   by   Nicklaus   Design,   Karibana   is   a   landmark   among   high   standard   golf  courses  in  Latin  America  and  the  world.   • Watersports:     Kite   surfing,   wind   surfing,   paddle   boarding,   jet   skiing,   water   skiing,   and  

Clinic Visits  and  Surgical  Care  –  Clinic  visits  take  place  at  Premium  Care  in  Bocagrande   Post  Operative  Lymphatic  Flow  Massag  applies precise technique to increase lymph flow. Reduces swelling and improves circulation to detoxify the body and improve healing. Reduces post-

Nonsurgical Solutions  

Slow down  the  passage  of  time  in  only  in  one  session  with  these   effective   treatments,   alleviating   fine   lines   and   deep   furrows   caused  by  the  aging  process.    The  application  of  these  advanced   products   to   precise   areas   can   erase   years   from   your   appearance   in   less   than   an   hour,   allowing   you   to   return   home   looking   as   young  and  refreshed  as  you  feel.   Botox®  Cosmetic                                                                                         Botox®   is   opted   worldwide   as   the   most   popular   among   the   non-­‐‑invasive   cosmetic   procedures   to   ease   the   signs   of   ageing.     It   is   an   excellent   choice   to   minimize   those   dynamic  wrinkles  that  show  up  as  creases  on  your  forehead  and  lines  around  your  eyes   whenever  you   smile,   frown   or   show   emotion.     It   takes   just   a   few   tiny,   gentle  injections   near  your  trouble  spots   and  the   Botox®  goes  to   work.  Within  just  a  few  days  your  skin   starts  to  smooth  out  and  wrinkles  fade.    Results  last  for  4-­‐‑6  months.        

Juvéderm ®  Injectable  Gel                                                           A   hyaluronic   acid-­‐‑based   filler   that   treats   moderate   to   severe   facial   wrinkles   and   folds.     Juvéderm  ®  is  the  perfect  solution  for  wrinkles  that  extend  from  your  nose  to  the  corners   of   your   mouth   (nasolabial   folds),   smile   lines   (those   parentheses   around   your   nose   and   mouth),  marionette  lines  (the  vertical  wrinkles  at  the  corner  of  your  mouth),  and  vertical   lip  lines.    Results  are  immediate  and  last  for  up  to  one  year.    

Premium Care  Soft  Lift™  Makeover                 Soft   Lift™   is   a   new   treatment   that   combines   the   benefits   of   Botox®   and   Juvéderm®   dermal  filler  to  address  multiple  signs  of  aging  at  the  same  time,  for  an  overall  refreshed   look  that’s  subtle  and   natural   looking.     Soft  Lift™   softens  deep  wrinkles   and   fine   lines,   restores  lost  fullness  and  enhances  facial  contours  –  all  in  just  one  treatment  session.      The   overall  effect  is  a  balanced,  refreshed  look  that’s  totally  you,  only  younger.  

Anti/Aging Treatments:   Say  Goodbye  to  Expression  Lines  


                          Top  Quality  and  Unbeatable  Value   With   our  plastic   surgery  procedures   you   can  find   the   harmony  and   proportion   you  desire  for  your  face  and  body.  After  the  surgery  you  will  look  natural,  fresh   and  with  balance  between  soul  and  body.         Surgery  packages  include:   § Pre-­‐‑surgery  and  post-­‐‑surgery  physician  evaluations.   § Surgical   procedure(s)   including   hospital   and   anesthesia   fees,   insurance,   post   operative   garments,   and   24   hour   medical   and   hospitality  services.       § Accommodation  and  guest  services  at  hotel  of  choice.   § Airport  transfers.   § Tourism  services  for  you  and  your  guest  to  make  the  most  of  your  trip   to  Cartagena.   § Medical  concierge  to  coordinate  and  manage  all  elements  of  your  stay.     (*)   All   Complete   Surgical   Care   prices   (and   thus   TOTAL   prices)   are   subject   to   patient   evaluation   by   plastic   surgeon.     Prices   shown   are   reflective   of   typical   cases,  and  accommodation  at  a  four  star  hotel  during  your  stay.       We  have  a  wide  array  of  hotels  available  to  meet  all  tastes,  and  work  closely  with   them   as   partners   to   ensure   excellent   overall   care   and   service   for   all.     We   have   designed   several   common   packages,   but   can   personally   tailor   any   combination   our  surgical  and  nonsurgical  services.      

Eyelid Surgery,  Facelift,  Rhinoplasty,     Ear  Surgery,  Chin  Enhancement,     Breast  Augmentation,  Breast  Reduction,     Breast  Lift,  Abdominoplasty,  Liposuction  

Plastic Surgery:   Surgical  Packages    

Breast Augmentation    

For many  women,  breast  size  is  an  important  part  of  feeling  healthy,   attractive,   and   confident.   You   can   work   hard   to   get   fit   and   slim   down,  but  if  you  aren’t  born  with  the  breasts  you  love,  surgery  may   be  your  best  option.   We  exclusively  use  Natrelle®  implants  to  give  you  the  best  results  

Get the  Results  You  Want:   Size  and  Shape  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   5  nights  at  Holiday  Inn    

Average Cost  USA  


(surgery only)  


Love Your  Curves:   A  Slimmer  Body  and  Enhanced  Shape     Liposculpture   uses   the   most   advanced   and   proven   liposuction   techniques   to   enhances   body   contours   and   proportion,   refining   appealing   curves   while   improving   those   problem   areas.     Liposuction   is   used   to  help   patients  eliminate   unwanted  fat  from  the  stomach,  hips,  thighs,  knees,  buttocks,  love  handles,  neck   and  face  to  achieve  a  more  ideal  body  contour  and  enhanced  self-­‐‑image.  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   7  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA  

$7,400 (surgery  only)  

Tummy Tuck  

A Toned  Tummy:   Return  Looking  Great  

Tummy tuck   surgery   is   one   of   the   most   popular   plastic   surgery   procedures,   and   one   of   our  favorite  operations  because  of  the  dramatic  improvements  our  patients  achieve.    This   surgery  removes  excess  skin  in  the  abdomen  and  tightens  the  abdominal  muscles  to  create   a  smoother  and  flatter  appearance.  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   7  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA  

$7,500 (surgery  only)  

Breast Enhancement   Breast  Lift  and  Breast  Reduction  

Solutions to  Get  Excited  About:   Feminine  Beauty  and  Confidence  

Breast enhancement  surgery  helps  women  make  lasting  changes  to  their  looks  so  they  can  enjoy  their  image  and   feel  comfortable  with  their  bodies.    Our  surgeons  at  Premium  Care  take  the  time  to  understand  your  unique  needs   and  choose  the  perfect  breast  procedure  to  help  you  achieve  your  goals.  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   7  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA  


(surgery only)  

Eyelid Surgery    

The eyelids   are   one   of   the   first   facial   features   to   give   away   your   age.   Whether   you   have   droopy   upper   eyelids   or   puffy   lower   eyelids,   sometimes   being   rested   and   healthy   isn'ʹt   enough   give   your   eyes   that   youthful   sparkle.   Our   patients   from   all   over   the   world   choose   eyelid   surgery   for   pleasing   improvements   that   revive   their  entire  eye  area.  

Experience Renewal:   Revitalize  Your  Gaze  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   5  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA  


(surgery only)  

Nose Surgery    

Optimizing Your  Facial  Profile:   Get  the  Changes  You  Have  Dreamed  Of      

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   5  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA   Slightest   changes   to   the   nose   can   greatly   affect   one’s   overall   facial   appearance,   improve   their   look,   and   boost   self-­‐‑ confidence.     Our   surgeons   perform   a   comprehensive   analysis   with   patients   in   order   to   utilize   the   perfect   surgical   techniques   to   meet   the   your   goals.     The   result   is   a   natural-­‐‑appearing   nose   that   enhances   your   overall   facial   harmony   and   appearance.    


(surgery only)  


Turning Back  the  Clock  in  Style:   A  Truly  Transformative  Vacation  

Surgery Package From  


Complete surgical  care   10  nights  at  Holiday  Inn   Double  Occupancy    

Average Cost  USA  


(surgery only)   You   feel   great   as   the   years   go   by,   and   you   can   look   as   young   as   you   feel   with   advanced   techniques   at   Premium   Care.     Our   plastic   surgeons   perform   facelift   to   improve   appearance   by   tightening  sagging  facial  muscles,  smoothing  wrinkled  skin,  and  removing  excess  fat.    We  work   closely  with  each  patient  to  customize  a  plan  for  their  facial  rejuvenation  that  incorporates  their   unique  anatomy  and  distinct  goals.    When  you  look  younger,  it’s  hard  not  to  feel  younger  too.  

Plastic Surgery  for  Men   Get  the  Changes  You  Want  

Procedures for  Men     Our  society  places  a  high  value  on  looking  young  and  fit.  Today,   men  of  all  ages  and  all  walks  of  life  are  requesting  plastic  surgery   for  cosmetic  reasons.  Men'ʹs  goals  include  a  more  balanced  nose,  a   rejuvenated  face,  a  trimmer  waistline.  

Eyelid Surgery,  Nose  Surgery,  Facelift,   Liposuction,  Tummy  Tuck,  Male  Breast  Reduction  

Surgery Packages Eyelid Surgery  Package                                                                                      From  $2,700*   Complete  surgical  care  and  5  nights  at  4  star  hotel  (double  accommodation)  

Nose Surgery  Package                                                                                          From  $4,650*   Complete  surgical  care  and  5  nights  at  4  star  hotel  (double  accommodation)  

Facelift Package                                                                                                                From  $7,790*   Complete  surgical  care  and  10  nights  at  4  star  hotel  (double  accommodation)  

Liposuction Package                                                                                                From  $5,260*   Complete  surgical  care  and  5  nights  at  4  star  hotel  (double  accommodation  

Male Breast  Reduction                                                                                          From  $4,650*   Complete  surgical  care  and  5  nights  at  4  star  hotel  (double  accommodation)    

Better Together™  Program   Beautiful  Things  are  Best  Shared  

Better Together™    

Bring another  patient  and  both  receive  all   benefits  of  The  Total  Beauty  Experience™   while  enjoying  significant  savings.  


Process of  Care   Contact  Us  to  Get  Started    

(+57) 312  545  5569   (+57)  5  643  1751  

Premium Care   is   the   premiere   choice   for   excellence   and   value   in   plastic   surgery,   and   patients  come  to  Cartagena  from  all  over  the  United  States,  Europe,  and  Latin  America  to   enjoy   the   Total   Beauty   Experience™.     Our   Fly   In   Program   makes   it   easy   for   all   to   take   advantage  of  Premium  Care.  

Initial Consultation   Scheduling   Recovery  

Call or   e-­‐‑mail   Premium   Care   to   arrange   a   telephone  consultation  with  a  plastic  surgeon.   Surgery   is   scheduled   with   Premium   Care.     Hotel  and  travel  are  scheduled  with  our  travel   specialists.   Enjoy   our   signature   recovery   experience   in   paradise,  supported  by  our  bilingual  medical   professionals  and  guest  service  staff.    Return   home   looking   and   feeling   renewed   in   body   and  mind.    

Visit our  websites  and  download  our  i  book   for  comprehensive  patient  information.  

Comprehensive tourism  information   on  Colombia  and  Cartagena

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Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros and Premium Care Plastic Surgery - Caribbean Beauty Experience  

Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros and Premium Care Plastic Surgery have changed the entire recovery process and have specialized treatment protoc...