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A swedish premium company

water purification The Concept 10-series





The SPUAB system delivers 100 % pure water from brackish or normal contaminated water, whether or not it originates from Sweden, Kenya or Brazil, it will be purified for drinking.

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Pure drinking water


Our water treatment purification The SPUAB water treatment concept is based on using the natural laws with a low investment cost, high availability, low maintenance cost and producing pure water at all occasions, even if there is no electricity present. The design/construction is very durable and can handle

the most difficult challenges. This plant can be a treasure for stationary use and for emergency occasions as well as for natural disasters as tsunamis and in refugee camps. The SPUAB Concept 10-series equipment can be tailor made for your needs.

100 % pure water

The SPUAB concept is about solving water issues, either as stationary, or mobile by truck or on trailer.

Energy supply Low capacity The energy supply can be 230 V or Solar Power.

Water treatment

The sketch above shows an example of how to install stationary equipment for a community, village or city. The equipment can be connected in series and can support thousands of people. Dimension h= 1200 mm, l=1300 mm d= 600 mm Weight empty is 210 kg, full with water is 650 kg Information technique for membrane 20 year solar cell warranty 10 year solar panel warranty High capacity 24.000 litre per day

Effluent treatment for sewage In the real world it is essential to take care of effluents as well. The SPUAB system takes care of this problem. We can also deliver major treatment systems for big cities through our partners.

A swedish premium company

water purification The Concept 10-series

Spuab water concept Our goal is to use natural tools to solve water-, environmental- and energy issues, with a minimum usage of undesirable chemicals. The SPUAB system delivers pure water without bacteria, viruses or E.coli. The SPUAB solution is based on using natural laws with very low energy consumption. The required energy for our equipment can be supplied with solar panels or a combination of batteries and DC230 V. Our solutions are highly favorable when the efficiency and the result is taken into account. We have a vast experience in this business and are proud to see the practical results. We use parts in our equipment that have a very low energy consumption and there is no need for electrical grids. Solar panels and batteries are sufficient to operate the equipment.

All parts and components are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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