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RESTORED Written by: Denise Dykstra

On a sunny day that found the sick bugs banished from both our homes for the moment, Brigitte and I had a few moments to chat on the phone. Well, that was the plan. Just chat about a few questions for an article but we chatted for nearly 45 minutes! Sometimes you are just blessed to find that person who is down to earth, real and with a fire that you cannot help but be impressed with. It also helps if you start talking about Pogs, but that’s another story. Brigitte is a new Christian artist in Michigan. She has been on stage with Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Group 1 Crew, Family Force, Addison Road, Jamie Grace, Everyday Sunday and Jessa Anderson. Summer starts her busy season, traveling to fairs and festivals. I asked her how she did all that and balance her life as a wife and mom.

Brigitte’s husband of seven years, Jonathon, is an electrician by trade and travels with her. More often than not, their young son Isaiah travels with them as well. “You have to learn how to prioritize family but I am blessed to have the ministry tie in with my family.” The feeling that you get the most when speaking to Brigitte is just how real her faith in God is. She is not someone out there just spouting words; she is living and breathing her love of her Heavenly Father. The favorite song she has recorded on her album is “Bloodstained Tears”. “I really didn’t write it,” she tells me, “God did. I just woke up with it and within five minutes I had it written. The song is completely not me, but God is taking it and ministering with it. We think of the cross as pretty but we don’t think how broken and painful it was. It is a dynamic concept. Dying...He sees us. He saw me.” Brigitte can be found on Facebook and twitter. You can purchase her cd right from her website, just ten dollars will get it in your hands.


“It’s always a challenge,” she admits first off, “It’s a season in life and I rely on the Lord to lead and direct in every aspect of life.” She also admitted she is helpless without God and is quick to add it is amazing what can happen with the Lord on your side. 29

Praise and Coffee | Spring 2012

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Praise and Coffee Spring Magazine  

A magazine to connect, encourage and inspire women!