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Helping Moms… Because kids don’t come with instruction manuals


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change the world? Have you ever wanted to just try? I have! As we look at our culture and we see so many moms struggling to do it all…to be it all, we’re faced with some cold, hard facts…. Currently, one out of every ten babies is born to a teenage mother and twenty-six percent of children under the age of 21 are being raised by single parents. In the United States alone, that translates into over 22 million children being raised by teenagers or single parents.

Mothers On a Mission to Mentor Other Mothers


Praise and Coffee | Spring 2012

We are losing our children somewhere between our skewed view of the significance of a mother’s role and the struggles today’s busy mothers face. If the body of Christ does not become engaged and begin reaching out to these mothers in need, we may just lose the next generation.

Praise and Coffee Spring Magazine  

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