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windsor NOVEMBER 2022 GUIDING YOU THROUGH T H E B E ST O F W I N DS O R Spruce up your home before the guests arrive to celebrate the season. HELP YOUR HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Northern Colorado holiday events are ideal for bringing on the holiday spirit. GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT SHOPPING SMALL
NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 3 November marks the beginning of the holiday season Holiday events begin to pop up and we turn to plans for entertaining and gathering loved ones Whether your vibe is cozy or crazy, we wish you the best this holiday season mywindsor NOVEMBER 2022 GUIDING YOU THROUGH T THE E B BESST T O OF WIINDSSOR Spruce up your home before the guests arrive to celebrate the season. HELP YOUR HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Northern Colorado holiday events are ideal for bringing on the holiday spirit GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT SHOPPING SMALL on the cover mywindsor For all editorial, advertising and circulation inquiries, call 970.352.0211. Send editorial-related comments and story ideas to: . For advertising inquiries contact Advertsing at Published by Prairie Mountain Media, publisher of The Greeley Tribune. Managing Editor | Page Designer Misty Kaiser Contributing Writers And Photographers Darian Armer, Pam Moore , Emily Kemme, Linda Thorsen Bond, Tamara Markard, John Teehan, Shelley Widhalm, Morgan McKenzie MYWINDSOR MAGAZINE PO Box 337228, Greeley, CO 80633-7228 our e 1683 Main St, Windsor 1708 N. Boise Ave, Loveland e , 6 General Dermatology • Mohs Specialized Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery • Non-Surgical Sensus SRT-100 Skin Cancer Treatment • Actinic Keratosis • Basal Cell Carcinoma • Squamous Cell Carcinoma • Dysplastic Nevus • Malignant Melanoma • Skin Discolorations & Age Spots 1683 Main St, Windsor 1708 N. Boise Ave, Loveland 101 Oakridge Drive, Ft. Collin Providing the Ultimate Care in Dermatology Ideal Dermatology 1683 Main St, Windsor Other Locations: Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Sterling, and Winter Park (970) 667-3116 Kevin Mott, MD, FAAD • David J Seitz, PA-C Kathryn L Olsen, PA-C • Meredith S. Williams PA-C Nichole Hart, MSN, FNP-BC
4 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022 10 Local holiday events have something for everyone contents | NOVEMBER 2022 20 06 | HOLIDAYS Thanksgiving can bring up a lot of issues around food—take the stress out of the situation. 10 | HOLIDAY EVENTS We share some of our favorite events to brighten your holidays. 14 | NONPROFIT Mark your calenders for Colorado Gives Day on December 6 16 | HOME Prepare your home for holiday guests. 18 | COMMUNITY Local business and organizations honor veterans this Veterans Day 20 | BUSINESS Shop Small Saturday comes to Windsor and Greeley 22 | COMMUNITY Two friends reunite through music and Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra 25 | HEALTH North Colorado Medical Center Foundation rebrands under a new name 26 | BUSINESS C3 Real Estate Solutions opens new Greeley location 28 | FOOD Aspen Cripps makes a name for himself in the Windsor restaurant scene 30 | SPORTS Town of Windsor celebrates archery range expansion 32 | FINAL THOUGHT Happy Thanksgiving!
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Here’s how to deal with it.

The holiday season means holiday gatherings. Gatherings, of course, mean food, and food especially the treats that make an appearance at only certain times of the year often leads to talk about the effect on our waistlines For people with a fraught relationship with food and their bodies, these conversations can be stressful, draining and sometimes toxic.

Marquisele Mercedes is no stranger to such talk.When she was accepted to her first-

choice graduate program, a close family member offered congratulations along with unsolicited advice: “Now you really need to start to focus on your health and your weight.”

“That was like a gut punch,” she recalls. Mercedes, whose research at Brown University looks into how racism and fatphobia affect public health, is among the 9 percent of Americans who experience an eating disorder at some point in their lives.

Whether you ’ re in treatment

6 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
This Thanksgiving, focus on enjoying time spent with family (Shutterstock) Assigning certain foods moral status can be harmful (Shutterstock)

for an eating disorder or simply trying to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and your body, diet talk surrounding holiday meals particularly around the Thanksgiving table can be hard to digest.

And the pressure to physically “glow up ”certainly hasn’t helped. Mercedes says that, because of “ a very specific fixation on the quote-unquote ‘obesity epidemic’these past two years, ” many of her research participants feel compelled to “ emerge [from the pandemic] fully formed as this thinner, better person. ” As a result, they’re reporting increased anxiety

No matter how well-intentioned diet talk is, the assumption that thinner is better can be “incredibly hurtful,”Mercedes says. Comments such as,“You look great. Have you lost weight?” can be painful reminders, particularly for women, that you ’ re “being constantly looked at, judged, objectified,”says Jessi Kneeland, an online body-image coach based in North Carolina.

“Anything that moralizes weight or food behaviors or body shape or size has a way of causing harm,”Kneeland says. Family members might mention their own choices, such as,“I’m being good, so I’m skipping the pie ”But that sends a powerful message: “Morality is attached to body shape, size, and food and eating behaviors ”If your mom thinks she’s “good”for avoiding dessert, Kneeland says, it’s only natural that you would ask yourself whether you ’ re “bad”for enjoying your meal, including all the sides and sweets, without worrying about it. And talking about food and weight in terms of “good” and “bad” even if it’s just your own tells people in larger bodies,“I don’t want to look like you. ”

Like many, Mercedes is more focused on developing selfcompassion than chiseled abs.“As easily as we can learn to hate bodies and treat them badly and make them smaller,” she says, “ we can also learn to do things in a different way ”

So what can a person who just wants to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal without judgment do? There’s no one-

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 7
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As easily as we can learn to hate bodies and treat them badly and make them smaller, we can also learn to do things in a different way.

size-fits-all approach to handling diet talk with friends and family Read on for advice from experts.Which strategies you choose will depend on your comfort level and relationship dynamics.

You’re not going to persuade anyone to ditch their diets or burn their scales. And that shouldn’t be your goal, says Lauren Muhlheim, a Los Angeles-based psychologist specializing in eating disorders.“Not everyone can get on board, and not everyone ’ s going to understand.”

Instead, she says, your objective should be to protect yourself when the conversation inevitably turns to food and bodies.That could mean leaving the room, confronting the issues head-on or anything in between whatever you can handle.

Many of Kneeland’s clients are pleasantly surprised by how receptive their friends and family are to their concerns. “Most people are more able to learn and grow than we give them credit for,”she says.

Go into the holiday season with a support system.Whether it’s an online community, a friend you can text or a family member you can make subtle eye contact with when Aunt Sally starts talking about her diet, having an ally who understands your frustrations can be hugely helpful, Kneeland says.

Also,“make sure you build in time for yourself,”Muhlheim advises. Before the day of the meal, engage in self-care, such as meditating, going for a walk or prioritizing sleep, which can help you show up fully resourced and can take some of the edge off. If you ’ re staying with family and it’s in your budget, consider renting a car to avoid feeling trapped.

Creating boundaries around diet talk doesn’t necessarily mean confrontation.“No one is obligated to meet

these comments head-on,”Muhlheim says When the conversation turns to weight loss, try low-key strategies, such as tuning out, heading to the kitchen to refill your water glass or changing the subject.

Although many people are open to new ideas, some just aren’t.“Some people are committed to not understanding, disagreeing,”Kneeland says,“and they’re going to be defensive.”If you ’ re uncomfortable being direct and the situation feels too intense to ignore, consider shifting your focus.

Looking at the bigger picture and thinking about what you ’ re grateful for can help, Muhlheim says.“Appreciating being with family sometimes can take the focus off the minutiae of the comments.”

And if you end up soothing your anger or sadness with food, see it as “feedback, not failure,”she adds. In other words, one binge doesn’t mean you should ditch intuitive eating and go on a diet immediately. Instead, notice that you binged because you were mad at your mother, and remind yourself: It’s just one meal.

“If you have the capacity and they’re a person who is at least willing to listen, just start having conversations about why you ’ re doing what you ’ re doing,”Kneeland says

To avoid coming off as preachy (and to up your chances that the person will actually listen), talk about what’s working for you as opposed to what’s right for everyone To keep nerves from interfering with your message, plan what you’ll say in advance. One example: I learned a lot from Christy Harrison’s book,“Anti-Diet,”and now I’m trying to avoid thinking of food in terms of “good”and “bad.”

Muhlheim suggests responding to diet talk with, I’m choosing to focus on gratitude this holiday and not

8 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Practice self care by finding an activity that brings you joy like a simple walk, alone or with your family (Shutterstock)

depriving myself, or, I’m here to enjoy this wonderful meal with people I care about. I’m trying to step away from diet and body talk.

Chaya Milchtein, an automotive educator and journalist, says her grandmother often remarks on how much better Milchtein looked when she was thinner Milchtein typically responds by reminding her grandmother that she’s “living a great life in the body I’m in right now.”Although Milchtein knows her response won’t fully change her grandmother’s thinking, she’s hoping to plant a few seeds.

When you ’ re dealing with a close friend, relative or someone you see regularly, the best and most challenging approach could be an honest conversation about your boundaries.You might feel “ as though a lion is chasing you,”Kneeland says, adding: “It’s okay for this to be so hard. You learned for good reason that it’s not safe to have these conversations or to live in this body or to behave or engage in these ways. ”

Keep the focus on your needs and your feelings, Muhlheim says.You might try something such as: Talk about dieting or bodies is really hard for me (or harmful for me). Can we agree that you won’t comment on people’s bodies (or my body) or on what I’m eating?

These conversations can be risky, but they’re often worth

it. Muhlheim says many people find that their loved ones are supportive. And by making yourself vulnerable, you can potentially deepen the relationship.“So, so much goodness can come out of that,”Kneeland says.

Speaking up can be empowering, even when the conversation isn’t well-received. After years of unwelcome comments about her weight, Mercedes, the graduate student at Brown, asked her family member to stop commenting on her body When they repeatedly failed to respect her request, she cut off contact Although it’s “rough” to be out of touch,“if I continue to try and force this relationship when it makes me miserable,”Mercedes says, “this isn’t really worth it.”

Ditching diet talk gives everyone a chance to enjoy a holiday gathering without shame which leaves more room for connection.“If we decide to put aside this endless parade of bad things to say about our body, our eating habits, especially for something like Thanksgiving,” Mercedes says, “ we can actually enjoy that moment with our loved ones and with ourselves more. ”

Pam Moore is a freelance writer and certified intuitive eating counselor Visit her at

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 9

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Christmas may still be more than a month away, but it’s never too early to start getting in the holiday spirit with some early local holiday events.We’ve rounded up some local events that are fun for the whole family So, mark your calendars and prepare for some merriment.

Christmas in Windsor Craft Show

WHEN: Nov. 19, 9 a.m. 5 p.m.; Nov. 20, 10 a.m. 4 p.m.

WHERE: Windsor Community Center 250 N. 11th St.,Windsor


“Christmas in Windsor is a fun community event for the whole family. Lunch is provided by the Windsor High School Cheer Squad.With close to 90 vendors, all items in this craft fair have been handcrafted by these regional artisans,”says Sandy Macy, event organizer.“It has become a tradition where people go with family and friends to find great Christmas gifts for all ages.There is something for

everyone. Door proceeds are used to meet nonprofit needs mostly in Windsor.”

2022 Festival of Trees

WHEN: Nov. 25, 5-8 p.m.; Nov. 26, 1-5 p.m.; Nov. 27, 1-6 p.m.; Nov. 28 Dec. 2, 3-8 p.m.; Dec. 3, 1-5 p.m.

WHERE: Union Colony Civic Center, Greeley


One of Greeley’s favorite holiday traditions, the annual Festival of Trees begins the Friday after Thanksgiving and lasts through the following Saturday It’s “nine days of festive, family-friendly, frolicking fun!”

10 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022

Filled with beautiful, unique and brightly illuminated trees decorated by community members, businesses and organization, the Festival of Trees strives to inspire collaboration among the three.The schedule includes public hours for touring the trees, visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus, a silent auction, musical entertainment, horse and carriage rides and more.

Special events include a Whoville Holiday, themed around

Dr Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas,Whiskey Wonderland and Other Spirits of the Season and Water Color and Wine.

The events statement on the website states,“We hope to strengthen Greeley’s foundation with holiday spirit, kindness, philanthropy and joy.”

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 11
970-353-0133 602 8th Ave, Greeley CO 80631 Let us take care of the cleaning!
The Greeley Festival of Trees is an annual favorite event (Courtesy City of Greeley) Christmas in Windsor Craft Show provides guests a spot for one of a kind gift shopping. (Courtesy Christmas in Windsor Craft Show)

Paint Your Own Light Up Christmas Trees

WHEN: Nov. 27, 6-7 p.m.

WHERE: Chill Potz, 1215 Main St., Unit H, Windsor


Have some family fun and create a memorable holiday decoration at Chill Potz this year on November 27. Spend the evening painting a ceramic light-up Christmas tree Ceramics prices range from $30 $125 depending on the size and ceramic.The event will include paints and glazes, while specialty glazes will be available for an upcharge in the studio The family-friendly event is open to all ages, with BYOB for 21 and older adults. For children, (BYOHC), bring your own hot chocolate. Outside food is also allowed.

Purchase a ticket to reserve your spot. Once fired, the ceramics will be ready for pick up in one to two weeks.

Staff will be on hand ready and available to help with your painting needs and maybe teach you a few glazing techniques.

Hope for the Holidays Food and Drink Tour

WHEN: Dec. 1, 5-10 p.m.

WHERE: Downtown Greeley


Life Stories is excited to announce the second annual Hope for the Holidays Greeley Downtown Food and Drink Tour.

Hope for the Holidays, presented by Allo Fiber, is a four-course progressive dinner that travels through festive downtown Greeley this holiday season. Each course includes food with a beer/cocktail pairing provided by Syntax Spirits Distillery, Aunt Helen’s Coffee House, Tightknit Brewing Co., Luna’s Tacos & Tequila and Stella’s Pinball Arcade and Lounge Tickets also include gift bag and keepsake photo

Proceeds benefit Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, helping give a voice to children and youth who have been abused or neglected in Weld County

Tickets are $100 for the full 4-course tour (includes After Party) or $25 for only the Private After Party at Stella's at 8 p.m. which includes a cocktail or dessert and Karaoke Limited tickets available so buy yours today

12 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Paint your own special tree and make memories while you're at it. (Courtesy Chill Potz) Hope for the Holidays returns to benefit Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy (Courtesy Life Stories)

Windsor Wonderland

WHEN: Dec. 3, 4- 8:30p.m.

WHERE: 5th St. and Boardwalk Park, Windsor

INFO: Windsor-Wonderland

Sample a bit of everything the season has to offer at Windsor Wonderland.The day kicks off at 4 p.m. when Santa arrives by the Great Western Railway Train. Holiday caroling by Windsor Middle School 7th and 8th graders before and after the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Holiday Proclamation from the Mayor.

The family fun continues with an Ice Sculptor Demo by the Windsor Arts Commission. Enjoy a complimentary photo with Santa, complimentary horse and carriage rides, complimentary s’mores and hot chocolate, food trucks and yard games and activities such as inflatables, the Clearview Library Bookmobile and the Windsor Express Train.The day rounds out with Windsor Dance performances under the Market Pavilion.

Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra Presents Poinsettia Pops

WHEN: Dec. 3, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Monfort Concert Hall, Greeley


The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra invites you to create holiday traditions to last a lifetime with its annual spectacle, Poinsettia Pops.The event takes place in the poinsettia adorned concert hall where the Greeley Chorale and Greeley Children’s Chorale will perform.

With the purchase price of admission you will be able to walk amongst the “tree-mendously”decorated trees on the final night of Greeley’s Festival of Trees.

Greeley Chorale –Gloria and Holiday Hits

WHEN: Dec. 17, 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Campus Commons at UNC 1051 22nd St., Greeley


The Greeley Chorale’s Gloria and Holiday Hits a community favorite. Performing John Rutter’s beautiful work, Gloria, with familiar holiday favorites, the evening features a brass choir, as well as performances from Chorale members, both individually and in groups.

Get in the holiday mood early this year with any of the above events around Northern Colorado. Better yet, attend each event and be the jolliest elf on the block this season.

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 13
The man with the bag makes an appearance at Windsor Wonderland (Courtesy Town of Windsor) Poinsettia Pops features both the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra and the Greeley Chorale in a holiday collaboration (Courtesy Greeley Philharmonic)


Colorado Gives Day set for

PRNewswire/ Research shows that spending money on others and charities can boost wellbeing and promote happiness That makes Colorado Gives Day, set for Tuesday, Dec. 6, potentially the happiest day in Colorado when Coloradans come together to give and support Colorado nonprofits.

This year, Coloradans can give a buck to any of the 3,200 nonprofits

participating in the 24-hour Colorado Gives Day event.

Community First Foundation’s Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6

“Good things happen when you give a buck,”said Kelly Dunkin, president and CEO of Community First Foundation, the organization

Dec. 6

that runs Colorado Gives Day.“From mental health care to protecting the environment, every day in Colorado our nonprofits keep us happy, healthy, and safe Colorado Gives Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you by donating to your favorite nonprofits.”

Beginning Nov 1 and continuing through Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6, all donations made to nonprofits

14 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022 nonprofit | COLORADO GIVES

on get a boost from a $1.4 million Incentive Fund that increases the impact of every dollar donated.

The online giving platform is free for eligible nonprofits and recently debuted a new look with features that make fundraising even easier. “With just a click, donors can search, find, and give.We make it easy and safe for donors to support their favorite nonprofits,”said Erica Thornley, vice president of product development.“ is a robust social giving tool that helps donors find and connect to the causes they care about most all in one place.”

Colorado Gives 365 supports impactful giving every day of the year through, providing easy-to-use fundraising tools for both donors and nonprofits.

“Community First Foundation

created Colorado Gives 365 to help people discover and support organizations that match their passions and interests every day of the year, ”added Dunkin.“But by giving on Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6, we hope to bring joy and happiness to everyone in Colorado.”

Colorado Gives Day is made possible by Community First Foundation with support from FirstBank and sponsors, including: Delta Dental of Colorado; Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA); Gary Philanthropy; Janus Henderson Investors; Amazon; Daniels Fund; Graystone; Intermountain Healthcare; Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, PC; Noodles & Company; T-Mobile for Business; Trinchera Blanca Foundation; Enso Counseling, PLLC; JE Dunn Construction Group; Martin/Martin, Inc.; Syntrinsic Social Capital; Denver7; Grounds for Promotion; Rocky Mountain PBS; Entravision;

5280; Comcast / Xfinity; and Mile High Outdoor.

About Community First Foundation

Community First Foundation has been connecting donors and innovative Colorado nonprofits since 1975. As the community foundation serving Jefferson County, we are committed to connecting people, ideas and nonprofits so that all of Jeffco is thriving We help donors with philanthropic planning, support nonprofits with grants and resources, and together, build resilient and connected communities. Our work is rooted in radical listening and a commitment to equity and inclusion.

In 2021, 73,000 donors raised more than $55 million for 3,151 nonprofits on Colorado Gives Day. Community First Foundation launched the online giving platform that powers Colorado Gives Day in 2007, and since then, donors have given more than $511 million to Colorado nonprofits.

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 15
The Greeley Chorale EverydayPeople.AmazingMusic.Since1964. ICKE S: greeleychorale/tickets or call 970-351-4849 Gloria & Holiday Hits eaturingJohnRutter’sGloria,plusholiday avorites! Saturday, December 17, 7:30 p.m. UNC Campus Commons Performance Hall 1051 22nd Street, Greeley The Greele Chorale presents

A WelcomingHome for your Holidays

November is here and the holiday season is revving up. Even better, the weather outside is (seasonally) frightful, your fire is warm and delightful and the entire family is planning to arrive on your doorstep to celebrate gathering together.

But nothing ruins this Hallmark moment more than a cracked water heater and water cascading into the basement. Family togetherness is great and all, but hot showers make gathering around the Scrabble board a lot more pleasant.

Being prepared for guests means checking things twice and making sure your furnace is being less naughty and more nice. Here are a few tips to have your house in prime condition before the doorbell rings.

Make sure water stays inside the water heater

Jeff Allen of Allen Service said water heaters have different life expectancies depending on manufacturer and type. Typically, standard cylindrical tanks last between 10-15 years.

Manufacturers recommend servicing every 1-2 years to flush out sediment: as you heat water, solids already existing in water fall to the tank bottom over time

“That can cause stress on the heater, because you ’ re putting cold water in it and then heating the water The repeated

expansion and contraction over time ages out the tank, causing hairline leaks that are early signs of stress or aging,”Allen said.

General maintenance allows the service person to gauge where the unit is in its useful lifespan and helps it last longer.

“It’s better than waiting until the middle of the night or when you ’ ve got a houseful of people Regular flushing helps keep emergencies from happening and assures

16 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Allen Service will help keep your water heater in shape so you're less likely to have an emergency when youhave a houseful of guests (Courtesy Allen Service)

optimal efficiency,”he said.

The other water heater style is tankless; it mounts on a wall and heats water as it’s being used.These technologically advanced systems are more expensive but you’ll never run out of hot water a boon when you ’ ve got a full house and dishes to wash.

Tankless systems also require flushing at least every two years. A safe chemical is used to flush solids and descale the heat exchanger

Allen recommends setting up an annual service schedule in October or November, around the time you blow out your sprinkler systems and disconnect hoses from outside spigots that, with cold weather, could cause breakage inside the house.

electrical components, technicians clean the furnace, check blower speeds and verify capacitors aren’t reading low, replacing if needed.

McCreery typically schedules 6 to 8 weeks out for routine service appointments but maintains an emergency list for people who call in with heating problems, project coordinator Jada Specht wrote in an email.They can usually service customers without heat within one to three business days and have an emergency technician available after hours when service can’t wait another day.

Make the rest of the house sparkle

Now that the house is warm and the dishes are clean, put on the finishing touches with carpet, tile or furniture cleaning

Steamway Floor to Ceiling uses a hot steam extraction method to remove dirt and sterilize surfaces and grout. They also have a hand unit to clean and seal granite countertops. Spray on sealer keeps the shine for 12-24 months, depending on usage.They’ll clean area rugs, too but because each rug is unique, Steamway advises if a rug can withstand the process.

Choose between a full house cleaning or limit it to high traffic areas. Steamway service technicians can move most furniture, except for storage pieces and entertainment centers.The service length depends on the area being cleaned and if it’s necessary to move furniture

One thing to keep in mind, Steamway owner Kim Weber notes, is whether you ’ re planning on cleaning up after the holidays, too

Keep your home toasty with a furnace check up

The other major appliance check up to perform as colder weather settles in is the furnace. McCreery & Sun’s service technicians follow manufacturer specifications to check the integrity of the heat exchanger and verify there is no carbon monoxide in the home. Along with checking

“We can clean the entire house even if holiday decor is already up, but if you call before setting up the tree, it’s easier There’s also the possibility there will be a need for cleanup after the holiday spills,”she said.

The company provides free estimates, usually within a week after contacting them Take advantage of a 20 percent holiday discount until Christmas.

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 17
Giving your floors a good professional cleaning, from tile to carpet, can make them look new even if they aren't.
Learn more at We offer a variety of ways to become involved in clinical and non-clinical roles. Opportunities include: Direct Patient Care • Companionship • Caregiver Relief • Pet Therapy • Pathways Inpatient Care Center (greeter & companionship) Non-Clinical Support • Greeter Desk Main Office • Event Support & Outreach MEDHYPNOSIS1.COM DEALING WITH ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION? YOU’RE NOT ALONE! A LIMITED AMOUNT OF IN PERSON SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT. SANDI Y. SQUICQUERO M. ED., LPC Licensed Professional Counselor National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist | Former Probation and Family Services Worker 30 years of experience w nd s o r A W A R D S re a d e r s 2 0 1 8 All CDC and Covid-19 regulations are being followed 1180 Main Street Suite 5B • WindSor CALL US TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT (970) 674-0191 THE Medical Hypnosis & Counseling CENTER, P C s Stay Healthy!
(Courtesy Steamway Floor to Ceiling)

Local Businesses Honoring Veterans on VETERANS DAY

Veterans Day has been observed annually on Nov. 11 since President Dwight D Eisenhower officially established the holiday in 1954. Since then, Americans all around the nation have commemorated Veterans Day in order to pay tribute to all veterans and former service members.

Veterans Day gives people a chance to formally thank and recognize veterans of the past and active-duty military for their sacrifices. On this day,VFW and American Legion halls hold events remembering what veterans have done for this country, and many companies offer free or significantly reduced meals, drinks, and services as a way of saying “thank you. ”

Here is just a sample of what is happening locally to honor veterans for what they’ve done and sacrificed in the name of protecting democracy in the US and worldwide.

Note that some events do not take place on Nov. 11 or are exclusive to Veterans Day alone.

The Ringing of the Bells

Who: Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 41

What: The VFW Post 41 will again be conducting its annual bell ringing ceremony this Veterans Day to commemorate the signing of the Armistice Treaty in 1918.The bell ringing is scheduled to begin on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. In Colorado time, this will be at 4 a.m.

There will be a breakfast held from 6 to 10 a.m A flyover will occur at 11:11 a.m., after which there will be a parade and a speaker immediately to follow

For further information and details, you can contact VFH Post 41 at 970-667-4722

Where: 305 N. Cleveland Ave., Loveland 720-684-5500,

Veterans Day Breakfast

Who: American Legion Forbes-McKay Post 109

What: The American Legion Post 109 hall in Windsor will hold its annual Veterans Day breakfast on Saturday, November 12.The event will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. Contact the American Legion hall for more information at (970) 686-9966.

Where: 624 Ash St.,Windsor,

Visit the Wall of Remembrance Who: Scheels

What: “The Wall represents the Honor, Strength, Courage, Commitment, Loyalty, and Family Vales of America and the price that is paid for our freedom.The names on this Wall come from the Global War on Terror.They are the

18 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
community | VETERANS DAY

victims and the heroes who lost their lives on 9/11 and the military that were called to duty and paid the ultimate price

The Wall will be open for display in the east Scheels parking lot for viewing 24 hours a day, and staff will be on-site to help visitors find names on the Wall if they wish. On Thursday, November 10, there will be an opening ceremony with honor guard and the Loveland Marine Corp League Detachment.There will be a brief closing ceremony on Sunday, November 13, when the Wall will be taken down to be escorted to the Wyoming state line the next morning.

For more detailed information, visit the Wall of Remembrance Facebook event page at GWOTwall/

Where: 4755 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Johnstown (970) 663-7800

Smiles For Soldiers

Who: Luker Dental

What: Luker Dental will offer free dental services for veterans and military families on Thursday, November 10. Treatment services include exams, x-rays, cleaning, fillings, root canals, and extractions. Available appointments are limited, so don’t wait. Please call (970) 351-0400 for more information.

Where: 1829 56th Ave., Suite B, Greeley 720-526-3146,

A Free Car Wash Is a Breeze

Who: Breeze Thru Car Wash

What: For this year ’ s Veterans Day, Breeze Thru Car Wash will provide all active service personnel and veterans complimentary car washes.Visit any of their 12 sites on Veterans Day to get a free Premium Shine car wash.


At a Nearby Location

This Veterans Day, companies throughout the US are doing their small but appreciated part to commemorate veterans and active military personnel Here is a very partial list of national chains offering veterans discounts or other benefits.

• Applebee’s

• Buffalo Wild Wings

• Chick-fil-A

• Chili’s Grill & Bar

• Dunkin’

• Eddie Bauer

• Golden Corral

• Harbor Freight


• Ikea

• Kirkland’s Home

• On the Border Mexican Grill

• Red Lobster

• Starbucks

• Wilson’s Leather

You can find a more complete list of businesses offering specials to veterans and active military online at Veteran. com and

Learning From Our Veterans

On November 11 and every other day, veterans should get more than simply free meals and discounts.Veterans Day is an opportunity to really thank them.

Consider asking a local veteran some questions to help you understand them better.What branch did they service in, when did they serve there, and where did they serve? What did they do, and what was it like when they were serving? What made them enlist?

You can’t fully understand the service you are honoring until you hear a veteran’s story. It will mean the world to them and might help you appreciate our soldiers and the freedoms they fought to preserve for all of us.

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 19

Shop Small for the Holidays in Downtown

Windsor and Greeley

What that makes a city’s downtown a treasure? Bianca Fisher, executive director of the Greeley Downtown Development Authority (DDA), believes downtowns are the heart of the city. “The local businesses are fundamental to the local character and soul of downtown,”she said. “It’s where creativity and local entrepreneurship converge ”

To celebrate the treasures of downtown, Greeley and Windsor have created showcases during the holiday season, with special events on Shop Small Saturday, Nov. 27. Each city has a unique way to bring the joy of discovery to holiday shoppers.


This is the seventh year for Windsor’s Elf Hunt and it can result in real treasure There are pictures of elves hidden in plain sight at downtown businesses.To join the annual Elf Hunt pick up a form at any of the participating downtown businesses carrying the Elf Hunt logo or go to you spot elves at participating businesses, write down where you saw them on your form. Score at least seven elves and you ’ re in the running for prizes.The Elf Hunt runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

20 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Shopping downtown Greeley on Shop Small Saturday yields some great gifts and a chance to win some cash (Courtesy Greeley Downtown Development Authority)

director, said if you ’ re ready for extra fun, come downtown Saturday, Nov. 27 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. for Shop Small Saturday Members of the DDA staff and board will be in the new pedestrian plaza on Main Street and they’ll be so glad to see you they’ll give you reusable shopping bags filled with coupons, swag and goodies.They’ll be randomly passing out gift cards, too, which would add some real spark to holiday shopping. Many of the downtown shops will have special deals and coupons waiting for you.

When you ’ ve spotted at least seven elves, turn your completed form in to Memory Lane Antiques, 426 Main Street. Many of the Elf Hunt forms will be drawn at Windsor Wonderland, Dec. 3. Olhava said they will save some of the drawings until after Christmas, just to spread out the joy.

You must be 18 or older to enter your Elf Hunt card for the drawing and you don’t need to be present to win.

Windsor DDA, 301 Walnut St., Windsor (970) 674-2400,


Celebrate Shop Small Saturday in Greeley Nov. 27 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Holiday Open House.Your treasure hunt in Greeley starts when you pick up a bingo card at any of the 30 participating downtown businesses, fill it out and earn a chance to win one of the three gift baskets valued from $200, $300 and $1,000. No purchase is necessary to enter

Downtown will offer holiday crafts, special treats, live music, photo ops for the kids, hot cocoa and more. Each location will feature holiday activities, sales and other holiday treasures.

“Small local businesses are our passion,”Bianca Fisher said. “There is a great mix of businesses downtown. On the bingo card you can fill in any of the more than 30 businesses from restaurants and bakeries to retail shops.There are more and more businesses that offer entertainment, with fun things like hatchet throwing or pinball Each of the businesses offers unique opportunities where families can enjoy holiday movies, art galleries and museums.We hope people will come during the holidays for the fun of it and discover that it takes more than one day to take it all in Once we get their feet in the door, we hope they’ll come back.”

Fisher added that after shopping, everyone is invited to browse the “Dazzle Downtown”holiday store window displays and stay for the Greeley Lights the Night Parade beginning at 5:30 p.m. on 9th Avenue with 50 entries.That is followed immediately by the traditional lighting of Lincoln Park and a chance for the little ones to visit with Santa Claus.

Greeley DDA, 802 9th St., Ste. 100, Greeley (970) 356.6775, holiday-open-house

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 21
Josh Olhava (top), and members of the Windsor DDA board and staff will be greeting shoppers with swag in the new pedestrian plaza while shoppers take part in other fun events in Windsor on Shop Small Saturday (Courtesy Windsor DDA)

Air Force former colleagues, Airand and forever friends, reunite at frGreeley iends, Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra Pconcert hilharmo

Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Kathleen Cook recently reconnected with a special mentor from her time in the Air Force during a performance at the Union Colony Civic Center.

While some mentors have a constant presence in people’s lives, others are involved for only a short time. Even then, we often keep such people in a special place in our hearts.

Cook was lucky enough to cross paths with her former conductor in the Air Force, Lowell Graham, who is now the music director and conductor of the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, as a guest performer at the orchestra’s “Tales of Italian Triumph”concert earlier this month.

It had been a lengthy 40 years since Cook and Graham shared a stage together, but their bond was as strong as ever.

When Cook met Graham, she had just enlisted in the Air Force as a trumpet player

“The Air Force was going to pay for me to play, travel, put a roof over my head and get better at my horn, so why not?”Cook said “So off I go to the Air Force with no clue what I am in for ”

Cook was assigned to the 564th Tactical Air Command Band at the Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in 1982. She met Graham when he took over the band in 1984.

“I believe he was a major lieutenant colonel at the time, and I was a two-striper Airman First Class. I was loving life, chasing the lead singer, ended up marrying him, having a ball,”Cook said, laughing.“So Lowell shows up, and he rocks that band. … He was demanding, he had high expectations and his personality was a little difficult.

“So you take a band that was focused on flag-waving America entertainment, reaching the audience and

then you move to a commander’s intent was more big education. So he raised the standards significantly ”

Loving life in the Air Force, Cook knew she had more to offer than just playing trumpet in the band. Cook, who already earned her degree, went to Lowell and said she wanted to become an officer.

“He was so helpful so helpful,”Cook said. “Immediately, he gave me assignments where I was the project officer, which gave me visibility at the highest levels.That would allow me to ask for letters of

22 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
community | FRIENDSHIP
USAF Retired Brigadier General Kathleen Cook, left, stands with Greeley Phil harmonic Orchestra Music Director and Conductor Lowell Graham, right, at the orchestra’s performance of Tales of Italian Triumph on Saturday, Oct 15 in Greeley (Photo courtesy Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra)

recommendation from them later on to make a stronger package application for me for OTS (Officer Training School).”

Graham also submitted Cook’s name for a mid-level training course ahead of some of Cook’s peers, which allowed her the opportunity to strengthen her application.

Cook made the most of the opportunity and worked hard to become the honor graduate of the program an achievement Graham had no doubt she would accomplish.

“As honor graduate, you are kind of set apart, and I remember looking out at the audience and thinking how sad it was that some of my colleagues that there commanders were not there to see them graduate,”Cook said.“But Lowell Graham was. I can still see it today in the very back table, left of center. Because I was the top student, I had to give a speech, and I fully remember seeing him back there hanging on every word I said He was so supportive.”

Cook then applied for Officer Training School, but she wasn’t accepted.

“Lowell was right there cheering me on. He said,‘Take the six months you need, apply again,’”Cook said “So I did, and I got accepted. I left the band and put the horn away and went on to something different”

Cook worked in the Office of Public Affairs before advancing into a command position, including becoming the Director of Air Force Public Affairs for the entire program.

“I way long ago surpassed the expectations of my parents,” Cook added, laughing “I was just blessed with wonderful opportunities.”

As Cook and Graham continued to excel in their careers, their paths began to cross less and less. However, as we know, life has a funny way of reconnecting people.

“I retired in 2018 and knew I was coming back out here Then I get out here, and I knew they had a community band and started paying attention to what the music scene out here,”Cook said.“I always knew that when I retired I was going to focus on my music. At my core, that’s who I am. Life is full circle that I can come back and play with and for Lowell Graham a moment I thought I would never ever have.

“Having the opportunity to play with and for him again, kind of completes the circle.”

Embracing her love of music, and making the most of the time retirement offers, Cook plays with a variety of bands and groups in Cheyenne.

Cook was excited to be part of the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra for one night.

“My last two assignments were at the Pentagon, and I was spending a lot of money and spending a lot of time getting to and from the National Symphony,”Cook said. “I will tell you, for what it cost me for a season ticket, the quality is equal. People really should come out and see this orchestra because it’s phenomenal and the musicians are amazing. Just to be able to join them for an evening and build my confidence back as a returning player, is

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 23
Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director and Conductor Lowell Graham speaks to guest performers during a rehearsal for the GPO's Tales of Italian Triumph concert on Saturday, Oct 15 at the Union Colony Civic Center (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

just a blessing

While Cook’s contribution to the performance was exactly “112”notes and “around five minutes depending on the tempo,”the experience of sharing a stage again meant much more to both Cook and Graham a memory they

will always cherish.

“It was a joy to make music with her again after many, many years. I could not be prouder of her career and what she has contributed to our nation,”Graham posted on the GPO’s Facebook page.“She has made us all better by positively affecting so many lives. Now in her post Air Force life, she has returned to the joy of music and her trumpet.”

If you missed the GPO’s Oct 15 concert, don’t fret. The group has several more concerts in the works for its 2022/23 season, including the popular Poinsettia Pops concert at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Union Colony Civic Center and the Christmas Brass Windsor concert, set for 7 p.m.Thursday, Dec. 15 at the First United Methodist Church of Windsor.

Tickets for both concerts are on sale at learn more about the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra’s upcoming season, go to

Tamara Markard is the Go+Do reporter for the Greeley Tribune, covering things to go and do in Greeley, Evans, Windsor and surrounding Weld County Reach her at, (970) 392-4440, or on Twitter @Tmarkard1.


622 N. College Ave (970) 482-2741 6204 S. College Ave. (970) 225-1255 2601 S. Lemay #18 (970) 226-0277 2100 W. Drake #6 (970) 682-2585

LOVELAND 2400 N. Lincoln Ave. (970) 800-3967 WINDSOR 516 Main St. (970) 686-5547

24 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
USAF Retired Brigadier General Kathleen Cook had the opportunity to rejoin her former music conductor, Lowell Graham, during a special guest performance at the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra's Tales of Italian Triumph concert on Saturday, Oct 15 at the Union Colony Civic Center in downtown Greeley (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)
Turkey Dog Food visit. One pound A Pup nnot combine with other ght management specific only Must present coupon; void if copied Expires 11/30/22 MWINFREEAP $5 OFF Purchas of$50or more One coupon per household per visit Cannot combine other PPFS offers Purchase must meet pre tax value o before discount can be applied Must present coupon; void if copied Expires 11/30/22 MWIN5OFF50 REE2-daydeliveryonordersof$50ormore EE NOV 25 & 26 SMALL BIZ SATURDAY 1PoundAPup Above One coupon per household per Above Turkey selection only Ca PPFS offers. ONE large bag, wei e with f $50 FR

North Colorado Medical Center Foundation rebranding as WELD LEGACY FOUNDATION

Nov. 2—The North Colorado Medical Center Foundation is changing its name to the Weld Legacy Foundation as staff begin to expand its partnerships with health and educational nonprofits.

In 2019, the North Colorado Medical Center Foundation the supporting foundation for North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley sold the hospital to Banner Health, according to a Weld Legacy Foundation release The sale has allowed the foundation to expand into new practices to support health and wellness in Weld County.

In continuation of its growing mission, the foundation is beginning new work with Weld County nonprofits that focus on health and education.

"Our organization has nearly 50 years of experience and has raised $50 million to support the hospital," Weld Legacy Foundation Board Chairman Tom Grant said in the release. "We wanted to be able to share what we've learned from those efforts with nonprofits and schools in our community to help them raise money to support their causes as well."

Grant explained the foundation plans to offer services to help nonprofits improve their operations and multiply their impact.

A consultant is working with foundation staff to help identify what services nonprofits could find helpful, the release said. Services may include help with leadership development, strategic planning and recruiting, but they have yet to be determined.

The foundation hopes to grow the capacities of Weld

nonprofits by helping them band together toward a common goal, according to CEO Jeff Carlson.

"Instead of five organizations working independently to improve childhood literacy, for example, we want to help them work together to improve childhood literacy each in its own way," Carlson said.

Along with continuing to raise money to support NCMC programs, departments and patients, the Weld Legacy Foundation will still host annual fundraising events such as the Golf Tournament, the Gala and the Turkey Trot.

Money donated for a specific purpose, like programs or scholarships, will continue to be used for that purpose New donations made to the Weld Legacy Foundation for NCMC will stay in the community and be used as designated.

"Our intention is to honor the legacy of our past, current and future donors and be good stewards of their wishes," Carlson said.

The Weld Legacy Foundation is joining its supporting organization,The Weld Trust created after the sale of NCMC to promote excellence in health and education in the county

Qualifying grants from The Weld Trust and tools and resources for improving operational capacities from the Weld Legacy Foundation will open the door for nonprofits to multiply their impact on the citizens served, according to the release

For more information, go to

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opens Greeley office, will celebrate 10 years

C3 Real Estate Solutions, LLC, opened its fifth Northern Colorado office Oct. 1 to give its Greeley area clients somewhere close to home to do business.

“We wanted to be able to serve the people of Greeley better by being more local. Also, we have a number of experienced real estate agents from Greeley that call Greeley their hometown,”said Stephen Foster, chief operations officer for C3 Real Estate.“Greeley is one of the fastest growing areas in Northern Colorado We wanted to be there to serve the community the best we can. ”

C3 Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm that provides residential, commercial, luxury, and farm and ranch sales and leasing, as well as property management services. The company has two offices in Fort Collins in Old Town and on Harmony Road, one in downtown Loveland and one in Johnstown, plus a sixth office in Breckenridge The Greeley office, 4625 W. 20th St., is the only one in an office complex, while the other offices are storefronts.

“We went in and renovated the building, so the tenants in there are better taken care of,”Foster said.

The building is staffed by nine agents, though the expectation is for

15 agents at full staff.

“The majority of our agents have extensive experience, years of experience in Northern Colorado and throughout the U.S They bring years, I mean hundreds of years of experience, to the table,”Foster said.“They are very committed to providing the best level of service not only to their customers but to the communities they serve ”

C3 Real Estate considers real estate to be about people, not property, bringing together buyers and sellers by integrating personal service and knowledge with the tools of the business.The firm provides everything from conference rooms

26 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
business | REAL ESTATE
Photos Courtesy C3 Real Estate Solutions

to state-of-the-art technology for smooth, efficient transactions and a long list of other comforts to meet the clients’needs, Foster said.

“We have very nice luxurious offices,” Foster said.“We don’t cut corners anywhere When someone comes to one of our offices, they are going to get treated extremely well.We believe it’s all about the customer ”

This December, C3 Real Estate will celebrate its 10-year anniversary The company was started Dec. 12, 2012 (or 12/12/12), by John Simmons and Jesse Laner

“I like to say we started with two men and a dream.We now have over 150 agents and five locations,”Foster said “We’ve served thousands of families with all of their real estate needs. There’s never been a company as good as C3 because of the way they treat their agents and their customers.”

In 2022, C3 Real Estate added NuWay Lending and NuWay Title & Escrow to offer lending and title services for a one-stop shop of comprehensive real estate services.

“The C3 flair is for cutting-edge and old-fashioned real estate but with all the modern amenities,”Foster said.

That means services are in-person with extras like virtual tours and online access to photographs of properties for sale or lease, Foster said.

“Our marketing is the best in the industry We only use professional photographers, floor plan people, flyers and advertising,”Foster said. “We only use the very, very best to serve our customers.”

C3 refers to Character, Culture and Commitment, the cornerstone of the company ’ s mission, which is to provide high-level, personal service to clients and outreach to the larger community. C3 Real Estate also operates with a focus on balancing the five F’s of faith, fitness, finance, family and fun.

As part of its outreach, C3 Real Estate sponsors events such as the Loveland Liberty 5K and the

Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon, donates to charities and foundations on an annual basis, and offers a Give Back program for agents to donate a portion of their closings. Agents also volunteer at varies agencies as another way to give back.

“Each agent has a different passion. They volunteer at churches, homeless shelters and food banks,”Foster said.

The agents at the Greeley office include, Andrea Alles, Stephanie Nealy, Pres Montoya, Perry Hillegas, Marisol Valenzuela, Nikki Shaw,

Amber Holt, Rohanna Roma and Breann Roup.

“Our goal is never to be the biggest in Northern Colorado We just want to be able to provide the best service in Northern Colorado,”Foster said.

The Greeley C3 Real Estate office is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday to Friday For more details about C3 Real Estate, visit or call 970-225-5153.

Meet your C3 Real Estate Greeley Realtors

NOVEMBER 2022| mywindsor | 27
Rohanna Roma Stephanie Nealy Nikki Shaw Andrea Alles Amber Holt Breann Roup Marisol Valenzuela Perry Hillegas Pres Montoya

Meet the Chef... Aspen Cripps makes a name for himself in the Windsor restaurant scene

Sometimes in life, you cross paths with some extraordinary people people so passionate about a certain career, skill or talent that you can’t help but be inspired yourself.

I felt that passion when I met Aspen Cripps, 20.

Cripps is a young up and coming chef whose passion, knowledge and appreciation of food rivals that of culinary professionals twice his age

Cripps discovered his passion for food and cooking at an early age

“It’s kind of all I’ve ever done. When I was a kid I would be pushing a stool around to reach the counter to help make breakfast,”Cripps explained.“I left high school at 16 to come out here to go to culinary school.”

He attended the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, where he became the school’s youngest graduate to date. Cripps worked under chefs in different restaurants to become trained in traditional French and Italian cuisine

After graduating culinary school, Cripps moved to Kansas to help take care of his grandfather He ended up landing an executive chef and food/beverage director position for Oak Roots restaurant, located in the historic Hotel Josephine in Holton, KS

“He was a great catch,”Sarah Fox, owner of the hotel said in

an interview with The Holton Recorder in March 2021.“He’s energetic, bold, creative and loves the purity of what we ’ re doing here ”

Control is just one aspect of the culinary world that Cripps especially enjoys.

“I like to have control over what I do and what’s going on around me,”he said.“And as a chef, I may only control 25-square feet, but that is my kitchen; I get to decide what happens.”

After his grandfather died, the ties to Kansas were cut and Cripps returned to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to continue pursuing his cooking at Ted’s Sweetwater Grill, 2191 Covered Bridge Parkway, Windsor.

In between working at Ted’s Sweetwater Grill, Cripps keeps busy partnering with local businesses like Feisty Spirits Distillery in Fort Collins for a Feisty Dinner Pairing that Cripps catered on Oct 4.

With many culinary-themed shows, like Hulu’s “The Bear,” depicting professional chefs as demanding, unrelenting and at times unreasonable it’s hard to imagine why anyone would to take a job under them, let alone make a career out of cooking. However, it’s those encounters with demanding head chefs that inspired Cripps to up his game and be on top of his skills.

28 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Aspen Cripps, 20, discovered a love of food and cooking early on He has the goal of opening his own farm to table restaurant (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

That show is pretty accurate You’ll work 15 hours, come ome, pop a bag of chips and hen pass out,”Cripps said.“I have had hard chefs and I’ve probably learned more from them than from anyone else ”

Anyone who has owned or worked in the restaurant industry is well aware of the long hours and numerous holidays worked that the industry requires. Having a family can be a challenge for those seeking a career in the culinary field.

“I work about 80 to 90 hours a week. It’s not so much tough on me, but I have had to sacrifice a lot of relationships in my life,”Cripps said.“I haven’t seen my parents in like three years— and that was because it was my brother’s wedding and I had to be there I was there for two days and then came back.”

Despite numerous cooling gadgetry and tools, people can do a lot with just two items a good knife and a whisk.

“You really need to know what you are doing before you start getting into those things,” Cripps quipped.

Cripps ultimate goal is to open a farm-to-table restaurant where diners enjoy food from ingredients grown onsite. He also wants to get into growing gourmet mushrooms.

"The farm would be around you, basically like a giant greenhouse where everything you eat is grown around you. It would be in a controlled environment where I could keep an eye on it,”Cripps said.“I would love to be able to open it in Fort Collins.”

Whether it’s at his own farm-to-table restaurant or captaining the kitchen for other restaurant owners, Cripps just wants to keep expanding his skills, learning and cooking food that will create memories in the mouths of his customers.

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“ h t UNION COLONY CIVIC CENTER • 701 10TH AVE. • GREELEY, CO NOV 25 - DEC 3 General Admission $5 | $3 Kids 12 and under & Seniors 60+ For hours and event information visit $5 per person Horse Drawn Wagon Rides Nov 25 & Dec 2 Purchase tickets: UCSTARS.COM | (970) 356-5000 Presented by Thank you to our sponsors!
Aspen Cripps, left, served as the executive chef and food/beverage director of Oak Roots, which opened the last week of January 2021 in Holton, KS (Photo credit The Holton Recorder)

Town of Windsor celebrates archery range expansion

The town of Windsor celebrated the expansion of its public archery range, including a 3D archery course, new block targets and raised target platforms.

Residents and visitors from across the region explored the expanded range, which features target shooting from 10 yards to 65 yards at the corner of Poudre Trail Drive and Colo. 257.The new 3D course along the Poudre River features 17 animal targets Among the other additions were six new block targets, two

30 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022
Windsor officials, residents and visitors celebrated the opening of the expanded Windsor Archery Range at Poudre Trail Drive and Colo 257 The expansion included a 3D target course, new block targets and raised platforms (Courtesy/Eric Lucas, Town of Windsor)
• Focus on Kindergarten Readiness Skills • Curriculum Aligned with Colorado Early Learning & Development Guidelines • Assessments & Portfolios • USDA Approved Meals & Snacks Included • Unique Social & Emotional Curriculum to lay a Healthy Foundation Universal Preschool is coming!! Are you ready? We are!! 970.352.2222 • y? e We offer high-quality preschool programs in Greeley, Windsor and Ault. With both full and part time options available, we have something to fit every family’s needs! 5 STAR RATINGS!

raised target platforms including one with ADA accessibility and a shelter for classes.

Crews also made improvements to the parking lot and trail.

"I am certain that this project will make Windsor a destination for archery on the Front Range," Windsor Public Services Director Eric Lucas said in a news release.

Since the wellattended opening, Lucas has heard from people as far away as Texas wanting to know more about range improvements, he said.

Many have also asked whether or not classes will be provided. Lucas said the expansion will enable the Parks, Recreation and Culture department to expand program

offerings in terms of lessons, leagues and tournaments starting in 2023.

The range is open sunrise to sunset seven days a week throughout the year Entrance to the range is free.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife awarded a Colorado Shooting Range Development Grant in February 2020, covering $100,000 of the $130,000 total cost of the expansion.The town also received in-kind donations from FCI Constructors, Corbel Engineering and Traverse Builders LLC.

For more information about Windsor's Open Space and Trails, go to

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TO ADVERTISE, CONTACT: 970.392.4442 or TO READ THE E-MAGAZINE, VISIT: mywindsor NOVEMBER 2022 GUIDING YOU THROUGH T THHE E B BEESST T O OF WINNDDSOR R Spruce up your home before the guests arrive to celebrate the season HE FOR THE HOLIDAYS ents are liday spirit. GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT SHOPPINGSMALL mywindsor MyWindsor is a monthly lifestyle magazine serving one of Colorado's fastestgrowing communities.Its content reflects the community with stories about local schools,leaders and businesses,entertainment venues and events It is mailed to newcomers and is distributed atWindsor area retailers,eateries and hotels
Guests at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Windsor Archery Range expansion were invited to try out the range at the opening at the corner of Poudre Trail Drive and Colo 257 on Oct. 17, 2022. The expansion included a 3D target course, new block targets and raised platforms (Courtesy/Eric Lucas, Town of Windsor)


4:30 6:30 p.m.

Mash Lab Brewery 4487 Highland Meadows Pkwy., Windsor

Join us to discuss community and regional issues with Mayor Paul Rennemeyer Pints with Paul is a regularly occurring event that allows Windsor residents to attend and discuss their questions, concerns, and ideas with Mayor Paul Rennemeyer This event happens at various local bars and breweries around town Beverages will be available for purchase at each location


Art & Heritage Center

116 5th St.

Kids will learn the ins and outs of museum curating and take a behind the scenes tour of the Town of Windsor Museums’ very own private collection! For $10 a child, we will meet and learn from our town’s Museum Curator, as well as complete an activity to learn how to preserve our own history at home! Sign up for November’s Cool Careers, or the entire series of fall Cool Careers, at: bit ly/ homeschoolcoolcareers



Town of Windsor administrative offices will be closed all day in observance of Veteran's Day Police Officers remain on duty In the case of an emergency, dial 911


4 - 9 p.m.

Art & Heritage Center 116 5th Street

4 6 p m | Family friendly

7 9 p m | Ages 16+ only

Have you ever wanted to play a mystery game like Clue in real life? Put on your detective hat and gather your team to discover the culprit during this night at the museum Gather your team of 2 6 people for this exciting evening where you will interview key witnesses, explore the museum for clues after dark, and guess who the main suspect is Teams who guess correctly will be entered to win a prize! Dressing up is encouraged!


7 to10:30 p.m.


Community Recreation Center 250 N 11th Street Cost: $15

Kid’s Nite Out (KNO) Across America is a youth activity program held weekly at the Windsor Community Recreation Center KNO provides a fun, safe, active environment for every participant Nov 12 is Friendsgiving Night! Bring five cans of food and receive a coupon for $5off a future visit Play Turkey Tag, make handprint Turkeys and participate in a pumpkin pie eating contest!

Admission is $15 per person

Dinner vouchers are also available for purchase for $7 This includes pizza and a drink or sub sandwich, chips, and a drink Dates are subject to change Please visit www kidsniteout org for confirmed dates, program information, and the nightly schedule of events

32 | mywindsor | NOVEMBER 2022N O V


10-11 a.m.

Community Recreation Center: Pine Room 250 N. 11th St.

Coffee with the Mayor is a regularly occurring event that allows Windsor residents to attend and discuss their questions, concerns, and ideas with Mayor Paul Rennemeyer The event is free and coffee is provided Come with questions Come with comments Come for coffee and conversation!


10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Art & Heritage Center 116 5th St.

Using hands on activities, we'll make connections between the past and present as we discover how the Ute people have used science, technology, engineering, and math to survive and thrive in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Bring the entire family!

Are you going to school at home? This fall, the museum is offering two free Homeschool days at the Museum packed with family friendly learning and fun Visit the museum anytime between 10 a m and 2 p m for exciting learning activities No need to register in advance! Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult


10 11:30 a.m.

Art & Heritage Center 116 5th St.

Cost: $10

Come be a scientist with us at the Museum! On the third Saturday of each month, your child will get hands on with various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics by doing experiments, making observations, and getting out in the field with our Nature Educator This class is a great way for your future scientists to explore

natural phenomena in an informal, supportive setting with a group of their peers

November: Super Spider Saturday: Arachnid awesomeness is coming up in November! Spiders are amazing architects, fast movers, and mosquito eaters See this not too scary insect in a new light after this class


7:30 a.m.to5:30 p.m. Community Recreation Center 250 N. 11th St.

Cost: $117

Enjoy a variety of activities, such as gym and outdoor play, arts and crafts, and possibly an off site field trip! We will swim at the indoor pool at the Windsor Community Recreation Center An itinerary will be given a week in advance Please bring swimming attire and a backpack with a lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle Note any allergies when registering The drop off time is between 7:30 and 9 a m and the pick up time will be between 4 and 5:30 p m curbside on the east side of the building For children ages 5 12 Activity guide registration number: 313601

Town Hall and all other Administrative Offices are closed in observance of Thanksgiving Police Officers remain on duty In the case of an emergency, dial 911 THANKSGIVING WEEKEND

Town Hall and all other Administrative Offices are closed in on the Friday following Thanksgiving in observance of the holiday Police Officers remain on duty In the case of an emergency, dial 911

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings."

MARCH 3, 4 & 5, 2023 | Island Grove Event Center, Greeley


It's our 40th season and we're more excited than ever to present the 2023 Northern Colorado Home & Garden Show! It's the perfect place for inspiration and education for any and all of your home needs. Local experts in home renovation, landscaping and design have showcased their expertise at this event for the past 40 years. or
call Lindsay at 970.392.5637 or e-mail (Reserve your booth by Nov. 30 and receive special early bird pricing at 2022 rates!)
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