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Planned Parenthood of Nassau County

MISSION Planned Parenthood of Nassau County seeks to empower individuals to make independent, informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives by providing access to medically-sound health care and educational services, and by promoting public policies to make those services available to all.

In 2012, Planned Parenthood revealed a new tagline: Care. No Matter What. But “Care. No Matter What” is much more than just a motto; it’s the way we approach our world. We care, deeply, with respect and without judgment. Regardless of who people are or where they live, we will do everything in our power to make sure they get the services and education they need to be healthy. There is only one way that Planned Parenthood of Nassau County (PPNC) can keep this promise to the community: the ongoing, passionate support of people like you. Thanks to you, we were able to provide health care, no matter what, to more than 13,000 women, men and young people n 2012. Our goal is to provide affordable, compassionate and nonjudgmental care, and the following comments received from patients throughout the year let us know that we are doing just that: “I love this place. Everyone is great,” “I asked a lot of questions and everyone was informative, patient and kind,” and “The staff was extremely nice, courteous and professional.” Your generous support also benefitted the teens, young adults, at-risk populations, parents and professionals who took part in our educational programs. Through evidence-

based series, workshops and street outreach, we provided more than 31,000 people of all ages with the information they need to make well-informed, responsible decisions, form healthy relationships and take care of their bodies, their health and their overall well-being. Equally important, you helped us organize advocates to stand up and speak out for Planned Parenthood, for access to affordable health care, and for a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions without interference from politicians. By mobilizing this groundswell of support, we celebrated a number of victories on the federal and state level, gained political clout and raised awareness about how vital our organization is to women and families in America. We simply cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Planned Parenthood of Nassau County over the past year—from making sure that our doors are open to anyone in need of basic health care, to ensuring that young people have someone to turn to with questions about their sexual health, to beating back the attacks on women’s health and rights. It is truly because of you that we can care, no matter what. Many, many thanks.

JoAnn D. Smith President & CEO

Miranda Meyer Board Chairperson

JoAnn D. Smith President & CEO

Miranda Meyer Board Chairperson

Health Care. No Matter What. At Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, our mission is to ensure that people have access to the basic reproductive health care they need to be healthy— and thanks to the generous support of people like you, we were able to keep that promise to the community in 2012. More than 13,000 women, men and teens turned to our health centers in the past year for family planning, STD testing, prenatal care, breast exams and other preventive services—all provided by trusting, nonjudgmental staff at an affordable price. Highlights include:

FIGHTING THE SPREAD OF HIV In a new approach to HIV testing, each and every patient is now required to read a written statement about the importance of knowing their status and asked if they want to be tested or not. As a result, in 2012 more people than ever before were tested for HIV in our health centers, which is especially important since approximately one in four people with HIV are not aware of their positive status.

LINKING YOUNG PEOPLE TO STD TESTING PROVIDING THE HIGHEST QUALITY CARE Our patients are receiving safer, more efficient health care thanks to a newlyadopted electronic medical records system, which allows us to exchange clinical information such as test results and medications with other health care providers, provide patients with secure, online access to their health information, and place robo-calls to remind people about their upcoming appointments.

More college students had access to STD testing in 2012, thanks to PPNC’s mobile unit, the Plan Van, which was stationed regularly at Adelphi University and Hofstra University. Students who visited the Plan Van received free, onthe-spot gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV testing, and those who tested positive were able to get treatment and prevent the spread of STDs.

SCREENING WOMEN FOR CERVICAL CANCER More women now have access to colposcopy, which is used to screen and diagnose cervical cancer and HPV (a common sexually transmitted disease). In 2012, with generous grant funding from the Pritchard Charitable Trust, we purchased a new colposcope and trained additional staff to provide the procedure and increase availability.

A patient and center assistant during a visit to our Hempstead health center

In 2012, our patients received: 19,965 sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests 18,902 GYN exams & family planning visits 7,354 pregnancy tests 5,417 rapid HIV tests 4,387 Emergency Contraception kits 3,891 Pap tests & colposcopies 3,754 breast exams 2,432 STI tests during male client hours 2,376 medical & surgical abortions College student receiving free HIV testing and prevention information on our mobile unit, the Plan Van

2,073 free prenatal care visits 258 HPV vaccine shots


PATIENT RACE/ETHNICITY Hispanic 32% Asian 3%

Black 33%

Other 1%

35+ 13% 30-34 15%

White 31%

PAYOR MIX 17 & under 5% 18-19 8%

20-24 31% 25-29 28%

Free/ Sliding Fee 35%

Medicaid/ Managed Care 37%

Full Fee 9%

Insurance 19%

Education. No Matter What. Whether it’s teenagers with questions about their sexual health, parents who need help talking to their kids about sex, women who need information on breast health, or college students who want to know where they can get free birth control, there is one place people in the community can always turn to for honest, accurate information: Planned Parenthood of Nassau County. Thanks in part to your investment, more than 31,500 people participated in our workshops, community outreach and trainings in 2012, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy, responsible decisions. Highlights include:

USING TECHNOLOGY TO EDUCATE YOUNG PEOPLE As part of our Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program, we launched a campaign called “NowUKnow,” which used text messaging and social media to educate teens about pregnancy prevention and help them access family planning services. The campaign featured two teen-friendly videos—one of which starred one of our TAP teens—posted on You Tube and other popular websites.

ENCOURAGING FAMILY COMMUNICATION Our adult peer educators, the Promotoras, helped inspire open, honest discussions between parents and their children through a workshop called Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors). The Promotoras created and facilitated the workshop for groups of Spanish-speaking parents in Glen Cove.

PROMOTING HEALTHY DECISION-MAKING During Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month in May, the CAPP program and PPNC’s educators reached more than 700 people in Hempstead and Roosevelt by hosting small group discussions about teen pregnancy, arranging for a teen mother to share her experiences with several after-school groups, making in-class presentations, tabling in the school lunch rooms, conducting street outreach on our mobile unit, the Plan Van, and posting messages on Facebook.

TAP teen conducting street outreach about STD prevention

HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE PREVENT STDS As part of the national “GYT: Get Yourself Tested” campaign, our Teen Advocate Project (TAP) peer educators conducted a series of fun, creative and informative activities to teach young people about STD prevention and testing. The TAP teens conducted outreach in Hempstead, Roosevelt and Uniondale, handing out information to local businesses and talking to residents one-onone. Our college student interns also participated by hosting informational sessions, making referrals to PPNC’s health centers, and hosting a sexual health scavenger hunt.

EDUCATING WOMEN ABOUT BREAST HEALTH Through Sisters United in Health, a coalition of community-based organizations and providers that was founded by PPNC, more than 5,000 atrisk, medically-underserved women received information about breast health and how to access free or low-cost screening services.

2012 Education Results 6,197 teenagers reached by the Teen

Advocate Project (TAP) peer educators

5,000 individuals of all ages participated in

single-session sexual health workshops

5,156 women received breast health

education and screening referrals through Sisters United in Health

4,495 people were reached through outreach, health fairs & community events

4,284 women received HIV prevention & Peer educators and CAPP staff at a high school health fair

testing through workshops and Women’s Outreach Motivation Education Network (WOMEN)

2,133 young men took part in male sexual

health & testicular cancer prevention workshops

1,769 college students participated in sexual health workshops

1,546 Latina women reached through

Promotoras de la Salud Reproductiva

849 middle and high school students

participated in evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention series

341 teachers, school faculty and other staff received professional training

Promoting free birth control & GYN exams on the college campus

Advocacy. No Matter What. In 2012, politicians on the federal and state level attacked women’s health again and again, determined to chip away at the right to access not only abortion, but basic, preventive health care. PPNC mobilized our advocates to stand up against this assault through emails, petitions, phone calls, lobby visits, rallies, social media and more. Together, we demonstrated overwhelming support for access to affordable health care, and for a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions without interference from politicians—and were able to beat back many of the dangerous attacks on women’s health and rights. Highlights include:

A student signs a petition during a tabling event at Hofstra University the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and redesign of the Certificate of Need process, and helped ensure that New York’s Medicaid Managed Care plans cover all forms of contraception.

FIGHTING FOR WOMEN’S ACCESS TO ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE Despite outrageous outcry from anti-women’s health politicians, pundits and religious leaders, Planned Parenthood organized a widespread, visible and vocal campaign—including social media, emails and petitions—to uphold a federal mandate calling for birth control with no co-pays under the Affordable Care Act.

STANDING WITH THE STATES PPNC’s advocates took part in several successful “Adopt-A-State” campaigns to safeguard women’s health and rights in other states. Our advocates spent hours on the phone encouraging voters in North Dakota and Florida to oppose dangerous ballot initiatives that would have severely curtailed women’s access to reproductive health care. These efforts were a success and both ballot initiatives were defeated.

PROMOTING PRO-WOMEN’S HEALTH POLICIES Through our collaboration with Family Planning Advocates of New York State (FPA), we worked to ensure that women’s health remains a top priority in our state. PPNC provided testimony and input on state regulatory issues, such as

ENGAGING COLLEGE STUDENTS IN ACTIVISM In addition to tabling on the college campuses and spreading the word through social media, we organized a group of college students from Hofstra University’s Black Student Union, led by a PPNC intern and our Public Affairs Coordinator, to attend the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Youth Organizing and Policy Institute in Albany. The event consisted of three days of skills and issue-based trainings, and attendees came home with a concrete plan of action to educate and inspire college students to speak out in support of women’s health and rights.

KEEPING NEW YORK A SAFE HAVEN We built significant momentum around the Reproductive Health Act, which would update New York’s current law to ensure that women in our state have access to a full range of reproductive health care. Working in coalition with other reproductive rights groups, we enlisted our advocates to sign petitions, write letters, send emails and participate in statewide call-in days, which were successful in garnering more than 10,000 phone calls to Governor Cuomo’s office.

2012 Advocacy Results 8,600 email advocates educated, engaged and mobilized

1,190 new supporters joined Planned Parenthood’s Action Network

917 community members reached through the Trust Women Initiative, a program to dispel myths about Planned Parenthood and engage African American women in advocacy

850 college students directly engaged in speaking out in support of their health and rights

Advocates speak out in support of women’s health and rights at an “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” rally

572 teenagers engaged in advocacy through the Teen Advocate Project (TAP)

264 new followers on Facebook and Twitter, a result of our increased presence on social media

200 advocates mobilized to attend a rally at Hofstra University for the second presidential debate

60 advocates and volunteers conducted 21

legislative visits to educate their elected officials about protecting access to women’s health care

7 student interns gained advocacy, organizing

and leadership skills, along with maintaining a constant presence on Nassau’s college campuses PPNC’s TAP peer educators with Legislator Denise Ford

Support. No Matter What. We are so truly grateful for your support, which is instrumental to helping us reach our goals. Indeed, when you stand with Planned Parenthood, you make it possible for our doors to stay open to anyone who needs us, regardless of their ability to pay. You keep our educators in the classrooms and on the streets, teaching young people how to avoid pregnancy and STDs. And you give clout to our unwavering work to stop our opposition’s attacks and keep New York a beacon for women’s health and rights, no matter what happens on the federal level. You can be proud that your contributions truly make a difference for our clients, as 86 percent of our funds go directly towards supporting our programs and services.

Gala Co-Chair Francesca Laplaige, Board Chair Miranda Meyer, Honoree Ellen Waldman, President & CEO JoAnn Smith, Honoree Ronnie Lavine and Gala Co-Chair Karen Seltzer at PPNC’s 2012 Gala, Cinco de Mayo.

Thank you! You can support PPNC by: • Cash, check, or credit card donations of any amount • Online donations made through a secure credit card transaction at • Donations in memory or in honor of a relative, friend, or colleague • Donations of stock, bonds, real estate, or other property • Planned gifts, including gifts that return lifetime income and offer other tax benefits • New or existing life insurance policies naming PPNC as a beneficiary • Corporate matching gifts • Foundation and corporate grants • Bequests of cash, securities, or property For more information on any of these options, please call PPNC’s Development Department at 516-750-2660 or go to

Planned Parenthood Federation of America President, Cecile Richards, with honoree Carol Markman and President & CEO JoAnn D. Smith at our 2012 Fall Luncheon.

Financial Health


Investments 9%

Revenue Patient Fees (Self-Pay, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance) Government Funding Other Total Operating Revenue


$3,081,563 $2,013,681 $49,894 $5,145,138


Contributions 17%

Government Funding 29%

Operating Expenses Patient Services Education, Training & Outreach Public Affairs Fundraising Management & General Total Operating Expenses Operating Deficit

$4,477,853 $775,457 $301,805 $364,435 $633,511 $6,553,061 $(1,407,923)

HOW OUR FUNDS WERE SPENT Patient Services 68%

Education, Training & Outreach 12%

Contributions Other Revenues Investment Returns

$1,174,689 Public Affairs






Management & General

(Realized & Unrealized)

Net Surplus (Deficit) End of Year Net Assets



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Planned Parenthood of Nassau County 2012 Annual Report  
Planned Parenthood of Nassau County 2012 Annual Report