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View of self-service beer bar with 2S2B terminals

Self-Service Beer Bars – Unforgettable exBeerience! It´s nearly unbelievable how far information technologies have got over the past half-century and how they are influencing human activities – from credit cards to driving and car making to computer games and …partly also beer drinking. Don´t you believe this? Self-service beer restaurants, where the guest can draw several different brands of beer from a single table, and beer clubs where dozens of different brands are available at the beer wall, are evidence of this. The trend is also to use identity cards allowing guests to move freely around the premises to try out the wide choice of beers. These restaurants, bars and clubs are becoming increasingly popular. For brewers, too, this phenomenon is interesting in terms of sales. MCAT AUTOMATION in Plzeň (Pilsen), the “Beer Metropolis”, together with PELIKÁN company, manufactures a global product supplied on an international scale under the 2S2B (Self-Service Beer Bar) trademark. 2S2B is a unique technology for self-service bars, where guests can themselves tap their own beer right at the draft beer table, order a meal and music, communicate with other guests and, with the aid of the touch terminal, participate in different General Knowledge quizzes (e.g. Beer Trivia). The 2S2B trademark is registered in more than 30 countries (EU,

USA, ...) and with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. 2S2B – a combination of the most up-to-date beer dispensing technology, information technology, mechanics and hydromechanics. 2S2B – a comprehensive automated system, including information connections in real time to other restaurants of this type all over the world; connection to cashier systems, database of music systems, etc. To date, nearly 70 projects of this type have been realised in 11 countries, both within and outside the EU. In the USA, the 2S2B system has obtained permission from the Liquor Control Board (LCB). In the European Union, guests will have the opportunity to use the 2S2B technology, for example, in The PUB franchise chain. The typical size of the 2S2B project is 10 to 15 self-service beer tables, but there are projects with more than 20 or 30 tables. A selection of up to four different brands of beer can be tapped at one table. The configuration of the different brands can easily be changed at the tables. This creates a synergic effect and, for the investor, this type of non-traditional bar or restaurant is an incontestable competitive advantage. Reservations at such restaurants must be made weeks in advance.


Dr. Jaroslav Stuna Managing Director, MCAT AUTOMATION s.r.o.

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