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ENERGO-PRO is an independent power producer and supplier engaged in the generation, delivery, and cross-border trading of electricity. The Group is involved in the design and manufacture of power generation and industrial equipment as well as hydroelectric power plant engineering. We are specialists in the hydro power sector and related industry. We build, own, and operate hydro power plants and electricity infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe. Along with our core business we have developed in-depth expertise in power distribution and trading activities in different countries. We offer integrated solutions for hydroelectric power generation equipment with unit output up to 350 MW.

BASIC FACTS: 5 Established in 1994 in Svitavy, the Czech Republic 5 Main focus in Central and Eastern Europe, Black Sea and Caucasus 5 More than 9 thousand employees in 5 countries 5 More than 2 million grid customers 5 Total installed capacity 862 MW: • 2 Hydro power plants in the Czech Republic • 14 Hydro power plants in Bulgaria • 15 Hydro power plants in Georgia • 1 Gas power plant in Georgia • 5 Hydro power plants and 2 Hydro power plants under construction in Turkey

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Several hydro power plant projects in development Engaged in international power trading Environmentally-friendly power generation over 3 TWh per annum Supplier of technological equipment for hydropower plants and pumping stations all over the world Developing historical industrial tradition of Central Europe Promoting two famous brands worldwide – Litostroj  Power and ČKD  Blansko Engineering

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Czech Business & Trade - Engineering