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We are a proud South Australian company. For over 40 years we have been building homes that people love living in. From the beginning, we’ve striven to combine high-quality building with affordability. This simple ethic has seen us grow to become one of South Australia’s largest builders. Currently, over 19,000 families enjoy living in their Fairmont Home, secure in the knowledge that it will stand the test of time and appreciate in value. We are so sure of the quality of our homes that each one comes with a 50-year structural guarantee. We’ve seen quite a few changes over the last 40 years, and, through it all, Fairmont Homes has been at the forefront of design innovation. Today, people expect a lot from their homes – they have to be more functional, more adaptable and yet still retain that individual, homely feel. To that end, we are constantly designing new homes – using the latest building products – and offering a greater range of lifestyle options. And, for the most part, our building products are sourced from other South Australian companies. One of the real advantages of buying a Fairmont Home is that we are able to offer people a lot more for their money. This happens because of our volume ordering and constant, best-price negotiations with our suppliers. The savings we make are passed on to every home buyer. Fairmont Homes has an extensive range of courtyard, villa, conventional and two storey homes. Designing great homes is what we do best, but we also realise that some people have specific requirements that they want incorporated in to a home. That’s fine with us: we will modify our designs, change facades or even quote on your own plans. Our service is something we are particularly proud of. It’s an integral part of the way we work and how we do business. We’re about making sure everyone is happy in their new Fairmont Home. And it seems we must be doing something right because families who built with us years ago are recommending Fairmont Homes to their children and grandchildren.

We love building homes for people. It is so rewarding for all of us at Fairmont’s seeing our clients move into their dream homes. We would be delighted to be able to make your dream home come true.

David Pickard Managing Director Fairmont Homes

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