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Reshma Ramachandran, award winner & innovative thought leader takes us through the challenges businesses face today as they roulette a spin in the wheel of digitalization. The woman in power, role model and Vice President Hitachi ABB, Swtizerland spills the beans…

EDITORIAL Hello ! Today POWER TALK is two editions old. It feels amazing and emotional to make it till here with a clear vison, to live up to our own expectations as we unveil this today. I am in deep gratitude for all the readers and the followers of Power Talk for their contribution in amplifying the reach of our e-magazine. Not to forget the immense contribution of all our dear authors who have supported us all along with their lovely articles in this edition and the previous one and this has indeed fueled our aspirations to take POWER TALK to the next level. The wide spread reach of the first magazine did make things a lot easier for this edition to come together. This edition did bring in a fun element with it while we are trying the stitch things together. I am sure all of you would like to know. 5 out of 6 six of us wrote RISK as one of the top 3 topics we all wanted to cover in this magazine. Finally the topics we zeroed down on had something for everyone to relish and enjoy, a lot more than just a feeler on the topic in focus, giving readers a very clear sketch note on the crux of the topic. It was a dream come true to have Thomas Varghese and Ravi Krishnamurthy to be a part of this magazine. This is not not even a millionth of what I learnt interacting with these stalwarts of the industry. Amazing camaraderie that leaves one spell bound. 3 decades of leadership and still going strong with the same passion or may be even more. We still have leaders who sleep with their shoes and thinking caps on. Manish K Tyagi, a retired commander of the Indian naval base doesn’t seems to have retired really. It’s amazing to hear the ‘josh’ (passion) in his voice and force in his words as he pens down instances from his life for all of us to not only enjoy but also understand the art of creating opportunities and open locked doors of faith, courage and strength we all are born with. Simply take that step!

Life, business skills managing all is as much a science as it’s an art. Krishnarao Buddha will take you through the importance of product management and how it can risk your business reputation if not taken seriously. Gopal Iyer talks everything you need to know about GIG economy. He will defog all notions you have regarding this forever present so-called GIG economy that recently gained momentum, thanks to COVID. One among many things that got attention during this pandemic. My international author and very dear friend Lorena Acosta will take you through the art of creating a personal brand that’s just as unique as you are and roar at world with pride, humility and passion. Elizabeth Franklin, a true angel writes about positive aura, positive thoughts and a newer you. A must read article to bring in lot of energy and good vibes around you Not to be missed the article by the lady on the cover, Reshma Ramachandran, as she spills the beans about digital transformation and how life is going to be with digitalization in the driving seat. Enjoy! Rakesh Meher talks about Artificial Intelligence giving a glimpse of something humongous that may really transform things beyond we can imagine Finally, the risk factor that started whole discussion. A juicy nugget by Jitender Arora on the evolving risk landscape. A well written article that fills all the empty pockets with suffice information on all the why’s, what’s and how’s. Abhijit Sanzgiri too shares his perspective on how the corporates and the employees will find themselves trapped in as digitalization over clouds everything.

Women-in-tech a global movement close to my heart More power to you, Nasscom Foundation and Trust with trade As I wrap this up, my best wishes to you. Follow us, love us, like us. Lots happening on Power Talk. Send your feedback to me. I am just a call away. We will pop in again with the New Year edition in Dec 2020. Until then Stay Lit !





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Abhijit Sanzgiri Evaluating Risk Appetite Senior Partner A.P. Sanzgiri & Co Mumbai, India



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▪ Evolving Risk Landscape ▪ Evaluating Risk Appetite

Evolving Risk Landscape COVID 19 has taken terrible toll on human lives and business. The economies of world’s major countries have plummeted and it will take long time to recover from this catastrophe. Closer home, the cases in India are still showing an upward and the economy is in shambles. Although the lockdown has been lifted, majority of the workforce in IT and Financial Services sectors and big organizations is still working from Home. We are perhaps witnessing the biggest Work From Home (WFH) experiment in human history and this event will fundamentally reshape and alter the workplace of future. While WFH has helped the organization to provide uninterrupted delivery of services to their clients and customer without any significant impact, it has either exposed organizations to new risks or accelerated some of the already known risks. As the saying goes, “Don’t let a good crisis go waste”, this article explores the evolving risk landscape due to COVID 19 in 2 areas of operational risk management i.e Information Security Risk and People Risk, its impact on organizations and how leaders and organization can proactively take steps to mitigate and address these emerging risks.

Information Security Risk With the advent of COVID 19, there are large number of employees working from home or working remotely, this has exposed the organizations to increased risk from Information Security perspective. These risks have been in existence for some time now and are on radar of every risk manager, but now have the potential of posing an even bigger threat during the current situation. Power Talk l Digitalising Future

Unsecured Network, Applications



Though many organizations had some form of remote working and Work from Home (WFH) infrastructure in place before pandemic times, but they were not fully prepared for such a large scale WFH and for such prolonged period of time. This meant that not only there were large number of devices getting connected to the network putting pressure on the remote network infrastructure but employees were also increasingly using BYOD devices including mobile devices on unsecured networks that are highly vulnerable to Cyber threats.

Also, as employees were not able to meet Face to Face for the meetings, which was the norm during pre COVID times, there was a big spurt in use of collaborative tools, some of them are not adequately secured and authorized by the organizations.

Jitender Arora Managing Director

Head of Business & Risk Management

Fortune 500 Company PREVIOUSLY

Head Operational Risk Credit Suisse, India American Express, India

Fast Pace of Digitization and Technology Adoption Another factor that has played big role in this increasing risk profile from Information Security perspective is the pace of digitization and technology adaption that has accelerated during COVID times, which means in some instances new technologies were being implemented and adopted by the organizations without adequate controls being followed

Organizations should focus on investing in Virtual Private Network split-tunneling to ensure better last mile connectivity What can Organizations do?

Increased Cyber Threats Finally, During times like this, there is also increasing threat of Cyber criminals and other bad actors becoming over active to take advantage of the chaotic situation and capitalize on confusion and uncertainty. According to a new study from Cloud computing company Lomart, During 2020, there has been a big uptick in the large scale breaches. Amongst the most common type of attacks seeing an uptick are ransomware (up 90%) destructive attacks (up 102%) and island hopping (up 33%). Organizations need to tackle these risk at a war footing as data breaches and cyber-attacks can lead to big financial loss as well as reputation and brand damage for the organizations. According to Lomart, a typical date breach for a large organization results in data loss of between 10 million and 99 million records and dings company’s value by 7.27 %.

Invest in Secure IT Infrastructure . Organizations should focus on investing in Virtual Private Network (VPN) split-tunneling to ensure better last mile connectivity and improved performance, timely and frequent roll out of security patches and updates for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and implementing Multi Factor authentication (MFA) for better security.

Enhance Security and Monitoring Mechanism There is also an effort by the organizations to provide secure devices to employees and discouraging the use of mobile devices for accessing the remote network. In some cases, companies are also requesting employees to have a separate secured router for office. There is also www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


a concerted effort to focus on more frequent Malware scans, and using Data Loss prevention tools to prevent unauthorized download and distribution of data.

Communication and Awareness Last but not the least, Organizations should have a concerted and, comprehensive communication and awareness plan around Information Security is the key to address some of these risks like eavesdropping, shoulder surfing, phishing and unauthorized access to data and information

People Risk While Business Continuity & Resiliency and Information Security risks have grabbed all the attention and headlines after the onset of COVID 19, Organizations are also realizing the potential impact of prolonged working from home on employees. The initial excitement and euphoria to work from home ( WFH), with no commute time and spending quality time with family has been replaced with feeling of frustration because of sub- optimal WFH infrastructure, network issues, no face to face interaction with colleagues, and potential loss of productivity and increasing operational errors

Employee Stress The lines between work and home office are getting blurred. A recent study by Harvard Business School (HBS) covering 3 million people in 16 global cities found that the average workday for employees increased by 8.2% i.e approximately 50 minutes during the pandemic’s early weeks. The study also show that employees also participated in more meetings then they did before COVID 19 days. The same study also highlighted shifting to remote working has replaced the usual 9- to- 5 routine with workdays where majority of the employees are not able to stick to a routine and combined with the sub optimal infrastructure at home, it is creating stressful situation for them.

Impact on Productivity and Errors While the work days have become longer, some recent discussion with industry leaders have also suggested that the current scenario has had a negative impact on productivity. According to recent news article in Bloomberg, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, while speaking to analysts observed that post pandemic, productivity numbers for the employees at JP Morgan have dropped. “WHF style seems to have impacted younger employees and creativity combustion has taken a hit” The issue is still being debated and organizations and employees are stuck between hard rock and sea. Some employees of big financial institutions in US, who reported to work in office, recently have been infected and tested positive for COVID 19. There is a realization now that WFH is going to be inevitable for a long period of time. This means organization have to take the employee well -being very seriously and think of ways and means to ensure employee health, engagement and productivity is given the right attention it deserves.

Provide Tools and Resources for Optimal WFH Organizations should be working to ensure they provide tools and resources for employees to work from home comfortably. Many organizations have worked with Internet service providers to provide high speed connections to address last mile connectivity issues and to help employee work in a secure environment rather than using mobile devices. Companies are also either providing lump sum money or providing furniture- desk and chairs and appliances like UPS, MiFi devices to be used as back up to the broadband connection. Companies have also been providing peripherals like Dual monitor, big screens keyboard, mice etc. to the employees to ensure that the work environment is replicated as much as possible and employees are comfortable and productive

In a crisis employee communication is often the thin thread that holds everyone and everything together Conclusion

“I don’t remember – do I work at home or I live at work “

SOURCE : New Yorker Power Talk l Digitalising Future

We are in living in unprecedented times and going through a “black swan event”. Businesses are reshaping the way they do things right from rewriting the customer playbook to adopting new technology. Risk Management teams have a big role to play in not only helping business manage through these turbulent times but also to ensure that they are proactively partnering with them to use this crisis as opportunity to create a more operationally resilient model and emerge out of this crisis stronger.

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PERISH WHAT’S YOUR RISK APPETITE ? Nothing has changed but everything has changed. Risk is a function of vulnerability, loss, damage, impairment or injury. It is the uncertainty or the unpredictability that makes risk an interesting & difficult topic at the same time. The world is now clearly being looked as by the PRE-COVID & the POST COVID era. Probability & impact. It is what can go wrong something we did not see it coming. It is a threat Even before the closing stages of the PRE-COVID era in 2019, the global economy was slowing down. Business was facing reduction in margins & many corporates were finding it difficult to survive. Frauds were increasing in number & amounts especially the cyber frauds. Governance issues were cropping up & there was a general degeneration of Ethics. Geo Political tensions were rising & climate change was causing widespread disruptions globally. Social media was being an integral part of everyone’s daily lives & internet was all pervasive. Technology was making deep inroads in terms of speed of innovation & speed to market. Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud computing (ABC) were rapidly becoming a new normal. Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery were factored in risk assessments. The world was exposed to Black Swan events courtesy the 2008 Global crisis. However, risk assessment though rigorously mandated by regulators as a compliance with letter of law was still not completely followed in spirit due to the costs involved. This is where Covid19 virus struck & turned the world upside down in 2020 The virus development is a classic case of risk failure. When it first stuck in Wuhan late last year, no one saw it coming which was a risk identification failure. Once identified post the impact, no one could measure the volatility & amount of destruction it would cause globally. No one has been able to find an effective remedy yet (risk treatment failure), nor contain the spread nor is the Communication about it transparent .There is still some mis-conception and post unlocking ,people are freely violating the social distancing and masking norms Power Talk l Digitalising Future

Risk is a function of probability & impact So, let’s look at the risk scenario change that Covid19 has brought about ❑ It has made us realize that risks can come from any shapes & sizes & strike with devastating effect. The speed at which it can travel across globally causing wide-spread damage alongside is now part of risk record books. Risk identification will now be factoring even the blackest of the black swan risks. ❑ Technology has still to make a lot of catch-up. Innovations in health care industry will continue to get increased funding. ❑ People can adapt with times & the lockdown phase proved that people can live frugally with minimal basic needs to be taken care of. If, this psyche remains apart from lack of purchasing power due to dwindling incomes, it will lead to closure of many business catering to luxury or discretionary spending. Only the fitter amongst the fittest will survive. Consolidation which was already happening across industries will happen even quicker. ❑ Personal Health & Hygiene which was long neglected by many will be in the limelight. Preventive immunity will be the buzzword. ❑ The urgency of the necessity to have a service / product which is addressing a pain killer problem will be the criteria for demand. Value will be the sole deciding factor with price & speed to market & reach to consumer, other key factors.

Control Mapping Identifying the efficacy of the current controls addressing the risks (both the design & implementation) will be comprehensively reviewed & re-looked afresh with a fresh lens. Focus will be on pro-active, automated controls. Cost will be a key criteria & hence prioritization would be must. Redundant duplicate controls will be weeded out as eliminate of waste, making processes simpler, smoother & faster will be the new buzzword. Corroborative, deterrent & corrective controls will continue to be even widely used. There will be zero tolerance for ethical violations & right things will have to be done right the first time. Human Resource function will need to be more active to especially handle skillset upgradation, work engagement, mental stress along with delicately tackle termination, lay-off & pay-cut issues.

❑ Unemployment levels will rise necessitating people to reskill by upgrading current skill sets. Mental Toughness, Collaboration, Grit, Resilience, Networking, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Self-Awareness, Decision making skills, Empathy will be in demand. Online or Digital will be trending. Many business models will undergo a lot of changes. ❑ Work from Home culture will continue for a long time. There would be hybrid work models. Business Continuity Planning will need to factor in long term disruption scenarios & adapt appropriately. Data availability & confidentiality will assume increased importance.

In all these scenarios, the risk function will need to evolve with the times, being strategically dynamic, flexible & adaptable to the new changing normal. It will get increased attention & focus that it rightly deserves

Risk Identification Capturing the probability & impact of an event will be even more pro-active, detailed, scientific, prudent, automated & more comprehensive . The function will be more focussed & specialized manned by people with a wide range of skillsets. This process will now be even more pro-active, preventive & continuously ongoing. The same will apply to risk evaluation, analysis, measurement & monitoring. The entire gamut of risks currently identified will be reviewed & looked afresh being put to more stringent stress testing norms. Risk Appetite & Risk Tolerance levels & limits will be re-defined.

Abhijit Sanzgiri Senior Partner 2015- Present A.P.Sanzgiri & Co Director- Simpliciter 2015- Present Transaction Consultant Pvt Ltd CFO 2014-2015 Aditya Birla Money Limited Head –Internal Audit- 2010-2014 Aditya Birla Financial Services

Gap -Vulnerability Analysis Solving or addressing the real threat or the main issue, problem will be a pivotal exercise in all organizations. Prudence, Conservatism, Scepticism will need fine balancing for optimal results within overall business strategy. This will be an ongoing exercise with no room for complacency at any stage. Risk owners will need to stringently meet deadlines & accountability will be non-negotiable. Each resource will have to be pro-actively risk ready at all times The basic philosophy of risk can & will never change. It’s the focussed remediation or mitigation that will matter. Risk will have to manage disruptions and in order to avoid disruption “Perform or Perish will be the mantra” www.powertalkwitharchanna.com








Ravi Krishnamurthy President SBL Life Corporate Governance

Where do you think is the investor looking ? Do you see a shift from top-line and market share to other important aspects of a balance sheet ? Could you share some experiences from your leadership of SBILIFE and ICICI Bank as listed entities ? Investors are moving From Dividends and Profits to Long Term Value. Investors seek Transparency. They seek an insight into the internal Culture of an Organisation to determine the future markets and its sustainability. How to determine Culture ? In the key aspects of asset quality, How companies fare on Ethics and Efficiencies of Customer metrics. What is the Forward-Preparedness strategies to markets, Culture of Ideation and Innovation for New Processes and Products, Culture of Best Practices sharing and embedding, Culture is embedded in lead metrics and events surrounding these vital areas. For instance, let us look at an innovative policy in one of my assignments - to allow patent of ideas like scientists and additional points for sharing the incubated idea across other geographies. This created security of reward for the originator and credits for disclosing to others which helped us reap benefits of competitive ideation through incentivised collaboration

The awards taught me that inspired work places are a creation of Competitive Collaboration, Culture of Solution-oriented Conversations and Spread of Success. For example this policy led to many new best practices and innovations in financial products. An ideation experiment in late nineties when I was heading Cross selling in a major private sector bank was to allow a reverse sweep from a bank deposit into a MF on the lines of extra money going into a FDR. Today SIPs from bank accounts is normal. This was an idea in an employee which we incubated and created a powerful concept


Corporate Lending Economic Revival

You started your career in SBI as a corporate banker and also assisted SME businesses /MSME businesses in ICICI. Today at cross roads of economy, what do you think are needed to aid business lending activities? Are the initiatives on moratorium on loan repayments etc adequate ? Lending and the business eco system are linked. The eco system has to change. Ease of doing business decides the quality of loan assets and risk taking willingness of banks. Largely, the eco-system of timely vendor payments and the velocity of cash flows in the demand-supply chain are key factors. How to reduce the working capital cycle is a study to be taken up. www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


If such a study is done, believe me, we will know generic eco system issues and if these are resolved, a number of genuine promoters companies and their borrowings can be protected


Leadership for Success

This was time I decided to undergo coaching for leadership as a initiative This 12 week opportunity gave me the ability to get 360 degree feed-back on my strengths and weaknesses with feed-back surprises. The awards taught me that inspired work places are a creation of Competitive Collaboration, Culture of Solution-oriented Conversations and Spread of Success. This helped me build businesses/verticals in ICICI and SBILIFE with my teams.

You have a rare versatile experience across BFSI and across Operations, IT and sales &marketing in setting up businesses as start-ups and establishing sustainability ? What advice would you like to give to the managers and leaders of sales forces in terms of leadership for success ? Work has the three elements of doing, managing and leading. When I joined SBI in 1983 as an 18 year old, my predominant learnings were in the Art of Doing Work. My assignments in SBI’s Credit Department is among the fortunate experiences in the Art of Doing, Preparing a lending proposal helped me gather skills in systematic information gathering, logical analysis and then taking bankable risk based on both metrics and subjective understanding of the business and the management. I learnt the art of Micro to Macro and “ Brain to Key Board”. Micro to Macro is how I learnt to get information, connect the links and build the full note. Brain to Key Board is how you visualise the entire 50 page note and then straightway translate to a typed note of words and sentences and financial parameters. Then as I moved up, the intertwined art of Managing and Leading occupied me. In ICICI, when I was to set up the Bank’s first Cross-sell Business, I learnt that creating Purpose and the Big Picture is Precedence to Creating skills. “ Why do I cross sell of third party products ?” Once, we built the Purpose in the minds of the teams, the seeds of the industry’s first Cross selling capability in bank branches was laid comprehensively and rock-solid,. This is the sustainable way to create. Inspired self-leadership in front line and their superiors for sustainable success True leadership for success is a combine of Doing, Leading and Governing,. I thank my seniors in SBI and ICICI for building these abilities in me. As a result, I have made my leadership smart simple and sustainably appealing. In 2009, we embarked on a quest for Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award and Asia Pacific Quality Organisation awards which really shaped my present role as leader. The award journey taught us how to make our company sustainable and future-ready with our initiatives on leadership and governance, culture of work, objectivity in evaluations etc. Power Talk l Digitalising Future


My Sadhguru is in me PRESIDENT totally charge of how I ICICIinBANK 1994-2004 ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER must be available to STATE BANK OF INDIA 1983-1994 society. CREDIT MANAGER

Brain to Key Board is how you visualise the entire 50 page note and then straightway translate to a typed note of words and sentences and financial parameters


Consumer Behavior Savings & Expenditure

Buying insurance has gone beyond the conventional tax-benefit based decisions. The insurance industry booked more health business than ever before in 2020 .How this industry needs to outgrow the challenges of the COVID world with respect to differentiation, being customer-centric, personalisation, and scalability. How about Pandemic cover? The consumer need for this was always there inherent unexpressed. Now our insurance facilitator or advisor has to be skilled to offer the solutions to clients to cover the financial issues likely due to health or death . Both mortality and morbidity are and will not happen to everyone who purchases an insurance product. the beauty is insurance products offer also a return of investment

by bringing focus on the multiplier benefits of synergy The value of “ Picking up the phone or walking a few steps and talking to my peer “ was taught by my leaders there. I practice this till date rather than writing emails.

With some ROI too as a benefit to the large majority. The vast majority would be fortunate to escape morbidity or mortality in the active span age of life where near and dear are dependent on their income. To them, a return on investment adds comfort to an insurance product Time to make our distributors also providers of ideas and solutions, to make them primary underwriters of the customers profile than mere product sales men, and emerge as conscious guardians of societal wellness. Insurance solutions are the longest companions to customers life span. Hence the element of high trust is obvious. As the industry reskills its work force to ethical knowledgeable customized solution offering, I see insurance a distinct part of every citizen s savings portfolio. Insure every Indian is my dream. A financially secure society is the surest way for economic and moral development, The current pandemic has given one major one alert to wellness covers and critical illness covers. It has opened up ideations in insurers to specific critical illness covering products from us which covers more than 30 illnesses. Know your product, your customer and your duties to society. These are the three pillars I see for our distributors to realise this dream of insuring every Indian.


Organisation Building

You played a very crucial role in building businesses / verticals from scratch- ICICI Bank Branch Banking, Cross selling Business, then SBILIFE Operations wing and rejigging for a qualitative scale up of SBILIFE insurance sales business.? What are the key strategies that you thing helped you overcome challenges? ❑ In one assignment, we had a natural competitive internal environment. What we had to build was the ability to collaborate without losing on the competitive culture,. It was there I learnt about how to build the big picture of what we want to be in the minds of the front line employee’s mind, And we sowed the seed for what team dash board is and how is it built from employee dash board. And the multiplier value of inter departmental collaborative work. I must saythat leaders are judged by ability to create synergy among competing leaders and department heads

❑ In another we had a different challenge, Both competitiveness was mediocre but collaboration was also passive. Culture was still forming. Sense of love and care for employees and competitive reward culture paved the way for competitiveness, But then we had the onerous job of converting passive collaboration into an active energetic collaboration. I recall how we went about creating the larger picture of where we want to be in the minds of our teams and the art of Crucial Conversations. How to converse, debate, negotiate win- win ,build trust-worthy collaboration – these skills occupied several formative years of my journey in this wonderful role. ❑ I call “Spread of Success” as the key mode to develop Organisational scale from individual competitive performances,. For example we introduced metrics like percentage of people successfully doing targets in a leader s key metrics for his career progression,. This changed the way potential performance was rewarded and created the future leadership. In small organisations, getting the right leaders who can scale up is never easy. By giving credence to Spread of success as a key parameter to assess career progression, helped us reap broader success and identify leaders who can develop broad based success.

Vulnerability, wit and intuition combined with inclusive love for all is what is a Full Lively Human Life. Others call it Success. I call it Grace


Personal Dairy

How do you keep fit and agile and effervescent ? Obviously my parents and my grandparents played important role in building discipline and humility to learn. But one water-shed moment : My doing the Inner Engineering Programme with Isha, the Grace of my Guru from thereon. I became a different person transformationally. From a crippling illness in 2003, by 2014 I had run the Marathon The initiation into the meditation and Yoga practices from 2004 shook me inside out. In five years even as I turned 45, I ran the Mumbai Marathon thrice and trekked to Kailash and the Velliangiri Seven Hills too thrice. Purposeful hobbies and physical activities with mind practices generated a positive energy in me and made me the leader I am today Grace is the lubrication of life. Success is a mere coincidence. Success is the ability to be on the peak yet accept our vulnerability. My Sadhguru is in me totally in charge of how I must be available to society. www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


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In the UAE, we are working to achieve the goals of the Eight Principles of Governance and the 50 Year Charter launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which include improving the quality of life, developing society and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.


â–Ş Emerging Business Challenges

â–Ş Artificial Intelligence



Emerging Businesses Challenges

This paved the way not only for converting old ways into new ways but also creating new ways of doing business. Digital transformation of today focuses more on disruptive ways of doing things rather than a mere move from old to new.


What makes digital transformations hard?

What is digital transformation?

Organizations are a collection of people meaning they exhibit human behavior when it comes to change. And by essence human behavior throws up the challenge associated with any change transformation. Let us look at the elements of digital transformation. most companies want to protect their core and hence digital transformation always starts with the core. What's the

For the layman, the definition by Salesforce, describes it best.

challenge then associated with starting at the core?

Digital transformation is the most talked about buzzword in today’s world. The hype around the word has accelerated with the COVID pandemic taking over the world unannounced.

“Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation.” Like the traditional business transformation, success rate of digital transformations is very elusive. A 2018 McKinsey study has shown that success rate is as low as 16% compared to a 30% success rate for business transformations. The McKinsey study shows that even digitally savvy industries, such as high tech, media, and telecom, are struggling. Among these industries, the success rate does not exceed 26 percent. But in more traditional industries, such as oil and gas, automotive, infrastructure, and pharmaceuticals, digital transformations are even more challenging: success rates fall between 4 and 11 percent

What are key pillars of digital transformation? What are the first things that comes to mind when you hear digital transformation? It is important to make the differentiation between digitalization and digitization. Most transformations have elements of both and to varying degrees. Digitization is simply moving from analog to digital. The simplest example is that of an analog wristwatch and a digital one. Both serve the same purpose of showing time however the fundamental technologies are different. Or think about the camera – do you even remember the analog cameras? Most businesses have moved from paper record keeping to digital records. There are several examples of digitization in our daily lives that we may not even realize – postal letters to email, from in person sales to e-commerce, newspapers to news online, books to e-books. Digitalization has a broader dimension. When information is available in digitized format because of digitization, how and what you do with the information to make a task or service simpler is digitalization. As data capturing became easier with advance in technologies, so did data storage and computing speed & power



challenges that most organizations grapple with

well starting at the core is dealing with an unknown diversification strategy and dealing with a skill set that is based on the core trying to address the unknown and noncore. A recent study by McKinsey showed that most incumbents say they would only about 30% of their available resources to non-core diversification. While focusing completely on non-core may not be the most viable way forward, focusing on protecting the core while trying to diversify the non-core with minimal resources is what eventually leads to the failure of digital transformation. An ideal way forward would be to split the core and non core in an ideal ratio of 50:50 The second and the most important challenge in any digital transformation journey is fixing the leadership skills. As is with traditional business transformation one of the challenges associated with digital transformation is also to stop doing what companies are generally good at doing. Another dimension to the challenge is that most leaders have typically grown within the organization and hence have competences that led the organization to the current successful stage ,this makes it more difficult to let go of these competencies. For true digital transformation to happen there must be an attacking and not a defensive strategy. This also means not only that decisions have to be taken around what needs to be done but also strong and hard decisions around what should be stopped doing at the organization. In this context communication cannot be overstressed. leadership approach that has delivered digital transformations are also the ones that have consistently communicated both the strategy as well as the desired outcome of the transformation that an organization undergoes. It may be worthwhile to note that even in communication when an organization is undergoing

a digital transformation or

embarking on digital transformation it may be wise to move away from traditional means of communication such as emails, newsletters or even one way webinars to start a two way communication from and to the leadership .

For true digital transformation to happen there must be an attacking and not a defensive strategy Starting at the core is dealing with an unknown diversification strategy and dealing with a skill set that is based on the core trying to address the unknown and non-core Yahoo ! HEReos Women Role Model 2020 How has digital transformations reimagined businesses? when it comes to Successful digital transformation there are a lot of organizations that probably comes to mind. notable among the top are of course Google Apple Amazon. now while these are definitely top companies that has successfully leveraged the digital age there are some that one might not think of as digital organizations or even a sector or business where digital transformations could have transformed a business. One such organization is Nike. And what makes this journey of Nike noteworthy is in its response to COVID19 pandemic will be centered around

You can read the full Nike case study herehttps://digital.hbs.edu/platformdigit/submission/nike-just-do-it-differently/ What is the future of digital transformation? Digitalization and a digital way of living is here to stay, so it is safe to assume that digital transformations for those organizations that have already not started is the way to go forward. Some of the future trends of digital transformations

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE If you are not familiar with AI having made life easier think Gmail. The auto text suggestions based on your vocabulary and tone usage is the one that most of us use daily.

DRONES Drones have found a way into most businesses and sectors. Drone delivery by Amazon is one of the most talked about Apart from the awe evoking fancy usage of drones, they

Group Vice President - PRESENT HITACHI ABB VP & Head of Transformation – PRESENT ABB Director Project Management - 2013 - 2015 ALSTOM Management Consultant – 2011 - 2013 ACCENTURE

FOUNDER 2008 - 2011 Costabu Consulting Services Manager Corporate Strategy 2001 - 2008 Larsen & Toubro Ltd will play a key role where human safety is put at risk for example service of remote equipment.

BLOCKCHAIN Like AI another technology that most non-techies are relatively unaware of is blockchain. Slowly but steadily gaining the attention it deserves, Blockchain will play a vital role in data privacy infield such as healthcare and finance.

Redefining Leadership For Successful Digital Transformations The center of digital transformation is not the technology. Out of the five main drivers of digital transformations, 4 are around people and culture and hence the epicenter of digital transformation is people and culture.




Leadership has undergone significant overhaul since the age of manufacturing in the 1900’s to the age of customer that we are living in today. While manufacturing and assembly lines focused on command & control, which in turn gave rise hierarchical positioning of power, in todays world where customers are also producers and creators, leadership has evolved into influencer-ship.

Digital & tech savvy Curious & innovative

dexterity & diversity

Strategic & empathetic

The future belongs to those who creates it. More than ever before, it is therefore pertinent to unlock the full potential of people to successful deliver the business value. And as we transform leadership to influencer-ship, the traits that will drive successful transformation are one that integrates both the masculine and feminine traits that are inherently present in all of us.

http://women-in-tech.org/ Women in Tech Global Challenge, an international Call for Projects, launched to reward initiatives that have helped improve diversity and women empowerment in STEM at school, at work, and in society in general. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we aim to identify the innovative projects that already exist across the globe - success stories that can be amplified, scaled-up and replicated

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE It was in Summer 2001 while wrapping up my last 2-3 exam papers, the only thing racing my mind unsettling my zillions of neurons was when the exams will be over, and I shall go and watch Stephen Spielberg's idiosyncratic masterpiece, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). For a student, right after his 10th board exams, it was nothing less than a 120 min roller coaster ride into a fantasy world of David (the AI), where he dared to see the art of possibility; little he knew that fantasy seldom becomes reality, isn't it or does it?

Rakesh Meher Segment Leader Information Architecture 2012 – PRESENT IBM Data & AI Group, ISA Senior Executive Business Development 2009- 2012 Tata ELXSI Design Consultant 2006-2008 Tech Mahindra

It would not be wrong to say that the beginning of 21st century paved the way for several experimentations in the field of technology - 3D printing going space, the evolution of 2G to 5G, Big Data got bigger and bigger, "Data Security" got a new price tag, and my favourite the "Rise of AI". Undoubtedly the seeds of the future already started blooming in the present; at least in the 70 mm for a 15 years kid. Notwithstanding, it's been almost 20 years watching that first glimpse of AI in that silver screen, and still AI doesn't cease to surprise me when I see the

depth of digital transformation AI has brought in various industries. As per the definition, AI is an advanced field of computer science whereby computer systems are powered and designed to exhibit or mimic or better the characteristics associated with human behaviour; so much for David to seek the love of a mother from the Blue Fairy in the A.I. movie. Nevertheless, let us name a few notable ones: ❑ Elon Musk's self-driving car has brought a paradigm shift in the transportation industry, where the AI-enabled car can sense the external Power Talk l Digitalising Future

environment and make you reach your destination without your hands on the wheel. They say in the coming 10 years, this technology will save 300,000 America lives on the road ❑ Alexa & Siri revolutionizing the machine interaction with humans to a whole new level, which makes me think, "Am I a king or an underling?" ❑ IBM's Watson with its built-in ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) skills, helping customers become more responsive and agile. Moreover, it's helping them to understand their data at scale & depth, creating a sustainable advantage. ❑ With advanced RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Machine Vision Technology, security firms are building state of the art infrastructures to stop thefts even before occurring; reminds me of the movie "Minority Report".

A "Super AI being”, powerful enough to take control of humanity; for better or for worse To understand it in detail, we need to first look at the envisaged Darwinian evolution of AI.

REACTIVE AI It can work on its own based on some pre-fed algorithms and instructions, however, it can't make decisions based on historical or predictive analysis. E.g Deep Blue, which can very intelligently play chess with a human, but can't predict the moves based on experience.

LIMITED MEMORY Comprises of Machine Learning models that derive knowledge from previously learned information fed into it, unlike Reactive AI. E.g Autonomous vehicles that can use experience to inform future decisions.


Airports using facial recognition technology to stop high-profile drug rackets from moving borders to borders.

This is where the AI understands that others have their own beliefs, desires and intentions to impact their decision making. I am sure my kid developed this when he was 4 years old. Don't worry! This AI doesn't exist yet or maybe not publicly known yet; grin.

SELF-AWARENESS ❑ In 2018, a paper published in the journal Annals of Oncology mentioned that skin cancer could be more accurately detected by an AI system (which used a deep learning convolutional neural network) than by dermatologists. In general, the human dermatologists accurately detected 86.6% of skin cancers from the images, compared to 95% for the CNN machine. *source Wikipedia ❑ Netflix for the first time used AI to recognize the very complex set of patterns in understanding its subscribers' favourite genres, and building content accordingly, which would be an instant hit, that's what I call a smart use of AI to build an edge for yourself in business. ❑ One of the major health care institutes, ICMR in India is using AI-enabled CRM platform to help its customers get an immediate response to all their COVID related queries without making them wait in the annoyingly long queue. This is helping citizens to stay aware and healthy maintaining a communal harmony during the pandemic However, have we ever wondered, despite AI has such a potential to be so well-pervasive is yet so moderately adopted in every sphere of life. With so many myriads of application of AI in the advancement of digital transformation and the human civilization, why in 2015, few AI experts like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and dozens like them signed an "Open Letter" advocating a regulatory framework to prevent certain potential pitfalls; probably saw it as one of the cataclysmic digital transformation forces in the world in coming years!!

Machine with a self-awareness that understands its current state and can use the information to deduce what others are feeling. Again, don't worry, it doesn't exist, not that I know of any. However, I have watched numerous movies like "I, Robot", "Ex Mechina" to name a few, which are based on such level of Artificial intelligence platform. So, while the industry is still toying with the first 2 phases of AI, what if we attain the next phase in the AI evolution? We will certainly be regarded as Gods. But do we have Zeus's bolt to strike it down the moment we realise the very intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide at its disposal? I unequivocally agree with the fact that AI at its very core powered by supercomputers in various blue-chip organisations and laboratories, is an unfathomable force to reckon with. It could and will provide incalculable benefits in the ongoing digital transformation in all industries making us more smart, intelligent, possibly may make this world a better place to live. However, not being an alarmist, but in all practicality, we also cant ignore the fact that AI could go through a series of explosion of intelligence, and give rise to a "Super AI being”, powerful enough to take control of humanity; for better or for worse. Till then we can keep enjoying Frank Sinatra playing in our Alexa enabled stereo system in a pleasantly dimmed aurora inside my Tesla; fascinating isn't it!! www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


15 ROLE MODELS WOMEN IN TECH Women in Tech is an international non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sectors. With thousands of members in over 70 countries, the movement reaches women worldwide through different programs focusing on education, entrepreneurship, science & innovation and social inclusion. The goal is to see girls and women succeed in these career fields, along with their male colleagues. Today, women – in-tech is in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution. If it is going to succeed, the level of women’s participation must grow. Ultimately, women-in-tech want our daughters and grand daughters to live in a world where access to knowledge, innovation and business opportunities are based on interest and ability, not gender. To achieve this goal, we must take action now. WIT’s Vision is a world where every girl and woman has equal access to opportunities in STEM. In a rapidly changing world, science, technology, engineering and mathematics have already had profound impact on our daily lives. WIT believes that girls and women have much to contribute in these areas. By supporting them in their choice to pursue STEM education and careers, we are standing on the cusp of a major global shift in how we teach, study, work, do business and more. WIT’s Mission is to close the gender gap in the STEM sector by helping girls and women embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These subjects are not innately suited for one gender over another, and there is no rational reason why girls and women should not pursue career options in STEM if they choose.

Lets meet the 15 powerful WOMEN IN TECH working towards building entrepreneurship, empowering women and supporting them in their choice to pursue STEM education and careers

Ayumi Moore Founder & President Women in Tech Our Mission is .to close the gender gap in the STEM sector by helping girls and women embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These subjects are not innately suited for one gender over another, and there is no rational reason why girls and women should not pursue career options in STEM if they choose

Ayumi is also an entrepreneur. She currently leads Social Brain, a human-scale, award-winning digital agency Ayumi Moore Founder & President Women in Tech -Global Movement Founder & CEO Social Brain

Power Talk l Digitalising Future

Ayumi regularly speaks at numerous conferences and events around the world .Ayumi has significant international experience advancing women in innovation and technology, leading diversity and inclusion programs and organizing global events.

Carine de Meyere CCO Women in Technology - Global Movement My motto is: Change starts with oneself. Be The Change You Wish to See In The World. Carine is also the Venture Partner at GEDI- Investor Future Planet Capital and Founder at Connecting Dots through people involved in IP Venture Capital fund investing in Innovation, Research Centers and spin-offs from the world top universities with investment focus on innovation in climate change, healthcare, education, security and sustainable growth.

Melissa Slaymaker Ambassador Women – in Technology South Africa Melissa started the Women in Tech chapter in South Africa with the objectives to work with women and girls in South Africa to help bring about change, uplift women in STEM through mentorship programs, workshops, virtual and physical events, inspirational fire-side chats, and creating networking opportunities to connect students, entrepreneurs, corporate and professional women in tech to achieve a common goal of empowerment, upliftment, education, career development, whilst creating a supportive global community. She has worked in the IT industry from a Recruitment and Executive Search perspective for over 14 years.. She describes her purpose as "connecting people"

Erika Reeves Board Member Women-in-Technology South Africa She is also the Sales Director Gattaca PLC South Africa. Over 20 years’ experience in the South Africa recruitment industry specialising in STEM recruitment solutions. Currently managing the Cape Town office and responsible for providing the strategic leadership for Gattaca PLC operation in Africa, through the Networkers and Matchtech brands. Erika believes “Technology offers key career opportunities for the future, whether in a technical or leadership type of role. The unique skills women bring to this industry goes a long way to provide a different approach and create more holistic solutions which benefits both companies and users“

Elina Valeeva is the Ambassador Women-in-Technology Russia She is also the founder & CEO of Medivity. Chosen as the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative. She aims to encourage and inspire women to start tech companies that have a positive impact on the world, build a community of women who support each other, and shape a better future with tech. One of our projects is the first Soft Skills School. It gave women tools, motivation, and courage to speak up for themselves, get promotions, and boost their careers. Another successful project is the 4-week QA School. Over 3000 people took this course online. Victoria, one of the students, got a job offer as a junior test engineer after completing the course. Stories like Victoria’s keep us going.



Hwalani Board Member of Women in Techonolgy South Africa She focuses on 4 primary areas that are a call for action: Education, Entrepreneurialism, Social Inclusion, and Science & Innovation. The aim is to educate, equip and empower women and girls with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in STEM career fields. She is also the General Manager of Absa Insurance Hwalani also co-founded Shift inspiring sustainable design, an Eco Design programme that focused on developing the youth in South Africa in partnership with organisations such as Universities, SABS, Proudly South African, South African Governments Departments and countries such as Sweden and Denmark. Financial Advisors (AIFA), a division of the ABSA Group Relationship Bank

Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw : Ambassador of Women in Technology – Thailand Dr.Narisa is the Founder & CEO of KogoPay. KogoPay is a fintech start up AI Driven mobile payment app. As the ambassador of WIT, she feels that we expect technology to work seamlessly within our lives, making everyday existence easier, more comfortable and more intelligent. How can we not include women in this journey if this unlocks at least 50% of our understanding? As a recent debate around ‘who we honor’ abounds, we need to ensure that women are duly recognized for their achievements. I encourage everyone to join or support the many female business groups springing up both in the UK and around the world. Let’s build a new future, full of opportunity for us all.

Peace Mitchell Ambassador Women in Technology Australia Peace is the Managing Director of Women’s Business School, an online accelerator and created have created an incredible online community of 50,000 women focusing on building relationships and providing opportunities for women to be celebrated and connected to supportive and like-minded women. I’m passionate about supporting and encouraging more women to find their purpose and to create careers that enable them to balance work and family through tech. Peace believes that investing in women is the best way to change the world and has worked with all levels of government to create change. Changing local government legislation to create more inclusive town-planning; calling for a national conversation on women entrepreneurs and partnering with the state Government to provide $1 million for small business owners.

Candyce Costa is Ambassador Women in Technology UK Candyce is a digital marketing consultant. She supports in creating effective strategies applying Digital Marketing Tools and Social Media Channels in a comprehensive way. It could be exploring how an app or a sales funnel could increase your sales rates or your brand awareness or which channels would work better for your company in a B2B environment. Chief Disruptor & Founder Disrupt Marketing for Female Tech Leaders digital magazine is focusing on tech and digital powerful women around the globe

Power Talk l Digitalising Future

Katerina Trajchevska Women in Tech Ambassador New York Katerina is co-founder and CEO of Adeva, a remote network of engineers and designers that partners with companies to scale their engineering teams on demand. She’s a remote work advocate and a strong believer that the future of work is not about where you work from, but what you deliver. Katerina aims to contribute to creating equal opportunities for developers everywhere, no matter their location, race, or gender. Katerina stands for equality, inclusion, and giving back to the community, both personally and professionally. She’s a Women in Tech Ambassador and actively takes part in various programs and initiatives for women in technology

Isabel Velarde Women in Tech Ambassador Peru As Founder & CEO of INNOVATION HUB CONSULTING, Isabel is focused on digital transformation, omnichannel marketing, innovation, partnerships, and the overall growth of the business. She has 16+ years of work experience as a Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant working with leading companies across diverse industries, with strengths in Digital Transformation and Agile Marketing Campaigns. She enjoys the planning, fast-paced team environments in which people want to take risks and do amazing work.

Jenyfer Maisonneuve WIT Israel Chapter Ambassador Jenyfer is the Founder of LELA Communications, a digital marketing agency. After her Masters in International Business at Sciences Po Paris, she started her career at L'Oréal Paris, and then transferred to L'Oréal Canada. In 2012, she stepped into the digital world with Lise Watier Cosmétiques, where she successfully launched them on the ecommerce map. In 2013, she co-founded LELA Communications, specializing in Digital Marketing Consulting. Meanwhile, she became an Ambassador for Montreal Symphonic Orchestra's (OSM) Young Professional Group up until 2014 and Co-President of the #1 ecommerce event in Montreal up until 2017. She is a creative, innovative, passionate and solutions-oriented entrepreneur, specialized for more than 8 years in eCommerce and digital marketing for retail, tech and corporate event sectors with an emphasis on business growth

Sidney Madison Prescott WIT USA East Coast Chapter Ambassador Sidney Madison Prescott is a Senior Leader at Spotify, heading up the Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence in New York City. Previously, Sidney held the role of Vice President of Intelligent Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence) at BNY Mellon. After spending the past few years in the cognitive automation space, Sidney has excelled at delivering projects resulting in seven-figure return on investment for global Fortune 250 companies. In May, Sidney was awarded the coveted "Top 50 Tech Visionaries" award by Interc



Romana Ibrahim WIT Angola Chapter Ambassador Romana Ibrahim is a Portuguese entrepreneur, Ambassador for Women in Tech in Angola, and elected “Founder of the Year 2018” by Portuguese Women in Tech. With a track record of success in the companies she has founded and managed, Romana is now dedicated to her new project in the InsurTech area through the success of Keep Warranty, where the purchase of insurances is made in a digital and easy way. Described as focused, aspirational and disruptive, Romana is also an international speaker in technology and high finance forums

Mandi Gunsberger WIT Business Development Lead Mandi founded Babyology, Australia's largest digital publisher for parents. With a social media following of 1.2 million Facebook fans. Mandi launched the business alone in her living room in 2007 and built it into a publisher with a team of almost 25. Babyology was successfully acquired late 2017 with a Facebook reach of up to 5 million people per week. Babyology was named as a finalist in the NSW Telstra Business Awards and Mandi was named one of Australia's Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs Under 40 and was included in the book 'Inspiring Rare Birds', which showcases inspiring women entrepreneurs in all fields. Mandi recently launched a NFP website called Shutdown Shoutout, a compilation of amazing businesses that are going above and beyond during Covid-19. This is a time when human kindness matters and we want to hear about any businesses making people’s lives easier right now during this pandemic. Mandi is back in Australia after spending 2019 with her family in Tuscany. She is a board director, advisor, speaker and is working on a few new projects.

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and beyond

▪ Success Rider Thomas Varghese ▪ The Art of Initiation


Thomas Varghese CEO, Aditya Birla Group

30 yrs of LEADERSHIP

and BEYOND Success:

Passion: The only emotion that can ensure sustained efforts for perfection . Music & Photography for me


Persistence in the face of adversity, possible only when one has immense self-confidence and dedication

Accomplishment after giving something the best you could


Even cell phones run out of charge, we are only humans. So taking a break is needed once in a while to be able to keep delivering our best


People who stand with you through thick and thin, they’re the anchor that people need to succeed in life

Goals: Short term ones to keep you on track long-term ones to keep you going

Love: Loving yourself, your family and your work is the only way to live a happy life

First Scholastic Achievement: Getting into IIT The proud look in parents’ eyes, and our joy in seeing that look..


Something that leaves you more energized and happy mentally I have picked up cooking as a critical hobby and have aspirations of becoming a Master Chef First Job: Translation from academics to the real world, with dreams to make it big Was very happy & proud to be selected as a Sr. Management Trainee of DCM Ltd. This was my dream job

First Promotion: I replaced a 58 year old veteran having huge FMCG companies exposure .I was a fresher promoted as Regional manager at SRF Ltd

Ambition : Wanted to be a

cricketer but after Joining IIT Delhi this ambition went for a toss


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts(Theory of Gesthalt)

Collaboration: Only when we work well with others, can we produce something remarkable

Awards: Affirmations that someone is always noticing the good you do School:

I was a naughty boy in school and used to keep my hair long My principal the legendary Padma Stree Hari Dang put chewing gum in my hair forcing me to cut it very short .Ironically we became great friends in last few years of his life

Innovation: New ideas that can be practical

Growth: Learning and applying what you learn continuously www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


The art of Manish K. Tyagi Commander Retired, India TEDx speaker Stand up Comedian An established Host Corporate Consultant & Trainer An adorable daughter of my friend would always make me narrate a story in which her Dad & me were caught in a lift with ghosts & how her Dad was scared. And she wanted it in repeat mode. Chuckled out loudly, every time, at the same punch line. That’s the power of humor. Why did she love this story? I could see her fascinated, visualizing the entire scene in her mind. A constant grin indicated that she was excited & experiencing every second of this story and although she knew the punchline, she wanted me to say it, in my style. I can safely say that she was emotionally, intellectually or aesthetically involved in the story. I served the Indian Navy for 23 years & quit as a Commander in 2012. And be it a TEDx conclave or an address at a college, everyone wants to hear the story as to how an engineer, who was a Commander, went on to become a Stand up Comic at the age of 47 years. But then, out at sea, I always had stories to tell to my men. I guess my sense of humor was directly proportional to the crisis & funnier my stories got, easier it became for all of us to tide over the situation. Power Talk l Digitalising Future

As Mark Twain said, "Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our harnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place." The world is probably going through its worst phase during this pandemic with huge financial losses, loss of jobs, increased stresses & mental health related issues, not to forget precious lives being lost to COVID related infections. During these times, a story laced with humor works as a sedative to the soul & mind. As individuals we can create as much as we want. Being in Armed forces one is always on their toes to stay alert and act in the moment. Its about life and many lives that dream to breath that warmth of being alive and stay in that warmth of a secured life that we share with one another. Being innovative is no science. If you don’t have it, develop it and that’s what would keep you alive. Let me take you back to a tenure of mine as a young lieutenant in Goa, sometime in 1994-1995. I was the officer in charge of a small workshop, which was meant to assist warships that came to Goa. I noticed that most of my predecessors chose this place as their final posting before retirement ,and hence ,the workshop and its machinery were in a state of neglect. I saw an opportunity in all this because ships berthing in Goa always needed some basic repairs and every time a defect was raised, they were either directed to Goa shipyard or asked to get the defects attended to in Mumbai. Now the innovative me decided to pay a visit to the engineer officer of the ships which berthed at Goa and appraise them of the facilities available at workshop. Being an engineer officer myself, I knew that every ship, due to this vintage, needed some minor repairs and assistance in manufacturing small components, which were tough to get done during the operational cycle. This was the start of creating an opportunity. A small unit such as this, was back on the map of

Initiation… the Navy and some ships from Mumbai started looking at Goa as a location for getting berthed for minor maintenance routines. The seniors onboard were often surprised when I visited them and offered them the services of my workshop. This was something which most of us were not used to because, back in Mumbai it wasn’t easy to get minor repairs done on a ship. Here the dynamics were different, more so because ships visited the port for 24 to 48 hours only. Within 2 years of my taking over and implementing these changes , GOA was a changed placed for visiting ships . It was back on the map of Indian Navy with 98% increase in productivity and more people getting employed. I look at it like “The Rebirth of the Base Workshop, Goa”. A complete change from the past because of that step of initiation, which I decided to take. When you do things that you really want to do... you surprise yourself and many others in the process. Everyone makes an effort to do what is expected out of them. That’s ordinary! Extraordinary people do the unexpected things and that’s what I believe in. Be that extra ordinary person. Create a healthy ecosystem around you. There was this particular occasion when I was called upon to attend to a major defect on a visiting warship at anchorage, at 5:30 am in the morning. We managed to rectify the defect, much to everyone’s surprise. It saved the navy the hassle to send back the ship to Mumbai. Most importantly, we were doing something we were passionate about and enjoyed every bit. A door of opportunity we created was now bearing fruits. With the right support system around it, a strong team to implement it, we made it happen. Remember no one asked me to follow this style of working. Nor one stopped me either and as we chugged along, rectifying tricky defects, everyone began to notice us as a very important asset .

This workshop was no more a mere posting for the to be retired officers. Many seniors came from Mumbai to visit this workshop Now, that’s what I call a classic example; of innovation and creativity and working on opportunities. When you tap on opportunities for yourself, you also create opportunities for others and that’s what builds a ecosystem. This is what we need in today's time. If you do not have any ecosystem, have the courage and create an ecosystem around you. For that you need to make a start, you need to have that sense of initiation It was a different generation,where the concept of creativity and innovation was very limited. But then, there were many who brought a change. Keep the passion alive in you .When you do things with passion, you give your work life. Hardwork speaks for itself. It’s always the thirsty who goes to the well, and not the other way round. I am sure we all have heard about design for failure. Many mistake this concept. Its not about the possibility of you failing, but about creating an option and systems well in advance to bring back things on track. Don’t be afraid of taking that first step. Its okay if you don’t hit the right notes the first time, you will make it eventually because your passion will drive you to keep at it. Learn to please yourself. Pursuing passions and passionately working towards your goals help you to do that. You break the barriers of pleasing aunts and uncles. Learn to meet your own expectations. Take that First Step. When someone asked me, ‘What’s your target for 2020?’ I said, ‘Revised. As in, stay alive’. Stay safe, Stay sane, Stay happy, Stay healthy.



Management A Behavioral Science

▪ Expert Advice Product Management ▪ BE YOU Brand Management ▪ Overcoming Negative Thoughts Self Management


Krishnarao Buddha Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Sr. Category Head - Marketing

2 Decades with Parle

Product Management is an extremely important function in any organization. It involves managing the complete functions of the product right from conceiving the product idea to packaging, pricing, profitability, distribution & promotion along with quality and cost control. All above functions require the product manager and the product team to co-ordinate with all other functions in the organization like Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Sales, Production, Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain, Finance, IT and more.

Let’s understand each of these functions briefly.

Product Portfolio Management & Product Development Consumer Need gap and Market Potential identification for New & existing Products through data analysis for achieving objectives of Brand Market Share, Growth and Profitability

Pricing and Profitability Management Devising Pricing strategy and review pricing for brands periodically to ensure fair profitability for each brand and maintain good price value equation at all the times for brands.

Demand Management and Production Control Drawing up long term and short term Brand volume growth – Region-wise, category-wise using sources like Nielsen’s Retail Audit and qualitative sources like market visits and sales feedback.

Advertising & Promotion Effectiveness Developing effective advertising campaigns with the purpose of creating awareness and increasing brand equity. Devising of Communication & Creative Strategy & planning of brand budgets and consumer offers.

Marketing Strategies and Plans Developing long term marketing strategies integrating brand positioning, brand strategy, pricing strategy & promotional strategy.

Quality and Costs Improvement Pursuing quality complaints with Quality Control function and Production units and ensuring prompt corrective action & improving quality of existing products. For more on Product Management .Reach out to Krishna : https://www.linkedin.com/in/bkrishnarao/ www.powertalkwitharchanna.com



Lorena Acosta Personal Brand Evangelist Founder PRESENT Be Busy Being Awesome 2016-2020 Founder PRESENT Wonderful Destinations

Trust and credibility play an essential part in the success level of any business. Personal branding becomes necessary for C-suites executives and board directors It is also a best business strategy. Companies can significantly strengthen customer's trust by utilizing their executive's social presence. Covid-19 helped to increase the growth of social media and influencer marketing. Personal brands are now well recognized and essential while building social presence and reputation

Your brand helps you to portray your public image and stays aligned with your career. Far sighted leaders unlock opportunities every day by demonstrating their values and character and unknowingly they turn themselves into a brand that people admire .Their core values reflect in their persona and make them the brand that people love to follow and admire . Personal branding gives you an edge to stand out as a popular leader in your industry The most successful people value the people around them and understand that a million minds are often better than one. It’s about creating legacy . How do you want to be remembered when you are gone ? Have you touched lives ? Have you made a difference in the lives of people as a part of your pay back to the society ? Your primary goal has to be always helping others with your brand. Now is time to share the experiences you've Power Talk l Digitalising Future

had and the knowledge that you’ve earned with your years hard work It's about creating relationships and helping other and your legacy to the younger generations. Your vision and conviction, your action, and your words need to be aligned. It is vital for you to understand yourself, what values are essential for you. Self-reflection is wonderful and you must align your core values to make it a successful endeavor .

Being Authentic is your most valuable asset Authenticity is your most significant asset and a more potent differentiating factor while building your brand. Being authentic in business is a very powerful force when used strategically and mindfully. Stay unique. Be kind to the purpose why you started building a brand, you will never make mistakes . Go that extra mile to do something that is not a

Something that is unique and original has a long life. Copies don’t last forever Vulnerability

is one among many enablers that help you create a brand that people adore. It shows your sensitivity to stay adaptable and make changes with the changing needs and circumstances. This makes you even more relatable. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to reach out to your audience. it's an art that takes time to master, but once you develop it, you create an indelible impact on your audience. It stays with them for long. Your success journey with stop-overs is an effective tool to stay in the mind of your audience and this give you a ticket of permanent residency in their hearts .Your win over your hardships is a reflection of your passion for your work and the attention you have put in to create the brand Well-crafted storytelling inspires them to take action as stories send out a valuable message .Storytelling builds trust, which is vital in business-to-business buying decisions. There's no better person to tell your story than you. The most mindful stories came from the heart

Three things are required to be effective in personal branding knowledge of self, Knowledge of the audience, and Service to your audience

Knowledge of Self

repeat, that is not copy That is simply you. Something that is unique and original has a long life. Copies don’t last forever

Transparency When you identify your core values, it's easier to share your story in a way that shows you care about others. You should feel completely natural, and it should resonate fully with your audience. Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct Core values shape not just who you are, but also the culture and character of your company. Your values provide a strong sense of identity and give you a thread of continuity that weaves worthy moments into your stories.

Integrity The brand's ability to influence does not come from only strong marketing initiatives from but also from substantial respect for its values .Focusing on the branding part without considering the personal side won't help you. Sharing things that we care about and living up to the promises we make, Not only makes you relatable but also trustworthy. Instead of branding yourself as something you may or may not be, it might be wiser to understand who you are and how you can stay true to yourself

Any C-suite executive with a strong personal brand can set the tone for an organization and increase company credibility and revenue. Your brand can expand to places you would have never imagined. Consumers want personal branding from companies. I read not long ago that people trust a company when their executives are active on social media. Consumers are more likely to buy when the CEO of the company uses social media. This is so because they can see, hear, understand and relate to the person behind the brand they adore Make it personal, relatable, genuine, entertaining, useful, and relevant. You become the brand ambassador more than any other manager hired by your organisations to promote that brand. You are the brand and the brand is you

Service to your audience Most important part of your story and your brand is your customer. The story starts with you and ends with your customer. Inspire them to be part of your journey. They will look for you over other brands if you show them that you value them .Show them the product and service revolves around them and represents them in totality .Keep innovating to suit their changing needs ,desires and perspectives .Meet their expectations .Help them decide ,Help them look at life from your perspective .Add freshness and soul to your brand .Weave your brand into their lives and that’s when you become their family Whether you lead a company, climbing the corporate ladder, or disrupting your industry, a strong personal brand that demonstrates your expertise will get you wherever you want to go . faster. At the same time, it will open doors for you and those you work with And never forget, personal branding is the nucleus of the trust factor

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Overcome th Negative Word

Elizabeth Franklin

Author and Inspirational Speaker Goodwill Initiatives Organizer Minister of Time America's Top 2000 Women

Women's and Youth Ministry Speaker 30 years with and for children

Most of you, at some point in life, have heard or experienced negative or critical words. Often, as parents, we speak negative things that we do not mean in haste or we critique our children’s work to push them toward excellence so they can succeed. Even if meant well, those negative words lodge in the minds of your children and teenagers. Then, every time they face a choice in life, the effects of those words can influence the way they respond, for better or for worse. Ultimately, to change the behavior of an unruly teenager, we must first change what they believe about themselves with words. If a child or teenager hears negative or critical words from those around them often enough, he or she starts to believe them. That means the first step is to examine your own

words as a parent, then move to what the child is hearing from a teacher, a coach, or their peers. Even if you speak positive words to the child, negative words from others can still influence them. If a child or teenager allows those words to have any power whatsoever, those words become reality. If those words stay lodged in a child or teenager’s heart and memory, the words continue to have life and can continue to cause havoc many years later. Power Talk l Digitalising Future

I am a motivational speaker for children and young people, and I rarely find even one child or teen who has not experienced condemning, critical, negative, failure words spoken over them at some point in life. Whether it was a parent who constantly said, “You’re lazy. You’ll never amount to anything.” or a teacher who said, “You’re going to fail.” Sometimes that negative talk comes right out of their very own mouths as they speak against themselves, “I’m never going to be good enough! I’m going to fail Algebra! I’m not good at anything!”.

he Effect of ds and Thoughts Whatever the source, negative words are toxic to success, and they are far more prevalent than you might realize How can you help your teenager overcome thoughts that linger from negative words? He or she cannot replace a bad thought with a good thought. Thoughts do not overcome thoughts. Only words overcome thoughts. First, you must help your teenager find and identify their negative thought patterns. Have them stop and notice what they thinking about right now. Then, have them set a reminder on their phone for several times during the day that alert goes off, they need to do the same thing, so they are constantly taking account of what they are thinking. Once they identify negative thoughts, ask them which ones they want to change. It may help to pick a specific one or two to work on at a time Then, once they identify their negative thought patterns, which one or two they want to start changing, help them develop positive affirmations that are the opposite of these negative patterns. Then, when they catch themselves using these thought patterns, they simply need to speak their positive affirmations out loud and stop the negativity.

He /She cannot replace a bad thought with a good thought. Thoughts do not overcome thoughts. Only words overcome thoughts Why does this work? It is rather simple. Did you know that your subconscious mind believes EVERY SINGLE WORD that you speak about yourself as if it is the absolute truth? When you speak words, your subconscious mind goes to work to CAUSE THE WORDS IT HEARS YOU SPEAK ABOUT YOURSELF BECOME YOUR NEW REALITY. It doesn’t understand the difference between words that were meant to be a joke and words that were meant to be true. When your child or teenager speaks negative thoughts about themselves out loud, their subconscious mind goes to work to make it happen. It becomes a vicious cycle. Teach your child or teenager to speak in a way that will not sabotage their future success. Replace statements like, “I will never understand this!” with “I may not understand this yet, but I will with enough time!” Now, these habits must persist. Saying an affirmation once will not correct your teenager’s thoughts and feelings. It is a PROCESS to learn how to capture every single negative thought until it no longer has any power to rule your mind. It takes DISCIPLINE to choose your words carefully so that every single word reflects how you want your life to end up. The tongue is like the rudder of a ship—whatever your teenager says will steer the course of their life Let’s look at another effect of critical or negative words on your teenager. I once heard Zig Ziglar tell a story about elephants. Have you ever noticed at the circus how they restrain elephants? They hold an elephant by putting a small chain around its leg, which is attached to a peg in the ground. It is obvious this small chain could not stop an elephant, so why does it stay there? When the elephant was young, the trainers attached a very heavy chain and peg that was strong enough to hold it. The elephant pulled and tugged with all its might and could not get away, so it learned to accept it and gave up fighting against it, even after it was much bigger and strong enough to run away if it wanted www.powertalkwitharchanna.com


that garbage of negative words stays in your heart and mind until you choose to remove it or refuse to believe it anymore. In the same way, your teenager may have felt held down by negative, critical words he or she heard at a younger age, and those same words still hold them back today. Just like the elephant, your teen decided it was pointless to struggle against the words and gave up trying to escape them, even though they have matured and could escape if they wanted. Whether they decide to move beyond those words or keep letting them hold them back is almost entirely up to them.

when you speak words, your subconscious mind goes to work to cause the words it hears you speak about yourself become your new reality Don’t let your child or teenager be chained to negative, critical words for the rest of his or her life. Just like the elephant, many are “chained” to words from the past that was strong enough back then but cannot hold them now. Unfortunately, these childhood hurts and words of discouragement that they accepted as truth as a child still restrain them from going forward. You may have heard the saying garbage in, garbage out, but in truth, that garbage of negative words stays in your heart and mind until you choose to remove it or refuse to believe it anymore.

It’s time to break off those elephant chains that have held your teenager back. It’s going to take time to retrain their brain to stop negative thinking. It’s going to take effort to train their mouth to speak the direction they want their life to take. However, once they learn and master these skills, they will become unstoppable, creating their future.

Power Talk l Digitalising Future

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The future of work Gig Economy and how corporates need to embrace Gig Work

Gopal A Iyer Sr. Talent Leader Fortune 500 company Sr. Global Mobility Manager 2015 - 2017 TARGET It's a known fact that the world we live in is a VUCA World, a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. The Future of Work is already here. The way we live and work, today is very different from how it was 10 years ago. Workforce too has evolved dramatically; the impact of COVID has changed the definition of work itself. These disruptive changes have given rise to several workforce models for organizations that include Virtual Talent, Agile workforce, Hybrid Talent, and Talent Clouds; And newer models of working for people include Remote working, gig working, and solopreneurship. According to the EY Contingent workforce study, nearly 50% of the organizations have seen a rise in the contingent workforce in the last five years. This number will only continue to grow as the companies have shifted from experience-based hiring to skill-based hiring practices. Power Talk l Digitalising Future

The future of work has already changed with digitalization and technologies growing at an unprecedented rate. There is an acute pressure on companies to deliver best in class services, and therefore, the adoption of technology is almost a non-negotiable. There has been a rise in technology jobs last year in India, and projected to reach 7 million by 2023. Secondly, COVID-19 has been an accelerant in digitization and a contributor to many new digital businesses. Be it technologies that allow touch-free experience or technology that predicts and prevents any form of pandemics like these. The urge to keep our businesses and ourselves safe will only continue to grow. This pandemic has changed the way we look at things that include even the way we work now. With every bit of digital innovation coming our way, the digitization will only reshape the future of work. COVID-19 also caught a lot of industries and industrialists offguard. Globally, most countries resorted to Locking down their countries, which was the first response to control the virus's spread. However, it came with a huge economic price. Demand and supply of goods and services became erratic during the lockdown and even post lockdowns. Consumption patterns today are impacted due to the economic impact of the COVID-19. Most businesses aren't able to build a predictability model beyond 18 - 24 months—most of the industries under tremendous pressure to develop operations workforce models that are agile and include a hybrid model that will consist of Gig workers, workers, and passion economy workers.

People have already started to upskill and focus on taking up gigs while in lockdown. Additionally, accepting that this is the "Next Normal." Although COVID-19 has fuelled gig work, there are other reasons why individuals are opting for gig work. ❑ Flexibility is one of the biggest enablers of gig work. Individuals find it more productive to travel less and work from home at their convenience today. COVID19 has formalized "Remote Working.“ ❑ Work-life balance: One of the growing concerns in recent times has led to increased gig work is the lack of work-life balance. Especially for mothers who are unable to balance work and family. Even mothers returning from maternity leave find it easier to work a gig than a full-time job. ❑ Well-Being: Focus on Mental & Physical Well-being has become a top priority for many people during COVID-19. One of the studies suggested that almost 77% of the global workforce is experiencing stress that affects their physical health, and 48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress. Due to the flexible nature of the job, people can focus more on their physical wellbeing. Hybrid workforce models also mean organizations can derive benefits from finding high-performing talent, cost-savings, reducing infrastructure cost, and higher productivity. Hybrid workforce models are more inclusive and create a new collaborative culture between full-timers, gig workers, freelancers, virtual/remote workers, and independent consultants. However, organizations should have a strong strategy and vision to be more open culturally to gig workers than merely resorting to this model as a knee-jerk reaction to the current COVID-19 crisis. Be it for a highly skilled professional or a mother who wants to return to the workforce. Be it an independent freelancer who wishes to pick up a new gig or be it differently-abled people who want to kick start their careers, Gig Economy is open for all. Gig Workers – The growing tribe of freelancers: Contracting/Subcontracting or Gig Working isn't new. However, the recent popularity of Gig workers is due to the rise of the 'Platform Economy,' one that allows a triangular relationship between three parties; The platform, the Gig Worker, and The Client. The platform, designed to deliver a best in class experience, works to connect people with demand (the customer) to people that provide supply (the worker). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) powered platforms strive to make the entire process completely digitized, compliant to all the laws of the land, and provide the users a seamless experience. COVID-19 - the biggest disruptor in recent times, has also enabled or, in some cases, even pushed people to 'Reimagine their careers.' Switching to a more fluid way of working and fall back on multiple gigs/work options than relying on one job seems to be the new mantra.

❑ Work experience and higher exposure: Gig work allows people access to best-in-class experience and exposure. Platform-based projects enable people to work on projects from clients across the world. Global Projects enrich one's knowledge and help people develop skills like Trans-disciplinary thinking, crosscultural empathy, and better EQ. More gigs only mean a growing portfolio of experience. It will further diversify skill sets. ❑ Better Rates: The level-playing-field on platformbased economy allows people with niche-skills and better credibility or star ratings to demand a higher pay rate per hour vs. a traditional professional.

Summary Gig economy is transforming the way we work. For businesses, digital imperative is pushing for new and more flexible ways to create and meet demand. For the workforce, the gig economy is creating a new set of expectations and attitudes to work. However, both businesses and people have to shift their mindsets to adapt to the "Next Normal" where Gig Economy would continue to grow to create more opportunities for people with increased flexibility, choice, and more significant opportunity for tomorrow's workforce.




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