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Power People In Sports Worldwide The First Annual Team-Sizzle Charity Weekend Brings Awareness To Sickle-Cell The NFL is comprised of the world’s top athletes, many of whom enjoy the wealth and the fame that come along with it, but for some, like the Baltimore Raven’s linebacker Terrell Suggs, playing football has a greater calling; it’s the opportunity to help people off the gridiron, and to bring attention to issues ailments that affect their lives. On top of leading the Ravens in sacks and vying for his third Pro-Bowl appearance, Terrell is a staunch supporter of sickle-cell research and education. Last weekend, Terrell, whose affectionate moniker is “TSizzle”, demonstrated his commitment to the sickle cell cause by hosting the First Annual Team Sizzle Worldwide Celebrity Weekend where proceeds supported the William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund inc. Terrell always knew he wanted to do something greater than playing football and after meeting a teenager who loves football but couldn’t play because of his sickle cell debilitation, Terrell knew this was a cause he wanted to take on. "After meeting him, I really felt the need to help him and others in his condition," said Suggs. "I'm incredibly blessed and the children I've met remind me how many people are unable to do some of the things many of us take for granted. I am honored to assist the William E. Proudford Sickle Cell fund in their quest to ‘imagine a world without sickle cell' and hope that my community and other attendees will continue the effort." Terrell’s three-day event kicked off last Friday evening with a red carpet gala on the Silo Point waterfront. Esteemed members of the Baltimore community along with celebrity guests and lifelong friends were treated to an extravagant party that included of aerialists, fire breathers and Vegas style-entertainment. On Saturday guests attended a luncheon for children who suffer from sickle cell as orators edified the audience about the disease. Afterward guests were treated to a day at the Ritz Carlton spa. On the third day, guest attended a Raven’s football game and watched Terrell and his teammates beat the Raiders 29-10. Terrell is very proud of everything the event accomplished and vows to continue the tradition next year. In the meantime, Terrell wants to focus on taking the Ravens to the AFC championships and, hopefully, the Super Bowl. By Brent Lowe

Powerful American Female Athletes

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Women Leaders In Sports who make us proud to be Americans SOFTBALL Tone your arms with playing softball

Brooke Abel

TRACK & FIELD Running your way to a better body is a must SWIMMING There nothing better than swimming to build strength and endurance

Tone your arms with playing softball TRACK & FIELD Running your way to a better body is a must

Brooke Abel

SWIMMING There nothing better than swimming to build strength and endurance

Charlotte Craig

Serena Williams

Lauren Cheney

Jennie Finch

Top 20 Hottest American Female Athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Jennie Finch - Softball Charlotte Craig - Taekwondo Shawn Johnson - Gymnastics Brooke Abel - Synchronized Swimming Natalie Coughlin - Swimming Tiffany Ross-Williams - Track & Field Lolo Jones - Track & Field Betsey Armstrong - Water Polo Kayla Bashore - Field Hockey Carrie Howe - Sailing Kelci Bryant - Diving Alicia Sacramone - Gymnastics Nastia Liukin - Gymnastics Erin Cafaro - Rowing Shani Marks - Track & Field Lauren Cheney - Soccer Heather Mitts - Soccer Serena Williams - Tennis Kami Craig - Water Polo Vicky Galindo - Softball Candace Parker - Basketball

Nastia Liukin

Shani Marks

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Carrie Howe

The Power Player Magazine November 2008- Sports  

In this section of the November 2008 issue we highlight the powr players in sports

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