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Is your home When the winds of October come howling and He also recommends checking perimeter drains. Windows that the rain comes in sideways, we all take refuge in have broken seals should be replaced, Charlie adds. our homes. But is your home ready to be a true And warm sanctuary from the dark and stormy nights? Your furnace is one of those things that you don’t think about We asked a few Powell River experts to share a lot. Unless it quits working and it’s cold outside. That’s why you should get your furnace tuned up at least yearly. some tips on how to make your home warmer in Not only will it decrease the likelihood of the furnace quitting winter, either physically or psychologically. on a cold and miserable day, but it will also save you money

Keep dry Water is the enemy of a warm and comfortable home, and it’s important the rain stays where it belongs – outside. Charlie Gatt, who has been building an renovating home in the Powell River area for more than 40 years, says homeowners should check siding for any cracks or places where rain could get in. A little caulking can go a long way to preventing mold, mildew and rot.

on your heating bill, since a tuned-up furnace will run more efficiently, says Tye Leishman of Tempco Heating and Cooling Specialists. A filter change usually increases efficiency, too.

Don’t die While efficiency is important, the first thing Tye and his team check is the integrity of the heat exchanger. Most furnaces in town are natural gas or oil, he says, and if the heat exchanger is damaged it could spew products of combustion into the home. Those could include deadly carbon monoxide. “That’s how people end up dying,” says Tye. “Whether you get your furnace serviced or not, have a working carbon monoxide detector. With an oil furnace, they’re so dirty, if the exchanger broke down, you’d probably notice because the house would be full of soot. But with natural gas furnaces, if there’s ever a issue with carbon monoxide, you may not notice because the gas is colourless and odorless.”

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Insulate Your Attic Avoid Winter Heat Loss

Blown-in • Quick • Clean Attic insulation also helps keep your home cool in the summer

The biggest problems Charlie Gatt has seen in his decades of renovations were created by people who tackled home renovation projects without expert help. It’s one thing to put some interior walls in the basement, but messing with the building envelope is a recipe for disaster. “The think they’re doing it right, but they just don’t know,” said Charlie. Get a professional who can ensure that your home stays watertight.

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