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Positively Planted Journal Issue 1.01| June 2020

POSITIVE PRESS Featuring Natalia's incredible journey to discovering her passion and the story behind the creation of HOLA.


HAPPINESS HIGHLIGHTS Bringing you happy and uplifting pieces. Featuring articles on positive mindsets, THE perfect morning routine and handling bad days.

SELF-LOVE SOLUTIONS Learn how you can incorporate self-love into your daily life.

A Note From Me! Here we are. What started as a sliver of an idea has grown into a full-fledged production. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to open this journal. It means the world to me that you're here supporting this special piece of my heart! I wanted to fill the first issue of the Positively Planted Journal with as much uplifting and inspiring content as possible. It's through content like this that we are reminded of the light and the magic within the world. Having it be a true community affair is what really makes me beam. From the beginning, I knew I wanted this issue to be special. Having everyone take part has meant the world to me. So, thank you to the contributors for all of your hard work. And, thank you to the readers for being here today.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, Courtney OWNER OF POSITIVELY PLANTED PRESS

WHAT POSITIVITY MEANS TO ME Catherine, @common_sense_living

Positivity is something that we all tend to see as a glass-half-full idea. We tend to see positive people as encouraging, determined, and oftentimes kind individuals. However, one thing some may not know is that this positive mindset comes from hardship. My problems started in school. I wish I could say it was academic because then it could have been easier to fix. Unfortunately, it was a lot deeper than that; it was my relationships with others. When I was younger, I was raised to be kind to others and I was also shy and insecure. These could have been some reasons why I was the target of bullying in elementary and high school. Back in high school, I was in a dark place mentally. I felt that I didn’t want to burden anyone with my problems and I felt too weak to get out of my situation. So I stayed with my “friends” at the time, because nothing was worse than being alone in high school.

The summer before my last year in high school, my dad had signed up for a boxing class and asked if I was interested in joining him. I said yes, and this hugely impacted me down the road. Little did I know that this would change my whole perception of who I was, and how I saw myself. I also began to see the world differently. I began to realize it was much better to be alone than to be with people who I let mentally torture me. I realized that being alone was not so bad after all. In fact, I was able to live with my own thoughts and learned to control them to be more positive, rather than judgmental of my own self. During that year, I found peace. My inner peace eventually led to more positive thinking and I started thinking about what is best for me. I know it may sound selfish, but I genuinely believe taking care of yourself is not selfish at all. In fact, it is the best way to ensure we can be our best self for the ones we care about.

Although I was emotionally crippled by my past, I made the decision that these times would not define me. I realized the thing pushing me forward in life is my past; I never want to feel weak and powerless ever again. In doing so, I want to empower others to be their best selves. The best way to improve your life is through positive thinking. We all face different challenges that make us doubt ourselves and want to give up. However, when I want to give up, I encourage myself to go a bit further instead. Eventually, I end up conquering that problem that seemed insurmountable! When you feel like you cannot do something, ask yourself, “Why not?”. If you feel that something is not going your way, ask yourself, “What can I be thankful for in this moment?”. Positivity is so much more than positive thinking. It is gratitude, empathy, and the willingness to keep going, as well as helping others in their own journey. Positivity is everything, and it is all within us.

Positive Mantras Positive [ poz-i-tiv ] - Encouraging or noting a healthy or balanced outlook toward something. Mantra [ man-truh ]

- A commonly repeated word or phrase.

Not everything is a race. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. Proceed.

The past is behind me. The future is still ahead. But, the present is now. Be here.

My body is beautiful. She holds such immense power within her. I will honour her and this journey we're taking.

I am a badass. Confidence flows through my veins and I will embrace all of this power.

Success is how I define it. I do not need to focus on anyone else's defition.

I am grateful for the journey I had to take to be where I am today.

Showing Yourself Love Courtney, @positivelyplantedpress

Self-love isn't what I imagined it would look like. In fact, I never thought of it much at all until the past few years. I was the type of person who walked through life unaware that my actions were doing more harm than good and that no matter who was involved, I was always drawing the short end of the straw. Because HERE is the truth. When you don't show yourself love, how can you expect others to?

No, I'm not talking about the toxic notion that you can't ever be loved until you love yourself. I'm saying that when your love for yourself is lacking, people who will take advantage of you hone in like a lion on its prey. It's as if a big neon sign hangs above your head saying "Look at me! I'm vulnerable!!". I know this because I was once this girl. But, now? Oh, boy do I ever love myself hard. Of course, there are days when I want to scream because my body looks "fat" (whatever!) or I said something embarrassing. There are days where I'm reminded of the past and I lose all self-confidence. There are days where I want to hide under my blankets and simply never leave because the reality of my life is too hard for me to even manage (those are the days I'm feeling particularly dramatic). So, what lit the spark within me and pushed me towards self-love?

I lost my friends. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. I don't say that to be cruel, I really don't. I grieved over that loss for months. But, I say this because I identified the part of my life that caused me the most pain and I worked on healing. I surrounded myself with new friends who knew how to make me laugh when I was sad and who brought out the best side of me. After this, self-love (while something I still had to work on), became exponentially easier.

I started to become more self-aware. Mistakes I made were no longer a death sentence but an opportunity to learn and grow. I read more books. They spoke of loving yourself, of healing, of letting go of past heartaches. I took BIG leaps. I applied for volunteer opportunities that scared me and sent in my poetry (the darkest part of my heart) into literary magazines. All of these acts, while minute in the moment, added up to monumental results. No, I'm not the girl who boasts how incredible she is and never falters in her confidence. But, I am the girl who can enter a room and actually not feel intimidated under everyone's gaze. I can recall moments that shaped me and hold onto them as a beacon to guide me where I want to go. Showing yourself love isn't something that is easily definable or transferable across situations. But, I believe that it can be worked on and with time, can be something you think about with ease. Because, if you had asked me four years ago to write this article, I probably would have laughed in your face!


Living with Anxiety Gloria, @thebrightside.ig

Living with anxiety is like being trapped

Anxiety kicks in.

in a maze,

Or was it always there?

I’m alone, and it’s dark, and I

It’s a grip to my stomach,

can’t find the way

it’s a pain in my chest.

out, yet I want to

It’s the weight of the world, too heavy on my

get out.


Enjoy myself, stop worrying.

It’s the fear of the unknown, not letting go of

Join everyone, start living.

my heart.

Living with anxiety is not easy, but I grow

Living with anxiety is hard,

stronger each day. One moment I

painful, and different

feel strong, the other I don’t.

for everyone, in different ways.

I try not to get discouraged, by

but it also goes to show

the flow of it all,

that we are all human,

I know it’s not me, it’s just how it goes.

in the exact same way.

It’s the middle of the night,

We deal with emotions, we break, and we

why can’t I sleep?


My hands are shaking, my head still aching.

We flood days with our tears, knowing tears

It’s getting late, the night will soon

will run dry.

turn into day.

We hold onto hope, that better days will

Daylight at dusk, why can’t I sleep?


I want to, but I can’t,

dry of tears, dry of sorrow.

I can’t find peace.

Today wasn’t good, but it’s fine. It’s a new day tomorrow.

NATALIA'S STORY - Featured Positive Press My name is Natalia Hanson, I am 32 and I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Growing up, seeing stray dogs all over was

I came to Canada and studied to become a veterinary assistant, to get my foot in the door in the veterinary industry. I am now a proud and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, but I didn’t really know ANYTHING about cats until I went to college. Maybe that’s why I am obsessed with them MEOW, because I

the norm. People would walk past them, walk

am trying to make up for 21 long lost

over them, and not even flinch because they


were part of the landscape. From a young age, I always felt compassion and empathy

I thought that naturally, my next step

towards these beings, as well as the

was to go back to college to become a

overworked, malnourished horses that were

veterinary technician.

used to pull heavy loads on the roads of the concrete jungle that is my home city.

Luckily for me, my then-boss discouraged me from pursuing that

I thought I wanted to become a veterinarian

career, because he saw another type of

when I grew up. When the time finally came I

potential in me. He told me I was

chose to forego vet school, mainly because I

creative and had people skills and

couldn’t afford to pay international tuition

therefore I should pursue something

fees for 8 years!


I went back to college for public relations with the clear intention of becoming a professional fundraiser, marketer, etc. to help animals, to advocate for them, to promote adoption, and to help much-needed funds for them During PR school, I took it upon myself to put my knowledge and newly gained skills to work. I was planning to go back home to Colombia for the Christmas holidays and I felt guilty traveling only as a tourist while ignoring the sad reality for so many animals. I asked my program coordinator if I could put together my own fundraiser and make it count towards my credits. Luckily for me, he agreed. I wish I remembered exactly how much money I raised within 3 weeks… I think it was about $2,500 CAD which is a handsome amount in Colombian pesos. It was so, so, so rewarding to be able to help struggling grassroots organizations with this money when I went to Colombia. I felt like Santa Claus hahaha.. Public relations couldn’t have been a better fit for me. After graduating I got my “dream job” as the Events Coordinator at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA in Hamilton, ON. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do to help animals at the time.

It was at that time as well that I got involved with the volunteer-based organization Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT). A coworker at the HBSPCA was a volunteer with CAAT and she told me about its mission and the trips she had done with them throughout Canada and abroad and I was HOOKED. I promptly became a CAAT member and my first trip with them was to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in November 2017. I am pretty sure they chose me mainly because my main language is Spanish hahaha. That trip was INCREDIBLE. I realized we didn’t go down to Punta Cana only to sterilize dogs and cats but also to help the community as a whole. When we reduce the number of unwanted pets, we reduce the number of dog bite incidents, we reduce the chances of zoonotic diseases, such as rabies, and we improve the relationship of people and pets because the pets stop being a nuisance and an eyesore. While working at the HBSPCA, I also became involved with the Niagara SPCA Mobile Outreach Unit. This is the only mobile surgical unit in Ontario that travels throughout the province.

Their main focus is reaching first nations communities that have little to no access to veterinary care. Thanks to my volunteer work with them, I have had the chance to visit some remote areas of Ontario that I otherwise wouldn’t even know exist. That’s when I started calling these trips “spaycations”, we spay/neuter dogs and cats, and we also vacation! As rewarding as my job at the HBSPCA was, I started experiencing burn out. Needless to say, working for a non-profit is financially challenging. You don’t work at a non-profit expecting to become rich or make a six-figure salary. I had to weigh my pros and cons, and I made the conscious, well-thought decision to leave. I felt conflicted because I felt like I was betraying the animals I was helping but after much soul-searching, I realized there are MANY other ways to help animals, more than through working at an SPCA.

That’s when I got started with my business “The Life You Crave” because I was ready to create amazing, incredible, never-before-seen financial results, not because I care about luxuries, but because I truly, truly, truly want to give back to animals AND to the people who help animals every single day. My former boss at the HBSPCA, Melissa, and I became good friends after we both left the organization. She joined me in Colombia in December 2018 and we quickly whipped up a fundraiser together where we raised close to $3,000 I believe. While in Colombia, I took her to a dog shelter that is dear and near to my heart. They have anywhere between 300 - 400 dogs at any given moment. This shelter is NOWHERE like any North American shelter. This is basically a field out in the open, with tin roofs and overgrown grass.

Melissa’s heart was moved and she was deeply touched seeing what the reality is like for dogs and cats in developing countries. We ended up bringing a senior dog, Osa, back to Canada and we found her a home here in southern Ontario. With the money we raised, we funded a oneday spay/neuter clinic for dogs and cats in a small town. Melissa had never been part of something like this and she was inspired. That night, as we shared a bed in an Airbnb she said “We need to do this again at a bigger scale”, I said “Dude, my dream is to do this every single day!” and an idea was born… we started brainstorming ideas and writing down a plan for what would become HOLA. We realized if we wanted to scale our fun little project, we needed to create an organization to make it look more serious and legitimate. At the beginning of 2019, Humane Outreach for Latin Animals “HOLA” was born. We want to focus on helping ALL of Latin America but for obvious reasons, we focused our first efforts in Colombia. We got busy and started planning our first official project, a spay/neuter campaign in the beautiful, historical city of Cartagena, on the north-west coast of Colombia.

We recruited volunteers from North

We were planning two campaigns this

America, we laid out the requirements

year. One in July where we would sterilize

to volunteer with us (they each had to

300 cats, and one in December where we

commit to raising a minimum amount of

planned to sterilize 400 dogs and cats.

money to fund the cost of the campaign), and they needed to

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we had to

be willing to work in the heat, with

cancel the July campaign, and it looks like

minimal equipment and in “rough”

we’ll have to pull the plug on the

conditions (by rough I mean no A/C in a

December campaign as well.

city that is on average 30 C) I struggled with this decision because I

Our first campaign last November

know that animals won’t stop reproducing,

exceeded our expectations.

and now more than ever there are less and less resources, people are donating

We sterilized just over 400 dogs and

less because there are being more careful

cats and also provided basic wellness

with their money and how they spend their

treatments (nail trims, deworming

funds…. I know this isn’t my fault though

medications, anti-flea medications, ear

and if we really can’t pull December’s

cleanings) to close to 400 more.

campaign, we know we will come back stronger and better in 2021.

Try to beÂ

a rainbow

in someone's cloud

- Maya Angelou

Join Me A few years ago, I was volunteering at a LGBTQ senior center when a lovely older transgender woman by the name of Joni walked in the door. It was Joni's first day at the center and like most people, she was a bit nervous. The senior community at the center is very tight and as a newbie, she felt alone. A couple days later, she was standing alone in the lobby and a gentleman approached her. He asked her to come have coffee and sit with him in the dining hall. That was all it took. A stranger in her own home offered her a connection. The gentleman noticed she was alone and instead of turning the other way [like so many of his co-residence did], he acted. He was ThoughtFull. "Come join me,” he told her. “That moment changed my life,” she told me. We need to remember that we are all going through something. We need to remember to be kind and understanding of one another. We need to be able to look outside of ourselves and realize the power we have - The power we have to touch lives. To change lives. To create lives. Be ThoughtFull, Lo

A Moment of Gratitude Dreya, @_positivelyvibing

Hey You! Yes, the beautiful soul reading this article right now! I am grateful for you and guess what? You just made my day! So, thank you! You're probably thinking "Uhh --- why? I didn't do anything. Maybe this article is not for me and I should stop reading this." I would have most likely thought the exact same thing! But you know what? I'm not surprised by your reaction. (*smiles*) In fact, 85% of people would have reacted the same way you did. How come? Well, let's put it this way. Society has taught us to be accustomed to "negativity". As simple as that. And so when someone tells us that they're grateful for us or thanks us just because --- we immediately think it's weird or question them. Why? We're not used to it. Our brains, our thinking patterns, our ways are not accustomed to that kind of habit. I felt that way too in the beginning and learned that's not the proper way to keep living life. So I had to make positive changes, rid of bad habits, and re-learn a new way of living.

Allow me to warn you now. This new way of living will NOT be easy but it's also NOT impossible! With consistency and practice you'll get there! Before I dive into the sparkly and sunshiny good stuff. Let me tell you that I didn't always live my life in green pastures. Matter of fact it was filled with lots of pain, anger, regret, abuse, loneliness, and sadness. (*another story for another time.*) 29 years of staying in that kind of mindset and searching for myself. While it took 5 years of re-learning, re-building, and refocusing!

While I could have allowed those 29 years to make me bitter and live in that negative state. I decided to take charge of my life and drastically change! So, I began with creating a simple routine by waking up the same time every day, saying a small prayer, and giving thanks that I get to live another day. Then I thought to myself I'd like to do something more. So I decided to create a grateful jar --- writing on post-it notes what I am most grateful for and dropping them in the jar. And before the end of the year, I get excited to open them all up! The 365 little presents to open, read, and reflect!

You see those little routines are like stocks. We don't see our investments until years later or in this case a year later. 5 years later here I am better than ever! Developing a habit of gratitude and a heart filled with thankfulness gives life so much more meaning. All the while benefiting our health! Interesting Fact: Gratitude (kinda like Prozac) can boost the neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the brain stem to produce dopamine. So how do you start on this journey of gratefulness? Great question! I took the time to create this 7-day gratitude challenge to make it easier for you to do! Check it out on: www.positivelyvibing.com/bitesizedthoughts/7daygratitudechallenge If you've read this far --- thank you! Lovely reminder that it's never too late to start, take charge, and change for the better! Listen, if you have found that to be helpful let me know or drop me a DM on the gram. I can't wait to hear your gratitude journey! Sending you all the love, blessings, and positive vibes! Love Always, Dreya

Feel-Good News A start-up company in Uganda is upcycing plastic bottles into PPE face shields for hospitals.

Chemical engineers from Sydney have developed a way to convert CO2 emissions into chemical building blocks for fuel.

A senior home in Brazil has created a "hug tunnel" so visitors can embrace their loved ones.

The extinct Harlequin Toad has been rediscovered by a New Brunswick researcher.

The Discovery of A Positive Mindset Simply Grace Danielle


IT’S ONLY REALLY BEEN IN THE LAST TWO YEARS THAT I’VE STARTED TO FOCUS ON WORKING TOWARDS HAVING A POSITIVE MINDSET AND LOOKING AT LIFE THROUGH A DIFFERENT LENS. So where did it all begin? I studied BA Honours Dance in Liverpool 2014 - 2017 and I was incredibly lucky to have had an amazing university experience. I lived in a vibrant city, made friends for life, and just had an absolute blast! Three years of my life filled with amazing memories. However, I found finishing university a really tricky time for several reasons. Mostly because I was unemployed for quite a while, didn’t know what I wanted to do and I felt like all my friends had their life together. I think other graduates can relate to this, but I always dreaded the question, “So what are you going to do now?”. I always felt really embarrassed that I didn’t know the answer.

Around October/November 2017, I returned to work at my old part-time job at Marks and Spencer, whilst I was searching for what to do next. Whilst working there I started volunteering at different arts festivals, at the time I wanted to do something in the production world I think! Marks and Spencer is a fantastic retail store to work for and I would recommend working there to anyone. Unfortunately, there were not enough hours. During these 10 months of being a miserable graduate, my best friend introduced me to a book called ‘Magic’ by Rhonda Byrnes. The author talks about the power of gratitude and takes you on a 28-day gratitude challenge. [Something that my parents had been telling me most of my life but never really thought about what that actually means.] This book taught me how to count my blessings, rather than focusing on the negatives.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, whilst I was reading this book in February 2018, I secured my first full-time ‘proper’ job in the recruitment industry and immediately felt the power of gratitude. The story behind this was that I went into the recruitment agency looking for another job and met with the director. She asked me if I had ever considered working in recruitment. After constant rejections and walking out of a job centre crying because the job centre lady told me I wouldn’t find employment with a dance degree on my cv, it was the first time in 10 months that I felt noticed and left the agency feeling super positive, all thanks to my director who I still work for now. I will never forget the feeling when I got offered this role, I just kept repeating the words “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”.

Whilst working in recruitment, I carried on reading ‘The Magic’ and then went on to read her book called ‘The Secret’ and became really interested in the ‘Law of Attraction’. Law of Attraction is the belief that we can use our thoughts to manifest to the universe the life we want to create for ourselves and the experiences we encounter. When I started to research the ‘Law of Attraction’, I started to view life through a different perspective and was more mindful of my thoughts and just became really excited about life! Which is a great feeling to feel, right?! Working in recruitment has had a big influence on my mindset and it’s where my passion for people began. It is a high energy role, where a lot of things out of your control can go wrong, so having a positive mindset is essential in order to be successful. I have come across so many challenges in my role, but my director has always told me to look at this as a lesson learned or an opportunity for something, dwelling on a negative situation definitely will not improve it!

One of my strengths at work is my emotional intelligence but this can at times can be a weakness of mine when a negative situation occurs. The best advice I received from my director is to ‘TCUP’, which is to think clearly under pressure. Instead of letting your emotions get in the way. Throughout a working day, I always try to be mindful of my mindset. Whilst working in recruitment, you meet candidates who have had different life experiences, so it is really important to create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and positive. This way you can really connect and help them the best you can. One of my favourite parts about my job is meeting and supporting graduates who have no idea what they want to do because it’s an area I can really relate to. Whenever I am interviewing graduates, I always think about how hopeless I felt after leaving the job centre and this is what drives me to provide a supporting and outstanding service. In addition to this, I have been lucky enough to attend invaluable training including personal development sessions and networking events – which has been super helpful.

The impact of having a positive mindset in the workplace and daily life: - Increase in productivity - Increase in success at work - Positive working energy - Closer relationships with others - Feeling content and calm - Overall happiness and love - Enjoyment in life - Providing an outstanding service at work - Being able to see the positive sides in a negative situation

Everything I have learnt through Rhonda Byrnes and working in recruitment, I use in my daily life and have seen improvements in my overall happiness, relationships with others and wellbeing too. When daily life challenges occur, I know with a positive mindset I will always be able to get through it, no matter how long it may take me. One thing I haven’t shared with you all, is that I am a huge over thinker and this is something I’m always trying to work on. Whilst, I reflect over the last couple of years, I feel really proud of myself and my shift in mindset, which I continue to develop and share with you all. However, although most of the time I focus on having a positive mindset, I still have down days. But that is okay and completely normal. After all, we are currently living through a world pandemic. But these negative days make the positive days even more fabulous :)

All My Love Simply Grace Danielle x

Positively Planted Christie, @the.mindful.guru

Our thoughts are like a seedling, the more we think the same thoughts, the more these thoughts grow.

You must feed it! Now, I'll admit It takes time, but it will eventually climb.

Now you know... Our thoughts can be positively planted. How you ask? Follow me on the journey, of the positively planted seedling.

It may feel like a chore, but you have to pour... In order to deliver the food and for the plant to be renewed. Always aim it towards the light, that way it will grow tall and bright.

Now what is the seed you wish to feed? Is it one of calmness, love, or safety? Now don't be too hasty! Take the seed you wish to sew and in order for it to grow...

Remember to be persistent, and the growth will be consistent. Eventually, your positively planted seed will bloom and it will be the sweetest smelling perfume.


Morning Motivation Emma, @setforwardthinking

One small, positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. If that’s the case, imagine what a morning filled with positivity could do. I had never given any thought before about how my morning could affect the rest of my day. I used to check my phone as soon as I woke up, probably mindlessly scrolling on social media for a bit and eventually get started on my jobs for the day. Now I fill my morning with things that uplift me and motivate me, and I feel 10 times more motivated and excited to start my day! Here are the key things I like to include in my morning routine: Reading One of my favourite acts of self-care is reading a good book. Reading first thing in the morning helps to start my day calmly, reducing stress levels. I also try to read books that inspire and uplift me, so I’m already experiencing motivational messages straight away. It can also be hard to find time for self-care in our busy lives so bringing it into my morning makes sure I give myself that time. Gratitude Part of my morning journaling includes a gratitude list – I always write down 3 things I am grateful for. Feelings of gratitude elevate your energy and mood. It helps to remind you that there are positive things in your life and will help you notice these throughout your day. Meditation Meditation is a great combatant for stress, and when we all live such busy lives, it’s a great way to give your mind a moment of calm before you start a jam-packed day. I personally use guided meditations – one of my favourites helps me to visualize how I want my day to go and how I want to be, so I know exactly how to make sure that I have the best day I can.

Movement I try to incorporate a bit of stretching or yoga into my morning before I get going for the day. I find yoga relaxing and it helps me to feel a lot less tense. Any kind of exercise will help release some endorphins which will elevate your mood, putting you in a happier frame of mind to start your day. I love the difference changing up my morning routine had on my days so much I have even bought books on how to set up the perfect morning. If you want to look deeper into how you can use your morning to transform your day I strongly recommend Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning – Elrod sets out his six key morning ‘SAVERS’ that guarantee a day that fuels a positive mindset. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be elaborate at all or be the exact same, but even just one small change to how you start your morning can make a big difference. Whether this is not looking at your phone straight away, doing a 5-minute meditation or a quick bit of yoga, you’re setting a much calmer and uplifting tone for the rest of your day. What one small positive action could you take in the morning to change your whole day?

Time To Get Real @goodvibecommun1ty

To keep things real, there are some days where shit just hits the fan. It will happen at the most inconvenient of times and on the busiest of days, and it is nothing short of stressful on top of everything else. These times are tricky, but we have to remind ourselves that we can only control the controlables. Everything else is out of our hands. Every day we will react to an uncontrollable situation differently than the way we did before. Some days are great, we take everything with a grain of salt and do our best and we do a great job. On the other hand, some days we can’t pull it together. We can’t brush off our shoulders like we could on other days. Yes, this sucks, but it is okay. It is okay to have a bad day. One important thing I remind others in times of despair is that they will never have to live today again. No matter how bad the day is they will only have to live it once. And although it might SUCK, once it’s over it’s over forever.

I am not much of a future thinker, so days where my world is crumbling it is hard for me to think about the long-term impact. It is hard for me to see the big picture. However, I can see the little picture. And I know that in the little picture the one little extra step that I didn’t think I could take today but I did, is a HUGE accomplishment. In my little picture, I can see that this accomplishment is so big. I can see that I am worthy, I am capable, and that I am powerful. Those positive affirmations are what carry me through those bad days and towards tomorrow. Thank you for reading xoxo -the good vibe community

Contributors EMMA Emma is a British teacher with a passion for building positive mindsets. Spending the last couple of years working on her own self-development to help stay motivated and reach her goals, she wants to support others to do the same and create a more positive life for themselves. She has set up an Instagram page @setforwardthinking to share positivity and motivation tips to help others.

GRACE Grace is a dance graduate and currently working in the recruitment industry, whilst being a big dreamer! She started her blog page @simplygracedanielle to keep her occupied whilst on furlough. She is passionate about people, having a positive mindset and making the most out of life! You can connect with her through Instagram or her website found in her bio. Her blog content involves daily lifestyle, positivity, fashion and creativity.

Contributors CHRISTIE Christie is a nature lover, slightly cat obsessed and has a soft spot for‌ pizza. She is currently a learning dis/ABILITIES teacher in Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about youth mental health and emotion education. Her hope is to equip her students with the necessary tools and skills to become resilient life long learners that are in tune with their mental state. You can find her on Instagram @the.mindful.guru. Feel free to reach out and connect.

DREYA Dreya is a mindset coach, wellness educator and a financial expert whose passion is to help individuals and families gain a better perspective on their whole well-being! She is passionate about uplifting peoples spirits and spreading kindness through the means of her social media presence in hopes they too would do the same. You can connect with her through Instagram @_positivelyvibing, fb @positivelyvibingpage or her website www.positivelyvibing.com.

Contributors CATHERINE Ever since she was young, Catherine wanted to help others, even in the smallest ways possible. Late last year, she decided to start Common Sense Living to help people live a better, fuller life. She shares original posts on how quotes, images and our personal experiences can show us the beauty in everyday life. Website: commonsenseliving.ca Instagram: @common_sense_living


Gloria is a 23-year-old poet and writer, with a passion for learning languages and discovering new cultures. She’s now focusing on her studies of Chinese. She started an Instagram account (@thebrightside.ig), which is centred around cultivating a positive mindset, and finding the bright side in life (or just on a bad day).

Contributors LO Lo is the creator, writer, and illustrator of @Be_ThoughtFull and ThoughtFullLife.com. Her goal is to inspire human connection with Challenges and share insight on ways to be a more ThoughtFull person. When you are ThoughtFull, you create a space that can be Full of joy, Full of connection, and Full of positive feelings. Every single one of us has the power to be a positive influence in our relationships through open communication. Let’s share what matters most. Let’s be ThoughtFull.

THE GOOD VIBE COMMUNITY The Good Vibe Community is run by two students who are passionate about sharing their stories surrounding mental health as well as other topics. They like to highlight stories from different accounts, and have created some great relationships along the way with people within their community. Their direct messages are always open and eager to chat. Their goal is to help as many people as possible, and this is just the beginning of their journey.

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