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Ireland’s destination for healthy living. 8th & 9th September 2018 RDS Industries Hall / vitalityexpo.ie Vitality Expo 2018 is Ireland’s only consumer and trade focused natural health exhibition where you can learn about exciting new products and remedies, meet natural health suppliers, discover the latest natural health trends, and obtain tips and expert advice from the many well-known figures within the natural health industry in Ireland and beyond. Vitality is a natural health and well-being event with a festival feel. All natural health interests will be catered for across 4 stages by leading industry experts including; Alison Canavan, Dr Sarah Murphy, Fiann Ó Nualláin and Oliver McCabe.

Alison Canavan – Health & Wellness Coach

Dr Sarah Murphy – MB Bch BAO

Fiann Ó Nualláin – The Holistic Gardener

Oliver McCabe – Independent Irish Healthfoods

This is just the beginning... So I’m doing this lovely mag ten years, what a trip so far, getting to talk to all the world’s leading teachers and hopefully delivering some positivity and good vibes into our world. To celebrate, we have decided to publish an e-book featuring a collection of selected interviews from some of the amazing teachers we have spoken to: Deepak Chopra, Adyashanti, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, to name but a few. Keep an eye out for the launch very soon on our website and through social media. Meanwhile, I get to proofread this summer issue before it arrives to you and I have to say it’s a gem. I wish to express my gratitude to all our writers, editors, advertisers, designers and readers. Thank you for all you do. paul congdon, Publisher



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Summer Vibes Holistic highlights for the lightest days


Positively Newsworthy Happenings to lift your heart


Spirituality and the City The power of family bonds


Positive Parenting Setting screen time limits


Dee Wallace Release the beliefs that hold you back


Amanda Collins Dare to be vulnerable


Sandy Newbigging How to break the attachment catch


Matthew Lennon A healing gift that transcends time


Vitality Expo Nutrition expert Patrick Holford tells us what’s in store


Summer Retreat Embracing the wonder of life in Findhorn


Tantra Create a daily tantra practice


Adyashanti The world-renowned spiritual teacher offers his wisdom


Nutraceuticals Meet the company leading a nutrition revolution


Davie Philip Technology and stewardship


CNM Take a naturopathic approach to wellbeing


Hans Wieland Miracles of the humble horseradish


Summer Recipes Savour a beautiful buckwheat galette


Short and Sweet The holistic world’s offerings this season


Positively Metaphysical Everyday mindfulness


Keith Cullen What cancer taught me


Biomagnetic Therapy Exploring the magnetic modality


Astrology How the planets are shaking up our world

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summer vibes

“SUMMER MOONLIGHT / ALL SOFT AND FAIR… BREATHES SWEET THOUGHTS EVERYWHERE” -EMILY BRONTË health paradigm? Paulette Agnew, in her book FAB Health, shares the story of her recovery from Lyme disease. A compilation of personal experience, research and interviews with leading health professionals, Paulette offers hope and a simply explained solution to antibiotic resistant illness through Frequency And Biomagnetic (FAB) medicine. pauletteagnew.com

selfnurture Human Connection

THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY Photo: ©Arkadiusz Baron

bloom n’ grow Get Elemental Thirsty to drink from the font of feminine wisdom which lies within you? Facilitator Sky Buitenhuis invites you to embark on ‘The Heroine’s Journey’, a four weekend immersion into the wilderness of nature and the self, to emerge empowered and attuned within. Come share in the rich tapestry of women’s wisdom awaiting YOU. theearthisdreaming.com/womens-courses

The Peace Team Ready to share the bountiful benefits of meditation and mindful living? The Meditation Teacher Academy® is now offering a 200 hour certified teacher training course which enables you to

confidently teach a variety of chill-out techniques. Think loving-kindness, yoga nidra, mantra and mindfulness. Let the peace ripple on.


Camp out in the Heartspace this August during a six day extravaganza of playfulness, celebration, learning and transformation. Expect a diverse range of workshops from African dance to circus skills and yoga, helping to deepen your connection with yourself, others and nature. You can bring the kids along too! See the Heartspace Facebook event for details. facebook.com/events/164139600894707

Brain Training Optimal Brain is an advanced, personal transformation system designed to help you get the best use of your brain. With training, you can enhance just about anything in the realms of brain functioning; relieving stress and anxiety and improving sleep cycles, focus, attention and retention. Do your brain a favour and have a gander. optimalbrain.ie

Hope and Healing Disenchanted and ready to embrace a new


Spiritual Momentum Marianne Williamson will be winging her way to Dublin this October 10th for what’s sure to be an inspiring, uplifting and empowering seminar. Marianne is author of twelve published books and shares stories and wisdom on love, the spiritual journey and miracles. Check out the seminars website for more.


Summer Escapades

Impeccable Pesto

Creacon Wellness Retreat, nestled in the lush Wexford surrounds, is the perfect place to plot your next summer escape. Whether you’re going solo or attending a specialised retreat or workshop, Creacon offers an abundance of ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Small-batch, unhurried production prevails in Stoneybatter, Dublin, where Genovese Foods have been crafting their gourmet, additive, gluten and GMO - free pesto products since 1999. The oldest produces of fresh pesto in Ireland, these flavoursome little jars are well worth the dip.



Travelling Light

Rise and Shine

Downsize your baggage and travel ultra-light with Mooncup; a reusable, portable silicone menstrual cup to replace disposable tampons and pads. If you’re heading off the beaten track this summer, Mooncup will be your best travelling companion!

Mushrooms are all the rage. We tried the mushroom coffee by Four Sigmatic: rich, earthy and delicious, it sends positive vibes coursing through your system. The mushroom works with the caffeine and neutralises the jitters, replacing them with a balanced feeling. Wake up and smell the mushrooms.



summer sustenance

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a delicious variety of mushroom, with a special affinity for the brain. Mushroomstuff creates 100% organic, highly bioavailable Lion’s Mane in capsule form to enhance and protect those precious neurons in your noggin.

Come simmer in the power of positivity and an atmosphere of inspiration, sharing and enlightenment during the summer series of Positive Nights. Bring an open heart and an open mind and expect to meet more of the same. positivelife.ie/positivenights

Be the Divine You Mother Meera, native to India and embodiment of the Divine Mother, will be in Dublin this July bestowing her blessing on all those who feel the call to enlighten their inner divinity. In total silence, experience a purification of consciousness and a bestowal of light upon the soul.

Mother Nature’s Bounty Medical Medium Anthony William’s fascinating book, Life Changing Foods, reveals the healing properties on physical, emotional and spiritual levels of fifty fruits and vegetables which the earth provides us with. Discover the choices for healing, health and recovery you can make each time you sit down to a meal.

soul feul Brain Food

Melting Pot of Positivity





Teen Empowerment Treasa Traynor, director of Chrysalis Wellness, is on a mission to bring the strengths of a yoga practice into school communities. Specialising in programmes such as ‘Time out for teachers’ and ‘Wellbeing workshops’ for teens, Treasa seeks to help young people and their teachers cope with the many challenges they face during the transition from childhood to adulthood. chrysaliswellness.fit

Way of the Heart


Share in the “most healing, centring, transforming and enlightening thing” in Kevin James’ life this July, as he arrives to Dublin for an evening of chanting heartsongs, mantra and kirtan to reconnect with the intelligence of the heart. Come spread the love! kevinjamesheartsongs.com





1 The Street Store FASHION FOR FREE. by Alison McEvoy

In 2014, two advertising creatives in Cape Town sprouted the idea to create The Street Store. Out the window of their home in one of Cape Town’s trendiest suburbs, they could not help but notice the second hand clothes, homelessness and poverty of so many people, standing out starkly against the wealth of others. They dreamed up a more dignified shopping experience for the homeless of Cape Town than rummaging in bins; a place where people could try on clothes and “choose something that they actually like.” The Cape Town Street Store is premises free and therefore rent free, consisting only of call-out posters, styled into hangers, which are hung on


designated street railings where people come to donate and shop.

“The world’s haves can meet the have-nots and they can remember that both sides are human.” The Street Store is more than a pop-up shopping emporium however, it is a place of soulful collaboration where “the world’s haves can meet the have-nots and they can remember that both sides are human.” Street Store creators have decided to open source their materials, making it

possible for people internationally to host Street Stores. Once the pledge is made, they make posters, advertising materials and guidelines available to you and help you to spread the word through their marketing platforms. The numbers continue to grow and at the last count more than 263 cities worldwide had signed up to host a Street Store. Cities like Brussels, Vancouver, San Diego, Hong Kong and as far as Sao Paolo are creating their own versions of Street Stores in a bid to reach out a helping hand to those in need. thestreetstore.org

2 Minimal Waste Grocery THE ECO-FRIENDLY WAY TO SHOP. by Alison McEvoy

“People are ready to say no to plastic wrapping which needlessly spoils our natural habitat.” As the realisation of the environmental effects of plastic waste dawns on societies across the globe, Zero-Waste Heroes have emerged from the masses, rallying the world to action. Given that 20% of all plastic created is used for packaging of food and drink, supermarkets are a good place to start - a place where the choices of ordinary people can make a difference. As one activist exclaimed, “You can buy wheatfree, gluten-free, fat-free…why can’t you buy plastic-free?” Jennie Jacques de Cisneros, a Dublin based zero-waste pioneer, created

the Minimal Waste Grocery. From my market stall opposite hers in Dublin 3, I watched as each week people flocked there, glass jars in tow, eager, excited and alive with the feeling of making a change. We hardly had time to chat anymore as week upon week her stall became more bustling with interest. The choice is yours, whether you shop online and have your plastic-free groceries delivered to your door, or if you prefer the old-cum-new fashioned experience of having your shopping vessels filled up in front of you; brimful with staples like rice, quinoa and oats, or

with more radical plastic-free products like toothpaste tablets and reusable bamboo straws. People are ready to say no to plastic wrapping which needlessly spoils our natural habitat and indeed “Minimal Waste Grocery is all about saying no to unnecessary plastic packaging; no to paying for it and no to paying again to dispose of it.” minimalwastegrocery.com

3 Children Take Inspired Action Against Plastic DETERMINATION CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. by Aisling Cronin With our oceans rapidly becoming choked by plastic (if current trends continue, they will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050), any steps taken to reduce this threat are to be welcomed. One group of 12-year-olds at the Gymnasium Drasche Strasse in Vienna, Austria, were determined to take action. Together with their art teacher, Peder Hill, they decided to build a huge 5-metre-long whale sculpture from plastic to highlight ocean pollution. The whale was exhibited at Austria’s largest aquarium, the Haus des Meeres, and is also being installed at the United Nations office in Vienna from June 4th – 8th. The project is the focal point of Austria’s World Environment Day celebration on June 5th. The kids didn’t stop there, however – they then initiated the world’s first ever

Children’s Clean Ocean Summit, which will be held at the United Nations office in Vienna this Summer. They also found a creative way to express their concern for the planet’s oceans by inviting representatives from Austria’s makeup school to paint their faces and turn them into living embodiments of the animals whose lives are threatened by ocean pollution. An international team of over 40 volunteers (including the famous graphic artist David Carson) have now pledged their support for the children’s campaign,

“An app called Fatechanger will empower kids to tackle ocean pollution.”

Kids Save Oceans. Six volunteers are developing a mobile app called Fatechanger to teach kids about ocean pollution and empower them to tackle it. kidssaveocean.com

positively newsworthy the little things 1 Montessori Mayhem SAVED BY THE BREATH by Alison McEvoy I’ve been teaching yoga in Montessori for a while now. I remember one week in the early days when I completely blanked out, losing all access to words for what seemed like a very long time. I’d practised the cheeky songs and gestures, and the adventure yoga story I planned to tell, in the days leading up to the class. However my plan shrivelled out of view of my mind’s eye while I was demonstrating Downward-Facing Dog (complete with a realistic sounding ‘Woof woof’) and I suddenly found toddlers crawling under me, clawing at each other to make it through first.

“I was greeted with the most heart-melting hugs and kisses, and waved off with more at the end of class…”


In full view of teachers, work experience students and toddlers alike, I froze. Part of me wanted to laugh and roll around on the floor with them but somehow it didn’t seem like the best back-up plan. I peeled my way out of the pose, carefully avoiding crushing any of their soft-bodied limbs. They were like excited bees whirring around a hive – wild, buzzing and flitting in all directions. Luckily, saved by that same vision, the situation eventually calmed itself as we practised the buzzing bee breath. As always, in yoga, saved by the breath. But then there were all those weeks when I was greeted with the most heartmelting hugs and kisses and waved off with more at the end of class after being generously helped to tie my shoelaces. I floated on air those days. Their embraces filled me with the remembrance of the easy, loving nature of children and reminded me to embrace the inner child nature that still lives within the adult. thabarwa.org

2 Soaking in the Sun MY HOMAGE TO SUMMER by Aisling Cronin In late September – when condensation appears on my windows each morning and the temperature noticeably plunges – my mental health takes a brief but significant hit. I struggle to feel motivated: to face the cold each morning and do what needs to be done in my everyday life. I deal with winter by searching for the beauty within it and remembering that it is a very necessary phase of the year, without which life as we know it could not flourish. Still, I always see winter as something to be endured.

“I was in a state of delighted disbelief throughout the heatwave.” Up until mid-April, I had become so accustomed to my “hunker down and wait for it to pass” mentality that the sudden burst of warm air and sunshine we received came as a shock. I was in a state of delighted disbelief throughout the heatwave: amazed by the fact that I was able to dress lightly and still be comfortable, that I was able to sit by the Royal Canal with a friend and savour an orange Calippo (a much-loved treat that I only like to eat during the summer), while laughing over the antics of some nearby swans who kept diving for food and meandering along the canal with their bottoms sticking right into the air. I revelled in the coconut-scented SPF30 that I had to apply to my skin for the first time in months. This is my homage to summer; to the uplifting mood that it brings.



VITAMIN C CONTRIBUTES TO: Normal function of the immune system Normal collagen formation Normal function of the nervous system Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

FEEL THE POWER OF ALTRIENT VITAMIN C *2014 double-blind placebo controlled study Princeton Consumer Research Ltd. UK

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spirituality & the city RELATIONSHIPS – SHARING LOVE Couple, Eva Lennox and Andrew McAvinchy Eva: The thing I love the most about Andrew is his big heart. He is a beautiful, kind and sensitive man with a wicked sense of adventure. He is full of sweetness and a joy for life and I feel grateful that I get to experience all of the undulations of life with him. He is capable of holding a deep level of intimacy that continues to bring our relationship beyond previous boundaries. We are different in lots of ways and sometimes that drives me mad, but it offers the possibility to see things from different perspectives. I love that Andrew is my husband, I love that he is my friend, I love that he is in my life. I just love Andrew!

Mum, Saralee Cassidy and Sons As a family we have our ups and downs, however, we are very open and truthful about how and what we feel, our experiences, fears and loves. When we’re having a heightened day things can go a little array, so on those particular days we like to practice a simple feel good exercise; we affirm what we love about each other! There is only one rule - Keep it very real! Here’s a little peek into our world! Rory who is the youngest is loved for his kindness to animals, for being smart, nice and so funny. Peter, who is the middle man, is loved for being smart, a leader and cool and good to play games. Jack who is the eldest is loved for being super smart, creative and great at the Xbox. Mummy is loved for being different, smart, being in her own world, being kind and hugs. It’s a very simple exercise but it does create an attitude of gratitude for every person in the family.

Andrew: Ram Dass said in a Netflix documentary we watched together recently that Rama asked Hanuman, “Who are you?” Hanuman answered, “When I don’t know who I am, I serve you. When I know who I am, I am you.” Eva and I are always in this dance where sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump waltzing awkwardly with Jenny for the first time, other times we rock and roll like John Travolta and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. What I love about her is that she’s always listening to the music, no matter what is playing, and she’ll always give me a gentle nudge so I can find my rhythm again. Eva is kind, open, fiercely loyal and sexy as hell. What’s not to love?

Couple, Antoinette and Ben Patton Ben: There are loads of things I love about Antoinette, but lately what comes to mind is the way conversation flows with her. We both do a lot of thinking out loud and often my opinions aren’t fully formed and can be controversial, but regardless she is willing to give them a chance. I think we both recognise that conversation with your spouse needn’t be as careful as with everyone else; we can create a sloppy dialogue together. There’s a trust there that I really value, and it has only grown since getting married. I think in the age of digital footprints this type of liberated, unjudged dialogue is a rare and special thing. Antoinette: I love his curiosity and enthusiasm. I love how open and genuine he is. His positivity is contagious; it’s hard to be around him and not feel happy. He’s also a lot more sensible and practical than I am; he keeps me grounded. We’ve travelled together, worked together and occupied some pretty tiny apartments together. He’s my constant companion and I feel halved when he’s not by my side.

Mother, Lynn and daughter Sienna Hodgins Lynn: Sienna is the brightest part of my life. From the very second she came into this world she has made me the happiest and proudest Mum. She’s quick witted, intuitive, thoughtful, fun and such a gentle, loving soul. Guiding her through this life is the best gift and purpose l could have ever wished for. She has been a great teacher to me in many ways. I can’t picture what my life would have looked like without her in it. I’m very grateful. She is my world and l value every second l’m with her. Sienna: I love my mum so much because she’s different to other mums. She has helped me though everything in my life. If ever l have a problem she sorts it out. She’s not just my mum, she’s my best friend. It’s just been me and mum for most of my life and I’ve loved every second of it. She’s so much fun, I love her smile and she’s a great chef. My mum is very adventurous and my life has always been very exciting. She works hard to give me a great life. She’s the best mum in the world and l wouldn’t want any other mum.


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by Anna Cole

Does any of this sound familiar? “Time to turn screens off now”. No response. “That’s your hour, it’s time to turn screens off now” No response. “Now!” No response. Chocolate Easter bunny close to hand, half-affectionately thrown across the room to grab attention. Easter bunny broken, child angry and upset and one parent hot under the collar. Well, perhaps the Easter bunny missile bit is new to you but getting children off screen time can feel like scream time. For adult and child. I should know better. I know to connect before I correct but there’s something about screens that do my head in. For most of us parents, screen time battles are ubiquitous. Most of us have some sense that screens are addictive, and this can be frightening to us parents. We don’t want our kids developing a dependency on something at such a tender age. Research shows that the neurotransmitter dopamine is released while watching screens. Adrenaline and cortisol wash though our child’s system, with no

opportunity for physical release. When screens are turned off abruptly, clinical psychologist Isabelle Filliozat says children feel real physical ‘shock’ of pain at the jolt between the ‘hit’ and the withdrawal, and the zone they are in and reality. In sum, children get off screens, disconnected and awash with ‘fight, flight or freeze’ hormones that leave them tetchy and hard to reach.

What to do? Here are some simple, but not always easy steps that will help: Step 1: Regularly (once per week minimum) get another adult to listen to you without advice, interruption and with confidentiality as you let off steam about screens in your child’s lives. Figure out what your own screen-time limits are. You get to decide on that, but plan for it, and get clear about your intentions. Step 2: ‘Connect before correct’. When it’s time to get your child off screens, go join them for a minute. Sit close, let them feel you calmly there, maybe put a warm hand on their arm and for a minute engage and show an interest. Ask a question about what they are watching or playing (although, in my experience, if they are lost in the game you may not get a reply) Step 3: Bring the limit: physically warm

and close, minimum words. They are in their amygdala, the ‘fight or flight’ part of the brain, when on screens, so don’t get too wordy, save the lecture, just simply say warmly, “It’s time to turn screens off now.” Step 4: Hold the limit, “Yep, I know it’s exciting, but it’s time.” Step 5: Stay close and listen. Depending on how lost in screens your child is that day, this will precipitate the simple, elegant (although on the outside it can look really messy) way of recovering connection that I mentioned in the last issue. Your child may, depending on their age, possibly whine, moan or get angry as you calmly hold the limit. The upset that they get out and show you, will allow the dopamine, adrenaline and cortisol haze to clear much quicker. You’ll have your co-operative screen-free child back much sooner than if you shut off screens and them! So let them have their feelings. To do this final step, you are going to have to rinse and repeat Step 1 regularly. Go forth brave parents! Anna Cole, PhD, is a parent educator, researcher, writer and a certified instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting. She can be found on Facebook at: Hand in Hand Parenting with Anna Cole handinhandparenting.org

12 “When it’s time to get your child off screens…sit close, let them feel you calmly there.”


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Zell Oxygen is a powerful nutritional supplement with years of clinical proven success. Designed by Germany’s Dr Wolz who discovered a unique process so that vital (bio active) nutrients can be absorbed directly into our bodies mitochondria system were they are most needed. Those suffering from the symptoms of chronic fatigue or taking Zell Oxygen. Available in two formulas to suit all needs: Zell Immunkomplex for low immune system. Zell Plus for daily maintenace an stamina. Healing, strengthening and maintaining your body at a cellular level. For more information visit www.rossmorehealth.com

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belonging EMBRACE YOUR INNER CHILD. by Dee Wallace

I have been in the process of very consciously reprogramming myself around beliefs and feelings that...haven’t felt good. Most of them are around, “They don’t like me,” or “I don’t fit in.” Being immersed on a set for fourteen hours a day can really heighten anything that makes you feel weaker, and so I have gotten to really delve into this annoying mind-chatter and watch how I often default into that reaction. I know many of you share this challenge of,” I feel like I don’t belong.” So let’s explore it together. Over and over again, people came up to me and told me how good I was, how

gracious I was, how they enjoyed working with me. BUT. But no one called for dinner. But no one could go out. But I felt not included. BUT, who did I call? Who did I reach out to? You see, when we have that belief system in place, we KEEP OURSELVES from creating the experiences we want because we have decided the outcome already, and so we never follow through in the creation of what we want; the experience of being accepted. And it continues to be ‘them’ and we continue to create the experience we don’t want and the circle continues. It’s exhausting, and it’s not fun, and we don’t get what we want. So every time I felt that old feeling or

heard that old thought, I corrected myself; I am loved and appreciated and accepted. AND I love, appreciate and accept everyone as I wish to be. I can absolutely trace this all the way back in memory to five years old when I entered school. I was different. I felt different. But EVERYONE is different and unique. Let’s start accepting that and make it a GOOD thing. One of our community sent this to me. They couldn’t remember where it originally came from, so forgive me for not acknowledging the original writer:

how unfortunate it was the way you were treated as a child, then you can be the only one who teaches me how to love and serve you in the best way possible. I apologize to you for trying so hard to be so overly capable, while ignoring you in the process. Please become my teacher and show me how to love you so I may infuse you with the safety you are waiting to receive. Please let me know how I can love you right now while I remember the fact that the spiritual reason for why my parents acted that way, was to put me in the direction of my highest destiny, where I become the parent I never had - by becoming the opposite of how I was treated. If my parents yelled, I speak to my heart softly. If my parents admonished, I welcome everything with love. If my parents hit, I wrap my arms around myself and I hold myself gently. If my parents never gave me a voice, I always ask questions that give myself the choice. So that I can recognize the very opposite of my parents’ behaviour. It’s the recipe in action-steps of how I can learn to love myself better. So please inner child become my teacher, as I remain your guardian. As we merge together as one into the holy matrimony of unity consciousness. As never before that I am now. AND SO IT IS.

Again, let’s work with our Little Children to integrate with us in knowing how special and awesome we really are. You have no idea how powerful it is! Blessings, Dee

“Let’s work with our Little Children to integrate with us in knowing how special and awesome we really are.”

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo. The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life of acting. iamdeewallace.com P.S. To further explore your Inner Child, visit: iamdeewallace.com/product/the-littlechild-experience/


opening to the


gifts of vulnerability AT PEACE WITH BEING YOU.

by Amanda Collins I was in my late twenties before I really understood what vulnerability meant and the gifts it offered. It was much easier for me to act positively and say that everything was just fine, rather than share that soft and sacred part of myself with anyone. Over time I saw the benefits of acknowledging my own vulnerability. My introduction to vulnerability came at a time when I had no choice. My dearest girlfriend became ill and died of cancer, and I experienced a domino effect of grief and sadness. I had no choice but to allow myself to be VULNERABLE. Thank goodness I had people who could hold me and show me that I was safe, even if I felt sad, weak and powerless, and therefore vulnerable. Another time when I had no choice but to acknowledge my vulnerability was after the birth of each of my children. At such a time no woman is able to do it all herself. By acknowledging this fact and accepting the love and support of others, I was able to look at this special time as a gift and an opportunity to go deeper into myself. I understand why being vulnerable and showing it can be scary. It feels that you are opening yourself up to rejection and it’s natural to react by wanting to protect yourself; but really, a defensive reaction brings more hurt, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You remain bound, constrained, and unable to heal and to better know yourself. I still remember those days when I was just beginning to allow myself to be vulnerable. I was sure that I my friends and others would reject me. I imagined that they would not accept me if I revealed any weakness or need. But the more I did precisely that, the more I discovered that people’s reaction was the complete opposite. We became closer and our relationships became more real.

Do you also feel that being vulnerable will make you seem weak or broken? Let me assure you once again that the opposite will actually happen. You will become more confident, for you are no longer feeling like you are hiding parts of yourself and being a fraud. Imagine the relief and release that will bring as the real you - all of you - emerges!

“You will become more confident… imagine the relief and release that will bring as the real you - all of you - emerges!” Benefits of Allowing Yourself to Be Vulnerable: • • • • • • • • • • •

Becoming at peace with who you are Feeling more grounded Experiencing more freedom and less pretence Sensing the world as a safer place Expanding your heart with selfcompassion and forgiveness Allowing others to offer emotional support Strengthening your nervous and immune systems Developing trust, confidence, and a greater sense of self-worth. Replacing isolation and loneliness with connection Taking back your power to be yourself Learning to ask for what you need.

Practical Tips For Accepting Your Vulnerability • • • • • • • •

Know the light and dark in yourself Accept that you are worthy to be heard, known and loved Be willing to risk expressing your thoughts, feelings and wishes Don’t clench when you sense yourself becoming vulnerable; open instead Trust that you can deal with the outcome, no matter what Stay connected to yourself Remember that everyone else is going through something too Practice with people who help you feel safe.

How To Know You Are Not Being Vulnerable: • •

You do not have close friendships You constantly feel like you are hiding

Sharing your vulnerability takes tremendous courage, but it also allows others to share their pain, as well as their joys, and bring you closer. When you stop worrying what others think of you and stop trying to appear perfect, you will be amazed by the gifts that come to you.

amandacollins.com internationalfengshuischool.com




attach catch


Attachment happens whenever you believe that being, doing or having x, y or z will make you happier, peaceful, loved, successful or some other desirable state. Being attached makes you move away from wanting certain things to believing that you need them to be OK. Growing up, you probably learned what a good life looks like: how much money you should earn, the kind of house you should live in, the type of person you should end up with, the shape of body you should have, even the make and model of car you should drive. Highly motivated to achieve this good life, we take our rulebook of requirements and set about doing everything we possibly can to make it all happen.

Temporary highs at best I remember getting into a convertible I’d just bought with the advance from one of my earlier book deals. Before leaving the showroom, I sat for a few moments looking around at my new purchase. I felt great! Then I looked to my right and noticed a little scratch on the side panel and thought: Oh well, I’ll be happy when I get that fixed! Sitting in my expensive convertible, which I’d spent years working to get, my mind gave me about five seconds of pure joy before it found something to judge negatively and resist. Can you relate to this? Without realising it at the time, I had immediately become attached to the scratch being removed before I could fully enjoy the car again. This is just one example of the many times when I inadvertently fell into what I refer to as the ‘Attach Catch’.

Left unseen, the mind can postpone your peace and happiness and be busy forever.

Attachment and the compulsion to overthink There is a direct relationship between being attached to things being a certain way and the compulsion to overthink. Whenever your mind believes that it needs something to be OK, it becomes very active in trying to figure out how to get away from where you are now and into a more appealing time in the future. Attachment dulls your experience. It stops the present moment from ever being good enough, leading to discontentment. Attachment leads to a very limited life in which you need to control and manipulate things to fit your rulebook of requirements. As a result, the mind is given good cause to start producing copious amounts of thoughts about how to improve your circumstances. Quick cure: Let go of things needing to be different . Ever catch yourself thinking this classic attachment thought? I’ll be happy when... Take a moment to consider all the things that you think you need to change, fix or improve before you can be truly happy: whether it is your job, relationship, finances, the healing of a physical condition or something else. Then consider this simple statement in the

“What happens for you when you are courageously contented?” context of your attachment: I can want this without needing it. When I invite my coaching clients and course or retreat participants to do this exercise, I see the same transformations happen time and time again. Common responses are ‘I feel relief’, ‘I feel calm’, ‘I feel free’, along with a range of other really lovely experiences. What happens for you when you are courageously contented? sandynewbigging.com

An Evening with Marianne Williamson

Wednesday 10th October 7.30 -10.30pm Royal Marine Hotel, Dunlaoghaire Marianne Williamson is one of the world’s most respected spiritual teachers. Drawing on her insights from A Course in Miracles, Marianne will speak about how we may transform our own lives and what we can do to change the world. Further information and to book go to www.seminars.ie or call 086 2417106




THE GIFT THAT TRANSCENDS TIME. Interviewed by Paul Congdon

Matthew Lennon is an Irish healer who uses herbs, prayer and the laying of hands. We met with Matthew to healing gift. The ancient awakens There is a beautiful Celtic tradition in Ireland which is re-emerging from deep within the fabric of who we are as a people - ancient remedies, herbs, sons of seventh sons - all of this fantastic Celtic Spirit is awakening and facilitating a shift to a new paradigm where people take responsibility for their own health by feeding and nourishing the temple of the soul (the body).

“Matthew Lennon’s healing powers were bequeathed to him through his family line - a rare and unique familial gift.” Ancestral gifts Matthew Lennon’s healing powers were bequeathed to him through his family line - a rare and unique familial gift. He works with people from all walks of life, presenting with a variety of conditions and illnesses. He has a tremendous energy and a cracking sense of humour. Being in his company you feel uplifted, like you could take on the world.

Matthew’s work is to find the cause of the physical symptoms which people present to him. He uncovers the original source of disharmony from which this physical discomfort, or dis-ease, has become manifest. He tunes into the individual and connects with their higher self, or true nature, via guides and higher intelligences. He works with the support of ‘higher forces’, acknowledging that “we have a dependency on the higher forces to educate us. To give us the energy and the help that we need in order to progress on an evolutionary path.” Alongside their guidance, his method allows him to track and unlock the cause of the dis-ease.

Practically Speaking Matthew’s assistant Grace first presented to him suffering from Lyme disease. On the advice of a doctor, and after ten years of medical treatment, she was sent home to die. At the time she was barely able to walk and her breathing was extremely laboured. She was going into organ failure. After her first session with Matthew she recalls the joy of being able to breathe easier and to yawn again, and the imperceptible feeling that the healing process had started. Having been on the receiving end of Matthew’s gift, Grace believes deeply in his work, so much so that she now works

alongside him. She has seen him make an impact on countless peoples’ lives. We spoke with one father about his nine-yearold daughter and the miraculous effect of Matthew’s work on their lives: “Ciara had gone through chemotherapy…she had lost her hearing in her right ear. On our first visit to Matthew, Ciara started to hear again. Now she is riding her bike, taking phone calls with her right ear and chatting away in the car without us having to turn around to talk to her….Matthew has worked wonders. He has restored her hearing. Now he is working on her scoliosis.” During my personal session with Matthew, we spoke as he did his handsoff healing, clearing and cleansing my energy. I could feel a lightness and a tingling sensation in my heart area. He also gave me some advice for my stomach, which was to drink celery juice daily for a while to clear out inflammation, and it resonated as I had been experiencing some heartburn prior to the session. For days afterwards I felt energised and uplifted, and a sense of happiness surrounded me.


Auragraphs with psychic artist

Colin Hall

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Pastel painting workshop Saturday 29th Sept. ‘18

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Auragraphs with Individual readings Friday 28th Sept. ‘18 Sunday 30th Sept. ‘18

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This September, Dublin’s RDS will play host to the amazing Vitality Expo 2018, brought to you by Health Stores Ireland. The Expo will be dedicated to all things health-related, with a diverse array of wellness, lifestyle, delivered by Irish and international speakers and natural health brands. The passionate organisers behind the Expo are proud of the fact that this event is Ireland’s only consumer and trade natural health exhibition. Here, you can learn about exciting new products and remedies, meet natural health suppliers, discover the latest natural health trends, and obtain expert advice from the many well-known figures who will be in attendance. Ahead of the Expo, I met with the nutrition expert Patrick Holford, who will be delivering two talks as part of the event. I was struck by his great passion for improving people’s quality of life. He told me that one of the greatest privileges of his career is being approached by people who are eager to share their stories of how his nutritional tips improved their health. Patrick Holford’s career began in the 1970s, when he trained as a psychotherapist. As his career progressed, he developed a special interest in the areas of boosting intelligence and treating schizophrenia. After learning about the promising results nutritional trials had yielded in this area, he went on to study nutrition in greater depth, and founded the Institute of Optimum

Nutrition in 1983. His bestselling nutrition and health titles have included The Optimum Nutrition Bible and How to Quit Without Feeling Sh*t.

“Rather than being unable to do anything about your inherited genes, you are able to empower yourself.” The latter title touches upon a subject that has become increasingly important to Patrick in recent years: helping people to tackle their addictions. He believes that we can be addicted to many things: not just substances that commonly come to mind when addiction is mentioned – such as narcotics, prescription medication or alcohol – but also things like coffee, sugar and our phones. Technology addiction is increasingly prevalent in modern society. Whatever our addictions are, Patrick believes that appropriate nutritional therapy can hold the key to solving the problem. “To give you an extreme example,” he explained to me, “two colleagues and

I went to an addiction treatment centre and asked them to refer some patients to us – not to change anything the centre were doing, but to add some nutritional therapy to the centre’s methods. We ran blood tests on 23 patients and we found out which neurotransmitters were depleted. We then gave them an intravenous drip every day, for six days, containing the exact nutrients that their brains would need to make those neurotransmitters. We followed that up with supplements for about a month, and then asked the treatment centre to follow up with these patients after one year. The normal success rate for the centre was about five percent: that is, one year on, just five percent of patients were still clean, sadly. However, 21 out of the 23 people we had treated were clean and sober, which is absolutely extraordinary. So at the health show, I’m going to be talking about how to end addiction, whether this is to caffeine, sugar or even Facebook.” Another issue he will be speaking about at the Expo is how people can reduce their risk of disease through the foods that they eat. He said, “Appropriate nutrition can strengthen the immune system. As an example of this, one recent study found that soya actually dampens down the notorious BRCA gene that is responsible for a large proportion of breast cancer diagnoses. What we are really beginning to understand is that the environment of the cell can turn genes up

– to show that appropriate nutritional or down. So rather than being unable to intervention can make an enormous do anything about your inherited genes, you are able to empower yourself. This is a difference to our energy, mood and whole new field of study called ‘epignetics’ overall wellbeing. – effectively, the study of the environment of genes.” Patrick is determined to empower people to take control of their own health. He does this by presenting clear evidence – backed up by rigorous scientific studies

health issues in greater depth at the Vitality and 9th in the RDS, Dublin. vitalityexpo.ie

Vitality Expo The Vitality Expo will feature an exciting array of expert speakers from around the globe. In addition to Patrick Holford, the Expo’s Vitality Stage will play host to Alison Canavan, Vivienne Campbell, Rachel and Hannah Dare, Dr. Robert Verkerk Ph.D, Phil Beard, Dr. Sarah Murphy, Jessica Hatchett and Fiann Ó Nualláin (a bestselling author, horticultural therapist and community gardening advocate). All of the talks will be hosted by nutritional therapist Jemma Kehoe. Some of the confirmed exhibitors include Abundance and Health, Altrient C, Hifas Da Terra, Creation Wellness Centre, Dr. Mahers skincare, Emma’s So Naturals soya candles, Genovese Pestos, IINH, Macánta, NaturaLife, Optimal Brain, Pharma Nord, PPC and Sun Chlorella. Many other companies will be present at the Expo too, offering a wide range of products to help boost your wellbeing. Be sure to check out the Vitality Expo’s website or Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all exhibitors, as they are confirmed. The Expo will will also feature a Food and Cookery Stage. Here, you can experience the best of wholefood cooking with chefs like Marie Power, Henrietta Norton (founder of the amazing natural supplement brand Wild Nutrition), Oliver McCabe and Susan Jane White, to name a few. The Outdoor Entertainment Area is another major highlight, offering live music, yoga and pilates sessions, as well as a kids’ area where they can practice some moves too! At The Village, you can sample tasty delights from over 100 artisan and local health food producers in the Irish marketplace. vitalityexpo.ie

Vitality Expo 2018 September 8th & 9th, 2018 | RDS Dublin 1




findhorn CLIMBING TO THE PEAKS OF HUMAN POTENTIAL. by Alison McEvoy As in any good relationship, an understanding of the past of the person, place or thing you are relating to is essential. Initially a layer of mystery peels away from the ‘new’ you are encountering, but soon, if the understanding goes deeper, mystery is re-encountered. Before I set foot on the Scottish soil which is home to Findhorn, I read of the lives of Eileen and Peter Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean, who arrived at the Findhorn Caravan Park In November 1962. These three spiritual warriors, guided by Eileen’s “small inner voice”, Peter’s dedicated action and Dorothy’s connection with the natural world, forged from a rubbish site within the park a spiritual, environmental and transformational community which today teems with spiritual-seeking individuals from all over the world.


Eileen, Peter and Dorothy lived into being the three principles which continue to underpin daily life at Findhorn; 1. Inner Listening –connecting each person with their inner wisdom. 2. Love in Action – lovingly engaging in all tasks such that the process and outcome is harmonious and nourishing to people and the planet. 3. Co-creation with nature – enabling human beings to work in tandem with the intelligence residing in nature. Reading these principles provided a conceptual framework for understanding the unique way of doing things I encountered at Findhorn. The living into these principles opened up a whole other experience, however - and mystery was reborn.

TRANSFORMATIONAL LIVING Attending early morning Taize and silent meditation, meditating and sharing with colleagues before starting the workday, being encouraged to see the symbolism in my work of untangling grass roots from chive roots in the herb garden...during these moments, and many more like them, the dedication of those around me to these principles nurtured a sensitivity to, and awareness of, the deeper aspects of life and myself; the spiritual and soulful side of my human-being-ness came out further into the light - a tender part which so easily retreats from the rough and tumble of less principled living. Jonathan Caddy, son of Eileen and Peter, described the experience of a visitor to Findhorn in a way that rang true for me. He said that coming to Findhorn is like taking a “homeopathic dose” of each of these principles - at the time it seems small but the effects can have a huge influence.

DIVERSITY IN UNITY Findhorn is home to a wide assortment of creative, environmentally- and spiritually-minded individuals, business and projects, such that there are a variety of homeopathic doses to choose from: THE ECO-VILLAGE is where the doors of the living, environmental laboratory which is Findhorn are thrown wide open. Craig Gibson, Findhorn elder, regularly takes eco-village experience week groups into his home, where he reveals the experiments in building houses, growing food, generating electricity and much more which are being lived at Findhorn. “How else,” he says, “will people see and experience change?”

THE UNIVERSAL HALL is where retreats, workshops and events are held to support people from around the world to experience a new way of being. I attended sacred dance one evening, an ancient practice for weaving people together, connecting them to each other, the seasons and the world. This was just one small sample of Findhorn’s offerings to people seeking positive connection with each other, deeper meaning in life and enlightened alternatives to the modes of competition and conflict in operation in so many sectors of society.

“A spiritual, environmental and transformational community which today teems with spiritual-seeking individuals from all over the world.” There is so much to explore in Findhorn that this article cannot possibly encompass the depth and breadth of all that is on offer. I invite you to read the lengthier online version and to delve into the Findhorn website at your leisure. Opportunities await! Findhorn.org Images are with thanks to Hugo Klip, Findhorn resident and photographer: www.hugoklipphotography.com For extended version see positivelife.ie

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how to create a

daily tantra practice FIVE PRACTICES FOR TANTRA IN EVERYDAY LIFE. by Dawn Cartwright

“ The Munis, girdled with the wind, wear garments soiled of yellow hue. ś


or in nature for your practice. As the days go by, this place will hold the energy of your practice and serve as a reminder of your focus. Clear the space projects, computers, televisions and clutter. Gather the items you’ll need: listed below along with the corresponding sense, element and location in the body for that particular practice. If you do not have access to any of the items, feel free to substitute or visualise. Commit to the practice even if is happening. Let yourself become familiar with a new way of being, a new way of sensing. In a short time you’ll discover ecstatic pathways that were once hidden. Every day will carry with it some element of bliss.

Practice #1: The Gates of Ecstasy Item: Sandalwood Sense: Smell Element: Earth Location in the Body: Base of the Spine Our connection to the earth, at the base of the spine, is where the journey begins. Known as the gate of ecstasy, it’s the most primal part of the human body. The associated sense is our most primal sense, the sense of smell. Scent enters the limbic brain directly, connecting us to the euphoric feelings associated with bliss. The Practice: Take a pinch of sandalwood powder in your hands and rub them together. Breathe in the fragrance, let it fill your senses. Then, find five words to describe the fragrance. When we discipline the mind to focus in order to describe, we open the gates of ecstasy with that focus. A sense we once believed to be limited to the nose, reveals sensations that fill the entire body with bliss.

Practice #2: The Sound of Your Name Item: Flowers Sense: Hearing Element: Space Location in the Body: Throat

Just as the base of the spine is our connection to the earth, the throat is our gateway to the sky. Governed by the element of space, the throat is the bridge between etheric and earthy realms. When the voice is activated, we set in motion a cascading effect throughout the entire ecstatic channel.

“In a short time you’ll discover ecstatic pathways that were once hidden. Every day will carry with it some element of bliss.” The Practice: First, create a vibration at the base of the spine by humming through the spine, down to the base. Don’t effort, allow this to happen slowly. At first, you may feel vibration only as far as your chest. With time and relaxation, the vibrations will spread. Continue 2-3 minutes, then stop. Become aware of the sensations traveling up and down your body through this channel connecting the pelvis and throat.

Practice #3: The Song That Cannot Be Sung Item: Incense Sense: Touch Element: Air Location in the Body: Heart The smoke arising from incense touches everything, the same way that love touches everything it comes into contact with. Incense and the element of air are associated with the heart. We intuitively bring our hands to our heart whenever we are touched by something. Touch conveys feeling even more accurately than our words. The Practice: Light a stick of incense. Follow the tendrils of smoke with your eyes. Notice how freely it moves, touching everything without constriction or fear. When we let go of inner tension, we connect from the heart. Acceptance of ourselves grows. We share our true feelings. We open to love.

Practice #4: I See You Item: Candlelight Sense: Sight Element: Fire Location in the Body: Navel To see clearly, beyond the glossy images that constantly bombard us, is to be closer to the true essence of life. To see what is truly here. Candlelight and the element of fire are associated with the navel center, our inner sun. The light within us that illuminates everything without preference. The Practice: Light a candle, then close your eyes. Place your palms over your eyes so that your eyes are completely covered and everything is totally dark. Relax. Your eyes are literally rejuvenating themselves. Then, when you feel ready, gently remove your palms and slowly open your eyes. See the candlelight, yourself and everything around you with new eyes.

Practice #5: Food for Your Soul Item: Fruit Sense: Taste Element: Water Location in the Body: Pleasure Centres The pleasure centres in the body are connected to the element of water and the sense of taste. Pleasure is not just something we enjoy, it is literally food for our spirit. Water is fluid, it soothes and nourishes. Your sense of taste is one of the most pleasurable senses of all. The Practice: Choose your favorite fruit. It could be an orange, strawberries or dates. Close your eyes, take a bite. Experience all the many sensations of pleasure. The fruit is food for your body. The pleasure is food for your soul.

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bioenergetic Tantra fusion offering courses in Ireland and around the world. www.dawncartwright.com.

Photo: ©Doug Ellis Photography


the wisdom of

OPENING UP AND EMBRACING WHAT IS. by Aisling Cronin Interviewers: Daizan Kaarlenkaski and Paul Congdon

like children. It is often encouraged for students to relate to the teacher as a child would, rather than interacting as two adults in a state of mutual trust. Grownups make their own decisions.

Do you think there can come a point when the student-teacher relationship needs to evolve for the student to gain true autonomy?

with his father, and what Ireland means to him.

Could you tell us about the way you share your dharma teachings? For example, you never answer questions directly, but instead offer questions for people to ask themselves. When I am dialoguing with somebody, my goal is to help them discover an answer or a resolution inside themselves, for themselves. All true realisations come from within the individual. In my style of teaching, I put a lot of responsibility on the students because I think that in the spiritual community, the students are far too often infantilised and treated

Yes, I think if a student has too much projection around the teacher – if they’re projecting all of their own holiness and light onto them – then the teacher does become a barrier. People put these projections onto the teacher because they hope that the teacher is going to be able to ‘save’ them. To the extent that we allow ourselves to become involved in that projection, the projection is what becomes a barrier. I was with my teacher for about fourteen years before she asked me to teach, and I noticed then that our relationship changed. I was still open to what she had to say, and open to her direction and guidance, but I related to her as an adult and not as a child. Teachers are best regarded as mentors, rather than as ‘gods.’

29 How do your teachings translate into your day-to-day life, in terms of your relationships? Mukti and I have one of the most harmonious relationships that I know. I’m not saying it’s the most harmonious relationship in the world or anything, but it’s always been something that comes relatively naturally to both of us, which is really lucky. It has felt so natural for us to be together and part of that may be because we never imagined that it was the other person’s responsibility to ‘make me happy’. It has certainly matured over time. It had a lot of those effortless qualities from the very beginning, but nothing stays static – you are either maturing or regressing, one or the other. For twenty-two years, I have kept thinking to myself, ‘it can’t get any more profound than this’ and the next year, I find myself thinking, ‘wow, it did!’ Relationships can be one of the greatest areas of growth there is. To have a successful relationship, you’ve got to be a clear, adult, mature human being. that applies to relationships of all kinds: lovers, friends, family, even strangers.

It is amazing how different our relationships can be with different

30 30 people: for example, you can be in a bad mood with your partner one moment, and the next, you can be chatting with your friends and you just light up – as though you are a totally different person. That is an interesting observation, because I believe that we often reserve our worst behaviour for the people we love the most! There are a whole lot of subtle things going on in your most intimate relationships that can make them more charged, and I think one of the most predominant reasons for that is that we think when someone says ‘I love you’, they are somehow responsible for our well-being. When you go to your friends, you don’t have that pressure. You might love your friends, and be happy when you are with them – but you don’t think, ‘this person is responsible for making me happy or validating me in some way’. That expectation can creep into a lot of our most profound relationships, whether that be lovers, children or parents. With deep attachments can often come deep expectations.

How has that teaching come into play in your family relationships? In the early years of my teaching, I actually worked with my father. He was a machinist and he had his own business. I would go to work, and I was his son and he would be my boss, and then he would come on retreats with me, and then he would be my student and I would be his teacher … It changed our roles. It was a great teaching for me, too. I saw that

Adya’s Thoughts on Ireland I am really looking forward to coming to Ireland, which is unusual for me. I travel a lot and I don’t usually get really excited about going somewhere new, but I have very deep ties with Ireland. I have a lot of Irish in me – as well as a lot of Scottish and a lot of English, all mixed together – so it’s a deep part of my life. My wife Mukti’s father emigrated from Ireland and my mother’s father emigrated from Ireland, so there is a lot of Irish blood in the family.

I had two of my most significant insights on St. Patricks’ Day – one year apart – so there is something about Ireland. I am looking forward to finally being in Ireland. I love Irish people’s great sense of humour. There is a lightness and a profoundness mixed into the psyche of the Irish, and as a teacher I really appreciate that because there is not as much of a facade in the Irish make-up as there is in America, for sure.

whatever role I play in life, it’s just a role. It’s something I can slip into and out of, like clothing. ‘Spiritual teacher’ is a role I play – it’s not who I am.

you were grieving for your dog.

You have previously talked about awakening on different levels: the mind, the heart and the gut. Can you talk about that? Awakening on the level of mind occurs when our identity is no longer enclosed in the level of thought. Awakening of the heart occurs when we have the intuitive capacity to perceive and experience unity and interconnectedness. The gut is much harder to describe – when I say ‘the gut’, I am talking metaphorically about the ground of all being and the ground of all experience. This is where we encounter the most existential point of our self. We can awaken at mind and heart, yet still not awaken at this very existential level.

In one of your books, you talk about how you experienced a sense of peace that lies beyond everything else, while

Dublin Special Intensive with Adyashanti and Mukti August 19, 2018 | Gibson Hotel, Point Square, North Dock, Dublin 1

That moment I had over my dog when I was younger was really what precipitated a deeper experience of complete willingness to experience my own grief. As soon as that happened – as soon as I gave way to the experience I was having - a pinprick of peace and wellbeing started to grow inside me, until it was almost without edges. I had a sense of complete wellbeing, even while my grief simultaneously existed in the same space. There is a phrase I used to hear all the time during my Zen training that I didn’t understand – but I do now – which is: ‘always being, always becoming.’ Adyashanti and Mukti will be visiting Dublin this August for a Special Intensive teaching event. This will take place from 11am to 6pm on Sunday August 19th, in the Gibson Hotel, Point Square, North Dock, Dublin 1. For details, go to: www.adyashanti.org


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introducing nutraceuticals A BEACON OF PROGRESS IN NUTRITION. by Alison McEvoy

32 You’ll recognise Pharma Nord from the shelves of many health food stores and pharmacies. A colourful box, its front face bordered in gold, it displays a golden mortar and pestle inside of which you can see an image of the product carefully packaged inside. This characteristic icon is their well-renowned ‘quality beacon’. The mortar and pestle is actually an old symbol of pharmacy; a pictograph of the practice of pharmacists of old where they would grind and pound their ingredients by hand to give to patients and cure diseases.

SPEARHEADING PROGRESS IN NUTRITION Pharma Nord is not a pharmaceutical company but rather a Nutraceutical one. ‘Nutraceutical’ is in fact a concept which Pharma Nord has helped to create. As a Nutraceutical, they produce nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to pharmaceutical standards. This means that the highest quality, medical grade food supplements emerge from its factory doors. What Pharma Nord and pharmacists of old have in common here is the active role they take in overseeing their products; from the raw materials to the final packaging in which they are handed over to the individual. I learned of this when I spoke to Sinead Mitchell, Training Co-coordinator with Pharma Nord, about what drew her to the company.

Today Sinead works mainly in educating health practitioners; kinesiologists, massage therapists, nutritionists, anyone indeed who recommends health supplements to their clients. Prior to this however, she worked in nutrition for five years. For Sinead, it was the huge body of research made available by the company, vouching for the quality and high standards of their products, and the transparency and attention to detail from beginning to end, which drew her to work for Pharma Nord; “They have documentation for the raw materials all the way through to the packaging of the products. We even grow our own selenium and chromium, we have it right beside the factory growing…And, on the other end, 95% of the active ingredients in our products are still active until the end of the shelf life.”

“…highest quality, medical grade food supplements” NEARLY FOUR DECADES OF RESEARCH Pharma Nord have been around in Europe since their founding in 1981, and in Ireland for eleven years. Since their beginnings, Pharma Nord has been very busy; researching and documenting over

9,000 scientific studies, and publishing over 300 of these, all of which form the basis of their product range. In the Pharma Nord range you will find medical grade Vitamin D, Q10 and Selenium as well as a variety of supportive supplement blends like JointCare, TanCare and a MultiVit combination.

WHAT’S NEXT Sinead is busy reaching out to health practitioners to help spread awareness of Pharma Nord’s cutting-edge, “quality, research and standards”, when it comes to nutritional supplements. Coming soon is a website whereby practitioners will have the ability to create practitioner accounts. Also on the launchpad for this summer is an exciting new product - a product exclusive to Pharma Nord as it is not currently available in Ireland. Sinead was keeping it all under wraps for its grand unveiling at the National Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) conference in Dublin this Summer. In the meantime, check out their online shop. It has an impressive and handy feature whereby you can filter and search for products which, for example, are ‘good for’ specific ailments, ‘without’ specific allergens, and ‘preferably’ either vegan, vegetarian, halal or kosher. www.pharmanord.ie

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BioActive Q10 is the right choice for various reasons. • The product’s bio-availability and safety is documented in more than 100 published scientific studies • It was the product that was used in the two groundbreaking quality-of-life studies – KiSel10 and Q-Symbio • The International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA) has selected BioActive Q10 as the official scientific reference of Q10 research


View product information • Enter Competitions • Sign up to newsletter Email: Ireland@pharmanord.com • Call: 01 899 1650

citizen sensing,


community strengthening COMMUNITY RESILIENCE IN A CHANGING WORLD. by Davie Philip

What role might technology play in strengthening the resilience of our communities and in helping to reconnect us with the living world? In an era of big data, could citizen sensing and open data be used to help transform neighbourhoods into smarter and more sustainable places, while also empowering citizens to undertake more sustainability initiatives? We know that soil loss and degradation are serious issues. Finding routes to more sustainable land use and regenerative food growing practices is now critical to solving many local and global challenges we face. Cultivate – the civil society organisation I work with – are the Irish partners in the GROW Observatory, a European project bringing together people who love soil with people who love data. Over the next year and a half, we will be coordinating ‘Community Champions’ from Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Greece, Spain, Ireland and Scotland who will be catalysing GROW Places: focus areas for soil monitoring and


regeneration across Europe. The champions selected are working with networks of community gardeners, permaculture advocates, transition town groups, community supported agriculture projects and small farmers. They are well positioned to harness and increase the skills and knowledge of people to take soil observations and test sustainable growing practices. The Irish champions are from Community Gardens Ireland, who will be developing two Grow Places: one in Donegal and one in the South East.

“In an era of big data, could citizen sensing help transform neighbourhoods?” The objective is to enable people to act as citizen scientists and, using low cost soil sensors, collect data that can help validate climate prediction models from satellites. With access to online courses and educational resources, the project will help people to understand and observe soil, but will also develop new skills that can

contribute to the strengthening of resilience in their own communities in the process. The Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing is an innovative framework that has helped to tackle social exclusion, poverty and environmental problems by empowering disadvantaged communities. The framework has enabled people from different backgrounds and disciplines to meaningfully engage in citizen sensing activities. The Damp Busters pilot developed new ways of measuring moisture in buildings, including designing a frog-shaped temperature and humidity sensor and hundreds of citizen scientists who contributed data to help resolve the problem of damp in homes. At the heart of this Citizen Sensing approach is the principle of ‘the commons’, which is inherently participatory. It is estimated that there are 2 billion people around the world right now who are protecting and managing land, forests, fisheries, water, seeds and creative knowledge as commons. GROW Places aims to help us become more effective stewards of the land.

Do you have an allotment or own a small farm? Are you involved in a community or school garden? Do you want to develop your knowledge on soil and skills in growing food? Do you want to be part of a movement preserving soil for future generations? If the answer to any of these questions is yes see growobservatory.org and get involved. Davie Philip – davie@cultivate.ie – is a community catalyst at Cultivate cultivate.ie based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage – thevillage.ie. He is curating the Convergence Festival in June on the topic of Citizen Engaged, Community Led Transitions. To join the conversation email convergence@cultivate.ie.

April Danann

Food Scientist/Naturopathic Nutritionist/ Medical Intuitive/Family Herbalist Apple Cider Vinegar - with the Mother, barrel fermented in West Cork CLINIC - Internationally known Medical Intuitive & Naturopathic Nutritionist KOMBUCHA - made only from herbs - raw & unfiltered NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION - advice on how to maximise your bodys full potential WORKSHOPS - Wild Fermentation, Healing with Herbs, Gut Health and Well-Being

For more information contact April on 087 236 1616 aprildanann.com


naturopathy: a fresh approach to health HOW NATUROPATHS SUPPORT CLIENTS’ WELLBEING. by Lucy Drennan


“Thanks to your support, my health is now on the way up.” These were the best possible words that I could have heard on a follow-up consultation with my very first real-life client. The thrill of this regular feedback hasn’t lessened despite completing hundreds of hours of clinical practice, first as a student of Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM, and now as a practising Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. My choice to study the naturopathic approach to health was based on my personal experience of seeing different practitioners for help with my own health. I benefited from a better outcome when a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist gave me a new understanding of my own body and wellbeing. It was a profoundly different approach that I

hadn’t encountered previously. So what is it that makes the naturopathic approach different?

Looking for clues Rather than simply suppressing symptoms that can later recur or manifest differently, naturopaths view symptoms as signals from the body that something is out of balance and needs attention. Their aim is to identify and address the underlying causes of symptoms. Naturopaths acknowledge that causes can be both physical and emotional. Our twenty-first century modern lifestyle often incorporates poor food quality, an increased number of environmental toxins, abnormal social living and high stress, all of which can contribute to

nutrient deficiencies that lead to ill health. Naturopathic training teaches us to take a deep look at their clients, noticing things like a receding hairline, thinning eyebrows, bulging eyeballs, the iris, sclera and colour of their eyes, the shape, size, colour and geographical map of the person’s tongue. We also take careful notice of a client’s hair, skin and nails. All of these provide enormous clues about their digestive health and possible nutrient and mineral deficiencies.

Every client is unique At a naturopathic consultation, time is taken to ask clients in-depth questions about not just their diet, but also their lifestyle. As part of a holistic approach,

naturopaths gain an insight into the person seeking help. One of my favourite quotes from Hippocrates – the father of medicine – is: “It is far more important to know what person the disease has, than what disease the person has.” The person is not a number on a graph whose physical cells are not functioning. Everyone is unique and has their own story with varied experiences and their own genetic profile. They will therefore react differently both to causes and to therapies. Having knowledge about the person guides naturopaths in further questioning and investigation into the root of present symptoms.

“It is far more important to know what person the disease has, than what disease the person has.”

skills and tools to broaden the picture of a client’s health status. For example, if the client has lots of ‘heat’ in the body, this might express as inflammation. Or, is this client more prone to sluggishness with poor digestion, and slow metabolism? Incorporating these and other naturopathic skills provides a clearer understanding of the person seeking help. Naturopathy recognises the body’s amazing capacity for self-healing. For this, the body needs the right conditions, such as good food, clean air and restorative rest. Naturopathically trained practitioners create a completely personalised diet and lifestyle plan which is practical for the client to achieve in his or her circumstances.

Prevention is better than cure

Naturopathy looks to Ayurveda (Indian medicine, 3000-1000BC) and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic


Prevention is always better than cure. Many people consult naturopathically trained practitioners to optimise their wellbeing and to avoid developing health issues. One of the fundamental naturopathic principles is “First, do no harm.” Naturopaths are not physicians. They are educators, explaining to their clients the mechanisms of better health,

the reasons behind their suggestions and the expected outcomes. This empowers clients to make changes which support their own health goals, so they can take greater control of their health in their own hands. As naturopathic practitioners, we provide support and guidance, and use only natural therapies to support health. We can also work alongside conventional medical practitioners to ensure that any recommendations do not clash with conventionally prescribed medicination, and to monitor changes and improvements. I think more people are realising that we need to address all aspects of health to promote true wellbeing. I’m excited to be part of this growing movement and its vast potential for improving public health. Lucy Brennan is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who graduated from CNM. You can train at CNM for an exciting career based on the Naturopathic approach to health. Choose from Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, or Natural Chef Training. Attend CNM’s next Open Evening for more information. Visit www.naturopathy.ie or call 01 672 5036.


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horseradish, a vegetable to cry for GROWING VEGETABLES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. by Hans Wieland I have been living with horseradish all my life – in fact, even before my life, as the wedding dish of my parents was beef in horseradish cream sauce with potatoes, considered a poor man’s dish in the 50s, but with an outstanding flavour, as my late mum claimed. Horseradish is a hardy root crop, an often neglected group of nutritious vegetables, which are most useful during the winter months. In German, it’s called ‘Meerrettich’ (sea radish) because it grows best by the sea. Many believe the English mispronounced the German word ‘Meer’ and began calling it ‘mareradish’. Eventually it became known as horseradish. In my humble view, horseradish is one of those plants that can transform dishes.

How to grow horseradish… My parents did not live by the sea. They grew their horseradish beside the compost heap, probably with no other intention than to give it enough space.

The main culinary use at home was for sauces, to be grated and mixed with freshly made quark, and also as a source of Vitamin C in my mum’s winter tonic of horseradish, onions and garlic. Horseradish is a vigorous perennial plant from the Cabbage family (brassica), which also includes mustard, wasabi and broccoli. It can grow up to one metre tall and develops long stout roots. As a root vegetable, it is cultivated primarily for its large, white, tapered root, and also used as a spice. The plant is probably native to south eastern Europe and western Asia, but has a place in most Middle European gardens. It grows better roots for harvesting if given its own space and attention. A rich fertile soil would be great. Being a deep root crop, it needs depth to grow, so a hard subsoil won’t be to its liking. But in the wide area between these extremes, which is pretty much any healthy garden soil, it will give you a good crop with very little effort.

We grow horseradish at Neantóg in true family tradition, beside our compost heap where its spreading habit doesn’t become a problem. In a herb garden, it can be grown in a big and deep container: a half barrel, for example. It’s a large-leafed, tall perennial plant, so make sure it won’t be overpowering a more delicate neighbour. Horseradish is best grown from a root cutting – similar to comfrey – or start with a potted plant from a good garden centre. In year one, I recommend growing it in a big, tall pot to boost growth without harvesting. In year two it can be planted in its final position.

…and harvest After the first frost in autumn kills the leaves, the root can be dug and divided. The main root is harvested and one or more large offshoots of the main root are replanted to produce next year’s crop. Horseradish left undisturbed in the garden spreads via underground shoots and can become invasive.

Older roots left in the ground become woody, after which they are no longer culinarily useful, though older plants can be dug and redivided to start new plants. The early season leaves can be distinctively different: asymmetric and spikey, before the mature typical flat broad leaves start to be developed.

The culinary use of horseradish The intact horseradish root has hardly any aroma, but when cut or grated, enzymes from the now broken plant cells break down the sugars to produce mustard oil, which can irritate the mucous membranes of the sinuses and eyes. Once exposed to air or heat, it will begin to lose its pungency, darken in colour, and become unpleasantly bitter tasting over time. The mustard oil (allyl isothiocyanate) serves the plant as a natural defence against herbivores. When an animal chews the plant, the mustard oil is released, repelling the animal. The health benefits of horseradish are manifold: a very high

“Horseradish is one of those plants that can transform dishes.” Vitamin C content, antibiotic properties and beneficial for blood circulation. Homemade remedies are more potent than bought ones. Chefs often use the grated root of the horseradish plant mixed with vinegar, which they call ‘prepared horseradish’. Preserved like that, it can be stored for months under refrigeration, but eventually it will darken, indicating it is losing flavour and should be replaced. The leaves of the plant or ‘horseradish greens’ – while edible – are not commonly eaten, because of their very strong flavour. The preferred use of horseradish in the Wieland household, besides being an ingredient in Gaby’s master tonic, is mixing it with quark, soft cheeses or ricotta.

Here is a very simple recipe: Horseradish quark 500g of fresh quark or soft cheese 3-4 tablespoons of freshly grated horseradish 1 apple grated, lemon juice, salt and pepper to season Hans Wieland has worked and taught at The Organic Centre for over 20 years. He has now ‘retired’ to Neantog Kitchen Garden School in Cliffoney, again joining his wife Gaby Wieland, herbalist and naturopath. The couple offer a range of courses and workshops in food growing, fermenting, foraging, cheese making, healthy cooking and baking. neantog.com





This recipe is a celebration of summer in all its glory, taking full advantage of the vibrant fresh ingredients available. A few simple flavours and contrasts bring it to life. The silky crepe is a perfect foil for the jammy peperonata. The basil cream cuts smoothly through the tanginess of the tomatoes and the whole dish is rounded off with peppery rocket and sweet nutty pumpkin seeds. A perfect al fresco lunch with a crisp sauvignon blanc. Ingredients for the Batter

Ingredients for the Peperonata

Ingredients for the Basil Cream

225 grams buckwheat flour 700 ml water 25 ml sunflower oil Pinch of salt Pinch of turmeric Sunflower oil for cooking crepes

50 ml olive oil 3 red onions, peeled and thinly sliced 5 cloves garlic, peeled and minced 5 peppers, sliced thinly 300 ml passata 50 grams tomato puree Salt 50 ml red wine vinegar

300 grams soy yogurt 50 grams vegan basil pesto Toasted pumpkin seeds and rocket to garnish

METHOD 1 Firstly make the peperonata: heat the olive oil in a wide based sauce pan over a high heat. When it comes to a shimmer, tip in the onions, garlic and peppers along with a pinch of salt. Stir this briskly for a few minutes until the heat begins to break down the vegetables. Add the vinegar, passata and puree. Lower the heat and place a lid on the pot, leaving it slightly ajar to allow steam to escape. You want the mixture to reduce to a jammy consistency.

heat is on medium. When you see bubbles form on top of and around the edges of the crepe, it is ready to flip. Using a thin implement; a turner or spatula, flip the crepe over. Repeat for the remaining batter. The mixture should yield about 8 or 9 portions.

4 By this stage the peperonata is probably ready. To plate up, gently warm two crepes per person in the oven. For service you want two crepes to overlap in the centre of a plate. Take a dinner plate and place two crepes on the plate end to end and draw one in over the other so it is eclipsing about a third of the one underneath. it should look like one of those venn diagrams we all learned about in secondary school maths. Spoon a good few dollops of the hot peperonata into the centre - you can use a lot as the recipe makes surplus to requirement - and slather it generously with the sour basil cream. Draw up the two edges draping them over the mixture and sprinkle it with toasted pumpkin seeds and garnish it with a good handful of fresh rocket.

2 To make the batter, whisk together

all the ingredients. Heat a few drops of sunflower oil in a crepe pan or a non-stick flat frying pan, when it is hot, pour in about 100 ml of the batter. Swirl the batter around the pan coating the entire base. Make sure the

3 Make the basil cream, whisk the pesto into the yogurt and set it aside. Toast the pumpkin seeds and put them aside.






KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus provides 500mg of organic ashwagandha root with our Food-Grown Magnesium to support the body through challenging times. ®


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short & sweet 43

Sustainable Healing NUTRITIONAL STRATEGIES FOR STRESS RECOVERY. by Henrietta Norton From my years working with women as a nutritional therapist and my own experience as a committed business woman, mother of three and wife, I have seen first-hand that the balancing act of caring for and nurturing others, whilst finding tenderness for ourselves, is not always easy and seamless. My personal experience, alongside emerging research, has shown me that overwhelm and stress is becoming the biggest modern threat to our wellbeing as women and as a society. Fortunately, our understanding of stress and of the impact it has on our wellbeing is increasing. Research shows that what was once viewed as solely a psychological imbalance, is now accepted as having a very real physiological influence. Stress is a whole-body experience. It influences our

Vitality Expo 2018 September 8th & 9th, 2018 | RDS Dublin 1

bodies in real and palpable ways such as triggering the development of hormonal irregularities, auto-immune conditions and digestive imbalances.

“Our formulas seek to support both nutrient deficiencies as well as the underlying stress of the body.” This growing understanding, coupled with my clinical experience, greatly influenced my 360-degree approach in developing formulations for Wild Nutrition. Our food grown®

supplements support the body with nutrients in a natural and highly bio-available form. This, coupled with the addition of balancing, organic, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, means our formulas seek to support both nutrient deficiencies as well as the underlying stress of the body which is required for deeper, sustainable healing to occur. Henrietta Norton is the founder and formulator of food grown® supplement range Wild Nutrition. Henrietta will be speaking on Sunday at 10.30am at the Vitality Expo 2018 taking place in the RDS, Dublin on the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September. wildnutrition.com



Mouna Aerial Yoga SOAR TO FREEDOM. by Louise Kleu McEvoy

44 Awakening as the new normal SHIFT INTO OPEN HEARTEDNESS. by Loch Kelly Awakening is possible for you. It may sound like a big, esoteric thing - especially when you are having a bad day. We are all imperfect, that is not going to change, but neither is the fact that awakening is our birthright. No matter how advanced we get spiritually, the goal is not to transcend being human or escape from the human condition. In order to awaken, you don’t have to leave your life, go to a cave, become an Olympic-level meditator or take on any set of religious beliefs. Regardless of your belief system or spiritual affiliation (or non-affiliation), you can begin awakening in the midst of your daily life.

“[Awakening begins] by discovering the awareness within which is already free, awake, and connected” When we wake from a dream, we realise that the dreamers’ identity isn’t who we really are. Awakening begins then, by discovering the awareness within which is already free, awake, and connected, regardless of whether our thoughts are positive or negative. Awakening unfolds as a unique process for each individual. It is not a one-time event but rather a series of shifts which move us away from the habit of trying to maintain a centre, a point of view, and the primacy of a separate sense of self. The journey of awakening welcomes and liberates our deepest doubts and fears. The core stories - I’m not good enough…Something’s wrong with me…I’m unlovable - are no longer convincing. We learn to return to open-hearted awareness as our ground of being and we train to remain in it. This is the next potential stage of human development which, chances are if you are reading this, you are ready to be part of. lochkelly.org

Don’t let your fear of falling stop you from flying! The moment I saw someone swinging in a yoga hammock, the little girl in me was intrigued: not only the playful part, but also the nurturing aspect. Being in the womb of the silk, the softness and the silence. Something about being supported really resonated with my soul. A part of me asked, “is it okay to have fun in yoga?” and “if it’s too acrobatic, is it still yoga?” Flying in aerial yoga taps into the original state of the soul, free and flowing. It is the art of navigating in space while being grounded.

“Flying in aerial yoga taps into the original state of the soul, free and flowing.” Practicing Aerial Yoga teaches you to trust. Trust yourself, trust the teacher, trust the aerial silk which holds you. For me, it is also the perfect balance between the Masculine strength and physicality and the Feminine art of surrender and softness. It takes a lot of strength to use the silk in asana, but once you are in the pose you have to surrender and allow yourself to be supported. To stay safe, mental focus is essential – lack of presence could lead to serious injury. In this way, the mind focuses and lets go of all else. You are completely in the present moment. Inspired by this passion, we decided to manifest the building of an aerial yoga studio at our retreat centre Aloha House in Killorglin. Get High with Aerial Yoga!


Kids & Yoga!

I re l a

n d!

G i ve C t h e h i ldre n G i ft Yo g of a!

Effortless Heart Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

Teacher Trainings in Sept. & Oct. 2018! * Cork @ Yoga Loft Cork * Galway @ The Galway Wellness Center w/ The Little Yoga Academy * Kilkenny @ Anahata Yoga Centre

Radiant Child Yoga Immersion Kids & Yoga! Advanced Training

Trainer from USA: Cristin Tighe

“Loch Kelly is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know.” ~ Adyashanti 2 day experiential retreat September 15th & 16th, 2018 Chapel of Ease (Irishtown Gospel Hall), Dublin, Ireland


Register www.Lochkelly.org 110€

Photos©Pamela Harper - pamelaharpur@live.ie


Gluten free Dairy free Vegan Caffeine free Delicious Super convenient Contains 1.5g turmeric per cup

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Nature’s Answer CHLORELLA’S AGE-DEFYING MAGIC. by Kumiko Kumagai


“Remember to enjoy life. Remember why you decided to do this.”

Happy Teeth DISCOVER CHARCOAL’S CLEANING POWERS. by Aisling Cronin Joanna Hall – founder of the Irish natural tooth care company Happy Humphry – was inspired to found the company because of her deep passion for healthy living, fitness and natural products. In particular, she was concerned about the longterm effects of artificial bleaches that tend to be present in conventional teeth whitening products. Self-employment was very important for Joanna in terms of striking an ideal work-life balance that works for her. “I now have more power to say ‘this time is for me’ and I also find it easier to strike a balance between work and parenthood,’ she explains. ‘The one thing I would say to anyone setting up their own business is: remember to enjoy life. Remember why you decided to do this in the first place. Don’t get stuck in the office all the time.” I am currently using Happy Humphry’s bamboo toothbrush and their Black-to-White Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. The powder is composed of 97% activated coconut charcoal, which works together with bentonite clay to absorb and remove toxins, change the PH level in your mouth and kill decay-causing bacteria. The whitening effect works gradually – so you won’t see a dramatic difference on first use – but one thing that was immediately apparent to me after I first rinsed the product out of my mouth was a sensation of total purity and cleanliness, beyond anything I had previously experienced. I can absolutely recommend it! Joanna is hoping to expand Happy Humphry’s range to include activated charcoal toothpastes. happyhumphry.com

However hard we try, we’ll never be able to turn back the clock and get back the looks and figure we had when we were younger. However, nature may have the ability to slow things down as we move forward in life, though this help might come in a rather unusual form… Chlorella is a type of green algae that grows in fresh water. This can be harvested and dried to create a superfood. Those in the know have been taking chlorella for a number of years for its reputed health benefits. Recent scientific research has helped to back up these claims. It appears nature really has provided us with a means to help us look and feel at least a little bit younger.

“…nature may have the ability to slow things down…” Scientists have found that chlorella may have an ability to prevent the breakdown of a substance in skin called elastin. As its name suggests, ‘elastin’ is what gives our skin its elasticity. As we get older we begin to lose elastin, which is what causes wrinkles to form. By helping to prevent the breakdown of elastin, it is believed that chlorella may have the ability to keep wrinkles at bay. Research has also shown that chlorella could have a role to play in helping to reduce weight gain. A protein found in the algae appears able to reduce the increase in size of the body’s fat cells, which is normally seen when eating a diet high in fat. sunchlorella.co.uk


Organic Summer Skincare BE SKIN SAVVY. by Claire Campbell In recent years, many of us are discovering the health benefits of choosing organic food and it makes sense to continue those organic choices when choosing skin and sun-care products. One of the biggest skin issues during summer is sunburn. We can all over-indulge when the sunny weather arrives, so it’s best to prepare before rushing out to enjoy those precious rays. Choosing an organic and natural SPF will ensure sensitive skin is protected without being exposed to any chemical nasties. The ORGANii Sun range is a great choice for all the family with SPFs ranging from fifteen to fifty, ensuring your children’s delicate skin is well protected too. Certified Organic by ICEA, ORGANii is packed with skin nourishing ingredients including Karanja oil. This oil contains two unique molecules, pongamol and karajin, both of which are used as natural and effective UVA and UVB absorbers and SPF boosters.

Avoiding chemicals and opting for organic is not only beneficial for you and your loved ones. you are also protecting the environment. The ORGANii and eco-cosmetic sun ranges are coral reef friendly - so while you’re having a splash at the beach, the sea is safe from taking in any chemicals which would run off your skin into the water.

At the end of your day, finishing off with a soothing after-sun cream helps repair your skin by cooling it down and locking in lost moisture. Cooling stressed skin with ingredients like Aloe Vera will ensure you and your skin are ready for the next sunny day that comes around! pravera.co.uk

“organic and natural SPF will ensure sensitive skin is protected without being exposed to any chemical nasties.”

Silence is golden


DELVE INTO CALM AT DELPHI. Lucy Finnegan Deep in a green, glacial valley at the heart of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Delphi Resort is the perfect place to host a yoga, wellness or meditation retreat. The secluded wilderness of Connemara, the tranquillity of the beautiful landscape and the outstanding facilities at Delphi Resort make it the ideal location for retreats of all kinds for those looking to restore their natural state of inner peace and balance through a mix of yoga, meditation and relaxation practices.

“restore [your] natural state of inner peace and balance through a mix of yoga, meditation and relaxation practices.”

Delphi Resort caters for all dietary requirements, allowing you to adapt our menu to suit your needs. We offer guests an array of natural juice and tea cleanses, nutritious smoothies and healthy meals in the 814 Restaurant overlooking the rugged surrounding mountains of Leenane. The nutritious food and awardwinning spa treatments, along with the freshest country air, will leave you feeling healthy, happy and calm. Our autumn retreat ‘Falling into Silence’ will be led by go-to yoga guru Kenneth Ryan from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September. In addition to expert yoga teaching, you will receive a glorious spa treatment or a seaweed bath and two

hours complimentary use of the thermal suite and relaxation area complete with breath-taking mountain views. Ideal for individuals, friends or groups, the Yoga Retreats at Delphi Resort are wonderful weekend opportunities to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unite friends and colleagues. For information and bookings email bookings@delphiresort.com | call +353 95 42208 or visit our website. delphiresort.com

Special orders available on request. Free delivery for orders over Eur 30.00 info@downtoearth.ie www.downtoearth.ie homeopathy@downtoearth.ie downtoearthdublin Down to Earth Dublin

Dr. Leo Digestive / brain function support A powerful organic formula with lion’s mane mushrooms and a highly nutritious blend of antioxidants to help keep a child’s digestive system and central nervous system healthy.

Dr. Rei

For our little warriors Discover the power of our mushrooms for children

Immune defense support A powerful organic mushroom formula rich in Reishi extract and antioxidants. defence against viral and seasonal changes.

Hifas da Terra’s Dr. Rei and Dr. Leo’s formulas are especially designed for children between the ages of 3-12, to help support immune, digestive and health brain function. Making sure your little ones get the best possible support. Organic extract free from: gluten, preservatives, chemical products, sweeteners, flavourings, starch, wheat, corn, nuts, soy, sugar, or dairy. Suitable for vegans. Available online & at Wholefoods market, Harrods, The Natural Dispensary, John Bell & Croyden and CLF. And in Ireland at The Natural Medicine Company. Sign up for a practitioner discount:

T: 07879 306510 E: health@hifasdaterra.com or visit www.hifasdaterra.co.uk


Down to Earth SETTING STANDARDS SINCE 1978. by Aisling Cronin Down to Earth is a health food store situated on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street. Jack Irwin founded the business in 1978, and ever since then, it has gone from strength to strength: weathering the storm of tough economic climates, running their operations wisely during better times, constantly innovating its product options, and always placing the customer at the very heart of its business model.

“One principle has always guided us: the customer is king.” Down to Earth stocks an extensive range of homeopathic remedies (available at a discounted rate for homeopathic practitioners) and also has an in-house nutritional therapist. She provides expert advice to customers on the

best nutritional treatments for them: treatments that can support their health without interfering with any medication they may be taking. Jack’s daughter Jane now manages the store, but Jack continues to be actively involved in the business, and is very proud of everything the family has accomplished together. When I spoke with him to learn more, he explained that Down to Earth’s remarkable longevity is all down to its loyal customer base: people who have been coming to the store for

years – and even decades – as well as newer customers who have joined them along the way. Down to Earth’s decisions have always been influenced by customers’ preferences. When someone comes in requesting a particular product, Jack, Jane and the rest of the team do their utmost to find that product for the customer. Jack says, “one principle has always guided us: the customer is king.” downtoearth.ie


Mushroom Mastery EXCITING NEW SCIENCE’S POTENTIAL. by Aisling Cronin Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela – founder of the ‘mushroom pharmacy’ company Hifas Da Terra – believes that the humble fungus could hold a clue to tackling many illnesses. Hifas Da Terra is a Spanish biotechnology company founded in 1999. The company is committed to improving people’s quality of life using the previously untapped medicinal properties of mushrooms. This emerging science is called mycology, while the application of the science is known as mycotherapy. On a personal level, Catalina was motivated to found Hifas Da Terra after witnessing her son’s health improve with the help of mushrooms. Her son was frequently hospitalised in his early years, but as soon as she began to explore the potential of mycotherapy and apply what she had learned to helping him, his health remarkably improved.

“The humble fungus could hold a clue to tackling illness.” “Nutrients in the mushrooms can give the body the tools it needs to deal with any bacteria or viruses that might enter its system,” Catalina explains. “In kids, this makes a big difference. They might have a runny nose or a cough, but it won’t progress further. It’s all about breaking the cycle.” You can email health@hifasdaterra.com to

receive a free assessment with a team of mycotherapists, who will explain how to use Hifas Da Terra’s products and how they can benefit your particular condition. Hifas Da Terra’s range includes medicinal products, food, skincare goods and supplements. The company also engages in extensive scientific research, hoping to learn more about how mushrooms can heal. hifasdaterra.co.uk


Devotion and Commitment


FORTY YEARS OF IRISH YOGA. by Aisling Cronin The Irish Yoga Association (IYA) is Ireland’s oldest yoga body, dedicated to promoting excellence in yoga practice and training. It is the association’s 40th anniversary this year, and IYA chairperson and yoga teacher, Gabi Gillesen, is proud of the legacy they have created in that time.

“Yoga is a lifelong path of learning and growth” She says, “during our courses, we would work on physical posture, breath work and concentration, to name a few. No one teacher’s style will be exactly the same as another’s. It is all about them expressing the principles of yoga through themselves. There are a lot of short training courses

out there that don’t always instil the same sense of spiritual development and maturity that we strive for.” The IYA is part of the European Union of Yoga, so it complies with the Union’s requirement that a minimum of four years’ training is needed for someone to become a fully qualified yoga teacher. “Yoga is a lifelong path of learning and growth, so four years is really only the start of that lifelong journey,” Gabi explains. “You need time to absorb the practices yourself before you can then go

out and teach people to follow their own journey.” The IYA offers a range of courses covering every experience level, from total beginner to expert. These courses include yoga practice, teacher training, continued professional development, and ongoing support for yoga teachers at every stage of their careers.

vigorous stretching exercise programs in the gym. The feeling of strength of being ‘pumped up’ obtained in western exercises is due to muscular contraction. This kind of contraction prevents the ‘free flow of chi’. Since energy blocks within our system create pain, tiredness, depression and generally result in greater susceptibility to illness, the goal within the oriental exercises is to obtain relaxed strength and power. Relaxed power comes when the muscles, rather than fighting and straining to achieve power, loosen and open up to allow the energy to flow through. The practice enables us to have beginners mind, like a child’s mind. A child’s body is loose, soft and supple, and fluid and the mind

thinks largely of the present. Chi gong is the practice within Tai chi. The practice of Chi gong develops internal strength and energy. It is the practice of learning to control the movement of the life force energy (chi), internally using breath and the mind. Together, they have certain health benefits if practiced every day such as the freeing up of trapped emotions, improved blood circulation, increased strength and flexibility of the tendons, joints and muscle tissues and a strong immune system.


The gateway to vitality CHI GONG PRACTICE. by Kate Curtis Chi gong means ‘energy work’. It is the basis behind the power of the Oriental Martial Arts, including Kung Fu and the more subtle form of Tai chi. Tai chi means ‘Yin Yang’- balance of all things. It is an ancient Chinese system of movements based on the development of the life-force energy within the body. It is practiced in a series of very slow and smooth movements.

“The goal within the oriental exercises is to obtain relaxed strength and power.” Both Tai chi and Chi gong work muscles differently than in aerobic and


Yoga for a World in Transition The nature of the present and the responsibility of the yoga practitioner in this transition

Sraddhalu Ranade

Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

The weekend will include interactive talks, questions & answers and meditation DATE: Sat 13th & Sun 14th October 2018 VENUE: Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin A96 K063 Ireland COST: €130 full weekend IYA members, €150 full weekend non-IYA members €75 per day IYA members, €85 per day nonIYA members TIME: Registration 9.30am - 5.30pm each day Early booking is essential with Monique 087 9033762 or Miriam 087 6545631

www.iya.ie info@iya.ie

Calling all Soap Buffs QUIRKY WAY TO CLEAN. by Alison McEvoy Yope has been taking sinks by storm since its arrival to Ireland in January 2017. The creative love-child of Polish couple Karolina and Pawel, “Yope was designed based on our passion for original and natural products, as well as for beautiful, innovative aromas.” “The name Yope brings to mind the English word soap,” and indeed it all started with a desire to create healthy hand-soap - a product we use numerous times a day, thousands of times a year which would not leave the skin feeling unpleasantly dry and tight. The solution was simple: a liquid soap product with a minimal and effective composition, leaving out all the artificial colourants, aromas, silicones, preservatives and detergents. Each Yope product contains 92% natural and low processed ingredients. Yope stands out from the crowd on any shelf due to its super playful,

“Simple and natural composition, awesomely fragranced aromas… beautiful and unique designs.” creative and lively designs. Being launched this summer, especially for kids, is the new ‘Natural hand-soaps for Kids range’. Children will love using the impish bottles, complete with ears, eyes and nose or cheeky mouth, not to mention the sweet fragrances of the soap inside: Coconut and Mint, Marigold and Jasmine. The kids range contains the highest-quality natural, safe cleaning and skin-care ingredients. Moreover, they

have a neutral pH, so they do not breach the skin’s natural protective barrier. Due to their major success and expansion you’ll now find Yope hand creams, shower gels, body lotions, bathroom and floor cleaners, all with the same principles in place: simple and natural composition, awesomely fragranced aromas, all parcelled in beautiful and unique designs. It’s a definite yes for Yope from us. yope.me/en/homepage


Acupuncturist & Chigong Instructor

Vaginal Steam Ireland Reclaiming womb health with steam and herbs • • • •

Consultations Home steam visits Supplier of sauna steam seats Supplier of specially selected organic herbal formulas

Weekly Classes - 10 weeks Start 20th June Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin From 7pm - 9pm. Cost €15 per class or 5 classes for €50 For enrolment or enquiries contact Kate

087 2325383 kaitcurtis@gmail.com

Experience the multiple benefits of vaginal steaming. Allow this ancient wisdom to guide your path towards womb health and healing; physically, emotionally and energetically.

nourishing - soothing - healing www.goldenspearshealing.com

fb vaginal steam ireland tel: 0877447103 email vaginalsteam.ie@gmail.com

Exciting New Course This is a ICF accredited progam of 85 hours 37.5 core hours and can be used towards credentialing via portfolio All natural eco-soy candles, & new palm-free, vegan soap. Handmade in Ireland, scented with only pure essential oils.

This course focuses on developing coaching skills and tools to help reprogram the subconscious mind. We also explore the emerging sciences of Epigenetics, Nutritional Glycobiology and emphasize cellular wellbeing, looking at Body, Mind and Spirit. Register at: www.awellnessrevolution.net Registration fee is €1500 and if you register with this promotional code positivelife2018

Come visit us at the Vitality Expo 2018 RDS, Dublin Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September www.emmas.ie

Next course start date: September 19th 2018.


Evolution in Wellness


SUSTAINABLE HEALING by Alison McEvoy “I used to envision as a child that we would have another kind of wellness centre in the future....where all the people who come are treated holistically and where we can really look at the mind, body and spirit in our approach to helping them make this healing and transformation they are searching for.” After having lived life as a nurse, teacher and mother, Cathleen Beerkens set about bringing her childhood vision to fruition. She is the founder of Wellness Revolution, an enterprise which aims to

“Wellness coaches have an extremely important role in the healing journey...”

educate and support individuals along their personal journey of healing, as well as to train practitioners to nurture others along the wellness path. As a nurse, Cathleen recognized the need for a set of individuals who would help those recovering from illness to change their habits. Someone to make insightful recommendations to guide people towards a new life in which healthier and wellness-sustaining habits are formed. To this end Wellness Revolution offers a certified health and wellness coaching course. Wellness coaches have an extremely important role

in the healing journey as they walk with people back into their lives and help them to create lasting change which will keep them well. For Cathleen, this is the future of human health. She sees Wellness Revolution as part of the “quickening and awakening on the planet,” which is leading people to look for new and improved solutions to health problems and to ways to stay healthy amidst a changing world.


Rolfing Your Way to Health HEALING WITH JIM MCMAHON. by Aisling Cronin Rolfing® is a bodywork technique that seeks to realign the whole body structure in order to address myriad health issues. It was named after its creator, Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896 – 1979). She combined her research into holistic modalities like yoga, osteopathy and chiropractic medicine with her scientific training, in order to develop a revolutionary form of healing that became known as Rolfing®. This incorporates soft tissue manipulation, together with movement and posture education, to support clients’ optimal wellbeing. Jim McMahon (known as Jim the Rolfer) is one of Ireland’s foremost Rolfing® practitioners. He is also a craniosacral therapist. ‘The mind, body and spirit all work together,’ he explains, ‘and so if you change the physical, you can change the emotional or the energetic …

“Jim’s expertise in bodywork shines through during his treatments.” you are working on all levels of the client’s being. Rolfing® is all about looking at our posture and how we move, to effect positive change in our lives.’ His expertise in bodywork and healing shines through during his treatments.

Our publisher Paul Congdon recently attended a treatment with Jim and was very impressed by the results. ‘Jim’s talent and knowledge of the body is right on the money,’ Paul said. ‘Some days you go in and end up working on a totally different part of the body than you imagined. It all works towards the same goal: to bring the body into harmony and balance and to meet the body wherever it’s at on any given day.’ jimtherolfer.ie


“When I encounter a red light…I take a deep breath or I think of something I’m grateful for.”


mindfulness in

everyday life SAVOUR LIFE’S DAILY DISH. by Alison Canavan

There are so many ways to do this. Here are my top ten:

beautiful connection which most of us are missing in our daily lives.

1. Mindful Waking:

5. Mindful Social Media:

Waking up and starting your day with purpose can affect your whole day. Simply taking a few deep breaths upon waking and saying thank you for the day can have a domino effect towards a more mindful morning. You can set an intention when you wake, to be more present with yourself and those you meet throughout the day.

Become aware of how you feel when you scroll through social media.

2. Mindful Eating: Take three deep breaths before eating and remove distractions like phones, TVs and computers.

3. Mindful Walking: Taking a mindful walk reconnects you to yourself and to Mother Nature, helping to ground you. While walking outdoors take in the beauty of the world. Notice the little things…the colour of the leaves, the shapes of the clouds, birdsong, flowers, butterflies and any animals you see.

4. Mindful Conversations: Give someone your full attention during a conversation. This attentiveness creates a

6. Mindful Connections: Make a conscious effort to connect with friends and family whether through text, phone or email. Reach out so they know you care. If you have children, being present when in their presence is the greatest gift you can give them.

7. Shower Mindfully: Notice how the water feels on your body. I love imagining the water clearing away all the old negative energy and making way for the new each day.

8. Mindful Driving: Use your time in the car as a way to reconnect with yourself. I love playing games when I encounter a red light: I take a deep breath or I think of something I’m grateful for.

9. Mindful Work: Tackling one thing at a time and giving it your full attention will help you to become more productive. This brings a

sense of purpose and focus to your workday, helping you to feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

10. Mindful Bedtime Routine: In bed, scan through your day and let go of anything which doesn’t serve your sense of wellbeing. I like to take a few deep breaths and set an intention for a good night’s sleep. This is also a nice opportunity to practise gratitude by choosing the thing you are most grateful for which happened that day. As you can see, bringing mindfulness into your day is much easier than you may have thought. Our daily activities offer abundant opportunities to practise mindfulness. Consciously slowing down and living each moment by being present for ourselves brings a beautiful quality into our lives. Living more mindfully creates an essential space for us which can get lost in today’s world. This space enables us to make better decisions for both ourselves and our loved ones. The only way to truly achieve that is to consciously slow down and start living our lives, moment to moment. becomplete.ie


Major Award in Community and Health Services FETAC Accredited Courses

Complementary Medicine

ITEC Level 3 Accredited Courses

Cost: Year 1 €845 & Year 2 €1258

*Tuina Certificate in Acupressure


change in line with course changes. Medical card holders receive a €250 Reduction.

FETAC Accredited Courses


ITEC Accredited Courses

Courses are subject to change. *The Certificate and Diploma in Tuina are awarded by Active Health who are affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the world Health Organisation’s representative for traditional medicines.

*Tuina Diploma in Acupressure





Hear your inner calling, stay courageous in the process of manifestation and keep your unique dream alive. 'Sky’s ability to guide, conveying all the pertinent information while modelling what is possible to grow into, is phenomenal'

“If you have back pain or any structural issues or find yourself prone to injuries, i highly recommend this therapy, it simply works, and ive tried them all...take one session and i promise you, you wont look back, excuse the pun. Amatsu has changed my life and Tomas is a true gent and brilliant at what he does.” Paul Congdon, Publisher , Positive Life

Tomas Ronan - 0872711215


Restore your senses & relax receive guidance for your life embody your vital inner nature deepen your connection to all of life. Modalities used include: Forest therapy/bathing, the 8 Shields, the Way of Council and Ancestral Wisdom & Skills

THE HEROINES JOURNEY An immersion for women into wilderness skills, deep nature connection practices and women's culture. 4 Weekends Aug 11th-Nov 4th


Worried about your healtH? Take the Power Back!


healing, courage and honesty HOW CANCER SET ME FREE. by Keith Cullen

All the signs were there, telling me my health was unraveling, but it took a medical emergency before I was ready to listen. This I don’t recommend and this is why I want to share my experience with anyone who will listen. Last year was the best year I’ve ever had. I experienced some big personal awakenings, my career was on the rise, my love life was finally worth talking about, the schedule was full, and the lessons I was learning along the way were inspiring me in all the right directions. I was even prepping to attend the Grammys, for a big showcase and for my album. During that hectic time, I started to notice blood in my urine. I thought I had some sort of infection. Eager to stay on schedule and keep up with the recording, I did the whole “mind over matter” bit, took advice from health experts and finally saw my local doctor. By December, my symptoms worsened, and while I was on a trip in Sydney, I sought medical help again. Jessica, an Australian doctor I visited for more antibiotics, required me to have an ultrasound instead. That led to another

specialist, which led to a CT scan, which led to my laying on the operating table in Sydney. December 8th will be a date I won’t forget, as they removed a large tumour from by bladder, not really knowing the full extent or nature of how the cancer had spread.

“I can be happy and have cancer. I can be whole and also sad. I can be afraid and still courageous.” I’ve experienced every different type of emotion possible this year, from “WHY ME,” to “I got this,” to “I’m okay,’ to ‘This sucks balls.” I’ve learned to be okay with not being okay. I’ve been learning the difference between reality and fantasy, and how to be positive within my reality, rather than ignoring it in order to stay positive. I can be happy and have cancer. I can be whole

and also sad about my circumstances. I can be afraid and still courageous about what is happening. “It takes a lot of strength to share yourself with someone else” – a lyric of one of my songs written five years ago is back to remind me why it was written! Being new to cancer and to chemotherapy, I hadn’t imagined it would force me to be so brutally honest and reflective as I currently am. Each decision I make now has meaning and the value attached to survival, and being a source of good has never been stronger at the forefront of my mind. I’ve been gracefully broken and now am focused on rebuilding a stronger, more knowledgeable, kinder Keith who surrenders to my new path and will continue to keep my arms wide open to life’s opportunities, whilst doing some good along the way. Everyone is different regarding their journey. Please feel free to share yours with me. Just reach out at any point: keithcullengm@yahoo.ie thekove.kcmusic.ie


healing with

magnets and messages WONDERS OF BIOMAGNETIC THERAPY. by Alison McEvoy

“It’s as if he talks to your body and the body answers,” his client, let’s call her Claudia, told me while Raymond prepared for her session. Claudia became ill when she was just twenty-one years old, in 2009. For the following eight years she went through a series of misdiagnoses and mistreatments: “fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a long list, until I found Raymond.” Raymond began treating Claudia in November 2017 for what he accurately diagnosed to be Lyme’s disease, alongside a range of other issues. Since then she has finally begun to see improvement in her condition. Observing Raymond in action was astonishing. Biomagnetic Therapy is a healing modality which gets to the genuine core of the issue and imparts practical, observable improvement. He uses a form of kinesiology, or muscle testing, to communicate with the body, reading ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers from muscle contractions. I felt I was in the presence of a deep communication where Claudia’s body was finally being heard and could receive the rebalancing and reprogramming it needed. Raymond proceeded to carry out an in-depth process of investigation and discovery which presented him with information on imbalances in place in Claudia’s body right down to the level of microbes (e.g. bacteria, viruses and

fungi) which the human body is home to a plethora of. He then placed the magnets in such a way as to neutralise and balance any microbial presences which were interfering with the body’s healthy functioning. Claudia had observed that Raymond “uses his own healing powers

“Lydia’s body was finally being heard and could receive the rebalancing and reprogramming it needed.” to strengthen what he’s doing.” Indeed, he has coined the term Applied Biomagnetic Therapy to describe his unique approach. Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is a comprehensive approach to healing which, Raymond explained, recognises that “illness is a perfectly logical response of the body to a trauma or impact.” Raymond enquires, through the body, for this causative factor in illness through asking four fundamental questions; 1. Are there microbes out of balance? 2. Is there a trauma involved? 3. Is there anything ancestral involved? 4. Is there an illness of the soul?

Once the answers to these questions had been received from the body and the magnets were in place, guiding the body back into microbial balance, he set about addressing the fundamental trauma. Having placed Claudia into a light trance in order to communicate with her subconscious, he helped her body to deactivate the perfectly logical decision her body had made at the time of trauma but which was no longer necessary and was now acting as a hindrance to health. He helped her body to replace this subconscious program with a healthy program, thereby guiding the cells, chromosomes and genes back into perfect harmony and balance. When it came to my turn, the treatment was truly revelatory. Raymond gave me his usual first visit treatment, a systematic scan in amazing detail, and a clear program for healing and rebalancing everything which had been discovered. Raymond will soon be offering a practitioner training program in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy which will teach therapists to address illness using this therapy on the four levels of: microbes, underlying trauma, ancestral and soul issues. For more information contact Raymond through his website. biomagnetism.ie

CURCUMIN 100% TURMERIC CONCENTRATE Our carefully sourced Turmeric Juice contains active curcumin and its essential oils making it a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and liver support

New Vistas Healthcare Phone: +353 61 33 44 55 | Fax: +353 61 33 15 15 Email: info@newvistashealthcare.com www.newvistashealthcare.com


Eczema Acne Psoriasis Dry Skin

Soothe Aching Joints Calm Muscles

Contains less sodium than typically found in proocessed salt Increased Hydration Improve Circulation Prevet Muscle Cramp Balance Body PH Himalayan Mountain Salt Lamps Ease Hay Fever & Allergy Symptoms Clense and Deodorise the Air Reduce Asthma Symptoms Ease coughing Increse Energy Levels Neutralise Electromegnetic Radiation Better Sleep 149 DRUMNAKILLY RD., OMAGH BT79 OJY TEL: 028 8077 1131

Thai Massage Diploma Dates: Module 1-September 24th to 28th & Module 2-February 4th to 8th 2019 (10 days in total) (suitable for those with A&P qualification. no previous Massage experience necessary)

This course is delivered by the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage. These 2 modules form the basis for obtaining the Thai Bodywork Diploma; a professional, certified qualification recognised by FHT and other bodies, including THAI (international). Course Fee: €1400 Exam Fee: €100 Payment plans available at no extra cost. For further info/Booking, please contact: Catriona Plunkett Email: info@goldeneggholistic.com Phone: 087 6011797




summer astrological scene



Astrologically, 2018 is a year of restructuring and we are now midway through the process. Old structures are breaking down, paving the way for the ‘new’ which will emerge in early 2019. Different events around the world this year, particularly from March to early May, challenged us to look deep within and set new foundations which are solid and secure. The planets are calling us to deal with the twists and turns in our own lives head-on and, in many cases, to face our deepest fears. Mars, the fiery planet and ruler of war and strength, together with Saturn, who teaches us the most important life lessons for our growth, were in the sign of Sagittarius (Sagittarius is owned by Jupiter who brings justice) from early March to May 2nd. Saturn’s themes of safety and security, together with Mars’ themes of violence and conflict, and Jupiter’s themes of justice and balance, have been at play at the level of our collective consciousness. This powerful combination of energy has inspired us to look within for answers, bringing about deep inner reflection about key fundamentals in our lives, and challenging and inspiring us to make sense of life on our own terms and forge new directions - all of which is necessary to help us let go of what is no longer serving us and make way for the new.

Mars will be with Ketu, in Mars’ exaltation sign of Capricorn, from May to November this year. These two fiery planets together can lead to high passions and impetuous decisions that cost us in the long run. Mars will want to get things sorted quickly. However, building on the theme of restructuring, it is more of a time for creating strong foundations for the longer term than getting quick results. Plan well. Avoid over-reaction and extreme behaviour. Self-care is important. Work on finding balance and have healthy boundaries. Spend time meeting people and building new associations with like-minded and like-hearted people. Do not expect quick harvests from your efforts.

“The planets are getting us all ready for better things.” The closeness of Saturn, Mars and Ketu for many months this summer also puts an emphasis on differences between people, countries and cultures. Their closeness also brings about delays and sudden changes which serve to teach us patience and challenge expectations. Retrograde planets may amplify delays and differences between people

and open old wounds from time to time over the summer. Knowing this means you don’t have to be drawn in to fruitless discussions. The two partial solar and one total lunar eclipse in July/August will be a further time of change. The themes of change and difference are strong around the world – ultimately allowing for deep and positive inward reflection and subsequent outward change: a transformation and then later, a coming together. There are very good times ahead with some challenges before we get into the new rhythm. The most important thing for each of us is to look within so that we benefit from the deep and powerful teachings and potential for transformation which the planets are giving us. Sitting honestly with yourself will pay great dividends. The planets are getting us all ready for better things. Get ready for a brighter future by being true to you. Calodagh McCumiskey is the director of Spiritual Earth in Rocklands Co. Wexford. spiritualearth.ie calodaghmccumiskey@gmail.com

Mahalaxmi(Mary Flinn) trained by YOGI BHAJAN & K. PATABHI JOIS

200 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING registered Yoga Alliance (internationally recognized)

AT SWYNNERTON LODGE Blackcastle, Navan, Co Meath Ireland

August 6th-31th, 2018 For information: Marion:heavensbreath@rocketmail.com; 0876524827 or Mary:mysoremary@gmail.com



Interviews, Talks, Mini Workshops & Movies Tantra, holistic dating , healing and much more.


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