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How to Migrate TYPO3 to WordPress? Take it from Here [Tutorial] Many consider TYPO3 as the reliable and powerful CMS solution for running various types of websites, whether it is a traditional website or even an intranet. This CMS platform allows you to create workflow to run your business matters, networking community to get in touch with your coworkers and adherents. However, nowadays, more and more website owners prefer a little bit more user friendly and straightforward tools for their online project. But, it doesn’t mean they exclude the importance of functionality. So, what CMS platform can absolutely meet the requirements of both ease of use and multi functionality? Have you ever thought about WordPress? Its worldwide popularity is not for nothing. This CMS platform is characterized by its ease of use, multiple functions, and diligently developed design of the theming system. But, what to do if you already have pretty extended content and want to migrate TYPO3 to WordPress with no losses?

See through this step-by-step tutorial on how to perform your TYPO3 to WordPress migration smoothly and fast, and keep all your content using an automated migration tool CMS2CMS.

Automated TYPO3 to WordPress Migration Guide 1 Step. Register an Account The first stage you have to proceed with is register an account. Just go to and create a new account or you may login via Google+ or Facebook profile.

2 Step. Point Out TYPO3 and WordPress Websites. Next, provide the URLs of your current and new sites in the fields respectfully. But, if you don’t have your new WordPress website installed yet, it’s not a problem. Just check the corresponding box and choose the CMS platform, in this case – WordPress. And press ‘Continue’.

3 Step. Connect Your Sites Now, you should connect your websites to enable data exchange between them.

Press the button ‘Download the Connection Bridge’. It will be saved as ‘cms2cms’ zip.

Extract the file to the corresponding folder on your computer.

Connect to your TYPO3 and WordPress websites via FTP client software.

Copy ‘cms2cms’ folder to the root directories both of TYPO3 and WordPress sites. Note. Root directory is the top folder with the index.php file. If you’ve already done this, it means that the connection bridge is already installed on your websites. And now, we may settle down the migration process itself.

4 Step. Free Demo Migration Now, go back to your migration wizard and verify the connection bridge by clicking the corresponding button. To check how the service will transfer your TYPO3 to WordPress, you may try the free Demo Migration. It includes the migration of 10 pages of your website and all the related entities. Also, at this point you may check/uncheck the additional options of your TYPO3 to WordPress migration: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Migrate Your Media Files. All the post pictures will be imported directly from TYPO3 to WordPress. Make URLs SEO Friendly. The internal links will be formed according to the rewrite rules of your new WordPress site. 301 Redirect. It means that you have an option to use 301 redirect from your TYPO3 URLs to WordPress ones automatedly by adding some data into your configuration file. Clear Target Website Data. If you have some test elements on your new WordPress website and want to delete them, just check the corresponding box and CMS2CMS will do this automatedly.

5 Step. Full Migration When the demo migration is over and you’re happy with the result, you may start your full migration. All your TYPO3 content will be migrated from TYPO3 to WordPress and after that you’ll receive the email notification – it would mean you can enjoy your new WordPress website.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate any more! Set up your free Demo Migration and you’ll be able to get your new WordPress website to a high standard in a few moments.

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How to migrate typo3 to wordpress  

How to migrate typo3 to wordpress