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MEET HELEN COUTTS Ella Anne Kociuba, Spartan Champ The girl’s got game — and guts “THE FUTURE WITH DANIEL ALFONSO”

JULY 2013

Hello Readers: The Central Texas Showdown was a complete success. Bob and I are planning next years ventures with a few surprise annoucements. Stay tuned to Pose Down once we finalize our plans. I have the distinct pleasure of revisting with a friend of mine in this issue Nancy Di Nino. Please read her updated news and ventures.


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Hollywood “The Inside Dish”

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Fit Fish Tacos

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25 Years in the Making Darrell Terrell

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Wilson Munene Karimi

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Bobby Rowe Kiker

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Future with Daniel Alfonso

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Her Amazing Strength IFBB Pro Amanda Dunbar

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Ft Worth Classic

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Meet Helen Coutts

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The Girl’s Got Game-and Guts Ella Anne Kociuba, Spartan

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W O H S S 013 A X 2 E , T 1 3 L R t A s U R ugu O T Y N A E K R C R A MA LEND CA


How did i get started in the strange world of bodybuilding?




I have to disappoint you here, I was never bullied nor was I overweight, in fact you could call me a jock ( I came to America on a swimming scholarship, having represented Germany at world Cups and Olympic trials). I always liked the athletic physique and being active all my life, lifting weights came naturally. It is rather hard to determine the exact starting point of my so-called journey, but one of the moments I do remember is watching Terminator with my dad and thinking” I want to look like that “ (I am German, what do you expect) . From there on, I bought my first Flex magazine and an atrocious tasting protein powder, the rest is history. After working on Wall Street for 5 years, I felt it was time for a change i came to the US via Germany on a swimming scholarship, after graduating And competing in Olympic trials as well as World Cups, I started working on Wall Street. After 5 years, I decided this isn’t what I want so formed my own company and became a personal trainer/ fitness model/nutritionist. Now, I published three book, became a writer for fitness magazines , have appeared on TV as well as in many magazines and am changing peoples life’s. I competed in the musclemania, won NY and the Superbody and am now looking toward Vegas in fall. From here on, I am looking to grow my company, hire more trainers and open my own facilities all over the country. I feel it is time for someone to cut through all the fog in the fitness world and simply tell the public how things really work and that obtaining a great physique is not a matter of luck or genetics, but can be planned.

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What i love about the sport? The main reason I love BB is the element of control. When my mother was very ill, the gym was my sanctuary. No matter what goes on in the outside world,100 lbs will always be 100 lbs. Plus, once you have created your own physique you realize anything in life is possible.

Bodybuilding is a never-ending quest for perfection. Therein lies its fascination but also its danger, do not let it consume you. I find helpful to look back from time to time in order to appreciate how far one has come. This does not mean you should kick back and eat Doritos but it is a good idea to keep things in perspective. I have met too many guys, whose lives evolve solely around training and eating, needless to say that this is a ticket to unhappiness. Bodybuilding as strange sport since you cannot measure performance as in track in field or swimming. So you must be aware that you are only competing against yourself. Do not worry what other people do, just create the best you there can be. The journey is the end! Training is a privilege, so enjoy every set, every rep.

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Fit Fish Tacos with Citrus Salsa Sarah Long Ingredients: for tacos 1 package low carb wraps 6 pieces of Tilapia (or other type of By Tye Sheets lettuce PierpontLow fat mozzarella 1 fish) Mrs. Dash, extra spicy (or favorite flavor) Shredded cup black beans (rinse and drain if canned) 1 avocado (sliced) Cooking spray Preparation: first prepare citrus salsa (recipe below) cook fish in large covered skillet coated with cooking spray. About 5 min. each side. Sprinkle with extra spicy Mrs. Dash. Place low carb wraps on cookie sheet and spray top and bottom with cooking spray. Broil in oven for 30 sec-1 min. each side. Watch carefully, they burn easily. Make sure they are slightly cooked and brown. Smash beans in separated bowl, top with mozzarella cheese and microwave until cheese is melted. Stir together Build your Taco: spread beans onto warm wrap, add fish, lettuce, avocado and citrus salsa (recipe below) and enjoy!!!! Nutrition: 2 tacos (minus the citrus salsa) serves 4 Calories 450 Fat 9g Carbs 11g Protein 32 g Ingredients: for citrus salsa 4 roma tomatoes 1 large orange 1 Vidalia onion, peeled and chopped 3 Tbsp lime juice 2 jalape単o peppers 4 packets of splenda or stevia 1 tbsp chopped cilantro Prep: Bring water to boil in small saucepan and blanch tomatoes for 30 seconds, rinse with cold water, peel and chop. place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Allow to sit at room temperature for 1 hour. Mix again and serve! Nutrition: serving = 1 cup Calories 70 Fat 0 Carb 12 g Protein 2 g




By Ryan Ellison


Bodybuilding takes motivation, mental fortitude, and dedication to accomplish something that the average person can only dream about. It’s the foundation to become the best (you) you can be, without the promise of fame or fortune. The goal is to persevere at all cost, taking the cards you are dealt and making the best of it. No Excuses. The vast majority of competitive bodybuilders have their own personal reasons for continuing to grow in one of the toughest sports known to man. Some may say it’s an outlet, others like Darrell will tell you it’s a way out from all the monotony of life, and a way to focus and harness all your energy to one cause - being the best you can be. Darrell was a bodybuilder before he even knew what bodybuilding was. It was his time as a high school running back that got him into the gym lifting weights. He was also involved in other sports such as baseball and track, which was perfect considering Darrell has such a strong competitive drive. If it weren’t for a book by the great Herschel Walker that Darrell had by chance discovered in his high school library, I might not be writing this article today. This book helped Darrell develop new training techniques to improve his running game. Some of these training techniques included setting up barrels in the family’s backyard, wearing helmet and holding a football while running drills through the barrels, and he could also be found doing pull-ups off the rafters in the garage. In the summertime, Darrell would sometimes stay up till 2:00am lifting and waking up his family every time he dropped a weight. Whenever all the neighborhood kids were out playing outside, Darrell would be in the house lifting weights. The kids would come by just to see how much progress he was making. He didn’t do it just to be a better football player; he lifted consistently because he had a true passion for weight lifting.


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After high school, he tried out for college football, but was cautious because of some of the major injuries that happen at the collegiate level. Instead, he embarked on a 25-year competitive bodybuilding journey and hasn’t ever regretted making that decision. Many of the best football players usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to education. The teachers will give them passing grades just to make them eligible to play. Darrell was the opposite - not wanting to be your average runof-the-mill football player. His desire to have a quality education left him living in abandoned house and sleeping in the snow on friend’s patios, just so that he could go to the school he wanted and get the kind of education that he deserved. How can you expect to hold any kind of intellectual conversation without being able to form a sentence? He later went on to pursue another one his passions personal training.

Darrell Terrell Total Package personal training is run out of 4 Star Gym in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With over 20 years experience Darrell’s clientele consists of people of all shapes and sizes. He enjoys interacting with all the different individuals and boosting their self esteems. While at the same time teaching them how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there were two years where Darrell’s mind set had changed. He was training less and less becoming what most competitive bodybuilders fear - sedentary. It can take a large amount of effort and support to get out of the trenches and back in the game. If not for the support and constant motivation offered by his fiancé, fitness model/competitor Jamie Bell, he might have never have returned to bodybuilding. Jamie was such a motivating and positive person in his life – and without her, Darrell wouldn’t be pushing for his pro card this year. Contest History: 2009-North American 15th 2008-Nationals 6th, North American 3rd 2007-Nationals 5th, North American 2nd 2006- Nationals 8th 2005- Nationals 3rd, North American 7th 2004- North American 2nd, USA 15th 2003-Nationals 4th, USA 3rd 2002- No Placing 2001- Nationals 3rd, USA 9th 2000-USA 16th 1999- USA 12th 1998- USA 7th 1996-Nationals 5th 1995- USA 12th

DARRELL TERRELL This year Darrell is bringing “The Total Package” to the stage and some heads are gonna turn. He’s taken a new direction, not only with the help of his number one supporter and fiancée Jamie Bell, but he has hired a trainer and diet coach Jeremy Minihan. Jeremy has helped him focus on improving his symmetry in his shoulders and back, making his physique this year greater than any of the years prior. It’s time for Darrell “The Total Package” Terrell to put it together and become pro this year, which truly has been 25 years in the making. All the heartache and hard work will be worth it for that one day when he will present all of his progress to the stage. Turning heads and taking names – this is Darrell “The Total Package” Terrell’s time to shine.

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Wilson Munene Karimi

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Wilson Munene is a Graduate of Agricultural Economics from Egerton University. As a model and a natural bodybuilder, Wilson has competed in local and regional competitions, the notable ones being, Mazo Bodybuilding competition where he placed 1st in the model category, East Africa Musclemania competition where he was 1st in the muscle model category, Africa Musclemania competition held in Kamapala he was 1st in Muscle model category, Fitness Star Photo contest he placed third, he has also been named guy of the month in the Training Fitness online magazine.

e n e

n u M i n o s m l i i r W Ka

Muscle Model, Fitness Model, Fashion Model, Actor Biography

Wilson has featured in several advertisements in Nigeria and Kenya, Airtel Steady Steady advert as a featured cast, Fresh fri cooking oil advert as the main cast, Versman men lotion as the main cast and Safaricom advert as one of the main cast. Wilson has also worked as an instructor in various gyms in Kenya. He is passionate about modeling acting and healthy living. Wilson has been an advocate of healthy living encouraging young and old to lead fit and healthy lifestyle. He is outgoing, honest, a person of high integrity, charismatic and loves socializing. Rugby, working out, dancing and farming are some of his hobbies. He is hard working, and through this he is able to motivate himself and those around him to do their best. He is a creative person and excellent role model who is dedicated to his work. Wilson maintains high standards for himself as well as those he works with, always quietly providing the necessary support to help his peers and others succeed. If you would like to know more about Wilson Munene Karimi please visit his website

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NPC National Level Competitor Dre Dillard

NPC National Level Competitor/ Teen Nationals Competitor Andre McShan

9 am


Pre-judgingBodybuilding/Figure/Bikini/ Mens/Womens Physique (Adults $15.00, Children under 10 free)

Fair Park Music Hall/ Fair Park 909 First Ave Dallas Tx 75210

6:30 pm

Contest Hotel:

Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness/Bikini/ Mens/Womens Physique Finals VIP Reserved Seating: $50.00 General Seating: $30.00 Children: under 10 Free, except for VIP Seating NO Discounts for VIP

Sanction #125724

Texas Classes: s.OVICE /PEN -ASTERS"ODYBUILDING and Figure, Fitness, Bikini and Masters Bikini, Physique, Masters Physique and Teen Physique s-ASTERS-EN    ANDOVER s-ASTERS7OMEN  AND!BOVE Overall winners of the 2013 NPC Heart of Texas men’s bodybuilding open and bikini will be reimbursed for travel expenses up to $400.00, if they go to the 2013 NPC State Championships.

Magnolia Hotel 1401 Commerce Street Dallas, Tx 75201 888.915.1110

(ask for competition rates)



Prince Harrison, 972.247.1539 or www. FOR TICKETS, VENDOR INFORMATION AND ENTRY FORMS

Overall winners of the 2013 NPC State Championships men’s physique and overall bikini will be reimbursed for travel expenses up to $800.00 if they go on to the 2013 Nationals.

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BOBBY ROWE KIKER Bobby Rowe Kiker, I am 50 years old. I grew up playing all sports Boxing and Martial Arts became my main focus, I pretty much grew up in a Boxing gym fighting in the Texas Golden Gloves and tournaments all over Texas and surrounding states. I Decided to turn Pro and started training at Gormans Super Pros on S Main in FW Tx. I found a life long friend in Troy Dorsey who eventually won a World Boxing Title and also was the PKA Champion,i believe to this day Troy is the only man to have held World Titles in both Kickboxing and Boxing. I trained with a great stable of mentors who helped me have the mind set of being a Champion in everything I do. I later turned to Martial Arts training under Roy Kurban at the American Black Belt Academy in Arl Tx. I fought in my first tournament in 1991 winning 1st place in fighting and 3rd place in forms. I fought in several tournanments through out Texas winning 1st place in the many of the shows or at least placing.My last tournament was in 2011 where I took 1st place in fighting and forms/Kata competition. Master Kurban used to speak with us about integrity and conducting ourselves as the Champions he dubbed us all to be! Mr. Kurban was such a powerful influence on my life and helped me to step away from a troubled youth and become a man. I can never thank him enough nor can any of those who trained under him as well. I opened my company Kiker Electric in 2000,i became very busy and working out was put on the back burner. I grew to a bad 238lbs,i was so out of shape it was really bad! I took a wrong turn one day when I was going to a service call and found this place called Metroflex probabally have heard of it by now! I stopped in just to check it out, that’s when I met Rendy and Christine DelaCruz,they showed me around and it was really different than any gym I had ever been in. It was like walking into a Rocky Balboa type gym setting,HARDCORE...I was a little intimidated but I really thought it was what I needed. I walked out of Metroflex FW and as I was leaving I told Rendy it was by accident I even found the place,Rendy just smiled ear to ear and said in his thunderous voice...”IT IS YOUR DESTINY THAT YOU ARE HERE TODAY,ITS NOT AN ACCIDENT!” Then he smiled and said “see you tomorrow!” I had very little weight training in my life,i had never seen a Power Lifting or Bodybuilding show other than on television. I remember Ronnie Coleman,Branch Warren,Lee Haney and Arnold and thinking what great Athletes these men were. My wife,Tanya Drummond Kiker, and I started training at Metroflex FW a little more than 2 years ago with Joseph Cortez and Shawnna Doty,we found out real quick what weight training was...PAIN!!!

page 28

My wife is a former cheerleader and sports background,she is very beautiful and strong woman,i didnt think she would have any problem working out but we would leave Metroflex and just sit in our car until we could drive.My wife had never been in a gym until we met,now we train together everyday. Rendy introduced me to Joseph and I would tell him I would train w him sometime and ask him questions,he would laugh and say “when ever you are ready let me know!” It was somewhat comical looking back on how my training started with Joseph. I had been training for about 9 months and went to see the 2012 Ronnie Coleman BB show,it was the first time I had ever been to a show and as I sat and looked at the stage,lights and competitors I was in awe,i told my wife I wanted to try and do a show. Joseph and Shawnna started training us for our first show the next week. We never could have imagined how hard it was to get ready to for competing,we spent the next 17 weeks getting ready for our 1st show. I think it was the hardest thing we have ever done. We competed at the Heart of Texas Bodybuilding Championships in Dallas Tx. I have been competing in front of people, boxing and Martial Arts most of my life but my wife hadn’t been in front of a crowd since high school.I was afraid she would freeze up and I was so worried about her. I sat down in the front of the stage and got ready to film her,music came on and out walks my wife just smiling from ear to ear,so cool she even gives me a wink as I sat there watching her strut her stuff with my mouth wide open. I forgot to film the first part of her on stage. She did awesome,she took 3rd place in her first show. I got on stage and the very second I walked out from the curtain I new Bodybuilding was what I wanted to do. I did my routine and my wife jumped in my arms as I walked back stage. I took 3rd place in the Mens Open Middleweight Class my first show. We went home and laughed off and on for the next week.

My trainer Joseph Cortez pushed,pulled and prodded me to give more as the Ronnie Coleman training began.He was getting ready for a show and I thought I was giving everything I had until I stayed late one Sat and watched him work out,i realized that I only thought I was giving my all,if I wanted to compete and be the best I could be things had to change. I always had competing at the Ronnie Coleman in the back of my mind,ALWAYS,DAY AND NIGHT!. I started training harder than ever,i dedicated myself to my diet,cardio and every aspect it takes to be a legit bodybuilder. Watching Joseph,Rendy,Adrian and Randall work out was the best thing that could have happened to me. Mentally I changed the way I looked at training,i would start to conduct my self as a Pro would and train like it. I found everybody at Metroflex suddenly behind me, urging me on,every rep,every lunge,even following me down the runway for sled push and pulls yelling in my ear. I remember one night pushing myself so hard I went over to the corner and sat down for a moment,i started to cry I hurt so bad. My wife saw me and new I was about to break so she walked over and put a towel over my head so nobody would see me cry and said in a whisper...BK your almost there,you are going to win the Ronnie Coleman! Noel Trevino had been watching and walked he walked up to me and looked me dead serious in the eyes and said “JESUS DIDNT QUIT ON YOU, DONT QUIT ON HIM,GO THROUGH THE PAIN, WE ALL HAVE TO BK!” I finished up my work out with what I knew to do...I reached out to GOD for the strength I needed, i had the best work out ever! Nine months of getting back in shape and another year of hardcore training,one year after i saw the Ronnie Coleman, i competed in the Ronnie, May 2013 and won the Masters 50 Class. I also competed in the Novice and Open class getting a Top 5 call out in both classes. I qualified for the Nationals with my win and plan on competing as soon as im deemed ready. I plan on winning the Nationals and attaining my Pro Card. My wife and i are currently studing to get our IAFS Training Certifications so we can help other people change their life the way we have ours. I never had any idea just how hard it would be to be a Bodybuilder,training,diet,cardio but through it all i wouldn’t change one second of how its come down,i love this sport and all it has done for our life. I will be ready next year for the Nationals and i plan on winning!!! .I wanted to say thank you to Rendy,Christine,Joseph Cortez,Shawnna Doty and everybody at FW Metroflex for the friendship and encouragement everyday we walk in the gym.Thank you to my wife that helped me all the way to the finish line Most important...All glory to God whom strengthens my every step...

ITH W O RE S U N T O F FU L A By: Mike Bell L E I DAN

PD: How old are you and how long have you been competing? DA: 35 years old and I have been competing since 2009. PD: Why did it take you so long to compete? DA: Well actually my first competition that i did was the Miami championship In 2004, I did it just to see how to would be on stage, I loved it but some things happened in my personal life that competing took a back seat, for instance I got married, we had a child, and I suffered an aneurism in the gym that sidelined me for a while. Then in 2008, I met Rafael Jaramillo which is still my training partner and he saw the potential in me and asked me if I was interested in getting back on stage. I said “Well, why not and here I am.” PD: What are your offseason and last contest weights? DA: Offseason weight 260lbs and last contest weights were 204 in 2009, 216 in 2010 and 224 in 2012. PD: That’s a great increase in body weight. Do you feel you about the weight you need to be or do you still have a ways to go before you hit your limit? DA: I’ve been increasing in quality body weight every year since 2009 which I’m supper happy about! I’m in no way topped off, last year I had trouble landing as a heavyweight in the show that I won, this year the same thing is happening. I feel like I can get tighter in certain areas before I make the jump to super heavyweight which if it doesn’t happen this year it will definitely happen next year. I strongly believe the reason for my weight increase is that I approach the offseason like I would my contest prep, sometimes as bodybuilders we tend to get lazy and may miss a meal here or there or a training session. To me the real work and your improvements are made in the offseason, the contest prep is just to show the finishing product that you built in the off season.

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PD: Very well said Daniel. What got you into the sport? DA: I’ve always loved bodybuilding. I had some family members that were into it too so I guess it’s in my blood. PD: What are some of your recent shows, and how did you place? DA: 2009 Southern States 4th place. 2009 Miami Championship 2nd. 2010 Southern States 5th. 2011 injury. 2012 Sunshine Classic 1st place and Overall. PD: What are your plans for the rest of this year? DA: I’m currently getting ready for the USA’s, North Americans in Pittsburg and Nationals in Miami. PD: What do you find to be the most difficult part of this sport? DA: The daily grind as the show is getting close, it’s very mentally and physically challenging. PD: What have the judges told you need to work on in order to place a little higher? DA: They have told me my lower back and glutes need to be tighter. PD: Do you work with anyone for your prep? DA: Yes, currently with Heinz Senior from Human Evolution Supplements. PD: I’ve known Heinz for a long time, he is a great guy and is making a name for himself as a contest prep guru! What do you like about working with him? DA: Heinz is an awesome guy and you can tell that he loves what he does! He got me ready for the show that I won and he got me in by far the best shape of my life. He has a great attention for detail and puts 100% attention into the athlete, which as a bodybuilder getting ready for a show, its very comforting. PD: Human Evolution Supplements is a new company. Tell me a little bit about your favorite supps from them. DA: All the supplements are very good, but if I had to choose one it would be the plasma blast. I use it in my preworkout and my post workout, it gives me the energy to get me thru those hard workouts especially when your cutting your calories. When you drink it post workout you just feel it replenishing your body and it gives you an incredible pump which last a lot longer than other post workout supplements that I have tried before. PD: Is there anyone you would like to thank? DA: My family and friends, Heinz Senior from Human Evolution and my training partner since 2009 Rafael Jaramillo.

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PD: Hey Amanda thanks for taking the time to visit with us! Let’s get this started with the basics. How old are you and how long have you been competing? AD: I am 33 years old, I was born April 21st, 1980. I did my first show at 21 years old in 2001. PD: Did you play sports in high school or college? AD: I was a gymnast from the age of 4 and progressed to competing as a level 10 gymnast (highest level under Olympic - Elite level) until I was 16 years old when I was forced into retirement due to a severe injury. I had a Broken/dislocated ankle in over 20 places that eventually required 5 surgeries including an experimental cartilage transplant from my knee and placing the cartilage in my ankle to repair. I was offered many full gymnastics scholarships during this period, but had to turn them down due. I was non-weight bearing on and off for approx. a year during all of these surgeries and had trouble walking, let alone being able to go back to gymnastics.

B B IF o r p A D N A R M A A B N U D ell


eB Mik


PD: Wow! Thats a horrible inury! It’s amazing you can train legs as heavy as you do! Do you have any limitations as far as exercises go or certain pieces of cardio? AD: I have always been limited in my leg training since I broke my ankle. I was never able to do free weight squats because of poor range of motion (dorsiflexion) of my left ankle. It wasn’t until after the Europa (April 2013) that I decided I would try to free squat for the first time. During my competitive bodybuilding career 8 years ago I also did extensions, lunges, and leg press. I wasn’t able to do anything that put me into excessive dorsiflexion. Now I am varying my stance, squatting with my heels on 5 lb plates, doing wide stance squats, smith machine squats and box squats to work around my limitations because I realize my legs are weaker (size wise) and I need to do something to bring them up. I am in uncharted waters now and am hoping my legs respond to different training. PD: What has overcoming that injury and staying in the competitive arena taught you? AD: I have never trained in bodybuilding without having ankle problems, so I do not know what it is like to train “normally” like everyone else does? Even as a gymnast I had the normal injuries that they get... sprained ankles many times, broken ribs, broken toes, partially torn hamstring, broken coccyx. I am someone that will push past everything injury or limitation to attain whatever goal I set for myself. The minute someone tells me that it is not possible, or I won’t be able to attain it, I want it even more and will attain what I set my mind on. To me that is the meaning of a true athlete. PD: That’s a great mind set! What got you into the sport? AD: I started lifting at 13 or 14 in what is now a Gold’s Gym because one of my gymnastics coaches picked me up from school every day and she was my ride to practice and before practice she did cardio at the gym. I started researching lifting and started training while I was there with her because I knew it would help me with my gymnastics. The stronger I could get myself, the better I would be as a gymnast. I lifted 5-6 days per week starting out and then went to practice afterwards for another 4-5 hours.

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PD: You turned pro a few years ago as a bodybuilder but you haven’t competed as a pro. What have you been up to and why haven’t you competed? AD: I turned pro in 2005 in bodybuilding when I won the USA CHAMPIONSHIPS LHW class and OVERALL. I retired from bodybuilding after I won, because #1 I knew I would never be able to compete against the best in the industry (Iris, Yaxeni). I was only 135 lbs and did not feel that bodybuilding was really where I could make my mark at that point, so I decided to not continue. During that time I also experienced multiple tragedies which forced me to continue my retirement. My grandmother passed away in mid 2007, then my ex-boyfriend died @ 31 of a massive heart attack (totally healthy individual before this and came out of the blue) Nov 2007 and then my 21 year old sister was murdered in June 2008. My sister Stacey Lauture was a victim of domestic violence and she was murdered by her now late husband of almost 4 years. This became a murder-suicide case after my sister was beaten and then shot in the head, and her husband later committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in my sisters car 3 days following her death). All 3 deaths happened within 1.5 years of each other and then following my sisters murder, there was a custody dispute over her daughter (my niece) that was the only witness to the murder that lasted another 4+ years. I turned pro in 2005 and since 2007 my life has been turned upside down. I am just starting to get my life back which was a major reason why I decided I needed to do something for ME again. I made the decision in Sept 2012 that I needed to be able to move forward with my life and get back to being who I really am and separate from the major stressors in my life that had happened since 2007. My goal was then set for the stage in April 2013. I never stopped training during all of these years off, but didn’t eat properly or enough and lost muscle because of it. PD: I have to say thats one of the worst stretches of someones life I have ever heard! Why comeback now and why physique? AD: I see the women’s physique division to be what bodybuilding used to be. I love the Cory Everson look. I love that I don’t need to try to put on crazy amounts of muscle. The judges are looking for the entire package and it is not as extreme as bodybuilding. I love the feminine, yet athletic look with great shape. This is why physique is definitely the division for me. I want to be able to weigh 135 lb on stage and not feel like I need to keep adding muscle, just refining now. PD: Thats a great description of WPD! What are your plans for the rest of this year? AD: I plan to compete again at the end of the year. I needed to see what improvements I needed to make initially at the Europa and now I have been able to train, eat, and hopefully put on some quality muscle and come up a few pounds to step on stage again Oct 19th at the Titan Grand Prix in Culver City, CA.

PD: What do you find to be the most difficult part of this sport? AD Dieting, hands down. I love to eat! PD: What are some of your favorite lifts and body parts to train? AD: I love the basics... wide grip pull-ups, dips, etc. PD: When you say the basics, do you still squat and dead lift heavy? Do you find yourself having to stay away from certain exercises because of muscle memory kicking in and you gaining a little more muscle than you want? AD: I am not worried about gaining too much muscle. I train and bodybuild because I love the look of a woman with muscle. I love what physique stands for now and hope my body meets the criteria for that category, but I will always do what makes me happy first, because at this point it is still a hobby and not how I make my living. I need to be able to be happy in my own skin each and everyday, so I do not worry about fitting into a “standard”. As far as lifting heavy. I lift heavy relative to what I can handle. You would never see me doing sets of 5 or 6 reps because it was too heavy and I cannot do anymore. I also lift whatever weight I can get at least 8-12 solid, good form reps out with. I have never had an injury while in bodybuilding because I constantly listen to my body. If something hurts, I stop immediately. I get massaged regularly and also believe in chiropractic care as much as possible. I have never done compound movements (deadlifts, squats, heavy bench, etc) until recently. I am now trying to branch out and stimulate muscle fibers that have never been used. Squatting, deads, rack pulls have been my foundation lately and I am looking to add more thickness to give more of a 3-D look to my body. I realize that I have always focused on width of my lats and keeping my smaller waistline, but now I know I need to build thickness also to have more of a complete package and it is time to see if different exercises will help me change that.


PD: Do you work with anyone for your prep? AD: I did not work with anyone for my prep going into the Europa, but realize now I do need/want help this time around. I need someone that can be objective and can keep pushing me harder and keep me accountable so I do not slip up on my diet. I will be working with Dave Palumbo of RX Muscle/Species Nutrition. PD: Why Dave? What made you pick him? I’m a huge fan of Dave and don’t think you can go wrong with him! AD: Dave has been a friend of mine since 2003. I am a firm believer in how he diets his athletes with more of a keto approach, especially with women. I respond very well to extremely low carbs - fiberous carbs only, high protein, and moderate fats. I love the lean, dry, grainy, and full look that a woman can achieve by manipulating her diet this way. Dave Palumbo is one of the only people I know (IFBB Pro Robin Parker is the other one) that will tell me exactly how it is no matter what I think or feel about it. He is completely objective and able to keep an unbiased perspective when evaluating a physique. Dave is extremely intelligent and I have 100% trust in him dialing me into the best shape of my life. PD: What have the judges told you need to work on in order to place a little higher? AD: Better conditioning/leaner from the rear and to add a bit of thickness to my back. PD: Think back to your amateur days for a moment, when did you decide you wanted to take this sport as far as you could? AD: I will say that I knew since I was very young, maybe 5 or 6 years old that I wanted to be muscular. I watched the Ms. Olympia on TV and would watch Cory Everson on tv everyday when she was in Bodyshaping. I remember doing the exercises that she would do on tv. I was 8 years old when that series came out and I was glued to the tv back then because I loved that she was muscular and I wanted to look just like her. PD: Is there anyone you would like to thank and where can fans find more of you? AD: I am blessed to have a strong support system with my mom and best friends, Colette Nelson and Mimi Jabalee. They have been my rock throughout this entire process and I couldn’t have done it without them. I do not maintain a website at this time and if anyone wants to contact me directly they can email me at or follow me on facebook.

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FT WORTH CLASSIC 2013 The Fort Worth Classic 2013, promoted by Scott Sinclair and his wife Ashley White Sinclair, is one of NPC’s newest shows. This is an event which will not be easily forgotten. What really set this show apart from the other new shows this year is the amount of first-time competitors. For nearly half of the 162 competitors, this was their first time to set foot on the stage. This wasn’t only a show - it was an expo with a strongman competition hosted by none other than Metroflex Fort Worth, taking place between the morning and evening show. After taking a glance inside the venue, I couldn’t help but notice the size of this place. There was seating for 600 plus, including floor level seating in front of the stage. The floor level was lined with over 8 vendors, including our good friends from The Drive Clothing. I could tell that Scott had put a lot of time and effort into every tiny detail for the event. Starting with the venue, which was relatively easy to find and hard to miss, as well as the hotel for all the competitors being just right across the street. This show was great for all competitors from the most seasoned veterans to the greenest newbies. Everything was easy to find and the show went off smoothly without a hitch.

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Written By: Ryan Ellison

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Tye Sheets Pierpont

Toronto native, and figure competitor Helen Coutts recently competed in the 2013 Toronto Pro super show where she placed sixth in Figure Class 2 and sixth in Masters Figure Short. This was the third show for Helen, after a third place finish at the Octoberfest OPA 2012, and a win in the Figure overall at the Winston invitational OPA 2012. She described the show as an “unbelievable experience” and though Helen was not able to come out with a win she reflects on the show as “a very positive and rewarding day!” Nancy Di Nino, who not only helped her for this competition but for her previous two shows as well, did Helen’s prep for the Toronto Supershow. Helen had been working out since her early teens doing group cardio classes and karate. She had been training for a number of years and was often approached by other gym members asking if she competed. Competing was not something that had even crossed Helen’s mind, being the shy and reserved type. The idea of challenging herself mentally and physically grew in her and she convinced herself to give competing a shot. The serious training in the gym started after she met her trainer/mentor Nancy about one year and a half ago. In early 2012, she began working with Nancy and with her guidance and motivation; she prepared Helen for her first figure competition. In October of 2012, after only 5 short months of training, Helen competed in two regional figure competitions.


Fitness competitions are never without obstacles and anyone who has ever participated in one can vouch for that. Between the cooking, eating, cleaning, training, and cardio, it can be difficult for some to find time for normal activities, and social interactions. Many competitors have their whole lives scheduled out ideally for the daunting tasks of competition, putting bodybuilding as the number one priority. Helen on the other hand is an exception. Being a mother of two, and a dentist, she has had to squeeze in the time for herself. Balancing out her career, and the everyday duties of being a mother are extremely important to Helen. The children’s homework and extracurricular activities, had no less significance than cardio and sleep, but fortunately for Helen, she seemed to manage it quite well. Training for bodybuilding/ fitness competitions, is unlike any other sports training, being that it requires full attention to every muscle group and relies on a balance of size and aesthetics. Because Helen had a different background in fitness, this came with some adjustments for her. Since starting a physique focused training style, burpees (a movement somewhat unusual for competitors) are still her favorite exercise. But despite being new to this specialized training, she blossomed in it quickly. For her competition she did five-day workout split that looked like this: Day 1- Chest and Triceps Day 2- Legs (Quads) Day 3- Shoulders Day 4- Back and Biceps Day 5- Legs (Glutes/Hamstrings/ Calves) With her deltoids being a major strong point for Helen, the By: Jack main emphasis she had Duncan during her training was on her glutes and legs, which she described as “a work in progress”. The idea of her specialized training was to really try and create balance from the upper and lower halves of her physique.

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Preparing for the Toronto Supershow, Helen stuck to a personalized diet, which she described as “quite manageable”. With each of the 6-7 high protein meals centered around her workouts, Helen had no problem with the most overwhelming part of the prep. With a little chocolate being the only thing she had a hankering for, the dieting just naturally came easier for her. The last week of dieting was another story. Running on an even lower amount of carbohydrates and a lack of energy is extremely hard for anyone, and Helen was no exception. Fortunately for her, she prospered through peak week and is able to be proud of what she accomplished. Being someone that sought out success in this industry from a goal of challenging herself, it is no surprise that Helen had no issues putting that craving for chocolate deep in the back of her mind. The accomplishments Helen has already had would probably make most figure competitors jealous. With the small amount of time she has put into training, plus the juggling between being a mother, dentist, and competitor, Helen is truly astonishing. With only three shows under her belt, she will be sure to do damage this fall, when she competes to qualify for nationals. And if Helen wasn’t busy enough as is, she also launched a clothing line called Veraphit. Along with this new apparel, you can learn more about her at her website:

Ella Anne Kociuba, Spartan Champ The girl’s got game — and guts. By Noah Williams

Nineteen year old Ella Anne Kociuba is an elite obstacle racer out of Austin, Texas. She competes in Spartan races, a long-distance obstacle course of varying lengths, ranging from Sprint (3 miles and 15 obstacles) to the Super Beast. (12 miles and 25 obstacles) And for those looking to put themselves to the test, there is the Death Race (an agonizing pushyou-to-your- absolute-limit 48 hour race). Ella is not just a Spartan racer, though — she’s a survivor. When she was only 12 years old, she suffered a debilitating injury after being thrown from a horse. You’d never know it from her cheerful and happy demeanor and the awards she has amassed, but she beat odds that said she’d never be an athlete again, let alone become a hard-core champion. As a young girl, Kociuba loved riding horses and still does to this day. She never would have imagined that what she got such joy from could also cause her so much pain. One day she was out riding her horse, Socks, when a freak accident happened. She was thrown from the horse, hit the ground, and was knocked unconscious. “I remember clearly galloping up the hill that night on my horse, and I can recall the deer jumping out in front of us, the sudden halt of Socks’ stride. But from then on, everything is a blur. I don’t even remember how I got back home, but I do know that Socks stayed next to me after my fall.” Somehow managing to make it back home, Kociuba was taken to the doctor. It was determined she had broken both her L4 and L5 vertebrae. Without her spine attached at its base, it was astonishing that she was walking at all. After a year of constant pain, somehow still walking and not knowing what was wrong, she underwent experimental surgery at age 13, in which six metal rods were inserted into her spine, along with four metal screws in order to align and attach her spine correctly.

Then the long, difficult road of recovery began. “It was incredibly depressing, painful, and seemed to never end,” Kociuba says. The doctors told her that she wouldn’t be able to play sports again; despite knowing this, Kociuba was determined to prove them wrong and to become a great athlete. A few years after the injury, Kociuba was already back running and training again. Prior to Spartan racing, Ella wasn’t serious about training. However, she did ride her horse every day and compete in several twenty five mile horse races. Besides riding her horse, Kociuba played community sports like basketball, volleyball, track, and cross country. It was after she graduated from high school that she really started to focus on becoming even stronger. She began training extremely hard. “Mile after mile I grew faster, and rep after rep I got stronger,” she says. “I started to compete in several 5Ks and won my age, and even female overall. Then I did my first half-marathon but found myself slightly bored with just running.” But she was about to bust through her boredom in a big way. One day looking through a magazine, she saw some words that really caught her eye: “Marathons are boring. Try a Tough Mudder.” Kociuba signed up and ended up winning her heat. She had found her passion and was hooked. After a bit of searching, Kociuba was turned on to Spartan races. Since then, she has competed in the Texas Super 2011, Texas Sprint 2012, Summer Death Race 2012, Pennsylvania Sprint 2012, Vermont Beast 2012, South Carolina Beast 2012, Texas Beast 2012, Arizona Sprint 2013, North Carolina Sprint 2013, and Las Vegas Super 2013.

After winning several high-profile races, Kociuba was making a name for herself and her remarkable story began getting some attention. That’s when Rob Bailey, owner of Flagnorfail Clothing, reached out to her. The two became friends, and he offered to sponsor her, making her one of the company’s very few sponsored athletes. Since then she has also been sponsored by Diesel Body Shop, a delivered-to-your-door preparedmeal business out of Austin, Texas, that caters to NFL players, WWE athletes, NCAA college coaches, IFBB professional bodybuilders, amateur athletes, youth athletes, weight-loss clients, nursing and pregnant moms, bariatric and diabetic clients, and those who are extremely busy. In order to properly condition and train herself, Kociuba puts herself through 2 intense training sessions a day, Monday to Friday. Her runs are in the morning and her strength training is in the evening. To improve her performance, Kociuba weight trains in a fashion that focuses on stabilization and endurance. When she does cardio work, she prefers to do mile repeats, hill sprints, and shorter hard runs followed by work with a Prowler or sled pulls. On off days she likes to ride her horse, swim, or do interval training on the bike. Two years into serious training, Kociuba continues to attend a community college in Austin to study Kinesiology. Her life goal is to inspire others with her odds-beating story of strength and victory through determination, discipline, and perseverance. Her winning advice for anyone considering a Spartan race? “It will test you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s designed to break you down, so keep it light and have fun with it. And even when you’re giving your best, push a little more.”

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