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August 2013

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MICHELE MAULE Little Olivetti 8x10 Art Print

No. 3

MAPLE AND BELMONT Hello Darling Postcards Set of 6

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LISA GOLIGHTLY Team Victory Print

No. 5

MANUCHE - POSTCARDS FROM... Man and Dog Notebook

No. 6

PUUR ANDERS Custom Made Willow Tree Leaf Bookmark

ONEUP DESIGNS Batman Fight Sounds Pencils

No. 7

Q and A


French literature grad goes back to school to study tailoring and sewing. Poppytalk chats with NoĂŠmie Vaillancourt, the designer behind NoĂŠmiah.

Tell us a little bit about you. Where did you train or study and what led you to the path you currently are on? I was raised in a little town near MontrĂŠal in the suburbs. When I was a child, my grandfather sometimes brought me to his studio where he was painting all day. I think this must have been my first contact with colors and textures. I remember the smell of the old building, the strangeness of this place where artists went to create. I think I was fascinated by the marginal way of life in itself and knew from this very young age that I would do something creative. I later chose to study French literature at university, probably for this reason.

My goal is to renew the use of my very first crush each season; the feather.

While I was studying to obtain my master's degree in French literature at Université de Montréal, I began creating my first jewelry collection. By the time I finished my degree, I had decided to devote myself completely to my brand and decided to go back to school studying tailoring and sewing. My dream would be that Noémiah become a full line of jewelry, accessories and clothing. What's your main focus currently and/or how would you describe your current design aesthetic? Feminine, fun. Love your work - can you explain your design process? My goal is to renew the use of my very first crush each season: the feather. Over the years, I played with the plumage of many birds, including mallards, rooster, ostrich, silver pheasant. I cut, I mix feathers in fringes, in bouquets. I use their colors and their iridescence, their texture, their length, their width, their tasks, their imperfections. The finest luxury feathers are used to ensure original color details and interesting shapes and soft and elegant textures are then merged with chunky chains, stones and crystal elements to create outstanding pieces, unique and colorful.

Opposite page (top): Noemie’s studio and her sewing. (Bottom left): Minimalist Brass Feather Necklace, $45 This page (top right and bottom left): Statement Silk Tribal Necklace, $76


What designers/makers/architects, etc do you look up to, are influenced by or inspire you? I admire fashion houses who know how to renew, to excel, and in the same way, I am delighted when I discover a young designer who knows how to innovate. I'm seduced when a fashion campaign makes me smile, when styling is simply perfect, when you see a young brand growing and becoming a true inspiration for a whole generation (there are tons of examples on Etsy). Where else do you pull inspiration from? In my everyday life, in libraries, in walking the streets. The colours, textures and shiny raw materials are a true inspiration for me. It must comes from my jewelry designer background… To be that interesting in mixing different materials. Any sneak peeks or plans you can share of new or future things on the go? Yes !! I'm actually giving the last touch to our Fall collection, launched early September. It will be our first complete collection, few clothing and accessories, and jewelry.

Website: Shop: wwwé Blog: Twitter: www.twitter/missnoemiah Facebook: www.facebook/noemiahbijoux

No. 8

NOEMIAH Statement Tribal Necklace

No. 9

INKELLO Monogram Matchbook Jotter

FIONNA HANNA Moose Pencil Case

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DAVID SCHEIRER Rock Collection Print

D. SHARP Vintage Map Box

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AMANDA BLAKE Everything Was as it Should Be Limited Edition Print

FIFI DU VIE Printed Pouch

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CLARE ELSAESSER Bird in Hand Print

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STUDIO TAC Floral Linen Tote

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REDSTAR INK Academic Calendar 2013/2014

No. 20

HEARTFISH PRESS Live What You Love Neon Print

No. 21

HETTLE Flour Sack Tea Towel

No. 22

GALLANT AND JONES Beach Towel Sarong

No. 23

HOOKED Hanging Plant Holder

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TEAL AND GOLD Round Side Table

No. 25







By Mariah from Everything Golden

I have been wanting a strap for my camera but was uninspired by what was out there, so I decided to make my own. I found these cool vintage belts at an antique store and one had the name Jane carved in it, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to name my camera! Here's how you do it...

What you'll need: 1. One or two belts depending on the size. Wrap measuring tape around your shoulder and figure out what a comfortable length is for you. (I ended up using two belts to get the length I wanted but you might find one belt that is long enough. If you do, you can leave the buckle on the shoulder end of the strap and you'll have an adjustable feature.) 2. A leather punch, found at most craft and sewing stores. 3. Scissors and a hammer 4. Strong material that is small enough to fit through the camera strap hooks. 5. Measuring tape 6. Rivets

Instructions: Measure and cut your belt/belts to the appropriate size. In my case I cut the ends of my two belts leaving about 2" overlap. Punch 4 holes into the leather using the leather punch. You want the rivets to be a snug it inside the holes so use the appropriate size punch. I recommend practicing on some scrap leather if you haven't done this before. Then overlap the leather, slip the rivets into the hole and using a hard surface, hammer the rivets to secure the two pieces of leather together. For the connection to the camera, I left part of the strap that was currently there and attached the leather to it's ends. Every camera is different an I'm sure there are many different ways to do this.

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SASS&PERIL Pear Screenprint

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MA Bro Lim

ATTE STEPHENS ooklyn Apartment Building mited Edition Print

BLACKBIRD LETTERPRESS Betsy Dunlap Map Thank You Card

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CATHY NICHOLS I始ll Follow the Sun Print

No. 30

RUBY PRESS Letterpress Scallop Notes

No. 31

GOLLYBARD Hornet Moths Print

No. 32

RENEE ANNE Queen Bee Party Kit

No. 33

PINECONE CAMP (Janis Nicolay) Little Pink House Photographic Print

No. 34

SUNDAY BLOSSOMS Classic Literature with handmade book jackets

No. 35

HEATHER SMITH JONES Nasturtiums no. 2 Fine Art Print

No. 36

LUCY SNOWE PHOTOGRAPHY Mid-Century Suburban Rancher Photographic Print

No. 37

SUSY JACK Broken Dishtowel

No. 38

JILL BENT Vintage Grain Sack (Red Stripe) Pillow

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BEC. Sterling Silver “Diamond” Ring

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No. 42

SOL DEL SUR Leather Brass Rings Set of 3

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