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The Timisoara National Theatre: a history of tomorow

Timişoara is a town of encounters. Encounter between cultures, languages, ethnic groups, civilizations, and last, but not least, between people. A city such as this one – an open-minded and friendly city – had to have a theatre to match it. And it does. At the moment, The Timişoara National Theatre is probably the most interesting and nonconformist theatre in Romania. We are used to regarding the theatre as an institution that defies time. Historically, we are right in doing so. With a history that goes back 135 years, with its imposing stature (it was designed by two great Viennese architects, Helmer and Fellner, also the creators of some of the greatest theatres in cities like Vienna, Budapest, Berlin, Odessa, Graz, Hamburg etc.), the theatre in Timişoara completely manages to reinvent itself periodically. Today, the youngest national theatre in Romania takes pride in a dynamics that can only be the result of a positive attitude. The permanent theatre troupe, as well as the highly professional technical team, is the generator of quality in this repertory theatre that has the capacity, both from the point of view of human resources as well as from a technical point of view, to handle the most diverse and complex of theatrical projects. For that matter, The Timişoara National Theatre is a competitive institution at any level, permanently fostering partnerships with important national and international artist, in order to accomplish its programs and objectives, and trenchantly rejecting conventionalism and resignation. Apart from the rich heritage that lies at its foundation, The Timişoara National Theatre can be described as a place of open-mindedness, from all points of view. Whether it is the individual in relation to society, or the problems particular to the immediate present, all these are themes that the theatre in Timişoara assiduously approaches.

Is there a way to regard The Timişoara National Theatre other than as a cultural institution in no way different than any of its kind? There is; by seeing it as it is today: the generator of a young, contemporary and active type of theatre, full of dynamism and open-mindedness. We break through the limits of the commonplaceness. We overcome conventionalism. Even more, we surpass the boundaries of theatrical creation proper and plan to “invade” the city. Literally. If abandonment is equal to a potential ”dangerous memory” (a peril against the harmonizing of the individual with the place it inhabits), the theatre understands it’s duty to get involved and, as a result of that, launches a program for the rehabilitation of abandoned historic monument buildings as theatre spaces. The theatre itself must be an ex-centric space, and we manage to do just that: beside the main theatre hall (a monument building lying at the kilometer zero of the city, on the very spot where the fed-up people started the anti-Communist Revolution that changed the face of Romanian modern history forever), theatre goers in Timişoara may choose to see a play either in the former imperial manège, now Sala 2 (Theatre Hall no.2) – the most modern alternative theatre hall in Romania, either in Studio 5, an “under the roof” perfomance space. And even, soon enough, in a circus tent destined for the extreme forms of performance and syncretic art. With the same goal in mind, we chose to lay the foundations of the first European Center for Theatrical Anthropology in Romania precisely in one of the abandoned monument buildings we made reference to earlier – the former Synagogue in one of Timişoara’s historical districts, the Fabric district. This is one of our programs that is now under way and due to begin activity in 2011. Everything that the The Timişoara National Theatre manages to do and, at the same time, to be – its constant preoccupation with the latest technology in stage equipment, the organizing of an international festival dedicated to performing arts, the editing of theatre books and the theatre magazine “atent”, the partnership with the European dramaturgy translation network “Atelier Européen de la Traduction”, its presence in Romanian and international festivals, its theatre tours, the Europe Cultural Award offered to our theatre by KulturForum Europa (2009), the fact that one of its productions was included in the 2008-2009 theatre season by the Odeon Theatre in Paris – stands for a constant desire for dialogue, for encounter. The Timişoara National Theatre has established an open dialogue with its public and its partners and responds with an offer of extremely diverse cultural activities, whose purpose is to articulate a structure that participates, with everything that is particular to it, in the creation of a common and coherent European language that is functional at any level.

NO DOGS ALLOWED by Rodrigo Garcia stage director: Rodrigo Garcia

THE CLOUDS VISITING DAD Aristofan by Roland Schimmelpfennig stage director Alexandru Sabin Popescu Dabija

ROMEO AND JULIET by W. Shakespeare stage director Rahim Burhan

THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR by N.V. Gogol stage director Petru Vutcトビトブ

HOW BARBIE GETS THROUGH THE WORLD CRISIS by Mihaela Michailov stage director Alexandra Badea

ROOSEVELT SQUARE by Dea Loher stage director Radu Afrim

THE MALADY OF THE FAMILY M by Fausto Paravidino stage director Radu Afrim

THE WINTER’S TALE by W. Shakespeare stage director Alexander Hausvater

ARTIFICIAL SILK GIRLS based upon Irmgard Keun stage director Ion-Ardeal Ieremia

THE NATURAL COURSE by J.Cl. Carrière a concept by Doru Iosif

AIRPORT by Ĺžtefan Caraman stage director Ion-Ardeal Ieremia

THREE SISTERS by A.P. Cehov stage director Ada Lupu

BYE BYE AMERICA by Carmen Dominte stage director Cristian Ban

REMEMBER based upon Mateiu I. Caragiale stage director and choreographer Rトホvan Mazilu

IAACOVI AND LEIDENTAL by Hanoch Levin stage director Mihaela Lichiardopol

ENJOY! by Alan Bennett stage director Petre Bokor

OFFSIDE a concept by LuminiĹŁa Tulgara

COCA BLUES by Ioan Peter stage director Cristian Ban

WONDERFUL VIEW TOWARDS THE CATHEDRAL by Sławomir Mrožek stage director Sabin Popescu

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS based upon the Brothers Grimm a concept by Mirela Puia

YOUTH WITHOUT OLD AGE & LIFE WITHOUT DEATH after P. Ispirescu stage director Mihaela Lichiardopol

THE CLOUDS by Aristofan stage director Sabin Popescu

THE CHILD BEHIND THE EYES by Nava Semel a concept by Mトネina Petre

LIGHT LIFE AND NON-FILTER DEATH by Andrei Ursu stage director Felix Crainicu

printed in TimiĹ&#x;oara National Theatre

Timisoara National Theatre 2 Mărăşeşti st. 300086 Timişoara România [+4] 0256 499 908 [+4] 0256 201 288 [fax]

TNTm 2010/2011  

The theatre itself must be an ex-centric space, and we manage to do just that: beside the main theatre hall (a monument building lying at th...

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