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Why Your Business Requires the Best Email Server Hosting Provider in India

Efficient communication is key to the success of an organization. Email is the preferred tool of communication for all types of businesses. It offers an effective internal messaging infrastructure and also makes communication with clients and suppliers look more professional. It is a widely used channel and because of the wide usage it going out of control and becoming unmanageable is possible. It would be beneficial for businesses to look for the services of the best email server hosting provider in India.

Benefits of email hosting: Although you may find several providers offering free services, they may lack in quality and professionalism that you require for your business. Some of the benefits that you can expect from the best email server hosting provider in India include  Eliminates all email server related issues from you. The host provides for maintenance and management of same.  Client does not have to invest on infrastructure or purchase any licenses.  Unlimited storage and mail backup.  Does not require client to be technically capable.  True professional infrastructure.



Your business can get multiple options of email services from the best email server hosting provider in India. They can get you the best email application solutions from various vendors. A few of the top vendors include:

 Google Apps for business is a cloud based productivity suite that is simple to use and allows user to access the mail server from anywhere and any device.

 Ice Warp is a mail server and collaboration solution for the Linux and Windows users and is far more cost-effective to the Microsoft Exchange. It is suitable for both small and big teams.  Open-Xchange is again one of the most affordable open source solutions for messaging and collaborative communication.  Zarafa is an open-source cloud and collaboration software that offers a single interface for contacts, calendars, tasks, messages, video-conferencing, mails and chats among employees irrespective of their location.  Zimbra collaboration suite is the most popular and widely used open source email hosting solution suitable for every type of enterprise. It is compatible with all devices and works with all web browsers, android, windows smartphones, iPad and iPhones.

What do you look for from the best email server hosting provider in India? You will find some interesting facts that have come to light when a survey was conducted comparing the top two vendors. Consider the comparison between Zimbra Vs Exchange Email Server Hosting on a few features.

Exchange email is a Windows centric Microsoft owned enterprise grade server while Zimbra collaboration provides solutions to the challenges faced by businesses in their communication infrastructure. Security is the primary concern. The servers must be well protected with anti-virus and antimalware solutions to ensure there is disruption in communication. Both use role-based access control(RBAC) security model.

Cost of ownership is more affordable with Zimbra. Licenses and other support costs are higher with Exchange.

Both allow high collaborative features like sharing of mails, calendars, address book, folders etc. Your business is vital and without an elaborate communication channel you stand to lose out to competition. It is very important that you choose the best email server hosting provider in India not only for mails and messages but to be the best in your industry. 1800 212 2022

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Why Your Business Requires the Best Email Server Hosting Provider in India