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Get Started with a Free Design Consultation either in our showroom at 104 Mt Eden Road, Auckland or at your home by calling 0800 LAHOOD or visiting lahood.co.nz

Natural linens in soft greens, blues and browns. Floral and foliage prints in greens, pinks and earthy tones. Sheers shimmering with sequins & foil motifs. Double blinds for daytime light and nighttime privacy.

From inspiration to installation

C U RTA I N S • B L I N D S • I N T E R I O R D E S I G N • AW N I N G S • RO L L E R S H A D E S • U P H O L S T E RY Image: Sky Blue Air Sheer, available at Lahood

...the team knows your name and your history, and can provide you with trusted advice you know will be the best to get you back on track.”

Westmere’s Timeless Pharmacy... In an era where healthcare can often feel cold and

This is a place of no judgement. You’ve got something

impersonal, there is a hidden gem in Westmere where

embarrassing? They’ve probably seen worse. Staffed

the pharmacy is not just a place to pick up prescriptions,

exclusively by pharmacists, ask to use the private consulting

but a rich source of knowledge and community support.

space to discuss any uncomfortable issues. What this means for you is that no matter how large or minor, your health

Established in 1920, old-fashioned values are at the

concerns are in the hands of an expert, with a team who

cornerstone of its service, while the new owner, Sam,

promote optimal health, as opposed to average.

is leading a modern team who don’t just dispense medicines, but provide evidence-based advice and

Being independently owned, the offerings at Westmere

personalised service.

Pharmacy are carefully curated. They’ve done the research for you and their shelves are filled with premium, hand-

Walking through the door, you’re not just another customer, you’re seen as an individual. Often at a time when you’re not feeling your best, the team knows your name and your history, and can provide you with trusted advice you know will be the best to get you back on track.

picked products that are not only popular, but are proven.


with Sam Tibshraeny What do pharmacists do? Our main job is to ensure the right medicine is given to the right person at the right dose. We check that all the medicines you’ve been prescribed can be taken together, including any natural supplements, aiming to get you the best result from your medicines. We help everyone that comes through the door with the good, bad and the ugly, saving you a trip to the GP more times than not, and send you home with the best treatment available and some helpful advice. Out the back, we have pharmacists working away on preparing medicines for patients we look after at two mental health facilities across Auckland, as well as making specialised injections for end-of-life patients under hospice care. We pack medicines into blister packs, which can help make a bag full of tablets seem more manageable, as well as offer a local delivery service.

Sam Tibshraeny, Director of Westmere Pharmacy

What part of your work are you most passionate about? I’ve taken particular interest in natural health, women’s health and skincare. La Roche-Posay is my champion range, which is the most recommended skincare range by dermatologists worldwide. They are science based and thoroughly researched which is why we can recommend them so confidently. The acne products are fantastic as they are specifically designed to be used alongside either doxycycline or isotretinoin, which many of our teenagers have benefited from. Sunscreens can also be confusing and misleading, and I have spent many hours researching them, meaning you can be confident that any sunblock we stock is safe and effective. We hand select our product range and are proud to be stockists of BePure, Solgar, Weleda, Nordic Fish Oils, Harker Herbals, SunBum, and BraveFace. Tell us how you went from being an intern at Westmere Pharmacy to the owner. After finishing my degree in Otago, I moved to Auckland and completed my final year of training as an intern-pharmacist at Westmere. I since spent several years working elsewhere in the area, and armed with a postgraduate business qualification, the opportunity arose to return to Westmere, an exciting ‘full circle’ moment for me. 156 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland 1022 p. 09 378 6027 | e. prescriptions@westmerepharmacy.co.nz @westmerepharmacy.co.nz



Photography: Dave Richards


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Feeling plant curious? Grater Goods offer an interesting plant-based Charcuterie - P56




COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Jono Parker Photography

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I went to a cafe one day this week. Quite a few of my pals were there. We didn’t bother to take a seat. It was more fun to run around the place, bumping into staff and each other, all the while howling with pleasure. The smells were marvellous: shoes, bums and genitalia of all sorts, plates of food. We frightened babies and old people, peed where we liked and breathed foully over everyone. Did anyone object? Of course they didn’t. Because it’s in our nature. And we’re good little doggies, aren’t we? Yes we are. Of course, if any of those two-legged creatures carried on like we did, they’d be kicked out. The police would probably be called. Quite right, too. Bloody animals.


Pekapeka tou roa, or long tailed bat, has recently been reclassified as Nationally Critically Endangered. This is the highest classification a species can reach before total extinction occurs. The reason for this reclassification is that studies show we have lost 70% of our population in just 10 years. Pekapeka roost in veteran and mature trees which naturally hollow, providing shelter for them to sleep, give birth and raise young. They have survived 180 years of logging deforestation, mass burn offs for farming, introduced pests and human encroachment.

Peter Calder, Westmere

Because of thier elusive roosting habits, they have been able to survive this onslaught, having fragmented ngahere and large protected rakau to reliably sustain healthy population.


So what happened 10 years ago?

Leys Institute Library has been closed since 2019 awaiting seismic and general upgrade to ensure it's fit for purpose for the next 30 years. The building has meanwhile deteriorated and the copper guttering has been stolen. While ArtStation on Ponsonby Road has been seismically upgraded, Grey Lynn Library has faced threats of closure and Pt Chevalier Library has been closed because of leaky building issues. One has to wonder if libraries in general are under attack? Community consultation on Leys resulted in approving 'Option 1' (adding to the original Historic Category 1A building without ratepayers incurring an additional targeted rate). Waitematā Local Board October meeting sought approval to start construction drawings. Three presentations were heard: community advocate Helen Geary from 'Friends of the Leys Institute', and a local architect. The latter suggested current costing has been based upon worst case scenarios and savings could potentially be made by detailed structural investigation into floor joist support. Council doesn’t have sufficient funds for the full design. Council staff claimed ‘Option 2’ was unanimously approved at a specific meeting. It strengthened the original building, with a smaller footprint requiring less ongoing service and costs. Herein lies the problem. Staff get to have workshops with board members behind closed doors and can state any ‘facts’ they choose. Four other boards have workshops open to the public. The rules and format of the board’s public meetings don’t give the public right of reply to the statements made by staff. Yet under Allan Matson and Alex Bonham’s strong advocacy for 'Option 1', staff admitted that community advocates were not at that meeting, therefore it wasn’t a consulted option.

Our wise and caring government and council agencies removed our well established and comprehensive tree protection laws to free up for developers, so they can clear fell hundreds of years of growth, no questions asked. In that 10 years, Auckland city has lost a huge percentage of its urban ngahere. Mature and veteran trees used for daily roosts and seasonal nurseries, riparian planting strips used for navigational corridors and wetland zones used for feeding zones, all getting destroyed. If there is any chance for pekapeka to recover as a species, changes need to happen fast. The wise and caring government and council agencies are akin to huge slow moving ships, sailing in circles on oceans of sweat from the backs of the public, the people. The crew members upon these ships seem too disinterested or unable to change course, unless waves are created by the ocean – the tax and ratepayers. We all know better and now must endeavour to do better for the sake of our unique, precious and critically endangered species and their habitat. Please protect our pekapeka tou roa. Conscientious and Concerned Arborist

In a rare moment of empathy, the Chair recessed the meeting while the staged implementation of 'Option 1’ motion was redrafted. Once it was presented, Member Matson (against the rules) asked the three presenters to stand if they agreed with the amended motion – they did. The motion passed unanimously, with the best outcome occurring. Grant Mountjoy, Rock the Vote NZ LETTERS CONTINUED P48 Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.

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The general election has been and gone. What a result for the country – we offer our congratulations to National for taking power and our commiserations to Labour. The PN offices are in the Mt Albert electorate and there are only a tiny number of votes separating Helen White and Melissa Lee. By the time this issue is published will the special votes decide?

Photography: Connor Crawford

We also offer our congratulations to Chlöe Swarbrick for retaking Auckland Central. It was a hard fight and Mahesh fought a tough campaign for National. After his efforts knocking on 11,000 doors and putting in a huge amount of work, it was Chlöe’s seat to win. Don’t forget this month is the annual Grey Lynn Park Festival. We suggest coming to do your Christmas shopping, eat from around the world, enjoy their mix of free live music and family friendly fun at Grey Lynn Park on Saturday, 18 November from 9.30am - 6pm. Fingers crossed for good weather! We received sad news from the team at Prego… their restaurant cat has passed away. He had multiple names and was loved by all who knew him and Prego told us, "We only found out today that his name was Reco. He brought so much joy to Ponsonby locals for as long as we can remember. The little man will be sadly missed by all of us. You were the coolest cat, a feisty little feline, but cool nonetheless.” In her feature this month, Helene Ravlich asks if we are feeling plant curious? Many say Grey Lynn has become vegan central!


Jay Platt and Martin Leach

Ready for summer? The humble backyard is now, more than ever, an extension of the house, providing the backdrop for all sorts of activities with pools, fireplaces and thoughtfully selected furniture that continue an aesthetic from lounge to lawn. Outdoor sanctuaries to fill our souls and more… (JAY PLATT & MARTIN LEACH)  PN

M AT T & RYA N N 1 I N G R E Y LY N N*

“Just thoroughly professional nice guys who went the extra mile for me and demonstrated a real depth of knowledge backed up by stats.” Dianne - Grey Lynn

Matt O’Rourke 021 375 909

Ryan Harding 021 621 580

m.orourke@barfoot.co.nz r.harding@barfoot.co.nz

* G r e y Ly n n b r a n c h - y e a r e n d i n g 3 1 M a r c h 2 0 2 3

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ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH DONOGH REES Donogh Rees starred in Shortland Street as director of nursing, Judy Brownlee, from 2001 to 2006. I have been a great admirer of her work in TV, stage and film over many years – she is a national treasure! Prefer TV or stage work?

I don’t have a preference for either, each has its own challenges and joys. However, at the age I am, stage offers way more interesting characters, more complex and with more interesting journeys. What area do you live in?

I have lived in Grey Lynn for the last 40 years. I love it but it has changed enormously. I miss the people who lived here when we first moved in as the community was wonderfully noisy, inclusive and relaxed. But there are still a few of us clinging here and our immediate hood is still close and we tend to know and keep an eye out for each other. Best thing about Ponsonby?

The history of Ponsonby, the fact the shops are still small and old and the newer ones are a brilliant addition. What was your childhood like?

I had an extremely happy childhood, the early part growing up in Fiji, so lucky to be exposed to other lives, cultures, music, religions, etc. It made me so enthralled with what a diverse and interesting world it is, enriched by our diversities and yet we are all human and suffer and laugh and belong together and need each other. Dream holiday?

New Mexico holds a special place in my heart, but our daughter, Ruth, her husband Jeremy and our one-year-old grandson live in Toronto, so of course always marvellous to see them and Pippen the dog! Most Kiwi thing about you?

I dance to the beat of this country. It affects my outlook on life, death and the in-between bits. I feel a foreigner every where else, but here I am me – a Pākehā who cares passionately about our land and the people in it. The last thing you bought and regretted?

A pair of knee high boots from a second-hand shop; they never fitted me and I never really liked them. It took 15 years before I gave them away.

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

What do you love most about your age?

A whole lot of frets just drop away, life is clearly more fleeting and you wonder how it all has slipped along. You can merely relish the time ahead and keep hope alive for those younger than you and stand alongside them as they move into the future with your support and, of course, keep doing your best too. Biggest disappointments?

When I won an award, I was young and made a joke of a long speech, but I wished I had mentioned my mum and dad. My parents have given me the courage to be an actor, and they were there but I didn’t publicly thank them which they deserved. What happens when we die?

I think we all have our own small thoughts (pinched that out of a Chris Knox song but he is so right). Of course, I have no idea. We go out as unknowing as we came into the world. I’m not afraid of dying and have no belief I will see all my dead family and friends. I have had a wonderful life, I think I’m very lucky. Give your teenaged self some advice?

Childhood is brief, you are an adult for most of your life, enjoy youth, child and teenager years. Adulthood is not all it’s cracked up to be. How do you chill out?

With my man, Richard, in his studio. With wine and hanging out with good friends. Most treasured possession?

In the end, it really is people not things. I've got stuff I love but you can start over if you have to and people are what I really treasure. What gizmo can you not live without?

I hate to admit, but the phone because it is the way I will meet our grandson, keep in touch with whanau. If you could change one law or policy in New Zealand?

There would be proper Māori representation on every major board in the country. Partnership with strength from differing perspectives and strength in our unique partnership. (DAVID HARTNELL, MNZM)  PN


Nothing compares to worldwide attention DISCOVER WHAT’S NEXT With the world’s leading residential real estate website and over 26,500 agents in 1,100 offices worldwide, our unprecedented global distribution can reach international buyers like no other company in New Zealand. Maximise the value of your property by utilising the very best in real estate marketing and global reach with New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty.


P +64 9 352 2502 LEVEL 3, 106-108 QUAY STREET, BRITOMART, AUCKLAND Each office is independently owned and operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


IT’S A TEAM EFFORT... WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT OUR CONTRIBUTORS CONNOR CRAWFORD I am a working artist and photographer with a colourful and rhythmic perspective. I enjoy shooting the front covers of Ponsonby News.

DAVID HARTNELL - MNZM For the last 53 years I’ve been a freelance entertainment journalist and author. I’ve lived in the Grey Lynn area for over three decades; I have met and interviewed some amazing people.

GAEL BALDOCK We each follow our moral compass shaped by training. Mine is sculpting, architecture, sociology, anthropology and betterment of our shared world by community advocacy… and saving trees.

HELENE RAVLICH A freelance writer and copywriter for almost 20 years, I have written for publications all over the world and couldn’t imagine myself in any other job.

KEN RING My yearly NZ Weather Almanacs began in 1999. During the tragic 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, my work created international interest. I currently live in Ponsonby.

LISA PRAGER A life long advocate for community issues, I am passionate about protecting and enhancing our natural environment and built heritage.

12 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

LUCY KENNEDY I am a young local writer who loves to read! Each month you will find my reviews of new books for people who love to read as much as I do.

MIKE LEE I am the councillor for Waitematā & Gulf. A former seafarer, former chair of the ARC, conservationist, PT advocate, and author. I have represented the Ponsonby area since 1992.

PHIL PARKER Journalist and published author, I have had a career involving both wine writing and hosting boutique wine tours in the Auckland region.

PUNEET DHALL I am an Aucklander of Indian origin, Punjabi and Sikh. I have a keen interest in food, wine and politics.

ROSS THORBY - QSM I have had a wanderlust for travel ever since I was old enough to own a passport. Since I discovered cruising, I have become unstoppable.

STEPHEN PARSONS I am currently undertaking a Master’s of Health Science at Auckland University, looking to undertake a PhD in Chinese Medicine, while still working full-time at The Health Clinic.





This month, we talk with Jason Trowbridge about the year that has been and what is on the horizon. He tells us, “What a year in property. We have seen a continuous rise of interest rates mixed with negative media commentary throughout. However, demand for well-located, high-end renovated properties has held strong. Continuous demand for opportunistic properties continues to thrive. "All transactions have been exceedingly demanding and intricate; it’s certainly been a year of drawing on experience and skill.“ Now we are in the 4th quarter of the year and reflecting on 2023, can you share with us some of the highlights of the year?

Certainly one of the property highlights of the year has been being engaged to work with the vendors of 34 Prosford Street in Ponsonby. I first met the family over 30 years ago, so that connection has made the experience more special. From a personal point of view, attending one of the largest international property sales conferences in London was exceedingly enlightening. The take away from that was the entire world is in a very similar situation as New Zealand’s property market – good property is always in strong demand. Similarly, engaging the most experienced, highly tuned agent that protects your position in the marketplace is crucial. What do you know about our neighbourhood? How are sales in this area and who is buying?

More and more I see new faces from all over the world in our neighbourhood post pandemic – there are many Kiwis returning to the hood. Interestingly, I also see a lot of older people downsizing from other parts of Auckland entering the townhouse and the one level apartment market. The lifestyle in Ponsonby allures all. What kind of advertising or marketing channels do you use?

Digital online presence, social media channels along with boutique publications and ensuring extremely good handout material at open homes. You reached Captains Club 500 a couple of years ago, any feedback?

I’ve never been interested in the accolades from a company, for me it’s personal, the vendor always comes first.

What matters to me is that vendors know I’ve done the very best for them and achieved for them the best possible outcomes. As we approach 2024, can you tell us about some plans on the horizon?

With a new Government, I sense we will see a lot more investors return to the marketplace. The market, as always, will take confidence from positive change. Being asked to speak at the largest international property sales conference in London in 2024 – it’s going to require some planning! It’s incredibly satisfying to be in a position to share my knowledge. Any favourite cafes and restaurants you’d like to tell us about?

Dizzy’s is always my morning favourite, it has a buzz about it. It’s the perfect place to meet with clients, make plans and kick start the day. My all time favourite restaurant is Gusto Italiano. Armando and his team are extremely welcoming. I rate it as one of the best restaurants in Ponsonby. Opera night once a month is a European escape not to be missed! What gets you out of bed in the morning?

30 years later, the love of being involved in this dynamic industry is better than the first day. Coffee then on to Les Mills for a workout. Continuously planning the next adventure in life. Being the best version of myself. Being crisp and highly tuned into the local market ensures knowledge that only expertise brings. Last word?

It’s a cliché but trust takes years to build. Relationships are vital in this industry, so knowing how to protect the vendors' position in all market conditions is vital. A confidential chat over a coffee is always a great starting point.

JASON TROWBRIDGE, T: 021 358 888, jtrowbridge.ponsonby@ljhooker.co.nz

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Experience is crucial. 100% vendor’s agent. Consistently delivering extraordinary results for over three decades… Jason Trowbridge 021 358 888 jtrowbridge.ponsonby@ljhooker.co.nz

in association with LJ Hooker Ponsonby

LJ Hooker Ponsonby Licensed Agent REAA 2008


ART PUTS A SPRING IN YOUR STEP City Vision celebrates arts and events this spring in Ponsonby and beyond. Arts and Events make up a tiny fraction of council budgets but they can be the most joyful and memorable. You might even argue they are necessary. If you are living close up next to each other, it is these events that demonstrate how diversity does not mean conflict but a myriad different ways to see the world, and to make life a good deal more interesting. Last month saw the Heritage Festival (shout out to Richard Northey for his guided walk on Peace and Protest) and Art Week. Art Week in downtown Auckland was a glorious mix of illuminations by night and mellow activities by day. In Freyberg Square, kids could level up their cardboard tower building with the aid of a group of young architects and tools. While on the edge of Mount Eden the Uptown Business Association's Branch Out festival (7 October) brought Nikau Street to life with live art, games, food and music and circus performances from local artists. The Urban Sketchers were there too, capturing the day in pencil, ink and watercolour. The Street Art Bike Challenge has been asking cyclists to capture the best of Auckland’s street art. Closing date 31 October, but one can hunt down Auckland’s street art any time. If you missed these, not to worry, on 2 November (the First Thursday) there will be 'Art Late' around Karangahape and Ponsonby Roads. As the business associations (and sponsor Soho Wines) put it: tour 26 galleries, explore an array of exhibitions, take part in live drawing installations, listen to artist talks, and discuss the meaning behind your favourite pieces, all while enjoying a complementary glass of Soho Wines. Many of the galleries are private, but some are maintained or supported by council. Studio One Toi Tū, at 1 Ponsonby Road, (which has recently been seismically restrengthened) offers art courses for kids and adults to support the development of current and future generations of artists. Also, coming up is the Parnell Rose Festival on Sunday 5 November from 11am. A longstanding family festival with lots of plant giveaways, live music and dance performance. The Grey Lynn Festival will be back (fingers crossed the weather obliges) on Saturday 18 November with live music, stalls, food trucks and fun for the kids, both proudly supported by the Waitematā Local Board. Both offer opportunities for small-scale artists and artisans to exhibit and sell their work – I believe all my best pottery comes from the Grey Lynn Festival. A little further afield, the Kiwi Art Trail is on until 9 November between Britomart and Silo Park and the Maritime Museum explores the oceanic environment of Aotearoa and the Pacific. The sea holds many wonders and seems to provide limitless inspiration for the numerous artists involved. Admission is free for Aucklanders. For more inspiration on council-supported events across the whole of Auckland (many of which are free), have a look on the Our Auckland website: ourauckland.aucklandcouncil. govt.nz/events/ and start planning a great summer. You can also follow Our Auckland on Facebook, and for kids’ events follow Out and About Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau. Please do get in touch with your local City Vision reps for any assistance or information on local issues. You can message us on most social media platforms (search 'City Vision NZ'), or, for specific enquiries, please email Alexandra Bonham (alexandra.bonham@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz), Anahera Rawiri (anahera.rawiri@aucklandcouncil.govt. nz) or Richard Northey (richard.northey@aucklandcouncil.

16 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

govt.nz) in Waitematā, or you can contact Councillor Julie Fairey on julie.fairey@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or text directly on T: 027 911 3030.

Visit our 26 galleries between 5pm and 8pm on Thursday 2 November; explore an array of exhibitions, take part in life drawing installations, listen to artist talks, and discuss the meaning behind your favourite pieces… all while enjoying a complimentary glass of SOHO WINES finest.



in association with LJ Hooker Ponsonby

87 Islington Street, Ponsonby




Full Time... First time offered to the market for over 50 years.

Offering three bedrooms, open-plan living and dining,

A home of New Zealand rugby league greats.

north-westerly aspect, plus parking. You will be in great

Calling all visionaries, opportunists, this raw diamond is situated

company at this end of Islington Street, plenty of pedigree here.

in one of Ponsonby’s most sought-after streets, your hard work

Schools, transport, dog park and lifestyle, are all only minutes

will surely be rewarded here…

away. Make no mistake time has been called on this game.

Auction Onsite, Wednesday 29th November, 6pm (unless sold prior)

View Saturday, Sunday & Thursday 12:30-1pm or view by appointment

Jason Trowbridge 021 358 888 jtrowbridge.ponsonby@ljhooker.co.nz

All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided. Interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.

LJ Hooker Ponsonby Licensed Agent REAA 2008


Active Space

Ponsonby Plaza

Relaxing Space

Urban Canopy


PONSONBY CIVIC SPACE – NOVEMBER UPDATE It is with the greatest of pleasure that the Community-Led Design Group (CLDG) can now share the Preliminary design for Phase One of the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road with you all. Phase One will deliver the essential elements of the civic space, including landscaping, repurposing the existing forecourt canopy structure to provide a space for markets and events, and installing new public toilet facilities. Funding for Phase One is via an endowment fund that is only available for this project* and is therefore not impacted by Auckland Council’s ongoing financial challenges and the upcoming 10-year budget. The Waitematā Local Board at their October Business Meeting** approved the preliminary design that LandLAB has developed in conjunction with mana whenua and the design group. The Board also approved proceeding with the procurement and delivery of the enabling works package. This allows for the site preparation to be actioned ahead of the build. On-site work is planned to commence in February next year (2024).

These are the Preliminary design images. Please see our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz for additional visuals and information. After more than eight long years of volunteer advocacy work to achieve this much-needed and desired civic open space, the CLDG warmly congratulates the Waitematā Local Board for achieving this significant project milestone. The Ponsonby Civic Space will be an urban oasis that will be good for the people, good for the environment and good for Tāmaki Makaurau. Bring it on! For further information or to view the archives of the CLDG, please visit our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz, Facebook 254 Ponsonby Road or Ponsonby Park.

BRAVO! *https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2019/08/FIN_20190820_AGN_6821_AT_SUP_files/ FIN_20190820_AGN_6821_AT_SUP_Attachment_67411_1.PDF

**https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2023/10/20231017_WTM_AGN_11844.PDF Page 23, Item 14

18 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


One of the primary reasons why residential real estate in the Greater Ponsonby locale is so attractive, has been highlighted in a British lifestyle magazine which has named Ponsonby in its top 40 suburbs in the world list. UK entertainment and lifestyle publication Time Out – well known by Ponsonby locals who have spent time in the UK doing their ‘big OE’ or in their career paths – has Ponsonby ranked at number 33 in its ‘cool list’, describing the city fringe/ inner west district as one of Auckland’s most affluent areas. It is the only New Zealand suburb to make the grade. “At its heart is the mile-long Ponsonby Road, which is lined with independent boutiques and galleries showcasing artists and designers from around New Zealand. Restaurants range from vegan, Thai to Korean and Peruvian, showcasing the full spectrum of Auckland’s diversity. Ponsonby thrums with activity round the clock… in the mornings you’ll spot locals picking up loaves of sourdough bread, then in the evenings they’ll be heading out for cocktails,” said the Time Out description of Ponsonby. “The world’s coolest neighbourhoods this year are places with big personalities. Each area’s diversity is reflected in its food, culture, and festivals. Community is key – locals have banded together to rebuild their neighbourhood after disaster, to protest the demolition of much-loved cultural venues or simply to create spaces where people can come together and have some fun. Be it at an all-nighter, or on a night-time bike ride, these neighbourhoods are where the city comes to play. “While most of these neighbourhoods have experienced a transformation over recent years, they remain resolutely local at heart. Slick new developments and cool cafés might bring in new crowds, but neighbourhood stalwarts from old pubs to family greengrocers keep it real.” The top five suburbs in Time Out’s 2023 global suburb list are: Laureles in Medelin, Colombia; Smithfield in Dublin, Ireland; Carabanchel in Madrid, Spain; Havnen in Copenhagen, Denmark; and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. Ranking criteria consisted of such factors as community and social ventures, access to green spaces, and a thriving street life underpinned by diverse hospitality and retail activities. Leading Greater Ponsonby real estate agent Blair Haddow of Bayleys Ponsonby said Time Out’s over-arching assessment of the world’s coolest suburbs described Ponsonby to a ‘T’. “I’ve always lived with the mantra of ‘loving, living and selling Greater Ponsonby’ – which encompasses St Marys

6B Tahuna Street, Freemans Bay

Bay, Herne Bay, Westmere and Grey Lynn, so from that perspective there is not only a huge cultural diversity visible across the inner west, but also a huge diversity of residential real estate,” said Blair Haddow, who has lived most of his adult life in the Greater Ponsonby zone. Showcasing Greater Ponsonby’s broad range of dwellings being marketed for sale with Blair Haddow out of Bayleys Ponsonby are: · 6B Tahuna Street in Freemans Bay – a stand-alone, three-bedroom/two-bathroom, clean-lined three-storey townhouse located off a private right-of-way surrounded by lush vegetation. · 303/43 Brown Street in Ponsonby – an incredible stylish, two-bedroom/two-bathroom warehouse-style penthouse apartment with sensational views out to the Waitakere Ranges and covered parking for two vehicles. · 76 West End Road in Westmere – a dual level, fourbedroom/two-bathroom family home with two-car garaging and views over Coxs Bay. · 194 Garnet Road in Westmere – a single level, fourbedroom/two-bathroom family bungalow home with double off street parking and an in-ground swimming pool. · A beautifully styled French provincial style four-bedroom/ two-bathroom residence with open plan kitchen and dining room overlooking a manicured grassed back garden enclosed by mature trees and shrubbery. And for something completely different in Blair’s catalogue of property for sale, · 5 Rawene Avenue in Westmere, a 721-square metre block of flat land suitable for sustaining multiple dwellings subject to council approval, or one grand home. The properties within Blair Haddow’s catalogue of fabulous homes being marketed for sale are available to purchase either by auction or by negotiation. For more details, check out his website at Bayleys Ponsonby.  PN facebook.com/BlairHaddowResidential/

303 Brown/43 Brown Street, Ponsonby

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ELECTION DISASTER FOR LABOUR IN THE YEAR OF THREE PRIME MINISTERS There was little doubt in the weeks leading up to the election that there would be change – but no-one imagined the scale of it. Not even the most optimistic of Christopher Luxon’s campaign strategists considered National could win Labour strongholds like Mt Roskill and New Lynn, and come so close in Mt Albert and Te Atatu. First, I must congratulate the successful candidates from this ward – and there are more of them than you might think. Congratulations to the Greens’ Chlöe Swarbrick for holding Auckland Central and to Labour’s Helen White in Mt Albert, though National’s Melissa Lee came very close. Then there are the list MPs. A warm welcome back to Rt Hon Winston Peters of St Marys Bay and to Hon David Parker of Grey Lynn. Congratulations also to new Green MPs Steve Abel of Westmere (his late father Neil would have been very proud) and Darleen Tana of Waiheke. Given Labour under Jacinda Ardern won such a massive mandate at the last election, it’s fair to ask: what went wrong? Outgoing PM Chris Hipkins observed, "When the tide comes in big, it almost invariably goes out big as well." While there’s some truth in this, he should recall that the political tide ‘came in big’ for the first Labour Government and it stayed in for 14 years. It’s noticeable that post-election, Labour spokespeople have been reluctant to acknowledge their government’s shortcomings and missed opportunities, pointing instead to the low voter turnout! One has to go back again to that remarkable election night in 2020 when New Zealanders, grateful for the Ardern government’s successful management of the first wave of Covid, rewarded it with an unprecedented post-MMP majority. With the borders closed there was an almost wartime spirit of national unity in the face of adversity. Some half-amillion National voters, many from provincial New Zealand, rallied to Labour. On election night, PM Ardern, who grew up in a small rural town, and understanding the significance of the moment, promised to govern, "for all New Zealand." Pledging, "We will not take your support for granted." Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. Sadly, Jacinda’s ‘Team of 5 Million’ was soon forgotten in the routine of governing. Labour failed to come up with policies to inspire its supporters, let alone maintain national unity. It instead ran with divisive, top-down policies largely handed to it by a politicised Wellington bureaucracy. The ‘NPS - UD’ (suburban intensification), ‘Three Waters’ and, the most divisive, ‘He Puapua’; a radical plan to move the country towards bi-racial ‘co-governance’. This, many critics (and not just on the right) feared would profoundly undermine the country’s democracy. Wiser heads in the government did their best to dampen this down, but persisted with its co-governance offshoot ‘Three Waters’. The Treaty revisionism chimed with Labour’s identity politics which has largely replaced its traditional politics of social equality. But ‘woke' politics, Labour surely now must be realising, do not necessarily play well in traditionally workingclass electorates. These, especially in Auckland, are now the home of large numbers of hard-working Asian immigrants whose loyalty Labour has largely taken for granted. In addition to the usual erosion of support experienced by governments, there were other factors at play too.

20 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

The highly respected, senior Labour leader David Parker of Grey Lynn. Labour's road back could begin with him.

These came to light unfortunately in the critical months leading up to the election under the leadership of Jacinda’s successor, the competent but unimaginative Chris Hipkins. A series of scandals relating to senior cabinet ministers. The entitled behaviour of these ministers seriously damaged the reputation of the government and (given its political moralism) the Labour Party itself. Managing these scandals must have been a nightmare for Hipkins. Stuart Nash was dismissed for divulging cabinet discussions to business backers; Meka Whaitiri defected to Te Pāti Māori; Justice Minister Kiri Allan was involved in unfortunate events leading to her arrest. But what evidently did the most damage, especially in Auckland, was the refusal of Transport Minister Michael Wood to comply with instructions to sell his shares in Auckland Airport, deemed to be a conflict of interest. It didn’t help that Wood’s various controversial transport schemes, a cycle bridge over the harbour, and especially ‘light rail to the airport’, have been extremely expensive non-starters. As Derek Cheng, senior NZ Herald journalist put it "…but Labour insiders say that the real hit in their internal polling came with the Wood scandal. It reeked of arrogance. The subtext of Wood’s inability to do a simple task was that the rules didn’t apply to him, or by association to Labour." If Labour is to recover from this debacle it will need to fundamentally reappraise itself. Hipkins ‘captain’s call’ rejecting David Parker’s well-considered tax reforms was a serious mistake for the country and for the Labour Party itself. Rumours suggest Parker may stand for the party leadership. If so, the road back for Labour may well start in Grey Lynn. (MIKE LEE)  PN www.mikelee.co.nz





You heard it here first. Frank Cornelissen is one of the sexiest names in wine today. Frank was originally born in Belgium in 1961 and quickly followed in his father’s footsteps as a fine wine collector and broker across the European continent. At the tender age of 14, he bought his first case of legendary Domaine de la Romanee Conti (one of the rarest and most sought after wines on the planet). Upon a visit to Georgia in 2000, Frank became more and more interested in ancient winemaking techniques from ungrafted vines and from native varieties without any oak maturation. The following year, whilst dining at a restaurant, the sommelier showed Frank a native and ungrafted wine from Mount Etna in Sicily. It was a revelation. The silkiness, the length, the taste of the volcanic rock changed his life. Within a week, Frank was in Sicily and not long after had planted his first vines of Nerello Mascalese on some of the steepest slopes of Mt Etna. And now, the odyssey brings these sexy wines to K’ Road. I am sitting at Tappo in St Kevins arcade with sommelier and all round cool guy James Pain. We are sharing a glass of Frank Cornelissen’s 2019 Munjebel Rosso made from indigenous yeasts with some skin contact. Wow! The wine is exceptional. Length, savoury notes, cherry fruit, a smoky quality and hint of extra virgin olive. James brings out a bowl of Nocellara del Belice Sicilian olives to share. Delicious – the simple pairing is always the best. Tappo and next door Pici are owned by Chef’s Kaz Suzuki, Jono Thevenard and marketing extraordinaire Gemma Hareb. By morning, Tappo is an additional prep area for Pici. By afternoon, Tappo transforms into one of the coolest bars in Auckland. The absolute perfect spot for an aperitif before heading to Pici or any of the myriad hospitality options on K’ Road. A beautiful mixture of Italian and Kiwi wines, selected in a way dear to Frank Cornelissen’s heart – beautiful wines that engage with their terroir in the most natural and delicious way. James epitomises all of these things. Independent, intelligent, humorous, social and well travelled, he sums up everything that is St Kevins Arcade. This really is one of the hippest spots in Auckland with a truly eclectic and stand alone collection of business adorning it. The famous Whammy Bar downstairs showcasing aspiring and established musicians has brought many an Aucklander to these colonnades surrounding a warm and friendly communal eating hall. Tappo is definitely my kind of joint. Easy vibes, good company, quality offerings. As I walked out onto K’ Road, dusk had fallen. The Outer Link bus parked up for me as if it was my own limo. ‘Homeward bound’, I cried and off my most valiant PN driver ferried me into the K’ Road sunset. (PUNEET DHALL) 


@dhallandnash @frankcornelissen_winery

Frank Cornelissen 2019 MunJebel Rosso

100% N Nerello Mascalese “Rich, powerful and driven by a core of minerality, it’s very hard to quantify what the experience of drinking Etna Rosso for the first time is. quant There is truly nothing like it in new-world wine, the tastes and aromas are so entwined with the soils and grapes indigenous to Etna, and so specific to the place. Wild spices, complex fruit notes, the depth and specif singularity of this wine, makes the first experience, an epiphanic singu moment in a wine lover’s life.” mome - Diffe Different Drop

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At the moment it’s easy to be despondent faced with wild inflation, the climate in crisis and war in the Middle East. It feels like a mirror image of the beginning of the last century when humans gave into their worst instincts and lost their collective mind. However, I am grateful to be hard wired not to give in or get weighed down and creatively immobilised. Instead, I seek refuge in my imagination, inspired often by Dada, a European avant-garde art movement of the 1930s that challenged the social norms by purposefully shocking, confronting and challenging the viewer. It concentrated on anti-war politics through a rejection of the prevailing norms in the arts by mashing up mediums. Armed with this mindset, I force myself to be lateral, imagine the unimaginable and consider that the impossible is possible. So, while fantasising about redeveloping my small pocket of paradise in Westmere, I googled the words futuristic, nature inspired, city, NZ and boom! Up came the astounding, recently completed Marisfrolg Campus in Shenzhen, China designed by Dunedin-based Fred and Damien of Architecture Van Brandenburg (AVB). An amazingly, spectacular, organic, leaf inspired building, seemingly weightless as it soars elegantly skyward despite its massive proportions. At 190,000m² the complex is almost six times the size of Te Papa and designed to capture rain that feeds landscaped ponds and waterways acting as a passive cooling system. The sort of building that really gets me excited. It was clear that this firm had the team, the technology and the wisdom to handle big projects, much bigger than my modest ideas for a small urban marae. In fact, these guys have the special skills required to turn my beloved Auckland from the sad, broken, discordant pile it has become into an inspirationally connected place. This discovery lifted my gloomy mood, then navigating the AVB website further, I clicked on the 3D fly through of the Dunedin waterfront and gasped. How lucky are we to have such visionaries in our country, yet when I asked Fred what has happened to the Dunedin project, he sighed and said, “It was all go, we had support from Provincial Growth Fund but then Covid happened and the council changed and the idea evaporated.”

22 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

OMG, perhaps Dunedin’s loss is Auckland’s gain? “Have you ever thought of redesigning Auckland?” He gave a small rye laugh, “I was in Auckland recently and gave a public talk about sustainable design. The Mayor Wayne Brown was in the audience.” Bingo. Love him or hate him, Wayne Brown is a money man, he understands high finance and the mechanisms to unlock investment. He gets that there is no more money to be squeezed out of our rates, licences, fees and contributions. He knows that selling assets is deeply unpopular. He understands that central government has been bleeding our region dry for decades and avoiding reinvesting in critical infrastructure. So my challenge to the Mayor and newly elected coalition government is to engage in genuine discussions to make good on the Super City failure and create a partnership that will unlock Auckland’s potential. Based on mutual respect and real co-operation, both central and local government need to agree on legislative and regulatory tools to enable investment that does not favour private profit leaving a legacy of public debt. Whangarei is the only city that has managed to build a truly creative hub by the water – the Hundertwasser Art Centre. If you haven’t already been there I recommend you go. Meanwhile, Te Ara Tukutuku (binding the land and sea) is a project led by Auckland Council’s Eke Panuku in association with mana whenua to turn the contaminated industrial Tank Farm at the northern end of Wynyard Quarter into a 5ha park with an elevated headland, accessible bays and a rocky shoreline laced with native trees. Guardianship of natural resources – kaitiakitanga – is a core value that will be followed. Next, we need to champion radical iconic public buildings imbued with the qualities unique to Aotearoa, like kotahitanga – a shared sense of belonging, perhaps then people will want to come back together to work and play rather than stay at home. Public consultation on Te Ara Tukutuku starts Oct 30 and runs for four weeks. (LISA PRAGER, Westmere)  PN




PROXIMA CONSTRUCTION UPDATE The construction site is buzzing with excitement as significant milestones are reached. The tower crane has been gracefully lowered, the roof securely in place, and the interior of each meticulously crafted apartment is coming to life. "We're on track for completion April next year," says Vanessa, Proxima's director. Hands-on and overseeing every detail of the build, she has 100% confidence in the Kalmar Construction team. "The progress is phenomenal and there's a collective focus on coordinating the fit-out of each apartment." The construction team has made strides this month, with work starting on the entry ramp, lift installations underway, and kitchen installations progressing on level 3. Gib stopping has been completed up to level 5. "We engage with local suppliers and support local businesses whenever possible, almost all our subcontractors are Auckland based. Our wonderful local joiner has started work on the kitchens on levels 3 and 4. They are accustomed to fitting out hotels and high-end apartments, so the attention to detail really shows. It's also exciting to see the install of Blum hardware in our kitchens – they just feel different from your stock standard runners and hinges." Conveniently located close to the city centre, Ponsonby, Mt Eden and Kingsland, Proxima Residences offers a living experience that is truly unmatched. The building is surrounded by stunning views and is only minutes away from some of Auckland's best restaurants, shopping centres and entertainment hubs. At Proxima Residences, you will find a range of beautiful owner-occupier size 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments priced from only $749,000 plus car parking options available with electric charging capabilities.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to live in your dream home. Contact Aaron Cook from Barfoot & Thompson on T: 021 612 642 today to learn more about the range of owner-occupier sized apartments and discover how Proxima Residences can provide you with the living experience you deserve. www.proximaresidences.co.nz


A New Benchmark for Luxury Apartments • 67 beautifully crafted apartments

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• Generous floor plans with spacious balconies

Aaron Cook 021 612 642

• North facing with stunning city views • Construction underway with Kalmar • Pet Friendly


0508 Proxima (776 946)


DESLEY SIMPSON: DEPUTY MAYOR OF AUCKLAND For over three weeks since the discovery of a tomo (sinkhole) the size of a tennis court appeared in a carpark in Parnell, Watercare has been working 24/7 to try and stop the wastewater overflow spilling into the Waitematā. As a Level 3 situation, this is as serious as it gets for Watercare. In a nutshell, a sinkhole formed above the Ōrākei Main Sewer which is a major artery of Auckland’s wastewater network servicing parts of Central and West Auckland. The sewer pipe became blocked when the land above it caved in. As the sewage could not pass through the pipe, it backed up causing millions of litres of wastewater overflow (or effluent) to spill into the harbour. Watercare immediately began work on a bypass solution directing the sewage from the manhole before the blockage to the manhole after the blockage. I cannot understate the complexity of the engineering solution. Under normal circumstances a solution of this nature would usually take weeks/months to plan and even longer to deliver. Watercare delivered it in 20 days. The bypass pump station is as big as some of our permanent pump stations and consists of around 400m of pipe and six large pumps being put underground to direct sewage away from the broken section.

Watercare chief operations officer Mark Bourne and Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson at the bypass pump station

The good news is the temporary measure is now operating and we have no more dry weather overflows. However, it will still take some time for our much-loved Waitematā harbour to be ‘clean’ enough for fishing, shellfish gathering and recreational activities. A constant concern throughout this process has been the environmental impact and water quality. Widespread sampling has been happening since the first week of overflows. Bags of oysters which are good filter feeders, have also been placed at a variety of locations. The oysters are tested every fortnight for bacteria and heavy metals. Depending on the level of contamination and physical conditions – tides, winds, currents, sunlight – water quality at some beaches may return to normal faster and some beaches may take longer. Water quality is being monitored daily and the Safeswim website is the best place to see real time information. Until this issue is resolved, I have some key messages: 1. Temporary pipes are not as strong as permanent pipes. Please only put the 3 P’s down your toilet. Pee, poo and (toilet) paper. 2. Please DO NOT fish or gather shellfish in the inner harbour until public health advises it is safe (you can check this on the Auckland Regional Public Health service website – www.arphs.health.nz/news/sewage-in-the -waitemata-harbour-public-health-advice/)

3. There may be some remaining waste in the pipes, so if you see wastewater debris (wet wipes, women’s sanitary products, etc) washed up on the beach – please DO NOT pick it up as it will be contaminated. Please report it on the Watercare website. 4. Check the Safeswim website (safeswim.org.nz) before you swim and if your beach has a black flag please DO NOT go in the water.

26 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

5. If you have been in the water and you have sickness symptoms, please call Healthline on T: 0800 611 116. Finally, my thanks to Watercare for its prompt action and the businesses and residents of Parnell and surrounding areas, who have been impacted and inconvenienced, for their understanding. (DESLEY SIMPSON)  PN www.desleysimpson.co.nz




THANK YOU, AUCKLAND CENTRAL... The last six months have been extraordinary. As a newcomer to politics, I’ve learnt many things but the standout has been the connections built with our community. From the serene streets of Ponsonby to the energetic corners of our city, so many of you opened your hearts and homes and invited me to be part of your lives. Thank you for every door opened, every story shared and every moment spent discussing our vision for the Auckland Central community. You kept me going and reminded me of why I do this – to make this an even happier place for us and future generations. During the whirlwind of door knocking, community meetings and conversations with over 11,000 locals, it became clear that our residents and business owners want a safer and more hopeful future. The challenges we face are real – crime, public infrastructure and the cost of living crisis – but so are the hope and passion that so many of us share for making this one of the best places to live, study and work. I’m excited about the changes that a National Government will deliver. Changes that will help grow our economy, prioritise public safety and drive tangible improvements to our health and education sectors. It’s been a thrill to see New Zealand go blue, and while we came close in Auckland Central, we didn’t quite get there. I’d like to congratulate Chlöe Swarbrick on retaining her seat, and acknowledge the other candidates, including for the robust discussions during our many debates! I can’t say enough about the amazing team of volunteers who stepped up and gave so much of their time to make phone calls, deliver flyers, organise public events and turn themselves into human billboards every weekend. From high school students volunteering in their first election campaign through to 80-something veterans, their energy and unwavering belief in our mission was inspiring. They were the heart and soul of our grassroots campaign, and I’m forever thankful to our ‘blue army’ for their incredible efforts. The most common question I’ve been asked over the past week is “what next”? The short answer is that I’m not going

anywhere. To paraphrase a saying from my previous career in innovation and startups: setbacks are not the end, they’re simply a new beginning. I’m looking forward to working with our community over the next three years to address some of our core challenges and to help create that brighter, more hopeful and inclusive future for all of Auckland Central. When you see me around, please don’t hesitate to say hi, share your thoughts or voice your concerns. I may not be wearing the usual bright blue jacket, but I’ll always be here to listen and to advocate for our community. With deep gratitude and a promise to see you soon. PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 27


FREEMANS BAY LOCAL AWARDED BEST AIR BNB ROOM HOST Joanna wanted to share her light and bright inner city haven and create an authentic, local experience for guests. “I love providing a home away from home for guests when they arrive at our Freemans Bay villa. It's a pleasure to learn about people from all walks of life and see their faces light up when they wake up to a breakfast of homemade muesli, bread and preserves,” host Joanna Bell said. “Earning a living from hosting has also gifted us the freedom to do a bit of travelling ourselves during the winter time here

and visit family in the UK. I’ll never complain about the beauty of two summers!” The Airbnb Host Awards aim to shine a spotlight on hosts for the incredible work they do for guests and the wider community. www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/15756619

Comforting pieces to love now and keep forever.

wallacecotton.com Ponsonby • Newmarket • Takapuna • Rosedale • Cambridge • Mt Maunganui • Napier • Wellington • Christchurch

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harlan pepper FOOD CO



HERNE BAY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION SAYS: It is critically important we all prepare for the next extreme weather event by undertaking some simple actions to avoid unnecessary flooding in our streets and homes. Over the past 18-24 months, severe storms at times have far exceeded the Auckland drainage network’s capacity, so your association has sought advice from Auckland Council about how to keep overland flow paths functioning, and therefore prevent water entering your homes.

its natural flow. Put simply, you must keep the overland flow path clear. Examples are: · Keep a gap below a fence so water can flow underneath it.

Blocked drains and gutters increase the amount of water flowing over the ground surface during extreme events. There are many factors that increase the impact of flooding.

· Historically, driveways had ‘humps' at the property entrance that kept water flows from entering properties. Many people didn’t like having to drive over humps, so they removed them, allowing flood waters to access their land. This is not a good idea.

· Everyone should regularly clear their gutters and drains on the surface such as catchpits (gutter drains) and strip drains at least twice a year. Gutter drains, not on the road, but those in shared driveways, are the residents’ responsibility to maintain or keep clear.

· Keep your property clear of materials that could be picked up by flood waters and create a blockage leading to damage to your home. Check whether your landscaping, any loose material or any outbuildings such as garden sheds could cause blockages.

· Keep lawn clippings and other vegetation clippings away from places that could be washed into street or private drains during rain events. By doing this you will help to ensure overland flow paths are not blocked or water doesn’t pool up or flood in locations it shouldn’t.

· If you live in a flood plain, it is illegal to stop or divert the water flow through your property by creating what is known as a ‘dam'.

Catchpits, strip drains and gutters

· Auckland Council has increased the numbers of contractors now carrying out maintenance (clearing) drains on public roads, and aims at checking all these drains twice a year. If you see a blocked drain, report it to the council by ringing 09 301 0101. The council aims to respond to those blockages within 10 working days during dry weather but will aim to respond to flooding gutter drains during weather events in two hours. ·

You should also contact Auckland Council if you see that debris is blocking large areas around gutter-drain grates.

Your house should be above other ground levels

Don’t build up soil or create paths that make the section level the same as your house. Do this and water could flow through your house in a storm event. · Make sure you always 'step up' into your house. This will help to ensure water will flow past your house and not into it. There is a temptation to landscape your section so you can walk from your section or car into your house on the same level without needing a step. · Keep obstructions such as planter boxes away from your front door. You don’t want these items diverting water into your house. Fences, overland flow obstructions and driveways

During a storm event it is critically important, and also a property owner responsibility, that water is able to continue

For example, a dam would be building a concrete block wall to prevent water’s natural flow through your property by diverting it to your neighbour’s property. Other recommendations from Auckland Council

If you are in a flood area you should: · Store valuables and important documents in high places. · Ensure that areas that might flood such as garages and basements are not used for sleeping. · When landscaping, make sure the ground is shaped to direct water away from your home. · Where possible, use materials that allow water to drain through them, like grass and permeable paving, instead of concrete. · If you have a stream running through or near your property, keep the stream free of debris and plant stream banks to reduce erosion. Choose native plants that lie flat or have narrow trunks to allow water to flow freely. Auckland Council Flood Viewer

You can see whether you are exposed to a flood hazard by studying the Auckland Council’s Flood Viewer, www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/floodviewer If you click the

'Learn More' button on each of the types of flooding, there is text about actions that can be taken at a property level.  PN www.hernebay1011.nz

Auckland Council’s Flood viewer maps of the Herne Bay area

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WITH MORE DIVERSITY, CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC EVENTS, THE GREY LYNN PARK FESTIVAL IS ON Come for your Christmas shopping, eat from around the world, enjoy our mix of free live music and family friendly fun at Grey Lynn Park on Saturday 18 November from 9.30am - 6pm. Featuring New Zealand art, crafts, fine fare, music and dance – it’s all there to enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket. Stroll through the market village and meet up with those who prefer the mobile home to the city pad. With offerings for everyone, kids can enjoy amusement rides, circus fun, skateboarding workshops and much more. Discover new market stalls, listen and learn about environmental sustainability, regenerative urban farms as climate changeready infrastructure, NZ herbal medicine, essentially men’s group, Grey Lynn Cohaus, Pachamama Alliance and pest free Grey Lynn from experts at our talk tents. While Machine Park gives lovers of steam engines a treat and a yarn.

If you wish to get involved with next year's event, reach out to us at: greylynnparkfestival@gmail.com The Grey Lynn Park Festival is a community event that is managed by a registered non-profitable trust called the Grey Lynn Park Festival Trust. www.greylynnparkfestival.org PROUDLY SPONSORED BY:

Engage with Circability, B&T entertainment company, song writers for climate change, Kmiata’s African sound, Tanya Batt’s kamishibai storytelling and a host of other roaming performers, whilst keeping an eye out for the Bin Fairies and Clown Doctors! Grab a place on the grass an enjoy an eclectic mix of some of Auckland’s top musicians. The main stage is host to a great line up of live music this year, with a special kapa haka performance to kickstart the festival’s proceedings, followed by performances from an array of upcoming talent including Voice of Ukraine, the West African Percussion Ensemble, Locals Only, Where’s Jai, Junior Junior, The Rvmes, YAHYAH, Reiki Ruawai and LA Women. Plus the Jafa Soundsystem and Ministry of Folk stages will be offering more music throughout the day. There will be an EFTPOS machine on site, but put cash in your pocket, grab that sun hat and a smile on your dial. Remember we are a zero waste festival, so while having fun with the bin fairies put your waste in the right bin and we will compost or recycle it. PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 31


AUCKLAND COUNCIL INSTALLS FIRST LOW-CARBON PIPES ON COLLEGE HILL What lies beneath? It is surprising what underground infrastructure can reveal as Auckland Council contractors discovered when excavating the partially collapsed stormwater pipe on College Hill for upgrade work. The works were being undertaken following the January flooding. As Auckland Council’s General Manager Healthy Waters Craig Mcilroy explains, a piece of the city’s construction history was uncovered. “When trenching in August close to the junction of College Hill and Beaumont Street we uncovered a 19th Century double brick lined drainage tunnel, constructed before the city’s foreshore began at what is now Victoria Park. “After discussions with Heritage NZ, it was agreed we could carefully remove the damaged section of the drain to enable the installation of the new stormwater line.” The tunnel’s bluestone base with double-lined brick above has been largely preserved except for where it clashes with the new pipe being installed. The new stormwater pipes being installed are a significant advance in sustainable concrete production. The 2.5m pipes with a 600mm internal diameter are made of lowcarbon concrete that achieves a 22% reduction in emissions compared with a traditional concrete pipe. Hynd’s Group Sustainability Manager Dr Jackson MacFarlane says the development of these pipes is an important milestone in their sustainability journey.

Venue hire Meetings www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz @ponsycommunity

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Ponsy Kids Preschool

“By using these pipes for the project, we were able to avoid over 4.4 tons of CO2eq emissions. “Auckland Council has set an ambitious embodied carbon reduction target and we’re proud to support them.” The is the first time Healthy Waters has used low-carbon pipes, which are manufactured by using supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) such as fly ash and blast-furnace slag as a substitute for traditional cement, the most carbon intensive element of concrete. Auckland Council has identified concrete used in its construction projects, along with diesel from machinery and vehicles, as one of the greatest contributors to its carbon footprint. Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan commits Auckland Council to reducing carbon emissions in line with national and international commitments and has set itself a target of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2023 with a goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. The installation of the new stormwater pipe running from the intersection of Beaumont Street and Victoria Street West to England Street started today (Monday October 9). The $2.86 million project is expected to be completed in late December.



Ponsonby Playgroup! Kids Classes



COMMUNITY BUILDING @ ST COLUMBA CHURCH, GREY LYNN For the past six months, St Columba has been a hub of creativity, thanks to funding from the Tindall Foundation. First, members of the local community were involved in repainting the labyrinth after weeks of preparation and precise mapping out of the design based on Chartres Cathedral (11th Century). The result – a refreshed place of welcome and peace for the community. Then, the building of a garden shed. From Health and Safety sessions to the foundation, installing drainage pipes and building a timber floor. By the time they got to erecting the walls, trusses and roof, the builders had found their pace and rhythm. An experienced builder oversaw the work, teaching them useful building tricks and skills with an emphasis on quality workmanship. Another group has learnt to create simple, nutritious twocourse meals for one, using ingredients on a budget. They can now prepare for friends and whānau, using the bespoke recipe book from the lessons.

The sense of common purpose, and knowing they were making a difference through giving their time and skills, led to a camaraderie amongst the groups. The sense of achievement they felt from the shared learning and completion of the projects increased their confidence and filled their kete of work skills. A final project over summer will see bee hives installed at St Columba. A local volunteer beekeeper has agreed to teach and support a group of five in the basics of caring for the bee hives and honey production. St Columba is now looking ahead to its annual Christmas lunch, an event that is always generously supported by the local community. This is the final community lunch for the year and the Friday lunch whānau look forward to it with great anticipation.  PN

For all enquiries, contact: office@saintcolumbas.org.nz or phone Liz 021 1517 087.


FOR AS LITTLE AS $5 A MONTH Your regular donation will help connect more school children with nature, empower people all over Auckland with sustainable living choices and develop and maintain a therapeutic garden. Join now at: www.kelmarnagardens.nz/donate

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DRINKIES @ BOB & FRIENDS Having a nose, a drink and a chat with Ron from Bob & Friends at his store in Ponsonby Road. We were checking out his new Pira Shelving – from the creators of String Shelving! As he explained to us, “These sleek and versatile shelves are the perfect blend of form and function, offering endless possibilities for customisation.”  PN www.bobandfriends.co.nz

THE PEACE MARCH IN PONSONBY ROAD 30/9/23: Savali Ole Filemu. The corner of Ponsonby and Franklin Road was the starting point for last month's march. The aim of the walk was voicing the importance of a pathway to residency for Pacific people. Sadly, the rain kept many people away. There were speakers reminding everyone about the Dawn Raids in the 1970s. The dawn raids were crackdowns in New Zealand from 1973 to 1979 and then sporadically afterward on alleged illegal overstayers from the Pacific Islands. The raids were first introduced in 1973 by Prime Minister Norman Kirk's Labour Government, which discontinued them in April 1974. The day was peaceful and we continued the walk along to Western Park.  PN

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MARSHALL THOMAS COOK FNZIA 23 June 1940 - 28 September 2023. “A mighty Kauri has fallen.” Franklin Road resident Marshall died peacefully in his sleep after enjoying an evening meal of oysters and Champagne. Under the shadow of the America's Cup at the RNZ Yacht Squadron, we gathered to celebrate and cherish memories of his life and career. Many words were used that day to describe the indomitable and generous Marshall, Freemans Bay resident, architect, raconteur, comedian, cook, yachtie, neighbour and friend. Father, husband, uncle, Poppy – there are so many adjectives used to describe a life well lived. Marshall’s body of work covered Auckland from one side of our fair city to the other, notably, and amongst other projects, his innovative townhouse developments stand out. Amongst others, were the townhouses in Napier Street. Iconic and immediately recognisable in a street full of villas, he had continued to expand on his talent and habit of mixing the contemporary designs among historic heritage architecture. A staunch and vocal critic of villas, ironically, in 2004, he bought a section in Franklin Road. A traditional street full of grand old villas, early century homes and precious historic treasures, and where he chose to build a contemporary terracotta-tiled house that shouted its arrival to the neighbours. Now, only a few years later, it has effortlessly melded into the street’s landscape and become an icon amongst icons. The irrepressible Marshall embraced our street’s culture and the Franklin Road Christmas Lights. Both he and his late wife Pru, along with his extended family, quickly became part of our close-knit community. By the year’s end he was appearing as one of our more colourful Santas, flying down the street on a scooter followed

by his mokopuna dressed as elves, handing out treats to all and sundry with an infectious laugh and a cheeky tease. A gravitational pull enveloped us into their universe, but now, leaving us empty and sad, none-the-less inspired and satisfied. A gift that only a great architect of his stature can bring. And they both are missed. “They Lived and laughed and loved and left.” James Joyce. (ROSS THORBY)  PN

GREAT NORTH ROAD – CONTINUING WORKS Thanks to Claire Jager for reminding us to support our local businesses... Please make an effort to support our local businesses on Great North Road during the roadworks. We love having them in our neighbourhood but they are taking a hit right now while the roadworks are on. The roadworks will be worth it in the end, and I don't want a debate about the roadworks, please just show some support by making an effort to go visit our Great North Road neighbourhood businesses. Here is a list of businesses you can support. Better Me Espresso Cafe Pet.kiwi Arch Hill Laundromat Doe. donuts Philippe's Patisserie Liquorland Boutique Grey Lynn

Arch Hill Superette Charlie Boys Cafe Newton Fish and Chippery My Ride Grey Lynn Ligne Roset Rose & Heather

European Antiques, Ariki Street Pearl Boutique Liz Mitchell Photo Warehouse

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DISTRIBUTING PERSONAL VS TRUST ASSETS Kate and Chris’ mum had just died suddenly. Their dad had sadly passed away only two years earlier, also quite prematurely, of cancer. Kate and Chris knew that their parents had a trust that held their holiday home, as well as the family home and some investments in it. However, their mum had been in the process of winding it up after their dad died. They knew that their mum had sold the holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds Tammy McLeod not long after their dad died, as she wasn’t really going down there that often without him. Aside from that, they were unclear as to where things were at. While Kate and Chris weren’t in a rush to sort things out, they didn’t want to hold onto the family home for too long. Neither was interested in living there and it would be a liability due to the amount of rates and insurance that needed to be paid. Kate and Chris went to see their parents’ lawyer to find out the current situation. The lawyer explained that while their mother had been in the process of winding up the trust, it wasn’t completed. The sale proceeds of the holiday home had gone into the trust. Some of the funds had been distributed to their mum and she had put them in a term deposit, but there was still $200,000 sitting in the trust’s bank account. The family home had been transferred out of the names of the trustees of the family trust, into their mum’s name. That had been part of the process of winding the trust up. Kate and Chris were left a little confused about what they could and couldn’t do. The lawyer explained that they would need to apply for probate for their mother’s will as she had more than $15,000 in assets in her personal name. They

would not be able to deal with any of the assets in their mother’s personal name without the grant of probate. Chris and Kate were the executors of their mother’s estate but really didn’t know what that meant. The lawyer explained that it meant that Kate and Chris would be the ones responsible for making sure the wishes in their mother’s will were carried out. They would be the ones who had to sign the documents for probate to be granted. The lawyer explained that there were delays on the granting of probate at the moment and it was unlikely that it would be granted for at least three to four months. This meant the family home that had been moved out of the trust into their mother’s name could not be listed for sale until probate was granted. However, the assets still in the trust could be dealt with straight away. The lawyer continued to be a trustee of the trust and Kate had also been appointed as a trustee of the trust under her mother’s will. This meant that the cash left over from the sale of the holiday home could be distributed and that they didn’t need to wait for probate for this. Likewise, the investments were also still in the trust and the trustees did not have to wait for probate to be granted before those assets could be dealt with. This was a huge relief for Kate and Chris. While it would have been nice to be able to sell their mum’s house quickly, it was good to be able to deal with the assets in the trust straight away. They could now see that even though there had no longer been real benefit for their mum to retain the trust during her lifetime (given that the family business had been sold many years ago), there were advantages on her death as Kate and Chris could much more readily and easily deal with the trust assets. The rules around how you can deal with property when a loved one dies are complex and it is imperative to get specialist legal advice.

DAVENPORTS LAW, 331 Rosedale Road, Level 1, Building 2, Albany, T: 09 883 3284, www.davenportslaw.co.nz

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Asset Protection. Considering Everything Together. The protection of assets that we have worked so hard to acquire is an important consideration for most people. Trusts provide protection of those invaluable assets, which allow a person to hold property and assets on behalf of another - for the good of the beneficiaries. It is just as important to ensure that other forms of asset structuring are up to date and considered in relation to your trusts structure. These include your will and enduring powers of attorney. Contact Tammy McLeod or one of the Trust Team for specialist asset structuring and planning advice. DAV ENPORTSL AW.C O. N Z

0 9 883 32 84


THE VARIETY ARTISTS CLUB OF NEW ZEALAND RIELLY COMEDY AWARD The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand presented The Rielly Comedy Award, named in honour of the late Jack and Sylvia Rielly who were one of New Zealand’s best known and loved variety acts during the great vaudeville era of the 30s and 40s. Jack and Sylvia lived in Mt Albert for many years. The award recipient this year was a man of many talents and many faces. He’s been described as a ‘chameleon' with an eclectic CV – a writer, actor, comedian and director – but always very funny. He rose to fame with his infamous parodies of politicians, most notably of Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett. He continues to entertain us on the small screen in short comedy videos with a cast of iconic social media characters from all walks of life. This year, he also released a hilarious six-part, mockumentary, true-crime podcast on iHeartRadio voicing over 30 characters. He’s starred in TV shows like Wellington Paranormal, Shortland Street and Educators and, incredibly, has written over 50 plays. He regularly swaps the small screen for the stage, touring his live stand-up shows. His latest tour goes under the banner 'Gone Bananas’... which is exactly what Kiwi’s have gone over him. This year, the award was presented to Waterview resident Tom Sainsbury.  PN

Pictured: David Hartnell MNZM Patron of the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand, presenting Tom Sainsbury with his award.



November may be a drier than usual month, with less than the average sunshine. The first week may be the wettest and cloudiest, followed by a dry and sunny second week with the highest pressures. Near the end of the month, expect a few passing showers. Winds may be southeasterly for the first week, changing to southerlies during the second week, followed by southwesterlies. The barometer may average around 1019mbs. The best weekend for outdoor activities may be 11th/12th. For fishermen, the highest tides are on 27th. The best fishing bite-times in the east may be around dusk on 12th-14th, and 26th-28th. Bite-chances are also good for midday of 4th6th and 19th-21st. For gardeners, planting is best (waxing moon ascending) on 14th-16th; and pruning on 1st -2nd and 28th-29th (waning moon descending). For preserving and longer shelf-life, pick crops or flowers around the neap tides of the 6th and 21st. Allow 24-hour error for all forecasting. (KEN RING)  PN For future weather for any date, and the 2023 NZ Weather Almanac, see www.predictweather.com. Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.

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QUEEN OF GAMES – A TALE OF CROQUET Croquet is a very old game, widely known and played in France since the 11th Century under the name of ‘jeu de mail’. Borrowed by the British around 1300, the moniker was modified by the Scots who made golf out of it, and the Irish turned it into croquet. It became the courting game of the masses. Wimbledon began its life as the All England Croquet Club. By the 1870s when Wimbledon was renamed The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis club, croquet had made enough of a splash in the hearts of its fans to make its way into the books of Louis Carroll with Alice gaming her way through Wonderland, playing against the Red Queen with flamingo mallets and disappearing hedgehog balls. Croquet is still a game of the masses. Its appeal is as wide today as it was in France or Wonderland. Young and old adore the challenge, the thrill and skill and tactics and resounding ‘thwack' as an opponent’s ball is despatched in order to progress one’s own progress to win.

A great form of easy exercise, the health benefits of croquet are well known. A non-strenuous work out, croquet enables the co-ordination of mind and body as well as the intellectual challenges strategy and tactics bring. As research shows, like exercise, sociability is vital for mental health. And croquet can be as social or as competitive as one chooses. But be warned, it can become addictive. At Pt Chevalier Croquet Club we welcome people of all ages. We also offer our newly refurbished greens and clubrooms for business ‘get togethers’ and celebrations. Long established, we offer beautiful playing conditions and friendly, inclusive members who will help you learn something new. For further info, see our website: www.sporty.co.nz/ptchevaliercroquet Or email the club at: ptchevcroquet@gmail.com

Or phone Susan on 021 030 8222, or Kathy 021 933 595.






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PONSONBY U3A: OCTOBER 2023 Understanding Dementia “It takes a whole family and a community to help someone with dementia to live well.” At its October meeting, members of Ponsonby U3A were given a challenging yet comprehensive explanation of dementia by Brendan Hallam, Dementia Advisor, Dementia Auckland. He outlined what the term dementia means, the various types and the help that is available, both for the person with dementia and for their carer/s. Brendan also focused on changes in behaviour that can happen, followed by some general communication tips. Given the ageing demographic, globally there are 55 million people with dementia, predicted to grow to 139 million by 2050. In New Zealand there are 70,000 people with dementia, predicted to increase in 10 years to 170,000 cases.

Dementia Auckland provides education and support. Phone 0800 433 636, www.da.org.nz

Passionate on his subject, Brendan pointed out that as we grow older, more people we know are diagnosed with dementia. All of us will experience a slight dip in memory – it is part of normal ageing. However, it is when we repeatedly forget important things that impact our daily function that signals the signs of dementia, caused by physical damage to the brain.

Sheryl Annesley-Smith was the ten-minute speaker. She treated members to a rollicking ride through what she called her ‘peripatetic life'. Constantly on the move from country to country, and from house to house (all 35 of them), she contended that wanderlust was in the blood, in the blood of her parents and her grandparents before them.

The word dementia is an umbrella term that affects memory, thinking skills, behaviour and physical skills. There are over 200 different types of dementia, the most common of which, Alzheimer’s, constitutes 60-70% of all cases. It can be developed by anyone, eg, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, actor Robin Williams, and former All Black Carl Hayman. Vascular dementia accounts for 20-30%, Lewey Bodies 1025%, followed by frontal temporal dementia. Other causes include head injuries, diabetes, and renal disease, etc. Mixed dementia occurs where there are multiple causes for dementia.

Born in Auckland, Sheryl described her life in Rotorua, Stratford, London in the swinging sixties, two stints in Nigeria during a civil war, Singapore, back to Auckland, London again, Marbella, India, and Auckland again.

Brendan outlined general signs and symptoms of dementia including memory loss, time and place disorientation, changes in mood and personality, language (hard to find the right words or understand conversation), issues of judgement, difficulty with complex thinking and denial (lack of insight and awareness). Brendan described difficulties of short-term memory loss, such as repeating oneself, asking repeated questions, forgetting dates and appointments, and forgetting and losing things. He stressed that you can’t put pressure on a person with dementia. He suggested that a whiteboard works well for everyone and gave tips to compensate for early memory loss and to deal with lost things, emphasising that people should not be scolded for losing things. There were tips for managing disorientation, what you should try to avoid. Most useful – don’t expect them to remember, or say, ‘I’ve already told you so'.

Brendan Hallam

During this time, Sheryl went from a qualified Vidal Sassoon hairdresser to qualifications in interior design and landscape design. She developed businesses around each of these qualifications and additionally established a successful high fashion boutique, which enabled her to travel all over Europe. Now domiciled in Auckland, she asserts that short of a miracle, her peripatetic days are over. Ponsonby U3A welcomes newcomers. If you are interested in attending, first as a visitor, please call President Ian Smith on T: 021 130 2330. (PHILIPPA TAIT)  PN NEXT MEETING:

Friday, 10 November 2023


James Duncan, Tramway Project Co-ordinator, MOTAT.


Herne Bay Petanque Club, Salisbury Reserve, Salisbury Street, Herne Bay.


Ian Smith, President, Ponsonby U3A. T: 021 130 2330, www.u3a.nz

SENIORS’ SUPPORT Kind and experienced carer available to support senior family members in their own home.

Companionship, stimulating conversation, reading, and music, appointments and other personal requirements provided. Flexible hours to suit. LEARN MORE CONTACT RAEWYN ON 021 079 4668 or email raesam@hotmail.co.nz

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CHLÖE SWARBRICK: Auckland Central MP No politician or political party is entitled to anything, least of all the loyalty of a neighbourhood or electorate. The privilege of representing our community is something I work every single day to earn – this is why it’s an honour to be writing to you freshly re-elected as your local Auckland Central MP. Thank you to everyone who voted for me to continue our crucial work ensuring our Auckland Central and Aotearoa New Zealand at large are designed around wellbeing for people and planet. I do not take that support for granted and am humbled by our five-fold increased margin even before the special votes are counted. I want to acknowledge the other candidates who put their hats into the ring to fight for our electorate. It takes a lot of guts, energy and personal sacrifice to step into the political arena and I have nothing but respect for those who have the courage of their convictions. Our democracy is all the stronger for it. Monday, after election day, I met with Mayor Wayne Brown to discuss immediate priorities for our city – particularly our city centre – with the incoming Parliament and Government. There were many promises made by parties soon to assume the Government benches about resource sharing with Local Government and localised decision-making throughout the election and we’ll be keeping the pressure on to ensure they're delivered (because, notably, the same parties who promised this devolution were responsible for the strongly opposed Super City amalgamation last time they were in power). Some readers may recall that earlier this year, I sought to rally the 40-odd MPs based in and representing electorates across Tāmaki Makaurau to try and find a constructive, creative and collaborative way to prevent what could have been disastrous cuts in Auckland Council’s draft Budget proposals.

While we disappointingly found little interest from MPs, we managed to get tens of thousands of Aucklanders engaged in what became the largest ever submission drive for a Council Budget. This democratic process drove greater accountability and public understanding, in turn softening cuts and protecting outcomes for climate and community. It’s this grassroots problem solving approach, consistently ensuring our communities understand the decisions that impact us and how we can influence them, that you can continue to expect from my work. Simply put, politics doesn’t just happen every three years with a general election, but every single day in the decisions made which impact our daily lives. If we leave politics to the politicians, we’ll get what we’ve always got: generalised dissatisfaction. The more that everyday people pay attention and get involved, the higher the bar of expectation is raised, as it should be. I’m proud to have come out the other side of the election campaign with the Greens holding steadfast to a clear vision of a country that ensures everyone has what they need to get by, thriving nature and a healthy planet. We put forward necessarily bold, evidence-based policies to confront the challenges of our time and you’ll continue to see us fight for these in the halls of Parliament. You can also expect to see our usual constructive approach in working across the aisle to achieve these gains. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office if there are any issues you need support on, ideas big or small. Every single day we have the opportunity to contribute to the communities that all of us deserve and I’m grateful to have the platform to continue doing that organising and work for and with Auckland Central for the next three years. (CHLÖE SWARBRICK)  PN

CHLÖE SWARBRICK, T: 09 378 4810, E: chloe.swarbrick@parliament.govt.nz www.greens.org.nz/chloe_swarbrick

Kia ora Ponsonby! Let’s talk about our community. Get in touch about any local issues or if you need support. I’m here to help and would love to hear from you.

Chlöe Swarbrick MP for Auckland Central

chloe.swarbrick@parliament.govt.nz | 09 378 4810

Funded by Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Chlöe Swarbrick, Green MP for Auckland Central. 76 Karangahape Rd, Auckland.

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Photography: Naomi Madeiros Chlöe Swarbrick speaks to media on Election Night




Are we throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Ponsonby Community Centre Board terminated the contract of the Thursday Life Drawing Group after 30 years because a paid nude model stopped to get dressed during a fire drill. Should they stay or should they go? Unaware of the group’s contract stating, “during the Hire Period, the Hirer shall ensure that its employees, contractors and agents comply with all applicable statutes, bylaws and rules of conduct for the Venue”, the ‘employee’ model simply chose against public nudity. She was delayed in exiting the building by the Centre Manager arguing with her. Who is really responsible? Remember, this is a community facility so fault, blame and tolerance do factor into whether the punishment fits the ‘crime’. Since schools are no longer being used after hours for adult learning, council facilities are vital for community wellbeing. The Friday Life Drawing Group, with a clothed model, now meets at member’s homes since the Centre hireage fee became unaffordable when it increased by 350%. The Thursday group’s 50 members were to cover it. Since termination of their contract they have found a new venue to hire – Studio One, 1 Ponsonby Road. Studio One, formerly known as ‘Artstation’, a name derived from its historical function as the Ponsonby Police Barracks, has provided visual art programmes for the community for over 30 years. The modernisation and renaming were a result of 2013 cost cutting. Unfortunately, this resulted in a watering down of services. The arts community lost some unique classes during the restructuring, including the Cast Glass Class. This ‘lost art’ was reinvented by several artists around the world, including Ann Robinson (Sir Dove Myer Robinson’s daughter). At the time, the specific glass required was only made in three locations in the world – Italy, America and Kingsland. After the class closed, the manufacturer, Gaffer Glass, sold out to USA suppliers. Now it is ordered from NZ importer, Wanganui Art School. Losing this class and training of new practitioners was such a huge loss to the art world. Only an audit can tell if Studio One (the poor cousin) actually had any monetary savings, the apparent

reason for this new configuration. Should it stay or should it go back to the ‘glory days’? I recently asked the person on the helpdesk at Auckland Central Library where I could find the Remuera local paper. (I was quoted on the cover.) She looked at me blankly. I had to re-ask, “Where are the newspapers?” The recent decision to keep on general non-skilled staff rather than the experienced, historical and archival specialist staff, is a dumbing down of this amenity. Most redundancies are women at pre-retirement age. Since the work isn’t arduous or strenuous, they would likely have stayed on for at least another 10 years, imparting their knowledge to the next generation. With an ageing population, shouldn’t that be encouraged? Instead of passing on their legacy, they are now unlikely to find meaningful work within our ageist, sexist society, and have been asked to apply for diluted versions of their jobs at lower pay rates. Should they stay or should they go, and that knowledge along with them? The cost savings and staff cuts required to address the budget ‘fiscal hole’ have hit hard within the Auckland Council and the Council Controlled Organisations. These particular examples are only a sample of the multitude of failures against the intention behind the SuperCity – to take the best from each of the councils and create a bigger, better version. Who made the decision to keep on unqualified general staff rather than the specialists? Are these the same people who recently decided to ignore the Governing Body resolution to inform the public about the ‘Independent Māori Statutory Board’ in public consultation on Māori seats? (Ponsonby News: August edition by Councillor Maurice Williamson and September edition by former WLB member Rob Thomas.) Should they stay or should they go? So, the question remains: are some budget cuts inadvertently ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’? And are we being left with staff within the council who are controlling decision making for their own agenda? Are in fact the ‘lunatics in PN control of the asylum’? (GAEL BALDOCK)  GaelB@xtra.co.nz

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HELPING THE DISADVANTAGED IN SOUTH AUCKLAND Residents of the Crest Apartment building in Great North Road, Grey Lynn have set up a food collection station to help an under-privileged community in South Auckland and, after one week of operation, the organisers are delighted with the response. Tea Ropati, a founder member of the Warriors and a former resident of Crest, is driving the food collection project for the area in which he grew up – the Panama Road community on the border of Otahuhu and Mount Wellington. “We are reaching out to others to support us as we try to find innovative ways to ameliorate stress in the lives of vulnerable whanau. The items collected will go towards a new weekly swap market at the local community centre. I hope more apartment buildings will join our project. “I was overwhelmed when I arrived at Crest for the first collection and found I couldn’t even lift up the collection bin! This will be a big help to people on fixed and low incomes, who are the hardest-hit victims of inflation.” Tony Waring, chair of the Crest body corporate, hopes his neighbours can sustain the level of donation. “We have asked people to remember this cause when they are out shopping and buy a couple of extra items to put in the collection bins.

Photography: Max Lloyd

“Personally, I have found it to be an easy and gratifying habit to get into, and with Tea giving us regular feedback we will all be encouraged to keep giving.” The Panama Riverside Community is on the border of Otahuhu and Mt Wellington. The local primary school is decile 1 and mainly Maori and Pacific. With a population of approximately 2900, over 50% are Pasifika, European: 21.1%, Asian: 20.8%, Maori: 19.6%. 51.3% are under 30 years of age. A large proportion of the houses are owned by Housing NZ /Kāinga Ora. www.panamariversidefriendssociety.org

Pictured: Tea Ropati and Tony Waring celebrate a bountiful harvest from the residents of Crest Apartments – destined to help an underprivileged community in south Auckland.

REST IN PEACE, LITTLE BIG MAN Sad news from the team at Prego… "We only found out today that your name was Reco. "You have brought joy to Ponsonby locals for as long as we can remember. "You will be sadly missed by all of us. You were the coolest cat, a feisty little feline, but cool nonetheless. "Love from your Prego family and one of your favorite haunts. "Thank you to Zoe and Nick Bolster for being with Reco/Oscar/Lasagne/Ed Sheeran in his final moments. Forever grateful. "

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And so it was time to take our leave of a hot, steamy and very sultry Suva. With our favourite barman Ronaldo’s icy cold and personally recommended cocktail – the ‘Shipwrecked' in hand (a finer concoction of pineapple, coconut and tequila you will never hope to find) – we were leaning over the rails of the aft deck watching the activity on the wharf below when we were interrupted by the familiar 'bing bong' of the tannoy and an announcement from the Bridge. It seems that our barman’s sense of humour was coming to the fore once again as we learnt from the ship’s Second Officer that the harbour that we were about to navigate has a number of shipwrecks just below the water line and that the three rusting hulks on the coral reef we noticed earlier in the day are only just a small warning of what hazards that lay just beneath the muddied surface. It has reportedly become common practice for ageing foreign vessels to be dumped and abandoned here in Suva’s once pristine harbour. The owners disappearing back overseas to their homelands, letting their vessels slowly disintegrate and melt into the water, threatening the environment and the once abundant sea life. Apparently, the harbour may soon be too blocked for any cruise ships to call and it is becoming a serious problem for the marine traffic to navigate safely. The expense and logistics of clearing the wrecks is so considerable, that the Suva Port Authority is struggling to find a solution. “Who knows,” the Officer conjectured, “that the time may come when we may be one of the last cruise ships into the city or at least until the mess is sorted.” It is a shame for Suva. Only a few years ago on our last visit, we had found a dilapidated and dirty town struggling with under-investment in infrastructure and few funds to rectify it. The Third World appearance of the town was in direct contradiction to Fiji’s worldwide reputation as a tropical paradise renowned as a luxury and unspoilt retreat. Then came the Chinese with their bucketloads of money and offers of aid and this visit we have found a bright and clean city with smooth roads and a completely different outlook. Gone are the roaming dogs, derelict structures and failing infrastructure, most now replaced by freshly renovated buildings with happy looking residents. Earlier in the day we had sat fanning ourselves in the nearby Thurston Gardens. A tropical paradise and the coolest part of the city. Surrounded by tropical plants so luxurious and colourful that they could have been painted by Gauguin, we watched the city’s exuberant celebration of Indigenous Language Week. Although it was slightly ironic that the singing, dancing and presentations were in English, we were welcomed as honoured guests by the participants and audience. This added to my fellow passengers’ experience and they all seem to have given the new Fiji a well deserved tick for friendliness and hospitality. But the city's harbour and seafloor appear to be a different story. After the Bridge’s announcement, we can appreciate the task of getting out of the harbour without hitting anything. We

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continued to sip our very appropriately named drinks and watch the show below while they readied themselves for the task at hand. The city was putting on a world-class spectacle of near-naked dancing warriors that had the ship entranced as they stamped and gyrated to the beating drums. Standing at the back of the group with her husband and surrounded by a mountain of luggage and a retinue of security was our now abandoned 'onboard flasher'. I can only imagine the distress she was experiencing, watching her home-away-from-home departing without them, whilst surrounded by the confusing and rhythmic commotion of the dancing Fijians, chanting their farewells on the wooden pier. The cacophony and sight was hypnotic for us, but perhaps unfortunate in its timing for Queen Doreen. A final ‘toot' from us and the pulsating din from the warriors' performance, slowly evaporated as our bow thrusters kicked into action, extending the distance between us and those on the pier and throwing up a turmoil of turbulence and foam in the harbour. The ship pivoted on its axis and we turned alongside the setting sun and crept forward. At the entrance to the harbour and using the coral reef’s derelicts as beacons, we headed southwards out into the Pacific towards the Land of the Long White Cloud and home. PN (ROSS THORBY) 


House of Travel Ponsonby has announced Patrick McCarthy as its new Owner Operator. McCarthy, who has been in the travel industry since 2001, started with the store as a Retail Manager in January 2020, just as the world, and the world of travel, came to a halt with the pandemic. Under McCarthy’s guidance and support from House of Travel, the store came out the other side and is now seeing more enquiry than ever. The store, which services Ponsonby and the surrounding suburbs, also supports a lot of customers further afield in the Auckland region. Customers might just be treated to a pat from Freddie the store pup when they come in to book their holiday. McCarthy says he relishes the challenge of being an owner operator. “I love the opportunity to continually improve in all areas, ensuring we deliver the best outcomes for not only our customers, but the wider House of Travel family too. You cannot beat the business generated from happy customers and their personal referrals to friends and family because they felt looked after by their House of Travel consultant. “I was fortunate to be part of the House of Travel development programme, which has allowed me to take this step into business ownership but with the knowledge I have an experienced business partner in House of Travel Holdings. I’m excited for this new challenge.” McCarthy notes that there is currently high demand for travel, but not enough aircraft seats and hotel beds to fulfil this demand, especially during the peak holiday periods in Kiwi favourites like Australia and the Pacific Islands, so he encourages customers to get in early. Customers are planning and booking their travel a lot earlier than pre-covid timeframes, usually around 9-10 months in advance, as lastminute deals are scarce. Jayne Alldred, House of Travel Retail Director, says McCarthy has a wide skill set across both travel and business, making him a natural fit for the role of Owner Operator. “Patrick has a fantastic rapport with customers and has built up a strong team of consultants, both remote and in store, who support the

wider Auckland community to tick off their travel bucket lists. Patrick is one of 34 Owner Operators we have developed and supported over the last decade and as House of Travel continues to grow, we’re thrilled to have talented people like Patrick setting the standard for Kiwi travel.” Visit Patrick and the team in the All Saints Centre, 282 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 360 5760,

hot.houseoftravel.co.nz/hot-stores/auckland/ house-of-travel-ponsonby

PONSONBY NEWS READERS ARE EVERYWHERE… Nigel Nausbaum is a K’ Road resident and avid Ponsonby News reader. He is pictured at the Lyon OL Stadium for our great victory. The All Blacks played Italy, Friday, 29 September.  PN

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 45




ACTION ON LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY Finally, after nearly four years, there is some positive action on the future of the Leys Institute Library and Gymnasium. At its October meeting, the Waitematā Local Board has accepted a recommendation from council to proceed with the final designs for the restoration of the Leys, and to start the resource and building consent process. Sadly, it’s not the full Option 1 that was chosen by 83% of the public submissions this time last year, when two options were proposed. Option 1 was developed by the Project Advisory Group, which included heritage experts, council staff, Local Board members, community representatives and library staff. The brief given to the Group was to produce a concept to future proof the library as a community facility fit for the next 30 years. Option 2 was presented by council staff and was much simpler, merely seismic strengthening the library and gymnasium and dealing with the dangerous rear addition. Due to the extreme pressures on council funding, as a result of Covid and the January floods, Option 1 as it stands is not affordable at present. However, the Local Board has voted to proceed with a scaled back Option 1, which would solve the seismic issues and prepare for the possibility of the full restoration in the future, should funds be available. The Project Advisory Group is being reconvened to work with the Local Board and council staff to further develop a reduced Option 1 without delay.

All parties involved are mindful of the years passing, with these significant heritage buildings deteriorating in front of us. The Waitematā Local Board has consistently supported the restoration of our beloved library and gymnasium, advocating strongly with council to secure the necessary funding. Thanks also to the council staff working on the project who have looked hard for avenues to adequately fund the restoration and upgrade. We look forward to being able to present demonstratable progress in the New Year. Helen Geary, Friends of Leys Institute co-ordinator 09 376 9411, 021 208 7490


LEYS INSTITUTE LITTLE LIBRARY Kia ora Ponsonby. As the year zips by, it is time to get ready for summer which means requesting your summer reads. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get ordering so you have those books you want ready to borrow for the summer break. If you are at a loss about what titles to request, keep an eye out for our ‘Bookchat Notable Books of 2023’ recommendations. It will be a selection of titles enjoyed by the Leys Institute and Parnell Book chat groups over the year. For those in our community who were affected by the weather events in early 2023, Storm Recovery Support is hosting a drop-in session on Thursday 16 November 2-6pm at Central Library. It can connect you with a range of support services including financial, emotional and mental health, as well as a range of other services. At 4:30pm on Saturday 18 November, Grey Lynn Library is hosting author Bob Orr for the launch of his latest poetry collection Spindrift, hosted by writer and broadcaster Karyn Hay. The collection features a selection of previously published work, together with many new poems. Bob has spent much of his adult life in Auckland where, as a seafarer, he worked on the Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf. He received the Lauris Edmond Memorial Award for Poetry in 2016, and the following year worked as Waikato University’s writer in residence. We hope to see you there to celebrate this wonderful new book.

46 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

On Tuesday 21 November at Little Leys, we have the second session of our shared reading group hosted by the wonderful Claire and Jean in our team. Join them for a session of reading aloud and discussion about the content of stories and poems as well as the memories they may evoke. Also at Leys Institute, our Dungeons & Dragons group started in October. If you have been considering joining or wondering what it is all about, come along. The group meets every second Thursday with the next meeting being on Thursday 9 November. No experience needed, simply bring your enthusiasm and willingness to give it a go. For ages 10 and up. Lastly, we are at the beginning of the final season of the Leys Institute Film Club for 2023. The theme this season is Film Noir (II). The first season of Film Noir was incredibly popular, and there are so many fabulous Film Noir films that we have had to bring back the theme for a second time. Pop along to Grey Lynn Library, Fridays at 3pm on 27 October - 1 December. Monday - Friday 9am- 6pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm, Sunday closed. (CHLOË, Manager Community Library, Pouārahi, Pātaka Kōrero ā-Hapori).  PN LEYS INSTITUTE LITTLE LIBRARY, 14 Jervois Road, T: 09 377 0209, www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


  


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I live in Herne Bay and I was down at Herne Bay Beach last month, where I noticed workmen cutting down pōhutukawa. I know that the cyclone has devastated parts of our area, but cutting down trees is not our best look unless, it's unavoidable.

If anyone has recently driven down Ponsonby Road to Newton Road, you will have experienced the badly thought out lane changes by Auckland Transport. We drove down Ponsonby Road on Wednesday and the traffic was backed up beyond Williamson Avenue, which also caused a problem in Williamson Avenue, in that they couldn't turn into Ponsonby due to the backlog of traffic.

James Mason, Herne Bay

AT says the changes were made to: - Improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. - Expand the cycling network. - Improve bus trip efficiency. - Reduce congestion. The changes certainly don't fit point four. A while ago, this single lane to Newton Road was tried and failed, so AT went back to two lanes, so what logical reason could AT apply that this lane change was going to work? Don't bother phoning AT as they won't pass you onto anyone to discuss the change and they only suggest you go to the AT website and lodge a complaint. I hope enough people complain so that AT reverts back to two lanes into Newton Road. Rick Vine, Ponsonby Anyone recall Ponsonby Press?

Prior to the launch of Ponsonby News back in 1989, there was the Ponsonby Press… does anyone remember the paper? Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.


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Lucy-Mae Goffe-Robertson with one of her designs from ‘Fashion Rebellion Show‘ for sale at Buana Satu, Karangahape Road.

The petition community.greenpeace.org.nz/petitions/ end-fast-fashion?

48 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023







37 portage road, new lynn, auckland alfresco@artedomus.co.nz 022 419 3787



30% OFF


In stock for immediate delivery

20% OFF


Available in store

LIGNE ROSET AUCKLAND, 299 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. Parking available behind the showroom via 1 Grosvenor Street. Open Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. Offers end 30 November 2023. For more information visit www.ligne.nz

50 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


Murtoli. Christian Werner Made in France

Auckland showroom, 299 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, sales@ligne.nz, 64 9 393 5636


VIBES... Designers and architects are specifying Vibes for its natural stone look and multiple finishes for indoor and outdoor use. It is a go everywhere tile. The ideal solution for inside and out, walkways, terraces, patios, courtyards and around swimming pools. Available in four colours. Sizes include: 900 x 900, 900 x 1800 and mosaics all with an R10 finish. For outdoors 600 x 1200 R11 and 600 x 900 20mm R11 non slip for use on deck jacks or as pavers. Vibes, a design orientated product suited to most projects.

TONIC TILE LOUNGE, 254 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, M: 021 644 728, www.tonictiles.co.nz

52 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


WHERE DESIGN MEETS INSPIRATION Full renovation and installation service. Consultants available for design guidance. European tiles for all projects and budgets.

Retail Showroom: 254 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland (Next door to Thread Design and Homage) 10am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday, by appointment any other time / M: 021 644 728 / www.tonictiles.co.nz


TIME TO RETURN TO THE GARDEN? YES. Like Aucklander’s themselves, Auckland gardens in 2023 have suffered with an excess of rainfall, a scarcity of sunshine and the extremes of wind from repeated storms. Plant stress is noticeable around the city, where trees are blossoming at odd times or are less showy than usual, sections of hedges are dying off because of root rot, and only the hardiest flowering shrubs brighten the days with colour. Now weather forecasters have begun using that phrase ‘a large anti-cyclone is forming’ again, keen gardeners should take this opportunity to ‘go hard’ around the house. Christmas in the garden is a real possibility. Do it now for a rewarding summer environment that will make everyone feel good on days at home.

has been a clear favourite for local gardeners who like both the look and the price.” The 2024 gardens of urban Auckland will reward those who get stuck in now and add value to their outdoor space. Here’s hoping for a great summer outside. For all the gardening and landscaping products for your outdoor needs, Central Landscapes Avondale is open 7 days right through to Christmas. Place your order online or visit the friendly team instore.

“The first task is to dig some compost into your soil to stop it hardening and cracking during what is likely to be a dry summer,” say Jarrod and his team at Central Landscape Supplies in Avondale. “Compost is a fantastic soil conditioner. We have plenty of great compost at our yard, available by the bag, in trailer loads or we’ll deliver. We recommend adding some quality pelletised nutrients to nourish plants as well. Our organic ‘Dave’s’ range, which includes options like chicken manure, worm castings and humates, is a real favourite with our customers. “After planting, it will be important to spread mulch around too, because it will hold moisture near the plant roots and help save your water bill.” recommends Jarrod. “Our arbormulch CENTRAL LANDSCAPES AVONDALE, 419 Rosebank Road, T: 09 828 5533, Facebook: @CLSAvondale www.centrallandscapes.co.nz

54 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


LEMONGRASS PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: A VERY TASTY CHRISTMAS MARKET Lemongrass Productions, the event team behind Winetopia, Taste of Auckland, and Restaurant Month in the Heart of the City, have announced a new event to satisfy foodies and Christmas shoppers alike. A Very Tasty Christmas Market will run over the weekend from 2 – 3 December at The Cloud on Queens Wharf. Christmas lovers can expect a great day out with gift stalls mixed in with gourmet treats and a range of delicious wines and craft beers. There will be entertainment for all ages. “A Very Tasty Christmas Market blends many of our favourite things – delicious food and drink, artisanal gifts and a whole lot of festive fun,” says Rob Eliott, Managing Director of Lemongrass Productions. “Pop-up bars and eateries all add to the event experience, and we have some fun in store for the kids as well.” People can expect a wide range of food and gift items on offer including infused olives from The Kiwi Artisan, gingerbread house kits from Olli & Otti, wellness teas from Smitea and 25-year-aged balsamic vinegar drizzles from Azzuro Epicurean. Attendees can enjoy a refreshment while they shop, with sparkling drops including Champagne Autreau and Daniel Le Brun, craft beers or even a pitstop in the Besos Margarita Garden. Plenty of gift stalls are being set up for the weekend with everything from home fragrances and candles by The Becca Project, to luxury bath bombs by Essentially Tamara. There will be entertainment for young and old within the event and plenty of dishes to try from Italian street food to fresh ceviche, and more than a few sweet treats. The event is totally undercover in The Cloud and easily accessible by bus, train, ferry or car in its location on Queens Wharf across from the Britomart transport station. Hours of the market are 10am – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Entry is just $5 at the door. Children under 10 are free with a paying adult. Full details at: www.tastychristmas.co.nz




5, K



F R 10



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Whether it’s artist and activist (and national treasure) Tame Iti talking about his veganism on Celebrity Treasure Island or Pamela Anderson delivering vegan lunches to an incarcerated Julian Assange, it’s safe to say that plant-based eating has never had a higher profile.

East Restaurant

56 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


PLANT CURIOUS Little Bird Kitchen

In recent years, an increasing number of people have shifted towards a plant-based diet, which is usually defined as mostly eating foods made from whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that have undergone minimal processing. For many, plant based means vegan or vegetarian, but there are also a lot of us that favour plant based, but add a little animal protein in every so often when the mood hits. Switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet can provide numerous health benefits due to the abundant natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables, with a 2023 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association saying that following a diet mainly of plant-based foods can lower the chances of many chronic diseases. If nothing else, you’ll feel lighter and have more energy, which is never a bad thing. Going plant based is a great move for your health, but also the wellbeing of the planet, with the UN Sustainable Development Goals indicating that alternate proteins must be part of a societal healthy diet by 2030 if we are going to mitigate climate change risks. Animal agriculture requires large amounts of land and water resources to sustain livestock and grow feed crops, which leads to environmental strain. It also poses water risks that include flooding, drought and scarcity harmful to ecosystems, making plant-based eating a no-brainer if you care about preserving what we have for generations to come. Megan May is the creator of Little Bird Organics and the woman behind the Little Bird Unbakery cafe in Ponsonby, and she has long had a passion to share with others just how delicious plant-based wholefoods can be and how easy it is to create meals from them. “I’ve followed a plant-based diet for around 15 years,” she says, “and beyond that I’ve generally always avoided factory farmed animal products like chicken, eggs, dairy products, pork, salmon and prawns. In some cases, it was for animal welfare, and when it comes to farmed seafood the environmental impact is a lot more than people realise. While I wasn’t always plant based, I always knew that what we eat has an impact beyond the plate that we should be aware of.”

She agrees that in 2023, it’s a lot easier for people to access great plant-based food than it was back when she first made the switch, “And there are so many more options now across all the different ways of eating. I love how many of our top restaurants have vegan menus and options available that are incredible.” However, she cautions that we need to watch out for the amount of highly processed foods that have come into the plant-based space. “In one way it’s fantastic to have all these options, but it also means that it’s not always the healthy option anymore. People need to remember that eating a wholefoods plant-based diet is what will have the most positive impact on their health.” For those of us curious about making the change, she says that it’s all about taking it slowly, and seeing what works best for you. “I love that more and more people are including plant-based meals into their weekly routine,” she says, “and it shouldn’t be an all or nothing thing unless that’s how you roll. More people eating more plant-based meals is what we strive to encourage at Little Bird Kitchen. Plant-based eating can be for everyone.” She says to start slowly by adding in more plant-based meals, focusing mostly on plant-based wholefoods meals that will make you feel good. “And learn about the food industry and the processes used to produce the ingredients you’re eating. For me it was shifting to eating from a set of values that led to me eating more and more plant-based meals over time.” And she’s never looked back. Some plant-based foodie destinations to try – and love: Little Bird Kitchen Cnr Summer Street and Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Everything at Little Bird Kitchen is plant based, from the flavour-packed dishes that come out of the kitchen, to the tasty raw slices in the cabinet. They also do a fabulous line in seasonal smoothies and juices, plus delicious kombuchas and more.

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 57


Maison des Lys Pâtisserie Maison des Lys Pâtisserie 567 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Maison des Lys is an authentic French bakery featuring delectable and honestly good, dairy-free and plant-based croissants, pastries and patisserie items. The perfect spot to pick up a decadent treat to get you through the afternoon, it’s a firm favourite with the Ponsonby News team. Tart Bakery 555 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Also at Commercial Bay in the CBD, Tart Bakery has been a much-loved vegan hot spot since first opening its doors years ago on Karangahape Road. The team says they are passionate about “creating a world where people choose

plant-based food instead of eating animals,” and their tasty fare keeps loyal customers coming back for more. Wise Boys 604 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Wise Boys started in 2015 when two brothers quit their corporate careers and built a food truck. The boys now have a couple of permanent locations, including in the heart of Grey Lynn. They offer a fully plant-based menu of American-style burgers and sides, as well as epic shakes and Karma drinks. The burgers are so delicious because all their sauces and patties are crafted in-house. In fact, the sauces and patties have become so popular that they are now stocked in supermarkets across the country and have won numerous food awards!

Wise Boys

58 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


PLANT CURIOUS Tart Bakery Forest Restaurant 243 Dominion Road, Mount Eden

The very popular Forest is an always surprising and innovative vegetarian restaurant offering a menu which changes weekly, based on seasonality and what they have preserved. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, they also offer coffee and counter food from 7.30am-1.30pm and are most definitely worth a visit for dinner in the evenings – bookings essential. Gorilla Kitchen 159 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace

Gorilla Kitchen mixes traditional techniques like fermentation and sprouting with new modern cooking techniques to create exciting and delicious dishes, and all of the food on offer is free from dairy, eggs, honey, animal products and unnecessary chemicals, as well as GMO-free. East Restaurant 63-67 Nelson Street, Auckland CBD

Offering the city’s only vegan yum cha on Sundays, East prides itself on delivering delicious modern Asian flavours, and plant-focused dining. Their chefs take inspiration from the near and far East – from fresh holy basil found in Thai recipes,

Gorilla Kitchen

Sichuan peppers in China, to shiso leaf commonly found in east Asia kitchens – to present an innovative and flavourful vegetarian menu designed to share. In addition, the excellent drinks menu features organic and vegan friendly wines, bespoke cocktails and sustainable New Zealand craft beer. (HELENE RAVLICH)  PN

Forest Restaurant

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 59


WISE BOYS BURGERS ARE THE BEST Wise Boys Burgers, a plant-based burger joint, opened their first store in Grey Lynn in 2019, and have successfully been flipping all things plant based ever since. We caught up with Luke to hear how they’re going. How did Wise Boys come about? And why plant based?

Our business originally started as a food truck that my brother Tim and I built in our parents' driveway one summer. We had both gone plant-based with our diets and decided there weren't enough good vegan options out there, so we quit our corporate jobs and got cooking. We now have three Auckland stores, as well as a range of sauces and dressings in supermarkets around the country. Were there challenges in shifting perceptions from the meat patty to the plant-based patty?

When we started out, there seemed to be a sense that eating vegan meant you were compromising either on taste, value or nutrition. A large part of what we're trying to do is showcase that the opposite is true. Each of our patties has around 12g of protein, and the 'bite' you'd expect from a meat patty, with a similar savoury profile. While we're not trying to mimic the flavour of meat, we're trying to replicate all the good things you'd expect from a meat burger. The same goes for our award-winning sauce range. These are as creamy and delicious as any other sauces out there, and all without the need for eggs.

Luke and Tim

What sets Wise Boys apart from the others?

We aim to be innovative and playful and not take ourselves too seriously. One summer we ran a plant-based 'phish and chips' using banana blossom to make our 'fish'. We make our own 'bacon' from rice paper, and have recently run a collaboration making a fully vegan cheeseburger pie! We're always coming up with new ideas. What is your signature burger? And side?

Our signature burger is the Wise Boy. It's a mushroom and hemp patty topped with vegan cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and our secret (gold medal winning) burger sauce, all set on a brioche bun. You can't go wrong with this and a side of fries with aioli. Our thickshakes with vegan whipped cream have also become one of our most popular menu items. You were finalists in the 2018 Sustainable Business Network Awards – tell us a little bit about your sustainability practices.

A key focus for us is to have a positive impact on the world around us. We're trying to get as close to zero-to-landfill as possible. All of our packaging is fully compostable, and our sauce range is all in glass rather than plastic. We also joined a specialist recycling programme for our sauce labels.

We work hard to maintain a sustainable work culture where our staff feel valued and involved. We have an engaged team that contributes in all sorts of ways from specials ideas and taste testing, and design work to production. Are there other Wise Boy Burgers' stores? Or plans for more stores?

We currently have a store in Grey Lynn and one in Commercial Bay, as well as a ghost kitchen that we run out of our factory in West Auckland. We've recently made the decision to switch to a franchise model, so are looking to open a number of stores in Auckland and beyond over the next couple of years. Our other focus is growing our supermarket range – our sauces and dressings are now in over 400 supermarkets across the country, including every New World in the North Island.


www.wiseboys.nz Visit one of our stores in Grey Lynn or Commercial Bay 60 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


Long-time local lovers of plant-based charcuterie, producer Grater Goods have more reasons to rejoice this Christmas with the launch of new Frozen Spiced Apricot Chickun 1kg, in addition to your established cult favourite Frozen Maple Glazed Roast Furkey. Available in Farro, New World Victoria Park, The Vegan Shop and Countdown from November, Grater Goods are here to offer show-stopping indulgence with the environment, health and animal welfare at the heart this season. Made in Christchurch and founded by renowned Kiwi musician and Paris local Flip Grater (pictured right), their handcrafted range is packed full of thyme, mixed herbs and includes the perfect sweet and spicy glaze – made by food lovers, for food lovers. Visit your local favourite stockist or for more information visit their website. www.gratergoods.co.nz


PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 61


Photography: Dave Richards



MUMBAIWALA’S BURGER OFFER During October and November on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it's only $25 for lunch at Mumbaiwala in Ponsonby! The offer includes a burger and a drink with curly fries. The restaurant is thrilled to announce a limited-time offering in honour of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Led by 30-year-old Aneri Nathu, Mumbaiwala has become a cherished fixture in the Ponsonby culinary scene since its opening in 2022. As the sister restaurant to the renowned Christchurch location of the same name, Mumbaiwala brings the authentic flavours of India to New Zealand's heart. Diwali, a time of joy, light and togetherness in Indian e, coincides this year with the Cricket World Cup being held in India. Nathu expresses her excitement about this unique convergence: "We love a reason to celebrate and Diwali holds a special place in Indian culture, just like cricket. We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind Indian experience for our cherished customers.” Throughout the months of October and November during lunch time service, Mumbaiwala will be offering an exclusive Diwaliinspired burger menu. These bold and flavourful Indian burgers will add a delightful twist to the classic dining experience. Mumbaiwala’s Diwali Burger Menu includes three tantalizing options: Fried Butter Chicken Burger, Pulled Lamb Raan Burger, and Onion Bhajee Burger (vegetarian and vegan). Each burger comes with masala curly fries and a drink for just $25. Whether you're a fan of cricket, a connoisseur of Indian cuisine, or simply looking for a unique dining experience, Mumbaiwala invites you to join us in celebrating Diwali throughout the months of October and November. MUMBAIWALA, 252 Ponsonby Road, T: 021 648 785, www.mumbaiwala.co.nz

ICONIC AUCKLAND EATS NOMINATIONS OPEN FOR 2023 Call for submissions for top 100 dishes in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Iconic Auckland Eats, the annual list of the top 100 dishes in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, opens for nominations on Tuesday, 17 October. Now in its fourth year, the awards see food-loving Aucklanders nominate a favourite dish only available in Tāmaki Makaurau, while sharing a short story about the dish. This year, for the first time, nominations for Auckland’s most-loved dishes are open to people across Aotearoa New Zealand. One lucky submission will be crowned the winner, receiving a voucher book with all 100 Iconic Auckland Eats to be enjoyed over 2024. Iconic Auckland Eats is an initiative by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, the region’s economic and cultural agency, in

62 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

partnership with Restaurant Hub, New Zealand’s largest online restaurant booking network. The awards aim to support the hospitality sector and showcase Auckland’s world-class food and diverse culinary story. The final list of the top 100 dishes and personal stories celebrate not only the exceptional food of Tāmaki Makaurau but also in-store experiences, people, history, heritage and culture unique to the region. To nominate a favourite dish and be in to win all 100 Iconic Auckland Eats 2023 dishes, visit iconiceats.co.nz. Nominations close 16 November 2023.


252 Ponsonby Road

auckland@mumbaiwala.co.nz Phone 021 648 785




DISCOVER A TASTE OF SPAIN AND ITALY THROUGH NOVEMBER Looking for the perfect spot to unwind, socialize and savour the flavors of Spain and Italy? Look no further than Didas Wine Lounge. We're excited to invite you to indulge in a delightful experience where we bring the Mediterranean to your glass. Sangria Sensation

Throughout the entire month of November, we're celebrating the art of sangria like never before. Our talented team has crafted a selection of sangria blends that will transport your taste buds straight to the sunny streets of Barcelona. Whether you prefer the classic red wine version or the refreshing white sangria, we have the perfect sip for you. Spritz Spectacular

Join us as we journey to Italy with our November spritz promotion. We'll craft a spritz that captures the essence of Italian aperitivo culture. Enjoy the bittersweet symphony of flavours while sipping on these iconic cocktails. And all whilst also enjoying: An exquisite selection of wines from around the world. A tempting menu of delectable tapas and small plates. A bright summery welcoming atmosphere for all wine and cocktail enthusiasts.

Join us this November for an unforgettable journey through the finest sangria and spritz creations. Bring your friends, family, or that special someone and make the most of this limited time offer. Your taste buds will thank you! News just in... Didas Wine Lounge and Glengarry Wines are delighted to have back in store and on tap, Epic Beers. Family helping family, it’s right at the core of Didas Wine Lounge. More on the Epic story next month. Meanwhile, come on in and enjoy a fresh Epic brew from our taps. WHERE WINE MEETS FOOD

Convivially yours, the Dida's Wine Lounge encourages leisurely engagements with the comprehensive wine list and the ever changing, always innovative food menu. The smallplates style cuisine and the superb skills of our talented culinary team, who work hard to pair perfect morsels with the multiple by-the-glass options of local and imported and hardto-find wines. Open Tuesday – Thursday 3pm–10pm. Open Friday 1pm–10pm. Friday lunches with a new menu 1–4pm. Open Saturday 3pm–10pm. DIDA’S, 60 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 2813, www.didaswinelounge.co.nz




FACES AT GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET Seyavash Babakhani sells his delightful Persian treats at Grey Lynn Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself. Where did you grow up?

I lived in Iran for the first half of my life and have since moved to Dubai, the Hague and now New Zealand. What are your memories of living in Iran?

Those are some of my best memories. That time was filled with family gatherings and lots of wonderful food. I particularly remember a cook-off competition at my aunt’s place which my mum won with a French dish of stuffed chicken and coffee fromage. Tell me why you refer to your products as Persian rather than Iranian.

Persia reminds us of thousands of years of history in the region – a time of prestige, glory and mystique. Our food has a long history from that time. What did you do when you arrived in New Zealand?

I studied culinary arts in Wellington, including at the Cordon Bleu school. Why Wellington?

Is that working?

Yes. Our reputation is spreading through the community. We have sent large catering orders as far away as Christchurch and Wellington. The Wellington customer was so impressed that they joked that the products had been sent from Iran.

We were promised sunshine and summer, but that’s not quite what we got. That’s why we moved to Auckland. And, of course, Auckland missed out on a proper summer this year – I’m hoping we will get the summer we deserve this Christmas.

Why are you selling at markets?

Why did you study culinary arts?

Tell me about your range.

I always say that the shortest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. I’ve made many friends since I arrived and I love to share food and stories with them. Food is the universal connector. Tell me about some of those connections.

We noticed that Peter Gordon runs some cultural exchange cooking sessions at Homeland, so we asked him if he was interested in doing an Iranian session and he agreed. It was great fun – he taught us some great skills and we taught him some of our traditional recipes. How has that influenced your business?

It boosted my confidence to progress my business and he suggested adding hazelnuts to one of our products. The Fandoqi hazelnut biscuits are the chef’s choice from Peter Gordon. What is the philosophy that drives your business?

Quality – I believe that if we have high quality products, customers will seek them out.

It is a powerful way to talk directly to our customers, answer questions and tell them about products they might not have tried before. We make about a dozen types of bite-sized Persian sweets but I don’t always bring them all to every market. We sell them in window boxes to protect these delicate items and they make a lovely gift. The traditional nargili biscuits are our top seller – they are French meringue-style coconut macaroons. What has surprised you at the market?

Some other stallholders have noticed that I have boxes of fresh dates and they have been buying them from me. I have them because we sell dates stuffed with walnuts and dipped in chocolate. Fresh dates are a very delicate product that is hard to get in New Zealand. Do you have any time for hobbies?

Since lockdown, I have taken up writing as a hobby. I started with writing translations of traditional Persian stories and I have progressed to creating some original works based on tales from the ancient Persian tales from 'Epic of Kings'.  PN arianafoodnz.wixsite.com/shortnsweetstore www.greylynnfarmersmarket.co.nz

Sunday mornings at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 510 Richmond Road 66 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


INTRODUCING THE MATAKANA VILLAGE GIFT CARD Matakana Village has introduced the new village gift card – your passport to some of the finest experiences in Matakana. This is no ordinary gift card. With it, you can catch a film at the beautiful Matakana Cinemas, enjoy unique dining experiences, or explore the village's independent boutiques and artisan food producers. And, yes, it's your go-to for everyday delights (like wine and cheese) at Matakana Four Square. The Matakana Village Gift Card offers not just a monetary value but opens doors to genuine, heartwarming experiences, distilling the village's magic in a single card. Win a chance to experience Matakana Village Like a Local

To celebrate the launch, Matakana Village is giving you the chance to experience the village like a local. Imagine waking up on a serene Saturday morning at the charming White Cottage, leisurely strolling over to the Farmers' Market, coffee in hand, and planning a day of exploration with a $500 Matakana Village Gift Card to guide your adventure. Your prize also includes a $100 gift voucher to 8 Wired Barrelworks & Taproom and a Brick Bay Experience Voucher.


A $500 VILLAGE GIFT CARD AND MORE! Give the gift of endless possibilities at Matakana Village and enter yourself for a chance to win! Starting from just $20, every card purchased gets you one entry to the competition. Learn more and grab yours now at: matakanavillage.co.nz/giftcard

Entry to the competition is free with any gift card purchase. Find out more at matakanavillage.co.nz/giftcard

Or scan me with your phone camera! T&Cs apply: matakanavillage.co.nz/gift-card-competition-terms

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Spring is definitely in the air in Tamaki Makaurau. Pink cherry blossoms abound, and spring lambs are nearly as big as their mums after ripping into the lush green pastures in the rural areas. And here’s another excellent lineup of wines to usher in the warmer months. Main Divide North Canterbury Sauvignon Blanc 2023 - $23

A fresh young thing from this year’s vintage. Very approachable with medium acids, lashings of ripe gooseberry, passionfruit, rock melon and green tomato. Crisp, clean finish with a skerrick of sweetness. Available: blackmarket.co.nz maindivide.com Main Divide North Canterbury Riesling 2022 - $22

Bargain. A very easy drinking fruit-burst style with soft acids and medium sweetness. Lemon squash, honeysuckle, jasmine and rock melon, with a hint of passionfruit. Available: Pt Chev Organic wines, maindivide.com Main Divide North Canterbury Pinot Gris 2021 - $22

A very different style from the Main Divide riesling, as above. Dry and complex with dominant funky, yeasty flavours. Spiced pear, quinine, rock melon and a hint of clover honey. Available: finewinedelivery.co.nz maindivide.com Millton Te Arai Vineyard Gisborne Chenin Blanc 2021 (vegan/organic) - $35

Biodynamic winemakers Millton have been famous for chenin blanc and were the first certified organic winery in NZ. Gorgeous wine. Opening up just nudging medium sweet creamy palate of fresh cut pineapple, clover honey, stewed apple, and a soft tangy yeasty finish. Available: Pt Chev Organic Wines, millton.co.nz Pegasus Bay North Canterbury Bel Canto Dry Riesling 2022 - $37

At a deceptive 14% alcohol, an intensely flavoured wine made from low cropping vineyard management. Citrus blossom, green apple, funky and flinty. Dried apricot, orange peel

and Manuka honey, with a dry finish. Available: Glengarry, Caro’s, pegasusbay.com Poppies Martinborough Gewürztraminer 2020 - $55

Shayne and Katy ‘Poppy’ Hammond, the viticulturist/ winemaker husband and wife team at Dry River, launched their own Poppies label in 2013. This wine is lush, floral and gorgeous. Flavours of lychee, jasmine and Turkish Delight in an off-dry style with a crisp citrus finish. Available: poppiesmartinborough.co.nz Main Divide North Canterbury Pinot Noir 2021 - $26

Very much on the savoury, funky umami pinot spectrum. Truffle, mushroom and smoky bacon with cigar, Vegemite and cassis. Medium bodied. Available: finewinedelivery.co.nz maindivide.com Parés Baltà Materia Prima Orange (vegan/organic/ sulphite free) Penedès Spain 2022 - $39

Copper blush colour. Made with biodynamic indigenous xarel-lo grapes and fermented on gewürztraminer skins. Astringent, tangy and yeasty. Dry and crisp with mandarin citrus, orange marmalade and medium tannins. Available: Dhall & Nash, vinofino.co.nz Parés Baltà Materia Prima Pét-nat (vegan/organic/ sulphite free) NV Penedès Spain - $30

Unlike the Champagne method, where there is a second fermentation in the bottle, a pét-nat is simply bottled before the initial fermentation has ended. This wine is clear, clean, crisp and yeasty. Slightly funky and almost astringently dry, with a hint of apple and clover honey and fine beaded frothy bubbles. 11.5% alcohol. Available: Dhall & Nash (PHIL PARKER)  PN

www.finewinetours.co.nz, phil.parker@xtra.co.nz

FINE WINE & FOOD TOURS “No. 2 Auckland Wine Tour” – TripAdvisor Your host, Phil Parker wine writer. Affordable tours for small and large groups. E: phil.parker@xtra.co.nz

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY Function dates available on request Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday

Al fresco lunches every Saturday Open for Friday lunches December 1 to 22 210 SYMONDS STREET T: 09 377 1911 www.sidatthefrenchcafe.co.nz sidatthefrenchcafe



photography: Alex McVinnie


SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2122 www.sidart.co.nz

- Gusto Italiano GUSTO MEANING ‘TASTE AND ENJOYMENT’ When you dine with us, the focus is on freshly prepared classic dishes, featuring an excellent range of pasta, seafood, meats and our pizza classics.

We also offer our pasta dishes to takeaway, phone for details or check our website for the menu.

263 PONSONBY RD, THREE LAMPS, 09 361 1556 www.gustoitaliano.co.nz

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FROM WHERE YOU’D RATHER BE Where do you want to be right now? Long lunching on the shores of the Mediterranean with an ice-cold rosé in your hand in front of a loaded table full of fresh market fish, burrata, wood-fired puff bread and piles of fresh greens? Or perhaps you need little bit of French flair in an intimate setting – darker and deeper, with perfectly cooked bavette, artisan sourdough and an olive oil semifreddo to finish? Transport yourself to where you need to be with the gorgeous menus of head chefs of iconic Auckland restaurants Odettes Eatery and Hugo’s Bistro, Jonah Huang and Alex Llewellyn. For Jonah, Odettes’ philosophy is fresh, seasonal and local, offering exceptional Mediterranean-influenced dishes in a relaxed and stylish all-day dining room, bar and magical outdoor terrace.

Alex Llewellyn, Head Chef at Hugo’s Bistro

Born in Taiwan, Jonah emigrated to New Zealand as a 10-year-old and found his passion when he started working in kitchens at age 17. He’s worked in some of Auckland’s most well-known establishments after honing his craft in Japan, and now applies modern techniques to classic dishes, with flavour reigning supreme in a woodfire-focussed menu. Alex took the helm of Hugo’s Bistro at the start of 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a complete mastery of a charcoal grill. He infuses the best of his experience in Sydney and Japan with his passion for flavour, high-quality produce and stunning seasonal dishes. Hugo’s Bistro is a masterstroke of European flair and elegance, offering an all-day, luxurious and intimate dining experience with a dash of laid-back New Zealand influence.

Jonah Huang, Head Chef at Odettes Eatery

ODETTES EATERY, open 7 days and 3 nights Thursday to Saturday, City Works Depot, Wellesley Street, CBD, T: 09 309 0304, Instagram: @odettes_eatery www.odettes.co.nz HUGO’S BISTRO, open weekdays and 4 nights Tuesday to Friday, 67 Shortland Street, CBD, T: 09 320 4387, Instagram: @hugos_bistro www.hugosbistro.co.nz

The garden terrace at Odettes Eatery

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HOST YOUR CELEBRATION AT HUGO’S BISTRO AND ODETTES EATERY Long Lunches I Intimate Dinners I Lavish Banquets I Cocktail Parties I Bespoke Weddings I Exclusive Events


WHAT ARE GROWER CHAMPAGNES? The term Grower Champagne refers to a producer who owns the vineyards, grows the grapes and makes their own wine. Champagne Farmers. There’s always been Grower Champagnes produced in Champagne and many of those who we are now importing have been making Champagne for many generations. So, what’s changed that these producers are now exporting and gaining attention worldwide? It’s a question that I posed to many a Champenoise whilst there, the response as you’d expect – varied. It could be that there are now more growers, they are working collectively and as such have a far stronger voice and have become somewhat of a movement. Another school of thought proposed is that consumers are looking for something different, an individual voice and character, these wines are loaded with that. Popularity has certainly increased in the UK and in places like New York to a level where there’s many top wine lists that are now 100% Grower Champagnes. The CIVB reports that there’s a total of 15,000 growers in Champagne, of this, 3200 pack and sell their Champagne. The balance will sell to the Negociants or are part of a cooperative. The result is four different categories of Champagne produced. · Récoltant-manipulant – a grower, someone that owns the land, tends it, makes the wine and sells it. · Co-operative-manipulant – a co-operative of growers, this is where several growers bring their grapes together and the co-operative makes and sells the wine. · Négociant-manipulant – a negociant house that may own some land and grow grapes, though will also purchase grapes. · Then you have buyers' own brands which are made generally by one big house. So, is small better? These Grower Champagnes are certainly very interesting and quality fine wines. The conclusion I came to in Champagne though is that all these categories have so much to offer, they just offer different things. It’s not about better, it’s about diversity. The big houses, the Negociants, have the skill, resource and hundreds of years of experience to ensure consistency in quality year in year out. Let’s face it, you try a bottle of Veuve NV in Auckland and then in New York and you know what you are getting - it’s Veuve. Whether it’s buying a bottle for a special occasion, or it is buying a bottle just because it’s Friday, having something

that you know and love is just perfect. As for the Growers, these are very individual expressions, wines of character and personality. So, looking for something different, these are going to be just the right thing. Grower Champagnes do tend to represent excellent value for money. This could be linked to the relative obscurity in the international market until recently, one thing that Grower Champagnes don’t do a lot of is marketing. Their focus is purely on growing the best fruit and producing the best wine; they are farmers. Without the additional layers of cost, these are well-priced wines. Glengarry has an excellent range of Grower Champagnes. In even better news, we have good stocks of these ready for you in store or online. With delivery available nationwide. www.glengarrywines.co.nz



glengarry.co.nz/growerchampagne | 0800 733 505 | sales@glengarry.co.nz

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GIVEAWAY For all Ponsonby News readers, book for the Tasting Menu experience for the month of November and December, mention Ponsonby News and get a COMPLIMENTARY GLASS of house drink. It’s a steal!

BULA AND WELCOME TO THIRTY ONE At THIRTY ONE, you will experience flavours inspired from Fiji, India and Asian fusion. All their food is sourced fresh daily to give you the best ingredients using fresh ginger, chillies, garlic, etc. We asked owner Kris to tell us a little more about his business. We started in November 2019 (just before Covid) with a menu based on healthy choices with no added artificial colours, msg, sweeteners, chilli powder, nuts and less cream. Our team reconstructed Indian/Indo Chinese classic dishes with this in mind. With focus on our Fijian Indian influence, we launched our 31 Special Masala range (family secret blend of exotic spices, lightly toasted and ground into fine powder). What is unique about what Thirty One has to offer?

Guilt-free eating in a casual fine dining environment along with drinks. Our menu caters for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, nut free, halal and meat lovers. Favourite dishes?

Nasheela Jheenga, Chilli Chicken, 31 Masala Chicken, Goat Curry, Kadai Chicken and our new Spicy Chicken (our take on Korean fried chicken). The bar looks good. Tell us about it – I understand you have quite a range?

Yes, about 22 Indian spirits (15-plus Indian single malts), 20 Fijian spirits and 23-plus unique/easy drinking cocktails. Over 200 options of beer, spirits (rum, gin, vodka, whisky, etc), mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Any feedback from happy customers you’d like to share?

Google review: Mystic Flora Rose, “The place is perfect if you’re looking for good, simple, healthy, no colour, not too much oil in the food. The place is Fijian/Indian/Asian fusion. I took my team there for a project success celebration lunch. We tried the lunch portions of 31 Masala Chicken, Chicken Korma, Lamb (main menu). The quantity was perfect and food was delicious. The service was outstanding. The owner was pleasant and took care of us throughout. This was all of our first time dining there. Would definitely recommend it. Big bright 5 stars from 31 from happy customers." Marina Jones, “We felt like Indian food and discovered this lovely restaurant. Kris, the owner, was very welcoming and a great host. The food is their own take on classics but taste even better with their delicious blends of herbs and spices. Try the 31 Masala and a Mango Mule. Delicious, healthy and tasty food. Thank you, Kris.” Tell us about your Taste of Asia Pacific tasting menu. What do you offer?

The chef's choice of tasting menu (based on your group dietary requirements) with up to nine items to share and a dessert each @$69pp. Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Please come and enjoy our bula hospitality soon – we will take good care of you. THIRTY ONE, 31 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 218 5164, www.31.co.nz

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UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE @ BRIARWOOD The Briarwood story is one of understated elegance. Emerging three decades ago as a handbag and shoe manufacturer, it has since transformed into a comprehensive fashion brand. Rooted in classic designs, it attracts women who love fashion without the fuss. Briarwood is proud to maintain over half of its production locally and complements this with relationships with manufacturers worldwide. Lead Designer Ange Marshall personally visits with the nearby cutter, fostering a sense of local heritage, a core influence on its design philosophy. The local makers deliver weekly, enabling the stores to keep consistently fresh with new garments. Offshore partners are carefully selected on the basis of a shared commitment to quality and sustainability. A wide range of fashion retailers up and down Aotearoa carry the Briarwood brand, a testament to the relationships built over the years. Still done in the traditional way, sales and marketing guru, Jayne Thomson calls on them personally and many are now personal friends. Throughout the years, Briarwood has remained committed to its original philosophy: delivering classically designed, high end products that are accessible to a diverse and devoted clientele.

74 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

It’s these values and strong design disciplines that have enabled Briarwood to grow through the rough and tumble of the fashion landscape for over three decades with its collections designed to last the test of time. BRIARWOOD, 240 Jervois Road, www.briarwood.co.nz


240 Jervois Road Mon-FRi 9.30-5

Sat 10-4

Sun 10-4



Elgar Maxi Dress and Hayes One Piece by Artesands

BEACH BOUND AND BEAUTIFUL Let the ocean breeze tickle your sun-kissed skin as you rock those flowing sundresses, sassy cover-ups and swimsuits designed for your fabulous curves. Whether you’re strutting the shoreline, sipping poolside cocktails or catching the sunset, we’re all about making you feel fantastic and stylish in your attire.

Our handpicked collection is tailor-made for curvy New Zealand beauties. Swing by our store, say hi with a ‘kia ora’ or ‘bonjour', and let’s make your beach days even more fabulous!

ZEBRANO, 22 Morrow Street, Newmarket – opposite Westfield, T: 09 523 2500, www.zebrano.co.nz

Thats A Wrap Dress by Curate by Dame Trelise Cooper

Aari Midi Dress by Loobies Story

稀攀戀爀愀渀漀 簀 猀椀稀攀猀 ㄀㐀⬀

Monti Dress by Alessandra

76 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023



SEVENTYSIX DESIGN CELEBRATE 20 YEARS Celebrating over 20 years in business (10 of those years in Ponsonby), Shaun and Ange at Seventysix are still loving what they do. The pair continue to create bespoke pieces of jewellery from scratch, or using your old gold recycle/upcycle it into a new piece of jewellery. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, absorbing all the information provided by the customer – often sparking an emotional moment of joy when seeing the final creation for the first time. The repair side of Seventysix provides customers with a variety of services. From mending a simple chain, ring sizing and claw work, right through to the restoration of family heirlooms. All of which Shaun does himself on site in the store. And if you need your jewellery valued, they can sort this out as well. If it’s a gift that you are after, be it a birthday or Christmas, or even an anniversary, then Seventysix has a fantastic range of pendants and earrings from $70 - $400, which are available in store and online. With summer just around the corner and love in the air, proposing to your partner with a custom-made engagement ring is the perfect start. Book a consultation with Shaun, bring in all your ideas and inspirations, and he will walk you through all the steps and design process to create the perfect ring. Whether it’s a new build, or bringing a piece back to its former glory, it’s fair to say that Seventysix is passionate about creating and looking after jewellery. SEVENTYSIX DESIGN, 14 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 0676, www.seventysixdesign.co.nz

Focusing on Modern, Contemporary Design and Repairs 14 Jervois Road, Ponsonby (entrance on Redmond street) + 64 9 376 0676 or 021 103 8524 www.seventysixdesign.co.nz

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PONSONBY HAS A NEW NEIGHBOUR! Successfully established in Auckland’s retail scene as a contemporary crystal retailer incorporating ethical crystals with bespoke New Zealand made products, mindfulness practices and events, ASH&STONE recently relocated to its new premises at 3 Redmond Street, Ponsonby. “We were previously in Kingsland,” says Ashleigh Scopas, founder of ASH&STONE. “What had started as an online business with warehouse space and a small retail store, became so successful we had to continue expanding the shop until there was finally no room left to grow. “It prompted the hunt for a location fitting both our brand and unique product lines, and one which could accommodate the small mindfulness events we host.” Walking into ASH&STONE’s new shop is a beautiful experience. With soft furnishings and distinct display areas, it’s been curated to showcase how to incorporate crystals into your own home. Large crystals sit alongside ceramics; smaller pieces with books and candles.

pieces or to start their crystal journey. Others, for interior design and gift ideas. We have crystal singing bowls and pyramids in-store to try. And right now, crystal Christmas advent calendars and gift boxes. "A table full of smaller crystals is set up for children to run their hands through and discover their favourite stones. They absolutely love it," says Ashleigh. “While setting up ASH&STONE, I met an incredible group of women who, like me, were doing the hard mahi to establish their businesses. We decided to support many of these brands and currently have eight New Zealand-made product lines in the shop."

“I've always had an interest in mindfulness and wellbeing. I use crystals for meditation and it's a passion of mine,” says Ashleigh. “I also have a love for interior design and unique pieces to create beautiful spaces.

That includes New Zealand designer jewellery by Anoushka Van Rijn; bespoke hand-wrapped crystal pendants and earrings from Neptune Illusions; bath salts and pulse point oils, skin care, sage and sprays, baby shower gifts and selfcare packs.

“ASH&STONE’s shop is a reflection of that. It’s something customers often comment on.

A secondary space at the new Redmond Street location is used for reiki healing and intimate sound bath events.

“The space is beautiful, peaceful and accessible for all. Some come for the large crystals we specialise in, smaller display

“We’re excited to now be calling Ponsonby home – and to meet many of you soon!”

3 redmond st | ponsonby Just off Pompallier Tce CRYSTALS ALL SIZES NZ MADE CERAMICS HAND POURED CANDLES NZ DESIGNER JEWELLERY ashandstone.online

78 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


A local Ayurveda practitioner based in Grey Lynn. Born and raised in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall, Sarita started her career in IT and she worked for a multinational company in Munich, San Francisco and Hong Kong. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and how she got into ayurveda. "After a decade of climbing up the corporate ladder, I was ready for a change and went to India for a year to study yoga and ayurveda. Fascinated by these ancient sciences, I decided to become a full time student again and completed a three-year course in ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy in New Zealand with internships in India. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and started my business AYURVEDA NEW ZEALAND. Being a Freemans Bay local, I opened my clinic on Hepburn Street and recently moved to the Summerfield Villas in Grey Lynn to accommodate the business growth." How would you explain ayurveda to our readers?

Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga, is an ancient holistic medical system from India with a history of over 5000 years. Often referred to as the ‘mother of all healing’, ayurveda offers a unique range of treatments, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle principles, all targeted to regain and maintain health and wellbeing. Who are your clients?

Our clientele includes all age groups, genders and ethnicities. When I first started Ayurveda New Zealand, my focus was on women's health, hence the majority of clients were female. Over the last 13 years, my scope of practice expanded and now covers all sorts of health conditions from neurological diseases, autoimmune conditions, digestive concerns, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, the list goes on and on. Today, our clients come from all over New Zealand, lots of locals of course but clients also travel all the way from Hamilton, Tauranga or Northland to our clinic. We also offer online consultations for clients in the South Island or overseas.

What do you offer at your Ayurveda New Zealand clinic?

At our clinic we offer ayurvedic consultations to make a full assessment of a client’s health history and current symptoms. Based on the findings, I develop a customised ayurvedic treatment plan including diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine, ayurvedic treatments and often yoga therapy. Our experienced and qualified ayurvedic therapist, Natasha Kotlarevsky, offers a number of treatments including Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Nasya, Garshana and Marma therapies. A strong focus in our clinic is Panchakarma, ayurveda’s cleansing and purification therapy. Our seven day Panchakarma programme facilitates the removal of deep-seated impurities and toxins which often are the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. It involves daily cleansing rituals, intake of herbal medicine, fasting and treatments. Tell us more about your Sattva Botanicals™ product range.

Inspired by many of my female clients and their symptoms, I began with the Women’s Health formula, a nourishing blend for the reproductive system, and launched my own product range Sattva Botanicals™ in 2020. Today, this range includes over 20 products from herbal powders, medicated oils, and spice mixes for cooking, all certified organic and sourced from sustainable growers in India. Your Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Retreat at Parohe on Kawau is coming soon on 23-26 November. What will your guests be looking forward to?

This four day retreat features ayurvedic treatments from our trained ayurveda therapists, daily yoga sessions, and dosha-specific plantbased meals prepared by reputed Little Bird chef Gawain Cowley. All meals will be made following ayurvedic cooking principles, incorporating seasonal and dosha-specific elements. As part of the programme, an ayurvedic cooking class, a cleansing workshop and educational talks about ayurvedic topics will be offered. Prior to the retreat, and as part of the package, an individual ayurvedic consultation will be scheduled to address any health concerns and to establish an individualised retreat programme which includes ayurvedic medicine, treatments and your doshaspecific diet. What do you enjoy most about living in Ponsonby?

I love Ponsonby and adopted it as 'my hood' – it is diverse, colourful, buzzing with life and feels a little bit European to me. Having a selection of yoga studios, health cafes, variety of restaurants and little shops, my hairdresser, lovely parks all on my door step and, most importantly, a kind and friendly community – the full package makes me feel at home.

For more information visit: www.ayurvedanz.co.nz. Contact Sarita to book an ayurvedic consultation, treatment or the retreat, details below.

Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Retreat Ayurveda New Zealand is hosting its Spring Cleanse retreat at beautiful Parohe on Kawau Island from November 23-26 2023, offering guests an authentic Ayurvedic experience in a stunning environment. Further details: www.ayurvedanz.co.nz @ayurvedanz BOOKINGS: Sarita Blankenburg 021 144 5768 sarita@ayurvedanz.com PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 79




STUDIO PILATES: FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS Reformer Pilates is a popular form of exercise, but did you know that it’s also a very valuable tool for improving running and athletic performance alongside the discipline itself? This is due to the plethora of benefits such as core strength, balance, flexibility and running posture. In Pilates, we practice an array of functional movements. The exercises and movements are similar to those movements used in running, giving you the opportunity to improve the function of specific muscles and coordination required for efficient and effective running in a controlled environment. Good posture and alignment are essential for efficient running. Pilates emphasizes proper body alignment and Pilates Reformers provide resistance that challenges stability and balance which are important factors in running, especially on uneven terrain or during changes in direction. Better stability reduces the risk of injury. We spoke to Amelia Hooper, a fitness and health expert, long distance runner and a member of Studio Pilates Wynyard Quarter, who is training for an Ultramarathon, 100km no less! Amelia has found that Pilates helps her marathon training and the benefits were noticeable almost immediately. Her strengthened core muscles have resulted in improved running posture.

When we asked Amelia how she feels before, during and after a Studio Pilates class, she said that beforehand she feels excited and ready to work on her strength. During the class, Amelia is challenged but can also enjoy the mind-body connection. And afterwards, she feels rejuvenated and more aligned, she also finds that going for a quick jog rounds off her routine. Amelia’s advice to fellow runners echoes our own: “Give Pilates a try. It can enhance your running performance, prevent injuries and improve overall fitness. Start gradually and be consistent – the benefits will absolutely become apparent over time.” The team would love to see you at Studio Pilates Wynyard Quarter. Use code PONSONBYNEWS for $10 off your starter pack. $50 for six classes now online or on T: 021 510 486. www.studiopilates.com/WynyardQuarter @studiopilates_wynyardquarter

Amelia said, “As a runner, my obsession with Pilates began when I heard about its benefits for improving core strength and flexibility. It was love at first sight, as I quickly realised how it could complement my running routine. “A Studio Pilates class is usually a small group session with a mix of mat and equipment exercises, focusing on core strength, flexibility and overall body awareness. They cater to any injuries or niggles, which is great if you’re running and your calves are often sore! Also, for the first time in my life, I have noticed my obliques are showing. I credit this to all the ab work at Studio Pilates.” It’s really important to enjoy the fitness and training you participate in; this reduces the stress load on your body during training and makes it more enjoyable.

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CHIROPRACTORS – THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN BENEFIT Everybody knows that chiropractors achieve excellent results with musculoskeletal problems such as back and neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, headaches, hip, shoulder and knee problems, and pins and needles into the arms or legs. However, many people are not aware that chiropractic may help other conditions that may not produce symptoms of back pain, yet may be caused by problems in the spine. Common conditions such as fatigue, allergies and hay fever, sinus congestion, memory and concentration problems, blurred vision, sleeping difficulties, asthma and shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pains, indigestion and reflux, period pain, constipation and diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, poor bladder control, infertility and sexual difficulties may all be helped with chiropractic. Let’s not forget kids' problems too, including: ‘growing pains’, sporting injuries, behaviour problems, learning difficulties, bed wetting, colic, ear infections, tonsillitis and poor posture.

All of these problems can be caused by ‘pinched nerves’ in the spine, because the spinal nerve system animates every cell organ and tissue in the body. If this nerve supply is interrupted, then decreased function and ill health result. People from all walks of life benefit from chiropractic care: athletes to improve performance, trades people to remain strong and flexible, office workers to improve workplace ergonomics and comfort, mums and kids to promote normal growth and development. The whole family can benefit. Our friendly service is 100% guaranteed! We are offering our Initial Consultation for $50. Book online via the website.

THREE LAMPS CHIROPRACTIC, 35 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 378 0069, www.threelampschiropractic.co.nz

THREE LAMPS CHIROPRACTIC Health & Wellness Centre Where your pain ends & healing begins… We provide tailored chiropractic treatments, massage, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle advice to improve your health.

09 378 0069 | 35 Ponsonby Road | Ponsonby www.threelampschiropractic.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023 81


BABY, IT’S WARM OUTSIDE The temperature is finally rising and, with it, so are parents’ concerns about how they can keep little ones comfy during the warmer months. From breathable fabrics and bedtime routines to babyfocused events – here are a couple of ways you can keep your baby cool, calm and collected all summer long.

ecostore have a wide range of baby care products that are dermatologically tested and made with only plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Bag a merino

A happy baby is a well-rested baby.

Their Baby Sleepytime Bath and their Baby Oil are infused with lavender essential oil for extra relaxation.

Merino sleeping bags (like the Merino Kids Go-Go Bags) are designed for the comfiest summer slumber, actively responding to fluctuations in body temperature.

Don’t forget to choose a sensitive laundry product for your baby’s bedding, or all that extra TLC might be thwarted by itchy skin throughout the night.

Merino also has an in-built protective lanolin layer that naturally repels water, so baby will never feel sweaty or clammy. It’s also super soft and naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s safer for eczema, allergies and sensitive skin.

Head to the ecostore Baby Day

Visit the ecostore shop at 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay for a hands-on experience of Merino Kids products – Merino Kids’ only retail outlet in Auckland. Level down bedtime

Bedtime is not the time to stimulate baby with uplifting fragrances or itchy skin. Choosing products for the pre-bed ritual that gently protect and nurture even the most delicate skin, while promoting a sense of calm, is a win-win. A bath followed by a massage with a baby massage oil is a great routine to establish before bed. Our friends at

Pop along to ecostore’s shop on Sunday November 12 for some BIG happenings for little people. From 10am to 2pm, you and your mini-me can expect:

HUGE discounts on our Baby range. HEAPS of info from Merino Kids about merino sleep systems for babies. TASTY deals from Munch Cupboard. FUN baby-focused activities, including giant bubbles, baby photo booth and more. ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 360 8477, www.ecostore.co.nz




1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland

25% OFF


Shop hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

ecostore range

*Excludes bulk and refills

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Call & Collect 09 360 8477


Rob Hitchin feels extremely fortunate to have had two careers that have both been rewarding and worthwhile. As a 21-year-old, Rob began his flying career with Qantas in Sydney. Three years later he met his future wife Lindy while on a holiday in Fiji. Being a businesswoman based in New Zealand, a lot of commuting was going to be required! Sure enough, they managed 36 years of it and raised three children along the way. Lindy was a fantastic and capable manager of the family, especially during Rob’s absences. Rob retired from the airline at the age of 60 and was able to spend more time involved in volunteer work which he was passionate about and which consumed much of his spare time. He spent 15 years doing voluntary work with Hospice, due to a desire to give back to a wonderful organisation. It was Mercy Hospice that cared for Lindy towards the end of her life. At the same time, Rob is a founding Board member of the Race 4 Life Trust, a charity fulfilling the wishes of palliative care patients and their loved ones throughout New Zealand. During this time, and through a chance conversation at the gym about the funeral industry, Rob re-entered the workforce after six years in retirement to become a Funeral Director. It seemed a natural segue from hospice volunteer, charity work and customer service with Qantas… just with a little less smiling. Rob has worked for Sibuns for four years now and is a valued member of the team. For more information T: 09 520 3119 or visit www.sibuns.co.nz

Your right to choose doesn’t have to end when you do All your life you’ve made your own choices, led an active life, contributed to your community. We believe a funeral should be as individual as you are, whatever that may be – from playing Jimmy Barnes, to Andrea Boccelli. Plan your farewell on your terms and give your loved one’s peace of mind and a farewell as unique as you are.

582 Remuera Road, Auckland | 09 520 3119 | staff@sibuns.co.nz | www.sibuns.co.nz

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ENTREPRENEUR AND GLOBAL LEADER ANNA MOWBRAY Joins Line-up of Fearless Leaders Supporting Aotearoa’s Youth. This November, the Graeme Dingle Foundation is hosting ‘Drop Your Boss’, an annual fundraiser event in its eighth year which supports the ongoing running of youth development programmes. The Foundation, which works alongside over 22,000 tamariki and rangatahi across the country, invites bosses to partake in the event by fundraising a personal goal of $1000 and taking a fearless leap off Auckland's Sky Tower bungy. This year, AJ Hackett Bungy is allowing their iconic bungy platform to remain open at night so that 100 individuals can take the 192m leap between 11am and 11pm. Among the fearless droppers is talented entrepreneur and global business leader, Anna Mowbray. You may know her name as the co-founder of toy giant ‘Zuru’, or perhaps from the recently published Business News article naming ‘10 of New Zealand's most powerful women in business’. With these accolades and many sticking to her method of conquering obstacles head on, Mowbray states about the fundraiser, “I feel completely petrified... but I’ll do it!” Later reflecting on the challenge she’d just signed up for, Mowbray said, “Oh, no, what have I gotten myself in for... eeeek. I am so nervous!” Fresh off the back of launching ZEIL, her new jobseeker marketplace and ‘Tinder for jobs’, the Kiwi powerhouse has plenty on her plate, Mowbray recently decided it was time to take on a new challenge by supporting Aotearoa’s young people.

84 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

Jo Malcolm-Black said Anna’s commitment has gone further than the ‘Drop Your Boss’ fundraiser. “We are pleased to announce we have partnered with ZEIL simultaneously. Their team will be working with us to support CV creation for rangatahi through engaging with our Career Navigator programme, as well as supporting job advertising for our staff across the country. ZEIL has generously offered the Foundation free access to their job platform, allowing us as an employer to connect with more young talent,” she said. Drop Your Boss 2023 has a goal to engage 100 participants to collectively raise $100,000 for the youth programmes, and the ask is loud and clear. Sign up now to fundraise and take a leap for Aotearoa’s Youth. “Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to do something extraordinary, so we are asking leaders and anyone invested in young people to jump with us – just like Anna is. It’s a fun adrenaline burst which might change the future for rangatahi. “We are over halfway to our goal but still need 40 more droppers: nominate your boss today, or if you can’t convince your boss to drop, make sure you donate on Anna’s public givealittle page instead” said Malcolm-Black. givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/zeils-anna-mowbray-fordrop-your-boss-2023

Keen participants can register for Drop Your Boss 2023 here. dinglefoundation.org.nz/dyb2023/





My Year of Rest and Relaxation – Ottessa Moshfegh – 16+ “My past life would be but a dream, and I could start over without regrets, bolstered by the bliss and serenity that I would have accumulated in my year of rest and relaxation.” Young, slim, blonde, rich, beautiful. These are all accurate descriptors for the unnamed and wildly depressed narrator of Ottessa Moshfegh’s 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation'. She is dissatisfied with her job, misses her deceased parents despite their dysfunctionality, and holds a thinly veiled hatred for her supposed best friend. Finding life wholly unsatisfactory, she decides that all she needs is to get a good sleep. For a full year. I bought this at an airport and began to read it while waiting for my flight. I soon abandoned any ideas of watching a movie – this book was too good to put down. As you can probably tell from the title, this novel doesn’t have much action, but the lack of vigour is absolutely intentional and adds to the story. This gives you a glimpse into her life – delusional, depressive and darkly funny. The main character is extremely unlikeable. You hate her for her money, her beauty, her privilege and her willingness to dash it all away in a haze of drug-induced sleep. This novel is captivating and filled with sharply observant black comedy. It will have you giggling one page, shocked and tearful the next. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone too sensitive, as the main character’s excessive drug use is a bit disturbing, but those who do read it will love it. PN  out of 5! instagram @lucykennedyreviews (LUCY KENNEDY) 

MEGASUN PONSONBY IS HIRING… Come and join the friendly team! They need extra part-time staff to work in their professional tanning studio at 54 Ponsonby Road, opposite Western Park.

There is a training course leading to Tanning Ambassador Certification. Call into the studio and collect a Job Application Form. Alternatively, we can email one by applying to

They need bubbly, helpful and polite Tanning Ambassadors. They have full days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on offer.


Photography: Everall Deans, Ponsonby Business Association

Key responsibilities: · Day to day running of the tanning studio. · Client consultations and advice. · Product sales.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit of one year or more. www.megasun.co.nz

HOMESICK FOR PONSONBY? If you, your friends or family are missing Ponsonby, why not subscribe to New Zealand’s BEST read community magazine?

An annual subscription is only $49 and can be posted anywhere in New Zealand. News + Local Politics + Fashion + Style + Celebrity + Eat, Drink + Be Merry + Travel + Living, Thinking + Being + Pets + Future Generation + Sports + Home + Real Estate + Arts + Culture Visit ponsonbynews.co.nz or email jay@ponsonbynews.co.nz for more information

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NAVIGATING THE PATH TO SUCCESS In the complex changing landscape and nature of business, strategic planning stands as a beacon of direction and purpose for enterprises. Strategy is the art and science of envisioning a desired future and charting a course to reach it, guiding organisations toward sustainable viability and success. The Foundation of Success

Strategic planning is about setting a clear path forward, beginning with a deep understanding of an organisation's current culture and state. This introspective phase involves assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), including reviewing and understanding the organisation's core values, culture and mission. It means truly knowing your starting point before planning your journey. The Power of Vision

An important aspect of strategic planning is creating a compelling vision which all stakeholders can buy into. A vision is not just a statement; it's a vivid mental image of the future you aim to achieve with the collaboration and support of others. A focal point that inspires and motivates everyone involved. Creating a well-crafted vision brings a sense of purpose and unity to the organisation and its team, aligning individual efforts with collective goals.

teams accountable. Key performance indicators (KPIs) serve as markers along the journey, helping organisations stay on track, and know where they are on the journey. This brings a sense of discipline and rigour to the process, ensuring that actions align with intentions. The Art of Risk Management

When charting a path forward, the ability to assess and manage risks is hugely important to avoid uncertainties and potential pitfalls. Strategic planning involves identifying these risks, developing contingency plans and making informed decisions.

Adaptability: The Strategic Imperative

Continuous Improvement

In the modern business environment, adaptability is paramount. Strategic planning is not a static process, but is an agile, iterative one that can accommodate change. The ability to pivot and adjust the course in response to shifting market trends, unforeseen challenges, or new opportunities is a hallmark of effective strategic planning.

Strategic planning is an iterative process of refinement, not a one-time event. An ability to learn from past experiences, adjusting strategies accordingly, is a source of enduring insight. Organisations embracing continuous improvement in strategic planning are most likely to stay ahead of the curve.

Effective Resource Allocation

Strategic planning is a necessary and vital part of the business journey, combining elements of self-awareness, vision, adaptability, resource allocation, collaboration, measurement, risk management and continuous improvement. It empowers organisations to shape their destinies intentionally.

Strategic planning forces organisations to make tough decisions about where to allocate limited resources – time, money, and talent. Like budgeting for a long journey, you need a plan to allocate resources wisely, prioritising initiatives with the most impact on achieving your desired outcomes. Alignment and Collaboration

A vital part of strategic planning is its ability to align diverse people, teams and departments within an organisation. It fosters collaboration by providing a shared pathway visible to all. When everyone understands their role in achieving the strategic goals, a sense of unity and synergy emerges. Measuring Progress and Accountability

Creating a strategic plan isn't just about setting goals; it's about measuring progress and holding individuals and

Strategic Planning for a Better Tomorrow

Strategic planning is the compass that navigates organisations toward their desired futures. It transforms abstract visions into concrete actions, enabling businesses to thrive in the complex and dynamic world of the future. It's a mindset – a commitment to excellence and a belief that the future can be shaped by deliberate choices and actions in the ongoing quest for success. Disclaimer – While all care has been taken, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about.

JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, Level 1, One Jervois Road, Ponsonby, T: 09 361 6701, www.johnstonassociates.co.nz

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Textile designer Ali Davies has one aim with her products – to make people smile with colourful and evocative patterns for the kitchen and table. Shop online and discover beautiful gifts for loved ones or a stunning tablecloth for your next dinner event. A custom-made service is available for large or oval tables. www.alidavies.co.nz

Tea towel – Kiwi Woodcut print. $20

Placemat – 1950’s garden. $45 (made to order)

Tea towel – Pēpepe Butterflies & Moths. $24

Napkin Set of 2 – Pohutukawa in olive. $24

Tea towel – Pohutukawa. $20

Napkin Set of 2 – Pohutukawa in red. $24

Napkin Set of 2 – Kowhai lace. $24

Tea Towel – Vintage Rose in Zesty lemon. $34

Napkin Set of 2 – Sea World. $24

Ali Davies fabrics are ethical and sustainable – GOTS Cert Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Linen.

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UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL – MATT O’BRIEN Matt grew up in Christchurch, spent his 20s and 30s dj'ing, aka DJ OB1, across NZ, Asia and the UK. He's lived in Auckland since 2000, and has two lovely kids, an Italian Greyhound, and a gorgeous girlfriend named Deb. He's been passionate about and selling property for 10 years in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and surrounding suburbs.

Who's your ultimate rock icon?

How did you become a real estate agent?

Reality TV, but don't tell anyone.

I'd done very well in sales for MediaWorks radio for 10 years, real estate felt like a natural progression and thought it would suit me, and it has!

What's your secret talent?

What's inspired you recently?

Where do you spend your holidays?

My family inspires me, creating a cool life for them. And the buzz from helping people with their property. Making a good sale a great one.

I don't take much time off across the year, so I usually take my family overseas in summer, USA to Asia, all over really. Love travelling.

Who is your partner? What do they do?

What's your perfect Sunday?

The incredibly smart and talented Deborah Caldwell from the Storm clothing label. She's crazy clever.

Friends, family, sun, fun.

Paul McCartney, seeing him in Aussie in November with Bobby my 14-year-old. Secret passion?

I can do a mean caterpillar.

What were you going to be when you grew up? Do you have any children?

My daughter Bella is 22, lives in Melbourne, and my son Bobby is 14.

My earliest aspiration was cheffing. Pleased I didn't, those kitchens seem a bit stressy. Favourite Ponsonby cafe?

Do you have any pets?


Yes, Nookie, a wee Italian Greyhound, see pic. Favourite Ponsonby restaurant? How do you keep fit?


I wouldn't call me that. Love tennis and The Trip at Les MIlls. Your best kept Ponsonby secret? Your best friend would say you...

Are a genuine man, enjoys his life and has lots of fun with his friends and family. Your mother would say you…

Are a great son and father, very proud of you, but you have kept me on my toes for years. You’ve got a day off – how do you spend it?

A day off? What’s that? Hanging with friends and family, making the most of a day off in real estate. Virtues?

Honest, caring, hardworking, fun. Vices?

Midnight munchies.

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The seafood sour soup at Mekong Vietnamese, Ponsonby Food Hall. Your desert island distractions: song, movie and/or TV show/book?

My mate, Jimmy Gardner's Spotify playlists. The house is on fire and your family is safe – what do you save?

I'm passionate about my art, I'd be trying to save some of that. I'd be lost without my…

Well, to be honest, my iphone, I guess. One thing you have learned about life is...

Don't sweat the small stuff and treat others as you wish to be treated. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

S i m p le , cle an e le gance...

D esi g ned and made in New Zealand J u st a few new pi ec es f rom a wide range of bedside and side tables

366 Great North Road

Grey Lynn

t:09 376 2895

Corner Commercial & Great North w w w . r o s e a n d h e a t h e r. c o . n z



Summer is just around the corner, shop Meluka's wide range of pool toys, kids toys, kids books, homewares and more. Hurry online to shop the full range now www.meluka.co.nz




Furniture. Simply.



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APARTMENTO HAS RELOCATED For over 25 years, great friend of Ponsonby News Apartmento has been a fixture of the retail landscape within the Ponsonby/Central City area. Long renowned for its beautifully designed and built furniture the company has also, for the last seven years, been designing and building kitchen, bathroom and other cabinetry at its Henderson factory. With the lease up on its showroom at 8 Ponsonby Road, the decision was taken to move the entire operation to its factory. Owners Stuart and Melissa Bowman have long desired that the business be under one roof and that their children be involved in it. This latest development finally achieves both these goals. "We have a great team of designers and craftsmen. They’re a fantastic group who are committed to producing quality work. It definitely has a ‘family business’ feel about it and this evolution has been very enjoyable to be part of,” says Stuart. A new showroom space will be implemented at the factory in a mezzanine space above one of the factory floors. Clients will not only be able to view samples of Apartmento’s furniture and cabinetry offerings but will also be able to see exactly where and how the items are made. Melissa says, "Its great to have clients visit the factory. It gives them a real sense of the work we undertake to create the

quality projects we get involved with. A 20 minute drive from Ponsonby is all it takes to get to the heart of design out west!" All Apartmento furniture and cabinetry is designed inhouse but they also collaborate with clients and designers. Apartmento’s design background means that key design elements aren't lost to standard cabinetmaking norms. Details are implemented with integrity to the design intent and with the benefit of more than 25 years of quality furniture building and cabinetmaking. In the pipeline is a new Apartmento home accessories range designed and crafted in house. So while an Apartmento showroom may not be within the heart of Ponsonby anymore, the brand and business is still going strong ‘out west’. Stuart and Melissa invite you to make an appointment to visit the factory to discuss any upcoming furniture or cabinetmaking projects. E: melissa.bowman@apartmento.co.nz www.apartmento.co.nz


20% OFF New Apartmento Furniture Orders for Delivery in 2024 Ph 09 836 6463 › Get in quick for possible pre-Xmas delivery! Check out our new website apartmento.co.nz Furniture › Kitchens › Bathrooms › Wardrobes › Laundry › Shelving › Home Office

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SET THE TABLE IN STYLE WITH CITTÀ Holiday celebrations and summer entertaining are upon us. Elevate your dining experience and delight guests with a thoughtful table setting. Set the scene with some of the most coveted pieces from Città. Relaxed table linen.

A linen tablecloth makes a great base for any table setting and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair with a linen napkin for a touch of relaxed luxury that can be used again and again. Linen Tablecloth $179 & Linen Napkin $14.90. Colour meets texture.

Welcome colour and texture to your tabletop with Città’s everpopular Pinto range. Each piece is beautifully handwoven with natural seagrass to create a unique, organic finish. Mix and match across the selection of placemats, coasters, and baskets. Pinto Placemat $29.90 (each) & Coaster $29.90 (set of four). Portuguese ceramics.

Città’s newly released Halo ceramic range is defined by its soft curves and flared-lip form. The dip bowls are the perfect accompaniment for platters and antipasti, while vibrant summer salads are beautifully presented in the serving bowls. Designed in Città’s Auckland studio and made in a familyowned pottery in Portugal. Halo ceramic range from $14. Mid-century Danish design.

Città is proud to stock a curated collection from Danish design house, Stelton. The timeless designs include the iconic Cylinda cocktail and barware—perfect for at-home entertaining. The sleek form was conceptualised by internationally renowned architect and designer Arne Jacobsen in 1967. Stelton Arne Jacobsen Martini Mixer $260. Discover Città’s kitchen and dining collection in-store at Grey Lynn, BLOC Mount Eden and Takapuna. For further inspiration, visit Città’s social channels @citta and shop online at cittadesign.com.

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Come home to Eden Village. Discover the range of spacious apartments, available now. With a range of apartments in different layouts to suit every lifestyle, you’re bound to find something that feels like home at Eden Village. Nestled in the heart of Mt Eden you’ll find beautifully designed one-bedroom apartments from $620,000 and modern two-bedroom apartments from $790,000, with two-plus bedroom apartments also available. Featuring designer kitchens, enclosable balconies and spacious open-plan layouts, our apartments are perfect for regular visits from friends and family. Just a five minute drive to all the best parts of central Auckland, you can spend your time visiting popular eateries, parks and galleries and come home to the security of your modern apartment. Experience the peace of mind that comes with maintenance-free living, and the assurance that your Weekly Fees are fixed for life. Enjoy the lifestyle you love, as you always have, at Eden Village. Fixed weekly fee for life - Guaranteed.

To learn more, call Rachel on 0800 333 688 today. 22 View Road, Mt Eden, Auckland oceaniahealthcare.co.nz For residents 70 years and above.


Hemptech’s Sea Urchins Collection available from Lahood.

SET SAIL FOR SUMMER STYLE WITH LAHOOD'S NEW SHOWROOM DISPLAYS As summer approaches, Lahood® Window Furnishings is helping us embrace the season with the announcement of its new beach and nautical-inspired displays at the Mount Eden Showroom. From floating sheers with seashell motifs to wallpapers with whimsical sailboat designs, the beautiful displays are sure to evoke summery coastal vibes. Shown at scale, they will also help you visualise how to introduce the summer style into your own living space. On display and shown here is the ethereal Sea Urchins sheer curtain from Hemptech. Made from finely woven 100% Eco Linen fabric, the delicate shell design comes in a range of blue, green and taupe hues inspired by the sand and sea. These sheers add a touch of coastal elegance to any space, while also gently filtering the light and providing privacy.

(selfies are welcome) and share it on social media tagging @lahoodnz or email it to info@lahood.co.nz by 30 November. Visit the showroom now to enter the prize draw plus explore Auckland’s largest selection of custom curtain and blind fabrics. Whether you want to add a touch of summer to your home décor or find the perfect look to reflect your style, Lahood Design Consultants will make this happen for you. Chat to them in the Showroom at 104 Mount Eden Road (Mondays - Fridays 9am-5pm, Saturdays 9.30am-4pm) or arrange an in-home design consultation by calling 0800 LAHOOD or submitting the form on www.lahood.co.nz

Another eye-catching display showcases the stunning new Satnin fabrics from Cathrine Martin by Mokum. The vibrant hues of Rouge and Citrine evoke the iconic surf-lifesaving colours of New Zealand beaches. A mix of satin and linen, the Satnin fabric adds a touch of relaxed glamour to any setting. The inviting deckchair display features the stylish and durable Maltese Sunset striped red and off-white weave from Prestigious Textiles. Set against a backdrop of dreamy boat images from Sanderson’s Sail Away Wallpaper Collection, this display transports you to a relaxing coastal oasis. Further displays feature a range of summer-themed fabrics from the sail-like Arcadia striped sheer to the textured Handloom by Mokum fabric. As with all Lahood showroom displays, if you choose any of the showcased fabrics to transform your windows this summer, there is no curtainmaking charge. In keeping with the nautical theme, Lahood is also giving showroom visitors the chance to WIN A DELICIOUS DINNER FOR TWO AT SAILS RESTAURANT. All you have to do is snap a photo of your favourite Lahood showroom display

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For all your gifts & entertaining! New items and super specials in store now – beautiful complementary gift wrapping. You’ll

find something for everyone on your Christmas gift list. For the best selection of dinnerware, glassware, kitchen and cookware, gifts and NZ’s largest range of quality stainless and silver cutlery. Dedication to service, combined with fantastic parking right outside the door, makes The Studio of Tableware a most enjoyable shopping experience. THE STUDIO OF TABLEWARE, 5 Harold Street, Mt Eden, thestudio.co.nz

Rosenthal Triu Vase

iittala Kastehelmi Cake Plate

Sambonet Vintage 1965 Cookware

Philippi Louisiana Lantern

Philippi Garry Steak Knife Set

Dunoon Mug Collection

Christofle Fidelio Silver Frame

Rosenthal Junto Pearl Grey Teapot

Philippi Lim Bowl

Sambonet Rock 2Black Diamond Cutlery

Spiegelau Pisa Decanter

Riedel Bar DSG Glasses

www.thestudio.co.nz NZ’s leading tableware & kitchenware specialist since 1981

5 Harold St, Mt Eden ph 09 638 8082

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TENNIS FOR MERCY 2023 A smashing opportunity to serve your community. A blissful morning of good-natured doubles, fundraising and delicious food and wine! What better way to show you care than connecting with friends and making a massive difference to Aucklanders living with life-limiting illness. Tennis for Mercy is just one of those hidden gems. Now in its 15th year, it’s been serving the community (pun intended) by making it possible for patients and their families to find the expert care and support they need from Mercy Hospice. “I’ve played in Tennis for Mercy most years for the last 10 years and absolutely love it. Many of my lovely tennis friends join me and the atmosphere is warm and friendly (with a little bit of competitive spirit thrown in for good measure). I feel privileged to be spending the day having fun and raising money to help those that need the amazing help of the Hospice.” Alma Sax, Life Member Dunholme Tennis Club Inc. and Mercy Hospice Volunteer The action starts bright and early with tennis enthusiasts gathering at 8.30am for a briefing at two clubs: Pompallier Lawn Tennis and Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club. Tennis

96 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023

for Mercy isn’t just for players though. Attendees can show their support as a court-side observer or someone who’s just looking for a wonderful morning of friendly entertainment! Then, following the later stages of the tournament at Pompallier, a short stroll down to Mercy Hospice leads to an exquisite gourmet lunch served by Mercy volunteers in their beautiful, Mediterranean-feeling courtyard. Now the real fun and games start with bidding on fabulous auction prizes, purchasing raffle tickets and indulging in a selection of heavenly baked goods. And speaking of prizes, thanks to ASB Bank, this year’s raffle offers the chance to WIN DOUBLE PASSES to the Women's and Men's Final at the 2023 ASB Classic tennis tournament. Picture yourself and a friend in ASB’s premium seating with access to ASB Treehouse corporate hospitality area. Ah, bliss! Could this be the ultimate way to combine your love of tennis with compassion for your community? The more involved, the bigger the impact. Grab your rackets, gather your tennis crew and join Mercy Hospice on Friday, 10 November. Tickets available now. Let’s smash this! www.tennis-for-mercy-2023.raisely.com



INTERFACING @ 250 GALLERY 250 Gallery is having something extra this month. Our guest artist will be working in residence. Lucy Eglington – Unnatural Histories The limited edition prints Opening: Tuesday 31 October, 5pm-8pm

1 November - 6 December, open Wednesday - Sunday 10am-5pm, late opening Thursday and Friday. Unnatural Histories is a curated selection of limited edition prints that offer a view into the extraordinary world that Lucy Eglington creates. Eglington’s renaissance-meets-early-naturalist style gives a timeless, fairytale quality to the work. She uses animals to represent the hopes and hubris, thoughts voiced and kept, and the dichotomies of being human; so many of life’s situations are double edged, laced with both beauty and sadness. “You would think that using animals would remove us from an image, but it can have the reverse effect – there is something universal associated with them, partly through the narrative of the fables and tales we grew up with. When placed in unnatural situations, they reveal something naked about human nature."

Loves Labours

Pop in and delve into Lucy’s process and see how her works are created. Lucy has had a number of sell-out shows in the North and South Islands, and has works in significant private collections globally. She also has work in the Arts House Trust collection and was a finalist in the Adam Portraiture awards. Instagram: @lucyeglington www.lucyeglington.com T: 021 555 085 In wanting to make her gallery a community friendly space, Tina has offered it as a venue for Auckland Playback Theatre group who perform monthly on a Friday night at 7pm. Next performance is on Friday 10 November, gold coin koha. For more details about these, please contact Tina: tinafrantzen@gmail.com

250 GALLERY, 250 Ponsonby Road, T: 0274 519 662, www.tinafrantzen.com

Instagram: tinafrantzenartist; and two.fiftygallery

Dream of Icarus

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@ OREXART Tony Lane – The Weather With You November/December For five decades, painter Tony Lane has concerned himself with the state of both his relationship to the history of art and his relationship with the philosophical nature of being an artist. He carries his concerns for our planet into his paintings, he shares with us a sense of wonder, of grandeur, and a sense of its fragility. The paintings in The Weather With You show us an artist at the height of his powers, with a career spanning shows in New Zealand, Australia, London, New York and Barcelona. His show will be on throughout November and into December. OREXART, 221 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 378 0588 www.orexart.co.nz

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ARTS + CULTURE Photography: Ven Tithing

THE BRIEFS BOYS ARE BACK AT Q THEATRE! Straight off the back of selling out festivals worldwide, the Briefs boys are back at Q Theatre with a brand new, party cabaret… and YOU’RE invited! Returning to Q Theatre from down under, the Briefs crew is back and ready to air out their dirty laundry at this electrifying evening of entertainment. Get ready, because this wild concoction of burlesque, drag, comedy and acrobatics will redefine what a night at the theatre can be. It’s not just about pushing boundaries, it’s about obliterating them. In other words, this ain’t your grandma’s cabaret. Photography: Brendan McCarthy

Briefs – Dirty Laundry is the perfect way to kick off your summer debauchery. The title 'Dirty Laundry' isn’t just for show either – this night out is all about exposing the juicy, exhilarating and downright daring parts of life. From jaw-dropping acrobatics and gender-defying performances to raucous comedy that will leave you in stitches, Briefs – Dirty Laundry is a celebration of diversity and a big invite to anyone who loves great entertainment and an even better time. As you step inside Q Theatre and enter the world of Briefs, you’ll become part of the show, immersed in the energy, and wrapped up in performances that’ll make you laugh, gasp and cheer all night long. This rule-breaking, utterly glamorous night out invites you to ditch the formalities and embrace the chaos. So, gather your gals or your pals, leave your inhibitions at the door and pop the champagne for a night of good times with the Briefs boys. This show is a hoot and a half – don’t miss it!

Psst...if you’ve got a group of 30 – 50 friends, colleagues or whānau, you can take your Briefs outing to the next level at The Laundromat – a private, underground, neon function space! Q’s got a range of hospitality packages available to make you the hostess with the mostest – get in touch with groups@qtheatre.co.nz to make it happen.


“Briefs is the drag party you always wish you’d be invited to!” – Glam Adelaide




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THE BIG CLAY DAY IS BACK… The Big Clay Day Out is back again this year for a day of family fun on Sunday 3 December at Auckland Studio Potters, Onehunga. There will be about 60 potters, all members of ASP, selling their work at this huge pottery market. They invite you and your family to join them for food and fun pottery-related activities. You can have a go making a pot on a pottery wheel, paint a piece, get your face painted, do a lucky dip and watch the pottery olympics. Eftpos and cash available. Big Clay Day Out Auckland Studio Potters 2023 www.facebook.com/events/1372722793682545/

The Covert Theatre in Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby is NZ’s home of improvised comedy. With workshops and shows every night of the week there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out www.coverttheatre.com You can support all the good giggle’s by donation right here, www.coverttheatre.com/how-to-help Registered charity CC53421

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In visual language, strong geometric shapes and directional lines provide us with graphic guides, most commonly seen in our urban environment as road signs and markings. In the vast space of Two Rooms, ground floor gallery, a high tide line of terracotta brown evenly marks the walls, pillars and lower portion of Andrew Barber’s singular artwork. His giant canvas is free-standing, like the sole remaining wall of a structure, and is made from squares of raw cotton sewn into a repeating diamond pattern. Above the high tide line, the surface is spattered and marked like a well-used drop sheet, while the wooden grid of stretcher bars is exposed on the reverse. With the Anniversary Weekend and Cyclone Gabrielle floods in such recent memory, I can’t help but see this as a memorial to the devastation, the earthy brown wainscoting measuring the rise of silt-heavy water, now receded, having washed away all but a solitary, exposed panel.

Robbie Fraser at Two Rooms

The diamond pattern fabric hints at warning symbols, the surface stains and splatters echo the noise of panic, and the crusted texture below the waterline makes the obliterating deluge obvious. In the gallery upstairs, the brilliantly coloured geometry of Robbie Fraser at first looks far removed from the organic processes of the world, and more aligned with direct graphic language. Sharp contrasts between saturated and desaturated colour, dark and light, raw surface and heavily layered paint, all draw initial attention to illusionistic space, hard-edged spaces that lunge forward from adjacent areas of soft retreat. Closer inspection reveals the very human process that forms such abrupt shifts in surface. In almost secret places, paint tears away from a deeply cut line, two surfaces that abut firmly are suddenly separated by an incised chasm, pencil marks peek out from a blanket of paint. The artist deliberately undermines our assumption of perfect lines with traces of the labour required to build such slick geometry. EVAN WOODRUFFE, Studio Art Supplies Andrew Barber at Two Rooms


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THE BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS Sunday 1 October 2023. St Matthew-in-the-City, Hobson Street in Auckland was host to 'The Blessing of the Animals' celebration last month. The clergy included Rev. Diana Rattray, Rev. Wilt Holt and Rev. Cate Thorn. The church was full of people and their pets – there were prayers, hymns and blessings. It was a beautiful day and nice to see people who truly love animals.

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In Daniel Unverricht's new series Full Dark, we traverse a broken narrative, skirting the margins of a New Zealand town through places left behind. Dimly lit, Unverricht’s isolated spaces are bereft of human presence; doors are closed, windows latched and yards vacant. But darkness has not fully consumed Unverricht's town. Fickle illumination cast by waning street lamps, discoloured floodlights or the approaching dawn offer a catharsis from the night and its obscurity. In Wick, the Royal Oak hotel stands as an imposing solitary figure along the roadside, familiar yet removed from time or place. While its curtains are drawn, the main entrance is left agape, offering a partial view of the interior within, which emanates a sickly neon light and hums with the implicit invitation to enter. Customary of Unverricht paintings, the scene is at once alluring and unnerving, its internal glow ripe with the promise of an unlikely asylum or shelter from the surrounding dark. There is an ocular power imbalance inherent to this dynamic. Though the light beckons nonetheless; an irresistible lure to those longing for connection. To those that belong but do not quite belong together. The exhibition runs from Friday 27 October to Saturday 18 November. {Suite} GALLERY, 189 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 218 4399, www.suite.co.nz

Gateway, 2023, oil on linen, 300 x 250mm

Wick, 2023, oil on linen, 1150 x 1500mm

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NATURAL, ORGANIC & NON-TOXIC WEED CONTROL SERVICE FOR YOUR HOME Call Matt Kirby on 027 222 7684 matt@safeweedcontrol.co.nz safeweedcontrol.co.nz



ACUPUNCTURE • MOXA • CUPPING GUA SHA •CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE 09 360 0738 • reception@thehealthclinic.co.nz 2/571 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1026


Because we all deserve freedom

Contact Murray Andrews M: 021 598 992 E: mhandrews@xtra.co.nz P O Box 78 298, Grey Lynn 1245 www.emltd.co.nz



SAFE helping animals out Help us fight cages 104 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2023


EMAIL: info@ponsonbynews.co.nz PH: 021 771 147 www.ponsonbynews.co.nz


– Doug C

SUNBED STUDIO megasun.co.nz

+64 9 361 3361 54 PONSONBY ROAD, PONSONBY www.lahood.co.nz | 0800 LAHOOD

Shop Local for European Antiques

Coworking, hot desks,

W W W. E U R O P E A N A N T I Q U E S . C O . N Z

meeting room & office


hire, events. The Workshop. We’re in your hood. 37D Crummer Rd, Grey Lynn 09 217 9264. www.theworkshopauckland.co.nz

Did you know 90% of Phishing is by email? Are you cyber ready? Scan the QR code to get your FREE Dark Web Scan today. www.fisheye.nz 0800 FISHEYE


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“ V E RY F R I E N D LY A N D K N O W L E D G E A B L E S TA F F ”



MISS PEARL NECLIS – what your stars hold for November

Aquarius (the Water Carrier) 21 January - 19 February

Pisces (the Fishes) 20 February - 20 March

Aries (the Ram) 21 March - 20 April

Very little escapes you these days regardless of whether or not you’re included on what’s going on; just be prepared to listen first before reacting in case you get the wrong end of the stick.

You do find work boring especially when it can be the same day in and day out but, as unglamorous as it seems, what you’re doing now is laying the footwork for your future.

Don’t take too many risks this month if you can help it as you do tend to overreact and, in another scenario, your overreacting to something trivial could put off a potential love interest.

Taurus (the Bull) 21 April - 21 May

Gemini (the Twins) 22 May - 21 June

Cancer (the Crab) 22 June - 22 July

You do feel agitated this month for some reason and it’s putting you off your game. You’re not sure why but you seem to be tempted by the unusual and the different and this could be why you’re not yourself – exploring something new always brings challenges.

Try and not be too disappointed this month when you begin to confide in someone and you don’t get the result you’re looking for. It’s best not to make a fuss though as the attention it will bring is not what you’re after.

You must make sure you don’t have a bad attitude this month as your professional and personal relationships are likely to collide in a spectacular fashion. You need to put on a face though as you may be forced to choose.

Leo (the Lion) 23 July - 21 August

Virgo (the Virgin) 22 August - 23 September

Libra (the Scales) 24 September - 23 October

You might find that you have been looking at things with rose tinted glasses on; that is to say everything looks ok on the surface. Unfortunately that’s about to change as you realise that you’re going to have to step up your game a bit.

You may just want to concentrate on the big picture but sometimes you have to deal with the detail and by looking closely, you will be able to see that you believe all is well when clearly it is not.

A wonderful moment will catch you unawares this month as your imagination goes into overdrive thinking about the possible outcome. Don’t defer from the path you’re on or go off course in any way and you’ll enjoy the reward.

Scorpio (the Scorpion) 24 October - 22 November

Sagittarius (the Archer) 23 November - 22 December

Capricorn (the Goat) 23 December - 20 January

You might want to make sure you have all the facts at your fingertips before coming to any conclusions this month as you have made mistakes before. If you think you have the truth, then use it. If not, then don’t.

Why have you suddenly got the urge to blurt out your inner most secret to anybody? Anything impulsive now will drive a further wedge in any or all of your relationships. Try and find someone to talk to or someone to help.

It’s about time you opened up to a bit more amusement in your life rather than looking enviously at everyone else having fun. However, you have to be comfortable with whatever you do first and foremost.

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280 RICHMOND ROAD, GREY LYNN PH: 09 360 0809 Fully Licensed & BYO Wine Only Monday: 4.30pm–9.30pm | Tuesday–Sunday: 11am–9.30pm Somboon Khansuk (Ekk) Owner www.thaithaiauthentic.co.nz TUCKERFOX NZ | UBER EATS

WE HAVE MOVED 23 Culperry Road Glendene, Auckland commercial furniture


Ponsonby Flowers

by Bill Patel

290 Ponsonby Road

Counselling to put the pep back into your step.


021 500 760




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