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MOA IS 25, BUT GREY LYNN RSC RECENTLY CELEBRATED 74 YEARS! Moa is 25 years old, Happy Birthday! But the Grey Lynn RSC just celebrated (with cake) 74 years in West Lynn on 31 August! Check out our website for the old pictures in West Lynn when the Grey Lynn School was in the building before the Returned Soldiers Club moved in, now the Returned Services and Social Club. JANE JACKSON, Grey Lynn RSC LORD PONSONBY’S BUILDING What is it with some of these Ponsonby landlords? Take a look at the old wooden building on the corner of Ponsonby Road and Williamson Avenue housing Lord Ponsonby’s as the tenant. It hasn’t had an ounce of TLC or paint spent on it for about 50 years! We’ve just hosted a huge global event in our country and even that apparently wasn’t enough to stir the landlord from his slumber. Shame on him! We have relatively few such original buildings left. Let’s look after them! BILL MATHEWS, Freemans Bay THE DEVELOPMENT PROPOSED FOR 158 JERVOIS ROAD I am a resident of John Street and want to start an Action Group to try and fight the nasty development proposed at 158 Jervois Road. One of our concerned neighbours has been having discussions with Council town planner Mark Thode. The concerned neighbour reports that the council’s attitude is that they are still planning on allowing this development - if in a slightly revised format (very slight). My concerns are: the location at the top of John Street will result in many more vehicles being parked at the top of the street - where there is already a serious and dangerous bottleneck. This development – in its current design, totally goes against the values of our precious historic village sensibilities. There have been other developments on Jervois Road that fit in with the look and feel of our neighbourhood. I realise that progress brings change, but surely it must be managed for the best of all concerned. I am particularly interested in finding a Town Planner and a Lawyer who reside in John Street and will have local issues interest, to help us fight this. I have cc’d a copy of this letter to the other residents who we are currently talking to about this matter and I will also write to Len Brown. I would welcome contact from all concerned residents of John Street. I can be contacted via HOWARD DIXON, Ponsonby QUESTIONS RE COUNTDOWN PLANS FOR SOHO When questions can’t or won’t be answered, conspiracy theories blossom. Fortunately we are not at that stage yet with Countdown concerning their plans for the Soho hole. Luke Schepen, Progressive’s PR Manager, assured Ponsonby News he will tell us their plans for Soho as soon as they are ready. “I remember our earlier discussion,” he told us, “and I agree consultation and communication with locals is very important. But I want to be accurate and tell the truth openly and honestly, and there is just nothing far enough advanced to tell you at this time.” Schepen expects to be able to make announcements before Christmas. Ponsonby News pointed out to him that it would take one truck every ten minutes, eight hours a day for three months to fill the hole completely, if figures quoted by Anne Gibson in the NZ Herald last month of 5000 truckloads are accurate. That’s one hell of a lot of disruption, noise, dust etc for local residents before building even begins, especially if they chose to start each day at dawn. However, Luke Schepen could not confirm that the hole will be completely filled in. He would not be drawn either on the mix being planned for the space - retail, commercial or residential. We’ll just have to wait and trust that some monstrosity is not suddenly thrust on us. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PN

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THE EMAG EDITION OF PONSONBY NEWS IS PUBLISHED VIA FACEBOOK ON Saturday 26 November…and the print version hits Ponsonby Road on Thursday, or officially Friday. By the time you’re reading this, we will know the government who will lead us for the next three years.

photography: Jane Blundell @ kloser

PROPERTY REVALUATIONS ARE A MIXED BLESSING… WHILE SOME MAY BE pleased with the Council’s increases in value of their property, it does also mean that some family’s budgets will be stretched and they will be paying higher rates in these tough economic times. WHEN QUESTIONS CAN’T OR WON’T BE ANSWERED, CONSPIRACY THEORIES blossom. Fortunately we are not at that stage yet with Countdown concerning their plans for the Soho hole. But instead of the foundation being filled in as they have planned, we ask wouldn’t the basement area make a fantastic leisure centre with a decent pool, squash courts and car parking? AFTER 17 YEARS WE WERE SAD TO LOOSE BILL, THE FRIENDLY GREENGROCER in Three Lamps, but with a 30% rent increase, he told us his business was no longer sustainable. Bill and his wife are going away for a few months before deciding what they will do for the rest of their lives. Three Lamps locals are disappointed that with this closure the nearest fruit and vege shop is Ramas in Herne Bay or further along at Bhana Brothers.

JO BARRETT, JAY PLATT, JULIE ROULSTON + MARTIN LEACH ARE YOU STUCK AND SEEKING INSPIRATION ABOUT HOW TO KEEP THE LITTLE darlings amused during the holidays? We’ve included some great local activities to inspire, educate and entertain the kids in this issue.

HOW GREAT IT IS TO SEE OUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ONCE AGAIN ON FRANKLIN Road. We are fortunate to have considerate locals who make a huge effort each year to make their street sparkle and to attract people to the area.

WE HOPE YOU’LL CONSIDER ENTERING OUR VEGE COMPETITION AT THE Grey Lynn Community Centre. If you start planning now there are a good number of vegetable varieties which will be ready for harvest in February. We hope to see you on Sunday 19 February.

THE FINAL PONSONBY MARKET DAY FOR THE YEAR IS TO BE HELD ON SATURDAY 10 December from 11am until 5pm, so don’t miss some of the best Christmas shopping you’ll do this year with fabulous free fun and entertainment.

THERE ARE SEVERAL NEW BUSINESSES HEADING OUR WAY NEXT YEAR. Fashion designer Kate Sylvester is opening her store next door to Sass & Bide and Lululemon Yoga is opening in the old Nest store.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING CAN BE A BIG JOB SO WE’VE VISITED SOME OF OUR favourite local retailers and sourced gifts we hope you’ll be inspired by.

THE ‘GONE FISHING’ SIGNS WILL BE UP SHORTLY AND THE PN OFFICE WILL BE closed from Wednesday 6 December, until we reopen on Monday 16 January.

NOW, WE ALL KNOW BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, SO WE ASKED experts, in different hair and beauty fields, to share their definitions of beauty and their personal beauty icons. Thinking of you dear readers, we snaffled tips for living a beautiful summer.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year…in just a few weeks it will be 2012.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

NEXT ISSUE FEATURES: Jervois Road + Maintaining Good Health + Valentine’s Day (14th february) + The Sales + Growing Small Business.



photography: Katie Wilson


THE VICTORIA PARK TUNNEL IS FINALLY OPEN The Victoria Park Tunnel may be open, but the team that built it is not resting on its laurels. The tunnel opening was just the first step in the staged completion of the wider NZ Transport Agency project, which involves upgrading and increasing the capacity of State Highway 1 between the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Central Motorway Junction. The next milestone for the NZTA will be the opening of all additional southbound capacity in early January. This includes opening the Victoria Park fly-over in a new layout on 9 January. The new flyover layout involves a major change for Auckland drivers. The current southbound lanes – the lanes to the left of the viaduct’s central barrier – will take drivers off State Highway 1, to the CBD via Cook Street, the Port and the Northwestern Motorway (SH16). To continue south on SH1 (the Southern Motorway), drivers will need to be in the lanes to the right of the central barrier – the old northbound lanes. Once on the flyover, drivers are committed: the central barrier means there’s no chance to change direction. A major education campaign in the lead-up to the January changes will urge drivers to plan their southbound drive before they start it, and to get in the correct lane for their destination early to avoid having to change lanes through St Marys Bay.

GUESTS WOWED AT VICTORIA PARK TUNNEL CHARITY GALA DINNER One thousand guests enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience last month, dining inside the Victoria Park Tunnel. The gala dinner was held to raise much needed funds for the Ronald McDonald House Auckland Trust. The audience was treated to performances from some of New Zealand’s most loved music acts including Avalanche City, Annabel Fay and Lisa Crawley. Guests were also dazzled by a breathtaking floor gymnastics performance by renowned adagio dancers Eve Gordon and Mike Edwards. All proceeds from the evening have gone towards the completion of Ronald McDonald House Auckland Trust’s family accommodation facility, Grafton Mews. The Trust provides support and accommodation for families from all over New Zealand whose children must be in Auckland to receive treatment at Starship Children’s Hospital. “We’re thrilled that in association with NZTA and Downtown Rotary, we had the opportunity to host this event. Not only has it raised much needed funds, but from now on every time people drive through the tunnel they will remember our event and say ‘I was there’,” says Wayne Howett, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Auckland Trust. PN

A simulated drive-through, showing the new lane configurations, can be viewed at: Additional northbound motorway capacity, including the third lane in the tunnel and the peak-time auxiliary lane at the Fanshawe Street on ramp, will be opened by March. The Victoria Park Tunnel is the first of the Government’s seven roads of national significance to be completed, and it will help ease congestion and improve journey times for freight and people through Auckland’s central motorway network. PN

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CHAIR’S WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD REPORT: SHALE CHAMBERS The parliamentary election is over… for good or bad... and we are all on Christmas countdown. Whether it is the amount of ‘sleeps’ before the big day, anticipation of a quiet time at the beach or a music fuelled noisy time at a festival or just in the backyard we have yet to get through the Christmas present buying, and cooking up a storm on Christmas day for our loved ones and friends. Just in case you are wondering who the Grinch was who stole Ponsonby Road Christmas Telecom tree that was a magnet for families, teenagers and friends over the last few years as part of the wander between Franklin Road lights and the tree at Western Park, it was Waterfront Auckland. It’s now at the new Wynyard Quarter despite the fervent lobbying by your Waitemata Local Board to the tree’s telecommunication owners to keep it in Ponsonby Road. It is the little victories and losses that are day to day work of your very busy Local Board. The nice pictures and stories in local news media of the Victoria Park Skate Park, going smoke free in our local playgrounds and sports grounds, planting trees in local parks, making Waitemata a Fair Trade area, calling upon developers to keep to their promises about opening up public space they promised when they got additional development rights in the city centre are only a small part of what we have had to do over the last year. You should have the Three Lamps back on the corner of Jervois and Ponsonby Road in their almost original position. The new water fountain in West Lynn is one of many that will be coming into the parks and shopping centres where you need fresh clean water for drinking. Bikers will be able to rest their bikes up safely in new bike stands. Walkers, bikers and car drivers should be safer when we implement the results of representations on unsafe crossroads, and roads. The staged walkway around our coast will be a valuable asset for our communities. The destination playground at Myers Park will be great for our children. Waitemata has become an ‘assessable’ Board so that all our residents no matter what their needs will find it easier to enjoy our buildings and public places. New path lights for Western Park will enable dog walkers and locals to enjoy evening walks. More trees will be safe from developers’ chainsaws. These are the little things but sporting and recreational clubs will be pleased we have been able to budget for some bigger items as well such as new all-weather turfs at Seddons Fields, a refurbished athletics clubroom building at Grey Lynn Park, and hopefully upgrading the Pt Erin Pools before long. You the residents have all been busy writing submissions this year about what you want to see in your community over the next three-30 years. My thanks go out to you for caring and participating, and helping to plan for Auckland to be the world’s most livable city. Plans have been coming out of the Auckland Council system this year for your comment like lollies handed out to children by the jolly man in the red suit at Christmas. Wresting local control of the funding from where the Auckland Transition Authority put it has been one of our major challenges as a local board, as our funding has been wrongly given to other Boards, Departments and CCOs. But the end is in sight. Waitemata Local Board has been allocated $34 million projected to increase to $60 million over the next 10 years to spend in our communities and we have listened to you about your priorities and how you want your rates prudently and carefully spent. The Local Board Plan setting out our direction for the next three years and beyond has now been published. Property revaluations have meant some families will be paying higher rates in these tough times. They demand that it is well spent in our communities in an accountable way. We have a great responsibility to make sure you get the biggest bang for the bucks. Our accountability report on our first year will shortly be online on the council website and will be an on-going account of how we have or intend to spend your money. On behalf of the Waitemata Local Board I wish you and your loved ones season’s greetings. (SHALE CHAMBERS) PN Contact me:

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NEW PRINCIPAL FOR ST MARY’S COLLEGE Jane Holloway came bouncing out of her office to greet me, full of smiles and an outstretched hand. She has only been at St Mary’s for a month, but is already creating quite a stir. Her enthusiasm for education and for her new job are boundless. On the wall in her office is a Certificate of Recognition - a glowing tribute to her nine years as Principal of St Catherine’s College in Kilbirnie, Wellington - from the Wellington Catholic Diocese. Jane Holloway made a huge impression at St Caths, and is sure to do the same at St Mary’s College. As a young married woman Jane Holloway came to New Zealand from South Africa, for a two year contract her husband was offered. They never left. They have two children, a girl aged 15, and a boy of 10. Husband and children will join Jane in Auckland soon. Jane was attracted to St Mary’s by her penchant for social justice, and her desire to run a large multicultural school. She believes Catholic schools are turning out young women well equipped for the modern world - confident, capable, with a strong sense of social justice - just the qualities which Jane Holloway herself so strongly embodies. Jane Holloway is firmly in the “girls can do anything” camp. “I’m so impressed and quite moved by the incredible welcome I have received,” Jane tells us, “and I’m focussed on making a good school even better. I have inherited an excellent staff, which has made my transition so much easier.” St Mary’s new Principal has a couple of messages for the incoming Government. “Administration and the paper war is consuming teachers and reducing their effectiveness. Teaching is a service, but it’s too bogged down by paper work, and teachers have to fight hard to remain visionary.” Jane Holloway calls on the new Government to fund extra support within schools - nurses, social workers, counsellors - to help provide better pastoral care for students. “In more families both parents are working, and families are under increasing pressure. They often need extra assistance.” And so, in just four weeks Jane Holloway has her feet firmly under the desk at St Mary’s, and is excited about her tenure as Principal. Here is a driven woman, motivated by excellence, with a strong and vibrant personality, determined to lead St Mary’s to further success as an outstanding multi cultural 21st century school. As she gets better known in the local community I’m sure she will be embraced just as warmly as she has been by the St Mary’s College community. Ponsonby News wishes her well. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

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WE ASKED MAN ABOUT TOWN RICARDO SIMICH TO TEST DRIVE THE ALL NEW BMW ONE SERIES FOR A WEEK When I was given the keys to the new BMW 1 Series for a week I felt excitement, mixed with a little trepidation. (a) How could someone like me effectively write about motoring, (b) As it’s a smaller car than I’m used to, how could I feel like ‘King of the Road’? However, the first four hours and the last hour of my week sum up our relationship perfectly. Approaching the 1 Series from a design perspective it ticked all my materialistic boxes. Its WOW factors were subtle. My model was black with detailing in charcoal which complemented the well thought-out curves and dare I say, aero dynamic look.

Over the course of the week I’d formed a bond with my zippy friend. I even went out at night and didn’t drink a drop just so I could take the 1 Series out with me. I was constantly surprised with even the smallest details my newly found friend had to offer.

Once inside the car my concerns about size quickly vanished. There was plenty of room, and I knew I was going to enjoy experiencing what, I think, is ‘the ultimate car about town’. The dash was full of surprises, including a screen with navigation that would leave any luxury car fiend salivating, so once I got my Bluetooth sorted I was off.

As I headed back to the dealership I experienced pangs of separation anxiety, the 1 Series had exceeded my expectations as to what ‘the ultimate car about town’ should be. When passing other cars it was like wearing a Comme de Garçon Jacket, people can see you have something special on by the design, but it’s not until they see you front on or driving by that they realise you are in something with an edge. I like to think so anyway.

Heading back to the city on the motorway I was keen to test my new friend. Just a slight push to the acceleration and … whoosh, my zippy wheels had me owning the lane changes across the bridge. In fact, my single favourite thing about the 1 Series is how deceptive the light frame is. When passing someone, that slight touch to the accelerator is like a mini turbo boost. Getting off at Shelley Beach Road (within legal limits), I proudly raced everyone to the top. However, I had a sense of foreboding at my next test. I am very much ‘spatially challenged’ when it comes to parallel parking. Wanting to show off a little I set myself the task of parking right outside SPQR. My neck didn’t spasm like it usually does and I parked with a foot and a half of space up my sleeve. The parking sensors were hardly needed. The brag test at lunch went well, my girlfriends thought it was very sexy and my male friends were given a quick test drive to show them how grunty it really is. After a few laps along Ponsonby Road I must say it felt like the 1 Series and I received more than a few double takes, without me having to do the honking! Clearly a hit with the ‘too cool for school’ crew in Ponsonby, I head to the other testing ground for ‘the ultimate car about town’, Parnell. I went to visit the girls at Parnell Inc, again parallel parking a breeze, even in traffic on The Rise. “Very Parnell Ricardo!” “That’s what they said in Ponsonby girls!” Perfect! I had a car that passed the double P test across our city divide. Driving home I had Lexus, Audi and fellow BMW drivers checking me out. Arriving in the car park at my Gladstone Road apartment I felt a sense of pride when parking in between an older 1 Series and a BMW 3 Series.

I’d received the 1 Series with a full tank of diesel which was a cool eco experience in itself. Being the polite man I am, on the way to returning the vehicle I decided to fill up. After seven trips across the city, one trip to St Heliers, one trip to Karaka and a few other miscellaneous ventures it was sitting at half a tank, I kid you not! And to refill was just over 50 bucks! Upon returning the car to Jerry Clayton BMW, an array of options tailored to my individual taste were on offer, such as interior red contrast stitch detail on black leather (including the steering wheel) and many other mix and match details leaving me plenty of food for thought! COMING UP IN DECEMBER AT THE JERRY CLAYTON BMW SHOWROOM 14 December: Following on from the live art show by Otis Frizzell at the Jerry Clayton BMW 1 Series launch, this wonderful piece of work will be auctioned at the showroom over wine and hors d’oeuvres, with other pieces of Otis’ work on display. Proceeds from the Auction will go to North Shore Hospice. Please contact Kate Coveny on if you are interested in attending. With Christmas and the holidays upon us Jerry Clayton staff lucky enough to be taking a break, have been issued challenges to come back with the Ultimate Vacation Routes. For those who are celebrating the New Year in Auckland, pop into the showroom after 4pm between Christmas and New Year for drinks and nibbles. The Jerry Clayton BMW sales department are now open until 9pm every Thursday, we would love to see you down at the dealership. PN

445 Lake Road Takapuna, Phone 09 488 2000

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 LOCAL NEWS HOLIDAY FUN AT MOTAT! MOTAT is packed full of fun this holiday season, with loads of activities and events for everyone to enjoy. Celebrating Christmas from 1-24 December, MOTAT will light up its Victorian Village with ‘MOTAT Nights, Christmas Lights’ every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8-11pm. A must-see on your Christmas Light trail, experience a magical evening with live entertainment, music, night time tram rides, Christmas displays, and Christmas treats like mulled wine available to purchase! Entry is by gold coin donation. Kids will love MOTAT’s ‘make and take’ Christmas activities, with a new activity on each weekend during the day from 1-24 December. An experienced host will help children to make Christmas decorations, papier mâché snowmen, Christmas cards and mini Christmas stockings. Continuing the spirit of Christmas, visitors can explore the wonderful collection at MOTAT (including the magnificent newly opened Aviation Display Hall) by purchasing a children’s gift for charity from the MOTAT shop in return for FREE admission to MOTAT*. All donated gifts will be given to Auckland City Mission and Ronald McDonald House to help out families in need this Christmas. Throughout December and January, Scitech’s incredible travelling exhibition ‘Playing with Light’ offers more than twenty exciting and scientific interactive displays to explore all the wonders of light. Visitors will love colouring in an entire wall with virtual paintbrushes, playing laser dodge, and entering the crazy world of a toy kaleidoscope. To find out more about everything that’s happening at MOTAT, visit *1-24 December 2011, some conditions apply. PN

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FIVE MOTAT FAMILY PASSES TO GIVEAWAY Kids will love MOTAT’s “make and take” Christmas programme, with a fun, new activity on each weekend until Christmas. An experienced host will help kids make Christmas decorations, papier mâché snowmen, Christmas cards and mini Christmas stockings. We have five MOTAT family passes to giveaway worth $35 each, so enter by emailing your name and address to


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photography: Amanda Reelick


PIPPA COOM WINS SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION AWARD AT NZI SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS NETWORK AWARDS LOCAL RESIDENT PIPPA COOM CHAIRS THE GREY LYNN FARMER’S MARKET committee and was (until recently) on the committee for Cycle Action Auckland, a coordinator of Frocks on Bikes Auckland and is on the steering committee of Grey Lynn 2030. Pippa won the Sustainability Champion Award at the NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards last month. This award celebrates key people or teams who are ‘sustainability superstars’ within their organisation. The judges identified Pippa as a clear leader and driver of the Grey Lynn Farmers Market, a 100% owned social enterprise, saying she exemplifies and inspires what one person can do to connect community. The Market, since its inception in 2009, has fostered local retail and small businesses, which may not otherwise thrive in a commercial environment. She has also lobbied council on cycling in Auckland and driven consumer behaviour change and transport behaviour change. Pippa’s enormous commitment to the Grey Lynn Market and community goes ‘above and beyond’. Our congratulations to Pippa! PN

NEW PROMOTIONAL VEHICLE A BIG HIT WITH LOCALS THIS IS A BUSINESS START-UP THAT HAS REALLY GOT SOME MOMENTUM. Literally. Blackboard Vans are attracting a great deal of interest around Ponsonby and that’s exactly what they are supposed to do. Blackboard Vans are what they are – blackboards on vans that cruise the local area advertising local businesses. Ponsonby local, Joe Reid is the man behind the idea and his aim is to offer, “affordable, local advertising to local business people”. According to Joe, “The blackboard is a great device to promote limited opportunity offers. It has an immediacy about it which shouts ‘available now’. Yet with a blackboard the customer also knows the message is temporary, so there’s a reason to act now or they could miss out. So it’s an excellent vehicle (sorry, no pun intended) to push daily, deals, specials, open homes, sales and bargains.” Joe Vuletich from The Rug Studio in Ponsonby Road is one very happy customer. He used Blackboard Vans for just two days to promote their ‘Shag Sale’ and they generated a huge 40% increase in sales and a lot of laughter as well. What many businesses will find appealing about Blackboard Vans is there are no long-term contracts involved. You can book them for just one day and they will do a continuous set circuit of busy inner city streets or take a specific route tailormade for you. PN To drive your message home, contact Joe Reid of Blackboard Vans on T: 0800 10 11 80 or via email:

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COPY DEADLINE: Friday, 20 January PUBLISHED: Friday, 3 February (Please be on time, as any material arriving after deadline may incur a 20% surcharge)


Jo Barrett on 021 324 510 or T: 09 361 3356 or 09 378 8553 E: W:

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“ALL I ASK IS A TALL SHIP AND A STAR TO STEER HER BY” Thanks to the generosity of the late Lou Fisher, young New Zealanders are given the chance to set sail on a tall ship. He gifted the topsail schooner, Spirit of Adventure to the nation in 1973. Later she was replaced by a three-masted barquentine,The Spirit of New Zealand which is probably the world’s busiest youth ship. Since 1973 more than 75,000 young people from throughout New Zealand have participated in one or other of the Spirit of Adventure Trust’s youth development voyages. Sailing a tall ship is regarded as an ideal environment for youth development. The focus is on team-work, self-reliance, self-discipline, resilience, confidence and leadership. Participants are selected from secondary schools and those who are seen to benefit most from the programmes are supported by fee subsidies and scholarships. This ensures that those from all socio-economic backgrounds and academic ability have the opportunity to participate. Some of the Trust’s income is funded by voyage fees and special sailings but most comes from grants, fundraising, donations, bequests and sponsorship. The 10-Day Youth Voyages take an equal mix of forty girls and boys from around the country. These ‘trainees’ are all total strangers when they first meet aboard the ship and embark on a journey of discovery about themselves, the others around them and the maritime environment they will work in together. Ongoing Otago University research finds the self training voyages appear to make a lasting difference in their lives. There’s no room for luxuries, hairdryers, hot showers or home comforts yet almost all insist “these were the best ten days of my life”. Well it’s no mean feat to hoist and set very large and heavy sails, or climb the ratlines thirty metres above the deck, not forgetting the dawn swim in all weathers. The final challenge is on day nine when the trainees elect their own crew and sail the ship to its final anchorage within a given time frame. Occasionally, the trust takes members of the public out on short harbour cruises to give them a small taste of what young New Zealanders experience on a ten day voyage. “The willing can get their hands dirty and help with the ropes or guests can just sit back, relax and let the crew take the helm,” says the Trust CEO, Dean Lawrence. The Trust’s annual appeal ran from 7 to 13 November and on the Wednesday and Thursday Aucklanders had the opportunity to go on one of two short cruises from 10am to 2pm. The cost was $75 per person including lunch and refreshments plus there was a cash bar on board. The Thursday sailing had a bit of a rough start, but thankfully the weather cleared and roughly forty people enjoyed a stunning day on board. The next public sailing will be on Saturday 18 February, a day to mark in the diary because these special sails really help towards subsidising the work of the Trust. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

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 LOCAL NEWS ‘HISTORIC AUCKLAND AND NORTHLAND’: A NEW COFFEE TABLE BOOK BY RICHARD WOLFE Local Freemans Bay resident Richard Wolfe is a well-known author and curator with an in-depth knowledge of the region’s history and photographic archives through a long association with Auckland Museum. His latest work, a beautifully produced hardback, coffee table book showcases the history of Auckland and Northland through superb historic photographs, many not published before. The book’s informative extended captions and the more than 140 photographs will leave readers well-versed in each region. Beginning with some of the earliest photographs of Auckland, including an 1859 image of a Maori group overlooking Commercial Bay and Queen Street, the story of the region takes in familiar places and forgotten buildings, recreation and transport, farming and industry. Extended captions tell micro-stories of important events and people, significant social changes, and how those in the north of New Zealand lived, worked and played.“New Zealand’s largest urban area began as a collection of temporary huts and tents on the foreshore, in what was known as Commercial Bay. It lay at the foot of a muddy track which ran down a gully and would soon become Queen Street.” ‘Historic Auckland and Northland’ is a new addition to this sumptuous series that showcases the history of New Zealand through fascinating photographs. Books already published in this series are Otago and Hawke’s Bay and East Coast with other volumes currently in production.

NOVEMBER MEETING - PONSONBY U3A INSTEAD OF A 10 MINUTE SPEAKER THIS MONTH, ROSEMARY WARD FROM the Electoral Commission gave an overview of the five voting systems and the choices we would be required to make in the referendum on Election Day. She showed an excellent DVD and demonstrated the navigation of the referendum website where the options could be viewed again. She also showed the tool kit available to help clarify which choice would most suit our individual requirements for a voting system. The guest speaker was well known Actor, Director and Tutor Raymond Hawthorne. As well as sharing his own personal journey in the theatre in New Zealand and overseas, he also looked at the history and development of theatre in this country and spoke of where we are now in the Arts in Auckland. In1955 Hawthorne joined The New Zealand Players, New Zealand’s first major professional theatre company founded by Richard and Edith Campion. For many of us his talk was a trip down memory lane. He spoke of amateur companies, of local theatre and overseas


touring companies such as Stratford on Avon, and of actors and actresses like Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier and writers such as Bruce Mason and Roger Hall. He reminded us of the musicals of Gilbert and Sullivan, The Merry Widow and Salad Days as well as theatres and companies all over the country including His Majesty’s, Mercury, St James, Civic, Circa, Downstage, Court, Theatre Corporate, Auckland Theatre Company and many more. He spoke of the theatre in New Zealand as being an ever moving canvas of successes and failures, with companies coming and going and theatres being built and closed. Funding and funding priorities have been and still are completely erratic and survival of companies is always in question and is the same the world over. He spoke of the wonderful opportunities for theatre and concerts in Auckland and urged us to support them saying “go to everything”. Many U3A members are enthusiastic theatre and concert goers taking advantage of annual subscriptions and ‘senior’ discounts. The next meeting of Ponsonby U3A, will be a Christmas special at 9.45am on Friday 9 December at the Leys Institute. (NOELINE CREIGHTON) PN

PRESENT TO PAST - HELPING TO CAPTURE FAMILY HISTORY The people at Present To Past love what they do. For one recent project, they put together photos, childhood records and children’s artwork to create a wonderful bound book to help grandparents in Europe keep in touch with the kids back home. They relish the opportunity to help families capture their stories and using a versatile digital programme Present To Past turn photos, family documents, memorabilia into uniquely tailored books with customised design – without the expense of graphic design. Present To Past is always keen to work with clients on different concepts for personalised books with some of the most popular ideas being: • A record of a special occasion • A child’s early years • Family heritage • A collection of special photos • Favourite recipes

20 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

Using well-tested methods, Present To Past also research family history. Getting your heritage researched is a great legacy to give your family. With the results of the research you could consider getting it published in a book, including your old photos, family documents and memorabilia. This is a way of preserving, duplicating and sharing family information that so often gets split up over generations. If you are looking to arrange fundraising, you can talk to Present To Past about fundraising options tailored to your organisation - great for clubs and schools. PN For more information E:


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JOHN ELLIOTT YOUTHLINE - FORTY YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE I have often been past Youthline in Maidstone Street, but had never been inside until last week. I was warmly greeted by CEO Stephen Bell, and given a tour of the building - a fascinating rabbit warren of offices, cubbyholes, colourfully decorated walls, and most importantly, friendly welcoming, mostly young, staff. The range of activities undertaken at Youth -line surprised me. Of course every one knows about their telephone counselling service, begun in 1970. That continues to be a strong part of their work, but I was fascinated by the upsurge of text activity. They now receive something like 350,000 texts a year, all of which are monitored on computer screen and replied to appropriately. Youthline also receives referrals from schools, other professional services, parents, as well as self-referrals. Stephen Bell has been with Youthline since 1985, and tells me he left school with no qualifications at all. He has since become a registered nurse, and has vast experience in family violence, and although very modest, rates his expertise with young men as one of his skills.


Stephen jokes easily as he introduces me to his team on our walkabout. There are the phone call centre, the quake line, the triage centre, and various other specialty phone services. And then there are the face to face services to be organised and planned, with online and web-based services as well. Downstairs is the school. There are twelve students who have found the regular school systems unsatisfactory. I met two very enthusiastic teachers, Rachel and Siutu. Next door is the youth transition section - school to work, and youth leadership training where I met Ramon, who focuses on music and drama. What a team - twenty or thirty of them - mainly young and distinctly multicultural. The offices are set up like a large student flat, with a self service cafe in the entrance. (do your own dishes, or face the wrath of the team!) Stephen says the office functions as an upside down pyramid, with him at the pointy bottom end. “I try to catch everything that trickles down and isn’t picked up on the way through,” he tells us. The overall shape of Youthline has changed significantly over the past ten years. They have grown from having six fulltime equivalents to 60 in 2011. Social enterprise activities are an important part of Youthline’s operations as they strive towards a selfsustainable future.They aim to build greater resiliency and sustainability into their future programmes. I met Beth St Claire, senior Counsellor, Supervisor and Psychotherapist, who told us about the fun activities they had to celebrate 11/11/11. They had a ‘mirror’-themed party, due to the date being unique in the numbers mirroring each other. Youthliners and friends dressed up and had a fun night, followed next day by a themed ‘Prim and Proper’ Picnic in the Domain. It is important, Beth pointed out, to have some fun together because, although it’s very rewarding work, it can deal with big issues be pretty challenging. Events like that can also a good recruitment opportunity. Both were successful, the team had fun, played some silly games and enjoyed good music. Youthline was grateful to Russell Hollings of Anzac Picture Framers, who lent lovely mirrors, and Phillip Matthews of Studio Art Supplies for allowing use of their art-class easels to display the big mirrors safely. Youthline is in good heart after the first forty years of its existence, and can look forward to the next forty positively and with confidence. They are an impressive team, well led, well trained, and forward focussed. We at Ponsonby News wish them well, and thank them on behalf of our community for the valuable work they are doing with youth in our neighbourhood. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PN

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photography: Michael McClintock

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photography: Michael McClintock

GREY LYNN PARK FESTIVAL 2011 – A GREAT TURN-OUT! THIS YEARS GREY LYNN PARK FESTIVAL HELD ON SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER, attracted an impressive crowd, clearly taking advantage of the beautiful summery day. Families, groups of friends, couples, and those flying solo, converged on the vast inner city park, and enjoyed a day of music, arts and entertainment. Festival goers explored and picnicked in the park.The grounds were packed with stalls from local artists, designers, and craft makers selling their original and creative wares. Among the stalls we’re West Lynn fashion boutique, Moa, and Ponsonby t-shirt store The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Clothesline. Both proved very popular with the punters looking to kit out for the summer months ahead. Over at the Whanau Stage, the audience were treated to a line up of local acts, including Chocolate Fish Band, known for their bohemian mambo jazz style, and Che Fu, one of New Zealand’s most successful male vocalists. His soulful blend of hip hop and R&B had the audience up and dancing, who were further wowed when he was joined on stage by his son and Dad. (GWYNNE DAVENPORT AND MICHAEL MCCLINTOCK) DEADLINE – 20TH OF THE MONTH December 2011 PONSONBY NEWS+


photography: Michael McClintock

ART IN THE DARK 11-12 NOVEMBER, WESTERN PARK Last year’s Art in the Dark captured the imagination and attention of 10,000+ members of the community who viewed 36 works of light art free of charge. This collaborative event was held again over two nights last month. It was filled with interactive, visually compelling light art, installations, projected short films and creative performances. The entire event was eco-friendly and the projects were powered by clean energy, with minimal waste. PN

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photography: Michael McClintock


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PIPPA COOM GREY LYNN 2030 NEWS In Grey Lynn we are ending the year with a final blast of local events and excitement about waste! RESOURCE RECOVERY Affectionately known as the ‘wasters’ the Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away team are passionate about reducing waste in our community and changing our attitudes to all the valuable resources currently going into landfill. The wasters are taking an active role drumming up interest in the Auckland Council’s draft Waste management and minimisation plan. With an aspirational aim of ‘zero waste’ it is the first Auckland-wide plan to deal with waste consistently and efficiently across the region. Waste Away has put together submissions suggestions, available on the Grey Lynn 2030 website, that start by asking Auckland Council to be very proactive and stand up against the waste lobby to regain control of Auckland’s resource stream. Submissions can be made until 31 January 2012. More information about the draft plan is available on the Waste Away stand at the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market.

THE CHRISTMAS MARKET It will be a festive atmosphere at the last Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market of the year with live music, story telling, face painting and a bumper number of stalls including fresh seasonal spray free vegetables, seafood, bread, honey and local artisan products. Sunday 18 December 9am–1pm. The market opens again on Sunday 15 January 2012 continuing every Sunday (except the last Sunday of the month). Following on from the Market on Sunday 18 December celebrate the summer Christmas season at St Columba, Grey Lynn. Once again it is the delight of St Columba to host a community garden party celebrating summer and the Christmas season. Win a prize for the best decorated hat (a children’s and an adult’s prize!). Bring strawberries to share. Enjoy the music and the garden. 2pm–4pm St Columba, 92 Surrey Crescent Grey Lynn. (PIPPA COOM) PN

CHRISTMAS CHEER IN GREY LYNN On Friday 9 December, the Surrey Crescent shops are hosting a Christmas Cheer in Grey Lynn street party, in association with the Grey Lynn Business Association. Following on from the success of the ‘Shout for Samoa’ street parties, Christmas Cheer in Grey Lynn will include music, food, stalls and plenty of festive spirit. Enjoy the groovy rock melody of Tribal State and Concrete Jungle, the beautiful sound of Natasha Urale, and the angelic voice of Tree Stylus. Donated gifts under the festive pohutakawa Christmas trees will go to the Grey Lynn Woman’s Refuge or Starship Hospital. The street party kicks off at 4.30pm until 8.00pm. SHOP LOCAL THIS CHRISTMAS In West Lynn the GLBA is supporting a ‘Shop Local this Christmas’ campaign with local retailers to promote the local fashion, dinning, wine, gifts, books, kid’s toys, pampering, produce, Christmas organic treats and much more that is available in the lovely local shops on Richmond Road.

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SIDELINE WITH GEORGE BERRY GALLOPING TO THE FRONT OF THE PACK It’s hard to even contemplate playing rugby at this time of the year, that’s unless you’re in the UK getting ready to take on England at Twickenham. The nights have begun to get cold and the weather is closing in on England’s capital, but the New Zealand women’s rugby team wouldn’t have it any other way. With that being the landscape for the squad of 26 women it seems quite fitting that this story be about Ponsonby’s new Black Fern Eloise Blackwell. It was back in the depths of the New Zealand winter that I was first introduced to twenty year old Blackwell where she was taking the Ponsonby Ponies through their paces. No, Eloise isn’t the coach of the Ponies but a very committed rugby player none the less. This determination and dedication has clearly paid off after being named as one of eight newcomers to the New Zealand side. After being promoted as one of the senior players in the ponies side over the past two years Blackwell took it upon herself to bring the rest of the squad and the hordes of newcomers up to speed as quickly as possible. When their fitness was brought into question early in the season Blackwell organised extra fitness training in order to fill the void. “I love to play rugby just like everyone here,” said Blackwell, “but what we don’t like is when we’re chasing our tails. If we want to win games we need to be fitter, sharper, and most of all committed to each other.” Clearly that attitude has stuck with Blackwell as she climbs the ranks in New Zealand rugby. The towering lock had a stellar season with the Auckland NPC side where they went on to lift the coveted trophy. I once again caught up with Blackwell when she was in camp with the Black Ferns in Auckland. “This is something else, yes for sure you put in the effort coming through the grades and from club to provincial, but this is something else. It’s hard, real hard. But at this stage I can only imagine that the level of rugby will also be hard, so they’re (the coaches) doing everything they can to prepare us for what’s to come.” You see, unlike their male counterparts, women’s rugby is still an amateur sport so training, study, and work all need to be balanced just right. But to the credit of everyone involved, the balance between all those vital things looks to be about right. The Black Ferns are current World Cup champions and take on runners up England in a three test series over the end of November and start of December, including playing a curtain raiser at Twickenham for the Wallabies vs. Barbarians (who’ll be coached by Graham Henry) game. (GEORGE BERRY) PN

FAIRY-TALE FINISH FOR AUCKLAND AND KIWIS TRIATHLETES MORE THAN A DECADE OF WAITING IS OVER AND THE AUCKLAND Triathlon 2011 has been and gone and was without a doubt a successful event. Possibly a dress rehearsal for the World Cup Grand Final in 2012 the course has received worldwide applause from most of the top competing athletes. Olympic gold medallist Hamish Carter dusted off his lycra for the first time since retiring in 2006 to compete in the age group competition and scurried home in a creditable time of 2 hours 8 minutes. “That’s such a great course, right in the heart of the city is perfect to have the sport showcased to the public as they line the streets,” said Carter. When asked if he would consider taking up the challenge of competing in a few more events as a veteran the answer was quickly snapped back “if that be the case I think a little more training would be needed so I can’t see it happening any time soon.” Auckland Mayor Len Brown has a vision of bringing major events to the City of Sails and when the council pulls off events like this, there is no wonder they’re confident in the implantation of the plans. Both the men’s and women’s main races couldn’t have been better scripted, with a fairy tale finish for Kris Gremmell and long-time friend Bevan Docherty. Gemmell undoubtly has a massive talent in the sport of triathlon but has often been dogged by issues of untimely manners. But not at Auckland and not in 2011, Gemmell’s win opened the door for New Zealand to get a third spot in the London Olympics, whilst Docherty’s second place finish showed exactly why he’s been New Zealand’s top triathlete for such a long time. The precursor was already in place for the men after cantabrian Andrea Hewitt flexed her pocket rocket mussels and claim the top spot in the women’s. “There is no course like this anywhere in the world said Hewitt, the crowd get so close you can hear their encouragements, and there is nothing like having a home crowd to spur you on” she reiterated. “The course is difficult and challenging especially on the bike, it lends itself to plenty of opportunities to attack and to create a break away, I can’t wait to be back racing here next October” Hewitt went on to say. (GEORGE BERRY) PN

CATS AMONGST THE PIGEONS AT THE WEST END CUP CHALLENGING YOURSELF WHILST ON THE COURT IS ONE THING BUT continuing to do it off the court is another. And whilst the organising committee of the West End Cup is no longer at the top of their game with racket in hand they certainly haven’t dropped the ball without it. Mirroring the Heineken Open and ASB Classic announcements of bumper fields, the West End Cup has lured a swag of top competitors for this year’s competition. The entire NZ Davis Cup team will be competing at the tournament, making it standout tennis for all concerned and a really tough competition. Artem Sitak, Michael Venus, Rubin Statham, and Marcus Daniell will all be there, but for me the most exciting announcement is 22 year old Austen Childs who is coming home for the tournament. Childs is on a scholarship to study in the US and has the ability to really throw down a challenge to the current Davis Cup team making for a really entertaining event. Childs only has one semester to go at the University of Louisville before he plans to turn professional. In 2010 he was a ring in for the NZ Davis Cup team and as such managed to register the deciding point in New Zealand’s 3-2 Davis Cup win over Pakistan. Normally he is unavailable to play for NZ due to his Louisville commitments but on that occasion the timing worked. As a junior he made the quarter finals in the Australian Open Juniors before being spotted by a University of Louisville scout and offered a scholarship. He has had a pretty incredible run in the States and looks to be a rising star in the tennis arena,

30 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

and one New Zealand can be really proud of. Childs has been ranked as high as number sixteen out of all American college players. Last year he made it to the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) singles final, ending the match as runner up. This was a truly amazing feat for a kiwi so far from home. The NCAAs is the pinnacle for College players. To put this into perspective previous winners of the coveted prize include John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners (both former world number ones), Kevin Curran (former world number five and Wimbledon Semi Finalist), Bob Bryan (former world Doubles number one). Childs has also been named BIG EAST player of the year for two consecutive years. Having Childs compete at the West End Cup will throw a spanner in the works for last year’s winner Sitack and others. “I’m not coming back just to make up the numbers,” said Childs. “I have heard great things about the West End Cup and it will be great to show off some of the skills I’ve learnt whilst in the states.” “The weather isn’t the best in Louisville at this time of the year so coming home was an easy decision, and with the line-up this year at the tournament looking like the strongest they’ve ever been able to put together the quality of the competition will be outstanding. It will definitely test all of us, and I guess give the winner bragging rights for the summer also.” (GEORGE BERRY) PN



FINDING THE PERFECT COURSE OF ACTION With the weather heating up it seems like summer is well and truly here. In honour of that I’ve dragged the sticks from deep inside the downstairs cupboard and headed out and about to check out the latest at some of Auckland’s golf courses. The four courses that were put through our review system got scored for location, quality of course and surroundings, ease of booking, and of course cost.

CLASH OF THE TITANS! The Sons Of Samson Arm Wrestling club is a young club that formed about six months ago. It was through the love of arm wrestling that the members found one another and decided to start a club. As Anton, one of the founders told Ponsonby News, “Our aim is to promote the sport of arm wrestling in New Zealand. Through the website key contacts have been formed with the arm wrestling community. Sons of Samson has now decided to run a competition in Ponsonby to raise the awareness of the sport and to allow anyone keen a chance to learn the sport. We want to make the event exciting and fun. Arm Wrestling is not only a brawn game, there is a lot of technique involved and mental strength.” Australia recently held their National Championships where one of the members, Caleb O’Brian entered and came second on the right hand in the 95kg category. This was a stepping stone for arm wrestlers to prepare for next year’s world championship which will be held in Brazil. Arm Wrestling is extremely popular in Europe, Asia and North America. PN Clash of the Titans, 7pm, Thursday 15 December @ COSH BAR, 155 Ponsonby Road M: 022 601 8036; Free entry

AKARANA Don’t be fooled by Akarana’s perceived lack of distance, for this course can bite even the steadiest golfer. A fantastic mix of slopes, elevations, bunkers, a healthy dose of water and other hazards make for a great challenge for golfers of all abilities. Intelligent play off the tee and ball placement is crucial around this intricate lay-out, with putting being put to the test. A tidy course is backed up with brilliant facilities. All your usual golfing needs are catered for with an efficient pro shop, aided by the usual putting and chipping greens combined with a lengthy driving range enclosure. The clubhouse is a perfect match for this beautiful course, perfectly placed, just 10 minutes from the city. However, beware the winter months when this low lying 18 holes can struggle to stay afloat and is forced to close certain holes. 8 out of 10 CHAMBERLAIN Bang for your buck is guaranteed at this fun public course, with a first up, first to tee off policy. What the club lacks in grooming and grandeur is easily made up for by the adventurous layout. Plenty of walking is guaranteed, especially if you choose not to use the fairway! A no booking policy paves the way for spur of the moment twilight golf; heading into what’s looking like being a long hot summer twilight golf could be just the ticket. What this course lacks in pizazz it’s quickly made up with convenience, one of my favourite courses when short on time but desperate for some time out on the fairways with the clubs. 6 out of 10 AVIATION There’s no secret in the location, the name Aviation says it all, around a half hour drive from Ponsonby, Aviation is a sweet wee course situated within a stones throw of both the international and domestic terminals at Auckland Airport. Initially one of my top two courses to play in Auckland, Aviation’s persistent wind has seen it slip out of favour. The many hazards do wonders for your game and can teach you to play correct and straight, but the unforgiving wind is a bit of a pitfall for me, so suggest you pick your day carefully before throwing the clubs in the boot. 6 out of 10 TAKAPUNA Just across the bridge Takapuna is where I often find myself when I’m graced with a few spare hours in the afternoon. Made up of challenging short holes and very long par fours and fives can often make for a very challenging day. You can’t afford to get it wrong at Takapuna, it’s when you start to relax that the course comes back to bite and bite hard. Losing at least one ball is inevitable when you lose your focus. Situated on the bottom side of the motorway Takapuna is often water logged in the winter and after a heavy rain, so again a course to pick your days but when it’s on it’s a course to rival many. The other unfortunate thing is that the combination of low green fees and proximity to nearly everywhere in Auckland means getting on the course can often be difficult. 7 out of 10

22 year old AUSTEN CHILDS

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MAKING TIME TO ENJOY LIFE TOGETHER We know Geoff Scott as the Chef and Patron of his iconic restaurant Vinnies on Jervois Road. I interviewed him earlier this year and discovered his passion for local food, wine and people, so I thought it would be great to talk with his wife Jane to see what life is like behind the scenes for Geoff and his family. Jane Scott trained as a nurse and until their first child was born seven years ago, she was Charge Nurse for the Cardiac Investigations Unit at Auckland hospital. Now with three children, she only has time for working one day a week. “Nursing is my career and what I love to do. I don’t underestimate how hard it is for Geoff, he works really long hours, but I don’t want to work in the restaurant, it’s not where my passion lies. It’s much easier if I do the back of house from home. I do the accounts, payroll and keep track of how the business is running, but the restaurant is very much Geoff’s thing. He uses me as a sounding board for new recipes and if I’m flicking through a magazine I might point something out to him, but I don’t go in very often.”

JANE and GEOFF SCOTT with their children OLIVER, ZARA and SAM

The long hours mean family time is precious and having a late night out after the restaurant closes doesn’t work for Geoff anymore, he would rather spend quality time with his family. Jane and Geoff spend most mornings together and now the children are at school and pre-school there is more time to indulge in some of their favourite pastimes. “We love our mornings with each other and really make an effort to do something together. Sunday is our only full family day and Geoff is really good at getting the kids motivated, we do a lot of biking and gardening.”

‘We’ve just done a wonderful renovation on our house so we like to have people over or what is really nice is to be invited out for dinner at other people’s houses. Some people just don’t want to cook for Geoff because they think we eat the same kind of food as he serves at the restaurant, but Geoff sometimes only cooks once a week at home and even then he likes to barbeque and cook simply. We socialise with a wide variety of people, but not as much as we would like, what’s really nice is to have a night off together and have fun with other people.”

“Our mother’s grew up together at a beach south of Auckland and now we go to that same beach for time out, to fish, have picnics and to escape.” They both share a passion for life and living it to the full. She says “we are so lucky in this country and this city. We have beautiful gardens, the waterfront, the beaches and can bike or walk anywhere. It’s important to stop and appreciate what we’ve got, we love spending time with each other and our children.”

“We like living life to the fullest because you only get one chance at it, so when the opportunities arise, we take them.” (REBECCA JONES) PN

“I have an outgoing personality which, I think, makes life easier for us. I don’t think we would be together if we didn’t support each other. We do get to spend a lot of quality time together, but the restaurant continues to develop and grow, so I’m happy to look after the house and kids for most of the time. I have the mother/father role at night time and I enjoy playing sports with the kids, but that’s just me. I’m proud of Geoff and know that part of his success is because of me and the support I give him.” The community of Ponsonby and Herne Bay have been big supporters of Vinnies for 25 years and Jane says she and Geoff love supporting the shops and businesses in the area too. “I love Ponsonby and Jervois Roads for shopping, though I don’t get up there very often because of the kids. I really want to go to Cocoro and I do enjoy eating at Ponsonby Road Bistro. I really like to eat out with my friends although Geoff and I are more inclined to dine out together because we’re into great food.”

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VINNIES, 166 Jervois Road, Herne Bay T: 09 376 5597

MORE FM DEVONPORT FOOD, WINE AND MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! B3 EVENTS ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE MORE FM AS THE NEW NAME behind the iconic Devonport Food, Wine & Music Festival to be held next year over the weekend of 18 - 19 February. Tickets are now on sale and as the festival was almost a sell out on the Saturday last year and demand is expected to be high, pre purchasing tickets is strongly advised. Tickets are available via and the festival’s website has full details of the event at PN


EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY HUBC4P, OFFERING FAB ‘XMAS-THEMED CAKES AND GINGERBREAD HOUSES Ponsonby Road has had to play second fiddle to Eden Park and Wynyard Quarter for the past two months as the ‘World Came to Play’. But now all that rugby stuff is over and we have the Webb Ellis Trophy (or one of them) in our hot little hands it is Ponsonby’s time to turn it on for Christmas. HUBC4P Cafe above MINI Garage at 130 Ponsonby Road have these fantastic ‘Xmas-themed cakes and Gingerbread Houses that make a groovy alternative to the old nativity display on the hall table. You get to eat it come Boxing Day and it will be the cheapest house you ever bought in Ponsonby. Get into them they are irresistable! As the ‘Franklin Road Lights’ kick off the festive season and the decorations take on that yuletide flavour along our favourite entertainment strip, it is also the time when shopping and shoppers can get a little frantic. That’s when it pays to take some chill time on the big open deck at HUBC4P. Have a calming Gen Mai Cha tea and enjoy the distance from the madding crowd or inject some Supreme caffeine to fire up the reserves along with some delicious homemade goodies. Empire eggs and moroccan lamb pies are my favourites followed up with muscovitas or a cream filled doughnut. My flatmates prefer the lamingtons as they say that they tick their nostalgia boxes. Come to think of it the old school typewriter ticks that box too. Speaking of ticking boxes it’s time to think politics and parties... well parties anyway. I hear that HUBC4P hires out for functions so it also makes an ubercool venue to celebrate the right kind of member getting elected. Like the Minister of Good Taste or the Minister of Sweet Affairs! Gets my vote every time. (AGATHA HIGGLESBOTTOM II) PN HUBC4P Cafe, 230 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2568

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ALICE LEONARD: ANGEL FOOD ALMOND CREAM CHEESE 2 cups ground almonds 1½ cups boiling water 4 teaspoons lemon juice ¾ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon sugar

Optional: pinch of black salt (aka Himalayan salt) Optional: ¼ - ½ teaspoon garlic powder (omit for sweet applications) 1. Put almonds and boiling water in food processor or blender and leave for about five minutes. 2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on high speed until smooth. 3. Add lemon juice, salt, and onion powder. Blend until smooth. 4. Put it in a lidded dish and refrigerate.

I avoid dairy products for the same three reasons I avoid meat (ethics, environment and health). Ten years ago I would have considered life without dairy products an unthinkable hardship. But now I know that it’s a perfectly fine way to live, and that replacing the rich, satisfying taste of dairy products with their plant-derived equivalents is not such a big deal. This tasty cream cheese is delicious with crackers and crudités, or as part of a canapé (in the photograph, it’s topped with Caviart vegan caviar, available from my website and selected supermarkets and with seaweed sprinkles from the Asian supermarket). If you reduce the salt to half a teaspoon and omit the garlic powder, you will find it’s delicious with grilled peaches or nectarines.

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY THE FUGA FAMILY OPEN NANDO’S PONSONBY A new flock has nested at Nando’s in Ponsonby and they’ve brought the PERi-PERi with them! The Nando’s Ponsonby Restaurant is owned by The Fuga Family, Tani, Natalie and their three children. The family moved back to New Zealand just over a year ago, after spending ten years living in London, where Tani played professional rugby for Harlequins Rugby Club. Tani played at Harlequins for the full ten years, and was rewarded with a testimonial for his loyalty. Tani also gains international caps by representing his home country Samoa on three tours including the 2007 RWC in France, and also playing for the Pacific Island team in their last ever tour. Tani’s rugby career ended earlier than planned when he snapped his Achilles, so they packed up and moved back to New Zealand, where they came across the exciting Nando’s opportunity in Ponsonby, they knew we had to have it. It was perfect for their family, and something they were passionate about as they had become fond of the Brand in the UK. The restaurant opened on the eve of the Rugby World Cup and was new to the area. “Our biggest challenge was getting people to try the food for the first time. Now we’ve created a great local vibe and we love every moment of it,” Natalie says, “A good idea is to beat the queues and call ahead.” PN The Fuga Family look forward to serving you, with or without cutlery, at their NANDO’S RESTAURANT, 244 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 6377

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WE SHOULD EAT MORE ASPARAGUS DISEASE-BUSTING! If that wasn’t enough, eaten regularly, asparagus packs an almighty punch to diseases such as cancer and heart disease as well as boosting your immune system. CANCER: It’s estimated that four out of 10 of us (Cancer Research Campaign) will get cancer at some point in our lives and that about 30 per cent of all cancers may be the result of our diet. Asparagus contains high levels of vitamin A, folic acid and dietary fibre all believed to play an important role in the fight against cancer. Vitamin A (an antioxidant vitamin) may help prevent cancer by protecting body cells from damage caused by free radicals. Folic acid is thought to have a role in preventing certain types of cancer and dietary fibre keeps the bowel working normally and helps protect bowel cells from cancer-causing damage. Recent research has shown that a diet high in fibre is linked with a lower incidence of bowel cancer. HEART DISEASE: Asparagus is rich in soluble fibre, known to have a protective effect against degenerative heart diseases. Asparagus also contains high levels of potassium, which may help to control blood pressure and the high folic acid content helps to reduce blood homocysteine levels, thought to reduce the risk of heart disease. Asparagus is also low in fat and sodium, making it the perfect choice for those concerned about a healthy heart. IMMUNE SYSTEM: Additionally, asparagus can make you feel good by boosting your sex drive, assisting in weight loss and detox, and is also great for nails, skin and hair. Asparagus is one of the richest sources of rutin (a natural substance found in plants) which together with vitamin C, can help to energise and protect the body from infections. Asparagus is also a source of iron, which boosts the immune system and prevents anaemia. LOVELY LIBIDO! Claimed to ‘stir up lust in man and woman’ by herbalist, Nicholas Culpepper, in the 1600s the debate has raged ever since over whether any foods actually contain aphrodisiac qualities or not. Histamine production appears to be


EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY triggered by folic acid and lack of histamines has been linked to an inability to reach orgasm in both men and women. Asparagus is high in folates so may boost abilities in this department. Traditionally eaten with the fingers, it is also a seductive eating experience!


LOW IN CALORIES: Asparagus is low in calories with less than four kcal per average spear, which as part of a balanced diet can help weight loss. Asparagus is also very low in cholesterol, has no fat and very little sodium so can help to maintain heart function and blood pressure levels.

Thomson Whisky has just released its latest armoury of whisky offerings, and the new line up includes two single malts and a fine blend, all distilled and matured in New Zealand.

DETOX-A-LICIOUS! Asparagus is a mild diuretic and is believed to help detoxify the body, helping it to get rid of excess water and combat cystitis. Asparagus contains prebiotics, which selectively stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, soothing the stomach and aiding digestion. NATURAL BEAUTY: Women might also be keen to learn that the levels of vitamin C and E present in this miracle vegetable make it great for skin, nails and hair! PN

Following on from successful bottlings launched in 2010 the folk at Thomson have once again been buried deep in their selection process in search of more precious stock to share.

MATHEW THOMSON of Thomson Whisky

Committed to quality over volume Thomson Whisky brings to the fore only a limited number of hand-selected whiskies each year, with some being the contents of a single cask. And it seems whisky enthusiasts are thanking them for it.

Available now, the Thomson new release whiskies are an 18 year old ‘single cask’ single malt (just 197 bottles available, being the contents of one premium barrel), 10 year old limited release single malt, and a smooth eight year old blend. The origin of these new Thomson whiskies is once again Willowbank Distillery, Dunedin, a now dismantled distillery and home of the beloved Wilson’s brand. As legend goes Wilson’s spent time perfecting a large batch of single malt in latter years, which never made it to market under its own name. Maturing in American oak in the South Island ever since, this stock displays the distinct Willowbank flavour notes; vanilla, cinnamon spice, citrus and hints of sea salt owing to the locality of maturation. The eight and 10 year old Thomson whiskies have also been bottled fresh out of first fill Kentucky bourbon barrels, an additional character-building step in aging. Thomson Whisky lives up to its reputation of showcasing superb drams with these latest releases. And once again the older single malt comes dressed in a handmade wooden gift box just in time for Christmas. The Thomson range is available at selected stockists nationwide. PN

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY PONSONBY CHILDREN ADD AN AVOCADO Children at First Steps Ponsonby were treated to an avocado-themed day on Wednesday where they enjoyed eating the super fruit and planting their very own avocado tree. The event was organised by the centre in collaboration with the New Zealand Avocado Growers’ Association (NZAGA) as part of the nationwide Add An Avocado campaign. Add An Avocado aims to raise awareness about the goodness and versatility of avocados in the kitchen and coincides with the biggest bumper season of the fruit New Zealand has ever seen. More than forty children at First Steps Ponsonby marked the day by enjoying avocados in their lunches provided to the centre by NZAGA. An avocado tree for planting, stickers for the children and avocado recipe booklets for parents were also donated by the country’s growers. NZAGA communications manager, Midge Munro, attended, “Avocados are especially suited to the diets of babies just going onto solids because they can be quickly mashed up to provide food in a flash.

awareness,” says Munro. The avocado-themed days will continue until the end of the month at three other Kidicorp education centres in Auckland. PN

photography: Norrie Montgomery

“Equally, they are great energy food for toddlers on the go and full of essential vitamins and minerals. We’ve found that although Kiwis enjoy avocados, they’re sometimes still unsure how to cook with them because their grandmothers didn’t have them in the kitchen. So we’re trying to raise

CHAPEL’S SIXTH BIRTHDAY THURSDAY 24 NOVEMBER Top: Gerard Curtice and Luke Dallow; Above: Mike, Stacey, Gerard and Luke. PN

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY BERESFORD SQUARE WINE BAR – COSY, DELICIOUS, FUN Six months after leaving Grey Lynn’s Mondial in very capable hands, Pascal, Manuel, Poi, and Mark have moved to Beresford Square, just around the corner from K’ Road. The cosy wine bar is the perfect place for a pre-dinner drink and snack before hitting the town for a show at one of the many surrounding venues, after work drinks or catching up with friends before the mad Christmas rush. As well as their friendly and fun service, expect a great selection of European and New Zealand wines, most of them by the glass, delicious Spanish sherries and of course their famous Sangria! The menu is small but delicious and includes beef or tuna carpaccio, Spanish and French charcuterie, poisson cru, oysters plus more; all perfect accompaniments to that glass of wine or sangria. With the Happy Season around the corner, Beresford Square Wine Bar is the perfect place to unwind and have a good time. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm ‘til late. PN BERESFORD SQUARE WINE BAR, 6 Beresford Square T: 09 368 4281


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Just send a friendly email to and be in to win a bottle of wine and a couple of tapas to share! That simple…




HEART AND SOUL AND A JAPANESE GARDEN IN PONSONBY WHEN RICKY LEE CAME FROM HONG KONG TO NEW ZEALAND AT SEVENTEEN, he had no idea he would one day own the wonderful Soto Garden Restaurant in St. Mary’s Road. After finishing high school in Masterton, he went on to Auckland University to study statistics, but the influence of his Japanese friends here in Auckland and his family’s business interests in Japan took him to Tokyo to study Japanese. While he was studying there, he worked part time in a restaurant where his customers would try to practice English with him rather than Japanese. “I was young and wasn’t sure what I should do, but I always knew I would run a business because of my family’s interest in business. I worked for four years in Osaka doing sales, trading and import/export and my language background meant I was in the overseas division. It would have been a waste of a year studying if I hadn’t continued and I became fluent in the language, food and customs of Japan.” In 2003 Ricky came back to New Zealand because a long time family friend offered him a job opportunity as a business broker, specifically in the hospitality field. “At the time there were many immigrants starting new lives here and my background was good for the Japanese customers. I did this for four years and saw many types of restaurant businesses. From the outside, I could see what wasn’t working, from the inside, sometimes the owner couldn’t see, so it was easy to know what was good and what was not”. “That’s how I met Soto; I couldn’t sell it so I bought it myself! The systems were already in place and the Chef, Makoto, was really good. I thought, I’m good at running a business and I’ve always loved hospitality so why not?” Mark Smith opened Soto in 2004; he had hospitality history, a great idea and business experience. Chef Makoto and Sarasa, the front person for Soto, have both been there from the beginning. Crucial to its success, Mark was in a supportive role and this is the role Ricky has taken since he took over ownership in 2007. “Most of the credit for the success of Soto must go to Makoto. I trust him 100%, he’s crazily passionate about food and he is the most important thing that has happened to me since I came into the hospitality business.” Last year, a new venture between Ricky and Makoto opened on Brown Street. Cocoro is an extension of what Makoto has been doing at Soto, but is more refined to reflect his unique cooking style. There is a focus on degustation using seasonal ingredients and to introduce new things to customers.

RICKY LEE, centre, with Head Chef MICHI, left, and Sous Chef TOSHI in the Japanese garden at SOTO “Freshness is a very important part of Japanese food. Every province has its different influences and they create their own style from them. We created New Style in New Zealand because we use local products. We still use the traditional style but introduce the modern New Zealand way to suit all different cultures. A lot of people ask if we are fusion, but we don’t like to say we are because we are very close to Japanese style. Even though we call it New Style, if we serve it to Japanese customers, they will still like it.” “Eastern flavours have had a big impact on our menus over the years and as more and more immigrants introduce their foods, the way we eat changes. Soto set the benchmark in 2004 and introduced us to a new way of eating Japanese food. “In Japan sushi is celebration food and expensive, whereas here it is often take away. The only way to make it different is to give people a choice, to find a balance and give them a complete package, an experience.” Ricky says the community has been very supportive of Soto and now of Cocoro. “I like Ponsonby and Herne Bay and see us being here for a long time. I like to use the local businesses and providing food from two restaurants provides a community service. There will be a few changes at Soto next year, but even though the menu will change a little bit, the things people love about us will still be here, the people, the love of good food, wine and service.” “Hospitality is very easy; all you have to do is imagine you’re the customer. It’s all about caring for people. If you eat good food you can tell the difference between good and bad food and if you think about how you want to be served, that’s how you serve people. It’s that simple.” (REBECCA JONES) PN Soto Garden Restaurant, 13 St. Mary’s Road T: 09 360 0021 Cocoro, 56 Brown Street T: 09 360 0927

CELEBRATING OUR SUMMER CHRISTMAS SEASON Once again it is the delight of St Columba Grey Lynn to host a community garden party celebrating summer and the Christmas season. This is a great opportunity to meet others from the community in a relaxed and friendly environment. It has been the custom over recent years for St Columba to host a strawberry feast in the beautiful garden at St Columba, with local choirs offering Christmas carols for our enjoyment and heaps of strawberries and meringues to share. Win a prize for the best decorated hat (a children’s and an adult’s prize!). Bring strawberries to share. Enjoy the music and the garden. Meet others at St Columba, 92 Surrey Crescent @ 2pm-4pm, Sunday 18 December. PN

ST COLUMBA - Strawberries and Carols 2011 summer celebration

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H2COCO PURE COCONUT WATER – NATURES SUPERIOR RE-HYDRATION One of the fastest growing, most exciting fluids to enter the market, H2coco has been launched nationally in a handy 330ml tetra pack. The tetra packs unique shape is ergonomically designed to easily ‘grab n go’ with an extendable straw, its form and function ensures the coconut water within is at its premium best. H2coco is produced from the highest quality young green coconuts, farmed at their peak to harness maximum nutrients from this widely acknowledged ‘super food’. Made from real coconuts - not concentrate, H2coco is 100% natural, boasting a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, has zero fat and cholesterol, with low calories, no added sugar or preservatives. Mother Nature at its best, it is the ‘Fluid of Life’, with an electrolyte content uniquely compatible with the human body, providing the five electrolytes needed for re-hydration, with a high level of potassium. Among other health benefits, coconut water balances body chemistry, slows the aging process and boosts metabolism so you burn more calories. Because of its fast re-hydration quality, it is the best hangover recovery drink nature can offer. Likewise, as an everyday drink, coconut water is certain to improve lives and lifestyles. As a bonus, with summer and the festive season approaching, H2coco is a natural mixer to use when making cocktails, providing a tropical flavour plus re-hydration at the same time. H2coco is available in a Pure version, with two all natural fruit enhanced versions, Pomegranate and Acai, and Pineapple. It is available at leading Super -markets nationwide. PN For further information:

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY NEW STORE – GLENGARRY GREY LYNN Oh how times have changed. The Grey Lynn area of Auckland was a dry area, voted that way in 1905, when a vote of 63.3% pushed it to a no-license district, along with many other parts of New Zealand. Changing its status more often than the (currently) French region of Alsace, or perhaps more to the point, one day of Auckland weather, Grey Lynn again became wet in 1937, then dry again, then eventually, once again wet. During all this momentous change, La Vino Wines was established at the top of Williamson Avenue by Peter Ivicevich, opening as a winery and cellar door to satisfy the requirements of the ‘dry’ area. It opened on 8 June 1997, and when the area became once again wet, La Vino was provided with the first off-licence issued in the area. The building itself has a fair bit of history too – the application to build it was lodged on 15 November 1965. In reading through the files, one line in particular amused: “Permission is sought to erect a shop and warehouse for the sale of handymen’s materials and the hiring of ‘do it yourself’ tools.” On 1 November 2011, this iconic site in New Zealand’s wine retailing history with a fresh coat of paint and a few new signs on its exterior, became Glengarry Grey Lynn. Jak Jakicevich, Managing Director of Glengarry is clearly delighted with their new site, “I’m thrilled to add Glengarry Grey Lynn to our sites around the greater Ponsonby/Grey Lynn area; it is a perfect match with the rest of the Glengarry fold, and its history as a high quality, service-based family business dovetails nicely with Glengarry’s own. “To all those loyal La Vino customers out there, we look forward to meeting you over the coming months. You’ll recognise the team behind the counters, with all of the existing staff from La Vino becoming new members of the Glengarry family. I’ll be in the store quite a bit, along with my nephew and manager of our Ponsonby store, Michael Antunovich, as we assist store manager Matt McGowan and his team into the Glengarry groove.” PN

Award-winning Kiwi band OPSHOP are just one of the many acts to perform regularly at New Zealand’s Best Music Entertainment Venue, SALE ST.

SALES ST NAMED NZ’S ‘BEST ENTERTAINMENT VENUE’ AT 2011 HOSPITALITY AWARDS Auckland restaurant and bar Sale St. was named ‘Best Music Entertainment Venue’ at the 2011 Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Excellence in Christchurch last month. Sale St. was one of three finalists vying for the category title but won out on the night over Opononi’s Resort Hotel in Northland and Napier’s Shed 2 on the Quay. Steve Shute, Sale St’s operations manager, says he and his team are thrilled to have been named the country’s ‘Best Music Entertainment Venue’. “Entertainment and music is a key part of our business. We put a huge amount of energy into ensuring we have the right acts and ambience daily for our customers. Our size, along with the versatility of our space means we can host DJs through to big bands. Sale St. is all about the entertainment of entertainment, with an emphasis on fun and our customers know they’re assured a great experience regardless of the time of day or night when they visit us.” Sale St. narrowly missed out on winning two other awards at last month’s prestigious industry awards after being named finalists in the ‘Best Restaurant’ and ‘Best Lamb Dish’ sections.


However, Steve says reaching the finals of three categories was awesome, especially having just won gold and silver medals at the 2011 Brew NZ Awards with two special beers brewed on site.

life is too short… not to eat the best food and drink good wine

“It’s been a fantastic few months for Sale St and the summer is looking like being our best yet thanks to our sizeable outdoor deck and our revamped restaurant, Cru. We also have a stellar line up of acts in the pipeline so keep an eye on our website” PN

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY WHAT’S HAPPENING AT DEVONPORT CHOCOLATES FOR CHRISTMAS? WE ALL KNOW CHRISTMAS IS A GREAT time of year for celebrations with family, friends and colleagues. Devonport Chocolates can help solve all your gift giving challenges – from the Secret Santa gifts to a special assortment for Christmas Day. An assortment of truffles and chocolates is a great gift to give. You can be confident that the handmade selections from Devonport Chocolates will delight the recipient – they may even share. There is an extensive range of chocolates, truffles, chocolate cups and honey bonbons to help make up an interesting and delicious assortment gift pack from $14.90. For special treats give a touch of gold this Christmas! Their gorgeous Christmas Star Collection is so popular; delicious chocolate truffles are married with berri-licious star cups accented with edible nine carat gold. Devonport Chocolates also have Christmas crackers with the prize everyone wants – chocolate of course and a vast range of delightful gifts for children. Gift Boxes range from $39.90 to $129.80 and are designed to suit the most discerning group. The team at Devonport Chocolates can also tailor-make gift boxes that take dietary requirements into consideration or you may prefer to choose your own. Gift boxes contain a selection of Christmas treats as well as their classic collection. If you are a lover of chocolate pop into Devonport Chocolates store on Market Day, Saturday 10 December and on their customer evening, Wednesday 14 December from 5pm for lots of delicious chocolates to taste and of course some shopping. PN DEVONPORT CHOCOLATES, 177B Ponsonby Road T: 09 361 6952

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MY TOP 10 SUMMER ROSÉ SELECTION WITH A LONG HOT SUMMER AHEAD of us, Rose is just the thing for a humid Auckland afternoon. This year there’s been an explosion of Roses, all in varying styles, made from many varieties and all quite different to each other. To help you pick through the range available, here’s my pick of the top 10 Rose for Summer 2011 1. SECRET DE LÉOUBE COTE DU PROVENCE 2010 A newcomer, Chateau Léoube is located not far from Toulon on the South coast of France, a 300ha property within a beautiful National Park Reserve. Made by the winemaker who used to be at Domaine Ott, this is benchmark Cote du Provence, very pale in colour, it is fragrant, floral and a serious style of Rose. It’s dry and yet you don’t notice it, a great wine with food – particularly Sashimi. 2. BUNAN COTE DU PROVENCE 2010 Also from the south of France, Bunan are based in the appellation of Bandol, they make a Rose from that appellation as well, my favorite of their roses is the Cote du Provence, it’s in a similar style to the Léoube, but with a bit more colour and intensity.

5. ROCKBURN STOLEN KISS ROSE 2011 It’s always a very popular Rose this one, made by the talented winemaker Malcolm Francis. The grape variety used is Pinot Noir, from Central Otago. An off dry style of Rose, it’s instantly appealing. 6. MONT REDON LIRAC ROSE 2011 The appellation of Lirac is in the Rhone valley, just alongside the walled town of Avignon. The varieties used to produce this Rose are Grenache and Syrah; it’s a fuller bodied Rose than the others in this list, great with food. 7. AKARUA CENTRAL OTAGO PINOT NOIR ROSE 2011 Made by another talented Central Otago winemaker, Matt Connell, it’s fragrant, fruity, dry and with an excellent textured palate. Made from Pinot Noir, this is a great food wine. 8. BROOKFIELDS MAVERICK ROSE 2011 Peter Robertson continues to make outstanding Hawkes Bay wines, his Rose is top notch. Made predominately from Merlot, it has a wonderful fullness to it. An off dry style.

3. PAGOS DE ARIAZ ROSADO 2010 The home of Rose in Spain is Navarra, the region based around the town of Pamplona, famous for the running of the bulls through the narrow historic town streets each year. This is bright in colour, very fragrant and will just jump out of the bottle as soon as you open it. It’s great with spicy cured meats, lamb and just by itself.

9. GROWERS MARK ROSE 2011 Growers Mark wines start where any good wine does – in the vineyard. Reserve plots that provide exceptional fruit, for this wine the variety is Pinot Noir, grown in Central Otago.

4. CHATEAU RIOTOR COTE DU PROVENCE 2010 Another Cote du Provence, Chateau Riotor is our #1 selling imported Rose. This is a 100ha property is owned the Abielle family – one of the two families behind Mont Redon. The 2009 of this was stunning, the 2010 is even better – I know – sounds impossible, but believe me it is better.

10. JULES TAYLOR GISBORNE MERLOT ROSE 2011 Jules Taylor’s wines are usually from Marlborough, but for this one she’s ventured a little North to Gisborne and made a Rose from some wonderfully ripe Merlot. It’s a bright, fruit forward wine – excellent with food. (LIZ WHEADON) PN

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY AN ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY IN THE KAIPARA WHEN ROMI CURL BOUGHT THE ICONIC Koanga Gardens, Kaiwaka, in 2007 it was the perfect fit. After fifteen years in health food retail she was ready for a new challenge and she was passionate about the importance of the heritage seeds and trees that Koanga was famous for. Now almost five years on, Romi says that running the shop has been an amazing journey and an inspirational learning curve. She has immersed herself in furthering her knowledge of BioIntensive gardening, nutrient dense food (both growing and cooking) and Permaculture. Kaiwaka is home to two Eco Villages and a strong Transition Town group. Last year Romi decided to change the name of the business to Kaiwaka Organics – Heritage Garden Centre – so that she could trade independently, and it is no longer under license to the Koanga Institute as it was initially. Obviously the heritage seeds, plants and trees are still the heart of the business and the shop has also gained organic certification under Organic Farms NZ. A comprehensive programme of workshops for sustainable living is offered through the shop. These include Bee Keeping, Gardening, Orchard Design, Permaculture Basics, Cheese Making, Bread Making, How to Build a Pizza Oven, Animal Care and Pruning. Romi has also run Traditional cooking workshops with Sabine Drueckler. Sabine and her partner Wolfgang own a beautiful earth house in the Otamatea Eco Village and this is the venue for this and other workshops. A variety of venues are used, and the tutors are all locals who have become experts in their various fields. The shop attracts interesting customers, ranging from the elders who have been gardening organically for many years, to those who are just starting out. “They share a concern for our food sovereignty and realise how empowering it is to grow your own food and save the seed,” Romi says. “We have amazing conversations!” As much as she has loved her time in the Kaipara, Romi and her family are ready to move on now, and the shop and their home in Mangawhai (15 minutes away) are being offered for sale. This would be a great opportunity for a couple with an interest in our heritage cultivars and organic growing, who are ready to move into a rural setting. There are places for sale in both Eco Villages and real estate around the Kaipara is very affordable. PN If you would like to know more, contact Romi at the shop on T: 09 431 2732 or at home: T: 09 431 4392 E:

ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR HOME GROWN VEGES? IN FEBRUARY 2012 PONSONBY NEWS IS launching its inaugural vegetable competition at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. Yates Garden Guide suggests some vegetable varieties which will be ready for harvest in February includes beans, beetroot, brocolli, cabbage, carrots, courgettes, cucumber, garlic, leeks, lettuce, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. We hope to have enough entries of all these to have prize certificates for the ‘Best Plate’ of each vegetable (perhaps four to six per plate), followed by a ‘Reserve Champion’ and ‘Grand Champion’ vegetable. Vegetables will be grouped together where there are not sufficient entries for a separate category. Prizes will be awarded for: ‘Best Children’s Grown Vegetables’; ‘Best Plate of Salad Greens’; ‘Traffic Light Trio’ (perhaps a yellow capsicum, a cucumber and a carrot); ‘Most Unusual Vegetable’ (type, shape or colour).

Entries must be brought to the Grey Lynn Community Centre before 10am on Sunday 19 February, the third Sunday in February. (the same morning as the Farmers Market. Judging 12 noon. Local chef Sid Saharawat of Sidart, Ponsonby is one of at least two judges, who will assess the merits of entries and decide winners. We know lots of locals have vegie gardens - don’t be shy - your vegetables don’t have to be the biggest, but it is an opportunity to promote healthy home produce, fresh, cut straight for the salad, with no food miles necessary and good healthy exercise for all family members. It’s all about the participation and we’re certain many of you would love to have a winning certificate to show your friends and grandchildren! To enter please email by 8 February. To cover hall costs, there will be an entry fee of $2 per family.

Further information will be included in the February Ponsonby News.

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SEASONS EATINGS… Christmas time at Sabato heralds the return of our favourite festive delights. Our showroom is transformed into Santa’s grotto; shelves brimming with fabulous gourmet goodies. CUBA VENCHI ~ CONFECTIONERY Venchi is really an ‘atelier of confectionery art’, whose aim is to transform cocoa in an extraordinary experience. Many of you will already know how dangerous their rum chocolates and nougat are… FLAMIGNI ~ PANETTONE & NOUGAT For over seventy years Flamigni have crafted panettone and nougat in the original, traditional way, using only the highest quality ingredients and generations-old recipes. A Sabato Christmas essential – drop by for a taste and you’ll see why! FIASCONARO ~ PANETTONE & NOUGAT Considered pioneers in the artisan confectionery sector, Fiasconaro panettone are instantly recognisable due to their natural leavening. They also produce traditional, artisan Sicilian nougat. 1880 & EL LOBO ~ TURRÓN Self-proclaimed makers of the world’s finest turrón, a crunchy Spanish form of nougat. Sugar free products are available, and El Lobo donates a percentage of their profits to UNICEF. MASONI PIETRO ~ PANFORTE Artisan panforte made according to secret family recipes. The chocolate panforte always flies off the shelves, so make sure you nab yourself one before it’s too late! BOMBONS CUDIÉ ~ CONFECTIONERY Hand-crafted from closely guarded recipes, these delectable moreish sweet treats are made with Marcona almonds and nut praline. Joining these sweet treats are new Lazzaroni amaretti biscuits, Desideri and Figli almond wafer cakes, and chocolate from Leone. And don’t forget your Christmas mince pies! PN SABATO, 57 Normanby Road T: 09 630 8751 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied




POLLY PUT THE KETTLE ON, WE’LL ALL HAVE TEA LAST MONTH TWININGS HOSTED A DELIGHTFUL AFTERNOON TEA AT Queenies in Freemans Bay. The fare was as it should be according to tradition. The most delicious asparagus rolls, tiny scones with jam and freshly whipped cream, mouth watering lemon cheese tartlets and bite sized meringues topped with cream and a slice of strawberry were served with a choice of Twinings tea. The event was the launch of the Great Earl Grey Taste-off, a road show that ran from 7 November and finishes on 5 December travelling throughout New Zealand in a custom painted vehicle inviting Kiwis along the way to sample four different variations of the original Earl Grey blend. Participants tasted then voted for their favourite and the winning blend will be announced next year. At the same time they were asked to vote for one of four charities they would like to be the recipient of a donation as each pack is launched - SPCA, Children’s Variety Charity, Surf Life Saving NZ, or St Johns. Stephen Twining strongly endorses the campaign. “With all great recipes, there can be variations on a theme, and our experts are convinced they have come up with some blends that New Zealanders will love. New Zealand has a very distinctive palate and passion for tea, so I think it is a terrific idea that they are being asked to vote for their favourite to ensure they receive a special blend that’s just right for them.” Lovers of the original Earl Grey needn’t worry because the new blend will be an addition to the Twinings New Zealand family, not a replacement. Before the advent of tea, English yeomen drank ale with their breakfast. When they were finally able to afford it the switch was made to tea, a much healthier choice. The Chinese had it sussed from time immemorial and according to one of their proverbs “Drinking a daily cup of tea, will surely starve the apothecary”. The history of tea is riveting. When it was first introduced to England in the late 1650s it was so expensive that servants weren’t permitted to handle the precious leaves. Upper class ladies kept little Chinese jars of it stored on shelves in their closets while wealthy gentlemen drank it in coffee and tea houses and Thomas Twining’s business on 216 Strand served the finest tea of all. His establishment was patronized by the aristocracy and he could boast of royal connections as clients. Succeeding family members stayed in the business to the present day, and so did the royal connections. In 1831 one of Earl Charles Grey’s employees rescued a Chinese Mandarin’s son from drowning. The grateful father presented the Earl with a special blend of tea. Its taste was so unique that the nobleman asked Twinings to match it. Over two hundred years later the current Earl Grey VI lends his signature to each box of Earl Grey tea. Stephen Twining, tenth generation in the family is still at the helm and in his words “As Earl Grey is one of the most popular teas round the world, we are delighted that our blend carries this exclusive endorsement”. Over the years certain ways of serving the beverage evolved, culminating in the time honoured ritual of afternoon tea. By the 1840s the practice was firmly established. Small treats such as crustless sandwiches, scones, little pastries and one or two cakes were served with all the tea drinking accoutrements.These gatherings always took place in elegant drawing rooms well away from the kitchen. Far away from this rarified world the glorious tea clippers added glamour and romance to the tea trade. The tall ships would race from China and India vying to be the first to bring tea to London for auction.The races between the ships became a popular annual competition and the great vessels often raced up the Thames separated by the tiniest of margins, such was the skill of the crews. Sadly their time lasted for only two decades once speedier steamships became the more economic freight option. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN



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photography: Michael Reardon

This month sees fine charcuterie company L’Authentique celebrate four years in business, with multiple awards along the way. L’Authentique’s company protocol is simple - owner Guillaume Desmurs and his small team only manufacture products that they like to eat themselves. “Each sausage, pate or terrine is crafted as if we would serve it to our closest friends” says Guillaume. He’s proud of his company’s ethic and the respect in which they hold their clients, something he says you can’t take for granted in the food industry. “We want to share our passion for good food” says the Parisian-turned-New Zealand resident, veteran of many years in hospitality in his home town. L’Authentique sausages are made of the best meats available in New Zealand (free range pork from Freedom Farm, Angus beef, export quality lamb and free range chicken). They have no chemicals and with no fillers they are therefore gluten free. “Experience the real thing” says Guillaume “and for once you will know what’s in your sausage!” The company also makes the best pate in town: the famous L’Authentique chicken and duck liver parfait with its fine texture and moorish smoothness. Pescatarians should look out for L’Authentique scrumptious new salmon pate which will be released early next year. All L’Authentique products can be purchased at Farro Fresh; the pates and terrines can also be purchased at Nosh, New World Victoria Park and Eastridge, in the deli section and on-shelf in the fridge. PN L’AUTHENTIQUE, T: 09 303 2444

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THE BROKEN BOOK, Fiona Farrell, $35 At the time of the Christchurch earthquake Fiona was working on a book about walking and contemplation. Then “the quake sent a jagged tear right through my text.” This lyrical, beautiful sequence of philosophical musings, wise and sensitive, is interrupted by exquisite ‘shaken’ poems. I hugged this rare and special treasure to my heart. THERE BUT FOR THE, Ali Smith, $32 Another of my favourites, featuring a guest, unknown to the hosts, who locks himself in an upstairs bedroom during a dinner party. The consequences, and the back stories, are hilarious and painful. You barrack for 10-year-old brainy Brooke, and the dinner party is excruciatingly funny. Totally brilliant!

THE DOVEKEEPERS, Alice Hoffman, $37 Over five years in the writing, Alice Hoffman’s most ambitious and mesmerizing novel is a triumph of imagination and research. In 70AD 900 Jews held out for months at Masada, under siege from a vast army of Roman soldiers. Told through the remarkable stories of four strong women, this is harrowing and haunting but also filled with the resilience of the human spirit. “A major contribution to 21st century literature.” Toni Morrison.

THE NIGHT CIRCUS, Erin Morgenstern, $38 This magical book draws you in and captures your imagination. The mysterious circus appears without warning and opens only at night. Its black and white tents are full of enchanting wonders; its characters are bizarre and delightful. Two of them are locked in a deadly contest and both have powers beyond mere illusion. Uplifting and dazzling.

ART MUSEUM, $250 This stunning history of art weighs 7kg, has 992 oversized pages and 2700 superb colour illustrations, is divided into 25 ‘galleries’ separated into 452 ‘rooms’, and took more than 100 authors 10 years to compile. It’s an ‘art museum without walls’, amazing in scope, breathtaking in execution. Absolutely magnificent!

THE MARGARET MAHY TREASURY, $45 Were you ever afraid of that witch in the cherry tree, or the lion that insisted on living in your meadow? Did you ever meet the man whose mother was a pirate? This stunning hardback collection of 11 of Margaret Mahy’s best-loved stories is illustrated by some of the world’s great illustrators. What a joy! STATE OF WONDER, Ann Patchett, $37 From the brilliant author of Bel Canto ($28), a totally engrossing read, marvellously atmospheric, full of adventure, and intellectually challenging. An elusive woman doctor is ‘experimenting’ with local tribes and plants in the perilous depths of the Amazon rainforest. Fantastic.

A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD, Jennifer Egan, $25 Winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, this extraordinary, bizarre, marvellous novel is hard to describe. It leaps about in time and place, and between eccentric characters who often behave badly. Set in New York, it is technically clever, bitingly satirical, very edgy and utterly fascinating.

THE CONDUCTOR, Sarah Quigley, $40 A brilliant new novel from New Zealander Sarah Quigley who lives in Berlin. Set in Leningrad during the siege, it features Shostakovich writing his 7th symphony (there is a CD in the back of the book) and an awkward, ‘second-rate’ conductor Karl Eliasberg. Deeply moving and totally engrossing. AND FINALLY - JUST ONE FROM OUR HUGE RANGE OF COOK BOOKS:

BALI: THE FOOD OF MY ISLAND HOME, Janet De Neefe, $70 Janet has been involved for 26 years in the culture, people and mouth-watering food of Bali. She runs the Ubud Writers’ Festival, as well as a famous café in the main street. Follow her on this glorious spice trail exploring sambals, rice dishes, curries and coconut, street and ceremonial food. Sumptuous!

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WHO IS NOOD? - LIFE AND DESIGN MADE SIMPLE Nood (New Objects of Desire) was founded on a simple premise: life and design made simple. Everything they do, from their unique designs, to their outstanding everyday prices, to your complete satisfaction, begins and ends with that premise. Nood first came together as a handful of people who all loved good design, but who couldn’t understand why it had to be synonymous with big prices. So they set out to change things. They launched their first Nood stores in New Zealand in 2007. They crossed the pond to Canada in 2008, and recently launched online in the United States as Today, they are hundreds of dedicated employees worldwide, and are one of North America’s fastest-growing modern furniture and house-wares retailers. Their unique offerings span modern furniture, kitchen and dining, bed and bath, bags and luggage, lighting, clocks, giftware, and many other products.

At Nood they believe that good design doesn’t have to be expensive, that their customers’ complete satisfaction makes everything they do worthwhile. They also believe that good design can transform how you live and how you live can transform your life. They believe in life and design made simple. Nood was originally launched in New Zealand in 2007 and is owned by Australian -based entrepreneur and philanthropist Jan Cameron. A new Nood store is opening soon at the Apex Mega Centre, Mt Wellington. PN NOOD, 20 Beaumont Street T: 09 357 3519 and 489 Khyber Pass T: 09 520 4133


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Enjoy it or not, Christmas shopping can be a big job. Ponsonby News visited some of our favourite local fashion stores and sourced gifts that we think you can’t miss with. They’re all at real-life price points and they’ll look deliciously luxe tissued up and tucked into that designer shopping bag...



RICHARD JAMES SOCKS: Working Style; $49 per pair For: The sartorially aware man who will enjoy that these are from Savile Row, and know when and how to add a pop of colour to his look.

RUBY NAIL POLISH: $19 For: Anyone who wears nail polish! Extensive and vivacious colour range that will bring a touch of the cool and gorgeous Ruby girl to any woman’s summer.

ETTINGER BRIDLE HIDE TRAY PURSE (COIN WALLET); Crane Brothers; $155 For: The true sophisticate of any age. Traditional English bridle hide on the outside and panel hide on the inside, from a 77 year old House which holds a Royal Warrant.

ECOYA FRENCH PEAR NATURAL WAX FRAGRANCED CANDLE: Kingan Jones; $49.95 For: ANY woman. She’ll either love candles, fragrance, luxury or all three.

STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB CHANNEL SURFER TEE: Black Box; $119 For: Virtually anyone - each guy will get the joke his own way. And who doesn’t love a cool tee? These are great conversation starters from a cool label.

RUBY LEATHER TASSEL: $29 For: Gorgeous young(er) things that are into fashion and want to swing one or three of these from their shorts belt loop or their handbag.

PENHALIGON’S BLENHEIM BOUQUET FRAGRANCE: Crane Brothers; $225 For: A man who wears a little fragrance and will appreciate Penhaligon’s breeding and elegance. ‘Blenheim Bouquet’ is Murray Crane’s personal favourite of the Penhaligon line - it’s citrus based and is described as “discreet, sensual and immaculately turned out with a flash of heritage flourish.”

HARMON & SON FLAG NECKLACE: Starfish; $172 For: Reasonably sophisticated women who wear necklaces (check first, some don’t) and who like a little edginess in their accessories.

WE WOOD WOODWATCH: Needles and Threads; $155 For: Anyone with an eye for quirky style or a love of the planet. Stylish, completely free of toxic chemicals - and Wewood plant a tree for every watch sold.

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RICH AND VARYING CREATIVE OFFERINGS AT ESSENZE At essenze, we believe in the extraordinary creativity of our small nation. We believe in capturing this creativity and providing a nurturing environment for our artists and designers to flourish and come up with beautiful, weird and wonderful new ideas. We seek the balance between art, design and craft. This spirit is then combined with the individual language of each designer, making the offering rich and varied. Often you will find the influence of our surrounding landscape as part of the creative inspiration. Our culture is increasingly becoming part of our identity, and our way to express it is through objects, belongings and items of comfort in our homes – designed and made in New Zealand. This is what we offer at essenze.

We have the wonderful new essenze whare textiles, capturing the bizarreness of Bayley Collins prints and striking artwork by Aroha Lewin. We have new pieces by our leading glass artists showing an explosion of colour and technique, from small jewels to larger statement pieces. In early December essenze is launching new lamps and accessories by MOAD, a collection of vintage made hip silver tableware and lights, all given a new lease on life in funky new colours; daring, fresh and full of fun. Essenze would like to make your pre-Christmas rush smoother and more delightful by offering a whole world of design that needn’t cost the earth! Plenty in store now, so please visit them soon. Download their catalogue from their website now. PN ESSENZE, 223 Parnell Road T: 09 354 4520

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KAREN PHELPS HAVE YOURSELF AN ECO-FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS... Years ago the only footprints Santa was rumoured to have left were in the snow. Now the footprints that Christmas is more likely to leave are carbon footprints. In addition to good cheer Christmas generates tonnes of rubbish and increases electricity consumption to name but a couple of the impacts on the planet. But with a bit of smart thinking Christmas can still be fun and doesn’t have to be bad for the environment.

SEND E-CARDS Sending electronic Christmas cards is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint this festive season. You will not only be saving trees from getting chopped down but also the energy used to manufacture the cards and pollution resulting from transportation. Sending e-cards also saves you a lot of time and money as you can send all your Christmas cards anywhere in the world at the push of a button. Try which has heaps of cool free e-cards to send and also enables you to sign environmental petitions. RE-USE WRAPPING PAPER Okay we’re not so clean and green that we’re going to suggest you start wrapping your presents in old newspapers. But what about saving the wrapping paper this year and re-using it next time? You can also purchase pretty wrapping papers made from recycled papers and sustainable inks to lower your carbon footprint even further. CHOOSE A LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE There’s nothing like a Christmas tree to bring the spirit of the season into your home. But artificial trees consume significant energy and petroleum-based materials during their manufacture. Why not try a living Christmas tree that you can plant in the garden afterwards and enjoy all year round? Your Christmas tree doesn’t even have to be a traditional fir tree. Think outside the square and enrich your garden year by year at the same time. SAVE ELECTRICITY Christmas lights are part of the tradition. But when buying your lights try to opt for low energy versions. Put your Christmas lights on a timer so they only switch on when you are at home. Switch your lights off at night when you are asleep and try to only use the minimum of lights possible to decorate your home and tree.

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RE-THINK YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS The Christmas gift giving tradition is a nice way to appreciate family and friends. But there are gifts you can give that don’t require manufacturing. What about a gift that can be experienced such as tickets to a sports game or the theatre? Or perhaps offering to do something special for your loved one such as cooking them dinner? Or what about donating to a favourite charity on behalf of your family and friends? CHOOSE GIFTS MADE FROM RECYCLED RESOURCES Think about how the gift you are considering was made and the materials and processes used in the manufacture. Also consider the packaging – does the gift come with lots of environmentally unfriendly plastic and paper pieces for the recipient to dispose of afterwards? USE REAL CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS It’s normal these days to simply go down to the store to buy your Christmas decorations. But the traditional way was to use real objects. Try a potted poinsettia which, with its brilliant red and green leaves, is a great way to add Christmas cheer to your home. Or get your local florist to come up with a great Christmas centre piece to add festivity. DON’T OVER-CONSUME At Christmas how often do we buy and receive too many gifts that we don’t really need? How often do we overeat on the big day and also the days leading up to Christmas? By cutting down consumption you can make a very positive impact on the environment while still enjoying the silly season. It will also be good for your waistline! REMEMBER WHAT CHRISTMAS IS REALLY ABOUT The real spirit of the season is about taking time to enjoy friends and family. Gathering together to celebrate is the most important aspect of the day and of course the most environmentally friendly way of all to spend Christmas! (KAREN PHELPS) PN


Illustration: Michael McClintock

BUY LOCAL The impact of transportation contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and global warming. Buying local also saves you time as well as the knowledge that you are supporting your local community and economy. So get to your local stores and start shopping!

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Merry Christ ma s H M ma s H M Ha ppy New Y a r! Merryy CChrist ma s Ha ppy New Y a r! CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Rampal Latour soap block with cutter $199 @ World Beauty; Selotape Gun $22 @ Pencil; Handcarved monkey $169 @ Republic; Cuisinart Ice-Cream / Sorbet Machine $149 @ Millys of Ponsonby; Epic, Reflection & Gold 50ml Eau de Parfum from Amouage - Royal family of Oman $549 each @ World Beauty; Candle holder with Crystals by Anthologie Quartett $450 @ Indice; Alessi ‘Scia Natalino’ Sking Santa Plate $179 @ Askew; Ottmar Hori ‘Red Teddy’ $285 @ design55

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Merry Christ ma s Y a r! ma s Y a r! yC yN s ! s ! s py New Y a r! CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Yoshimoto Nara ‘Pup Cup’ and ‘Wanderer’ $295 each @ design55; Fish Food dishes $29.90 set @ Askew; Alternative spelling block set $65 @ Pencil; Outdoor candle in Concrete $199 @ Republic; Alessi Bunny & carrot paper towel dispenser $120 @ Askew; Ottmar Hoerl Owl $195 each @ design 55; ‘Vapor’ reusable water bottle $20 @ Askew; Match’O’ Pizza Cutter $49 @ Pylones PN STYLING: Jay Platt; PHOTOGRAPHY: Danilo Santana David, Fisher Santanta

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PHOTO WAREHOUSE OFFERS GREAT PRICES ON CAMERA GEAR AND PRINTING SERVICES Photo Warehouse are leaders in providing an exceptional range of photographic equipment and expert advice to ensure you end up with the perfect camera. With a big showroom on Great North Road, Grey Lynn and a boutique store on Queen Street we’re easy to find. We offer a full range of gear including still and video cameras, studio and lighting equipment, frames, albums, bags and all the accessories you could dream of. For the beginner or the advanced professional our friendly knowledgeable staff will love to chat with you about your exact requirements. With stock of Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Leica, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji and Casio cameras you can come in and try them out to your heart’s content. They’re all charged up and ready to demonstrate. We have cameras from $129 – ideal as a stocking filler for Christmas – all the way up to professional digital SLRs and Phase One digital backs. If you’ve only ever used a film SLR camera you will be amazed how much fun a digital version is. Go out, get creative and see your epic shot straight away. With a super spell of weather coming up what a great time to get out and take some photos! Got a friend or family member that’s hard to buy presents for? We have a huge range of books, tutorial DVDs and general accessories to suit any budget. Keen to take portraits of the family? We have lighting kits that will help you achieve a professional result at an affordable price. You will see setups by Profoto, Multiblitz, Interfit, Falcon Eyes and other leading brands. We stock a huge range of tripods to make sure every shot you take is super sharp. On display are Gitzo, Manfrotto, Induro, Cullmann and many others. We have a massive range of camera bags from world famous brands like LowePro, Tenba and Kata to suit every need. Our high quality lab can turn your shots into masterpieces for the wall up to huge sizes – another great present. Do something with those photos; don’t just leave them on the computer! As a locally owned business with over 20 years helping the photographic community we pledge to give you great prices and great service. We are open seven days and look forward to giving you the best deal around. PN PHOTOWAREHOUSE, 175 Great North Road T: 09 303 2148; 154 Queen Street T: 09 309 0715

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DAVID HARTNELL’S ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH FRANCIS HOOPER Freemans Bay resident Francis Hooper is the Chief Designer and Director of WORLD, and he is one of this country’s most creative innovators. Francis’ innovative designs have brought him to the notice of international fashion houses around the world. WHAT TV SERIES WOULD YOU NEVER MISS? Very conflicted here! I used to never miss BOSTON LEGAL! Then I got hooked into JERSEY SHORE! (disgusting I know) but I do love ANTIQUES ROADSHOW! (I am old now). IF YOU HAD A FRAGRANCE LINE, WHAT WOULD IT SMELL OF? Tough one as I’ve always wanted to do a fragrance, I guess it would be a Bulgarian rose perfume! WHAT IS THE BEST THING IN YOUR HOUSE? My collection of taxidermy! FAVOURITE HOLIDAY TO-DATE? My favourite holiday to-date and work destination is PARIS. WHICH HOLLYWOOD WOMAN WOULD YOU LIKE TO DESIGN FOR? WOW what a great question! I’d love to dress JOAN FRIKKIN RIVERS! She’s definitely too too lesbian for words! The hottest star in the universe! Have you seen Fashion Police it’s a riot! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOUR EXPRESSION - JUST TOO TOO LESBIAN FOR WORDS? It has been a phrase I’ve used for the past 30 years! A Francis adjective! GREATEST REGRET? My biggest regret is not moving to PARIS 23 years ago and not being a designer in the 1960s!

EVER BEEN MISTAKEN FOR A CELEBRITY? Yes! I was asked if I was the singer in DEVO when I was in Melbourne last year. WHAT IS THE SILLIEST THING YOU’VE EVER BOUGHT? A Polar Bear and 1000 vintage hats. HOW MANY TVS IN YOUR HOUSE? One? How many do you need? YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY WOULD BE CALLED? Too too lesbian for words! HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR FREE TIME? I have no free time.

IF YOU HADN’T BEEN A FASHION DESIGNER WHAT OTHER CAREER WOULD YOU HAVE TAKEN? I have always been a fashion designer BUT I would have worked for someone else.

YOUR FASHION WEAKNESS? Oh god, everything! I love shoes, jewellery, bags, anything that excites me.

WHY DID YOU CALL YOUR FASHION DESIGN COMPANY WORLD? I wanted to call my brand and our stores something that was open ended and possibly HUGE. With a great big global future!


EVER CONSIDER BOTOX? Hell no I hate injections!


WHO INFLUENCED YOU GROWING UP? I never had a mentor or a father figure, so I guess I grew up wild and just kind of found my own way.

YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A HOLIDAY? I’m really lazy and a creature of habit, its nice to go somewhere where everyone knows your name! I keep returning to the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong, it’s fantastic and it relaxes me totally after a season of fashion!

FIRST THING YOU’D GRAB IF YOUR HOUSE CAUGHT FIRE? The people in the house not the things! Ok then - maybe one or two things! CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? Be happier. WHAT DRIVES YOU? Ideas! WHAT MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST? Being with my friends. THE MOST ROCK’N’ROLL THING YOU’VE EVER DONE? The most rock’n’roll thing I ever did was work at Sweetwaters festival. Hideous!


IF THEY WERE TO MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT YOUR LIFE WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY YOU? Jesus! Are you mad?! Of course it would be called: “too too lesbian for words!” and I’d ask Joan Rivers to play me in drag! Or better still a young unknown actor called Benny Castles! ADVICE TO SOMEONE WANTING TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER? My advice would be rather sobering, only go into this industry if you truly love fashion! It is a ruthless and hard business. Good luck bitches! (DAVID HARTNELL MNZM) PN

ANY PETS? No, all the pets are owned by my daughter Pebbles. WHAT WOULD YOUR BEST FRIEND SAY OF YOU? Don’t have a best friend, just good friends. WHAT’S UNDER YOUR BED? Just dust! GREATEST CAREER ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE? I haven’t really had one thing I have achieved to date, judge me on my body of work not a specific collection. WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD CHANGE IF YOU BECAME PRIME MINISTER? Cut out most of the social welfare system which is crushing our future! THE BEST HOUSE YOU’VE EVER VISITED? Versailles.

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neighbourhoods, our children (and ourselves) will be safe to cycle and walk more independently, without busy traffic or car doors to contend with.

YOU MAY BY NOW HAVE HEARD OF THE GREENWAYS PROJECT, WHICH has been gaining traction and raising awareness around their vision for a city connected by beautifully designed, constructed and planted pathways for the use of cyclists and pedestrians. Far from being just another crazy bunch of lycra-clad activists, The Greenways Project’s core team consists of urban architects, designers and engineers - supported by many other Aucklanders, who are working closely with the Council and local boards to build their dream into the Mayor’s vision for a better Auckland.

A Greenways alternative promotes travel in a much greener City, away from the noise and pollution of busy roads. The initiative will also encourage many more people to walk and cycle, because they can do so safely, thus decreasing our fuel consumption, traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

According to founder, Stephen Smythe, this is not a short-term project. “We’re not out to achieve a ‘quick fix’ solution. The plan is to create an effective, practical and productive network of Greenways on publicly owned land, over 10 or 20 years. Currently safe cycling and walking in the City is fragmented, but through well thought -out urban design we can create something that works coherently.”

HOW PEOPLE CAN GET INVOLVED Having already received the backing of key government figures and businesses, the project has moved onto the next phase. This is an important issue for the whole community, and they need your support. A market research survey is now live on the Greenways site Analysed by Big Picture, the survey results will enable The Greenways Project to give you a voice and will provide a valuable and powerful tool to present to the Auckland Transport Committee. Prizes will be available to win for anyone who fills in the survey.

The Council is actively looking for ways to reduce the reliance we have on cars in Auckland. Taking cues from the very bike-focused Berlin, a comparable city in terms of geographical size but with many times the population, The Greenways Project has legs. Not only would the project allow a network of safe, pleasant routes between

The other way you can get involved is to sign the petition or make a small donation. Help The Greenways Project to help you achieve safe and pleasnt cycling or walking in your area with a $20.00 donation through the site.Let’s band together and achieve the vision of making Auckland ‘the worlds most liveable city’! PN

THE STONELEIGH SUMMER ART SERIES POPS UP AT WYNYARD QUARTER THE R18 STONELEIGH SUMMER ART SERIES IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER with a brand new line up of talent from Wednesday 7 – Sunday 18 December at the Wynyard Quarter. Hosting some of New Zealand’s best musicians and artists including Jonny Love, the Rooftop Collective and Chloe Bartlett, visitors can bask in the sun and indulge their passion for live music, arts and superb food from Marvel Grill, whilst enjoying a taste of Stoneleigh’s newest range or wines, Stoneleigh Latitude. Bringing a fresh new take to this year’s event, Stoneleigh is partnering with The Arts Foundation of New Zealand, with the vibrant, pop-up al fresco venue offering the best of summer, arts, food and wine in Auckland’s newest entertainment mecca. Simon Bowden, Executive Director of the Arts Foundation says, “Our partnership with Stoneleigh Wines enables us to present some of New Zealand’s finest artists to a wider audience so that we can open up the world of artists to everyone. Like Stoneleigh, we are keen to ensure the arts are accessible and enjoyable for all.”

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Stoneleigh invites Aucklanders and visitors to the city to take time out from their busy schedules this month to relax and unwind with an early taste of summer over the Stoneleigh Summer Art Series. This R18 event is open to visitors from 12noon till 9.00pm every day during the Stoneleigh Summer Art Series.


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EMILY SMART: WORD PERFECT DO BEARS POO IN THE WOODS? I’M IN TROUBLE. AGAIN. IT HAPPENS A LOT IF, LIKE ME, YOU’RE PREDISPOSED to drinking copious amounts of vino at lunchtime and believe you are then qualified to put the world to rights. I reprimanded a Kiwi friend for adding the word ‘aye’ at the end of every sentence. The riposte went something like this: ‘Bloody English, you lot use “do you know what I mean?” to finish every sentence.’ Lesson learnt. People in glass houses and all that. It got me thinking about trends in words and sayings. Take the word ‘wicked’, which has acquired a new meaning, and in fact now denotes the complete opposite of its original sense. This was endorsed when the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Parker Bowles) replied ‘It’s wicked!’ when asked to comment on the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Her smile made it clear that she was delighted rather than horrified. Rather ironic given her arrival on the royal scene, when she was portrayed in the media as the wicked step-mother! Then there are the words that evolve to acquire more than two different meanings, like ‘gay.’ I borrowed these three definitions from 1. Jovial or happy, good-spirited. ‘We’ll have a gay old time.’ 2. A homosexual male or female. ‘You DO know he’s gay. Notice his homoerotic pornography collection.’ 3. Often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. Originating from homophobia. Popular among many teenage males in order to buff up their ‘masculinity.’ ‘Man these seats are gay. I can’t even see what’s going on!’ Then there are the conversation fillers, littered throughout our daily exchanges; take ‘at the end of the day’ or ‘to be fair.’ Whilst these words can frame our everyday storytelling, are they really necessary? My least favourite fillers all seem to have a familiar theme and must be some of the most overused phrases in the English language today. If I say to you any of the following: • ‘To be honest/frank with you’ • ‘The truth of the matter’ • ‘May I be candid?’ • ‘If the truth be told’

Am I really saying, ‘Actually mate, most of the time I lie to you’? But the one that really gets my goat/is a bugbear/incurs my wrath (oh, you get the drift), is that fashionable popular saying, ‘Does that make sense?’ Argghhhh! If anyone ever says this to you, I suggest you respond with, ‘No it doesn’t. I had my brain removed at birth and I have no understanding whatsoever of what you are talking about.’ I’ve annoyed myself now, and, wanting to end on a high, I turn my attention to one of my favourite linguistic features: the sarcastic rhetorical question. The best way to explain what I mean is through an example. Imagine someone asks you this: • Does Emily like a drink or two? Now anyone who’s ever met me would know that this is a daft thing to ask because there’s only one possible answer – a full-throated ‘You betcha!’ But there are times when, rather than answering with something obvious, you want to reply with a witty one-liner. That’s where the sarcastic rhetorical question comes in. You know the sort of thing – when you’re asked something like ‘Does Emily like a drink?’, you can reply: • Is the Pope Catholic? • Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? • Are the Kennedys gun shy? • Do bears poo in the woods? As much as I love all of the above, I reckon they’re a bit outdated and in need of a modern twist. I had a quick think about Kiwi-based answers to the first question and came up with: • Do the All Blacks play rugby? • Is Briscoes having a sale? • Did Sir Ed conquer Everest? • Is that girl off the Big Save furniture ads the most annoying person on planet earth? (Too long and slightly unkind?) Fairly ordinary responses I think you’ll agree, so here’s a challenge. There’s a bottle of plonk for the best riposte which I can use as my own when asked a question that really doesn’t need to be answered. Send your answers to Keep ‘em clean, aye? (EMILY SMART) PN

SIMPLIFYING BUSY, MODERN LIVES Work life balance is one of the biggest juggling acts of our time. Our lives are busy, often with conflicting demands and can be extremely stressful. The one thing we most lack is personal time to do the things we really enjoy and which are important to us. It can be a stretch to find the time to spend with our partners, family and friends, and to enjoy our interests. Auckland based, with nationwide service, Concierge NZ has one simple objective: to give busy people their lives back. Hand them the tasks that take you away from the things that really matter and they will sort them for you. The company offers services that include everything from running errands, house cleaning, making sure the pets are fed and there’s food in the fridge to looking after all the details when you’re moving house or when there’s a new baby in the family or organising the family holiday. Concierge NZ’s Managing Director, Sally Tye, explains: “In this day and age, time is the most precious thing there is. We’re here to help busy people keep on top of things and focus on what’s important to them. It’s a 24-7 service where we can get just about anything done, without fuss”. Concierge NZ offers a tailored service, defined and designed especially for each client and their lifestyle. They are known for their resourcefulness, discretion, reliability, and attention to detail. This team pride themselves on being great problem solvers, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering results for their clients. PN For more information visit

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JULIE ROULSTON CLAIRE SULLIVAN – HERNE BAY DENIZEN It’s comical that when Ponsonby News met with publisher Claire Sullivan, we were hugely impressed by her drop-dead gorgeous premises given the unimposing Anzac Avenue locale. What did we expect from the woman behind luxury magazines Design Folio and Denizen? A glossy resource guide, Design Folio was launched in 2008. The Denizen - subtitled ‘The Art of Living Well’ launched online in September 2010, with the first printed edition published in September 2011.

“Our subscribers are a really engaged group of people who want to keep up to date with what’s happening next, it makes for a very hungry baby that constantly needs to be fed new and interesting content.”

Claire lives in Sarsfield Street in Herne Bay. She moved back to New Zealand from New York in 2003 where she had spent what she describes as a ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ episode of her life working in magazine publishing for six years. “At times it was tough, really tough, but it was an amazing time in my life, and probably what has made me the tenacious bitch I am today.”

The website met with instant approval from its target audience who lapped up’s more ‘designed’, magazine-style format. Claire deliberately used big, editorial-style images and stayed away from run-of-the-mill web fonts.

On her return Claire joined Urbis magazine where she remained for five years, ending up as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. Tired of working so hard for someone else, she saw a gap in the market for Design Folio as a luxe directory of the very best architectural and interior design products available in the New Zealand market. Ironically she launched her own publishing empire as US financial institutions were crashing to the ground. Claire had always wanted to create a lifestyle magazine - influenced perhaps by her time working on like titles in New York - and felt that existing local titles dumbed down a sophisticated experience. “A lot of magazines here almost make us feel bad about wanting to live well.” Claire’s friends agreed that local magazines weren’t delivering the level of sophistication they were looking for and were buying international titles like Vogue, Tatler and Vanity Fair. Claire continues “A friend from New York said “you kiwis are always making excuses for your country”. I feel we have come in leaps and bounds in recent years. We have a strong cosmopolitan feel to our city, with a lot more international quality restaurants and great things to do in the weekend like Farmers’ Markets - much of which was not around eight years ago.”

12,000 subscribers notwithstanding, when Claire launched Denizen as a magazine she was reminded that print is still a powerful medium. She says there is still a significant perception that appearing in print is more valuable. “When you create a print publication you’ve arrived - before that I was merely a blogger.” “We’re continually evolving” says Claire. The future may see Notoriety Publishing launch in Australia. In the short term, 2012 will see the inaugural Design Folio Design Incubator Award programme. Supporting emerging design talent is something that Claire is hugely passionate about. The award winner will travel with Claire to Milan in April to the world’s largest design fair where they will meet with, and garner experience from, some of the most globally renowned and influential furniture design houses. (JULIE ROULSTON)

CLAIRE SULLIVAN’S FAVOURITE... PONSONBY BAR: Moochowchow for cocktails PONSONBY CAFE: her local, Five Loaves PONSONBY RESTAURANT: Ponsonby Road Bistro PONSONBY BOUTIQUES: Adorno, Scotties and Sass & Bide PONSONBY RETAIL STORE: WORLD Beauty BEST KEPT PONSONBY SECRET: Herne Bay’s beaches at high tide. PN

Believing that a local title could have an international level of sophistication wrapped up with local content, Denizen - always destined to be a print title, says Claire - was launched “basically to 200 friends” online only. Today the website boasts 12,000 online subscribers.

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A NIGHT-IN WITH TIM WAKELY Renting these new releases from Civic Video, Ponsonby this month will give you the perfect excuse to shut yourself away from the wet humid heat that is about to hit this month. So get inside, dust off that fan, put those shorts on, invite a friend over, pour a lemonade or two and put on one of these great titles.


Paul Feig’s film Bridesmaids is an over the top pre-wedding jitters comedy that women and, surprisingly, men will enjoy. In addition to the comical relief, Bridesmaids is a well-written intelligent film that explores the postmodern anxieties of the everyday woman. Actor/Comedian Kristen Wiig who is the co-writer of this jamboree, heads this over the top bridal shower as the down-trodden and love struck Annie. The plot of this film mainly revolves around Annie whose rough patch gets even rougher when her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolf) asks her to be her maid of honour, shortly after announcing her engagement. After this shock announcement Annie’s life begins to take an interesting turn as she unintentionally begins a process of self -reflection. The acting in this film is fantastic and seemed effortless as each actor gave their own comedic touch to the stereotypical characters that they portrayed. The actors featured in this film include Rose Bryne as the overbearingly perfect Helen Harris III, Little Britain actor Matt Lucas as Annie’s annoying house-mate and Melissa McCarthy who portrays Lillian’s masculine and raunchy sister-in-law to be. It will appeal to a broad spectrum of people as it is hilariously funny and a little bit deep.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon is 154 minutes of pure confusion. I felt that there was no real point to this movie, except to showcase what today’s CGI effects can produce. Michael Bay’s third instalment is all myth and no logic as this film only contains over the top American propaganda and long tiresome action sequences that have no real justification. Megan Fox’s replacement Rose Huntington Whitely added no spice or thrill to the film. Also, her acting was so bad that she made predecessor Megan Fox look like Julia Roberts. The only interesting aspect about Rose is her long last name. In Addition, Shia Labouf’s character Sam Witwicky’s complaining was just straight out annoying. The Autobots and the Decepticons failed to display any showmanship as they came across on screen as mere children rather than as a ‘kick-ass’ fighting machine. The only really ‘bad-ass’ person in this whole flick is Lt Colonel William Lennox (Josh Duhamel). Overall, there is actually no real point to this film but if there is one positive to this Michael Bay catastrophe it is that this movie is great value for money at 154 minutes long! However, the real question is whether you would actually want to waste 154 minutes of your precious time watching it.


Love, Wedding, Marriage is a ‘typical it always works out in the end’ romantic comedy. On the whole this straight to DVD marriage film is a lifeless flop as it fails to evoke anything new or funny. In this film singer/actor Mandy Moore fills the boots of the main character Ava who struggles to come to terms with her parents’ impending divorce. However, Ava’s obsession with the separation causes her to question the cracks in her newlywed marriage. Even though the overall concept and storyline is weak the film did contain some average acting. This is because the chemistry between the actors’ characters felt believable due to the fact that their personas were more ordinary than extraordinary. For example, you cannot help but sympathise with Ava’s mother Betty’s (Jane Seymour) frustration with her marriage to her husband Bradley (Michael Weston). Also, Love Wedding Marriage makes great use of Kellan Lutz’s physical qualities. Additionally, Jessica Szhor, who plays Ava’s younger rebellious sister Shelby, helps to maintain the lightness of the script. Overall, Love Wedding Marriage isn’t a complete disaster as it does contain some okay acting. I would recommend renting this film if you want to watch an inoffensive light chick flick with your mum. (TIM WAKELY) PN

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FASHION + STYLE GREY LYNN MEN GET DRESSED IN SEARCH OF MEN! PERSONAL STYLIST CHRISTINA JANE PRESTON RECENTLY took to the streets of Grey Lynn, brief in hand, to find two local single men between the ages of 18 and 35 to participate in a ‘Men’s Style Makeover’ story for Ponsonby News. The concept: How to dress a man for a date. “Lately I have had a lot of interest from men in taking them shopping and re-styling their looks for social and work-related reasons” says Christina. “I called on local businesses in search of my men, but it was a little awkward to explain why I was there. “Hi, I’m Christina... I’m not selling you anything, truly, but I really need two men!” On the last day of Christina’s search, with deadline looming, she walked into West Lynn Painters and Panel Beaters and introduced herself to family business owner Drago Jujinovich. After he had a good laugh, Drago disappeared into the workshop returning two minutes later with the first ‘MOM’ (Makeover Man) – 18 year old Kyle. Covered in paint dust and grime. Perfect! “My innovative styling mind hit overdrive” says Christina. “What could I do to take the original skater boy Westie out of this this young man and super hot style him for a super hot date? Stolen Girlfriends Club’s latest summer collection locked and loaded in my mind.” Christina continues: “Next – the hair. Inspired by SGF’s summer looks, a slicked back hair do - to be remodelled by hairstylist Kirsty at Gareth and Co in Grey Lynn - was the way forward. I knew I had him made. Chilled out Kyle transformed before our eyes into a very funky, handsome young man dressed to date. The ladies would go wild... Needing coffee, I dashed across the road to Jafa Café on Richmond Road. Over the hum of the very busy cafe, there appeared before me - dressed in dirty apron and coffee grounds - my second ‘MOM’: 32 year old, Jafa Barista extraordinare – Laerte (pronounced Liba). I knew it wasn’t going to be difficult to dress this guy. I only had to look around the corner at Black Box Boutique to find the answers to styling Laerte for his night out.” Clothes and footwear sorted, it was back to Gareth and Co. While Christina’s

MOM’s relaxed over a drink, they talked about their typical personal styling and shopping habits and how they usually dress for a date. Both men agreed they never really shop for clothes. “If I need something to wear I go out to find it” they both said. “I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I don’t really know that many places to go.” Laerte said that in general and on a date, he is a jeans, shirt and t-shirt kind of guy. “Though I might wear some nice pants and a nice shirt if I’m going to a nice place to eat... I go to Conch in Ponsonby Road for my tees and hats. I love Black Box clothing, but this is the first time I will be wearing it.” Kyle says “I don’t spend much on clothes but if I see a pair of trainers I really like, I’ll go the extra $50 and buy them. Trainers are my thing. If I go on a date it depends who she is, and if I need to impress her. Usually skater jeans and a cool T shirt.” When asked where they would take someone on their ‘hypothetical’ date, Laerte said,“ I have lived in Grey Lynn for nine years. I love it here (I’m originally from Brazil). I would probably take my date to Prego. Delicious food, great service, great wine. I love music and hanging with friends so Mea Culpa would follow as my bar of choice. All going well on the date, that is.” As for Kyle, “This area is new to me for dating. My boss reckons I should go to Chapel first. Then maybe Ponsonby Social Club after that.” Finally Christina asked her two men how they felt about their make overs. Kyle said “Wow, I have never dressed like this. These shoes are crazy. I look really different for me but, yeah, I guess I look good. This has cool, I’m into it”. And Laerte? “I really like this shirt and these pants. The singlet is new for me, but I like it too. I really love these trainers. I would wear these clothes but a little differently.” And did they both enjoy their personal styling experience - being dressed by and photographed by women? Oh, yes. Christina extends her thanks to her styling team - Kirsty and Gareth from Gareth and Co, Scarlet from Black Box Boutique. Dan, Hamish and Karina from Stolen Girlfriends Club, and James McCarty Jeweler. PN CHRISTINA PRESTON, T: 027 551 9666

photography: Nikau Hindin

KYLE before

LAERTE before KYLE after

LAERTE after

KYLE was dressed by Stolen Girlfriends Club in Teen Spirit Biker Jean $396; Raglan Shirt $250; (Shape Ring - Sterling Silver by James McCarty $480 - available at Cybele) LAERTE was dressed from Black Box Boutique in Vanishing Elephant ‘This be Chino’ Olive Linen Pants $220; Commoners ALike/Basic (Navy Shirt) $179; Stolen Girlfriends Club Stripe Singlet $129; Gam Footwear 386G $170; (MR Ring - Sterling Silver by James McCarty Jeweller $480 - available at James McCarty Jewellery (54 Brown St Ponsonby) and ONE Boutique, 504 Karangahape Road). The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



CHERRY BISHOP SPRING/SUMMER 2012 STREET SHOW FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER, NEWTON Models walked through Karangahape Road’s Cherry Bishop store and onto the street Cherry says the crowd, “attended, imbibed, applauded and made a head start on Summer dress shopping in the store afterwards.”




LIZ MITCHELL SHOWROOM RELOCATION CELEBRATION WEDNESDAY 2 NOVEMBER, GREY LYNN 1. Julie Ludbrook, Liz Mitchell and Amy Miller; 2. Celia Harrison and Ella Mizrahi; 3. Ella Mizrahi, Amanda Bransgrove, Liz Mitchell, Diana Bain, Celia Harrison and Angela Griffen; 4. Dr Garsing Wong, Margaret Chen, Liz Mitchell and Angela Lassig.


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photography: Julie Roulston

photography: Norrie Montgomery



AUT ROOKIE SHOW 11 NOVEMBER SHED 10, AUCKLAND CITY 1. Julie Roulston, Paul Blomfield, Nigel Murphy, Jade Smyth and Jill Blomfield; 2. Pebbles and Francis Hooper; 3. Peter and Cris Roberts.

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FASHION + STYLE WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO... Introducing, the Orsini Bridal Collection - by Sarah Hutchings. Orsini is an Italian noble family name, now also synonymous with exceptional jewellery. Owned by Sarah Hutchings, Parnell’s Orsini Fine Jewellery Boutique has the privilege of stocking Italy’s most distinguished jewellery houses, with a reputation for quality, originality and superior craftsmanship. Inspired by her numerous trips to lavish Italian jewellery houses, Sarah sought to introduce her New Zealand clients to a distinctive bridal range that would reflect European jewellery aesthetics – hand-crafted, luxury pieces designed to be cherished from generation to generation. After two years of design and development, Sarah Hutchings’ Orsini Bridal Collection has launched, offering premium engagement rings and wedding bands for those seeking luxury jewellery that will stand the test of time. “More than any other piece of jewellery, engagement and wedding rings are symbols of love, promise and partnership. These are the most significant pieces to a woman, so it’s essential they suit her and that she feels truly special wearing them every day,” says Sarah. Quality is paramount to Sarah’s Orsini Bridal Collection, with an emphasis on design, quality, craftsmanship, service and pedigree. Sarah has selected premium diamonds that optimise the ‘Four C’s’ – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut to ensure maximum brilliance from each diamond ring. Featuring both contemporary and classic designs, the range comfortably caters for discerning brides seeking bridal jewellery that reflects their unique sense of style and personality. Orsini Bridal Collection – engagement and wedding rings for a lifetime of luxury. PN ORSINI, 241 Parnell Road T: 09 354 3115

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FASHION + STYLE STEP OUT IN INTERNATIONAL STYLE Cinderella is proof that a great pair of shoes can change your life! So have a look for your next pair at Chi Chi, because even if they don’t exactly change your life, it’s sure to put a little spring in your step knowing you can purchase fabulous contemporary, international designs at affordable prices right here in Ponsonby. Chi Chi is a women’s boutique shoe store located on chic Jervois Road, selling a wide range of boots, sandals, evening shoes, handbags, belts and accessories which are sourced from many international designers and brands, including Mina Martini, Le Saunda, Toretti, BCBG, Max Azia and Maria Di Loretto as well as a collection from New Zealand designers Bellini and Minx. Chi Chi customers are loving the opportunity to purchase high quality shoes from Italy, France, Spain and Brazil – without the big price tag and without the long-haul flights! As the store only holds a limited number of each design you can be sure you’re wearing an exclusive pair of shoes; owner Ravesh Moodley says “The focus, when purchasing, is to stock a huge range so shoppers have lots of styles to choose from, but in small quantities, thus keeping the style unique”. From sky-scraper heels to fashionable flats, the friendly, helpful staff at Chi Chi can help you find the perfect pair – in particular check out their latest wedges and jelly sandals which are proving popular heading in to the summer months – and seeing as you’re saving yourself the trip to Italy, if you find a shoe that fits you may as well buy it in every colour! PN CHI CHI, 6 Jervois Road, T: 09 360 2250


GET A BOOST FROM BRAVISTA WHAT IS THE FOUNDATION OF FASHION? ACCORDING TO INGER KITE, owner of Ponsonby’s boutique lingerie shop, Bravista - Lingerie and Swimwear, the answer is correctly fitted underwear. Unfortunately, fitting has become a lost art, with statistics saying that 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Which is why Inger and her team are on a mission to help women look and feel amazing, no matter what their size or silhouette, “Correctly fitted lingerie has the ability to make a woman look taller, as her posture is improved, and slimmer, as her breasts sit higher making her waist more defined.” With this vision in mind, Bravista opened in Jervois Road in May 2011, ready to give Ponsonby shoppers the ‘boost’ they had been missing. As a Ponsonby shopper herself, Inger decided that “it was about time we brought a boutique lingerie store to the area that offered personal service and professional fittings.”

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Inger and her team of fully trained, qualified fitters help customers find exactly the right lingerie, particularly those who often find it difficult to find the right fit for their body. They stock a range of all cup sizes, from A cup through to K cup, including hard-to-find smaller back sizes, hosiery, maternity, sleepwear, menswear and swimwear. “We are a new business and we are always looking for new products to fill the needs of our customers so we are continually changing and evolving.” But it’s not just what’s underneath that counts. Bravista can also ensure you look fabulous and feel confident at the beach with their European-designed swimwear, as well as cover-ups, kaftans and summer outer wear. PN BRAVISTA - LINGERIE AND SWIMWEAR, 216 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 4334


FASHION + STYLE FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN AND ARE STUCK FOR IDEAS AT SEVENTYSIXDESIGN WE ARE OVERFLOWING WITH POSSIBILITIES FOR you and there is still time to have something special made. We custom make rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks... the works, so there is sure to be something to suit everyone on your present list. We have an exciting new range of stock just in for Christmas - earrings, pendants, rings and brooches - all sterling silver with marcasite and gems such as blue topaz and emerald. There are earrings in the shape of bows, swallow pendants, drop earrings and studs, dress rings with black onyx and marcasite, angel wing earrings and so much more. Seventysixdesign is now on Facebook under We will post photos of the new stock for you to view online. So don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute and get it sorted with us. Merry Christmas! (ANGELA MCBRIDE) PN Seventysixdesign, 45 New North Road T: 09 379 0276

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FASHION + STYLE JERVOIS ROAD’S NEW MEN’S BOUTIQUE AND STREET HAVEN Look out world! Noting a lack both of online stores in New Zealand and of variety in boutique men’s streetwear, after a year of being online Needles and Threads have opened their first bricks and mortar store on the corner of Redmond Street and Jervois Road. Needles and Threads offers “a curated set of hand-picked brands of the present; global and domestic fashion labels as well as more boutique and street niche brands.” So you’ll find labels like Huffer, I Love Ugly and Commoners_Alike, with price points from $49 through to $350. But knowing that men prefer a quick and more selective boutique shopping experience, Hadley cleverly keeps Needles and Threads’ selection of garments limited. The store’s customers profess to loving the range of brands the store stocks, the fresh and clean feel of the store, and that Needles and Threads sources its ranges from all over the world - Australia, the USA, Canada and Sweden - to provide a sense of uniqueness.

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Hadley’s current favourite item instore is the Dope Couture 7 Panel Snapback hat in Burgundy. But that could soon be superceded in his favours by A.T.G. (All Things Good), a new brand coming to Needles and Threads this December from Australia, with a boutique-style range of men’s tees and board shorts. Bring on summer! Needles and Threads’ opening hours are 9.30am-7.00pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday 10am-4.30pm. Mention you read this in Ponsonby News and get $10 off your Needles and Threads purchase! PN NEEDLES AND THREADS, Shop 3, 14 Jervois Road T: 09 214 9053,


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ANGELA LASSIG: LETTERS FROM MAUDIE The monthly jottings of a free-spirited Ponsonby dressmaker of the 1920s, as imagined by Angela Lassig. VERMONT STREET, PONSONBY 10 DECEMBER 1925

Dear Mabs,

I’m going to o give myself a proper break this Christmas and do some planning anning for next year. I think perhaps that I might take on an apprentice to help me out with some of the more pedestrian tasks. asks. And my modest savings might allow me to have a small cottage age built in the garden that I can use specifically as my workroom. m. I think this might help me be stricter about my working hours. urs. I fancy the idea of closing the door at six, strolling up the path to the house, stripping off my corsellette and lolling about in my housecoat for a couple of hours. I imagine this sounds quite normal al to you but for me this would represent utter novelty! Shall I tell you what I’m sewing at present? I think hink you’ll be interested, as I know how much you love balls. Three of myy clients are attending the same masked ed ball on Christmas Eve and have each ch requested lavish costumes that I’m delighting in n putting together. One of my ladies has decided thatt she will represent ‘Midnight’ which is going to be quite lovely! For her dress I’m using a heavy delustred silkk satin in a deep inky blue that I’m making up into a Grecian ian style sleeveless evening gown that crosses over at the bodice and is pinned at the waist with a starshaped jewel.l. I’m also trimming the shoulders with a single star jewel att the point where the fabric is gathered. The fabric fallingg from the waist cascades to the floor forming a short train. n. I’ve trimmed all the edges with a plain flat silver braid so as not to overwhelm the silver stars that I’ve hand beaded eaded all over the dress - larger stars at the bottom gradating dating to tiny stars near the waist and all over the bodice. dice. I’m also making her a silver lame headband to o which she is pinning an heirloom silver and diamond amond crescent moon brooch. A pair of silverr lame pumps and she’ll be ready ady to dazzle all. Can’t you just ust picture it? I’m also having ing fun recreating ng Cleopatra for or the lovely daughter hter of one of my elderlyy ladies who, while not outright utright refusing the invitation n herself, has decided to disregard the theme.


I think Violet (her daughter) and I have persuaded her to have a new ensemble made up in Watteau blue satin and have suggested that she pin some pink roses to her bosom. Hopefully this will make the hosts think that at least she’s made an attempt to represent the 18th century while the unsuspecting matron remains resolute in her defiance of the dress code! Cleopatra is wearing a sleeveless deep apricot silk gown of medieval inspiration and a headpiece that is proving most challenging to make. Slung around her hips and falling almost to the floor is a sash cut from an old lapis blue Japan Japanese embroidered sash. The sash is made of thick silk brocade and is heavily b embroidered with bats, clou cloud shapes and strange oriental symbols in gold thread. Violet has a large thre Czech filigree brooch set w with scarabs that she is pinning at the point where the sash falls from the dropped waist. The bodice ffalls from the shoulders and the draping is caught u up at the centre of the neckline with another scar scarab brooch that Violet is borrowing from a friend. friend Violet’s collection of snake bracelets will be w writhing up her arms and an asp, that I’m ha having much trouble in fashioning, will emerge from the centre of her lapis blue silk covered he headband. The final of my trio of o costumes should not take me very long at aall to fashion. The lady for whom it is intended, who, while long inten past her premiere jjeunesse[i] still has an adequate figure, h has wisely chosen the stately Duchess of Devonshire as her muse. To create creat the Duchess I am altering her mam mama’s floral silk brocade gown from the 1860s. I wish you could 1 see the silk! We rea really see nothing of this quality in the shops any more. It’s a lustrous shot m taffeta in periwinkle blue made up into a gown with the typical plain full skirt and fitted bodice of its time. I’m removing the bell-shaped upper sleeves so that the fichu[ii] I’m making sits nicely over the shoulders. I’m usin using a bronze coloured light silk for the gathered panni panniers[iii], the fichu and a matching satin for the sash at the waist. My milliner will make the picture hat that I’ve de decided will be covered in bronze taffeta and trimmed with periwinkle blue and bronze-dyed ostrich feather feathers. She’s going to look positively aristocratic on the nig night! Well dearest, I really must close now and get on with my sewing. Writing to you about my latest gowns has actually invigorated me. Perhaps inv it’s a good time to attempt to master the dratted aasp! With all m my love to you and George, Geor


illustration: 99designs

I hope that this letter finds you in a more serene state of mind than mine as I write this long overdue letter to you! At least as a secretary you are able to leave work at a decent time and take some relaxation until the next day. I’m finding that the busier I get, the more muddled the distinction between work and relaxation becomes. Of late my workdays seem to take me from breakfast through to midnight! I know that this is largely because I have my workroom at home. In summer it is especially bad, what with the longer days and the busy social season. This year seems particularly oppressive. But on the other hand, I suppose, business has never been better!

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POCO CUFFLINKS + POCO CUFFLINKS, RINGS AND LAPEL PINS ARE MANUFACTURED IN NEW Zealand from popular brands of vintage typewriters such as Imperial, Underwood, Mercedes, Smith and Remington. The original keys from these machines are set in sterling silver and are all hand crafted. The supply of the typewriters are limited today and therefore combinations of initials are rare as are the fractions, tab, shift and £ signs which are now keys of the past in New Zealand. The typewriter was an engineering feat. We take for granted that the paper sits in a stationary tray, so to invent a machine with a moving carriage seems novel today. Let alone the ‘ting’ on a little bell to advise the end of a line approaching. These cufflinks, rings and lapel pins are very popular as wedding, birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents; or for the person who has everything. They are made to order and it is fun to arrange the letters and numbers according to the recipient. i.e. D+R for a Doctor, Q+C for a lawyer, 3+0 for a thirtieth birthday or Backspace + Lock, to be quirky!

AUT ROOKIE GRADUATE FASHION SHOW, 11 NOVEMBER: Eliav Meltzer, above; Jonarn Dul, below

84 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

As these typewriters become rarer, no two are the same, so the fonts and colours vary. There is a choice of black or white keys. Ordering is essential and could take seven to 14 days delivery. To discuss options and orders call Steve Hofmann who will be happy to talk to you on 021 487 878. PN



TO THE BALTICS AND BEYOND by Kim Houston, Director, World Journeys

Gothic architecture, medieval towns, fairytale castles and spectacular fjords are the day-to day realities of Northern Europe. For us Kiwis it’s literally a world away, both in distance and in substance. New Zealand does boast some spectacular scenery and vibrant culture, but the sheer depth of history in Northern Europe stretches way beyond our New World imaginations. I recently took my family on a Holland America Line cruise in the height of the Northern European summer, a great time to go, in July. Cruising is the best way to cover a lot of ground in this part of the world, and with three kids in tow, is the only way to travel! You literally unpack your bags once, there is food available 24 hours a day, and a kids club to entertain all ages. “Are we there yet” was never an issue! Starting in Copenhagen (Denmark), we visited Tallinn(Estonia), St Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Kiel (Germany), Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen, Alesund (Norway) and on to Invergordon and Edinburgh (Scotland), Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) and Bruges (Brussels). Among the many highlights was taking our three daughters to the Russian Ballet ‘Swan Lake’ in St Petersburg. The stunning theatre and opulent surrounds were a perfect backdrop for such a classical and well-loved ballet. St Petersburg’s museums, elegant palace lined waterways, a skyline of gilded domed churches, and grand boulevards where Czars once travelled in golden carriages, had us enraptured. The Church of Spilled Blood in particular is an amazing piece of architecture. My husband partook of the obligatory vodka shots and our girls excitedly picked out Matryoshka dolls for their friends back home. Tourist sights aside, we were equally fascinated by the daily-life of the locals in St Petersburg, with its edgy Russian markets, and the hustle and bustle of the subway we used to get from place to place.

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Taking the Funicular train up Mt Floyen in Bergen would also have to be another highlight. The views over the surrounding islands from the top are spectacular! The old Hanseatic wharf ‘Bryggen’ is architecturally unique and is perhaps one of the most familiar images in all of Norway with its multi-coloured shop fronts reflected in the harbour waters. Other hits with the whole family were the Aquarium in Alesund, the Market Square in Helsinki, the amazingly creative Sand Castles in Kristiansand, the outrageous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and from a culinary perspective - the chocolate and beer in Brugge were outstanding! For a fascinating look at Europe from a different angle, I’d have to say Northern Europe was one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had. There is enough culture, scenery and history to satisfy the most discerning of travellers, and if travelling as a family, enough going on to keep even the most worldly of kids wide eyed in amazement.



 TRAVEL BREAKS: THE NEW THERAPY! PONSONBY NEWS READERS ARE EVERYWHERE 1-2. A PROUD MUM SUE COPSEY EMAILED US TO TELL US HER DAUGHTER Helena was involved in the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony at Eden Park, playing her ukulele! Sue sent us several shots of a recent visit to her hometown of RUGBY, UK, where her parents still live. She told us that the famous Rugby School where a certain game began always has a RWC floral display on the roundabout in front of it during the world cup. The other photo is taken in front of the school, showing the statue of William Webb Ellis.

3-4. KEIR ROBERTSON who works with Gerry and Sally at The Great Ponsonby Arthotel tells us he was in PHUKET THAILAND recently and went on a day tour to Phi Phi Island on one of the ubiquitous speed boats. Jennifer, the ‘woman’ in the photo with the pink glasses was his tour guide and the highlight of the ‘cattle tour’, he told us “as we jockeyed for position at the famous ‘Beach’ stop where they filmed the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.” He explains, “she delighted us with her antics such as trying to re-apply makeup while bouncing off waves in the boat at high speed and toying with the menfolk on board. And she was only too obliging to pose for me for this shot, then she reciprocated with a quick photo of me – just to show I really was there with the world-travelled Ponsonby News.


86 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011




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THE MAGICAL BESTOW BEAUTY OIL A few weeks ago I stopped by to chat with the endlessly wellinformed-when-it-comes-to-beauty Louise Gray, owner of Louise Gray Skin Care on Ponsonby Road – and left with a very worthy addition to my beauty arsenal. Louise never fails to amaze me with some new insight or product recommendation every time we meet, and her latest revelation is my new obsession, Bestow Beauty Oil. A true ‘food for the skin’, it’s what I like to call an edible cosmetic, putting your skin on the fast track to a makeup free summer and a happily ‘plump’ winter by adding just one yummy tablespoonful of this golden goodness to your cereal each morning. A lack of Essential Fatty Acids - EFA’s - in the body is the main cause of skin conditions. If the body’s intake of EFA’s is not adequate it will use inferior fats to build the skin cells, and these cells can then be susceptible to toxins and irritants in the environment such as pollen, soaps, foods and various chemical allergens. Flaxseed oil – which is what Bestow is made up of - can help with skin condition because it allows your body to build healthy new skin cells, healing from the inside and strengthening the membranes surrounding the skin cells. This reduces the amount of foreign substances passing into the cell causing irritation, while still allowing skin to absorb nourishment. Conditions such as eczema (my own personal bugbear), acne and psoriasis have been known to respond well to a regular dose of Flaxseed oil, and when you take it in liquid form it’s reportedly much more potent than your average capsule. But back to Bestow, which is created using Flaxseed from the blue flowered, annual crop grown organically in the South Island of New Zealand. A blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils cold-pressed from flax and golden flax to provide you with a source of those do-gooding EFA’s, Bestow is a bit like fish oil only better tasting and containing more essential fatty acids for your wellbeing. It also has the most beautiful packaging (for a peek check out the website and comes with delicious recipes for yummy goodies created using Flaxseed. Lastly, I just have to share one of the company’s core beliefs, which I absolutely love: “We believe in rituals, not regimes. Hi touch, not hi tech. Sensuality and sustenance, not substances. And above all, that women should feel confident, not conned.” (HELENE RAVLICH) PN

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FIVE MINUTES WITH VIVIANNE BRYANT, DIRECTOR OF BARE WAXING What sets Bare apart from other salons? “Firstly we are focused on core-maintenance grooming; waxing, brows, spray tanning and targeted skin treatments. This allows us to focus on delivering what we do best. The second part is delivering real service to every client, every time. I think ‘service’ is one of the hardest tangibles to deliver in any business but it is one thing that we are all absolutely committed to at Bare. Our client feedback really keeps the team focused on getting this aspect of our business right and it’s one that we take a great deal of pride in. This means using the best products without compromise to ensure our client comfort and employing therapists who love what they do. We also know that our clients lead busy lives so we do our best to cater to their needs; late nights, same day bookings, off street parking, online booking requests and text reminders.”

Waxing is the core of your business; how do you specialise in this? “We use top-quality hot wax for all of our intimate waxing and undertake a rigorous in-house training program to ensure therapists meet a certain level (and volume) of waxing treatments before they attend to our clients.” At Bare Waxing they believe consistency between therapists is paramount as is a commitment to getting the waxing part over and done with as quickly as possible! PN BARE WAXING, 41 Crummer Road T: 09 360 0939


FASHION + STYLE With party season upon us, Ponsonby shoe lovers are more spoilt for choice than ever. Shoe designer Sarah Riley is stocking select styles from her new Sweet Indulgence Collection - otherwise only available online - exclusively in Heavenly Soles stores including the local Jervois Road branch.

THE ICONIC ECOSTORE BUILDING IN SCOTLAND STREET, FREEMANS BAY, HAS A NEW OWNER PR company Lily & Louis have just moved in upstairs, while Ecostore will remain as their tenant downstairs. Jacqui Ansin, Lily & Louis’ Managing Partner, is proud to own such a historic building.

What’s more, Riley has created an exclusive bootie for the Heavenly Soles brand, called ‘Heavenly.’

“It was originally built as a boat shed, and has undergone various transformations over the decades. Today, our space has been renovated and turned into a glamorous showroom for our fashion and lifestyle clients, while the Ecostore shop keeps its simple, understated style.”

Kerry Gladman, owner of Heavenly Soles says “Our selected Sarah Riley range is limited in numbers and gorgeous in style. Customers will know they are wearing an exclusive Italian hand made shoe, and with little chance of bumping into another lady wearing the same style.” PN

Locals should keep an eye out for more changes as the building’s exterior is repainted over the coming weeks. The Lily & Louis team are also loving their new site, which is conveniently located close to key media - and of course the area’s exceptional restaurants, cafes and bars. PN LILY and LOUIS’ JACQUI ANSIN with Herne Bay resident KATHRYN WILSON at recent function Sole to Soul

SO FINE! FOR MANY PEOPLE, JEWELLERY REPRESENTS SOMETHING OR SOMEONE special in their lives. Angela Kelly of Angela Kelly Jewellery feels that as a designer it is her job to represent that as best she can and, as “a lover of fine detail with the eye of a magpie,” it is a job that comes naturally. Best of all, she loves what she does and is not afraid of a challenge. “What girl wouldn’t want to spend her days surrounded by diamonds and gemstones! The ability to enhance the natural beauty of these raw materials through creativity is quite spectacular and very rewarding.” Angela opened her Richmond Road studio in September of this year, choosing the West Lynn Village site for its strong sense of community and its eclectic, creative nature. The studio offers a relaxed environment, and the personalised assistance from Angela demonstrates that no job is too big or too small, and no job is more important than another. “I pride myself on being able to understand people and what they want in their jewellery... people can come and be themselves and have creative input.” As well as bespoke designs, Angela offers collections which integrate classic style and workmanship with a fresh perspective. “The objective behind all of my jewellery is that it can be worn by anyone, anywhere,” with the idea of breaking down the stereotype of ostentatious fine jewellery. Angela draws inspiration from her surroundings as seen in the ‘Wonderland’ range and also the new ‘sexy and sophisticated’ ‘Jagger’ collection released last month, inspired by urban living and art deco architecture. And if you’re looking for a unique wedding piece, 2012 will be the year of the diamond for Angela Kelly - she plans on creating a range of wedding jewellery based on an antique style with a modern twist. PN ANGELA KELLY JEWELLERY, 424a Richmond Road, T: 021 842 774

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photography: Norrie Montgomery





Hairstylist and owner SERVILLES PONSONBY “Beauty is an emotion more than anything - you can be in the most beautiful dress with amazing hair and makeup and feel ugly, or be hanging out with your best friends wearing your faithful old clothes, lip gloss and mascara with messy, day-old hair and feel gorgeous. My husband makes me feel beautiful (I know that is cheesy but it’s true).” LIBBY’S TIP FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR THIS SUMMER: “Put in a mask, like Moroccan Oil intense hydrate mask, while you are at the beach. Then tie your hair up in a top knot - you are saving your hair from the sun and salt water, and giving it a moisture treatment at the same time! FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY: Kate Moss. GREATER PONSONBY BEAUTY: Helen at Smashbox Ponsonby. DESERT ISLAND HAIR PRODUCT: Moroccanoil - there is no substitute!

photography: Clyne,Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show




WHAT’S A DEFINITION OF BEAUTY FOR YOU? “Naturalness. We spend a lot of time making our fake teeth (veneers etc) look natural.” TONY’S TIP FOR A BEAUTIFUL SMILE THIS SUMMER: “Tooth mousse. It’s like moisturiser for your teeth and protects against festive season over-indulgence.” FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY: Miranda Kerr. NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY: Jessica Clarke - New Zealand’s first Victoria’s Secret model. GREATER PONSONBY BEAUTY: Amelia Pain of Milly Boutique. DESERT ISLAND DENTAL PRODUCT: Dental floss - only floss the ones you want to keep!


Beauty Therapist and owner LOUISE GRAY SKIN CARE “I believe that every woman is a very unique and powerful creature. We are all providers on many levels of our lives and I believe that beauty is something that is very internal.” LOUISE’S TIP FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN THIS SUMMER: “To summer-proof your skin, arm yourself with an arsenal of SPFs, limit your exposure between the hours of 11am and 2pm and keep those sunglasses on.” FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY: TRELISE COOPER Audrey Hepburn. NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY: Trelise Cooper...“always radiating confidence and elegance. Trelise is also empowering women with her support for Habitat for Humanity and as an active patron of the Breast Cancer Research Trust.” DESERT ISLAND SKINCARE PRODUCT: Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Mask. “My ambulance in a tube...never ever leaves my side”.

90 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

photography: Garth Badger

We all know it’s in the eye of the beholder. Ponsonby News asked experts, in different hair and beauty fields, to share their definitions of beauty and their personal beauty icons. Thinking of you, we snaffled tips for a beautiful Summer 2011/2012 too.

Hairstylist D&M HAIR DESIGN WHAT’S A DEFINITION OF BEAUTY FOR YOU? “Being glamorous and full of life!” YOUR TIP FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR THIS SUMMER: “Keep a small bottle of Moroccanoil in your bag - work a small amount through your hair before you head out into the sun to protect your colour from fading.” FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY: KATHRYN WILSON Brigitte Bardot. NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY: Grace Owen. GREATER PONSONBY BEAUTY: Kathryn Wilson. DESERT ISLAND HAIR PRODUCT: “Again, Moroccanoil! Coat yourself in it from tip to toe. Hair, face, body...everywhere.” PETRA BAGUST


Makeup Artist/Beauty Therapist WHAT IS A DEFINITION OF BEAUTY FOR YOU? Confidence and a healthy glow. KYLA’S TIP FOR BEAUTIFUL BROWS THIS SUMMER: Natural, thick brows with good arches. FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY? Helena Christensen. NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY? Petra Bagust. GREATER PONSONBY BEAUTY? Karina Ledwos (“my gorgeous older sister”). DESERT ISLAND BROW PRODUCT? Manicare tweezers and, if possible, a L’Oréal brow pencil.


Sales and Marketing Manager, Smashbox NZ WHAT’S A DEFINITION OF BEAUTY FOR YOU? Being relaxed, knowing your style and being confident! NEISHA’S TIP FOR A BEAUTIFUL LOOK THIS SUMMER: “Confidence will take you a long way, Pick your own style rather than trying to be like someone else, and have fun! Summer 2011/12 makeup trends are all about the perfect coral lip and naturally bronzed and highlighted skin. FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL BEAUTIES: Charlise Theron, Angelina Jolie and Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine). NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY: Too hard! Here’s a couple of stunners though...Samantha Hayes (love the red hair) and Amber Peebles - gorgeous smile and personality! GREATER PONSONBY BEAUTY: Libby Whaley (Serville’s) DESERT ISLAND MAKEUP ITEM: Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. BENNY CASTLES


WHAT’S A DEFINITION OF BEAUTY FOR YOU? The latest Norton Commando motorbike - classic lines with all the modern bells and whistles. JULIAN’S TIP FOR HANDSOME HAIR THIS SUMMER: “Use a good leave-in conditioner such as Joe Grooming’s Grooming Cream - use it on holiday to give your hair a break from stronger styling products”. FAVOURITE INTERNATIONAL LOOKER: George Clooney. FAVOURITE NEW ZEALAND LOOKER: Vinnie Woolston @ 62 models. GREATER PONSONBY LOOKER: Benny Castles - he’s his own man. DESERT ISLAND HAIR PRODUCT: d:fi d:struct from American Crew - it does everything from a matt, textured look to a slicked-back rocker style. PN


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WOULD YOU PLANT A GARDEN THEN FORGET TO WATER IT? DR MATT SUMNER OF ACCENT DENTAL SOLUTIONS SAYS, “People often ask me why they need to see a dental hygienist and one of the most compelling reasons for clients I’ve found, is their clear desire to enhance the long-term success of any completed restorative work - be it crowns, veneers or bridges. You wouldn’t plant a beautiful garden and then forget to water it, would you?”

supporting them. The prevention of infection helps to manage bad breath and bleeding gums. At each appointment your Dental Hygienist will review your gum attachment levels (pocket depths), clean your teeth of calculus and plaque, remove staining caused by coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes, provide a professional polish and check the bone levels around your teeth roots.

People who have made an investment in their teeth want to know on-going decay in their mouths has a significant influence on the gum and bone support for their teeth structure, including their new ones.” Periodontal (gum) disease is the main form of tooth loss in adults, with over 80% of adults having some form of periodontal problem. A Dental Hygienist is a fully qualified dental specialist trained in preventing the bacterial infection that causes gum and jawbone disease; they ensure your teeth have the best possible structure

92 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

Accent Dental Solutions has a full-time Registered Dental Hygienist, and most patients are seen twice a year. The cost of these visits is $180. It’s the same as looking after anything important to you - you’ve made the investment, now you want it to last. PN

GRACE, the hygienist, at ACCENT DENTAL, Three Lamps

ACCENT DENTAL SOLUTIONS, 332 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 4374



STANDOUT HAIR BY D&M AT A SLICK ROOKIE SHOW IT MAY BE A STUDENT SHOWCASE - BUT THE ONLY THING GRUNGY ABOUT AUT ROOKIE 11.11.11 was its venue’s concrete floor. This year’s graduate Fashion Design show was a slick event, assuredly presenting capsules from 24 young designers. Post show, Ponsonby News spoke with WORLD’s Francis Hooper, who was highly complimentary of the collections’ disciplined editing and the garments’ finish, and noted that an unusually good number of the young designers chose to show menswear. Of the locally based graduates, Jackson Roy, Eliav Meltzer and Jonnarn Dul showed variations on men’s streetwear. Keva Rands - daughter of Ecostore’s Malcolm Rands - got pleasingly fresh with prints. Emma Gleason’s brights will be represented (if only in bookbag form) at Pebbles Hooper’s ‘Pencil’ store. The choice of Danny Pato at d&m design to direct ROOKIE hair was a master stroke - this was the best hair in a multi-designer show we can remember seeing. Danny says “It was such a privilege to work with the next generation of New Zealand fashion design on the AUT ROOKIE show. With 24 designers showing, and nearly 40 models, it was an exciting challenge to accept!” “The brief was to create a collection of looks that would suit not only the diversity of the clothing ranges, but would also tie in to the ‘high-tech’ theme of the production. We created structured architectural looks, using lots of slicked hair to generate a metallic sheen.” Danny’s closing sentiment was echoed by other industry insiders: “look out High Street – the future of Kiwi fashion design is here!” (JULIE ROULSTON)

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Sagittarius (the Archer): 23 November - 22 December You can take moderation to the extreme but you have to make sure you don’t follow through with extreme behaviour. Just because you may have benefited recently from a windfall your conduct might be telling you to get some common sense.

♑ Capricorn (the Goat): 23 December - 20 January


The idea of getting something for nothing just doesn’t appeal to you and that’s why you would rather work for your hard earned cash. So when someone comes along with an idea that doesn’t sound right, trust your gut feeling it’s always been right before.

Now that the silly season’s in full swing, Ponsonby is abuzz with Christmas shoppers, merry makers and sightseers who’ve popped along to check out exactly what our little suburb has to offer.

Aquarius (the Water Carrier): 21 January - 19 February Something you did in the past could be catching up with you as you struggle to be positive about your current circumstances. Keep looking on the bright side though as persistence will keep you positive.

If you’re looking for an oasis of calm amongst this madness, More Than Skin Spa & Beauty is THE place to go. Not only can their expert therapists take care of all your beauty and grooming needs, but they can also help you to blitz your Christmas list. With both ‘gifts to give’ and ‘gifts to keep’ they have a veritable treasure trove of skin care goodies that are certain to be adored by even the most difficult-to-buy-for person – including the mother-in-law!

♒ ♓

Pisces (the Fish): 20 February - 20 March You always seem to fall back into your old ways where you think you’re entitled to more than your fair share and give in to your inner diva. Sit back and be patient you’ll get far more that way.

Aries (the Ram): 21 March - 20 April You know that everything that has been done for you recently has been done without asking anything in return. So make sure you don’t force any guilt you may feel about sitting back unable to help while there has been a flurry of activity going on around you.

Taurus (the Bull): 21 April - 21 May You have to find your inner peace when there is a hustle and bustle going on all around you at usually the same time every month. Don’t react impulsively as it’s not personal when you don’t always get recognised for what you’ve done.

♊ Gemini (the Twins): 22 May - 21 June

In addition to a gorgeous array of skin care gift sets and stocking-fillers, More Than Skin also have a great range of vouchers available to suit any sized budget, and we think their two limited edition offers are absolute show-stoppers…

The ‘Zest’ treatment voucher (90min) includes a Joyce Blok Signature Facial, a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, and a Zest Bath & Body Oil (100ml) for only $120 (valued at $170). Or ‘The Parisian’ voucher (105min) features a DECLÉOR Aroma Essence Facial, an Aroma Pedicure and a Beauty Basics pack for just $150 (valued at $211).

You know you have the ability to accomplish anything you want in life but your over confidence can often be mistaken for arrogance. Don’t rush into things and get into situations that aren’t beneficial to you just to please.

In the lead-up to Santa’s big day More Than Skin have extended their opening hours, making it even more convenient for you to book in your beauty essentials and solve your gift-giving dilemmas. Call Megs today to make your booking, and yes, they are open between Christmas and New Year. PN

You really don’t like conflict of any kind and you are finding it more difficult when people disagree for no apparent reason than to be annoying. Life is too short to listen to other peoples moaning just walk away.

MORE THAN SKIN, 100 College Hill T: 09 361 2231

♋ Cancer (the Crab): 22 June - 22 July ♌

Leo (the Lion): 23 July - 21 August You don’t like to appear too soft and let yourself get walked over but on the other hand you have to be tough enough to ruffle a few feathers and not be too bothered by the upset that is caused. It’s tough being top dog but someone has to do it.

Virgo (the Virgin): 22 August - 23 September You’re always trying to take it easy just as someone appears out of nowhere and needs your help. You can decline once in awhile and be comfortable with your decision.

Libra (the Scales): 24 September - 23 October You’re more inclined to remain in the background and let your achievements speak for themselves thankfully while you have an audience that is more appreciative of actions rather than words. Don’t get distracted by your own hype though you’re only doing a job.

Scorpio (the Scorpion): 24 October - 22 November You can always look back and find inspiration in your own past if you are having trouble focusing on the present, there is no harm in doing so. Just don’t repeat yourself if it’s been heard before.

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ALL TREATMENTS FOR ALL VEINS Painful, unsightly, veins can cause no end of unnecessary anguish, so it’s good news that Herne Bay has Vein & Laser with an experienced team to combat your troublesome veins. Tiny facial veins or large varicose veins can all be treated. Respected vein physician Dr. Elisabeth De Felice, experienced surgeon Mr Stan Govender and ultrasonographers, Bronwen Allen and Daryl Queenin will assess and treat any problematic vein. Each member of the team has at least ten years experience in this field and is committed to delivering the best service, treatment and results for their patients. VEIN & LASER OFFERS ALL TREATMENT OPTIONS: • Endovenous laser (EVLT) • Injections (sclerotherapy) • Surgery There has been steady progress with vein treatments over the last 10 years and results are always improving. Laser can be used for small face veins and an internal laser can be fed into larger varicose veins to seal them from within (endovenous laser). Endovenous laser can be done in the rooms under local anaesthetic. After an initial assessment and ultrasound scan to map out the varicose pathways a decision is made as to the best way to treat. No matter what type of attention your veins need, the team can help. Vein and Laser is Southern Cross affiliated for most vein treatment. Laser tattoo removal is also offered at the Herne Bay clinic by their team of highly experienced registered nurses. PN VEIN & LASER, 106 Jervois Road T: 0800 085 555

96 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011


SUMMER HAIR AND BEAUTY LEG VEIN TREATMENTS NOW AVAILABLE AT SKIN INSTITUTE PONSONBY People often wait too long before seeing a specialist about their vein problems. Seeking treatment for visible veins is not vanity, as varicose and spider veins may be indications of significant venous disease. The Skin Institute uses the latest advanced technology for treating veins. The highly experienced vein doctors, registered nurses and technical staff can treat your veins using sclerotherapy, vein ultrasound mapping, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) or varicose vein surgery. Because everyone is different and there are several treatment options available, it is important to have an initial consultation with Dr Karen Parker, a skilled vein physician to ensure you receive the best possible care. The Skin Institute’s vein team includes Mr Stephen Benson and Mr Isaac Cranshaw who are both highly regarded vein surgeons with extensive surgical experience. The Skin Institute is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross (for patients who meet medical necessity criteria). PN For more information or to book a ‘veins’ consultation with Dr Karen Parker please phone the SKIN INSTITUTE PONSONBY on T: 09 376 8888 or visit for more information.


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HIDDEN DELIGHTS: MY TOP 10 DISCOVERIES OF 2011 BESTOW BEAUTY OIL: A true ‘food for the skin’, Bestow what I like to call an edible cosmetic, putting your skin on the fast track to goodness by using just one yummy tablespoonful a day. A blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils cold-pressed from flax and golden flax to provide you with a source of those do-gooding EFAs, Bestow is a bit like fish oil only better tasting and containing more essential fatty acids for your wellbeing. It also has the most beautiful packaging and comes with recipes for yummy goodies created using Flaxseed. KEVIN MURPHY YOUNG. AGAIN: From Stephen Marr, this is a treatment oil that offers exfoliation properties to expose fresh, clean hair every time you use it. Key to this incredible product is the properties of the herb Immortelle, from whose flower you can extract a water dispersable essential oil that can perform some pretty clever tasks. It is rich in antioxidants to help stop the onslaught of damage to hair, and really is the ultimate in ‘anti-ageing for the hair.’ It’s the perfect choice for those of us who use hot tools as it’s heatproof up to 220 degrees, as well as containing a sunscreen to protect your hair during the hotter months. THE EYE PACKAGE AT LOUISE GRAY SKINCARE: This includes an eyelash tint, brow tint and brow shape for $55.00. It is amazing the difference the use of a blue-black (as opposed to standard black) tint on my lashes gives me – my baby blues really popped - and my therapist Alison is an absolute wonder when it comes to shaping my brows to the perfect arch. REIKI: I’d heard it called everything from ‘a life changer’ to ‘the emperor’s new clothes’ before I tried Reiki, and now only think of it as pure, unadulterated love. I can’t recommend Rosanna from Mind Body Institute in Richmond Road’s healing hands enough, and she and her partner Ben are now also treating animals.

a silky, sheer, weightless finish to suit all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive or acne prone skin. With adjustable, natural looking coverage, the water-resistant mineral marvel is both easy to apply and super duper long wearing, and after trying a few mineral formulations on the market I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best! STILA #33 ONE STEP COMPLEXION BRUSH: From Mecca Cosmetica, this dual-ended foundation and concealer brush allows you to blend both liquid and powder products seamlessly for a flawless finish. The synthetic bristles are shaped to imitate application with your fingertips, but are firmer and more flexible for quicker, easier makeup application and eliminate the transfer of oils and bacteria. Love this! (HELENE RAVLICH) PN

YELLOW DIAMONDS: Reportedly the capsule you need to dump toxins, burn fat and boost energy, these magical goodies work to improve your blood circulation and are especially beneficial to those with high cholesterol, poor circulation, insomnia and migraines. Often called a ‘wonder pill’, Yellow Diamonds also curb your appetite by stabilizing blood sugar while allowing your adrenals to rest. Think consistent, healthy energy without stressing the adrenals, which is pretty much how I started to feel about a week after I started popping the little devils. I am in love with how much extra energy they are giving me – a working mum of a toddler who does a fair share of exercise and feels it! SODASHI THERMAL INFUSING FACIAL AT MOLLIES SANCTUARY DAY SPA: This is an intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals - with a Warm Infusing Mask maximising the penetration of the good stuff into the deeper layers of the skin - and leaves you with incredibly hydrated and toned skin. To put it simply: this 90-minute treatment using my favourite skincare brand is more than just a facial; it’s Nature’s Face Lift! An absolute treat to experience, this is the perfect answer when you and your skin need a little extra TLC, and a trip to Mollies is always a treat in itself. COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE WITH MARISE HENRY: I’ve just started a course of treatment at Marise Henry’s clinic in Williamson Aveue and am so far beyond impressed with the results. Think a reduction in the likes of fine lines, scarring and pigmentation, and deep relaxation thrown in for good measure. SANS INFUSIONS AT STEPHEN MARR: The key to keeping your hair in top condition and extending the life of your colour is a regular professional treatment, and they don’t come much better than those at Stephen Marr offering SANS products to nurture, strengthen and protect. Throw one in next time you have a blow wave – your tresses will thank you for it! BECCA BOUDOIR SKIN MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION: A pressed powder that uses only pure mineral pigments, this formula is designed for

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SUMMER HAIR AND BEAUTY A HEALTHY BOOST TO THE WORKING DAY A recently published Ministry of Health report on nutrition brings good news for the nation’s health, showing an increase in the number of adults achieving two or more servings of fruit per day. With approximately 66 per cent of adults currently eating three or more servings of vegetables each day and 60 per cent eating two or more servings of fruit, the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is now on a mission to increase the number to 85 per cent of Kiwis eating five plus servings of fruit and vegetables a day by 2015. “These results are very encouraging for us and have served as the impetus for a new focus this year,” says Paula Dudley General Manager of 5+ A Day. “While 90 per cent of our kids have the 5+ A Day message, we are now challenging adults to improve their intake of fruit and vegetables for better health.” Throughout the month of November, the 5+ A Day team has been taking their message that fresh fruit and vegetables are real easy, real value and real fast to workplaces to encourage New Zealanders to eat more fruit and vegetables during the working day. Claire Turnbull, who runs Mission Nutrition and is the Nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide Magazine and Newstalk ZB, says it’s worth bearing in mind that a third of the adult diet is consumed in the workplace and with a little forward planning it can go a long way to helping you be healthier and more productive. “It can be as simple as packing some cherry tomatoes or a carrot in the morning for a healthy, tasty snack or keeping a fruit bowl on your desk for those afternoon cravings,” she says. Other recommendations include taking ingredients to work to assemble just before eating for quick fresh lunches, preparing veggies the night before while making dinner and packing leftovers for the next day. “Varying the type of protein such as egg, chicken and falafel will add interest and variety to daily lunches,” says Claire. “An added tablespoon of hummus for some extra flavour and nutrition to a sandwich or alongside a salad will go down a treat; and instead of the pita try a wholemeal wrap as another healthy alternative.” Evidence shows that a diet high in fruit and vegetables protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease, assists in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and positively affects weight loss. Claire adds, “These lunch ideas are not only good for your health, but they are also great for the waistline and the wallet.” PN


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DENISE L’ESTRANGE-CORBET THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE (NEAR HAMILTON!) I have been a very bad girl this month and it is a wonder Armin has not expelled me from class. My life has been party central especially with the onslaught of Christmas and every shop I go into now playing those awful Christmas jingles which to me mean eat, drink and then eat and drink some more, and in between do lots of work! This month my friend Kate even went so far as to buy me a brand new pair of trainers, really posh ones, that do all that balance stuff, and help your arches, calves and goodness knows what, in an effort to get me more motivated. Unfortunately they only work when you actually attach them to your feet and head to the gym. If only they could do your workout for you, without you actually having to physically be there! Now that is an invention someone needs to get on to. It has not been all bad, as of course I have been and done the rigourous torture with Armin Auerhammer at Anytime Fitness, and he absolutely punishes me. I sit, squat, lunge, up, down, sideways, you name it, I do it. I am pushed, pulled and squeezed, and I asked Armin to write me a list of the terminology of working out, as sometimes I am not sure what I am meant to be doing.

Having said that, I do know my limit, and abhor seeing people staggering around drunk, it is so unnecessary. How being smashed off your face constitutes a ‘good night out’ is quite beyond me, and falling head first into a gutter is never pretty, so when I say drinking, I do mean moderately. However, I just wish everything you liked was not burdened with calories. If lettuce was fattening I could guarantee I would never eat it again, and believe me, I would not miss the boring tasteless, limp looking thing. Alas, boring is slimming and yummy is not, it is called ‘Sod’s Law’. It sounds like I am unfit, which is not true, I can cycle 20km without a problem, and swim a couple of kilometers. I was watching David Walliams (‘Little Britain’ fame) on TV the other night and he swam the Thames! I know, yuk, can you imagine sloshing about in that filthy mess. Anyway, he said swimmers are never slim to look at, they are all muscle, and I would like to think that that is me. I have more muscle! I have a very dear friend and her hilarious husband cycles once a week, on a Sunday, with the two dogs in some forest somewhere. When I visit, and if it is on a Sunday night for one of our get togethers around the food, he insists on telling me he is an athlete.

He happily obliged, with all the names of the things I do, and in between he cheekily added a line which read, “Have a breather. You know anyway”, with a smiley face! What the hell does that mean? To be honest, it is the only thing I like to hear him say, and I literally collapse onto the nearest piece of equipment, or just straight onto the floor, and lie there, spreadeagled waiting for my life to end, such is the exhaustion. I huff and puff and tell Armin I will never recover from what he has just put me through, it is worse than a bad romance!

My friends eyes roll to the back of her head, and I nod in agreement and with feigned interest at the trials and tribulations of a ‘real’ athlete cycling through the forest. When I interject with my workout programme his eyes glaze over and he tells me “But Denise, you are not an athlete, I ride through the forest on rough terrain!’ so it appears there is even an hierarchy in the ‘World of Working Out’. I listen to him intently talking about his bike wheels getting stuck in the mud, as I balance my wheel of brie on a solitary cracker and inhale it all in one fell swoop.

As I am constantly reminded, each glass of champagne I consume is 200 calories, or should I say ‘Empty calories’, and when a woman wishes to lose weight, their daily calorie allowance should be 1000 calories a day, so that means five glasses of bubbles is it, finito! Now that might sound like a lot, but when you are at a function, yabbering away, and your glass is continually topped up, it is nigh on impossible to say ‘stop’, as you are always mid way through conversation and it would be incredibly rude to stop talking to tell the waiter to not fill your glass (well, that’s my excuse).

Armin has a website now, and you can click on and see all the things he recommends, and even meet him in real life at Anytime Fitness. To be honest, with all the food we are about to consume this month, I would get in there before he is booked up”. (DENISE L’ESTRANGE-CORBET) PN

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ANYTIME FITNESS, 100 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 5488


SUMMER HAIR AND BEAUTY A BOUTIQUE BEAUTY EXPERIENCE Beauty on Ponsonby has been in Three Lamps for over 10 years and Lani Simpson is celebrating her second anniversary as the new owner. Lani has infused her 15 years experience in the beauty industry into Beauty on Ponsonby, reviving its image and injecting a new energy by adding new product ranges and services. Maintaining the latest in skincare treatments, Beauty on Ponsonby is thrilled to announce the arrival of Lightstim, the leader in LED light therapy. With countless benefits from helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin and restore a youthful radiance, you can have the treatment alone or for the ultimate skin therapy, incorporate it into a facial. The team at BEAUTY ON PONSONBY: ANNA DALE, LANI SIMPSON and KOSHA RICHARDSON JOHNSON

Need something to wipe off years in an instant? ‘Instantly Ageless’ is a unique product that smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and shrinks the appearance of enlarged pores. For the finishing touches; Posh Nails is a fun alternative to traditional polish and Shellac. Posh Nails use a stick on technology that lasts seven to ten days and comes in a variety of funky patterns. Kosha has recently joined Beauty on Ponsonby and has a keen desire to give her clients the very best. Then there is the familiar face of Anna who has been with Beauty on Ponsonby for over four years and still offers exceptional service with attention to detail. Maintaining Beauty on Ponsonby’s boutique experience is their top priority as well as offering the highest quality products and services to ensure you have an amazing experience with fantastic results in a personal, welcoming environment. PN BEAUTY ON PONSONBY, Level 1, 334 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 9969

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SUMMER HAIR AND BEAUTY THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESSIE: SPINNING TOP When I met up at Salta recently with the lovely Ansonia - PR for the Body Shop, my eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful wooden necklace she had on in the shape of a spinning top. “They are part of a charity initiative we’re supporting,” she explained, “and they are for sale in all of our stores and at Starfish. Let me put you in touch with them.” Before long I was chatting with talented photographer Patrick Shepherd, one of the key figures behind the aforementioned charity, which is known as SpinningTop. Based in Wellington, SpinningTop exists to give balance to vulnerable children living in extreme poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression, natural disaster and circumstances beyond their control. “We believe given the right balance of forces - Education, Nutrition, Shelter and Play - these children will be empowered to become contributing members of society, free from poverty,” they say, and you can help by doing as little as purchasing one of their beautiful necklaces (and now, earrings). SpinningTop is currently working along the perilous Thai/Burma border with children who have been forced by the oppressive military regime to flee their homeland of Burma. In the next twelve months they will also be exploring the needs of vulnerable children a little closer to home in the South Pacific region, where in some cases the situation can be almost as dire. “The children we currently support come from extreme poverty, living in the most basic of homes, constructed mostly of bamboo, rice sacks for flooring, running water some distance from the home and maybe two changes of clothes if they are lucky,” explains Pat. “Toys are a rarity, unless you consider rubber bands toys, which do in fact provide hours of entertainment for them.” It’s fitting then that one of the simplest of toys – the spinning top – has become this very worthy initiative’s name and is key to the jewellery design, which I heartily recommend as a gift to oneself and your nearest and dearest this Christmas. The necklace and the earrings both retail for $35.00 and are all New Zealand made, so you can feel good as well as look great all at the same time. If that doesn’t make for a merry festive season I don’t know what does! (HELENE RAVLICH) SpinningTop necklaces and earrings are available at The Body Shop, as well as all Starfish stores (Ponsonby, Newmarket and Wellington) and online at

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TONY DEY: THE HARD TOOTH – THE TRUTH ABOUT DENTISTS, DENTAL CARE AND TEETH Last Month Dr Tony Dey of Ponsonby Dentist told us how to look after our kids teeth, this month he looks at adult teeth. Teeth the odd shaped calcified protrusions of the jaws are pretty important. They are key for eating, talking and looking good. They do, however, need some looking after. There is the obvious twice daily brushing, fluoridated toothpaste is best. Flossing, yep sorry but you have to floss – however, you only floss the ones you want to keep. We know all this and we all pretty much do it. However, I have noticed some worrying trends amongst my fellow Ponsonbites teeth. In the tooth game we call it erosion. This is where small notches appear on teeth near the gum line of front teeth or on the chewing surface of back teeth.This is not decay but can lead to sensitivity and other problems. Erosion is caused primarily by food acids. In Ponsonby we are blessed with wonderful restaurants, bars and wine stores. Providing us with our essential daily intake of wine.

against this virus but not males, other countries are now vaccinating both. As with all oral problems early detection is paramount. Professional cleaning done by your dental hygienist always feels great. They are able to remove calculus - the hardened, calcified plaque - that is hard to remove by brushing and flossing alone. Coffee, smoking and red wine stains just melt away. Special desensitising products are available now for application prior to cleaning and combined with the latest technology allow for a relaxing, enjoyable clean. (DE TONY DEY) PN PONSONBY DENTIST, 114 Ponsonby Road, Level 1 - upstairs from The Long Room T: 09 361 2060

Add some fruit juice and the lemon detox diet and your mouth is full of acid. Treatment of these lesions is difficult so prevention is key. No you don’t need to give up wine! First avoid brushing teeth within an hour of consuming acidic drinks or food, second always have a glass of water with your wine and finally use products like ‘Toothmousse’ to neutralise the acid. I advise yearly visits to the dentist and six month cleans with the hygienist. There are many things that can be spotted during a dental check-up, weakening older fillings, gum (periodontal) disease, gum recessions, decay, acid erosion and many other oral problems. X-rays are often taken that identify cavities between the teeth and under old fillings, bone loss under the gums, and infections at the end of the root. Dentists can also look for early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is on the rise worldwide, lifestyle factors are a major cause. Smoking and drinking are the obvious ones. More recently Human Papilloma Virus or warts have been implicated in a high percentage of cases. In New Zealand we vaccinate females

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TEZA ICED TEAS - PERFECT FOR SUMMER! Have you tried this range of delicious teas? A Ponsonby News favourite!


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SO IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME AGAIN, WHEN WE GET TOGETHER WITH RELATIVES and people who constitute our sense of ‘family’, upholding the premise to eat, drink and be merry. The commercially hyped image of Christmas is of radiant upturned faces receiving a bounty of presents and tables laden with food and opulence. Peace and harmony abounds. In reality, these festive occasions are often challenging, holistic and multi-faceted undertakings! They can accentuate accepted and unaccepted norms within our families that often operate on a deeply subconscious level, requiring a delicate balancing act of suppressing unexpected primal eruptions, while maintaining an external façade of jocularity and harmony. This can sometimes be accomplished by imbibing copious amounts of alcohol and comfort foods, or if all else fails, beating a hasty retreat out the back door! Don’t get me wrong – my family grouping is cool, full of interesting, passionate, creative people but like everyone else’s, we’ve had our moments and will again! Christmas can be a time of tender nostalgia, of sadness for people and pets no longer with us, and especially, a time to be grateful for what we have and pride in who we are as families rather than focusing on the deficits. When times are hard it’s comforting to know there’s a loyalty there to rely on.

Looking at the bigger picture, the whole “art of living” on our planet is also an holistic, challenging and multi-faceted undertaking. As individuals and family groupings, and as we see in undisturbed eco-systems in nature, we’re all complex systems of integrated parts - each relying on the functionality of the other for optimum health. So what strategies would be helpful to navigate through this annual cataclysm of financial, intestinal and sometimes emotional blow-out? I believe the main one we need to remember is to connect to the deeper meaning of Christmas – never more so than right now in our human evolution. We need to celebrate each other, with all our flaws and imperfections, accepting we’re all works in progress. We need to transcend the glittering seduction of endless consumerism and connect with what is truly meaningful at this time – the gentleness, grace and altruism of Spirit. Have a good one! CLARE (CLAUDIE) CALDWELL is a Creative Arts Therapist who runs a small private practice from home. She is Voluntary Team Leader of Creative Therapies at Mercy Hospice Auckland, College Hill where she has worked for the last ten years. She is also a Freelance Artist. PN Enquiries: T: 09 836 3618; M: 021 293 3171;

PHYSIO THRIVES THROUGH QUALITY CARE OFFERING Return to Form Physio is looking forward to celebrating its first Christmas at new premises in Ponsonby Road. Zee Sharif made the big move earlier this year as she was getting too busy as a sole practitioner. At that stage she had two options - reduce appointment lengths or hire more like-minded physios. “Reducing quality was not an option for me,” says Zee, “so I have taken the scary step of hiring staff.” Zee realised she needed to build a high quality team to ensure a high quality of care. Moving to Three Lamps in the heart of Ponsonby provided the ideal venue. The ‘scary step’ is paying off as Return to Form now has a team of four with an on-site massage therapist and vacancies for a naturopath and dietitian/ nutritionist to complete a holistic team. Zee plans to offer other further services in the future, such as counselling, psychologists, podiatry and feldenkrais. Zee has a particular approach to recruiting team members. “My clients like that my focus is on them and their well-being and they are not on a production line. So I look for people that have the same attitude.” Asked if it is hard to find good staff, Zee smiles. “It can be, but the effort is worth it, for me, the business and my clients.” A key feature of Return to Form’s practice is appointments of up to one hour, including ACC clients. This allows for a thorough assessment of the problem with a diagnosis and commencement of treatment and advice and a home exercise programme to leave with. The clinic has a holistic approach to health-care and the team have acupuncture, pilates and massage skills as well as the standard physio skills, Zee says ‘we want to get rid of people’s pain, get back their movement then future-proof them so they don’t keep coming back with the same problem again and again. Return to Form also offers classes on site in the newly refurbished spacious studio: Pilates, physical rehabilitation exercise, yoga and belly dancing. To celebrate, Return to Form are offering 50% off all initial consults for the month of December or free attendance at a Pilates class if you mention Ponsonby News. PN The clinic is open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and late night until 7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Early morning and weekend appointments and local home visits can be arranged. Return to Form, level 1, 334 Ponsonby Road T: 09 551 4460, 0800 R2FORM (0800 723676)

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using Vitamin C this way safely and effectively (often for many years). When it comes to saving lives surely no stone should be left unturned and if a totally safe option is available it should be used without hesitation (end of story).

I have often written about Vitamin C because I believe it will be only when messages about this vital nutrient are taken on board by the public and the medical profession that New Zealand will begin the process to change the current medical paradigm to one that embraces the best of all treatment options.

Doctors Emanuel Cheraskin, Marshall Ringsdorf and Emily Sisley say, “There are more than 10,000 published scientific papers that make it quite clear that there is not one body process and not one disease or syndrome (from the common cold to leprosy) that is not influenced directly or indirectly by Vitamin C”.

Recently, I saw the new movie ‘CONTAGION’ which is about the rapid spread of a virus and how it killed millions of people around the world while the health authorities refused to consider a potential (natural) cure and instead waited for the development of a vaccine. Waiting for a new drug or a new antibiotic is pretty much what’s happening in New Zealand on a day to day basis. For some reason in medicine there is a belief that ‘if it isn’t a drug it won’t work’ and we so often hear them say ‘there’s no evidence that so and so is effective’. Many readers will be familiar with the story of Allan Smith, a King Country Farmer who was about to have his life support switched off when he hadn’t responded to conventional treatment for Swine Flu. Allan’s family had to fight very hard to get his doctors to administer high dose Vitamin C intravenously (100,000 mgs daily). Very soon after the Vitamin C infusions were started Allan’s lungs were visible on X-Ray and his recovery thereafter was nothing short of amazing (miraculous some might say) although those who have used such doses of Vitamin C in similar instances would not be so surprised. Very sadly after Allan Smith’s story was featured in a ‘60 Minutes’ documentary other patients in a similar situation were refused access to high dose Vitamin C in the hospital system and did not survive. In Sydney a young woman with Swine Flu was on the path to recovery after her family fought for access to intravenous Vitamin C but tragically she lost her battle when the hospital doctors discontinued the treatment saying that the Vitamin C would damage her kidneys. To those who continue to say that there is no evidence to support the use of high dose Vitamin C, my strong recommendation for them is to speak with those who have been

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It’s very important to know that most mammals make Vitamin C in response to stress (especially the stress of infection). There are four mammals however that do not have the ability to make their own Vitamin C - Humans, Primates, Guinea Pigs and Fruit Bats. Could this be a primary reason why ‘we’ are so prone to stress related illnesses? After all stress has a very significant negative impact on our immune system. One of the reasons the Guinea Pig has been used for medical research could be because the Guinea Pig can be made ill or toxic much more easily than a Vitamin C producing research animal. Animals that are able to make their own Vitamin C normally make a human equivalent of five to ten grams (5,000 - 10,000 mgs) per day. Under stress, that amount can be quadrupled. A goat for instance can make up to 100,000 mgs of Vitamin C daily if under stress. A question that has to be asked is why, if animals respond to stress by producing such large amounts of Vitamin C, do ‘we’ need only 90 mgs? If there is a big fire to fight there’s a need for a lot of water. So it is with Vitamin C. Humans have a need for Vitamin C every day. Every one of us would be well advised to take a very close look at the role of Vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of disease. (JOHN APPLETON) Having successfully used nutritional interventions when the best of conventional medicine failed to resolve a serious chronic illness John Appleton has spent the past 12 years researching ways to prevent and treat degenerative diseases. John imports high quality nutritional supplements that he uses to support his keen interest in cardiovascular health. PN APPLETON ASSOCIATES T: 09 489 9362


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WARWICK POWELL PRACTISES TRADITIONAL Mexican Massage from a light, airy space above Louise Gray Skincare on Ponsonby Road, and from the moment I first entered his treatment room I knew I was in for something special. Charming as well as a dab hand when it comes to a truly transformational massage, he was definitely someone I wanted to know more about. Coffee across the road at Agnes Curran soon followed, and some insights into a truly unique style of bodywork.

I’ve been using Absolute Essential products for years now, and have full trust in their authenticity as well as their efficacy, to the point where even my toddler son and my dog are receiving treatment with them!

“In my early thirties I had a bit of an emotional crisis,” he explained to me, “and I realised that I didn’t like the way I was living my life. I started looking around for a guru and began studying with a Chinese Master, eventually spending three years in a Chinese monastery based in England.” Days in the monastery involved 4am starts and ten-hour meditation sessions, and after three years he decided he didn’t feel he could make the commitment to 25 years of study and left. At the same time, a Mexican teacher was travelling throughout the UK offering insights into the culture’s traditional healing work, and after attending a weekend workshop Warwick realised that he’d found his niche. A four-year apprenticeship followed in the art of being a Curandero, which involves bodywork, the study of herbs and working with ceremony. After 20 years in London he realised that it was time to come home, and he set up shop in Ponsonby. He decided to specialise in the bodywork side of things, “and ceremonial work when it’s required”. An example of this is the treatment of “susto”, which is essentially a spiritual illness that is caused when a person experiences a sudden shock or a traumatic event in their life. When a person has susto it’s believed that their soul leaves the physical body, unable to find its way back. Many things can cause soul loss depending upon the person, but Warwick cites examples like the death of a loved one or a car accident as two possible causes. “In ceremony we call that part of the spirit back,” he explains, “and it can make a real difference even to pain and trauma in the physical body.” I’ve experienced several massages at the hands of Warwick now and have found them to be incredible, everything from healing to just plain old relaxing. Mexican massage practice says that “pain and tension occur when blockages manifest in the ‘energetic rivers’ that move through our bodies”, and this type of bodywork incorporates energetic visualisations with pressure massage to release these blockages and re-teach the body how to relax. In a word: heavenly, and well worth a try. (HELENE RAVLICH)

I first met Absolute Essential founder and company director Dr Bo Hendgen at her home in Muriwai several years ago, and was immediately in awe of her knowledge and her willingness to share it with the world. Utilising 20 plus years of training and knowledge in Osteopathy, Naturopathy, and Aromatic Medicine, the inspirational Bo is primarily involved in the sourcing, designing and formulating of authentic, pure products – no tricks or gimmicks – and is still hands on at her clinic in Beresford Street one day per week. Since founding Absolute Essential in 1988 she has stayed true to her beliefs, telling me over coffee at nearby Benediction a few weeks ago, “we’ve always sold products we are proud of - from their origin at fair trade source to their application on your person and in your home. I like to enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing the best, most effective therapeutic natural products possible. This means we raise the bar on ourselves, daily.” She says that a lot of the products in the Absolute Essential range come directly from her clients’ needs, “as they’ll come to me for osteopathy and maybe nutrition advice, but need something to take home to help with their problem too. When more and more people come in and leave with the same blend I usually start to see a place in the market for it, and hand blend a new product from there.” Her focus has always been on genuine organic therapeutics, although she has a few beauty-focused products in her range that she saw a need for “so many people have a beauty regime that is way too complicated. You don’t need to use six products every night to look good, just a couple of quality ones and a decent drink of water!” They come as an all organic Natural Beauty Essentials pack, which includes Rose Hip Oil to nourish and support the skin’s natural elasticity, Rejuvenating Face Serum for night time nourishment and Rose Tone & Cleanse, an excellent skin toner and balancer that also makes for an effective make up remover and contains absolutely no alcohol. They also have products that soothe inflamed skin and treat extreme dryness, as well as an oil that addresses scarring. If you haven’t experienced this range before then I sincerely recommend that you do: it’s pure, it’s beautiful and it’s New Zealand made… it doesn’t get much better than that! (HELENE RAVLICH) PN


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Q: A:

My kids love the summer, sometimes a little too much! I am always dealing with cases of sunburn over Christmas so wonder if you have any natural remedies that might help. DIANNE MACDONALD, Arch Hill Your children are right to love the summer in Auckland. It is a time when our city earns its reputation as one of the world’s most liveable places. The sun sparkling on the waters of the Waitemata and Manukau harbours, the surf of Piha and Bethells and the lingering evening twilight are all precious memories of my own time here in Auckland.

One of the downsides of so much bright sunshine is, of course, overexposure. This overexposure can lead to the ultraviolet (UV) waves of the light spectrum burning the skin, causing inflammation, pain and even blistering. Such injuries can begin within 30 minutes of exposure. In the case of sunburn, the experts all agree that prevention is better than cure so I repeat their message to slip, slop slap. However, having children of my own I realise how difficult it is to watch them all the time and know that simple home remedies are sometimes required. As you have probably read in my previous columns, Ayurvedic medicine uses the introduction of opposing qualities to bring the body into balance. Heat not only displays this quality but also those of oiliness, brightness and mobility so it recommends natural herbs that exhibit the opposite qualities: • Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) and Sandalwood (Santalum album) act as both good sunscreens and topical treatments for sunburn. They may be applied to protect the skin before going out into the sun or as a soothing paste to cool inflamed skin. • Neem (Azadirachta indica) powder can be mixed vigorously in water until it starts to foam. The foam can then be applied to the sunburnt areas. • Mix tomato juice in buttermilk, in the ratio of 1:6. Apply this to the sunburned areas, where the sour elements will help to heal the skin quickly. • Take cabbage or lettuce leaves and soak them in cold water or refrigerate them.

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When they are cold enough, lay them on the affected parts of the skin. This will help reduce the inflammation. • For sunburns on the face, mix some barley flour in milk to make a paste. Add a little sesame oil, honey and the white of an egg. Blend into a consistent paste and apply to the skin. • Silver has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its cooling and healing properties and is now available in a facial gel through the Ayurda skin care range. Combined with the toning and purifying qualities of Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) and Himalayan wild cherry (Prunus cerasoides), Silver Gel helps to reduce inflammation and support the skin’s natural integrity. Available from Spa Ayurda, 213 Ponsonby Road • Another good way to prevent sunburn is to support the skin through regular oil massage. Regular oil massage with either sesame or Oliana oil not only keeps inter-cellular fluid well hydrated but also helps removes free radicals from extra-cellular fluid, preventing damage to sensitive skin tissue. • Avoid foods such as peanut butter, cheese, bread, miso soup, soya and tomato sauce. These foods have the same hot, oily and sharp qualities that can aggravate the skin and make it more susceptible to inflammation. I hope that this advice will allow you to enjoy a happy and stress free Christmas break. I wish you and all my readers a healthy and relaxing time over Christmas. May you all spend it with the people that are dear to you and experience the emotional nourishment and comfort that comes from being surrounded by family and friends. (DR S AJIT) Ajit Singh has a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery B.A.M.S from Punjab University. For over 18 years he worked for the Government of India in various positions in both Ayurvedic Hospitals and Phamacies until 1996 when he moved to New Zealand. PN PLANET AYURVEDA, 41 Gillies Avenue T: 09 522 5390



KAREN PHELPS HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS AMBURY PARK Ambury Regional Park is a working farm, an education centre and a great place to watch birds and it’s just 15km from central Auckland. As you wander around expect to see sheep, goats, cows, pigs, pet lambs in spring, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and peacocks. There is also a mountain bike route and a few short walks to choose from. WHERE: Ambury Road, Mangere Bridge. ART STATION Artstation is Auckland City’s community visual arts centre and it’s located right in Ponsonby. Artstation runs art classes and workshops for kids year round including sculpture, camera making and silkscreen printing and special school holiday programmes. WHERE: 1 Ponsonby Road. AUCKLAND DOCKLINE TRAM The Auckland Dockline Tram is an attraction at the newly revitalised Wynyard Quarter. The trams are original, restored cars and the first trams in Auckland City centre for 55 years. Enjoy the 15 minute loop between Viaduct Basin and Westhaven Marina or spend the day getting on and off as you choose exploring the attractions at the tram’s four stop-offs with an all-day pass. Children ride free with paying adults (conditions apply). WHERE: Depot at corner of Daldy Street and Pakenham Street West, Wynyard Quarter. BIG UPS GAMES An inflatable playground where kids can try sumo wrestling in inflatable suits, experience the Climbing Wall, Jousting, Horizontal Bungee, Bouncy Boxing, Impossible Ladder and more. WHERE: 30B Frost Road, Mt Roskill. CLIP ‘N CLIMB Promoted as a theme park meets climbing wall, Clip ‘n Climb offers 36 different themed walls but with three degrees of difficulty on every climb there are effectively over 100 different combinations of climbs for kids to enjoy. Kids are simply clipped into a safety rope so they can tackle one of the challenges and then gently lowered back down afterwards. WHERE: 610 Dominion Road, Balmoral. EXTREME INDOOR KARTS New Zealand’s only two level go kart track. Extreme Indoor Karts features tight technical corners to challenge the kids and long, fast, sweeping straights. Suitable for children aged 10 and up and only ten minutes’ drive from Auckland’s CBD. WHERE: 82b Kerwyn Ave, East Tamaki.

PT ERIN POOL that only kids are allowed to go into to do their Christmas shopping. All the gifts will be wrapped and everything costs just $10. WHERE: 297 Ponsonby Road. THE AMAZING MAZE ‘N’ MAIZE Located in a seven hectare paddock the maze has 8km of paths with lots of puzzles to solve on the way. The maze takes about 45 minutes to complete. There is also a picnic area with BBQs and tables at the entrance with farmyard activities and entertainment including walking planks, wobble boards and a mini maze. WHERE: 833 Kingseat Road, Auckland. TREE ADVENTURES A unique forest adventure park, Tree Adventures has over 110 fun activities spread over seven acres including ten flying foxes, one of which is 170m long. Kids can challenge themselves physically and gain confidence while having fun. WHERE: Boundary Road, Woodhill Forest. (KAREN PHELPS) PN

IS YOUR CHILD STARTING SCHOOL SOON? Ready Set Go is an eight week programme designed to help prepare your child for school. They have primary school teachers with over 25 years of New Entrant and Year 1 teaching experience between them and with many tips and techniques to help your children learn the core literacy and numeracy skills required to succeed at primary school. As teachers of Year 0 and 1 children they have witnessed the benefits of children who arrive at school on their first day armed with these basic skills. These children find it easier to make the crucial transition between home and school life and they continue to achieve steadily in their first year of school. There is consistent international evidence that children who have participated in high-quality preschool education programs gain significant long-term benefits from what has been termed the ‘preschool advantage’ (Farrar, et al, 2007).

RAIN FOREST EXPRESS Travel on this narrow gauge railway over wooden bridges and through tunnels lit at night with a multitude of glow worms. You can visit the Upper Nihotupu Dam, Auckland’s highest dam, and walk to Seaver’s camp overlooking the valley and Manukau Harbour before returning by train to the depot. The trip takes 2½ hours but there is also the option of taking a longer picnic trip at three hours. The Rain Forest Express makes regular weekend trips with evening trips during the summer. Bookings are essential.

Their key areas of focus for the term are: Tips for cracking the alphabet code; Learning letter sounds and names; Correct letter formation and pencil grip; Recognising high frequency words in text and learning early reading skills such as tracking and punctuation. Writing and recognising numbers; Counting forwards and backwards up to 20; Counting on and back from any given number up to 20 and making sets of numbers.

WHERE: Jacobson’s Depot, 280 Scenic Drive, Titirangi.

Classes are small with no more than four children per teacher ensuring focused learning and individual attention with one hour of literacy and one hour of numeracy.

SEEDLING KIDS STORE, PONSONBY Your kids can create something unique at the Seedling Kids Store activity tables such as designing a t-shirt, painting a photo frame or jigsaw puzzle or making a greeting card. A special kids Christmas store will be set up in the store for the holiday season

112 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

For enrolments or further enquiries please email: or or call Meg M: 021 434 020 after 7pm. PN


photography: Martin Leach

Seeking inspiration about how to keep the little darlings amused during the holidays? Here are some great local activities to inspire, educate and entertain the kids.

FUTURE GENERATION LOLLIPOPS OPENING SOON IN HERNE BAY Founded in 1997, Lollipops Educare is wholly New Zealand owned and managed. With over thirty childcare centres now operating throughout the country, Lollipops Educare offers state-of-the-art facilities, hand-picked staff and excellent staff to child ratios. The Lollipops Centre which opens early in 2012 on Jervois Road will be located in a brand new purpose designed facility within an amazing historical building. Flavoured on the Regio philosophy they cater for two to five year olds. They have a strong computer foundation for children with plans for creating a ‘smart table’ that will include the very latest in technology. In addition they have purpose designed equipment and an outdoor environment where children can enjoy gardening. Each Lollipops Educare centre is owner-managed ensuring an accessible, open relationship between management and parents or caregivers.

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Each staff member is carefully selected to ensure the best possible person is chosen for every available position. Centre Director, Karen Purchase has worked in the early childhood education sector for more than 20 years. She holds a Diploma in Teaching (ECE) and also has a solid understanding of the Reggio philosophy. Karen has held management positions within kindergartens and childcare centres and has also worked for the home-based childcare sector. As a mum of three adult children, Karen has a parent’s perspective of the benefits of early childhood education, and also understands the concerns and expectations of parents when choosing a quality centre. OPEN DAY – HERNE BAY - Thursday 15 December 10-1pm – come along and meet the team and enrol for 2012. PN LOLLIPOPS, 1/272 Jervois Road (opp Bayfield School) T: 09 360 2066 or T: 0508 Lollipops



FUTURE GENERATION BEST KIDS’ BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS Want to avoid the endless sea of plastic? You can’t go past a great book as a kid’s gift. Ponsonby News reviewers Gaby Marshall (12), Lydia Harden-Bull (11) and Noah Burrows (5) critique recent releases for pre-readers, littles, and tweens...

BOOKS FOR PRE-READERS STUCK (Oliver Jeffers); HarperCollins; $29.95 Noah (5) loves this book. The narrative is natural and uncomplicated, and the story is delightfully quirky with a pleasing twist at the end. We enjoyed pausing between pages and debating the wisdom of some of Floyd’s (the protagonist’s) actions. Beautifully illustrated, too. ZOG Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler; Koala Books/Scholastic; $21 By the creators of the immensely popular “The Gruffalo,” and a winner of the Galaxy National Children’s Book of the Year (2010). We loved biggest, keenest, hapless dragon Zog and the unexpected and heartwarming events that befall him. Will be enjoyed by all. BRUISER (Gavin Bishop); Random House; $22 A lovely book to read aloud. Bruiser transitions within its pages, from ploughing, crushing and flattening, to building and planting. It’s not certain that Noah (5) ‘got’ the inherent moral on first reading, but it would be fun to discuss it another time. THE BIPPOLO SEED AND OTHER LOST STORIES (Dr Seuss); HarperCollins; $26.99 A hardcover collection of seven stories originally published in magazines in the 1950s. Cassic Dr Seuss - you can imagine what happens in one of the stories, “Gustav the Goldfish” when the narrator feeds Gus more than recommended...Reviewer Gaby says “I am 12 and I still love to read Dr Seuss books because they are so filled with imagination.” ON THE ROAD TO TUAPEKA (Ben Brown - illustrated by Scott Tulloch); Scholastic; $19.50 Hard to know whether Noah or his Mum, the reader, enjoyed this New Zealand-written book more! It’s a bright, cheerful, soft cover cautionary tale which is literally pleasant to read, with lots of rhymes like “heka the weka”, “double decker” and “Possum Pete (in the driver’s seat). De-lovely.

YOUNG READERS THE BIG BOOK OF NEW ZEALAND WILDLIFE Dave Gunson; New Holland; $39.99 Lydia Harden-Bull writes “This excellent book tells readers everything they need to know about all New Zealand animals, from the kiwi to to the fantail (including extinct animals) - with a useful introduction on New Zealand and its land. The graphics are great to look at and have wonderful detail and colour. The book would be a great addition to any classroom and will answer all your questions about New Zealand wildlife. NEW ZEALAND SHORE AND SEA LIFE TO READ, COLOUR AND KEEP Dave Gunson; New Holland; $9.99 The third title in a colouring book series, this informative colouring books contains 30 simple black and white illustrations of seals, whales, fish and seashore life, each accompanied by a sentence or two of basic explanatory text. There’s a colour insert showing natural colours and markings for young artists who like guidelines. Noah (5) literally leapt upon this book.

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SNOWED UNDER AND OTHER CHRISTMAS CONFUSIONS Serge Bloch; Koala Books/Scholastic; $21 Beautifully (and stylishly) illustrated, this witty wee hardcover plays with figures of speech while asking the eternal Christmas question - will Santa make it? PARTY FOOD FOR GIRLS Alessandra Zecchini and Arantxa Zecchini Dowling; New Holland; $29.99 Our tween reviewers fell upon this book the moment they saw it. It’s written by an Oratia, West-Auckland based author (active member of the Slow Food movement and author of ‘Sweet As’ and ‘Savour’) and her 12 year old daughter, with photography by widely published Shaun Cato-Symonds. With recipes ranging from sushi flowers to meringue Christmas wreaths (and lots of info about cupcakes and icing) this is guaranteed to please keen young cooks.

TWEENS AND YOUNG TEENS THE DARK LORD - TEENAGE YEARS Jamie Thomson; Hachette; $18.99 Reviewer Gaby Marshall (12) writes “I loved this book. It was really funny, with a creative plot - a Dark Lord falls from the sky into the body of a teenaged boy and is confused and outraged by everyone and everything around him. The beautiful, detailed illustrations make the story even more enjoyable to read. The way the characters take over the book is very amusing and clever”. PONY CLUB RIVALS - THE PRIZE Stacy Gregg; HarperCollins; $16.99 Ponsonby News’ 12-year-old reviewer says “A great story with strong morals. A book that can be an excellent stand-alone or be appreciated as part of a series!” YES Deborah Burnside; HarperCollins; $22.99 “Yes’ is a charming story about Marty, who has an autismspectrum disorder. His Mum, who has always protected him, goes off on an overseas retreat and leaves Marty and his Dad to fend for themselves, while Marty is challenged both by the Young Enterprise Scheme he becomes part of, and his feelings for Francesca. ‘Yes’ captivated this senior (40-something) reviewer and so is bound to please mature, sensitive teenagers - we can assure you they do exist. HEART OF DANGER Fleur Beale; Random House; $19.99 Reviewer Gaby (12) says “A very good plot with well thought -out characters and original ideas. Set in Wellington, it’s about a girl trying to protect her sister from people who are trying to sacrifice her because she has special powers. It’s really good and I like it so much I would give it as a gift, especially to people who enjoy adventures.” ONE DOG AND HIS BOY Eva Ibbotson; Scholastic; $25 A fun, lovable story to warm the heart. “Anyone who loves animals will enjoy this immensely. I absolutely love the characters and the plot” says Gaby (12). THE EMERALD ATLAS - THE BOOKS OF BEGINNING John Stephens; Random House; $29.99 Gaby (12) says: “A brilliant fantasy with a unique and excellent personality. It has beautiful original characters and creatures that put a sparkle into the novel. It is a brilliantly written book that is sure to please anyone who is looking for some action from the strangest of characters. Anyone who loved Harry Potter will love this even more. I can not wait until the next book.”


FUTURE GENERATION ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC CHURCH MARKS 100 YEARS OF WORSHIP LATE LAST MONTH THE PARISH OF ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC CHURCH IN Grey Lynn marked 100 years of worship in the area. Its Parish School, St. Joseph’s Primary School celebrated the completion of its playground and grounds update with a blessing by the Catholic Bishop of Auckland, Bishop Patrick Dunn, beginning with a powhiri. The playground has been installed with the assistance of funds raised from grants and through events organised by the school and its Parent Teachers Support Group.

IT’S THE RIGHT START FOR YOUNG CHILDREN It’s relaxed and exciting, fun and educational. Right Start Edu-Playgroup is one-of-a-kind and has just opened at Elim Christian Centre in nearby Cook Street. Over the past three years Elim Christian Centre has been spearheading the area of inner city support for migrant families and families with young children. Christine Snow began the first inner-city mainly music program in 2009 quickly followed by the first inner-city playgroup. Since then hundreds of families from around the world have been encouraged, supported and strengthened through vibrant, creative programs and caring pathways of support. Julie, from Korea says, “When I first came here I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t know how to enjoy New Zealand. Now I have many friends. I love playgroup. I improve my english here.” Above: KUSHI drives while POPPY relaxs Below: YOURAJ and MEI at RIGHT START EDU-PLAYGROUP

Christine brought together her background in early childhood and community development to create vibrant programmes that are far from ordinary. This innovative approach resulted in the opening of Right Start Edu-Playgroup. After watching toddlers turn into busy, inquisitive young children Christine along with local families, created a playgroup that bridges the gap between playgroup and kindergarten. Specially designed for children aged two to five years Right Start is open every Monday and Thursday of term between 9.30am and 12.30pm, with only 25 children per session. “It’s much more than I imagined. It’s like a kindergarten” says Swati, who is now on the Right Start team while her daughter attends playgroup. Children learn art, science, language, physics and more in fun, play based ways while parents relax, make friends and learn alongside their children. So far this term children have sewn hessian squares, made pizzas, used vegetables for printmaking and explored sand and motion using a system of pipes and funnels. A visit from Constable Peter Hoskyns introduced New Zealand Police to the families. Children got to ‘drive’ his car and he was delighted at the numbers who asked for their seat belt to be fastened. A visit from ‘Old McDonald’s Mobile Farm’ finishes the year at a combined Christmas Party on Sunday 11 December from 10am – 11.15 am. Children get to pat and feed a fantastic selection of farm animals as well as ride a pony right in the central city. Elim Christian Centre is an important location for families with young children. As well as Right Start Edu-Playgroup, families are welcome to attend mainly music playgroup on Wednesdays 10.30am – 12 midday and Music and Colour (a family music and craft session) Sundays 10.15am -11.15am. A Plunket clinic is also held on-site each Wednesday of the term. Zen explained, “It’s really great. I’ve got many good friends here. It’s a feeling like I’ve got family here.” Parenting is a big job but with fun, friends, family and support it can become a lot easier. To book or ask about any of these programs phone Christine – see details below. Right Start Edu-Playgroup would like to thank their sponsor Auckland City Council. ELIM CHRISTIAN CENTRE, 74 Cook Street T: 09 309 3798

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FUTURE GENERATION CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW With Christmas just around the corner all the special seasonal books that were ordered months and months ago begin to appear. Along with the new titles old favourites are always ordered.

WHAT IS PAINT THE EARTH? PAINT THE EARTH IS A RETAIL STORE WHERE YOU CAN PAINT YOUR own ceramics. It’s a great social activity or you can enjoy individual time-out while creating a unique ceramic piece.

It would not be Christmas without at least two versions of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, or ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. This old favourite first appeared in 1823 in a New York newspaper as an anonymous poem entitled “Account of a Visit from St.Nicholas.” Attributed later to Clement C. Moore it was partly responsible for the concept of Santa Claus as we know him today.

1. Choose your piece from our extensive range of high quality ornamental and dinnerware shapes.

‘The Night Before Christmas’ ($34.99) is a hardback gift edition of this poem beautifully illustrated by Robert Ingpen who is an award winning Australian illustrator and recipient of the prestigious Hans Andersen Award

3. Pick up your piece. You leave your piece to be glazed and fired ready for you to collect within four to six days.

‘The Twelve Days of Christmas is a perennial favourite and we have at least two new editions available this Christmas. The Twelve Days of Christmas’ ($29.99) is a beautiful gift book with whimsical illustrations by Jade Fang. With art that literally moves, this is a book of motion for kids which brings each verse of this traditional Christmas song to life as you irresistably flip the pages. First published in England in 1780, and with both a secular and religious meaning, the twelve days of Christmas refers to the days between Christmas Day and the Epiphany. Apart from the traditional titles from other countries New Zealand has also produced at least one classic of it’s own. ‘A Pukeko in a Ponga Tree’ ($25.00) Adapted by Kingi M. Ihaka and illustrated by Dick Frizzell, is our very own version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and perfect for sending to expats overseas. PN DOROTHY BUTLER CHILDREN’S BOOKSHOP, 1 Jervois Road T: 09 376 7283

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2. Paint your piece. All instruction, paints, design ideas and painting tools (stencils, shaped sponges and designs to trace) are supplied so you can relax and enjoy creating.

Paint the Earth is not just for kids, people of all ages and art abilities can enjoy creating a unique piece. Celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Each guest paints their own unique ceramic piece which they get to keep as a memento of the party. You may wish to organise a Hens party for your friends where everyone paints a special piece for the happy couple. Each person can paint a piece to create a dinner or tea set as a memorable gift for the bride and groom. Take a ‘signature’ platter along for a special day. Each guest can write their own personal message, once the piece is fired it will be a lovely memory of the occasion. Painting ceramics is also a great team building activity for your staff. They can relax and chat while discovering their hidden creativity. Each person can paint their own coffee mug for work or let them choose a piece they can paint for home. PAINT THE EARTH, 38 William Pickering Drive, Albany T: 09 447 1128




PONSONBY INTERMEDIATE’S ART DEPARTMENT’S NEW DRYING RACK Regular readers will know that Ponsonby News loves to support the local schools when we are able to. We were delighted to receive this great shot from Emily Procner of Ponsonby Intermediate’s Art Department showing us the drying rack purchased with the $500 donation from us. (MARTIN LEACH) PN

FREEMANS BAY STUDENTS WIN ENGINEERING PRIZE STUDENTS AT FREEMANS BAY SCHOOL WERE CELEBRATING LAST MONTH after winning a $1000 merit prize in the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards, for designing a system to collect and supply planter boxes with water. The Neighbourhood Engineers Awards are run by the Institution of Professional Engineers (IPENZ) and have been sponsored by Transpower since 2003. The aim of the Awards is to create a greater awareness of the engineering profession and encourage innovative thinking in the areas of engineering and technology. Neighbourhood Engineers volunteer their services to assist students in educational activities. “We employ a significant number of engineers who are incredibly hard to find. It is an exciting profession, and we are thrilled to sponsor the awards which we hope will encourage kids to take on engineering as a career. They will be critical in creating and managing the infrastructure we need for New Zealand today and into the future,” says Bob Simpson, Transpower Chief Engineer. A group of parents who live in the apartments opposite Freemans Bay School had approached their body corporate about setting aside some land for a kitchen garden. After being declined they put a proposal to the school for a community garden. The plan was approved and late in August garden beds were installed in an unused area of the school. With help from Jesse Louis Ashton of Engineers Without Borders, the Year five and six students tested soak hoses, measured roof area, calculated roof pitch and researched annual rainfall, and made models of water collection and distribution systems. Overall, the process of working with an engineer has been invaluable from my perspective. Jesse’s knowledge and input has kept both the students and myself on track, says Teacher Jordan Archibald ‘The children felt special and valued because they had an engineer working alongside them, they knew that this was a privilege’. ‘I was impressed with the ideas and level of understanding the students showed in our initial brainstorming session’, says engineer Jesse ‘Some ideas were brilliant though quite complex, but the students understood when I explained it is important in engineering to make designs as simple as possible to save on costs and for ease of maintenance’. The project was coordinated by Futureintech Facilitator Julia Parker. Futureintech is an initiative of IPENZ and Facilitators connect students with real-life experiences of working in engineering, science and technology. Thanks to the generous support of Auckland Rotary and ‘It’s a Wood Thing’ garden suppliers, the school now has 8 raised garden-beds, a compost bin, a potting table and two planters for feijoa trees. Students are now fundraising for a water tank and pump. PN The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



FUTURE GENERATION WESTMERE KIDS ‘TRY’ TO RAISE MONEY FOR EARTHQUAKE DAMAGED CHRISTCHURCH SCHOOL Children and parents from three Western Bays schools in Auckland will take part in this year’s Westmere Kids Try, which will help support Christchurch’s South New Brighton School. Following the successful launch of the triathlon last year, host Westmere School has opened the event to entrants from Grey Lynn School and Marist Catholic School Herne Bay. Up to 750 people are expected to participate in the fun event which will be held at Cox’s Bay Park, Westmere, on Sunday 20 November. The event will feature a five to six-year-old category with a 500m run, 1km bike ride and 50m water slide, while the seven to 10-year-olds will complete a 1km run, 2km bike ride and 50m water slide. Parents can also take part in a team event together with their children. As well as raising money to complete the building of a new Westmere School hall, this year’s event will feature a ‘celebrity slide for Christchurch’ where competitors can sponsor a celebrity of their choice to go down the water slide to raise money for South New Brighton School in Christchurch.


The line up of celebrities prepared to take on the water slide includes One News presenter Wendy Petrie and TV3 news presenter Mike McRoberts, musician Peter Urlich, television actress Greer Robson and Fair Go presenter Gordon Harcourt. Commentary for the day will be provided by radio hosts Jay-Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey from The Edge. Also on site will be Roman van Uden from Pure Black Racing, New Zealand’s first international professional cycling team. Roman will ride around the bike course motivating the participants and giving them support as they complete the bike ride. This year’s waterslide champion will be award winning singer/songwriter and television personality Fiona McDonald. The triathlon’s platinum sponsor is Bayleys Real Estate. Bayleys Auckland Central residential manager Rachel Dovey said it had been wonderful to witness the enthusiasm generated by the children and parents who participated in last year’s event and she was looking forward to once again supporting the Try. “We are extremely pleased to support an event that not only promotes the health and well being of children, but that also can contribute to raising funds that will benefit their education,” she said.


Westmere School principal Carolyn Marino said she was extremely pleased that the success of the Westmere Kids Try last year meant it could be extended to children and parents from other Western Bays schools. “Our main goal is to promote health and fitness in a fun and supportive community environment, and to give children the confidence to participate in other sporting competitions such as the Weetbix Tryathlon series,” she said. “It is also a great opportunity for us to raise money towards both improving facilities for our pupils and for our buddy school - South New Brighton School in Christchurch.” “Our school community has already raised $3700 in support of our buddy school and we look forward to adding to this total on 20 November.” PN



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INTRODUCING LITTLE GENIE’S NEW BIO-NAPPIES Pure magic for babies bottoms and the environment. WITH ALL THE JOY THAT BABIES BRING – IT’S A SAD REALITY THAT THE HUGE amount of nappies needed to care for them are damaging our environment. Every disposable nappy sent to a landfill since their invention in 1961 is still there and will be for generations to come.* Now trusted eco-brand Little Genie introduces their new Bio-Nappies - a compostable nappy made from approximately 68% of biodegradable materials. The new Bio -Nappies aim to give parents an eco-friendly choice and to lessen the amount of waste going to landfills. Bio-Nappies look and feel like nothing else on the market and even though they utilize compostable materials, they don’t compromise on performance. The outer layer of Little Genie Bio-Nappies is made with environmentally sustainable Viscose from bamboo. They have also been tested to ensure that they are suitable for the most sensitive of baby skin. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource which is extremely fast-growing, does not require pesticides and naturally possesses antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Little Genie Bio-Nappies are available in four sizes: Newborn, Crawler, Walker and Toddler. The newborn nappies have a specially designed belly button hole for ease of changing and all other sizes have a double–leak guard giving maximum protection.

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We have a relatively small bathroom we would like to renovate in an older style property and we really like the idea of a freestanding bath to be the main feature of the bathroom, but we are concerned about whether this will be the best use of space. We only have one bathroom in the house and we may be struggling to fit a shower in the room also without making things look a bit crowded. Can you give us any ideas for maximising space with a free standing bath?

Q: A:

There are a wide range of freestanding baths available from traditional clawfoot baths to contemporary acrylic and engineered stone baths which look great in both modern and traditional bathrooms. It is important to consider how you will use the bathroom to ensure you don’t focus on a bath for purely aesthetic reasons which will impact on day to day practicality.

One of the first considerations with any new bathroom design is how it will be used. These days most people shower daily and take baths less frequently, and for some people with only one bathroom the temptation is to remove the bath altogether to have a generous size shower. We would always recommend keeping at least one bath in any property primarily for resale purposes because a property without a bath is less attractive to many and in particular families with young children. That isn’t to say we haven’t created some beautiful bathrooms providing a more spacious feel with a large shower or wetroom, but it is important to consider how long you intend to own the property and who are your target market should you wish to sell. Every bathroom is different and it’s important to consider door and windows when thinking about positions for baths and showers. If you have a smaller bathroom with a separate toilet, taking out the partition wall to open up one larger room can provide greater flexibility. We often place the bath against the exterior wall which would normally have a window. In this scenario the door will often open towards this wall making the bath the first thing people see when they enter the room and in this situation a freestanding bath looks great. One downside to freestanding baths is they generally take up more space than built in baths because they are usually positioned away from the walls. Freestanding baths look best in generous sized rooms with plenty of space around them. In smaller bathrooms I prefer the look of a built in bath with clever use of tiles to create a visual feature rather

120 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

than the bath itself. And in these situations I would recommend the simple lines and solid feel of a porcelain on steel bath rather than acrylic. If you’re your property has a single bathroom which is not large enough for a separate bath and shower, we would recommend a bath over shower. It’s never an ideal situation, the bath is somewhat compromised with the shower screen and the shower is not as easy to step in and out of, but it does provide a practical alternative to cover both bases. Most shower over baths are made from acrylic. They are made with a non slip surface for showering and have a lip around the edge of the bath which the shower lining or wall tiles sits over to create a solid waterproof barrier rather than relying on a silicone join. Freestanding baths are not well suited to shower over bath set ups because they generally sit away from the wall require a shower curtain rather than a glass screen. There are also less conventional designs such as wet rooms which can provide much more freedom with how and where you position the bath and shower fittings in bathrooms of any size, but they do have practical drawbacks when it comes to keeping them looking good with everyday use. (ROB HOOK) PN BUILDSPACE KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS – Design Build Install T: 0800 455 556


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MICROGREENS MICROGREENS ARE THE SEEDLINGS OF EDIBLE GREENS GROWN TO THE cotyledon stage or just after. They’re tiny but flavoursome and nutritious and have been named in the list of ‘Top Ten Superfoods’. They were previously seen as a gourmet garnish in high-end restaurants in California, New York and London and also on television cook shows. Because they’re fragile and more often than not used as a garnish, especially in the USA, microgreens are not generally known as everyday food. They’re not just a garnish though – they make scrumptious additions to salads and other dishes. Now they are seen in kiwi farmers markets and some stores, but why not grow your own? Cut microgreens are costly to buy but are remarkably easy to grow at home and at a reasonable cost. The Christmas season is a good time to have some crops on hand for holiday and entertainment snacks. They can also be grown in the holiday house, boat or motor home for an ongoing supply of fresh mini greens. They’re best grown in light, shallow, portable containers in seed raising or potting mix. Takeaway trays are good or for a bigger crop - seed raising trays. Raw is my favourite way to use them - they rev up a salad bowl of bland lettuce and are great in wraps and sandwiches. I also toss them into stir-fry’s, soups, bakes, fritters, smoothies, and frittata. They are delicate so most tend to collapse with cooking, but their flavour and nutrition are still intact. Kings Seeds sell a large seed range online. Seeds need to be bought in bulk as you require a lot for a crop. Asian food shops have a number of seeds that are used to make curries and other dishes that can be bought cheaply and will germinate to give you impressive microgreens (provided their seeds have not been heat treated which will make them unviable). Examples include lentils, mustard, fenugreek and mung beans. TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Microgreens can be grown at home in containers, they don’t need much space, and just a windowsill can be enough. Some microgreens will grow all year round. The greens grown at home can be cut immediately before eating and once cut will keep for about a week in the fridge. Children love growing them. Because they are quick and simple – there’s no room for boredom and giving up. And hopefully kids are more likely to eat something healthy that they have nurtured from seed. Make sure that your seeds are designed for consumption directly by people in some form. Seeds for garden sowing may be contaminated with fungicides or other pesticide to reduce losses when sown in the ground. FAVOURITE CROPS Mustard and radish are easy and spicy microgreens to begin with. Kings Seeds have a lovely radish called Rambo which has burgundy coloured leaves. Radish is simple and quick too. Daikon radish is ultra healthy with a good bite.

Fenugreek is succulent, crunchy and slightly bitter and it never fails to grow. Its great added to Raita. Peas are the one micro-crop that can be re-grown for a second cutting. Cut the first crop leaving a shoot at the base of the plant to re-grow. Peas taste like newly harvested spring peas. Pea Shoots are a nutritious microgreen with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A. They also have: seven times more vitamin C than blueberries; eight times more folic acid than bean sprouts; four times more vitamin A than tomatoes. (FIONNA HILL) PN SUPPLIERS: Seeds Niche Imports Limited, Freephone 0800 115 343, Freefax 0800 374 228, E: Book ‘How to Grow Microgreens’, bookshops, libraries or or Starter Kits (great Christmas gift)

ST COLUMBA YOUTH GROUP helping to make compost at the Grey Lynn Community Gardens last month

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CHIC TIMELESS TEAK Teak is both chic and timeless and unlike most kitset jobs it is strong and will last for years,” explains Patrick Driessen owner and manager of Java Teak. Simple, classic style is always popular. The conventional bistro table is a constant best seller. Its plain design comes in many sizes and shapes with something to suit everyone. The practical and pretty market umbrella will never go out of fashion and they come in a range of colours and sizes to suit any table or garden setting for summer entertaining. In store there are various benches to suit your outdoor requirements. One favourite is the gorgeous looking ‘Box Bench’ with a lid that opens to reveal a storage space for any items. The two to three seater ‘San Francisco’ is a classic bench that will complement any outdoor living space, along with the 80 to 100 year old antique benches and the Art Deco Luyten bench, designed by Lord Luyten in the 1920s.


Because teak benches have such longevity they are suitable for school grounds as well. They make great memorial benches and the comfortable teak summer loungers are not just seen in local gardens – they turn up in hotels across the pacific. Steamers and sun loungers go to Rarotonga and Fiji, and of course folding chairs are always in demand with the resorts! Java Teak has new containers coming in regularly before Christmas with a range of up-to-the-minute items available for you or for a Christmas gift. PN JAVA TEAK, 3 Mortimer Pass, Newmarket T: 09 520 5224 or M: 0274 866 441

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ASK AN ARCHITECT: PAUL LEUSCHKE Each month Grey Lynn resident and Architect Paul Leuschke of Leuschke Kahn answers readers’ property related questions. Email yours to are some simple alterations that I could do to my house to stop it Q: What heating up so much in the summer? work out what might be causing your house to get too hot so you can focus A: Firstly your alterations in the right place. Some of the most common causes are: a lack of shading on windows, un-insulated roofs and walls, heat reflecting off paved surfaces and into windows and a lack of effective ventilation within the house. External shading of windows, using eaves, fixed shades, adjustable shades, and planting, is a very effective way of reducing solar gain. The design of the shading needs to respond to the path and angle of the sun, this means shades on the north should be horizontal and above the window, while shades on the west and east should be vertical and beside the window. The southern windows will not receive enough sun to be worthwhile shading. Planting deciduous trees or vines is a simple, low cost way to block the summer sun. Place plants to shade the windows on the northern side of the house. In winter when they lose their leaves, the low winter sun can shine through to warm the house. On the west, block the evening sun by planting dense window height shrubs in a row to the south of the window. Additionally, planting low shrubs on the ground instead of paving can reduce ground temperature and heat being reflected off the paving and into the house. The next option is adding fixed and adjustable shades to the windows, which can be designed to block the sun in summer when it is high in the sky and let it in during winter when it is lower. If you go to and look up ‘external shading’, there is

126 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2011

a simple calculation to work out what size the shade should be so it works well in both seasons. If you are building a new house or extension, instead of shades, you can design the eaves to shade the window using the same calculation method. Internal shading is less effective at keeping the inside cool, as the heat has already come through the glass. Curtains and roller blinds only reduce internal heat a small amount while also reducing light, ventilation and blocking views. Venetian blinds are slightly better as they can be angled to reflect heat while still maintaining light, views and ventilation. Over one third of heat gain is radiated through the roof. Insulating your roof space can reduce this considerably and if you have a ceiling space it’s quite easy. It also stops heat escaping in winter so the insulation cost will be quickly recouped in energy savings. The higher the insulation’s R-value, the better it insulates, using R3.3 is best practice for light timber framed homes. Ventilating your house can be as simple as opening the windows on opposite sides of the house to get flow through breezes. Open plans allow the breeze to flow through the house so if you are doing a larger renovation consider how you may encourage cross ventilation. Preventing the heat from getting into your house is easier and more energy efficient that cooling the house down once it is hot. Some of these alterations you can easily do yourself; look at for detailed guidance. (PAUL LEUSCHKE)


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KAREN PHELPS SECURE YOUR HOME OVER THE HOLIDAY PERIOD DID YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT NOW YOU COULD BE UNWITTINGLY INVITING a burglar to enter your home? Without realising it many people are doing things that are providing easy access for intruders to enter their property, says local Ponsonby Community Constable Phillip Crowley. But luckily, by following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure your home is protected to the best of your ability while you are away, he says. Some of the recommendations by the New Zealand Police are obvious – always lock up. Crowley says that burglars typically enter a home through unlocked doors or windows or by taking advantage of weak locks. Installing good quality locks is essential. A good locksmith will be able to offer you advice. “Burglars are no different to anyone else, they want an easy job. So if you make your home unappealing to them they will be less likely to select your home as a target,” says Crowley. This includes ensuring that you don’t leave anything lying around within easy reach that might make a burglar’s job easier. Before you head away make sure you have locked away tools and ladders and anything else burglars could possibly use to break into your home. A key to protecting your home is to make sure a potential burglar cannot hide. Crowley also advises that sensor lights are an excellent security device because they light up automatically if somebody moves nearby. Also keep trees and shrubs trimmed so they don’t provide hiding places for burglars. Another important tip when going away on holiday is to make sure you are not unknowingly announcing the fact that the house is unoccupied to a burglar. Make sure your home looks ‘lived in’ by doing things such as asking a neighbour to collect your mail, cancelling newspapers and putting lights on timers. According to Crowley a more modern problem can be technology. That means don’t broadcast the fact that you’ll be away on Twitter, Facebook, in your blog or anywhere else on the Internet where a potential thief might be able to find it. SECURITY CHECKLIST BEFORE YOU LEAVE. MAKE SURE: • All doors are locked. • The garage and garden shed are locked. • All windows are securely shut. • Mark your items. Engrave valuable items with your driver’s licence number, car registration number or phone number.

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• Keep receipts, warranties, valuations and a list of serial numbers of valuables so if they are stolen you can identify them or claim insurance. Take photographs or videos of very expensive items. • Equipment such as tools and ladders has been put away securely. • On long vacations make sure someone mows your lawn. • Leave a spare key with your neighbour but make sure your address is not on the key in case your neighbour gets burgled and the thief finds the key and decides to rob your home as well. Also give your neighbour an emergency contact number for you. • Tell your neighbour when and where you’re going. • Cancel mail, paper, milk, etc. • Put a lamp on a timer. • Don’t place the fact you are gone on your telephone answering machine. Also turn your telephone ringer volume down. ASK YOUR NEIGHBOUR TO: • Watch your home and report any suspicious behaviour. • Clear your letterbox. • Close your curtains at night. • Use your clothesline occasionally. • Use your drive occasionally. START A NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPPORT GROUP Starting your own group is easy and a great way to not only protect your home but also get to know your neighbours better. Once you are a member of a Neighbourhood Support Group you can get access stickers to warn burglars that they might be being watched to deter thieves. DID YOU KNOW? You are now able to record serial numbers and other unique identifying details of your valuable goods in an electronic database. For more information and to register your goods, visit (KAREN PHELPS) PN For more information:


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Every one of their products is checked for quality before it is imported so they know what they are selling is suitable for New Zealand consumers.

Archnet Construction Limited is a well known local company managed by qualified people who specialise in building new homes, renovations of any kind and additions to existing homes; from small renovations to your major extensions.

Stonehaven 2001 Ltd is a company engaged in the import, sales and distribution of high quality natural stone and related products. They carry a comprehensive range of carefully selected stones manufactured and cut with state-of-the-art technology specialising in the supply of Travertine, marble and paving stone.

Archnet Construction Limited have people qualified in architecture and project management with vast experience in renovating homes from bungalows and villas through to building brand new architecturally designed homes. You can be confident they only use qualified and experienced trades people and their quality management skills will get your building projects completed in the best way possible.

Stonehaven offer a vast range of services, from residential and commercial to trade or wholesale distribution. Their main objective is to achieve total client satisfaction. Their customers determine the criteria for the quality standards; consequently, customer satisfaction is their constant objective. And because they import directly, they are able to access and offer the best prices possible. PN

In 2001, family owned business Kalessi Bathroom-ware was established to cater for the developer and trades person and in 2003 they opened their doors to the public. They love bathrooms and know how important a bathroom can be and how dramatically it can affect the value of your house. That’s why Kalessi never sell mass produced, low quality goods. Every single one of their pieces is custom made from designs provided to their manufacturers with exact material specifications.

ARCHNET CONSRTUCTION LIMITED, 76 Royal Avenue Mt Albert T: 09 845 4345



THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING BROUGHT A MODEST INCREASE OF INTEREST IN the Auckland housing market, with more homes being listed, the average price edging up and the number of homes sold declining slightly.

Auckland Council’s annual report, for its first eight months since establishment, has been adopted by the council’s governing body.

“The housing market in October followed a similar pattern to that we have seen for the past four months, and we remain in a relatively stable period in terms of prices and activity,” said Peter Thompson, Managing Director of Barfoot & Thompson. “The feature that was different was the number of new homes listed for the month. At 1314, this was an increase of 4 percent on that for last month and the highest number of homes listed since March. “It created greater choice and raised buyer interest. “Prices in October rose by 1.1 percent on those for September with the average price moving up to $553,765. “As for much of this year, this average price was affected by the strong interest in the high end of the market, and in October we sold 60 homes with a value in excess of $1 million. “In the past two years sales of $1 million plus homes in a month have exceeded this number on only three occasions. “During the month we sold a total of 727 homes, down 1.5 percent on those for September but 29.6 percent higher than in October last year. “Far more homes are selling this year than last, but for the past three months sales numbers have been marking time, with the movement between the high and low numbers in that period being 31 homes. “We expect the current stability in prices and sales volume to remain through to the end of the year.” At the end of October Barfoot & Thompson had a total of 4999 listings, 4.2 percent more than at the end of September, and the highest number since June.

ARE YOU SELLING? ‘you can’t sell a secret... good marketing makes a difference every time’

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KALESSI BATHROOMS, 47 Lunn Avenue Mt Wellington T: 09 570 9100 STONEHAVEN,

The annual report details the projects, services and activities that were carried out from 1 November 2010 to 30 June 2011, as well as the highlights and challenges Auckland Council experienced as it formed the new combined organisation. The report also includes financial and non-financial statements, showing council’s performance against the budget and non-financial measures set out in the 2010-19 Long-Term Plan it inherited from the Auckland Transition Agency. The report was adopted at yesterday’s governing body meeting. SOME OF THE KEY PROJECTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS ACROSS THE REGION INCLUDE: • Establishing council and committee structures and developing the new governance model for Auckland. • Preparing for Rugby World Cup 2011 - council worked to complete $21 million worth of transport projects and $3.9 million of event space upgrades. Work was also done to upgrade Queens Wharf and Shed 10 and to develop The Cloud. • Transforming the Auckland waterfront with the opening of the Wynyard Quarter. • Responding to the Christchurch earthquake, sending 196 Auckland Council and CCO staff to assist. We also donated $1.5 million to the reconstruction efforts. • Launching The Auckland Plan, Annual Plan 201/12 and 21 local board agreements for 2011/2012. • Recording some of the best public transport usage rates since the 1950s - up eight per cent for the year to 30 April. • Opening a number of new regional facilities, including the new Auckland Art Gallery, Manukau Library and Research Centre, Norman Kirk Memorial Pool complex in Otara, the upgraded North Shore Leisure branches in Takapuna and Glenfield, Roskill Youth Zone. We also completed construction of multi-sport facilities in Papatoetoe and Manurewa and progressed work on Te Wao Nui precinct at Auckland Zoo. THE KEY FINANCIAL RESULTS FROM THE ANNUAL REPORT INCLUDE: • The council group recording a net deficit of $110m on a $2b operating budget. This was primarily due to the impact of lower capital revenue as property development slowed, and non-cash adjustments to reflect value changes in council investments and provisioning for future payments on weather-tightness building claims. • $877 million of capital works carried out across the region by the council group. PN The annual report is available online here: PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

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photography: Nicole Beaver


Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont from jewellery brand Meadowlark live with their daughter Gigi and Samuel the cat, in Grey Lynn. Greg has lived in Grey Lynn for about seven years and before that was in Kingsland; Claire has lived in Grey Lynn for six years and before that she lived in Herne Bay. Their favourite room is their lounge. “We spend a lot of time in here talking, reading, playing with our baby, and watching movies. It’s our favourite room because it’s full of things we love, and it is the most spacious room in our house. The couple’s favourite things in the room? “The framed Dylan Martorell print above the fireplace. The ‘True Love’ scroll over the window, as we got married under it. Our Jielde lamp from Flotsam & Jetsam, and the collection of bits and pieces on the mantle.” PN

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STU BOWMAN: APARTMENTO UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Stu has been the owner of Apartmento for 11 years, and before that he lived in Sydney for 10 years. He ran one of Australia’s largest (at the time) Industrial Design consultancies. “Like most Industrial Designers I’ve had a passion for furniture design forever. Having a retail store and furniture factory gives me ample opportunity to enjoy the everlasting pleasure of designing stuff and having people buy it.” WHO IS YOUR PARTNER? Melissa – she manages the showroom with particular emphasis on our Meluka brand of furniture. DO YOU HAVE ANY CHILDREN? Harry (18), Monty (14) and Prudy (11). Harry works at our furniture factory, Monts is at (Auckland) Grammar and Pru is at St Cuthbert’s. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? Gus the cat. HOW DO YOU KEEP FIT? I Run every day, and work out in our garage gym. (To be fair that’s a relatively new routine, if you’d asked me that question three weeks ago I would have said ‘bugger all’). YOUR BEST FRIEND WOULD SAY OF YOU... ‘Stu who?’ YOUR MOTHER WOULD SAY OF YOU... ‘please don’t cut your hair’ VIRTUES? I’m thick skinned, and stubborn enough to have stayed in the furniture business for more than a decade. VICES? Heineken. SECRET PASSION? Well that’s a secret. The one I can own up to is a love of Paul Smith’s clothes. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Remuera (yes, the dark side). WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR HOLIDAYS? Matapouri on the Tutukaka coast. WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? A lawyer. HOW DID YOU COME TO BE A PURVEYOR OF FINE FURNITURE? On our return from Australia in 1997 I set up a small furniture workshop, with the simple intention of ‘making cool things’. Within a short period of time I ran into an old school acquaintance (well, we weren’t friends at school so I can’t call you an old school friend Chris!), Chris Gee, who owned Apartmento at the time and we started to do a bit of business. We quickly realised that there was an opportunity to create one vertically integrated business with factory and retail. In 2005 Chris left to ‘pursue other interests’ (there is no story!). Shortly thereafter we added the Meluka range. All of a sudden it’s 2011 and I realise I’ve been doing this for a few years. IF YOU WEREN’T A PURVEYOR OF FINE FURNITURE YOU’D BE... That’s a tough question as I really feel I’m pretty suited to this gig! What I have always wanted to be and still want to be is a super talented and world reknowned pop star or a top 10 ranked pro-golfer! Fantasy aside, if I’d followed through with my plan while at school I’d probably be a miserably over worked and overpaid lawyer wishing I hadn’t accepted the partnership and daydreaming about making furniture. Actually my kids think I should have been a lawyer, lawyers are cool ‘cause they’re rich they reckon (I’ve got smart kids).

ONE THING YOU HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE IS... Calories in gotta be less than calories out (has taken 50 years). STU’S MESSAGE ABOUT SELECTING FINE FURNITURE, FOR PONSONBY NEWS READERS: “Apartmento and Meluka are world class furniture brands designed and manufactured right here in Auckland. I’d encourage people who genuinely appreciate quality in their life to pop into our store on the corner of Crummer Road and Maidstone Street in Ponsonby and compare our products with any international brand they may be considering because they can afford it. At Apartmento you pay only for the quality workmanship and materials, not branding and freight from half way around the world. (Do people actually realise that most of the high-end Italian brands are made in China anyway?)” PN

FAVOURITE PONSONBY CAFE? People - the K Road end of Ponsonby Road. The best poached eggs ever! FAVOURITE PONSONBY RESTAURANT? Prego (are there others?). FAVOURITE PONSONBY STORE? 5th Avenue. FAVOURITE PONSONBY FASHION LABEL? Paul Smith (is London in Ponsonby?). YOUR BEST KEPT PONSONBY SECRET? Apartmento and Meluka furniture store. YOUR DESERT ISLAND DISTRACTIONS: song - Mack the Knife (the Bobby Darin ‘live at the Copa’ version); movies - Pulp Fiction, Fargo, Step Brothers, Ground Hog day; TV show - Megafactories; book - A Natural history of the screwdriver and screw - Witold Rybczynski.

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS WHEN AN ‘F’ WORD IS APPROPRIATE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE TO Five working friends from New World Victoria Park are AUCKLAND PLAN embarking on a challenge of a lifetime. In their forties and fifties, these friends are going to tackle the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge 2012. At the end of March 2012, four will each walk 100km within 36 hours as Team New World Victoria Park. Number five will be the driving force behind them, feeding, pampering and consoling when necessary. The four walkers all took part in the Auckland full and half marathon as runners, something they would not have imagined doing one year ago. 40-50kg is a weight loss goal between three of the fatter friends, not easy to achieve when you work in the best supermarket in Auckland. The girls are in it for different reasons, fitness, fun, physical and mental health, but also to do a little good for others. Working in an environment with plenty of gourmet foods and amazing products, it has made us realise just how lucky we are. Another target for this group is to raise at least $7,500.00 for Oxfam, at the same time reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The summer will be spent training and fundraising. There will be a book fair on 10 December and soon fantastic raffle tickets will be on sale, so look out for one of the girls at New World Victoria Park in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Jason Witehira, owner and operator of New World Victoria Park is the main sponsor and some of the wonderful suppliers and friends have been very generous in their donations. The girls are hoping to have a fabulous time, however, there are times when they sit and consider exactly what it is they have let themselves in for. At the end of the 100km the fit, fabulous, funny, friendly, forty and fifty something friends will have reason to sit back with a fabulous glass of wine and say ‘f...’ we did it. Follow them on Facebook and their website. Donations to the team can be made via the website The team name is TEAM NEW WORLD VICTORIA PARK. They would like to thank the community and customers for their support in helping them to make a difference to those in need, also a big thanks to their fabulous families for their understanding and love. Look out for these five clever baskets stocking up for Oxfam 2012.

The Mayor has welcomed the overwhelming response to the Auckland Plan submission process. More than 2500 submissions have been received for the Auckland Plan and its supporting plans. PROVISIONAL TOTALS ARE: • Auckland Plan, 1700 (with final count expected to be 2000) • Economic Development Strategy, 80 • City Centre Master Plan, 200 • Waterfront Plan, 660 Auckland Plan submissions contained over 4300 points of feedback including references to the supporting plans. The Auckland Plan is subject to statutory consultation and public hearings. The Mayor says the enthusiasm with which Aucklanders have engaged with the process is fantastic. “It has always been about us collectively articulating our vision for Auckland. It is my responsibility to give a strong lead in this, but the input and wisdom of Aucklanders is essential,” says Len Brown. “There is no doubt that the Rugby World Cup and the completion of projects like Wynyard Quarter, the Art Gallery, shared spaces and Auckland Zoo’s Te Wao Nui meant Aucklanders began to recognise the city’s potential and encouraged them to engage in the consultation process.” THE TEN MOST POPULAR TOPICS INCLUDED: • making a quality compact city • the city centre master plan • transformation shifts • Auckland’s economy • the southern initiative • building enduring town centres and neighbourhoods About a third of submitters want to speak at hearings. Submitters can choose whether to speak at a formal hearing or informal workshop forums. The hearings panel will comprise all councillors. Two thirds of company submitters want to be heard and 25 per cent of personal submitters. The draft Auckland Plan will be finalised later this month and adopted in February, 2012. PN

ARE YOU SELLING? ‘you can’t sell a secret... good marketing makes a difference every time’

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS A BRAND NEW OLD NEW HOUSE One fine day when John Barrett and his wife, Liz took a wander down Prosford Street, they came across an empty lot that was for sale. Back in 1914 when the area was still part of Prospect Terrace, it housed stables and an ablution block at the back of a residence on 84 Jervois Road. A later owner used it as a parking lot right through till 2008, sold it and a few years later the new owner put it back on the market. The section was ideal for a project John wanted to embark on, the construction of an old new house. This seems a contradiction in terms but his aim was to demonstrate that inner city housing needn’t always be about renovations and how a new building in the traditional style can be appropriate and sensitive to the surroundings. Paul Leuschke became involved and designed a house that looks as though it’s always been there. Together they worked closely with the Heritage Architects of Auckland City who agreed to the design. John says that unlike many architects, who are on their own tangent, Paul listens and also wanted to see a house that made a statement. Between the two of them they’ve achieved something very special. So much so that many people have commented on the ‘fantastic renovation’. Well looks can be deceiving because this so-called ‘alteration’ is a far cry from a draughty old villa as far as comfort goes. It’s fully insulated, double glazed, the wiring is up to the latest standard, there’s mains pressure, gas hot water and fireplace, modern appliances, and a heat pump installed flush into the ceiling. There’s even insulation between the floors which was an unknown in old houses. Lovely traditional features have been retained with specially made replica doors and old style architrave mouldings used on the ceilings and window frames. The wide floorboards are made of Victorian ash, which has a pleasing tight grain and is completely renewable. Tanalised timber has been used for standardised features like framing, and rather than using jarrah, the demand of which is slowly destroying Indonesia’s eco system, the outside deck and front verandah is of purple heart

SHE WANTS US TO STAY IN YOUTH HOSTELS! DAUGHTERS LOVE TO TRY AND BOSS THEIR MOTHERS. Mothers don’t take kindly to this but sometimes it pays them to take heed of their daughters’ commands. In the case of Eileen Robinson she had to overcome her initial negative reaction to daughter Rebekah’s insistence that she and her husband leave home and hearth to travel abroad and stay in youth hostels no less! At first she put up all sorts of objections - we are in our seventies now and not the right age, we’d arrive to find them full up, it would cost too much. Gentle persuasion was applied. Husband Graham, eyes alight with anticipation, declared they could book ahead. Rebekah pointed out that older people also stay inYouth Hostels these days. When all six of their adult children insisted on pitching in with some funding it was the clincher. It would be churlish to refuse their generosity. Eileen is reluctant to leave her lovingly tended garden above the Weiti River in Whangaparapoa, but confident family neighbours will watch over it, so she and Graham say their farewells and start out on the first leg of their journey. Her children certainly opened a Pandora’s box when they pushed her into taking this step because it was to be the first of three-month long trips over a five year period with two year breaks in between. Lo and behold, Eileen, to her surprise and in spite of her misgivings, caught the travelling bug only a few days into the journey and relished every bit of the gypsy lifestyle. They ended up staying in eighty different hostels in no less than twelve different countries. Throughout all three trips Eileen kept a diary in which she recorded the events of each day with accompanying photographs. Copies were sent regularly to Rebekah so the family could keep track of what they were getting up to. These diaries have been turned into the most delightful book detailing their travel experiences, interspersed with reminiscences about different periods of her early life on the

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which is a renewable New Guinea hardwood. The kitchen and bathroom benches are made of marble, which harks back to Victorian times and a modern style scullery adjoins the kitchen, a fantastic little room that is so useful and is no longer evident in modern houses. The small back garden is completely private with a glass barricaded swimming pool and neatly clipped grass. What John refers to as the man cave, is a huge double garage in the basement that has room for two large cars and leaves space for visitor parking outside. John tells me that he and Liz have always put a lot of themselves into every house they’ve ever built.They visualise how they would like to live in it and become quite emotionally attached to the project. At the end they feel as though they are handing their creation on to someone else’s care taking. It’s no wonder they achieve such a great result. JBCO is John’s family business. He and his two sons employ only trade qualified people who have the skills to work on his buildings. He’s had the same painter, plumber, and electrician on his team for over twenty years which makes everything run smoothly. Instead of building an average townhouse on the site, his innovative old new house is a far more pleasing option than the signature home that has replaced a venerable old villa on St Mary’s Bay Road. It could also be a trendsetter and influence the public away from endless renovating that at the end of the day is often just as expensive. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

West Coast, Dunedin, and other places in New Zealand. The historical aspect makes the narrative more alive than a run of the mill travel book and an added bonus is the excellent writing. Eileen is a talented wordsmith who has written a play about early days on the West Coast that was broadcast on the BBC and NZBC. The extraordinary variety of youth hostels they visited is quite staggering and a far cry from the more humdrum backpackers lodges we have back here. The list is a long one but outstanding examples are; a castle in Spain, a fisherman’s cabin in Brittany, an ex-granary in Venice, a Welsh hunting lodge, a former railway goods shed, an ex-army barracks in Paris, a village house in the Languedoc, as well as many beautiful old mansions, old prisons and old monasteries. They chose to stay in those that had kitchens and the larger hostels had a restaurant as well. Unlike today’s sterile hotels there was plenty of agreeable communication with fellow travellers and of all the hundreds they met none were in any way objectionable. They booked ahead requesting a single room if possible, but sometimes had to sleep in dormitories which didn’t bother them at all. History was brought alive for Eileen when she stayed in those venerable buildings. She would wander in monastery cloisters and visualize monks treading the ancient flagstones or imagine the early happenings in the castles, inns and villages they visited. To anyone considering a similar adventure her advice is to JUST GO! Eileen’s book was self published and can be ordered on line (in soft or hard cover or as an e-book at It has its own dedicated Facebook page where Eileen shares more of the story at, which will surely whet your appetite for the whole enchilada. Tessuti on Jervois Road also has copies for sale and it would make an ideal Christmas present for young and old alike. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN


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STREET NAMES: DRYDEN STREET JOHN DRYDEN MIGHT BE DESCRIBED AS A SUPERB ALL-ROUND MAN. POET, dramatist, critic, propagandist, and translator, he dominated English literature for forty years, so much so that in literary circles the period became known as the Age of Dryden. Born in 1631 he was the eldest son of parents who were Puritan gentry. He passed his boyhood during the uneasy times of the Civil War and was a schoolboy in London when Charles I was beheaded. Romantic history divides the period into stereotypes, grumpy Roundheads versus dashing Cavaliers. In fact the politics of the day were far more complicated. The young Dryden received his early education at Westminster School, which many powerful men on both sides of the political equation took an interest in. The charismatic headmaster, Richard Busby taught acclaimed architect Christopher Wren, eminent poets and philosophers plus a host of judges and bishops from 1638 until his death in 1695. Even though he opposed radical puritanism his long unbroken tenure is evidence that supporters from both sides of the political spectrum valued his teaching skills enough to overlook his views. Dryden’s family placed such value on the quality of education they were confident the beliefs they instilled in him would withstand his exposure to alternative theological and political ideas at Westminster. Their calculations were wrong. Dryden’s first published poem, an elegy for his schoolmate Lord Henry Hastings who died from smallpox, alludes to the execution of King Charles I and demonstrates his leanings towards Royalism. In 1650 he entered Trinity College, Cambridge where the Master was a Puritan preacher, Thomas Hill who had been a rector in Dryden’s home village and whose sermons were so laborious they caused the young Dryden to distrust the clergy. The country people in his semiopera “King Arthur” curse the parson “For prating so long like a Book-learn’d Sot. / Till pudding and Dumplin burn to Pot”.

When the great plague of London closed the theatres, Dryden rusticated himself and his wife at her family estate in Charlton, Wiltshire. There he wrote some of his best work, and in 1667 he published “Annus Mirabilis” a lengthy historical poem celebrating English victories at sea during the Second Dutch War and Charles II’s conduct during the Great Fire of London. It won him the poet laureateship and historiographer royal. He was now at the height of his powers and reputation. He hobnobbed with the powerful and, despite his increasing family (by then, three sons), appears to have aped the manners of his betters by fashionably taking a mistress, the actress Ann Reeves.

Dryden took his degree the year his father died and went to London where he obtained a post in the civil service. He was present at Cromwell’s funeral and shortly after, wrote his Heroic Stanzas in which he praises The Lord Protector’s character and foreign victories, but glosses over his politics. At the Restoration in 1660 he wrote “Astraea Redux” celebrating the return of Charles II and transferred his allegiance to the new regime. This was viewed by critics as trimming his sails to the political winds. In 1663 he married into a family of aristocrats and eventually converted to Roman Catholicism. Little is known about the intimate side of his marriage to Lady Elizabeth Howard who bore him three sons and outlived him.

After the Revolution of 1688 he lost his laureateship with the accession of William III. Refusing to take an oath of allegiance, his politics and religion left him out of favour with the court, and his sole source of income was from his plays and translations of poetry from Latin and Greek. This hardly backs up his accusers’ turncoat allegations. During his last years he had to write more and more to sustain his now mentally deranged wife and ailing son. John Dryden died on 12 May 1700 from inflammation caused by gout. After John Milton, he was the greatest English poet of the seventeenth century, after William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, the greatest playwright and he had no peer as a writer of prose, literary criticism and as a translator. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

GENERATOR – A LITTLE SLICE OF WORK PLACE PARADISE IMAGINE JUMPING OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING, EXCITED TO DO business with inspiring people in an accessible and stylish environment that results in nailing your goals and high fives all round. Now open your eyes. Where are you? If you’re a lone wolf or a small business then you’re probably working from the kitchen table, in a draughty shared space, or worse still; a lacklustre serviced office that sucks the very energy and creativeness from your soul. Generator is a private business club in the heart of Britomart that provides everything a small business could wish for. Membership options range from casual plug’n’play to having your own desk and door. Meeting rooms are fully loaded with multi-media. The lightning fast fibre optic wired internet & WiFi and unified IP (voice) communications are the best in New Zealand. But it takes more than technology to make amazing things happen. “Productivity needs inspiration, so we’ve designed Generator as a place of inspirational spaces,” says co-founder Ryan Wilson. ‘It’s a creative workspace for small businesses, a landing spot for the travelling worker and a place where members and big business can network, meet or just enjoy a quiet coffee.” To keep energy fresh, Generator cultivate a fertile mix of clients ranging from creative freelancers to angel investors and professional services firms, placing new members in the right environment and getting to know them personally to ensure that they thrive. For more information call T: 09 511 2148 or E: Or better yet, drop by for a coffee/drink and a tour at 22-28 Customs Street East, Britomart. PN

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THE BOYS’ BOOK CLUB WHAT WE’RE READING Books us blokes on the Ponsonby News team are reading, or have recently enjoyed. We LOVE reading in the bath, or in bed. A real stress buster! MARTIN LEACH THE ELEVENTH DAY, 9/11 THE ULTIMATE ACCOUNT By Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan (Double Day/Transworld) September 11 is a date most of us recall where we were in the world when we first heard that an aircraft had crashed into the World Trade Centre. I was in Brisbane at an Airline In-flight Entertainment Conference and Exhibition and I recall the Internet café set up in the lobby being packed with anxious nervous airline colleagues furiously checking emails and CNN…all of the focus at the show had been on making travel more bearable and comfortable…but from that moment in time travelling around the world became that much spookier! With access to thousands of recently released official documents, fresh interviews and the perspective that can come only from a decade of research and reflection, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan have written the most complete and definitive account of 9/11 we may ever read. For millions in the West, September 11, 2001 is the darkest day in living memory. The terrible attacks in America sent a shock around the world that reverberates to this day. Ten years on, Osama bin Laden is dead, but the questions remain. What exactly happened on 9/11? Riveting, revelatory and unforgettable, The Eleventh Day is the essential one-volume work on a pivotal episode in our history.

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JAY PLATT THE OLIVETTI CHRONICLES :THREE DECADES OF LIFE AND MUSIC by John Peel (Corgi) John Peel is known in the UK for his almost four decades of radio broadcasting. His Radio 1 shows virtually defined pop culture.But while John was required listening for millions of people he was also quietly working away at his beloved Olivetti, writing columns, articles and reviews for many newspapers and magazines. Considering this wasn’t his day job, he became rather good at it. The best of these writings have been brought together and you can almost hear John’s thoughts on everything from the perils of shaving to the embarrassments of virginity. His strange love and joy of the Eurovision song contest to being sick on trains. All the way this book is full of John’s acute observations on everyday life. He was also a champion of bands that he thought deserved to be listened too from David Bowie, Roxy music, The Smiths, T-Rex, The Undertones, Joy Division, The Fall, The Smiths, Pulp and The White Stripes to name just a few. The entries are more like observations from a point in time that existed and have been published unedited and with virtually no introduction. Peel’s had hate-mail from Gary Glitter fans calling him a junky for resisting the bewigged-ones charms, but this is thoroughly English, and absurdity is one thing we do better. It’s hard to think of many non-authors in whose company I’d happily spend several hours, but John Peel brings subtle humour and deceptively unpretentious wisdom to all of it. A must have read for anyone who loves and is influenced by music. PN


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any requisitions or objections to the title. However, when you come to sell the property the alterations are likely to breach the title requisition provisions in the standard agreement.

We are considering buying a house at auction that is on a crosslease but the further terms of sale say that the pergola and carport have been removed and replaced with a deck. Is this something that I should worry about? CLAIRE, Greenlane

You should also check a LIM report for the property and see if the works are recorded to make sure that they have gone through the proper consenting process.

Q: A:

Under a cross lease title all of the owners own an undivided share in the underlying land and then a lease of their exclusive use area and buildings. All of the owners together are the lessors and each owner individually is a lessee.

You should also obtain a copy of the cross lease document. This records your rights and obligations with regard to the other cross lease tenants. There is usually a provision that states that you will not make structural alterations to the building on the land without obtaining the prior consent of the lessors (other crosslease owners) on each occasion. If the vendor’s did not obtain this consent then they are likely to be in breach of the lease. You should ask for the vendor to provide you with written consent from the other owners within the crosslease.

When you are purchasing at auction there can be a lot of work to do to check out the property. This can be quite disappointing if you do not go on to purchase the property. If you do find issues that you are unhappy with ask the agent and the vendors to provide you with an explanation as this can save you time and money. METROLAW, Level 2, 36 Williamson Avenue T: 09 929 0800 Disclaimer - This article is for general information purposes only. If you have a legal problem you should seek advice from a lawyer. Metro Law does not accept any liability other than to its clients and then only when advice is sought on specific matters.

With each crosslease title there is a plan showing the footprint of the buildings on the property. It is important that the plan accurately records what is there. If the building footprint has been altered then this is technically a fault with the title. If you want to fix the title then a new flats plan would need to be drawn showing the correct footprint and a new title issued that refers to the new plan. This requires work from both a surveyor and a solicitor and the consent from the other parties to the cross lease. Obviously this can be quite an expensive exercise, particularly if there are a number of other crosslease owners. It is always a good idea to introduce yourself to the crosslease neighbours and ask them what they know about the property. As you are buying under auction terms it would be usual for these terms to provide that you are deemed to accept the vendor’s title and that you may not make

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FIRE, POLICE, AMBULANCE... EMERGENCY VET? The summer solstice is the perfect time to pamper ourselves and our furry family members. While we have fun in the sun and enjoy long days by the sea, the dog will love the extra beach romps, and the cat will be curled up blissfully in the speckled shade under the pohutukawa tree. It’s tough being the devil’s advocate for pet health, but in my mind’s eye, I imagine the lovely summery peace shattered by a dog fight at the beach or the cat getting pounced on by the feline bully from next door. How many dogs will devour the wrapped chocolates from under the Christmas tree this year? How many cats will succumb to a stress related illness after a stay at the cattery? It does seem that pets tend to choose this time of year to injure themselves in the most spectacular and innovative ways! The festive season is one of the busiest times of year for the emergency services, and the Animal Emergency Centre, providing the vital ‘fourth arm’ of these, is no exception. Our professional and compassionate team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses will remain on high alert throughout, tending to traumatised, ailing pets and anxious owners alike. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2012 from the Animal Emergency Centre. Here’s hoping we don’t meet over a sick pet during the summer. Rest assured, however, that if you do have a pet crisis we will be here to help you, day or night. (DR LISA FERGUSON, BVSc CertVR Clinical Manager) PN ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTRE, 97 Carrington Road, Mt Albert T: 09 849 2121

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ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS A GOOD OWNER YOU SHALL BE... The ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ is a traditional song about gift-giving. My gift to you this festive season is a little sage advice, for a safer summer with your pet.


days before Christmas check vaccinations are up-to-date. Kennels require a kennel cough vaccine and catteries peak protection, as respiratory viruses can be a significant problem, especially in elderly animals.


fleas are jumping with an all time environmental high, meaning monthly applications of Advocate/Frontline/Revolution or Comfortis are recommended.


minutes is all it takes for a dog to succumb to heatstroke. Exposed areas such as a car can quickly become like an oven. Vigorous panting, dark red gums, collapse or loss of consciousness are all serious signs of overheating. Take immediate action by cooling with a wet cloth and using fans to decrease the temperature, for ongoing monitoring and advice seek a vet immediately.


common toxins are looming…slug pellets are not pet safe! Ant bait; rat bait and rabbit bait; possum bait including 1080; cleaning detergents such as wet-n-forget; human medications (Voltaren and Panadol); lilies; recreational drugs; chocolate and all of the above toxins are each death sentences for pets.


grooming tips - clip your dogs over summer as humidity is a killer, clip bottoms on rabbits and elderly cats as fly strike is a life threatening disease and can literally happen overnight.


common areas where grass seeds can affect your dog’s health are: behind the ears; underneath the armpits and groin; between the ears; between the webbing of every toe on all four feet; clip these areas short or check daily if you walk them on grass.


windy roads can cause anxiety and travel sickness in pets. As a rule don’t feed your pet and try Rescue Remedy directly into the mouth every half hour, to calm your pet for the remainder of your drive.

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hot spots can pop up overnight due to the wrong diet, insect bites or trauma from rough play with friends. Sticky, crusty foul smelling, bacterial coated spots of matted fur are painful and itchy. To cure use a chlorhexidine based hand wash or shampoo, gently massage the area and a fine comb to lift out the crusts. Clip the hair short and use manuka honey or an antibiotic/steroid preparation on the groomed area.


sore feet from oyster, shell or glass cuts, spider bites and self trauma cause red inflamed paws and a nasty painful pododermatitis. Clean as above and use manuka honey as a good antibacterial, then bandage the foot for 24 to 48 hours.


bee stings can cause facial swelling leading to life threatening asphyxiation if untreated. Carefully remove the stinger and apply baking soda in water on the area, using ice packs wrapped in a tea towel. Use Prednisone or Benadryl if available and call your vet immediately.


sun burnt ears in lightly pigmented animals predispose them to skin cancer. Protect ears with a pet-friendly sun block (like Filtabac) over the summer and use aloe-vera gel on already sun burnt ears and noses.


baited fish hook can be swallowed in a moment of inattentiveness. Never leave baited hooks around, if your pet swallows a hook never pull on it. Clip the nylon short and feed a meal of soft food mixed with cotton wool to try and trap the hook. Seek veterinary advice as soon as possible. For a more comprehensive animal first aid list, visit or follow us on Facebook for our 12 Days of Christmas tips. (DR MEGAN ALDERSON) THE STRAND VETERINARIAN, 114 The Strand T: 09 377 6667


ALEX MELROSE PONSONBY PEOPLE + THEIR PETS A quick trip, less than three hours, the temperature’s already hitting 25 when we hit the Tongan tarmac. Our team of three vets, three nurses and a clinic co-coordinator are ready to make a difference in the lives of pets in Tongatapu. Customs seem happy with our bulging suitcases. With two pairs of shorts and three t-shirts the remainder of the 25kg made up of copious donated supplies. The previous trips this year by South Pacific Animal Welfare smoothes the way. Lush fields, Taro and palms roll by. Roadside stalls sell fruit, veggies and fish every few hundred metres. A quick breakfast and we speed over the potholes to kick off the clinic. Hand painted signs and radio ads have done their part and people start rocking up from 8am. Pico, a little puppy, short on height, but fully believing itself to be the alpha male, bossed the other arriving patients around to his little heart’s content. Perhaps he thought we said he was to be tutored rather than neutered. We’ll help his owners later on with getting him to Australia upon their return. A steady stream of locals and ex-pat Kiwis and Aussies swing on by. Some gut infections to be treated, fevers to be alleviated, pregnant cats to spey and lots of nervous dogs ready for their ops. We have an audience. Interested and super grateful. Man it’s hot. The Ministry of Ag boss drops in to welcome us and wish us well and their small animal vet tech Nau joins the team. He’s one hell of a nice guy, skilled and a massive assist with communicating. House calls to places with 15 dogs, were followed by visits to the Prison and School farms to check conditions for their very valuable pigs and chickens. Throughout the week the antibiotics flowed, the scalpels whirred (in controlled fashion of course), the suture packets emptied, and groggy pets were safely shipped back home. Somehow we managed to fit in swims, snorkels, a dive or two, and great dinners with our local hosts.


What an adventure. A unique experience. The hospitality on the island. The grateful owners. The daily challenges. The heat. The teamwork. The rescued pups. The community education. The glowing health of animals treated on previous trips. Feels great. S.P.A.W. changing pets lives. Six trips next year to Tonga, two to Niue, one to the Chathams. Get behind our 100% volunteer team. (DR ALEX MELROSE, BVSC MRCVS) PN VETCARE GREY LYNN, 408 Great North Road T: 09 361 3500

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PHIL PILKINGTON AND DUKE Former property developer Phil Pilkington is now in business with his sister, ex-Servilles owner Louise Pilkington, designing and marketing luxury fashion jewellery brand Loumina. Phil lives in Westmere with his gorgeous nine-year-old labrador retriever, Duke. He’s had Duke since he was a puppy. The smallest of his litter, Duke is very chilled “Everyone says he’s a pretty groovy little guy,” says Phil. Phil trained Duke for the first five years with Flip who has a dog school in Ellerslie. He taught Phil about the mentality you are supposed to have with a dog, and how to train a dog. “I got Duke on to clicker training when he was little and got him retrieving, He ‘heels’ and ‘walks’ and ‘runs’ to command.” Duke’s one vice is the beach. Phil’s parents live on the beach in Milford and it’s there Duke’s alter ego pops out and it becomes a game of catch me if you can.” Clever Duke can do all the standard tricks like roll over, but he also knows his left from his right. He smiles at people who are often taken aback by the big black dog with his teeth bared - he flares his gums when he’s happy. Since Phil and Duke have lived in Westmere their favourite haunt is Cox’s Bay which they complement with Meola Reef excursions. PN

photography: Julie Roulston


To have a Border Terrier Is to say you have a friend, A dear little dark eyed warrior That is faithful to the end On Wednesday 9 November local real estate agent Sue Hatton had to say goodbye to her best friend Yarrow. Yarrow was bred by the wonderful Di Simister Brown at Hollystone kennels in Nelson and he has been by my side for 17 years four months. Di and I have remained in touch and become long term friends sharing our love of Borders. Many thanks to Di for always being there to support and advise, and more so right when it counted the most. I was only 24 years old when Yarrow came into my life and at that time in Ponsonby nobody knew what a Border Terrier was. I must admit if I didn’t like the look of who was enquiring I would just say he was a little brown dog. He has seen and done it all in his long life and has gone everywhere with me. He used to ride on the back of my kayak, has been in planes and trains travelling with me, he toured the South Island in a campervan, and numerous adventures in the car to beaches, parks, and holiday destinations. He was much loved by my friends and has had a huge paw in the wave of popularity of the breed in Ponsonby. Thank goodness I told some folk what he was. I truly feel devastated, and with a very heavy heart say goodbye knowing only that when the hard decision had to be made, I couldn’t fail him. Sam, Fleetwood and I, and all his friends will miss him very much. “If one looks at the Border objectively, one should see an affectionate, workmanlike fellow in a plain brown suit who appreciates his friends and the world at large, knows his job, and does the best he can without undue fanfare”. PN

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JUST WHAT YOUR PET WANTS TO EAT Constant ear infections, itchy feet, dry skin or a soft stool could be evidence your pet is suffering from food intolerance or allergy, which will affect their overall health. What causes these health issues? Many dry pet foods are made using meat by -products and high levels of ‘fillers’ (wheat and corn glutens) as inexpensive forms of protein. These ingredients are more difficult to digest and less nutritional for your pet and so are often the source of food intolerance or allergy. Pet owners overseas have been able to choose from a wide range of high-quality natural foods for some time, but the range of similar products in New Zealand is still limited, which is why it’s exciting to introduce Kiwi pet owners to the ‘Go! Natural’ and ‘Now! Fresh’ ranges. Canadian company Petcurean Pet Nutrition makes these ranges with certified ‘fit for human consumption’ ingredients that are much easier for your pets to digest and gain maximum nutrients from. Made from real meat and farm fresh fruits and vegetables, these products are slow cooked at low temperatures to retain more goodness. Even if your pet does not have diet-related health issues, by giving them the best nutrition we can, your pets will be healthier and happier. The ‘Go! Natural’ and ‘Now! Fresh’ ranges are available at VETCARE, 408 Great North Road T: 09 361 3500. Alex Melrose and his staff will help you choose the right food for your pets. PN Once you see the results of using Go! Natural or Now! Fresh, you’ll never want to feed your pet anything else.

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REFLECTING THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN VISITORS TO MORRIS & JAMES ICONIC POTTERY AND TILE-WORKS are greeted with inspiring pieces ranging from contemporary wall art glazed with bold colour to classical urns and iconic sculptural art. Over 1000 colours make up the ceramist’s library of glazes for the stunning handmade pottery and sculptural ceramics. Over thirty years ago, Anthony Morris created the Morris & James Penny Farthing logo, which represents intermediate technology – assisting but not replacing the hand of the craftsman, and the enormous difference that simple technology can make, ‘but only in the hands of a skilled rider’. Today the skills of a small group of artisans harvest local Matakana clay to create hand crafted quality art… beautiful and enduring glazed terracotta. Morris & James welcome visitors to the relaxed ambience of Tongue Farm Road. The collection showroom showcases classic production and Design Lab (emerging works) as well as sculptural ceramics and home-ware, and the seconds pavilion is a boon for bargain hunters. The Café & Pottery is open 7 days 9am to 5pm with a free tour of the pottery every morning at 11.30am.

IS THE UKULELE HARD TO LEARN? WITH HER CHILDREN STUDYING FOR EXAMS, AND A BIG HOUSEHOLD TO RUN, Herne Bay’s, Mary Cornish still finds time to talk about her biggest passion of all, her work for the New Zealand Ukulele Trust. As Chair for the Trust Mary has helped guide its strategic planning, create an education ukulele resource, teach workshops and plan events. At the time of interviewing Mary, the Trust was preparing for their biggest annual event, The New Zealand Ukulele Festival, which took place on 26 November at the Waitakere Trusts Stadium. During the event the Festival’s acts took place on two platforms the Main Stage and ‘Ukulele World’.

There’s plenty for the kids to do; play in the gatehouse before enjoying a fluffy at the café or taking an informative and interesting tour – suitable for children of all ages. For those with the urge to get creative with clay, there is also the Morris & James Experience – throw your own pot and play with glaze on a platter or folly. To find out more about the Morris & James experience or shop online, visit their website. MORRIS & JAMES POTTERY & SCULPTURAL CERAMICS 48 Tongue Farm Road, Matakana PN

The Main stage featured more prominent ukulele acts such as Marmakuke, The Nukes and the Big Muffin Serious Band as well as the winners from both the Trust run ‘Uke Quest’ and ‘Apra Uke Can Do It’ talent competitions. In contrast, Ukulele World featured the finalists from ‘Apra Uke Can Do It’ finalists as well as lesser-known community acts. However, Mary explicitly stated that, “the Festival’s main attraction will be the 2500 ukulele students who participate in the programme as they are essentially the top billing.” The Festival line up featured a ukulele group from the badly affected Christchurch secondary school Chisnallwood Intermediate. Mary proudly stated, “we are really excited that they are coming. We went down to Christchurch last July to introduce our program to the area. A group of students from Chisnallwood School really wanted to participate in the festival and we’re glad that they managed to raise enough money make the trip. In their honour for all their hard work they will lead our grand parade at the beginning of the festival.” Besides all the festivities; most of Mary’s and the Trust’s work lies in raising money to fund workshops, instruments and more importantly the Trust’s education resource. This is because The Trust is a non-government funded body that relies on donations and countless volunteers. “The resource contains all of the music that the students must learn before the festival. This is because the resource is a guide that is used to teach both the instructor taking the course and the students. The beauty of this education resource is that anybody in the community can teach it. We provide a series of workshops to help teach the instrument to the instructors who in turn teach it to the students. However, what the instructors soon find is that the kids towards the end of the beginners programme end up more advanced than them,” laughs Mary. The Trust also places high importance on teaching the children basic music literacy to help give them confidence to either pick up a guitar or explore other music avenues. The Trust’s other main priority is to introduce their music program into schools where there is no clear established music programme. “The best part about our service is that it is free. Let’s face it; parents need a lot of disposable income to provide the necessary training to learn an instrument.” In addition, to the beginner classes and the increased popularity with the community the Trust has established a workshop for their more advanced students called The Development Squad. Mary explains, “We are constantly asked to play at a lot of local events. However, since it would be an ordeal to transport all of our students we decided that it would be best to put together a small group of kids that have excelled in learning the instrument”. I couldn’t help but ask if the ukulele was hard to learn? Mary chuckles and responds, “Anyone can learn the ukulele, that’s why our program is such a great success as kids gain instant gratification from it. After just one lesson a child can come out having learnt something new”. The New Zealand Ukulele Trust wants to make sure all kiwi kids get the chance to experience the many educational and social benefits of a life enriched with music.If you would like more information about what they do or think you can help you can reach them at NZ Ukulele is a registered charity.(TIM WAKELY)

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SHOWING AT SATELLITE GALLERY Tuesday 13 December at 5.30 – 7pm and runs until 24 December

WORDS ON A SMALL ISLAND FESTIVAL FOR THREE YEARS IN A ROW NOW, AUCKLAND’S LITERATI HAVE FLOCKED to Waiheke during November, lured by a feast of writings, poetry and art. This year the weekend kicked off with a Gala Opening at the Community Art Gallery where two exhibitions were held of works by acclaimed artist, Euan Macleod and his biographer and fellow artist, Gregory O’Brien. Shortly after completing a Diploma of Fine Arts at Canterbury University Euan moved to Sydney and has since exhibited in both countries. His work is represented in major galleries throughout Australia and he currently teaches painting at the National Art School in Sydney while still pursuing his art. Gregory O’Brien was born in Matamata but left southern climes to train as a journalist in Auckland. After working as a reporter in Northland he returned to Auckland to study art history and English at university. He has written and painted full-time since 1984, and has received major awards for his works of non-fiction. On Saturday there were two sessions that drew much interest. Award winning writer, Lloyd Jones and award winning columnist, Finlay Macdonald engaged in conversation before an eager audience that filled the Artworks hall to capacity. The second session featured Laurence Fearnley winner of the 2011 New Zealand Post Book Award. She responded to poet, Jenny Bornholdt’s questions about her oeuvre and gave a reading from her novel, “The Hut”. Then it was time for a lunch break at the Artworks Theatre café. Later the festival continued at the Barn on Korora Road with an afternoon of relaxed ‘Deck Chair Readings’ by storytellers and poets. Waiheke’s Pita Rikys and Sue Fitchett were among those who contributed plus acclaimed master poet, Jenny Bornholdt. There was also a book launch: ‘A Messy Affair’ by Caroline Lark. The iconic French Crêpe trailer was on hand serving savoury and sweet crêpes. Visitors had time to catch the 6pm ferry back to town while some chose to stay overnight and dine in one of the many eating places in Oneroa.

ENTR’ACTE by TINA FRANTZEN Entre’acte: a pause between acts taking the action from one part of a large-scale drama to the next. Tina Frantzen’s fourth solo exhibition at Satellite Gallery is a continuation of her work using the qualities of light to illuminate elusive and enigmatic figures; theatrical figures that occupy the small, ephemeral moments between larger happenings. She paints intuitively, the details of each being unknown to her before painting commences, so that with each work there is a process of discovery. By not titling the pieces, Tina shares this sense of discovery with her audience who are free to interpret each painting as they wish. “They are challenging since they set the imagination at work and they do have that eminently approachable quality of delight”. TJ McNamara, NZ Herald, November 28, 2009. Tina Frantzen has been exhibiting consistently in group and solo shows since she began painting seven years ago. Her works are held in private collections as well as that of the James Wallace Trust. 10 -6-pm Monday to Friday and 10 – 3pm Saturdays. PN SATELLITE GALLERY, NEWTON T: 09 307 6416

Sunday’s offering at Mudbrick Vineyard was a real treat. The Mudbrick Literary Lunch showcased the outrageous red-head, Peta Mathias who spoke about her book, “Beat till Stiff”, and Michael Smythe revealed the secrets of New Zealand designed products from gumboots to Crown Lynn and talked about his book ‘New Zealand by Design’. Guests arrived to a welcome glass of bubbles and were invited to wander through Mudbrick’s charming potager garden. As always, Mudbrick’s talented chefs came up with a flavoursome choice of entrées, mains, and desserts. The festival wasn’t over yet. A sumptuous High Tea and Bubbly finale was on offer at the Boatshed, Waiheke’s chic boutique seaside hotel. Leading New Zealand antiquarian, Anah Dunsheath gave a talk about her rare books and Laurence Fearnley gave a further reading from her award winning fiction. The Boatshed started life as designer David Scott’s holiday cottage, that he’s transformed into one of New Zealand’s best loved luxury hideaways. The hotel sits above Oneroa’s sun drenched (more often than not) bay and white sandy beaches. What better place to bring the festival to a triumphant end. PN Congratulations to the Festival’s Creative Director, Geraldine O’Sullivan Beere, and the hardworking committee for organising yet another very successful event. There’s no doubt future festivals will be high on Auckland’s list as a not to be missed celebration of our writers, poets and artists. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS)

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TALKING WITH ARTIST KARL MAUGHAN What inspires you? Well gardens are my cup of tea, gardens and all their strange and interesting combinations. Be it large or small, wild or cultivated, and by gardens I mean almost anything that is randomly growing outside. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF DIVERTING FROM THE GARDEN THEME? I just keep finding paintings I want to do so I’m quite happy with gardens at the moment – even after 23 years! DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE GARDEN? Probably one of my favourite gardens is Monet’s garden in’s small but intensively cultivated. As for New Zealand gardens I love Titoki Point garden, near Taihape, it was designed and run by Gordon Collier for many years. WHAT INSPIRED YOUR NEW SCREEN-PRINT? I really wanted to do something with a path that didn’t involve rhododendrons, so in a sense it was inspired by a negative... the inspiration to create something based on a perennial border. CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE SCREEN-PRINT TECHNIQUE YOU USE? I work with Artrite screen-printing in Onehunga to create my editions. By using a traditional silk screen and inks we set out to achieve the look of a painting with this new work. ‘Waiata’ is a large scale work, the image size is 1400mm x 1200mm and it is an edition of 50. WHERE DO YOU BEST LIKE TO WORK? It’s nice being out in the garden and I like to photograph outside first, but I am really a fan of working in the studio. FAVOURITE PONSONBY RESTAURANT? I’d have to say Sunday Painters. A group of friends and I originally started Sunday Painters as a mysterious pop-up restaurant that opened round town at random venues just for one night. Since then three of the group, James, Esther and Isobel, have got serious about it and started up Sunday Painters in a permanent location, so for me it’s about great friends and fabulous food. FAVOURITE PONSONBY CAFE? Dizengoff, I go there all the time. It’s my socialisation before I retreat back into my studio. Fantastic coffee and I really like the owners, Mark and Troy. FAVOURITE PONSONBY STORE? Bhana Bro’s. They are great people and have the best new produce around, even a new kind of apple called Envy! They have the best spices in the area too. YOUR BEST KEPT PONSONBY SECRET? Never live in Ponsonby, just visit! HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN PONSONBY? Ha, we’re in Grey Lynn, it’s a great mix of a suburb. PN KARL MAUGHAN is represented by GOW LANGSFORD GALLERY, email for more information and a list of available works,

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AMY WINEHOUSE – LIONESS: HIDDEN TREASURES Following her tragic passing in July, some of the producers and musicians who worked closely with Amy Winehouse, among them Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, spent time listening over the many recordings that Amy had made, before, during, and after the release of Frank and Back To Black.

SO FRENCHY SO CHIC This is a double-disc compilation of the best new music to come out of France over the past twelve months. Handpicked to break down barriers of language, culture or fashion, these songs will take listeners another electrifying journey across the varied landscape of new French music.

It was said by all who worked with Amy that she never sang or played a song the same way twice. It quickly became apparent to Salaam and Mark that they had a collection of songs that deserved to be heard, a collection of songs that were a fitting testament to Amy the artist and, as importantly, Amy their friend.

WHIRIMAKO BLACK - THE LATE NIGHT PLAYS Whirimako Black steps right out in front of the mic on this album and bears her soul. Her first album sung entirely in English is a giant leap for as she has always been identified as our leading Te Reo singer; eloquent, charming and grammatically correct.

Lioness: Hidden Treasures, the third album from Amy Winehouse, without question one of the most talented, original, and best loved artists to emerge in popular music for decades, is released this month through Island Records. The 12 track collection features previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions of existing classics as well as a couple of brand new Amy compositions, and has been compiled by long-time musical partners Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson in close association with Amy’s family, management and record label Island Records. This album proves a fitting tribute to the artist, the talent and the woman and serves as a reminder of Amy’s extraordinary powers as a songwriter, a singer and an interpreter of classics.

The album is made up of great songs from the past and recorded in the old way at Roundhead on vintage equipment that creates the sounds of magnificent hi-fi albums from the 60’s with Diana Washington or the Oscar Peterson Trio. Whirimako puts the soul into Sting’s ‘Fragile’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘If It’s Magic’, Billie Holiday’s ‘Lover man’ and even adds a twist to Leonard’s “ Dance Me to the End of Time” This is Whirimako as you have never heard her before- a timeless global triumph. PN

Ponsonby resident JOEL HERBERT: Director / Outfit Co-Artistic Director

RHYTHM, 299 Ponsonby Road, Three Lamps T: 09 360 0455. E:

PLAYING AT THE HERALD THEATRE, AOTEA CENTRE 5 - 18 December - A Criminal Christmas Over eight of the cast and crew live in the Ponsonby News circulation area, the Outfit Theatre Company have a knack for devising hilarious and highly entertaining shows and with the sold out success of their last Christmas show The Office Xmas Party and this year’s The Sex Show which won a STAMP Award at the Auckland Fringe Fest, A Criminal Christmas promises to be a raucous and riotous Christmas farce that is so funny it could be criminal! PN Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE.Bookings at T: 0800 BUY TICKETS or Adults $30, Concession $25, Preview $20 (service fees apply).

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FOUR SEASONS CHRISTMAS MARKET: SATURDAY 10 DECEMBER 10AM-4PM If you’re looking for an unusual or extra special gift or you want to do all your Christmas shopping in one convenient location, then you simply have to come along to the Four Seasons Christmas Market at the North Shore Event Centre. There’ll be something for everyone with a huge variety of stalls selling everything from superb handmade arts and crafts, exquisite jewellery, boutique-style clothes, gorgeous baby-gear, indoor and outdoor art, unique home-ware to handcrafted sweets and chocolates, gourmet and artisan foods, and so much more. And when the shopping starts to wear you down, step outside for a deliciously fresh meal or snack, savour a barista coffee and let the kids burn off some steam in the mini carnival area while you listen to some live music. Santa is coming along too, so there is extra fun for the kids. The inaugural FOUR SEASONS CHRISTMAS MARKET will start at 10am and continue on until 4pm. Entry and parking for the market is FREE, with the vast majority of the stalls located inside the stadium (so the weather will not be a factor). There will be a distinctly Christmas feeling in the air, so bring the whole family and get into the spirit at this wonderful new event! If you’re interested in becoming a stallholder at this prestigious market, please call Courtney at CW Events Ltd on T: 09 412 9903 or M: 027 688 0818. Another event really worth adding to your calendar is The Kumeu Country Market. 18 December at the Kumeu Show Grounds visit The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied




DIRECTOR: Gereon Wetzel; SEASON STARTS: 8 December; RATING: M Contains offensive language For six months of the year, renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià closes his restaurant El Bulli and works with his culinary team to prepare the menu for the next season. An elegant, detailed study of food as avant-garde art, El Bulli: Cooking In Progress is a tasty peek at some of the world’s most innovative and exciting cooking; as Adrià himself puts it, “the more bewilderment, the better!”

MELANCHOLIA Op City Part II, 400 x 500mm by ANDY LELEISI’UAO

SHOWING AT WHITESPACE ANDY LELEISI’UAO, 6-24 December “Leleisi’uao’s extraordinary art, which collides with the realities of fa’a Samoa in the 21st century rather than dwelling among the lingering sundrenched images of Polynesia… deals head-on with these processes and effects but on a truly epic scale, with huge canvases which take us on a journey filled with confrontation, rich imagery and uncomfortable truths. What emerges from this Auckland-born artist’s imagination is a potent reflection of a cultural interplay as restless and ever-changing as the Pacific Ocean itself.” CHRISTOPHER MOORE, The Press. STARRING: Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg; DIRECTOR: Lars von Trier; SEASON STARTS: 22 December; RATING: M Contains offensive language and nudity Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Michael are celebrating their marriage at a grand party in the home of her sister (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and brother-in-law (Kiefer Sutherland). Despite her sister’s best efforts, the wedding is a fiasco, with family tensions mounting and relationships fraying. Meanwhile, a planet called Melancholia is heading directly towards Earth. RIALTO CINEMAS, 167 – 169 Broadway T: 09 369 2417 PN

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Andy Leleisi’uao lives in Auckland. In 2000 he was the first recipient of AUT School of Art and Design Pasifika Scholarship and gained a Master of Fine Arts with honours in 2002. He has received a number of residencies including the Research Scholarship, at the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury in 2008, Artist in Residence, BCA, Rarotonga, Cook Islands in 2009 and Artist in Residence, McCahon House, Titirangi, Auckland in 2010. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand and has been involved in solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Rarotonga, Germany, Taiwan, and the USA. His work is included in the permanent collections of Pataka Museum and Art Gallery, Te Papa Tongarewa, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, the Chartwell Collection, and the Wallace Arts Trust collection. PN WHITESPACE, 12 Crummer Road T: 09 361 6331


ARTS + CULTURE SHOWING AT MASTERWORKS GALLERY SHOWING AT LETHAM GALLERY Until 18 December Preview from Wednesday 30 November 5.30pm

ANN VERDCOURT A love of twentieth century painting is immediately evident in the work of celebrated ceramicist Ann Verdcourt. Ann skilfully and playfully re-interprets the subjects of her favourite works by Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani, Mc Cahon and Morandi, to name a few, into threedimensional sculpture. Available to the public for the first time, this exhibition is comprised of select works from Ann’s recent touring retrospective. Predominantly still-lives and some figurative works, promise a glimpse into the creative imaginings of one of the Country’s most acclaimed figurative ceramicists. HANDSHAKE This work is the brainchild of contemporary jeweller Peter Deckers who, at the beginning of 2011, brought together 12 graduate jewellers with the artists that most inspire them for an innovative mentorship program. The 12 ‘apprentices’ teamed up with their jeweller icons, exchanging images and ideas through the Handshake website. The collaboration has resulted in a series of local and internationally based exhibitions, this being the first to come to Auckland. Visitors will experience excitingly fresh and provocative new work by Debbie Adamson, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Kristin D’Agostino, Gillian Deery, Sharon Fitness, Sam Kelly, Jhana Millers, Neke Moa, Lynsay Raine, Sarah Read, and Jessica Winchcombe. Visit to find out more about the project. THINKSPACE LIZ SHAREK – DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS? Continuing from last month, Liz Sharek’s exhibition builds on ideas surrounding her creation of porcelain slip-cast ‘Punters’. These intentionally simplified figures, derived from computer gene -rated characters, playfully explore ideas around production and reproduction, as well as the divide between an artwork and its viewer. Placed in contexts in and around the space of other artworks in the Gallery, the Punters’ role is to encourage debate, interest, and enthusiasm in their audience.

ALEX SCOTT - THE MATCHBOX COLLECTIONS Until 4 December Emerging Auckland artist Alex Scott has turned 500 functioning Beehive matchboxes into striking works of art in her debut exhibition, The Matchbox Collections. The hand-painted matchboxes feature 50 different collections on subjects as diverse as political assassinations, child stars and miniature replicas of famous artworks by Monet, Cezanne, Warhol and Picasso. Alex spent three years from 2007, and more than 1500 hours, creating the tiny and amazingly detailed works - each one takes anywhere from two to five hours to complete. Inspired by the funny, the familiar and the absurd, Scott gathered images from various media, artists and moments in time, arranging them into themed sets of 10. She describes her motivation as an “Attempt to shrink elements of popular culture, art and history down to a more manageable size - Everyone is drawn to something different and [on this scale] there’s this instant intimate relationship created between them and the work”. STEVE WELLS - À TABLE 8 – 20 December A simple table – an un-common meal. In photographer Steve Wells’ foundational art series, bulimic impulses are brought to the forefront as people abandon themselves to their most profound desires and revel in their own addictions. The simple décor adds an element of quotidian honesty to an otherwise exaggerated relationship between the individual and his/her work, creation, obsession. Wells was a founding member of platinum-selling rock bank Fur Patrol, and now works as a freelance photographer in Paris. Wells’ work shows a depth and range as profound as his own life experiences. Born from a difficult period in Steve’s life, during which he created a self portrait “just of me, with an empty table setting, eating a spoonful of air,” À Table represents a hyper-characterization of his subjects, pushing the limits of what drives or repulses them, featuring a host of faces including famed bad-boy Pete Doherty. Letham owners Carla and Richard Freestone thank you for welcoming us to Ponsonby and we look forward to seeing you soon. We’ll be open until the last waking moments of Christmas Eve for that gift that’s a little more than special.

Originally from England, Sharek is an Auckland-based artist who has recently completed a Masters degree in Art and Design from AUT. PN

LETHAM GALLERY WISHES YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND OFFERS A HUGE thanks to all for your support towards our new ownership of the gallery. We‘ve had a lot of fun bringing you the latest in exciting new work from our artists this year and to celebrate, we bring you two very special exhibitions this month. PN

MASTERWORKS GALLERY, 77 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 1256

LETHAM GALLERY 35 Jervois Road T: 09 360 5217

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TO DANCE IS A SHORTCUT TO HAPPINESS Pacific Dance New Zealand was formed in 2010 to support and develop Pacific dance in New Zealand. The organisation is part of a dance centre within the Trades Hall building on 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn and it fosters both traditional and contemporary Pacific dance. Workshops for professional practitioners are run throughout the year and the main events are; the Pacific Dance Fono which is a conference for the practitioners and academics, an eight week residency for a selected practitioner to develop dance works, and the Pacific Dance Choreographic Laboratory in which selected choreographers work with dancers for three weeks. As well as these professional services to adults there are dance classes for children. These started last year as a trial and have developed into regular classes which have proved popular with plenty of parent and community participation. The Marketing officer, AaronTaouma says the classes are a great opportunity for kids to learn and be able to practice some of the Pacific dance basics in a comfortable, non-pressure situation. There’s Samoan siva for girls, Cook Islands ura for girls and a general Pacific dance and drumming class for boys. They are open to anybody between the ages of five and thirteen, no matter if they have Pacific Island ancestry or not. During term four there were five weeks of classes, the cost $5.00 a class or $20 for five. On Saturday 12 November Pacific Dance held a two hour workshop for intermediate aged boys and girls at the Corbans Estate Arts Centre. The students learned a fusion of contemporary and traditionally inspired Pacific dance movements and were taken through a process of creating works drawn from their own dance experiences while developing choreographic skills. This was a great opportunity to learn and the workshop carried no charge. Apparently some of the parents have commented about how they themselves didn’t have the chance to learn the traditional dances in this way and are very pleased their children have the opportunity to receive instruction in a fun environment. Some time

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down the track, their kids will be able to perform the cultural dances confidently in performance situations without embarrassment. The common perception is that Polynesian children have natural rhythm but there is a technique involved, which most people aren’t aware of. This was very evident when watching a rehearsal in Grey Lynn Park. The children performed precise hand movements in unison with skill and grace and most importantly with great enjoyment. This year it was decided to wind up with a small performance for parents and family at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Friday 2 December. Although the preference is to focus on teaching and learning as an art-form rather than trying to force the students to be a performance group, this was just a small celebration to demonstrate what they had achieved to their parents. The children received certificates and ended the night sharing a meal with their families and as most of them are from around our area it was a heartwarming community event. Classes will commence again at the beginning of the school year. For enquiries and bookings email (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN



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