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‘Metropolis’ Collection 2012-13

About Polka Luka: Polka Luka is a Australian design label creating contemporary handcrafted jewellery pieces, focusing on organic form, clean lines, and vibrant colour. Working with the luminous material of resin, Polka Luka’s key emphasis is to create a streamlined, uncluttered approach to accessorising- beautifully simple, striking, and easy to wear pieces that fit effortlessly into a woman’s wardrobe.

Metropolis 2012-13: Polka Luka’s New Collection,”Metropolis” is Inspired by the energy of the urban environment. Dipping from the bright neons of day to sleek blacks and metallic greys of the city at night, ”Metropolis” draws inspiration and celebrates the eclectic dynamism and creativity of cities. Part of the new Metropolis range is a capsule range of classic look entirely hand-crafted stainless steel and recycled aluminium jewellery. A gorgeous mix of elegance and bohemian, these pieces are sure to delight.

The Designer: Polka Luka designer, Alexandra Freeman, has a background in fine arts, art history, and language

studies. Over eight years of travel, residence, and conservation work across China and South East Asia created a rich patchwork of experiences and learning that led to the creation of Polka Luka in 2007. A love of colour, simplicity of form, and especially mid 20th Century design are principle design tenets central to the creation of each new range. Alexandra’s travels in South East and East Asia have also illustrated the value of equitable and sensitively managed trade in improving people’s livelihoods and the ability of small businesses to positively effect change in peoples lives.

Design and Production: Polka Luka emphasizes small scale, environmentally and socially responsible production

processes. All products are designed by Alexandra in Australia and then produced in collaboration within two cottage workshops in Bali. Small scale production in these workshops allows us to closely monitor and improve working conditions, creating an equitable work environment. This collaborative, boutique approach has let us see the benefits employment have brought to the individuals and their families. We are proud of the relationships we have developed. All Polka Luka jewellery items are entirely handmade- from initial master shapes made via clay, wood, and plasticine; to colours hand mixed;to the moulds being hand cast; and finally each piece being sanded and finished by hand. This results in limited edition pieces with a handmade patina. As a result of Polka Luka’s emphasis on socially responsible, small scale production, and commitment to creating handmade design, you know you will be wearing an ethically crafted, individual piece that will fit effortlessly into your wardrobe.

Alexandra Freeman & The Polka Luka Team E: Ph: 02 9423 6984 Fax: 02 8079 0707

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Metropolis”- Short- Red Length: 56cm on suede RN0303

“Metropolis”-Short-Orange Length: 56cm on suede RN0307

“Metropolis”- Long-Red Length: 81cm on cord RN0353

“Metropolis”-Long- Orange Length: 81cm on cord RN0356

“Metropolis Pendant”- Red Length: 56-82cm on suede RP0043

“Metropolis Pendant”- Orange Length: 56-82cm on suede RP0048

“Ville” - Transparent Red Length: 59cm on cotton RN0322

“Ville” - Orange Mix Length: 59cm on cotton RN0325

“Ville” - Mustard Length: 59cm on cotton RN0330

“Marais”- Red Length: 56cm on wire RN0332

“Marais”- Orange Mix Length: 56cm on wire RN0336

“Tribeca”- Red Length: 58-72cm (adjust)cord RN0346

“Tribeca”- Orange Length: 58-72cm (adjust)cord RN0349

“Soho” Short- Red Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0310

“Soho” Short- Orange Mix Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0313

“Soho” Long- Red Length:78cm on satin cord RN0316

“Barcelona” Necklace, “Marais” Earrings, “Soho” BangleRed Mix, “Tribeca” Ring- Red

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Soho” Long- Orange Mix Length:78cm on satin cord RN0319

“Manhattan”- Short- Red Length: 57cm on wire RN0364

“Manhattan”- Long- Red Length: 78cm on cord RN0341

“Barcelona” Necklace Red & Orange Length: 58cm on crd RN0369

“Barcelona”- Single Bangle -Red D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0382

‘Barcelona’- Orange D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0386

“Barcelona”- Double Set Red & Orange D: 6.6cm H: 2.4cm RB0318

“Ville”- Red Set Diameter: 7.1cm H:2cm RB0361

“Manhattan”- Red Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0342

“Manhattan”- Orange Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0345

“Tribeca”- Red & Orange D: 7cm H: 1.1cm RB0367a

“Madrid”- Red Mix D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0352

“Madrid”- Orange D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0356

“Soho”- Red Mix D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0323

“Soho”- Orange Mix D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0327

“Metropolis”- Trans Red Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0331

“Tribeca” Necklace, Earrings, and Ring- Red, “Metropolis” Bangle, “Barcelona” Bangle set

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Metropolis”- Orange Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0335

‘Metropolis”- Yellow Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0341

‘Manhattan” Bracelet-Red On Stretch elastic RB0378

‘Soho” Bracelet- Red On stretch elastic RB0365

‘Soho” Bracelet- Red On stretch elastic RB0368b

‘Metropolis” Bracelet- Red On stretch elastic RB0371b

“Tribeca” Ring- Red Mix Size: Medium- Large RR0123

*Manhattan” RingOpaque red Size: Adjustable RR0136

“Soho” Ring- Trans Orange Ring Size: Medium RR0131

“Soho” Ring- Trans Red Ring Size: Medium RR0127

”Ville”- Orange Mix Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0149

“Ville”- Mustard Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0154

“Tribeca”- Red Theme Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0155

“Tribeca”- Orange Mix Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0159

”Ville”- Transparent Red Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0146

“Borough”- Red & Orange Length: 4.8cm (inc.hook) RE0163

“Soho” Necklace- (Short)- Orange Mix, “Borough” Earrings, “Madrid” & “Manhattan” BanglesOrange Mix

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Jacobs”- Red Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0174

“Soho”- Red Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE0184

“Jacobs”- Orange Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0177

“Soho”- Orange Mix Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE018

“Jacobs”- Mustard Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0183

“Marais”- Red Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0190

“Marais”- Orange Mix Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0193

“Metropolis”- Red Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0168

“Metropolis”- Orange Mix Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0171

“Manhattan”- Red Length: 3.8cm (incl. hook) RE0199

‘Ville” - Purple Length: 59cm on cotton RN0329

“Ville” Necklace & “Jacobs” Earrings- Mustard “Metropolis”, “Eero” & “Manhattan” Bangles- Yellow

‘Ville” - Hot Pink Length: 59cm on cotton RN0373

“Metropolis” Necklace - Orange Mix, “Borough” Earrings, “Madrid”, “Manhattan” & “Barcelona” Bangles

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

‘Marais”- Purple Length: 56cm on wire RN0340

‘Tribeca”- Purple Length: 58-72cm on cord RN0352

‘Soho” Short- Purple Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0315

‘Soho” Long- Purple Length:78cm on satin cord RN0321

“Barcelona”- Double Set Purple & Rose D: 6.6cm H: 2.4cm RB0322

“Ville”- Purple Set Diameter: 7.1cm H:2cm RB0364

“Manhattan”- Purple Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0350

“Tribeca”- Purple & Rose D: 7cm H: 1.1cm RB0371a

“Soho”- Transparent Purple D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0330

“Metropolis”- Purple Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0340

‘Soho” Bracelet- Purple On stretch elastic RB0370b

“Soho” Ring- Purple Ring Size: Medium RR0132

“Tribeca”- Purple Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0162

“Soho”- Purple Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE0189

“Ville”- Pruple Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0153

“Marais”- Red Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0197

“Soho” Necklace (long), Bracelet & EarringsTransparent Purple

“Metropolis” Pendant- Black (adjustable), Manhattan Bangle- Black, “Tribeca” & “Orbit” Bangles & “Eclipse” Ring- recycled alumunium

“Barcelona” Necklace, “Marais EarringsGrey, “Manhattan” Bangle- Grey, “Barcelona” Bangles

“Manhattan” Necklace (long)- & EarringsBlack, “Soho” Bangle- Black Swirl, “Madrid” Bangle, “Soho” Ring- Black

“Manhattan” Necklace (short)- & EarringsGrey, “Manhattan” Bangle- Grey, “Barcelona” Bangles

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Metropolis”- Short Black Length: 56cm on suede RN0304

“Metropolis”- Short- Grey Length: 56cm on suede RN0306

“Metropolis”- Long- Black Length: 81cm on cord RN0354

“Metropolis Pendant”- Black Length: 56-82cm on suede RP0044

“Ville” - Grey Length: 59cm on cotton RN0372

“Ville” - Black Length: 59cm on cotton RN0323

‘Marais”- Black Length: 56cm on wire RN0333

‘Marais”- Grey Length: 56cm on wire RN0335

‘Tribeca”- Black Length: 58-72cm on cord RN0347

‘Soho” Short- Black Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0311

‘Soho” Long- Black Length:78cm on satin cord RN0317

‘Manhattan”- Short- Black Length: 57cm on wire RN0365

‘Manhattan”- Short- Grey Length: 57cm on wire RN0367

‘Manhattan”- Long- Black Length: 78cm on cord RN0342

‘Manhattan”- Long- Grey Length: 78cm on cord RN0344

“Barcelona” - Black & Grey Length: 58cm RN0370

“Marais” Necklace- & Earrings- Grey, “ Manhattan”, “Barcelona” and “Ville” Bangles- Black & Grey, “Soho” Ring- Grey Swirl

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Barcelona” Single - Black D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0383

“Barcelona”- Single- Grey D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0385

“Barcelona”- Double Set Black & Grey Sparkle D: 6.6cm H: 2.4cm RB0319

“Ville”- Black Set Diameter: 7.1cm H:2cm RB0362

“Manhattan” Bangle- Black Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0343

‘Tribeca”- Black & Grey D: 7cm H: 1.1cm RB0368a

“Madrid”- Bangle- Black D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0353

“Madrid”- Grey Marble D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0355

“Soho”- Black Swirl D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0324

“Soho”- Grey Marble D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0326

“Metropolis”- Black Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0332

“Metropolis”- Grey Marble Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0334

‘Manhattan”- Bracelet-Black On Stretch elastic RB0372a

‘Manhattan” Bracelet- Grey On Stretch elastic RB0381b

‘Soho” Bracelet- Black On stretch elastic RB0366

‘Metropolis” Bracelet- Black On stretch elastic RB0372b

“Soho” Necklace (Short) & Earrings, “Metropolis” & “Manhattan Bangles- Black, “Soho” RIng- Black, “Tribeca” Recycled aluminium bangle

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Tribeca” Ring- Black Size: Medium- Large RR0123

“Soho” Ring- Opaque Black Size: Medium RR0128

“Soho” Ring- Grey Swirl Size: Medium RR0130

“Manhattan” Ring- Black Size: Adjustable on stainless steel RR0137

“Reverie” Ring- Grey Swirl Size: Adjustable on stainless steel RR0141

“Ville”- Black Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0147

“Borough”- Black Length: 4.8cm (inc.hook) RE0164

“Borough”- Opaque Grey Length: 4.8cm (inc.hook) RE0166

“Tribeca”- Black Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0156

“Tribeca”- Black- Grey Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0157

“Jacobs”- Black Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0175

“Jacobs”- Opaque Grey Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0182

“Marais”- Black Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0191

“Marais”- Grey Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0198

“Soho”- Black Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE0185

“Metropolis”- Black Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0169

‘Manhattan”- Black Length: 3.8 (incl hook) RE0200

‘Manhattan”- Grey Length: 3.8 (incl hook) RE0202

‘Basquiat Hoop” Small Length: 5.4cm(inc. hook) RE0204

‘Basquiat Hoop”- Large Length:5.3cm (inc. hook) RE0205

‘METROPOLIS’- ‘INDUSTRIEL’ CAPSULE RANGE Handcrafted Recyled Aluminium & Stainless Steel Jewellery

‘Industriel Pendant 1 Length: 76cm Recycled Aluminium RP0049

‘Industriel Pendant 2 Length: 55cm Recycled Aluminium RP0050

‘Industriel Pendant 3 Length: 75cm Recycled Aluminium RP0051

‘Industriel Bangle- Tribeca D: 6.9cm H: 1cm Recycled Aluminium MB0001

‘Industriel Bangle- Orbit D: 6.7cm H: 1cm Recycled Aluminium MB0002

‘Industriel Ring- Eclipse Size: 8.5 Recycled Aluminium Code: MR0002

“Industriel Ring- Oval Size: 8.5 Recycled Aluminium Code: MR0001

Industriel Earring- Ville Length: 4.5cm RE0145

Industriel Earring- Infinity Length: 5.1cm (inc hook) RE0144

Industriel Earring- ‘Lunette’ Length: 4.7cm (inc hook) RE0143

Industriel Earring- Hoop Length: 3.9cm (inc hook) RE0142

“Industriel” Pendant 1- Long,“Tribeca” & “Orbit” Bangles & “Ville” Earrings- recycled alumunium

Industriel Earring- Mies Length: 4.8cm (inc hook) RE0141

“Infinity” Earrings, Stainless Steel & Resin

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

‘Metropolis”- Short White Length: 56cm on suede RN0305

‘Metropolis”-Long- White Length: 81cm on cord RN0355

‘Metropolis” Pendant- White Length: 56-82cm on suede RP0045

‘Ville” - White Length: 59cm on cotton RN0324

‘Marais”- White Length: 56cm on wire RN0334

‘Tribeca”- White Length: 58-72cm on cord RN0348

‘Soho” Short- White Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0312

‘Soho” Long- White Length:78cm on satin cord RN0318

‘Manhattan”-Short- White Length: 57cm on wire RN0366

‘Manhattan”- Long- White Length: 78cm on cord RN0343

“Barcelona”- Single- White D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0384

“Barcelona”- Double Set White & Grey D: 6.6cm H: 2.4cm RB0320

“Manhattan”- White Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0344

“Tribeca”- White & Grey D: 7cm H: 1.1cm RB0369a

“Madrid”- Solid White D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0354

“Soho”- White Swirl D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0325

“Ville” Necklace, “Soho” Bangle- White Swirl, “Manhattan” Ring- White, “ “Jacobs” Earrings- White

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Metropolis”- White Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0333

‘Manhattan”- White On Stretch elastic RB0379

‘Soho” Bracelet- White On stretch elastic RB0367b

‘Metropolis”Bracelet- White On stretch elastic RB0373

“Tribeca” Ring- Solid White Size: Medium-Large RR0125

“Soho” Ring- Solid White Size: Medium RR0129

“Manhattan Ring- Solid White Size: Adjustable Resin on Stainless Steell

“Ville”- White Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0148

“Borough”- White Length: 4.8cm (inc.hook) RE0165

“Tribeca”- White Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0158

“Jacobs”- White Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0176

“Marais”- White Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0192

“Metropolis”- White Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0170

‘Manhattan”- White Length: 3.8cm (incl hook) RE0201

“Metropolis” Necklace (Short), “Metropolis”, “Ville” & “Madrid” Bangles- White & Grey, “Manhattan” RingWhite

“Soho”- White Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE0186

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

‘Metropolis”- Short- Turquoise Length: 56cm on suede RN0308

‘Metropolis”- Short- Emerald Length: 56cm on suede RN0309

‘Metropolis”-Long- Turquoise Length: 81cm on cord RN0357

‘Metropolis”-Long-Emerald Length: 81cm on cord RN0358

‘Metropolis Pendant”Turquoise & Emerald Length: 56-82cm on suede RP0047

‘Ville” - Lime Length: 59cm on cotton RN0326

‘Ville” - Turquoise Length: 59cm on cotton RN0327

‘Ville” - Emerald Length: 59cm on cotton RN0328

‘Marais”- Lime Length: 56cm on wire RN0337

‘Marais”- Turquoise Length: 56cm on wire RN0338

‘Marais”- Emerald Length: 56cm on wire RN0339

‘Tribeca”- Turquoise Length: 58-72cm on cord RN0351

‘Tribeca”- Emerald Length: 58-72cm on cord RN0351

‘Soho” Short- Turquoise Length: 62-67cm (adjust) RN0314

‘Soho” Long- Turquoise Length:78cm on satin cord RN0320

‘Manhattan”- Short- Emerald Length: 57cm on wire RN0368

“Soho” Necklace & Earrings- Turquoise, “Metropolis”, “Madrid” and “Manhattan” Bangles- Aqua & Neon Blue, “Soho” Ring- Neon Blue

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

‘Manhattan”- Short- Emerald Length: 57cm on wire RN0368

“Barcelona” NecklaceTurquoise & Emerald Length: 58cm RN0371

“Barcelona”- SingleTurquoise D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0388

“Barcelona”- Single- Emerald D: 6.6cm H: 1.2cm RB0389

“Barcelona” Double Set Turquoise & Emerald D: 6.6cm H: 2.4cm RB0321

Ville”- Turquoise Set Diameter: 7.1cm H:2cm RB0363

“Manhattan”- Emerald Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0347

“Manhattan”- Lime Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0348

“Manhattan”- Neon Blue Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0349

“Manhattan”- Aqua Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0351

“Manhattan”- Turquoise Diameter: 6.9cm H:1.7cm RB0346

“Tribeca”-Turquoise & Emerald D: 7cm H: 1.1cm RB0370a

“Madrid”- Turquoise D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0357

“Madrid”- Emerald D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0358

“Madrid”- Aqua D: 6.9cm H:2.5cm RB0359

“Soho”- Turquoise Mix D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0328

“Marais” Necklace & Earrings, “Metropolis”, “Madrid”- & “Manhattan” Bangles- Aqua & Neon Blue “Soho” ring

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Soho”- Aqua Mix D: 6.9cm H: 4cm RB0329

“Metropolis”- Emerald Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0337

“Metropolis”- Turquoise Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0336

“Metropolis”- Aqua Diameter:7cm H: 4cm RB0339

‘Manhattan” Bracelet -Emerald On Stretch elastic RB0381a

‘Soho” BraceletTurquoise On stretch elastic RB0369b

‘Metropolis” Bracelet Turquoise On stretch elastic RB0376

‘Metropolis” Bracelet- Emerald On stretch elastic RB0377

“Tribeca” Ring- Emerald Size: Medium-Large RR0126

‘Soho” Ring- Turquoise Ring Size: Medium RE0133

‘Soho” Ring- Emerald Ring Size: Medium RE0134

‘Soho” Ring- Neon Blue Ring Size: Medium RE0135

“Manhattan” Ring Turquoise Mix RR0139

“Reverie” RingOpaque Emerald Size: Adjustable RR0142

“Reverie”” RingOpaque Blue Size: Adjustable RR0143”

“Metropolis” Necklace (Short) & Bangle, “Metropolis” & “Barcelona” Single Bangle,“Reverie” Ring- Emerald, “Metropolis” Earrings

‘METROPOLIS’ 2012-13

“Ville”- Transparent Lime Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0150

“Ville”- Emerald Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0151

“Ville”- Turquoise Length: 4.4cm (inc.hook) RE0152

“Borough”- Emerald Length: 4.8cm (inc.hook) RE0167

“Tribeca”- Turquoise Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0160

“Tribeca”- Emerald Length: 5cm (inc.hook) RE0161

“Jacobs”- Lime Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0178

“Jacobs”- Turquoise Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0179

“Jacobs”- Emerald Length: 4.5cm (inc.hook) RE0180

“Marais”- Lime Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0194

“Marais”- Turquoise Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0196

“Marais”- Emerald Length: 4cm (inc.hook) RE0197

“Soho”- Turquoise Length: 4.7cm (inc.hook) RE0188

“Metropolis”- Turquoise Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0172

“Metropolis”- Emerald Length: 6.5cm (inc.hook) RE0173

‘Manhattan”- Emerald Length: 3.8cm (incl hook) RE0203

“Tribeca” Necklace, Ring & Earrings- Emerald “Metropolis” & “Barcelona Bangles- Emerald & Turquoise

”Favourites” Popular Pieces from Previous Ranges

“Into the Waves”-Trans Olive Length: 48cm on suede RN0266

“Reverie”-Trans Olive Length: 59cm on satin cord RN0258

“Lolly Shoppe”- Mult Length: 99cm RN070

Lolly Shoppe-”Purple Turquoise” Length: 99cm RN0221

“Lolly Shoppe”- Lime Length: 99cm RN0109

Infinity & Rivulet Set- Lime Diameter: 6.7cm RB0307

“Eero”- Lime & White Diameter: 6.7cm: 4cm RB0315

“Eero”- Blue & White Diameter: 6.7cm: 4cm RB0317

“Hinterland” BangleOlive Mix Diameter:6.7cm H: 2cm RB0227

“Wandering”- Olive Mix Diameter:6.8cm Height:3.5cm RB0238

“Hidden Grove”- Green Mix Height: 1.5cm Size: 9 (R1/2) RR0112

“Reverie”- Aqua Mix Height: 3.5cm Adjustable Backed on Stainless Steel RR0119

“Reverie”- Turquoise Height: 3.5cm Adjustable Backed on Stainless Steel RR0118

“Hidden Grove”- Lime Length: 3.5cm (inc. clasp) RE0137

“Reverie”- Olive Length: 4.5cm (inc. clasp) RE013

“Bilbao” Brooch- Green Mix Length: 5.4cm Height: 4.8cm BR0014

“Reverie” Necklace- Olive, Hinterland BangleGreen Mix

”Favourites”- Popular Pieces from Previous Ranges

“In Bloom”- Transparent Red Length: 50cm on suede RN0247

“Into the Waves” Tortoiseshell Length: 48cm on suede RN0268

“Into the Waves”- Trans Red Length: 48cm on suede RN0262

“Reverie” Tortoiseshell Length: 59cm on satin cord RN0261

“Reverie” Red Length: 59cm on satin cord RN0254

“Wandering”- Trans Red Length: 78cm on satin cord RN0269

“Fly Away”- Trans Red Length: 84cm on satin cord RN0284

“Night Flight”- Pendant- Red Length: 51cm (with pendant) RP0037

“Jacobsen”- Transparent red Length: 88cm on satin cord RN0182

“Lolly Shoppe” -Red theme Length: 99cm on satin cord RN0071

“Hinterland”- Red Mix Diameter:6.7cm Height:2cm RB0223

“Hinterland”- Orange Mix Diameter:6.7cm Height:2cm RB0228

“Hinterland”- Tortoiseshell Diameter:6.7cm Height:2cm RB0231

“Wandering”- Trans Red Diameter:6.8cm H:3.5cm RB0234

“Wandering”- Orange Mix Diameter:6.8cm H: 3.5cm RB0239

“Wandering” Tortoiseshell Diameter:6.8cm H:3.5cm RB0242

““Reverie” Necklace & Earrings-Hidden Grove Ring, Hinterland & Wandering Bangles- All in Tortoiseshell

”Favourites” - Popular Pieces from Previous Ranges

Infinity & Rivulet Set- Red Diameter: 6.7cm RB0304

“Pollock”- Red Mix Diameter: 6.5 cm H: 1.2cm RB0163

“Wrap”- Transparent Red Diameter: Open Height: 5cm RB0196

“Eero”- Red & White Diameter: 6.7cm H 4cm RB0151

“Eero”- Orange & White Diameter: 6.7cm: 4cm RB0152

“Eero”- Yellow & White Diameter: 6.7cm: 4cm RB0314

“Reverie”- Red Mix Height: 3.5cm Adjustable Backed on Stainless Steel RR0115

“Hidden Grove”- Red Mix Height: 1.5cm Size: 9 (R1/2) RR0108

“Hidden Grove”- Ring Tortoiseshell Height: 1.5cm Size: 9 (R1/2) RR0114

“Reverie” - Red Length: 4.5cm (inc. clasp) RE0126

“Reverie”- Tortoiseshell Length: 4.5cm (inc. clasp) RE0133

“Lunette” Earring-Trans Red Length: 3.3cm (incl hook) RE0099

Dew Drop Ergs- Red Theme Length: 5cm (incl hook) RE0065

“Dove” Brooch- Red Length: 5.5cm BR0019

“Bilbao” Brooch- Red MixLength: 5.4cm Height: 4.8cm BR0011

“Bilbao” Brooch- Orange Length: 5.4cm Height: 4.8cm BR0013

“In Bloom” Necklace- Transparent Red

”Favourites” Popular Pieces from Previous Ranges

“In Bloom”- Black Length: 50cm on suede RN0248

In Bloom Long- Black Length: 84cm (adjustable) RN0293

“Into the Waves”- Black Length: 48cm on suede RN0263

“Wandering”- Black Length: 78cm on satin cord RN0270

“Jacobsen” Necklace - White Length: 88cm on satin cord RN0184

“Fly Away”- Black Length: 84cm on satin cord RN0285

“Fly Away”- White Length: 84cm on satin cord RN0286

Infinity & Rivulet Set- Black Diameter: 6.7cm RB0305

Infinity & Rivulet Set- White Diameter: 6.7cm RB0306

“Pollock” Bangle- Black Mix Diameter: 6.5 cm H: 1.2cm RB0162

“Infinity Bangle”- Black Diameter: 6.7cm RB0253

“Eero” Bangle- Black-White Diameter: 6.7cm H: 4cm RB0150

“Eero” Bangle- Grey & White Diameter: 6.7cm H: 4cm RB0316

“Wrap” Bangle - Black Diameter: Open Height: 5cm RB0195

“Hinterland”- Black Diameter:6.7cm H: 2cm RB0224

“Into The Waves” Necklace- Black, “Hinterland & “Wandering”, and”Rivulet” Bangles.

”Favourites” Popular Pieces from Previous Ranges

“Wandering”- Black Diameter:6.8cm H:3.5cm RB0235

“Reverie” Ring- Black Height: 3.5cm Adjustable Backed on Stainless Steel RR0116

“Hinterland” BangleWhite Mix Diameter:6.7cm H: 2cm RB0225

“Reverie”Ring- White Height: 3.5cm Adjustable Backed on Stainless Steel RR0117

“Wandering Necklace” Black.”Hinterland & “Wandering”, and”Rivulet” Bangles.

“Wandering”BangleWhite Mix Diameter:6.8cm H:3.5cm RB0236

“Hinterland”Bangle- Cream Diameter:6.7cm H: 2cm RB0232

”Luna” Ring-Black Size: R 1/2 (9) RR0001

Luna” Ring- White RR0027 Size: R 1/2 (9)

Black ‘Oeuf’ Earring Opaque Matt Finish Size: 6cm (incl. hook) RE0024

Dew Drop Ergs- Black-White Length: 5cm (incl hook) RE0066

“Dove” Brooch- Black Length: 5.5cm BR0020

“Bilbao” BroochBlack & Grey Mix Length: 5.4cm Height: 4.8cm BR0018

“Wandering” Bangle- Cream Diameter:6.8cm H:3.5cm RB0243

“Wandering” Ring- Black Height: 1cm Size: 9 (R1/2) RR0102

“Lunette” Earring- Black Length: 3.3cm (incl hook) RE0100

“Bilbao” BroochBlack & White Mix Length: 5.4cm Height: 4.8cm BR0012

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Polka Luka 'Metropolis' 2012-13 Catalogue  

'Metropolis' 2012-13 Polka Luka presents new collection 'Metropolis' 2012-13. Inspired by the energy of the urban environment, 'Metropolis'...