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Urban green infrastructurePresented by: Amit Pokhrel The green infrastructure of a city consists of those parts that contribute to the natural processes of keeping the water and the air clean and recycling of waste, It includes the parks and wild lands, stream corridors, utility corridors and vacant regenerating sites, These fragments of city property, if considered as a single system similar to transportation or waste treatment, offer opportunities for keeping our cities clean and for providing recreational space. Arboriculture, bios wale, conservation corridor, Eco roof, green walls, heat island, infrastructure, parks, porous paving, retaining wall, vegetation Cities are a complex interaction of the natural and built elements. In order to maintain some degree of balance in the natural systems, we have to introduce engineered systems to create and transport energy, to remove and process wastes, to control storm runoff, etc

The green infrastructure of the city is comprised of natural and designed systems of the elements of the city that functions in ways analogous to natural processes in managing air, water, microclimatic and energy resources especially for •

Air quality improvement

microclimatic modification

storm water management

density zoning

cluster development

street with limits

pollutant collector


GREENWAYS BY –Loring LaB. Schwarz, editor The term ‘Greenway” suggests two separate images: green suggest natural amenities such as forests, riverbanks, wildlife; ways implies route or path. types 1. urban riverside 2. recreational greenway 3. ecologically 4. scenic historic routes 5. based on landforms and other

Design Guidelines -define a corridor large enough to allow flexibility -keeping a broadway greenery concept in mind-when defining the primary area Design Objectives -safety -way-finding interpretation -universal design

Green cities concept in urban design  

Extract knowledge of different writers in context of greenery concept as power point presentation in the subject "Theories of urban design"...

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