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April 2016

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Spring/Summer Car Care

Basic automobile maintenance going into warmer weather


Local experts lend advice on what to do this spring to keep your automobile running down the road this summer and beyond designated capacity, which is detailed on the tires. Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires helps Car maintenance should be performed routinely, but them last longer, helps the car handle better and safer and helps save money on fuel. It is recommended that with springtime upon the North Olympic Peninsula, drivers check their tire pressure every other time they what better time than now to go over a few basics fill up at the gas station. before heading out on the open road? As far as snow tires are concerned, Schroeder says The first thing to check is your tire tread and pressure. Randy Schroeder, store manager at Les Schwab’s you can ride on those as long as you like, but studded tires needed to be removed by March 31. Port Angeles location, said tread depth often is overWhile rain came bearing down this winter and into looked by drivers. spring, wiper blades got plenty of use. With chances He said an easy way to check to see if tires have of more drizzles ahead, double check your car’s wiper good depth is the penny test. blades. Look for cracks and wear, replacing them each “Turn the penny upside down and put it in the spring and fall if necessary. tread groove,” Schroeder said. To get your ride road-ready, check your fluids and “If you can see the top of [President Abraham] Lincoln’s head, then it’s time for new tires. If [his head] is look for fluid leaks. Another telltale and easily identifiable sign that a vehicle needs some maintenance is partially covered, you’re usually OK.” Schroeder said Les Schwab offers free tire-pressure the sight of fluids beneath the car. If you notice puddles or stains beneath where you checks for those who aren’t sure how to go about it normally park your car, your vehicle may be leaking themselves. fluids. At home, make sure all tires are filled to their By LAURA LOFGREN | Peninsula Daily News

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Keeping correct air pressure in tires makes them last longer, helps the car handle better and helps save money on fuel.

Note the color and consistency of the fluid and then call your mechanic to determine which fluid is leaking and how to fix the problem. Leon Skerbeck, owner, operator and working technician of Rusty’s Import Auto Repair in Port Angeles — a shop that focuses on northern European vehicles — said he sees “at least one fluid level that needs attention” after about a year of no maintenance on a car. Skerbeck said car owners should invest at least four times a year in an overall vehicle inspection, which includes brake checks, light checks, air filter checks, oil changes and more. >> ADVICE continued on Page 10


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Special Sections - Spring/Summer 2016 Car Care  


Special Sections - Spring/Summer 2016 Car Care