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Ferry Tacoma strands hundreds due to power loss during sailing BY LUCIANO MARANO AND BRIAN KELLY Bainbridge Island Review

Washington State Ferry officials still aren’t sure what caused the ferry MV Tacoma to lose power during a sailing from Seattle to Bainbridge Island this week that left hundreds of passengers stranded in Puget Sound. Capt. George Capacci, Interim Assistant Secretary of Transportation, said in a telephone press conference Friday that the unfortunate turn of events that completely shut down the system’s busiest route was one that had never been seen before. “This is an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in,” Capacci said. The loss of the 202-car-capacity Tacoma came as the ferry MV Wenatchee, a Jumbo Mark II-class boat that serves the Bainbridge route, is in dry dock in Canada for repairs. This week’s ferry problems were further heightened when one of the state’s newest vessels was temporarily pulled from service on the Mukilteo-Clinton route. Capacci said WSF will be past this week’s rough patch by the weekend, when ferries under repair are back in service. “We’re hoping, anticipating that service will be restored Saturday,” he said. “We have a very fragile system. When one boat is out of the system, it’s very challenging. When four are out, it’s extremely challenging.” The cause for the loss of propulsion aboard the Tacoma is still unknown.

Johnpaul Jones


Pres. Obama chooses island architect for national award BY LUCIANO MARANO Bainbridge Island Review

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review

The ferry MV Sealth was diverted from its Bremerton route to pull the stranded MV Tacoma away from shore Tuesday, July 30. Washington State Ferry officials still do not know the cause of the power loss, which they described as “unprecedented.” “We’re still investigating the problem,” Capacci said, and added that WSF hopes to have a repair plan ready next week. The Tacoma lost propulsion power just before 1 p.m. Tuesday as it neared Bainbridge Island on the 12:20 p.m. sailing from Seattle. The vessel stopped just outside Eagle Harbor and set anchor to avoid becoming beached; just the second time in 40 years that a state ferry was forced to drop anchor. The ferry MV Sealth from Bremerton was diverted from its route to pull the Tacoma away

from the shore, and two tugboats were called to the scene to guide the disabled ferry back to the Bainbridge terminal. Onboard the stranded vessel, the general mood of the approximately 405 passengers was agreeable and unconcerned. Most of them were more interested than upset, with many crowding the decks with cameras and cell phones to document the towing efforts. Alcohol and concession sales continued, although on a cashonly basis as the credit card reader failed during the initial

power outage. Also present on board, luckily, were at least two paramedics from Bainbridge Island Ambulance. Fortunately, their services were not required. “I’m pretty impressed with how they got another ferry here,” said passenger Paul Faget of the arrival of Sealth. “That was pretty resourceful.” Faget described himself as “a long-time commuter,” and said that he had never heard of such an occurrence on a Washington

Bainbridge Island architect Johnpaul Jones was one of 10 winners of the prestigious 2013 National Humanities Medal, awarded annually by President Obama for outstanding achievements in history, cultural studies, filmmaking, cultural commentary and historic preservation. “It’s quite an honor to receive this,” Jones said. “It’s an honor, as a citizen, to be recognized by your own government.” The medal recipients, chosen by the president personally, were officially announced last week. The noted island architect, artist and designer, founding partner of Jones & Jones architectural firm, has received numerous accolades for his firm’s work on massive environmentally minded projects inspired by nature and culture. The most notable works include the Balboa Park Land Use, Circulation and






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Bainbridge Island Review, August 01, 2014  

August 01, 2014 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review

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