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Ranger’s next stop may be scrapyard BY SERAINE PAGE SPAGE@SOUNDPUBLISHING.COM

Kevan Moore/staff photo

Temperatures soared over 90 degrees on Tuesday afternoon. Jazmine, Bremerton’s Cedric San Pedro and Johanna Antes’ dog, beat the heat by playing fetch with a tennis ball in Dyes Inlet.

The next stop for the USS Ranger, a mothballed carrier on Bremerton’s waterfront, could be the scrapyard. But those who oppose the move are coming together to see to it that another retired historic ship doesn’t end up at a super-sized chop shop. Most recently, the USS Constellation was designated to be towed out of the inactive Bremerton ship facility for dismantling. The Navy announced on June 13 it had awarded a $3 million contract to a Texas company that will tow it off this summer. Despite the Ranger’s newest honor of being the only aircraft carrier placed on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places, the ship is in danger of being scrapped. “This whole process of

scrapping the Ranger went through a different process than normal” due to another federal agency owning it, said State Architectural Historian Michael Houser. “Theoretically, the Navy would offer the ship up for sale if somebody wants it. If nobody wants it, they would basically scrap it. In this case, I believe it has gone through all those processes.” The next step includes adding the USS Ranger to the National Register of Historic Places, Houser noted. In order to do that, the state register approval was part of the process. Unfortunately for those who love the ship, that still isn’t enough to keep it from being demolished. “Both of those programs are designed to formally document buildings and celebrate the history,” said SEE RANGER, A13

Saying ‘so long’ to a Bremerton powerhouse BY LESLIE KELLY LKELLY@SOUNDPUBLISHING.COM

Kit s ap C ou nt y Commissioner Charlotte Garrido said it best. “It’s that laugh,” Garrido said as she summed up what many people think of when they think of Linda Joyce. “We all love your laugh.” Indeed. There are many people who love Joyce’s laugh and love Linda Joyce. After 20 years as executive director for the Kitsap County YWCA, Joyce has officially retired. And more than 200 people came out last Friday to wish her well. The retirement celebration which lasted more than two hours saw notable folks, community leaders, employees and friends take to the stage to tell stories about

Joyce and to let her know just how special she is to them. Garrido spoke about a time when she worked for the YWCA on Bainbridge Island and helped put together the plans for the Y-ALIVE domestic violence shelter. “Linda, you are a complete treasure,” Garrido said. “Every day each of us think about you. We love your sense of sisterhood. We love your sense of community.” Garrido also mentioned something else that Joyce is known for. “And any of us who have gotten a note from you, cherish it because of your beautiful handwriting,” she said. Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent noted the work that Joyce did to get the YWCA its own building. “We honor you for all

the achievements you have had,” Lent said. “Your character, your courage and your commitment are something we will never forget.” Lent gave Joyce the key to the city, but noted “it doesn’t open anything.” Kitsap County Auditor Walt Washington was among the well-wishers. “When I came to town, I met you right off,” he said. “And then, everywhere I went you were there. You were involved in everything and everyone knew you. I told myself after my campaign for office that if I had the recognition factor you did, I’d of had much more than the 60 percent vote I got.” He said Joyce was special because of her commitment to making the community a better place. “There isn’t a place

Leslie Kelly/staff photo

Linda Joyce, left, and H. Emily Moshay at Joyce’s retirement celebration June 27. in our community you haven’t touched,” he said. “I give you my heart.” Longtime friend ViviAnn Parnell, who worked

with Joyce on the board of the Kathleen Sutton Foundation, said Joyce had SEE JOYCE, A13

Bremerton Patriot, July 04, 2014  

July 04, 2014 edition of the Bremerton Patriot

Bremerton Patriot, July 04, 2014  

July 04, 2014 edition of the Bremerton Patriot