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Cody Wright from Milford, Utah, got a mouth full of mud and a zero score after falling off Strawberry Delight in the Saddle Bronc Riding competition Wednesday night at the Kitsap County Stampede. The fair runs through Sunday.


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Keys to Success South Kitsap School District

Spring 2014

Imagine the Possibilities Message from the Superintendent

I am excited about this year’s edition of “Keys to Success”, the South Kitsap School District’s annual report to the community. The stories and information presented in this edition bring to life our Community Declaration of Interdependence. The successes our students are experiencing are the result of all of us working together. Success for ALL, truly takes us ALL. To support the lives and future of our students, we can’t do this alone. I so appreciate the growing parent and community support for our schools. I continue to be excited about the mountain top experiences awaiting our students each year. As we work toward the 2020 goal of having at least 80% of South Kitsap School District graduates successfully entering post-secondary education, our focus on innovative instructional programming will be relentless. Our schools are the center of our community and the strength our students and staff draw from the community will enable our young learners to be the leaders of tomorrow. As a district family, we remain unwaveringly committed to nurturing growth, inspiring achievement, and building community. Under the leadership of our elected School Board, and with the support of staff, families and community members, the compass is

set and the course to our whole child, whole community vision is well laid out. We will reach our 2020 goal and create the future innovators that will change our world!

South Kitsap Community Declaration of Interdependence

We believe: All children are capable of success, without exception! A successful child is whole – safe, cared for, healthy, challenged, connected, and hopeful. Success for ALL, takes us ALL. Each of us is key to their success.

During my first year in the district, I have been struck by how deeply the belief that ALL children are capable of success, without exception, is ingrained in the culture of our district. The community’s

Innovative Options

support of the late start Wednesdays for collaboration has resulted in teachers working together for the benefit of all students. I have had the opportunity to observe teachers analyzing data, sharing strategies, and consulting with each other in order to accurately diagnose a student’s needs and design interventions to address those needs. Teachers are regularly consulting with each other much like doctors do. Consequently, each student has a team of teachers supporting him/her. Our teachers and staff are living the belief that Success for ALL, takes us ALL. All means all – not just our teachers and staff, but our parents, families and community. It takes all of us working together to ensure that every one of our students is safe, cared for, healthy, challenged, connected and hopeful. Each of us is key to our students’ success. You all have contributed to the success of our students. As you read the stories and information within the pages of this document, I hope you will have a sense of pride in being part of a school district that is truly focused on student success and innovation. Warmest regards,

for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders

All-day Kindergarten at all elementary schools

Spanish Immersion at Burley Glenwood Elementary

Pacific Rim Languages at secondary level. Mandarin and Japanese will be options for students

Candidate District for International Baccalaureate program

From agriculture to engineering, students may choose from more than 70 Career and Technical Education courses

Rigorous Highly Capable, Honors and Advanced Placement classes

SK Online Academy offers online education option for K-12

College credit available for AP tests, College in the High School and Running Start Courses

Both sides report feeling harassed in rift over home business.

Neighbor denies pellet gun shooting


Staff Writer

Tensions between two Port Orchard neighbors that erupted after one attempted to open a home business last year led both women to head down to the Kitsap County Courthouse Monday and file restraining orders against each other. Shelia Cronan, 49, said she filed a restraining order against Amber Keehn after returning home from a camping trip Aug. 17 and discovering pellets had been

Port Orchard

Mullenix Ridge. Full fee tuition will be $200 per month and families that qualify for free and reduced lunch will pay a reduced fee of $100 per month. Schools with tuition based ADK will continue to offer half-day kindergarten. In the second year of the plan (2015-16), two additional schools will offer the free program followed by the remaining three schools in the 2016-17 school year. With the implementation of Common Core State Standards, we have watched the kindergarten curriculum continue to expand; but the hours of instructional time have

remained constant at approximately two hours and forty minutes. Teachers who have taught all-day programs have shared the benefits of the extended time with students: • Time to teach subject areas more in-depth •

Time to address the needs of the “Whole Child” including social and emotional development

Time to teach a balanced literacy program

Time to teach a balanced numeracy program

Time for small instructional groups that enable the teacher to better meet the diverse learning needs of students. South Kitsap School District plans to have a thoughtful roll out of the all-day Kindergarten program. Dr. Reid has enlisted the expertise of former Superintendent Bev Cheney to oversee the implementation. Parents interested in enrolling their child in all-day kindergarten should visit their neighborhood school or call the district office at 360-874-7000 for more information. There is also information posted on the district website.


Business owner succumbs to cancer Community leaders say Darryl Baldwin will be missed


Council approves interlocal contract with WSUD CHARLOTTE GARRIDO



▼ Matthes, Garrido advance in SK commissioner race; Dalton, Danielson in judicial contest.


Staff Writer


Discussion swirls around April 17 meeting with four council members By DANNIE OLIVEAUX Editor

Dannie Oliveux/Staff Photo

South Kitsap rechristens field in coach’s honor Legendary coach who guided Wolves to three state championships died Nov. 7

a better place because of Baldwin’s vision and contributions. “He was a gentle, kind soul who believed in serving others and giving back,” she said. “He was an inspiration to those who knew him, that worked beside him and was able to even positively impact people he had never met.” Christine Daniel, executive director of the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce, said the city will “forever have a hole in its heart by the loss of a good friend.” “Darryl Baldwin was far more than just a well-liked pub owner



The world is darker today knowing that he is gone. Darryl will always be missed. Our community just won’t be the same without him.” Mayor Tim Matthes, who honored Baldwin as one of his “1,000 Points of Light” in 2013, said Baldwin was a good friend and great supporter of the city. “He will be missed by myself and everyone who ever knew him,” Matthes said. “We’re seeing a great resurgence of downtown that he was a big part of. He will be looking down on that resurgence of downtown from far above.” Amy Igloi Creed, owner of Amy’s on the Bay, said the community is Expectations were turned on their head in two Kitsap County political contests during Tuesday night’s primary election, as the perceived front-runners came in third and were disqualified in their respective races. Republican Tim Matthes drew the most votes in the South Kitsap commissioner’s race, followed by Democrat Charlotte Garrido. Monty Mahan, who was the first to declare for the seat and earned the endorsement of local mayors, came in third (See related story, page A3).



Custodians won’t be replaced, $1.72 million will be taken from reserve fund.


and pension rates along with inflation as issues. In addition to the money saved on custodians, Patton said the district will dip into its reserve fund for $1.72 million. She said that’s not all bad because the district saved more than it anticipated in its last fiscal year, which ends Aug. 31. Patton said they also will save through not filling other vacant positions in the district, and through cutting expenses on supplies. The board unanimously adopted the budget. Patton warned in previous meetings that the “hard decisions” likely won’t end

Port Orchard and the South Kitsap community is mourning the loss of a well-known beloved business owner. MoonDogs, Too owner Darryl Eugene Baldwin, 57, died April 23. “Darryl passed away peacefully in his sleep,” stated Shelia Cline, Baldwin’s girlfriend, who

announced his passing in an email. A memorial service is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, April 26, for a Port Orchard business owner. The service will be held at the First Lutheran Community Church, 2483 Mitchell Road SE. South Kitsap Helpline Executive Director Jennifer Hardison was saddened by the news. “It doesn’t seem real,” said Hardison. “Despite knowing losing him was inevitable, realizing that Darryl is now gone is truly heartbreaking. He was an incredibly generous and kind man and such a wonderful friend to so many, including the South Kitsap Helpline.

Staff Writer



activities she reported as stemming from Keehn’s attempts to operate a business out of her home. Weaver said following an April 11 hearing with the city’s Hearing Examiner, certain conditions were placed on Keehn’s permit to mitigate Cronan’s concerns before she would be allowed to operate her business. “(Keehn) has addressed all but one of those conditions, with the last being the letter from the (Kitsap County) Health Department,” Weaver said, explaining that Keehn’s current sewer facilities are


From left, twins Joel and Jeff Goodwin throw out the first pitches to commemorate the renaming of South Kitsap’s baseball field Monday afternoon as Elton Goodwin Memorial Field. Both played for their father, who died in November, as seniors in 2002.


The South Kitsap School District is a little closer to closing its $2.9 million deficit for the upcoming school year. Terri Patton, assistant superintendent for business and support services, said at Wednesday’s school board meeting that the district won’t replace five full-time custodians who left the district after the last school year. She said that will save the district $250,000. Patton said the deficit stems from unforeseen circumstances when the district presented its last levy to voters in 2004. She cited escalating teacher salaries

chasing it last spring. City Development Director James Weaver confirmed that Keehn received a conditional-use permit to operate a onechair hair salon out of her home, which he described as “pretty innocuous” and something that doesn’t typically reach “the level of intensive use,” as far as impacts on the neighborhood are concerned. However, since November of 2007, Cronan has filed multiple complaints with the city regarding traffic, noise and other

File Photo

Local business owner Darryl Baldwin, 57, died from cancer on April 23.

Jesse Beals/Staff Photo

shot in three of her home’s windows. Cronan, who lives on the 200 block of Flower Meadows Street in Port Orchard, said she believed the attack was part of an ongoing dispute with Keehn, whom she alleges has been running a hair salon out of her home without a business license and in defiance of a city “stop-work” order. Keehn, 30, said she filed for permission from the city of Port Orchard to operate a hair salon out of her home on the 2300 block of Flower Avenue soon after pur-


Independent Michelle Reid, Ed.D. Superintendent

All-day Kindergarten at all elementary schools

South Kitsap School District is pleased to announce the first phase of the All-Day Kindergarten (ADK) implementation plan. Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, the district will offer free ADK at five elementary schools: Orchard Heights, East Port Orchard, Sidney Glen, Burley Glenwood, and Olalla Elementary schools. These five schools have the highest free and reduced lunch percentage and are also all Title I schools. Tuition based ADK will be offered at the remaining five schools: Manchester, South Colby, Sunnyslope, Hidden Creek, and

SKSD’s Keys to Success Inside


His attention to detail was painstaking. Situational hitting. Sound baserunning. And even a board documenting the Wolves’ performance in each year of his tenure as the school’s baseball coach.

Alongside those records now rests a board with another number: 29. In addition to having his uniform retired, South Kitsap’s baseball complex was rebranded Elton Goodwin Memorial Field during a ceremony before the Wolves’ 8-1 win Monday afternoon against Central Kitsap.

Goodwin died Nov. 7 from complications resulting from hip surgery. He was 63 years old. At the time of his death, Cully Ecklund, who was a pitcher on Goodwin’s first state championship team in 1983, and others expressed

An interlocal cooperative agreement between the West Sound Utility District and Port Orchard was finally ratified by the council at the April 22 council meeting. The council voted 4-3 to approve the agreement — signed Feb. 12 by the utility district commissioners — for the management and operation of the South Kitsap Water Reclamation Facility. The 1983 agreement ended Dec. 31 and was extended until March 1. The council has been split on approving a new contract with the district. Some council members have questioned who owns and is responsible for the marina pump station and force main which collects sewage from city residents and sends it to the wastewater treatment facility in Annapolis. Voting in favor of the agreement were council members Rob Putaansuu, Bek Ashby, Fred Chang and Jeff Cartwright, while Jerry Childs, Cindy Lucarelli and John Clauson opposed. At the start of the meeting, Mayor Tim Matthes addressed the audience concerning an April 17 meeting in which four council members — part of an ad-hoc committee assigned


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Port Orchard Independent, April 25, 2014  
Port Orchard Independent, April 25, 2014  

April 25, 2014 edition of the Port Orchard Independent