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Councilman reviews first year Rick Hughes reflects, shares his hopes for 2014 by COLLEEN SMITH ARMSTRONG Editor/Publisher

Colleen Smith Armstrong/Staff photo

Trio wins Orcas Has Talent by COLLEEN SMITH ARMSTRONG Editor/Publisher

Almost Classical wowed audiences with vocals, violin, harp and piano and took home this year's honor of the Orcas Has Talent crown. Paris Wilson and Emy and Lisa Carter, pictured above, said they were stunned to have won the Feb. 8 competition at Orcas Center. “We are shocked beyond belief,” Emy said. Added Paris, “We just wanted to make it to the second round ... It’s bittersweet because we can’t compete again.” Master of Ceremonies John Clancy hosted the talent show and summed it up well: “It’s clear to me, Orcas will always have talent.” Judges Gene Nery, Susan Osborn and Bob Shipstad once again gave positive feedback for the contestants. The evening opened with Almost Classical’s rendition of “Trouble” on the piano and violins. Madi Jane West demonstrated daring moves on the aerial silks, a performance that Nery dubbed “Cirque de Madi Jane.” Soprano Cali Bagby gave what judges called a “stunning” performance of “Think of me” from “The Phantom of the Opera” with Grace McCune on

piano. Shipstad said it was like watching a Broadway performance. The judges said Arianna Dean had “wonderful stage presence” during her rendition of “Who will Save Your Soul?” Matthew Laslo, the 2013 Orcas Has Talent Junior winner, demonstrated his strong rapport with the audience, performing an interactive magic trick. Stormy Hildreth, the 2014 Orcas Has Talent Junior winner, opted to perform against the adults. She played the piano and sang “The Rose.” Shipstad told her, “You really deserve to be on this stage.” Violinist Sasha Hagen took inspiration from pop music and performed a “Classical Mash Up” on the violin. Yuko Horikawa sang a Japanese ballad that judges said took the audience “to another world.” In round two, Almost Classical performed “Don’t Stop Believing” with piano, vocals and violin. Nery said, “You even managed to include all the guitar licks.” West gave another silks performance that had audiences members gasping when she descended


It’s been a year since his election to office, and Councilman Rick Hughes is still passionate about county government. “I love my job,” he said. “I feel like the county is really making changes.” As the chairman of the council, Hughes leads its twice a week public sessions on Monday and Tuesday. He says the synergy of the three-member council, which includes Jamie Stephens from Lopez and Bob Jarman from San Juan, is going strong. “Bob, Jamie and I see eye to eye on running the county,” he said. “We have different ideological opinions, but with the core operations, day to day, we agree … I have the utmost respect for both Bob and Jamie. They are good people who really care about the common good of the county.” Looking back on his first year in office, Hughes said he is most proud of helping to privatize the solid waste operations on Lopez and Orcas. “The Orcas Recycling Services folks worked really, really hard,” Hughes said. “And now the county is out of the solid waste business.” He is also happy the council was able to put $650,000 in the rainy day fund and has “held the budget line.” Within the next few months, Hughes will have helped overseen completion of three elements of the Growth Management Act. The transportation component is done; the Critical Areas Ordinance will be approved in March, once Councilman Bob Jarman is back (for a story on Jarman’s illness, see page three); and the economic development component is slated to be done by June. Hughes is proud of the changes in Community Development and

Colleen Smith Armstrong/Staff photo

Council Chairman Rick Hughes.

Planning and improving the effectiveness of county government. “The permit times are coming down quickly,” he said. “And we are improving the quickness of completing county projects – it’s not as fast as I want, but we’re get-


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Islands' Sounder, February 12, 2014  
Islands' Sounder, February 12, 2014  

February 12, 2014 edition of the Islands' Sounder