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Mayor announces new police substation, other initiatives New panel to review proposed Performing Arts and Conference Center; mayor to host town hall meetings by Greg Allmain


ewly-minted Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell wasted no time in showing that his administration will be different from his predecessor’s Skip Priest’s, during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Ferrell took about a half hour to announce that a new police substation will be in place in the near future at the John L. Scott building near the Sound Transit parking garage and center in downtown Federal Way and also used the time to outline his vision for Federal Way moving forward. “I’d like to talk to you about a very, very exciting development that occurred just this week,” Ferrell began in announcing the new substation. “A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and was having a conversation with somebody who owned a building in Federal Way, and the person made an offhand comment about ‘We’d sure like to have a police substation near the Transit Center,’ and I followed up with ‘Do you

Official oath of office Above, Judge David Larson swears in Councilmember Kelly Maloney during a public oath of office ceremony on Tuesday. Right, Councilmember Martin Moore raises his right hand as he takes the oath of office during the event. Center, Jeanne Burbidge takes the oath of office for her new role as deputy mayor after Council members selected her for the position. For the full story on Burbidge, read page 3. Larson also swore in Mayor Jim Ferrell, who is not pictured. photos by chris carrel, City of Federal Way

mean that?’” Ferrell said a number of conversations took place after the initial dialogue with the unnamed building owner, and that he was able to strike a deal to have a new substation near the Transit Center put in place. “We’ve all heard from you that public safety is the absolute No. 1 priority of government, to make sure that we’re safe, moving forward,” he said. “Part of that is to make sure we’ve got enough officers on the street and that there’s a visible presence. And this will add greatly to that process. Most notably, and importantly, I think, is that we just found out today from the property manager that this space, for the first year, will not come at any cost to the city. They want us there.” The two other major announcements Ferrell made during the meeting were in regard to the proposed Performing Arts and Conference Center (PACC), and an initiative to have approximately six to seven town hall meetings a year throughout Federal [ more MAYOR, page 3 ]

Two men indicted for deadly marijuana deal in Federal Way From staff reports

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Two south King County men on opposite sides of a deadly drug deal in Federal Way were recently indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle. Federal Way resident Lenny Brikn, Jr., 19, was charged with five federal felonies in connection with the Oct. 17, 2013 incident

when his 19-year-old brother was shot and killed. Those charges include conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery, attempted possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence and a drug trafficking crime and possession of a stolen firearm.

David Ross, 35, of Renton was charged with three federal felonies: conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and unlawful possession of a firearm. According to the records filed in King County Superior Court as well as the indictment, Ross and an associate arrived at a Federal

Way apartment complex to sell marijuana to two men – Brikn and his brother, Deshawn Boykin. Ross was armed with a gun, despite having two previous felony drug convictions that prohibit him from possessing a firearm. Brikn and Boykin drew “Mac 10” style semi-automatic pistols, ordered Ross and his associate to lie on

the ground, and attempted to rob them of the marijuana they brought to the drug deal, according to the indictment. The brothers ultimately ran away, and Ross drew his gun and fired multiple times at the fleeing men. Boykin was hit twice and died of his wounds at St. Francis Medical Center. [ more DEAL, page 14 ]

Federal Way Mirror, January 10, 2014  

January 10, 2014 edition of the Federal Way Mirror

Federal Way Mirror, January 10, 2014  

January 10, 2014 edition of the Federal Way Mirror