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Island program gives violins to budding musicians

THE GIFT of music

BY LUCIANO MARANO Bainbridge Island Review

The tiny practice violins, made of wood and paper, sat on display as if they were fragile relics of a bygone era, as the aspiring young musicians stepped up on the stage. One by one, they said goodbye to the delicate vessels that had carried them so far. It was time to receive the real thing. Each of the children were given a brand-new violin, shiny and perfect, sized just right for the small and eager arms for which they were bound. The recent presentation was due to the work of a collective effort music education partnership between the Suquamish Tribal Council, the Island Music Guild and the Kids In Concert program. During a recent concert event, the program directors presented 14 children from the tribe with actual violins after having trained them for several weeks with mock instruments. “Three years ago my daughter, Michelle, and I started a program called Kids In Concert,” explained island resident and program co-founder Roy Naden. “We wanted to try and assist those who were not given some of the opportunities that others were,” he said. “That doesn’t apply much to most of the kids on Bainbridge Island, but for those just across the bridge in the Suquamish Tribe, it may.” Based on the El Sistema music education program originating in Venezuela, Kids In Concert began working with tribal council leaders and educators to select 14 children from 4 to 11, have them transported three times a week to a practice space provided by the Island Music Guild, and teach them how to play

New ambulance contract causes stir Departing commissioner accuses board chairman of ‘railroading’ nonprofit BY BRIAN KELLY

Bainbridge Island Review

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review

Above and at right: At a concert event at the Island Music Guild Wednesday, Dec. 18, 14 children of the Suquamish Tribe were presented with violins after having spent the last seven weeks learning proper care and basic handling with mock instruments. the violin. Why start with the violin? “The violin is kind of the foundation of the orchestra,” explained Michelle Naden, Kids In Concert director. turn to gift | A8

The final meeting for two departing Bainbridge Island fire commissioners ended with bitter accusations that the chairman of the fire board was trying to sabotage attempts to forge a new contract with the Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association. The Bainbridge Island Fire Department has contracted with the nonprofit Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association since 1999 for basic life support transportation services, and talk of a new contract has dragged on for more than a year. Some, however, are worried that the delay in finalizing a contract is because Bainbridge Island Fire Board Chairman Dan Morrow does not support a new agreement, and wants to open the contract up for bid by for-profit ambulance companies from off-island. The main concern is that a for-profit competitor will undercut the Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association’s rates to obtain the contract with the fire department, and then raise rates later.

Talk turns testy At the Bainbridge fire board’s last meeting of the year, outgoing Commissioner Paul BangKnudsen accused Morrow — who was appointed to the board in 2012 — of trying to “railroad” the BIAA. Bang-Knudsen recalled how he appointed Morrow to the board last year with the expectation that he would do a fair job. That has not been the case, he said.

“This board has voted 3-2 earlier this year to continue the contract. However, the chair has used department resources and his title as chair to continue this oneman attack against this partner of the district. “I’m tired of it. It’s a delay tactic,” Bang-Knudsen said.

Up for bids At the center of the dispute is Morrow’s attempts to pursue a “request for proposals,” or RFP, for companies that would handle transport services.

“The chair has used department resources and his title as chair to continue this one-man attack ... I’m tired of it.” Paul Bang-Knudsen Outgoing Bainbridge Island Fire Commissioner

Bang-Knudsen noted the fire board has consistently supported a new contract with the BIAA, and it appeared that Morrow was stalling the completion of the contract until 2014, when a new majority will take over the board of fire commissioners. “I don’t think it’s fair for one commissioner to use his chairdom ... to continue to delay this process. In the last meeting, he said he’s not going to vote for this contract no matter what,” BangKnudsen said. “He said he is only going to do an RFP.” Commissioners have voted twice to continue the relationship with the turn to contract | A6

Bainbridge Island Review, December 27, 2013  

December 27, 2013 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review

Bainbridge Island Review, December 27, 2013  

December 27, 2013 edition of the Bainbridge Island Review