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Port may buy old city hall site Ideas include parking area, farmers market By RICHARD D. OXLEY

POULSBO — The Port of Poulsbo became a serious contender to take over the city’s former city hall property after the City Council agreed to hold it for them. At least, hold it for the time being. “We are looking around to see what we can do with it, and get some ideas,” Port Commission Chairman Tony DeCarlo said Dec. 19. Poulsbo’s former city hall sits vacant on a stretch of See PORT, Page A7

This lottery ticket was no joke

A classic story, Poulsbo style A mystery giver sneaked into Poulsbo City Hall and left behind a pile of toys for North Kitsap Fishline’s holiday toy drive was a weekend in Poulsbo, and all through City Hall, not a public servant was stirring, no one at all. A box sat empty, up on the third floor, awaiting donations for Fishline, such as toys, clothes and more. The mayor had left the building, Saturday at four, but only one toy was given, and nothing more. Yet on Monday morning, she saw such a delight, the box was full to the brim, and was filled overnight.

Mayor Becky Erickson explained, “There were 40 or 50 toys.” Like a football, and some dolls, for Poulsbo’s girls and boys. A great pile of gifts from a mystery giver, who braved the night cold with toys to deliver. The mayor asked who it was, but there were no traces. “I asked,” she said. “I got nothing but blank faces … ‘And the building was closed from 4 o’clock on. I don’t know who did it … Santa must have come.” — Richard D. Oxley

The City Council was clueless, on Dec. 11, as to who could have sneaked in, and left all the presents. But what was known was they came around late, on Dec. 7th, or maybe the 8th.

Million-dollar winner in Poulsbo By KIPP ROBERTSON

More stories of the season

POULSBO — About three years ago Kelly Bartel thought she won $10,000 off a winning lottery ticket. Well, actually, she didn’t. Robert Bartel, Kelly’s husband, and their daughter pulled a prank on the Poulsbo See winner, Page A7

Poulsbo Lions/Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund update — page A2 Anonymous giver donates pile of toys to Fishline— page A3

Monica Bernard and Shannon Prasch on how you can help. Mary Nader on growing to meet local needs.

— pages A4-5

Jeff Tolman: Memories of late parents are ‘annual gifts I reopen.’ — page A6 Poulsbo’s gift to Santa —

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North Kitsap families celebrate a great gift: Their children’s health — Kitsap Week cover story

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North Kitsap Herald, December 20, 2013  
North Kitsap Herald, December 20, 2013  

December 20, 2013 edition of the North Kitsap Herald