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▼ Matthes, Garrido advance in SK commissioner race; Dalton, Danielson in judicial contest.


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Expectations were turned on their head in two Kitsap County political contests during Tuesday night’s primary election, as the perceived front-runners came in third and were disqualified in their respective races. Republican Tim Matthes drew the most votes in the South Kitsap commissioner’s race, followed by Democrat Charlotte Garrido. Monty Mahan, who was the first to declare for the seat and earned the endorsement of local mayors, came in third (See related story, page A3).






4DIPPMEJTUSJDUMPPLT UPCBMBODFJUTCPPLT Custodians won’t be replaced, $1.72 million will be taken from reserve fund.


and pension rates along with inflation as issues. In addition to the money saved on custodians, Patton said the district will dip into its reserve fund for $1.72 million. She said that’s not all bad because the district saved more than it anticipated in its last fiscal year, which ends Aug. 31. Patton said they also will save through not filling other vacant positions in the district, and through cutting expenses on supplies. The board unanimously adopted the budget. Patton warned in previous meetings that the “hard decisions” likely won’t end SEE SCHOOL, PAGE A2



it,” Childs said. “Port Orchard got a heck of a deal on the video.” “The video features an author, a wayfarer, a housewife, an entrepreneur and a gnarly man. These people are not actors, instead they are our neighbors,” Childs said. “They are sharing the Port Orchard experience and in doing so they are telling the story of Port Orchard.” It features inserts from author Debbie Macomber, resident Alexis McKinnon,

The City of Port Orchard has another way of promoting itself — thanks to a video that was produced this year. The six-minute video entitled “Destination Port Orchard. Work, Live, Play” had its first showing to the public during the Nov. 12 regularly scheduled council meeting. Councilman Jerry Childs said he first took the idea of making a video about the city to the Finance Committee to see how the city could fund it. “We were able to fund it and the council voted unanimously to approve

The South Kitsap School District is a little closer to closing its $2.9 million deficit for the upcoming school year. Terri Patton, assistant superintendent for business and support services, said at Wednesday’s school board meeting that the district won’t replace five full-time custodians who left the district after the last school year. She said that will save the district $250,000. Patton said the deficit stems from unforeseen circumstances when the district presented its last levy to voters in 2004. She cited escalating teacher salaries

chasing it last spring. City Development Director James Weaver confirmed that Keehn received a conditional-use permit to operate a onechair hair salon out of her home, which he described as “pretty innocuous” and something that doesn’t typically reach “the level of intensive use,” as far as impacts on the neighborhood are concerned. However, since November of 2007, Cronan has filed multiple complaints with the city regarding traffic, noise and other

Both sides report feeling harassed in rift over home business. shot in three of her home’s windows. Cronan, who lives on the 200 block of Flower Meadows Street in Port Orchard, said she believed the attack was part of an ongoing dispute with Keehn, whom she alleges has been running a hair salon out of her home without a business license and in defiance of a city “stop-work” order. Keehn, 30, said she filed for permission from the city of Port Orchard to operate a hair salon out of her home on the 2300 block of Flower Avenue soon after pur-

activities she reported as stemming from Keehn’s attempts to operate a business out of her home. Weaver said following an April 11 hearing with the city’s Hearing Examiner, certain conditions were placed on Keehn’s permit to mitigate Cronan’s concerns before she would be allowed to operate her business. “(Keehn) has addressed all but one of those conditions, with the last being the letter from the (Kitsap County) Health Department,” Weaver said, explaining that Keehn’s current sewer facilities are

Neighbor denies pellet gun shooting


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Tensions between two Port Orchard neighbors that erupted after one attempted to open a home business last year led both women to head down to the Kitsap County Courthouse Monday and file restraining orders against each other. Shelia Cronan, 49, said she filed a restraining order against Amber Keehn after returning home from a camping trip Aug. 17 and discovering pellets had been

fractured her right ankle and shoulder and suffered a brain injury in the fall. She spent five weeks in the hospital, underwent multiple surgeries and remains confined to a wheelchair. The Attorney General’s Office was asked to assume prosecution of the case after the judge removed the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office from the case due to a conflict of interest. Assistant Attorney General John Hillman handled the case.

Dan Robinson of Elandan Gardens, Loren Heay of Yachtfish Marine and Rick Flaherty of Leader International Corp. “It was wonderful the way the video was woven and put forward,” Childs said. During the production process, Childs and councilwoman Cindy Lucarelli, both members of the city’s Economic Development/Tourism Committee, worked together to provide input, film locations and people to interview for the video. “Cindy and I worked from beginning

The video is available at: www. or watch?v=neA Gd4yS4I#t=18


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Dennis McCarthy’s convictions were upheld last week.



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Video aims to promote city, attract businesses



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A former Department of Defense and Port Orchard police officer’s appeal of two assault convictions in a domestic violence case were upheld, according to the state Attorney General’s Office. On Nov. 19, a three-judge panel in the Division II Court of Appeals upheld the convictions of Dennis McCarthy, who threatened his live-in girlfriend with a gun and pushed her out of a secondstory window of his Olalla home. The assault took place May 2, 2010. “The Attorney General’s Office Criminal Justice Division handles some of the state’s toughest cases,” Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. “This domestic violence case is a prime example of the difficult work we do to keep Washington safe.” In November 2011, a Kitsap County jury convicted McCarthy of firstand second-degree assault in the case. The jury also returned special verdicts that McCarthy committed his crimes while armed with a firearm and that the crimes were considered domestic violence. McCarthy was sentenced to serve 23 years in prison, which included one year for a prior incident where he lit his girlfriend’s belongings on fire. The officer’s girlfriend

Bud Lilly, a member of the Saints Car Club, stacks up cans of non-perishable foods in preparation for South Kitsap Helpline giving away Thanksgiving baskets to needy families this week at the National Guard Armory in Port Orchard. Lilly was one of more than 20 volunteers who helped bring food and other items to the armory on Sunday.

Court upholds convictions in case involving former officer PREPARING FOR THANKSGIVING BASKETS

Cody Wright from Milford, Utah, got a mouth full of mud and a zero score after falling off Strawberry Delight in the Saddle Bronc Riding competition Wednesday night at the Kitsap County Stampede. The fair runs through Sunday.


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