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wednesday, November 27, 2013 • the South whidbey record

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— What are you thankful for this year? “Thankful for hot water because it’s warm. And my family.” — Do you help cook on Thanksgiving? “We do cook, of course we cook! Why would we have Thanksgiving without cooking?” — What is your favorite food to eat? “Turkey is my favorite. “

— What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? “My favorite part is cooking.” — What are you cooking this year? “Maybe some rice, maybe some pizza.” — What about the turkey? “Maybe I’ll help with some turkey.”


Thanksgiving is what they are all about. “That’s our goal, that’s why we’re in existence,” he said. For Taylor, giving back to people is an important part of his life because of the people who have helped him. “Those kind of things gave me a start, that’s not to say my parents didn’t,” he said. “I remember the people that gave me that footing and have made my life what it is. I’m hoping to pass on that good cheer and good will to people.” For information visit http:// mobileturkeyunit.wordpress. Your Real Estate Consultant

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Whether buying or selling a home, your moving date will be an important consideration. Also called the “possession date”, it is one of the items which is negotiated and included in the contract of sale. Possession dates are most often established in relation to the “closing date”, the date on which the purchase money is paid and the title transfers to the purchasers. In a contract, the possession date may read “upon transfer of title and disbursement of funds”, or merely “at closing.” Is possession always given at closing? Not necessarily. Remember, it is negotiable. It can be whatever date is acceptable to both buyers and sellers. The possession date may be “fourteen days after closing” or “seven days prior to closing.” Notice that possession is still relative to the closing date. If possession occurs on any date other than at closing, a short term lease agreement should be prepared. It should include the amount of any rent to be paid, what happens if the sale is not consummated, who is responsible for damage or needed repairs during the lease, etc. All agreements related to possession should be in writing. Any changes made after the contract has been signed should also be reduced to writing and signed by all parties.

com or call 360-341-1220. Orders will be received up to 3 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving as supplies last.

At the food bank The Good Cheer Food Bank is also seeing an increase in meals for the month of November with more than 1,000 families in need, which is a small increase from 980 families in 2012. With a tighter crunch, the food bank is hoping to receive more donations through a food drive at the Goose. Customers can buy a turkey at the register to donate to Good Cheer for $15 through the month of December. Food bank manager Karen Korbelik said with many volunteers going away for the holidays, the food bank is in need of more volunteers in the winter. “It’s a lovely time to remember that we have the ability to give back,” she said. “I love my job this time of the year,” she said. “It’s touching to hear people’s stories who come in and volunteer.

Around the South End A traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings will be served at the American Legion Post 141. All are welcome to enjoy good food and a great atmosphere. The free dinner will be from 1 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 28, at the Legion, 14096 Highway 525, Langley. Another free dinner will be available earlier in the day. The Soup Kitchen at Island Church of Whidbey will be open for a feast from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 28, at 503 Cascade Ave., Langley. Bayview Community Hall will host a Thanksgiving potluck from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 28, 5642 Bayview Road.



If you or your friends are interested in buying or selling a home or land, call me. I can help. Steve is a Managing Broker, Certified Residential Specialist and an Accredited Buyer’s Representative at

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South Whidbey Record, November 27, 2013  

November 27, 2013 edition of the South Whidbey Record

South Whidbey Record, November 27, 2013  

November 27, 2013 edition of the South Whidbey Record