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[6] October 25, 2013


school is one too many. His own degrees from Harvard and Columbia universities in economics and a Master of Public Administration make Ed the most qualified candidate for this job. School Board members are not paid. I endorse Ed Luera because I know that he will always think of students first.

Kathy Judkins, Bellevue

Thai has intelligence As a real estate agent, I know our property values are directly related to the caliber of our schools. My-Linh Thai has the passion and commitment to listen to parents from across the district to continue to improve all our schools. She has served at the Bellevue Schools Foundation and BSD PTSA Council levels. Her intelligence, energy, and ability to build relationships is why a vote for My-Linh Thai for Bellevue School Board is a vote for the continued strength of our sought after schools and communities.

Stephanie Kristen, Bellevue

Luera's expertise will benefit schools Our family has known Ed Luera for the

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past seven years as coach of our youngest son in football and track. I have seen first hand how passionate Ed is about “his” kids and have been on hand many weekends and weeknights watching Ed work tirelessly mentoring and encouraging kids from all backgrounds. Coach Ed always knew how to maintain that perfect balance between being a competitive coach and compassionate father figure. Ed’s house was home to many more kids than his own throughout football season and often before and after football season. I know Ed’s passion for seeing kids succeed will carry over to all he does as a member of the Bellevue School Board. From his home near Yakima, to his acceptance into Harvard for undergraduate and Columbia for a master’s degree in economics, Ed understands what it takes to work tirelessly to achieve a goal and overcome adversity. The Bellevue School Board will benefit from Ed’s business planning expertise to help create better development plans so that the new Bellevue schools will be built to accommodate a more realistic expected student population unlike the recently rebuilt Newport and Bellevue High Schools which are already facing overcrowding just a few years after completion. Bellevue is blessed with great schools, just not great school planners. Ed Luera could help the school board create a better plan.

David White, Bellevue

Thai emphasizes kids I have known My-Linh Thai throughout the years our kids have been in elementary school so was able to work closely and observe her "style." And the perfect word to describe her style is unifying. She is able to bring people together by reminding them to put aside their differ-

ences and be able to see the bigger picture. She reminds people the very reason we are doing the task at hand in the first place – the kids. She reminds the grownups that their personal prejudices should be put aside if it is for the benefit of – the kids. The reason why she is right for the Bellevue School Board is because her intentions are pure. She doesn't have business connections that can profit from her board position, She doesn't have the career ambition to use this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. She is not interested in shutting out anybody via boundary changes or other means, because that does not benefit – the kids. She is simply a mom who has two kids in the school system and is only interested in making this system the best that it can be.

Melissa Chang, Bellevue

Thai encourages curiosity My-Linh Thai has the experience and drive to make the Bellevue School District the best it can be. Once an ESL student herself, she knows what it takes to effectively communicate to all members of the community. During a recent public forum at the Big Picture School, Thai spoke extraordinarily on the importance of education for all children. When candidates were asked what the most important thing to teach our students is, My-Linh explained that we must instruct students how to be curious. She explained that curiosity leads to problem solving skills, communication, and collaboration, that will not only make our students better people, but that will make our society a better place. Please vote My-Linh for Bellevue School Board.

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Bellevue Reporter, October 25, 2013  
Bellevue Reporter, October 25, 2013  

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