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October 25, 2013 [17]

Bellevue City Council Position No. 2: Heywood vs. Lee Lyndon Heywood

Conrad Lee

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1. What area of Bellevue should the city focus more on and why? For me, this election is all about communication. We can’t hold our city accountable for their actions when government transparency comes in the form of 600-page long budgets and a comprehensive plan that’s largely incomprehensible. The city website has become a black hole for outdated information, our open houses are – for many of us – closed and access to our government can be glacially slow and discourage any meaningful dialogue. Too often, dealing with our city is more painful than it is productive. Unless we put some serious focus on this, Bellevue will never get the most out of our staff, our resources and our citizens. 2. What social services do you think are lacking in the city and how would you work to bring them here? Bellevue doesn’t appear to be particularly lacking in social services. But of course, I only speak from my own perspective. It is important to ensure social services, whoever provides them, are affordable and accessible to all. When the city provides services alongside the private sector – kid’s programs for example – we should ensure the city uses its unique position to provide a competitive

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3. How has your involvement with the city prepared you to serve on the city Lyndon Heywood council? I am a Bellevue citizen who not only has applied to sit on city commissions, but also I’ve also applied to the city for building permits. I’ve driven, ridden and walked down Bellevue’s roads, jogged along our trails and chased burglars down my street whilst calling the police. I’ve played tennis at Robinswood, planted plants in city allotments and sent my kids to city summer camps. I’ve drunk Bellevue’s water from my faucet and I’ve watched it flush my toilet. I’ve applied to paint pictures on Bellevue’s ugliest concrete walls. I’ve eaten in our downtown restaurants, shopped in our neighborhood malls and drunk beer in our tucked away pubs. And whilst doing all this, I’ve been paying my share of taxes, charges and fees. THIS is exactly how my involvement with the city has prepared me to serve on the City Council. It’s the viewpoint from which anyone should approach civic service – as an end user – and taking this perspective makes me as prepared as anyone can ever be.

able housing and other social services.

1. What area should the City focus more on and why? Each person has different priorities and focus at different times. The City Council is doing a great job in representing the people and balancing priorities. Over 90 percent of Bellevue residents say the city is moving in the right direction. At this time, with inevitable growth, the city should focus more on managing growth. It is time to have a community check-in to get community consensus on the long-term vision and on what we want the city to become and how to get there. Uncontrolled growth is worrisome because we may lose our quality of life that has brought us here to live, work and raise family. 2. What social services do you think are lacking in the city and how would you work to bring them here? Our needs are many and great, and, are growing. There is not enough to meet all the needs. Many social services are lacking. We depend on community nonprofit organizations and volunteers who are doing wonderful jobs for the young and old, rich and poor. One of the needs is the lack of housing because of high land costs. Bellevue has done an admirable job in providing affordable housing through ARCH (A Regional Coalition on Housing). We need to do more. Council is working with public and private partners to bring more afford-

3. How has your involvement with the city prepared you to serve on the city Conrad Lee council? I have served on the council for almost 20 years, with 1 year 10 months as the mayor. I have dealt with simple and complex issues in politics and business. Bellevue has prospered during my tenure on the council. Prior to that, I served on the Transportation Commission and as its chair. I have volunteered in numerous community activities in various capacities such as Cub Scout Master, Little League soccer and baseball coach and referee, school volunteer (VIBE) and many civic, professional and local, regional and national political organizations and activities. I have served in different capacities in neighborhood and community associations. I operate my own small real estate business. I have a degree in engineering from University of Michigan and MBA in finance and international business from University of Washington. I served as the regional administrator of U.S. Small Business Administration. I am an American by choice, bringing different and multicultural perspectives to add to the richness of our American culture. My record speaks for itself.

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Bellevue Reporter, October 25, 2013  

October 25, 2013 edition of the Bellevue Reporter

Bellevue Reporter, October 25, 2013  

October 25, 2013 edition of the Bellevue Reporter