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Following cuts, band director quits Rolfes tells students: Lobby for your program By KIPP ROBERTSON

POULSBO — If cuts to arts programs hadn't happened the way they did for 2013-

14, North Kitsap Band Director Susan Peters would not be quitting. Band and choir are expected to be reduced by two classes each next year. And so Peters resigned this week. She is going to Shanghai, China to work at the Shanghai Livingston American School. Peters said she turned down four job See BAND, Page A2

State Sen. Christine Rolfes met with a small group of students June 5 to discuss impending cuts to programs in the North Kitsap School District. Kipp Robertson / Herald

Children inspire book about local salmon

Pleased to meet you


Gordon Elementary student Samantha Van Vliet pets Lucy the alligator as she exits the Multipurpose Room June 4 after the “Reptile Man” assembly. Scott Petersen let any willing students pet Lucy. More photos on page A12. Kipp Robertson / Herald

POULSBO — Ron Hirschi is a hands-on educator. On a slightly damp day in April, he wades into the south fork of Dogfish Creek with a wide net in hand. He stands still to capture the small fish that swim by — three-year-old cutthroat trout, or month-old coho salmon if he’s lucky. Hirschi wants to show the delicate fish to the preschoolers he’s with, who are clamoring on the bank to catch a glimpse. The preschoolers are from Martha & Mary KIDS, who have been learning from Hirschi for the past few months.

Hirschi was reading some of his books at Liberty Bay Books when the M&M kids starting visiting to learn about the local environment through his picture books. Hirschi has a two-fold education method: leading field trips to local streams, ponds and larger bodies of water, like Hood Canal; and writing charmingly illustrated books about local marine flora and fauna. He has worked in local schools, such as Breidablik, Gordon and Suquamish elementaries, as well as schools in Vancouver, B.C., Ohio and Hawaii. Hirschi trained as a fish and

American Legion Post 245 offers help to vets, spouses By LESLIE KELLY Kitsap Veterans Life

POULSBO — It’s a small office, tucked away in downtown Poulsbo. From the exterior, it looks like it could be a real estate office or a

small business. But it’s so much more. It’s the service office of the American Legion Post 245. And its only goal is to help veterans. “This is one of the most crucial

things we do as American Legion members,” said Don Spinar, commander and adjutant of Post 245. “What happens here can affect veterans in such a positive way.” The Veterans Service Office, at

19068 Jensen Way, Suite 3A, is a clearinghouse of sorts for everything veteran. According to Spinar, volunteers who have special training staff the office on Thursdays

See egg, Page A14

“What happens [at the Service Office] can affect veterans in such a positive way.”


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— Don Spinar, commander, American Legion Post 245

North Kitsap Herald, June 07, 2013  

June 07, 2013 edition of the North Kitsap Herald

North Kitsap Herald, June 07, 2013  

June 07, 2013 edition of the North Kitsap Herald