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Flying lanterns explain UFO’s To the editor: In reference to recent odd sightings in the skies, last night, March 27, between 9 and 9:45 p.m. while driving home from a friend’s house, my family and I saw two orange glowing objects in the sky above the intersection of S.W. Eighth and Highway 20 in Oak Harbor. Clearly visible over Your Real Estate Consultant

teve trehlau


Have a Strong Back?

Selling your home means you will bear a heavy responsibility – setting the asking price. Some owners believe their agent sets the price. Not so. The agent is an invaluable information resource – but does not set the price. You do. Your agent may implement a brilliant marketing program, attracting many prospective buyers to your home. Prospects may get excited and see themselves owning your home, but the ultimate sale will occur only if you have priced the home fairly. Begin by asking your agent for details about all sales in your area over the past twelve months. Eliminate those which sold a the highest and lowest prices. Next, compare the financing, any special incentives offered, and the conditions of those homes already sold. Look at the sale times too, an consider eliminating the longest (overpriced) and the shortest (underpriced). Take a look at the price variance among those which sold. Try averaging their sale prices, taking into account differences in square footage. Ask your agent which sales appear most typical or similar to the home you are offering. What was the asking price to sale price percentage? If most homes sold within 3% of their asking price, be careful not to set a price more than 3% above the market. Price our home high and you may wait. Price it right and you will move!

Skagit Farmers and slowly heading toward the moon until they burnt out, we could make them out as flying lanterns (similar to ones prevalent in some forms of Eastern mystical worship). We think them a very plausible explanation for recent “UFO” sightings over Whidbey Island. Rob LauRitzen oak Harbor

Net pens threaten world class beauty To the editor: The March 30 “Viewpoint” (that took up a half a page) in our esteemed South Whidbey Record detailed a decidedly favorable position regarding salmon rearing net pens around Whidbey Island. The basis of the argument for net pens is money. While I am not yet an “old timer” I have been around long enough to remember this issue being brought forth about 30 years ago — and being shot down. Forget the shouting matches about drifting globs of salmon poop or

the potential nasty environmental consequences that can occur when hybrid netraised salmon mingle with our very own chinook and coho. Those arguments may have merit but they are a distraction. Instead, do this: Look at a map of these United States, let your eyes wander to the beautiful Northwest corner. Now look at that big gorgeous island right in the middle of one of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water — that’s our island! Money has a way of coming and going, mostly going. The simple “world class” beauty of where we live must be acknowledged as the clear winner in this argument. And that beauty must continue to be protected by those of us who enjoy it every day! No thank you net pens! Jeff bakeman freeland

Don’t always side with Nichols To the editor: Huh? The letter dated March 20 by Mary, what are you talking about in your unkind letter? The Record wrote yet another pro Nichols Brothers Boat

GRAY WHALES 100' MYSTIC SEA March 8 - April 29


11am Boarding - 2:30pm Return Adult $59 / Seniors $54 17 and under $39

Military & AAA Discounts • Reservations Required

1-800-308-9387 Departs: 228 Wharf St. Langley, WA

Builders editorial. So what is your letter complaining about Mary? This is a rhetorical question, we don’t need your personal reply. What would be refreshing is if the Record would question Nichols’ business practice rather than always siding with them. And why is it in the one letter by John a few weeks ago who wrote a rather nice letter suggesting another idea about Nichols, that people just slammed his opinion!


Are we not allowed to have opinions or thoughts about Nichols unless they are only favorable? How many of us are afraid of Nichols and their blind supporters’ retaliation? Is Nichols too big to question? It is the Holy Grail. Or is Nichols a bully? Maybe just maybe Nichols does more harm than good? To our thinking, if Nichols needs to get people to defend them constantly, to ask their supporters (and they do) to

write letters on their behalf, they must have things to hide, perhaps several things to hide. The vast majority of people on Whidbey Island do not benefit from Nichols. The only reason we have the guts to write this now is that we are moving elsewhere for a year. Maybe when we get back people will be allowed to have opinions about Nichols. Pete and mona SimPSon Langley

Viewpoint Red Cross is helping people By NaNcy Waddell The American Red Cross recognizes the nation’s Everyday Heroes who give of themselves and in some way help their community. The American Red Cross is synonymous with helping people, and has been doing so for more than 130 years. Some Whidbey Island heroes were recently recognized for specific acts of courage at the Islands Chapter Real Heroes Breakfast. But everyone can contribute to making our Island community resilient to house fires, flooding or earthquakes. You are really the first line of response to major disasters. Get a kit. Think first about the basics of survival: fresh water, food, sanitation and warmth. Such items are easily purchased at our local hardware and grocery stores. Have prescription information and a little cash readily available. Pack your “go-kit” now! Make a plan. Do you have a family emergency plan? If your family isn’t together when disaster strikes, plan how you will contact one another, get back together, and what you will do in different situations. Think about it for your neighborhood as well! Be Informed. Knowing what could happen where you live and the appropriate ways to respond will impact the decisions you make and the actions you take. Classes and videos on preparedness and response are being offered at the Freeland Library and other locations this spring — seek one out or invite us to your meeting! Get involved. Take the next step and get involved in preparing your community with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps or

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Make preparedness part of your water district activities. Get to know your neighbors, especially the most vulnerable. The Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 disasters a year in this country, providing shelter, food, emotional support and other necessities to those affected. In fiscal 201112, the Islands Chapter assisted over 1,300 individuals with disaster relief, classes, or service to the Armed Forces. South Whidbey has had calls for relief lately, and we are prepared to help when needed. Recently, the Red Cross released smart phone apps so users can have planning and real-time information at their fingertips. Go to Google Store or iTunes to download apps for earthquakes, floods, fires and first aid. The Red Cross is not a government agency and relies on donations of time and money to do its work. An average of 91 cents of every dollar given to the Red Cross is invested in helping people in need. “Please remember those who help everyone on Whidbey Island by giving their time to help their neighbor,” says Mary Frances Close, director of the Islands Chapter. “We want to thank our heroes during Red Cross Month — the volunteers, class takers and financial supporters who help us assist those in need. And we welcome your participation in this work!” American Red Cross, The Islands Chapter, P.O. Box 249, Anacortes WA 98221, 360-2932911. South Whidbey Disaster Response Team, Emergency Preparedness: and Nancy Waddell of Clinton represents the Islands Chapter of American Red Cross.


If you or your friends are interested in buying or selling a home or land, call me. I can help. Steve is a Managing Broker, Certified Residential Specialist and an Accredited Buyer’s Representative at

Langley, WA Cell Phone Direct: 206-819-3411 or visit him on the web at





South Whidbey Record, April 03, 2013  

April 03, 2013 edition of the South Whidbey Record

South Whidbey Record, April 03, 2013  

April 03, 2013 edition of the South Whidbey Record