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Why 1300+ People

Endorse The School Bond Measure Solve the Capacity Crisis

Capital Spending Per Student 1990-2011

Stay Competitive

40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000



Federal Way

Mercer Island








• Enables great education: New buildings will have best practice classroom design, personalized learning spaces, dedicated science and art spaces, green features, and flexibility for future changes.


• Keep property values high: Competitive schools keep property values high, and people buy homes on MI for school quality. Surrounding Eastside communities have replaced most of their 1950’s and 1960’s schools – and realtors tell us potential

new residents are noticing. What better investment can be made in the value of your home? • It’s time to invest again: Mercer Island historically invested wisely in our schools, including a smart remodel in the ‘90s that extended their useful life. MI ranks 12th of 15 nearby school districts in total capital spending per student since 1991. It is time to reinvest.


Keep Mercer Island Schools the reason they come


Renton Lake Washington

• MISD schools are bursting at the seams. Our K-8 schools are over capacity by 707 students, or 34%, today, and they will be over capacity by 862 students, or 41%, by 2015/16. • Common spaces such as libraries, lunchrooms, gyms and hallways are overburdened. Dedicated spaces for music and art have been co-opted into classrooms,

and we’ve don’t have enough science labs at IMS or MIHS. Instructional programs are impacted today and will be increasingly constrained tomorrow. • Portables do not solve the issue of overcrowded common spaces, and we only have space for 2-4 more portables (total) at IMS and the elementary schools. These portables meet capacity needs through 2015, but after that we will run out of classrooms if this bond doesn’t pass.


We need more space.

The Right Solution at the Right Time Necessary, responsible and cost effective • Rebuilding is the best economic option: Remodeling would save at most 15% of the cost of rebuilding, if we just added needed classrooms, and would cost up to 30% more to get the best practice standards we’d get with a

new building. Rebuilding is better value for the money, with schools that will last for the next 50 years. • Reasonable, predictable costs: This plan will cost taxpayers an additional $700 annually for a $1,000,000 home, deductible from itemized federal taxes. Tax rates will be smooth for the 25 year life of the bond.

• Well planned implementation: Four years of planning have led to this thoughtful proposal. Schools will be rebuilt over a 6 year period, with bonds sold as funds are needed. We have highly experienced administrators to manage construction and implementation.

The time is right – right now.

Mercer Island Reporter, April 04, 2012  

April 04, 2012 edition of the Mercer Island Reporter

Mercer Island Reporter, April 04, 2012  

April 04, 2012 edition of the Mercer Island Reporter