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AFD French Development Agency Type of institution: French Bilateral Financial Institution Missions: AFD is supporting urban development in the Mediterranean area through promoting a global vision of the territory and strengthening local authorities capacities. AFD promotes a strategic and organic vision of the city based on an integration of all aspects of urban life: living, getting about, working, consuming. This vision has replaced the traditional sectoral approach which is more restrictive and does not create true regional coherence. AFD’s financing aims to improve living conditions and urban productivity on the basis of four key city functions:  To promote decent housing conditions and reduce unsafe housing;  To provide widespread access to essential services: water, sanitation, lighting, waste management;  To foster urban mobility;  To support economic activities and local employment. Mode of funding: AFD has a wide range of tools – particularly financial tools –tailored to local specificities and needs and can participate in certain components of regional projects: - Direct financing for the local authority, with or without a State guarantee - Financing granted to the State is reallocated to the local authority - Financial intermediation - Grants to support local authority capacity building How to submit proposals: Local authorities are invited to contact the AFD office located in their country. List of AFD agencies in the MENA Region Criteria to be highlighted: Contact the AFD agency at the very beginning of the project. Support can be provided for identification and feasibility study. Website: Contact: Clotilde BOUTROLLE Email : Date of entry: October, 2011