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• Cater to special diets. As lighter options, DeMo’s offers spinach and gluten-free wraps. Vegan cheese also makes the menu. “Nowadays, customers need those choices,” DeMarco says. “With so many people coming in for our sandwiches, we have to offer something for everyone.” • Keep it simple. In a much smaller space than their previous location (1,400 square feet), the DeMo’s owners streamlined the menu to predominantly pizza, sandwiches and salads. The sandwich menu itself is fairly straightforward: eight specialty cold sandwiches, eight hot sandwiches, and a create-your-own option, for which customers choose their bread, meat, cheese, toppings, spreads, and add-ons like avocado or bacon. • Show your stuff. Though adding deli operations needn’t require much additional equipment, DeMo’s takes its sandwiches seriously with a 12’ deli case displaying meats and other merch. “If you’re just trying to add sandwiches, you don’t have to be that elaborate,” DeMarco notes. “But


DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli shows its stuff, including cold cuts and other merchandise, in a 12’ glass case by the ordering counter.

‘deli’ is in our name, and we charge a premium price, so it’s important for us to do more.” • Angle for catering orders. In a booming business district, party trays and boxed lunches are big business for DeMo’s. DeMarco often promotes the option by taking trays to local corporations so they can try the goods, gratis. “Sandwiches are so easy to do for catering: throw together 30 to 50 subs, cut them in quarters, make them look nice, and send them out on a platter,” DeMarco says. “It’s easy money and really helps the bottom line.”


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PMQ Pizza Magazine March 2019  

PMQ Pizza Magazine March 2019