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MILWAUKEE You can’t go to Milwaukee and not drink beer. Fortunately, Milwaukee-style pizza was designed with beer drinkers in mind. By Rick Hynum, Daniel Perea and Brian Hernandez Photos by Daniel Lee Perea We all know pizza and beer go together like Laverne and Shirley. So it should come as no surprise that Milwaukee-style pizza—unique to the beer capital of the world—is designed specifically to be eaten with an ice-cold brew. Preferably in a tavern with lots of friends. And even if you don’t know a soul when you arrive, you will make friends in Milwaukee. Just as it was portrayed in classic TV shows like Happy Days

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and Laverne & Shirley, it’s a hard-working, bighearted Midwest city where strangers don’t stay strangers for long, notes Wade Nemetz, co-owner of Milwaukee Food Tours. “If you walk into a local tavern, you’re going to be a local by the time you walk out,” he says. “Everybody’s going to know you. People here love meeting new people and making friends. Milwaukee is just a really big small city.”


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PMQ Pizza Magazine March 2019  

PMQ Pizza Magazine March 2019